Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1894 · Page 6
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Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
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Friday, November 2, 1894
Page 6
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COURIER, ALGONA, IOWA, FRIDAY MORNING:, NOVEMBER 2, 1894. v»^TT'^.'•'';'• • ^•y-.jjra \ S DESCRIPTION BATES: One copy, one year, In advance M.BO One copy, six months •» One copy, throe months w W. HINCHON, U 01TOBS M. FINNELL, f EolTOBS - l> ,v & Consider Mow You Vote. The election of 1894 will take place next Thursday, and its results will be far reaching and very Important to the country. Every voter should vote Intelligently, thoughtfully and Conscientiously, and should guard himself against the influence of false though popular fads and ridicule. For over thirty years the national legislation of this country has been in the hands of and directed by monopolies. Any set of men who might devise a scheme to do something had only to ask the government to "protect" them In it. and the protection was immediately granted and in a few years the promoters of the scheme became millionaires. Thus the thing went on until two years ago when the people passed the control of the government over to a party pledged to for that the people of the district are called upon to vote for htm again. We presume they will do it "all right, but in doing so they but give an additional proof of the correctness of one of Carlisle's famous sayings. There is no doubt that it was the looting of the treasury by such appropriations as that for which Mr. Dolliver claims the suffrages of the people that had more to do with bringing on the hard times than any other one cause. As to the Iliverland appropriations, there is some merit in that, though there is a good share of humbug In it too. There is no doubt that many of the Riverlanrters suffered through no fault of their own, while many others of them were well aware of the condition of the title of those lands when they squatted on them. For whatever merit Is in it we are willing to give Mr. Dolliver full credit. And we cheerfully accord him the praise of being an able orator and a bright man; but we arc very well satisfied that Mr. Baker would be a more faithful representative of the people of this district. He would not vote against the Income tax and against free lumber, and against every interest of his constituents at the dictation of eastern monopolists. articles of domestic use. The McKinley law has been annually despoiling our people of that sum to enrich manufacturers already too rich, rfnd the fe- publlcan party is now straining every nerve to elect a congress that will restore that bounty to the baron plutocrats of monopoly greed. Thismighty sum of money saved to the people of Iowa by the hew tariff law, and kept in their hands for their own use and benefit, the republicans would force from them by law and transfer to the pockets of the wealthy few. Now is the time for to stand by the 1 party. all good men P. E. .Tohnstone ought to be elected county recorder. He has tilled the soil of Kossuth county for fifteen years and has done much to build up and improve that part of the county in which he lives. put a stop to the making of millionaires at the expense of the people. That party, the Democratic party, set to work to stop the spoliation and to undo much that had been done, but it found the monopolies so well entrenched and their influence so far reaching, that with a senate almost equally balanced politically, the labor was a most difficult one. It succeeded, however, in undoing much of the work of the monopolists by lowering the tariff in general and placingmany articles of general consumption, such A special from Des Moines is to the effect that John F. Duncombe and sons, of Fort Dodge, are negotiating for the purchase of the ,Des Moines Leader. If they succeed, It is said they will make it independent in politics. Mr. Duncombe has the means and ability and would make the Leader a strong paper. as lumber, on the free list, and'by enacting in the face of and against the protests of all the monied aristocracy an income tax to compel that class to contribute their share toward the support of the government. The enactment of the latter act alone should insure for the Democratic party the loyal support of every working man and farmer in the country. There is no hocus-pocus about the meaning and effect of that bill. It cannot be explained away by the kind of sophistries republicans usually employ in discussing the tariff. Every man can understand it, and when a man casts his vote against the Democratic party he records his protest against the income tax legislation, and is using his most powerful influence for its repeal. The law was passed in the interest of the toiling rnass- ~es; :'if-tbe toiling masses condemn and punish the party that has braved the wealth of the country and risked its existence in passing that law, ithe natural and logical result will be its repeal. Let every voter consider this matter before he deposits his vote in the ballot-box next Tuesday. And with regard to the legislation Binding Twine Manufacturing. The Deering Harvester company, a corporation which needs uo introduction to the farmers of the northwest, has addressed the following letter to to its agents: Chicago, 111., Oct. 21—To our selling Agents: We take pleasure in inform ing you that we are now erecting a new twine factory "upon our premises of large capacity, and which will contain the latest improved twine machinery. This will enable us to produce twine of the highest quality and in sufficient quantities for our trade. We have no connection with any other producers of twine, near or remote. We shall endeavor to produce a twine unequaled in quality, and much superior to most twines that have recently been put upon the market, in which purpose we hope to succeed. For the last three years we haye been obliged to handle more or less twine not made under our own supervision, and, therefore, not made as carefully as we could wish. This difficulty will be obviated, as we trust, in the future, to the mutual satisfaction of ourselves and our customers. Yours truly, DEEKING HAKVESTER COMPANY. It will be recalled that the Wilson bill put binding twine upon the free list, a boon which was denied the farmer, by the repulican party because it was said, the industry of manufacturing such twine could not be carried on in this country without "protection." Yet here, upon the very heels of the enactment of free binding twine, comes an announcement from one of the most prominent manufacturers of agricultural machinery, that it considers the present an auspicious time to enter upon such manufacture. What stronger proof could be urged that the arguments in favor of a duty upon binding twine had absolutely-no Kossuth county needs a new jail and the people by their ballots next Tuesday will decide whether it is to be built or not. The amount asked for is only $7,000, and by a one and one-half mill levy, would amount to but a few cents to each tax payer. A new jail ought to be built next season. DISCUSSING THE JUDGESHIF. [From the Emmotsburgr Democrat.] For sorne time past, the Reporter has been kept remarkably active brushing aside unsatisfactory Impressions and explaining peculiar occur- ahces artel strange conditions. Last week it found it necessary to say .a few words explanatory of the general Impression that prevails throughout the district concerning the professional record of Mr. Quarton, Algona's candidate for judge. This impression is to the effect that Mr. Quarton has for years been the legal adviser and defender of the most notorious nest of swindlers in Iowa, commonly called the "blue sky" gang. Speaking of the matter, It says: "Wo nottco that despite their good Intentions some of the democratic papers are try- Ing-to belittle the candidacy of .Tudgo Quarton by asserting that ho belongs to the blue sky crowd that Infests Algontv. That Mr Quarton would defend a blue sky criminal the same as he would a tiilof, u forger, or a man charged with any other crime, no one doubts. That is part of tho business of the legal fraternity and tho lawyer that does no defend criminals does so because ho has nou< to defend rather than from any conscleutloui scruples. It Is just ns reasonable to call an attorney who defends a murdOrera murderer ns It Is to call Mr. Quarton a blue sky thief, because ho may have at some time defended one charged with that crime." So far as the province of an attorney to defend criminals is concerned, tho Reporter sensibly enough takes an unassailable position and no one will dispute what it says on this phase of the question. But this is not the point. Freely granting to any lawyer the unquestionable privilege of defending any criminal, no matter what may be EDITORIAL COMMENT. .Waterloo Tribune: The great victories of 1890 and of '92 and the crowning one achieved in the late session of iongress by the democrats in the dethrownmentofMcKinleyism.should not be put in jeopardy as to results by the apathy of su pi ness of any defno- WHITTEMORE NEWS. A Cltton of Thftt Place Attested on ft Scfious Charge. N. Flnnegan has rented his restaurant to parties from Mill ford. Mr. FlSher of Spencer, will take charge of the H. Goetseh stock for the present. Wo learn that Sheriff Sampson Is a sprinter There never was a more competent officer in the court house than J..B. Hoflus. The democrats and populists have re-nominated him for his second term, which he is by right and custom entitled to, and he will, undoubtedly be elected. The democratic township committeemen are expected to see to it that the full democratic vote is polled in their respective townships. Mr. C. C. Thompson the democratic and populist nominee for county attorney, is one of the bright young men of the county. He is a good lawyer, and if elected county attorney would be a holy-terror to all evil doers. He is sure to poll a heavy vote in the north part of the county where he is best known. The people of the northwest part of the county are by right entitled to a supervisor. Mr. Albert Jacobson is sure to make an ideal officer if elected;. the charges against him, and totally disregarding the question of his guilt or innocence, a member of the bar is in no sense justified to become practically the guardian of the criminal from the first moment he contemplates the idea of the injustice he is about to commit against his neighbor. He should not advise rogues how they are to carry out their nefarious plots successfully; how they are to perpetuate their rascality in such a way as to evade the clutches of the law and how they are to draw up their notes and their contracts to deceive and defraud and yet avoid conviction. Neither is he allowed to take a share of th'e notes fraudulently obtained as his portion of the spoils and force innocent men to pay them when he knows the treach erous methods by which they have been obtained. An attorney who will conduct himself in the-respects mentioned, is really worse than those 'whom he advises, because the latter of the party now in power on the tariff in general, it is very probable that enough has been done for one time. Though many tariff reformers are disappointed because more sweeping change^ have not been made, we believe it is well that such changes come slowly, and are satisfied with what has been accomplished. If the people sustain the party .of reform Mnore'reform will follow, but if they do not the reign of monopoly Is likely to be enthroned again. Theory of hard times, put forth by the party that caused the hard times, foundation in fact and that the benefit of such duty inured exclusively to the syndicate manufacturers; 1 Let the farmers of this county keep it in mind that Congressman Dolliver voted against taking the duty off of binding twine, in the last congress. His vote was cast in the interest of the cordage trust and against the interest of his farmer constituents. They should in turn vote against Mr, Dolliver. The republicans in congress voted solidly in favor of protection—the protection of the rich. They voted all together against the levying of an income tax. They are in favor of taxing the common people to the, most burdensome extent, but when it comes to taxing the rich capitalist or manufacturer, they are all in favor of protection—protecting the rich from bearing their fair share of the burdens of taxation. This, is republicanism, pure and simple, as expounded by the leaders and followed blindly by their members of congress and the smaller fry of the party. would likely {fall into the hands of justice and be summarily .punished, not for the'.foresight, .the 'knowledge and the precautions of the attorney. The Democrat has not taken the crat. Every democrat should buckle >n his armor for the fight to maintain the advantages won. What can a democrat or a republican, for that matter, gain by the restoration of the high prices on their clothing and on woman's wearing apparel? What will they gain by the restoration of the tariff on lumber, or on barbed wire, or binding twine, or salt or any other articles now free? But that is the object the republicans are fighting for. If they are not fighting to bring again the system of extortion upon our people why do they fight at all?, Dubuque Herald: Sugar is just playing the deuce with the republican party. A while ago sugar was fifteen or sixteen pounds for tbe dollar, and there went up from one end of the country to the other a most dismal howl about the sugar bowl, made empty by democratic legislation Fifteen pounds of sugar for a dollar was pointed to as a sample of democratic times. But, ah there, sugar now sells twenty-one pounds for a dollar and it is still democratic times. If McKinley could only take sugar by the neck and throttle It there would be rejoicing in every republican club in the country. Twenty-one pounds of sugar for one dollar! Des. Moines Leader: It is stated that Secretary McFarlancl has on the official ballot spelled socialistic with a z, making it read "sozialistic." . He claims it was so spelled in the certificate. Suppose it was? That is no excuse for him. He knew the proper spelling, but to cast a slur upon the German writer and the Germans generally, he. plays the "smart Aleck" trick. Although he is himself a candidate for re-election he cannot refrain from this petty exhibition of his spleen against the Germans and others of foreign birth. It plainly shows his desire to cast ridicule upon them. Dubuque Telegraph:. In a decision recently rendered, the Iowa supreme court intimates that the hiring^ of a livery rig on Sunday is a contract in violation of law, and that the liveryman cannot recover either for the use of the outfit or for any damages to it. If this be good law, then the law of Iowa and the Sinai commandment which forbids stealing a're not in harmony with each other. .Mr. 3. F.Bullis, a deserving: veteran has had his pension increased and ceived nearly $400.00 back pension The money came just in time to help andean run a prisoner to ground mighty him out of the cyclone wreck. He pains to ascertain anything definite concerning the damaging reports that now has his barn rebuilt, the house and wide | placed back on the foundation and otherwise has things fixed up nicely. —Britt Tribune. A heavy fall ; of show was the first of the week in the Dakotas and western Iowa. Kossuth county needs a new jail, and it ought to be built next year, may'catch the ignorant and the shal-1 Vote for the jail tax. low-pated. but it should not influence intelligent men. Let every democrat j Five hundred and seventy-eight The Emperor of China while in ai rage Tuesday, slapped the Empress in the face for offering a suggestion concerning the carrying on of the war. Tbe Empress took it so much to . .heart that she suicided by taking give bis party loyal and enthusiastic cane BU g ar producers last year drew poison% Tne Emperor must be an support next Tuesday. | O ut of the treasury as bounty the snug j j rr i t able O i c i cuss . sum of $11,114,290 or an average of $19,156.66 each. This was a present from tbe republican party to them in consideration of votes received and promised. This year the 578 have better man or one more the clerk's office can be found than is Guy M. Butts of Wesley. The voters Dolliver's Claims; Under the heading, "Vote For Dolliver," tbe Fort Dodge Messenger printed tbe following in its last week's I ^^'y themselTes to "organize a I ^ ^al^^TmistateTf' tWelect Mr" issue. Does the appeal strike a sym- ublican party in Louisiana and Butts clerk of courts . pathetic cord in the hearts of the thug try to make tho promlse good. people of Kossutb? I This action furnishes a brilliantillus-1 The Czar of Russia still lives not-, tration of monopoly's methods—an withstanding that the daily pres? illustration which the reader cauhj ave been reporting him as dying for easily turn-for himself on all other) the past month, industries which have been fostered by the "protection" idea when he will j Silas Boupe of Lotts Creek, would quickly see how "protectlve"sentlment tie a good, level-headed man on the is paid for put of tbe 'pockets of con- j board of supervisors, sumers. It is only a question of "Webster county ought to honor it- rplllng up a majority „„ , '.which'will" show ,to , Jthe'world'our pride in htm. No rep I^Hresentatlve could, be more faithful to ' ' tbe Interests of his people than Mr, Dolliver has been to tbe interests of Webster county. Our splendid public building attests bis labors, but more significant still is the appropriation Of over $200,000 for the settlers upon tbe river lands. What a help that will be to these people and through , them .tp every interest of this country, 1 „ Mr, Dolliver's opponent is practically, nobody, It is difficult to learn twbat'hls political beliefs are. though '• himself a populist, The Debater county; owe ,,,.. f <i? nothing to the populists, and this is a tV es! 'goo,dtla>et9 give Nil, P, Dolliver a -f-f ' J»ajtisQp»§ pQStJmonlal," i '' e obtain- true that Mr, Dolliver obtain- apnroprJatipn of &75.PQQ tP republican campaign "soap" and its Hon. John F. Duncombe, who is generous application to any gang that one of the ablest attorneys in Ipwa, is out for the "stuff' 1 there may gives the following advice regarding be in it for its members, The question voting: "The only safe way to scratch of wages cuts no figure at all—It is a your ticket Is by letting alone the question of Increased profits only to circle and placing a cross In the the beneficiaries of the policy, - square proceeding the name of each candidate you desire to vote for, The The supreme court has reversed a only safe use of the circle is, when the decision in a fire insurance case from voter desires to vote an absolutely Emmet county, holding that proof of "straight" party ticket, A cross in loss was not filed within sixty days; it the circle alone will he counted for wa8 ahm»n t.h n f.:t,h« rtfliav in fillies I the entjre party ticket! h^ when, the have been circulated far concerning Mr. Quarton's connections with the Algona "blue sky" outfit. However, scores of the best people of Kossuth county are -not at all backward in expressing themselves on the subject, and their expressions are not in any sense lenient towards their home candidate, The voters of this judicial district .have ah important, a responsible obligation to perform in this matter. A i judge, outside the question of compe- reporte.d |' ten6y) experience, breadth of observation and judgment, should, in his motives, his, candor and his fairness in his dealings with his fellowman, be as near as possible to the highest ideal of American citizenship. That he would at all times be impartial and trust-worthy in his opinions and his decisions, he should be free from all associations and transactions, that would link his name with dishonor or professional scandal. There should be no doubt as to h'.s freedom from cul- of the perpetrated throughout this section of the state by the pack peddlers, the Bohemian oat swindlers and the "blue sky" manipulators. Let us have a clean, a pure judiciary, or none. Let us elevate to the responsible position of judge a man who is close to the people, who will not let tbe shrewd villlans and the artful perpetrators of fraud escape through some technicality depending upon the opinion of a man whose experiences and whose personal transactions have caused him Wasn't a Heavy Opener. A gentleman arid two ladies from abroad attempted to open the cam- In. Algona Tuesday night with a - rally , The "opening rally" didn't pan out worth a cent. Two «or three years ago the simple announcement of a prohibition meeting woulc cause the court house to be packet with people. But alas, things are not what they used to was, republican sentiment has been changed somewhat, and is now rnuning in the mulct channel. The ladies sang, the gentleman spoke, the contribution plate was passed and the meeting adjourned. John C. Kelley's Victory LDubuquo Telegraph.! The criminal case against John C. Kelley of the Sioux City Tribune has collapsed. It was maliciously instituted by_the crooked supervisors to punish Kelley for his newspaper exposures and condemnation of their dishonesty and as it was without a single merit in itself,the county attorney dismissed it. The specific charge against Mr. Kelley was that he had charged three prices for printing tho schedule of bills allowed by theboard. As these schedules were not a part of the regular proceedings, for which the regular price quick. The grading around the new school building Is completed and Is a hlg improvement, to the school grounds. , '••• ^ Attorney McEnroe made his maiden plea before the court Thursday. \ NIc Wagner came home from Chicago Wednesday morning whore ho had been with a car of cattle. NIc made a hatfnll of money In the deal. . Our town is full of wild rumors. 0. G. McCarthy made a groat speech hero Friday the 20th. ' Tho stalwart republicans of AlgOna all came over to our big political meeting the 38th. T. F. McGovorn has gone to Wisconsin for a. two weeks visit with relatives. * Tho danco Friday evening was well patronized and was a howling success. J. W. Walters, L. A. Watts and J. M. Fisher of Hartley, Iowa, wore in the city Monday. Henry Goetsch has traded his store and stock of goods for a 400-acro farm nonr Everly. Henry will bo a granger hereafter. Just think of Henry raising pumpkins and squash and such, "Hearing's!" . Scott & Dailey were awarded the contract for sinking our city well, $2.50 per foot Is tho price. Phil. Dorweiler is holding a term of court in Whlttemore. A change of venue from his honor, H, P. Hatch, having been taken. S. S. Potter, an old and respected citizen, died at his late residence, In Oresco, Monday morning, Oct. 20th: Mr. Potter was a genial, warm-hearted man, a good neighbor arid n, kind ahd affectionate husband and father. Tho bereaved family have our sympathy in this, their hour of sorrow. Monday evening, the 29th of October, occurred the 51st birthday of Emil Chrischllles. A party of his friends got together and sent for Emil. Tho evening was spent in social converse and games, and as the guests were about to depart-they presented Eniil with u flno arm chair, all hoping that ho might have many returns of the happy event, oven up to the four score and ten mark; each promising to be there too, Providence pormittjtoK, to assist In tho festivities. M Our town is all torn up over tho arrest..^f.,^>r # Dr. T. J. .Felling, charged i •fclth a liejpWu'T' crime, and as we go to press lib is..*iving a hearing before 'Squire Dorweilor. .Attorneys McEnroe ar d Sessions for the defense, County Attorney llaymond prosecuting. N. L. Cotton was at Burt Sunday to attend the funeral of Mr. Cook, a relative, who died at his homo near Burt, Saturday the 27th. J. B. Hoflus, candidate for county auditor on the democratic ticket, was in the city Wednesday looking over the field. Mr. Hofius was auditor for two years and was a creditable officer. Our "zoo" Is dead—that is the antelope, tho chief attraction, has gone hence, and wo are disconsolate and cannot be consoled. Haggard came over the day following the demise of tho antelope and In a very feeling manner offered heart-felt sympathy. Ben knew how we felt for he had been bereaved of his alligators by Pete; and then Pete, the ungrateful thing, deserted tho "'zoo.' iBen and 1 have decided to spend the coming summer in. tho Hookies securing specimens for our "zoo" and intend in the season, of 1890 ; to. have an re-| unrivaled collection*. • ; ' . ,. Buffalo Fork Items. •, ... L. C. Smith has erected a fine new barn on his farm. ; Mrs. Harris gave a free temperance lecture at the M. E. church last Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Clay left last Tuesday for Mason City, whore they will make their future home. Their many friends hero are- sorry to lose them. Mrs. Annie Tinker, who has been quite ill for the past fow : weeks* Is now able to be around again. T. A. Butterfield Is building a nice residence in Burt; He will soon move his family there. ^ ' Miss Winnie Gannan of near Bancroft,,- •' visited friends in these parts last week.--. , ^ It is reported that Mrs. Sohwoppo, who was injured in the cyclone, is not getting along as well as was expected. Mr. Aloys Myer lias added 40 acres more to his already large farm. The price paid was Jlfl.00. . '•""' : ', .• The'10-year-old son of Fred Oreiger Is very sick with typhoid fever. Miss Kate Gannan left last week for Mason. City, where she will attend school. It is reported that two young mon of those parts, have rented a farm near Germanla. What's up now boys? Jt^fi $tm'pJ/s°, QJ rfrpm' the, ' , treaty ito , put the woraVot which irfUe ' np Qyertures'are to . r ,.. ., Jin the legal technical ties' whlsh already prrpund the ballqt ^w by virtue/p,f,the supreme court d§' to sympathize with such classes—one who can at all times be depended upon to act freely, Independently, accurately and fearlessly. Voters, you must be held accountable for the actions and decisions of the Judge of your own selection. If he be deserving, honorable, consistent and above reproach In his official acts, 'you will in deed be fortunate and yourinterests wju be safely guarded. 'If be is tricky, cowardly, biased in his views bid, to a great extent, irresponsible in the performance of the duties that wilt rest upon biro, Is 331 cents a square, the cashier, of the Tribune—for Mr. Kelley himself has not made out a bill in years— charged the legal rate or $1 a square for them. The Journal had done the same, and as the charge made by each paper was just and legitimate, and it would have been a very uncomplimentary commontary upon the execution of law to prosecute Mr Kelly while Ignoring Mr, Perkins who, II there was offence at all, was equally culpable, nothing remained to tbe county attorney but to do what he did, The public, knowing the character of the authors of the prosecution and their motive, has from the first held Mr, Kelley guiltless and this confirms,, tbe soundness of its judgement.. Tbe.pntcome Is no more a victory for Mr, Kelly than for press and tb9 people'of Iowa. Champion of Iowa. The DesMoines Leader yesterday said that H. J. Wilson of Emmetsburg, is now champion wing shot of the state of Iowa. Ho is also $100 richer and the proud possessor of the state championship badge valued at $50. He won all these in a shoot upon the grounds of the Highland Gun club yesterday, defeating John Georgeson of Kelley, by the aggregate score of 42 to 40. The shoot was advertised .for the big annual tournament whie!uxa&j held here about ten ,days ago, but Georgeson was ill and unable to shoot. The shoot was postponed until yesterday when, despite the inclemency of the weather, it was pulled pff- But few lovers of trap shooting werepres- nt because the match was not adverted. Georgeson has held the chainp- onshlp medal for some time, winning your qrjly redress will be appeals to higher counts, wjth all the attending delays apd, expepses, that th^ose., of " " a^te. circumstances are, generally, >^Q hearse 'DmgJeys is ' headquarters for fine perfumes and toilet soaps. Money to loan on long or short time Gso, C. OAW<. Fresh w,a,de pork barrels for sale, a our shoots to keep yesterday it would jersonal property it. Had he won have become his The match was at 25 live birds, 15 singles and 5 pair targets, and. the results were as follows: Georgeson 23 live birds, Wilson 23; Georgeson H singles, Wilson 1^5 Georgeson 7 for the five pair, Wilson 6. It Is probable • that Georgeson will challange Wilqon.for another ma.tch, '\ New We have opened a grocery store in the Helso building on Thorington street. Give us, a calli & PETERSON. New Apples! Apples!! A cars >a third oa.r &i 'the track, ' S-9" '^ -iff i-p^-tfr •*»• -• ' f K ^ -(, i ' t T . V^T •II —

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