Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on March 3, 1948 · Page 2
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE. IOWA WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3, Hjj State News Letter- (Continued from page one) ten request to the attorney general who, incidentally, is not a member of the council. The ruling will be watched with ' a great deal of interest. PATROL SCHOOL. A one-month school for 40 candidates for Iowa highway patrol appointments will be held at Camp Bodge beginning April 19. according to Public Safety Commissioner Kahl. Chief S. Jf. Jespevsen will direct the school and the top 20 graduates .will be employed at once as patrolmen for driver examinations. Others will be placed on the reserve list. Patrol strength is now at 154 men—nine under the authorized strength. Applications for the patrol jobs will be received until April 1. Applicants must be between 22 and 33 years of at:e, high school graduates, a resident of Iowa for the last two years and able to pass a physical and mental test. Those selected to take the training will receive $75 per mouth while in the camp. Pay of patrolmen and examiners ranges from §135 to 3220 monthly. "Did you ever see a vitamin. Mister? You get them in every bottle of WATERS' Pasteurized Milk. And when they get into your system, the> are good for what ails you." For Pnre Pasteuri2ed Milk. Cream, Chocolate Driuk and Cottage Cheese Call 38-F-62. Applications may be made with the public safety deportment at the statehouse. STASSEN MAN ACTIVE. George C. Jones of Minneapolis, who is working for Harold Stassen delegates, paid another visit to Iowa recently. He stopped in to visit Harrison E. Spangler. the state's Republican national committeeman. He also visited in Burlington and at other spots. What success he has had is conjectural. The Iowa delegation still plans to go to Philadelphia unirv- strucled and unpledged. JACKSON' DAY. The Iowa Democratic cotters Will bo enriched somewhat this weekend when the $25 a-plate Jackson Day dinner is held at the Fort Des Moines ballroom Saturday evening. Secretary of Agriculture Clinton Anderson will be the speaker and it is expected that a good many decisions «will be made as to who the candidates will be on the state ticket this year. At least 1.000 of the party faithful are expected to show up for the feast. ON THE SEARCH. Word has seeped into Iowa that Dr. Chartes C. Graves has been conducting a conscientious search for psychiatrists and psychiatric aides in the state's mental hospitals. He has visited the University of Iowa hospital, which is a training ground for psychiatrists and also the Menninger Institute at Topeka, Kansas, where some wonderful work is being done in training psychiatrists and psychiatric aides. REMOVE LIMBS, VINES FROM ELECTRIC WIRES To prevent disruption of your electric service, S. S. DeForest, agricultural engineer at Iowa State College recommends that you keep tree limbs, bushes and vines from growing into your service wires between the meter pole and the house or other buildings. This condition will cause the insulation on wires to wear through, resulting in a short circuit, and disruption, not only of your own power system, but also those of other members on the line. If the trimming is particularly difficult, call a lineman. They have equipment to trim high branches and to get into hard-io-gel-at places. DeForest says. Don't go beyond your transformer when doing trimming, he emphasizes. That work is dangerous, and should be left to linemen who have the equipment and experience for such work. If Corn Belt farmers go through with their intended cuts in hog production this year, we may have more corn than hogs next fall, says Francis Kutish. Iowa State College farm economist. POULTRY IS ALWAYS A GOOD INVESTMENT "YEAR IN AND YEAR OUT" Plan now for next fall's layers—order Chicks now and be sure of getting the kind that you want when you want them. Our Chicks are in demand because of their quality. Write us or call at the Hatchery and place your order. Do it now and be sure ! Allamakee Hatchery J. M. Overland, Prop. Postville, Iowa Telephone No. 187 McGregor Couple Enjoy Winter Feeding Birds Charles M. Brooks, genial operator of the Mallard Boat Livery at McGregor, and his wife, have an exciting hobby, winter feeding. Living in McGregor at the foot of one of the beautiful scenic bluffs, the home of countless wild creatures, they are particularly fortunate in their choice of a leisure time occupation. Charles writes: "My wife and I have a winter hobby, feeding b'.ds and squirrels. Last winter we had 24 squirrels on our feeding boards and on the lawn at one time and they came every day, "As you probably know the squirrels eat only the germ of the kernel, the rest they drop on the ground. Then the birds come to eat what's left. One morning last winter after a heavy fall of snow, I got up at 5:30 and cleaned a spot about 20 foot square and put out shelled corn for the cardinals. It certainly paid off. Forty-two cardinals made a bright red living blanket on the ground. This winter, so far, the highest count is 35. "This year the squirrels are fussy—they will not eat corn. There was a large crop of hictory nuts on the trees in our yard and in the state parks adjoining our land. There are plenty of squirrels around but they will not eat corn as long as the nuts last. When I put hickory nuts and corn on the feeding boards the squirrels will come to them a«d take the nuts but no corn. This, of course, saves us a lot of money with corn prices the way they are and last year we fed 21 bushels of ear corn. This winter we have used only five bushels so far. "I think some of the squirrels' ears are probably burning if they can hear what I say for them being so darn particular and refusing to eat ear corn. "We feed suet as well as corn and birds that come to our trays in addition to cardinals are blue- jays, juncos, red-bellied, red-headed, hairy and downy woodpeckers, black-capped chickadees, starlings, and last but always hungry at least, a hundred or more English sparrows."—Iowa Conservationist. WOLF It took Don Krieble. Warren county game warden, two days tracking to catch up with a big wolf near there recently. Ke finally caught up with it about four miles from the starting point. The wolf, a big female, weighed 35 pounds-and was credited with kill ing more than 40 sheep since las Juiy on the W. B. Davis farm. About 58 percent of the cattle now on feed will not be ready for market until after the end of April, according to a recent estimate made by Sam Thompson. Iowa State College farm economist. Many Odd Crops Add To Iowa's Cash Income Iowa leadership in the corn-hog classification has so long held the spotlight and has received such wide general acceptance that some of its lesser known crops are overlooked but still rank large as income producers. One of these crops also puts Iowa in a position of world leadership. It is production of honey and beeswax. Figures just released by the department of agriculture on 3947 production show that Iowa led the nation in honey production, with a total of 24,096,000 pounds. This was a 40% increase over 1946 and represented about 10% of the national honey supply. The ten lending honey producing states, ranked in order of production, ore: Iowa, Minnesota, California, New York, Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania, Production of beeswax in Iowa in 1947 amounted to 554,000 pounds and was 12% of the nation's production. The total value of honey and beeswax produced in Iowa in 1947 was $5,793,000. Another little known Iowa crop is fur. Iowa ranked ninth in fur producing states in the 1946-47 season, but it led the territory of Alaska and such "wild" states as Colorado, Maine. Idaho and Montana. Value,of furs marketed in Iowa in the last year exceeded $2,000,000. A third crop which is accounting for sizeable income and which seldom appears on the list of major assets in Iowa is its timber crop. According to the Ames branch of the Central States Forest Experiment Station, the value of forest products harvested in Iowa in 1946 was $17,631,358. The experiment station maintains that Iowa timber has been sadly neglected and that with proper management the returns could be greatly increased. ROOMY, DRY QUARTERS WILL SPEED HOG GAINS Roomy, dry quarters are a top priority requirement for efficient hog production now that cold weather has settled down over the state. K. W. Stouder, Iowa State College veterinarian, warns that high-priced feed won't put fat on hogs that are kept busy hunting a dry, warm place to sleep. Stouder recommends using plenty of good dry bedding in the houses. Doors should be kept shut to avoid having any draft strike the animals. Hogs can pick tip pneumonia easily this time of year, especially if they lie in a draft, he points out. Buildings should not be closed so tight that ventilation is completely stopped, however. Without air circulation there is danger of the house becoming damp and stuffy. Frost collecting on the ceiling is the danger signal here. McCormick-Peering MILKING MACHINE MCCORMICK-DEERING There's no time lolt in the daily barn whenyoauseaMcCouuCK -DEBRlNO Milker. Here's why: Place unit on Soar, attach stanchion hose, turn oa vacuum — no strapt, no book on psiL Apply teat cups one at a time—and you're milking. Yon don't hare to balance pail or worry about it being lereL You can save plenty of time with thil quick, direct milking method— (be McCoKMIcr-DwpUNQ way. Get . complete details on this modern milker from us now. COMPLETE WITH TWO 50-POUND PAILS, MOTOR AND PUMPS ALL PARTS FOR 15 COWS $277.75 Falb Motor & Implement Company telephone No. 290 Postville, Iowa CALL FOR COUNTY CONVENTION. TO THE REPUBLICAN VOTERS OF ALLAMAKEE COUNTY, IOWA. Pursuant to a call of the State Central Committee of the Republican party of Iowa for a Presidential County Convention, you nre hereby notified that caucuses will be held in your respective precincts on March 5. 19-ifJ. at 7 P. M., to elect delegates to a Presidential County Convention to be held .it the Assembly Room a! the View Court House at Wnukoii. Iowa. March 12, 1SW8. at 10:00 A. M.. where delegates will be elected to the State Convention. You are urged to attend your caucuses. WM. F. SHAFER, Chairman of Allnmakoe County Central Committee. Orville EARLY AVIATOR The recent death of Wright, first m|j>n to fiy. reminded old timers at Williamsburg thnt Gene Ely of that city was one of the first men to lly with the Wright brothers and inter was the first man ever to take off imd land a (ilano <m the deck of ti ship, Mr. Ely met death on a barnstorming tour many yews ;IJ;O and is buried near Williamsburg. of l'oultrvmeiv vimnins short hard-to-bu.v grain should stiirt cull- im,' the inefficient hens trom their (locks. DYNAMITE, A quantity ol dynamite w „ - cn from the Modtson quarry some time ago, jjj^J residents there have been further "reports" on the m ,a First, one of the outbuildings ml Boyle rural school was ' Lust week, a similar struct^ the Bcerbower rural school i blown to bits: James Bussa, Jr., and Gene Bass narrow)^ caped death in the latter expy when they stopped to invcsti ^jj blnze. flaming in the outbuBS and had just gotten out 0 |, car when the structure blew i REPUBLICAN PRECINCT CAUCUS MEETING. A caucus of Republican voters) will be held at Memorial Hall Friday evening. March 5, 1048, at 7 o'clock, to elect delegates to the County Republican Presidential Convention. You are requested to attend. W. A. KNEELAND. Committeeman. AMY K. MARSTON. Commilteewoman. THANK YOU. We wish to express our sincere thanks to the firemen, the neighbors and friends who answered our call for help Sunday morning when fire threatened to destroy our home. Their prompt and generous response prevented the total destruction of our home, and we shall long remember their valued services. —The Kenneth Schultz Family. COMPOSEtt. Residents of Reinbeck are proud to observe that two songs composed by Miss Glea Snow of that city are now on sale at local stores there. Miss Snow, an infantile paralysis victim, was a co-author of "I Love Only You" and "My Heart is Yours Alone." Clean White Eggsj PROPERLY COOLED (Can Best Be Accomplished in Wire Baskets) Command the Highest Prices When Sold On Grade! PRICES: 44c -41c- 33c Hansen & Matson Go. Temporary quarters back of Phillips 66 Statin'] Telephone No. 251 ^Zfiro-Flow YOUR MILK IXCLUSIVr— You get AIL feature! that count ONLY in WILSON ZERO-FLOW Milk Cooler: « AUTOMATIC SELF-LEVELING WATER BATH with • FAST Cooling et 7WO Atrllcingj Daily and • SAFE Storage for BOTH without rehondlirig cant. • LIFE-TESTED far low-cost maintenance and long life. BEFORE YOU BUY-. GET THE FACTS ABOUT WILSON MILK COOIIM'I Check Patented Features .. . Speed of Cooling . ,. Construction ... Sanitation Wilson Pochoged-Uni! MODU ZrB-HXSO thit model coolt & tter*l B cam dollr. Other size* Iq fit any f«qvltem«nt. WRITE, PHONE, OR SEE US NOW! LAWRENCE F. BLOCK Telephone No. 7-F-17 — Postville, Iowa POSTVILLE AND COMMUNITY nl to Contest ANY CHILD MAY WIN Prizes Totaling $31.50J 1st—$12.50 OIL COLORED PORTRAIT 2nd-410.00 SILVER TONE PORTRAIT 3rd—$5.00 PORTRAIT 4th—$4.00 PORTRAIT PICTURES OF EVERY CHILD PHOTOGRAPHED WILL BEl PUBLISHED IN THIS PAPE R | EASY TO ENTER—Simply have your child's photograph taken by a Woltx pl »« to * r * pher J 'lh4»** and place Indicated below at NO COST to you. They will show proofs from which you WW c " p pose you wish entered in the contest and your child Is automatically entered; ** vm may order photographs for gtlte or keepsakees if you wish—but this Is entirely up to y ou - ; NATIONALLY KNOWN STUDIO TO TAKE ENTRY PHOTOS^ Arrangements have been made with WOLTZ STUDIOS, specialists in child photography,to the pictures for this exciting event. With their offices and plant located in Des Moines, lows. 25 years, WOLTZ STUDIOS invite investigation as to their responsibilities, dependability ana operations in general. They refer you to the following organizations and business houses: Chamber of Commerce — Better Business Bureau — U. S. Chamber of Commerce Dun and Bradstreet — Any Bank in' Des Moines THIS IS A LOCAL CONTEST! (Children Must Be Accompanied by Parent or Guardian) FOR ONE DAY ONLY I Commercial Hotel --Saturday, March 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Family groups and other adult photo* taken at this time. Proof* shown f re? ol

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