Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 29, 1972 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1972
Page 6
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A-6 Alton Evening Telegraph Tuesday, August 29,1972 Schools consider having a common attorney on taxes By L. ALLEN KLOPE Telegraph Staff Writer Superintendents of Madison County school districts arc considering a plan to hire one attorney to represent districts in controversial lax mailers such as the fees levied by the county treasurer to collect taxes. Wilbur K. L. Timpe, superintendent of the educational sen-ice regions told tlie Telegraph. Trimpc said that a special attorney to handle tax matters has been considered by the superintendents because regular school attorneys often represent other clients that could become involved in litigation against the schools. This produces a conflict of itnerest and the attorney has to disqualify himself from one case or another, making it difficult for both parties involved, Trimpe vsaid. The alleged apathy of Madison County school districts regarding a charge for collecting taxes was refuted today by Trimpc. Trimpe told the Telegraph all school districts are deeply concerned about the charge the county treasurer has made on all taxing bodies to collect their taxes. Trirape said the concern is so deep that county superintendents have been considering hiring one attorney to represent all districts in various tax matters. He said the reason the school districts have not filed any suits is because the city of Venice and Wood River Township have filed suits, and any action taken on them will affect all the taxing bodies, including the schools. "I'm sure all the school districts would join in the suits if they were needed, but Woman stabbed on Belle Street An Alton woman was stabbed during an incident which police believe took place at the rear of the 10th and Belle Tavern Monday afternoon. Brenda Laverne Edwards of 905 Market St., was found lying on a front porch at 203 Marshall St., bleeding from multiple stab wounds. She had cuts to her abdomen, right elbow and a deeper cut to Sier upper right arm. Acquaintances of the woman and people interviewed at the tavern said there was a scuffle at the rear of the place during which the woman was injured. Police who followed a blood trail said the woman then walked to the Marshall Street address where she collapsed on the porch. Her condition was reported as "good" today at St. Joseph's Hospital. attorneys have told them that the suits already filed will affect everyone," Trimpe said. His comments came after citizens and some public officials charged that the school districts were receiving an additional percentage in taxes, up to 5 per cent, which would mean they would not be paying anything for the collection service. Trimpc said that to his knowledge all school districts arc paying the fixed charge for tax collection, as are the other taxing bodies. The fixed charges have been varying between 2 and 3 per cent in most cases, which compares with a flat 2 per cent charge levied last year by the township •jollectors, which have been eliminated under the new Illinois constitution. Trimpe said that when the tax charge first came up, the superintendent discussed at length the possibility of everyone paying a portion of one attorney's salary, and have him represent them in tlie matter. The idea was dropped after Venice and Wood River township announced plans to file suit to recover the fee charged them to collect the taxes. Tricnpe said, however, the superintendents are still considering the possibility of all districts hiring one attorney to handle all tax matters, such as ths tax collection charge, railroad tax objections, and any other tax related matters affecting all districts in the county. Trimpe stressed there is still to be discussion among the superintendents about one tax attorney proposition. He said one of the main reasons for the consideration of such an attorney is because regular school attorneys often times represent other clients that could become involved in litigation against the schools. This produces a conflict of interest, so that the attorney has to disqualify himself from one case or the other, Trimpe said, many times making it difficult on both parties involved. Volunteers needed Nearly a hundred volunteers will be needed to assist during the annual Jerry Lewis fund-raising telethon for the Muscular Dystrophy Association Sunday and Monday. Those willing to assist are urged to call Phillip Walker of Godfrey, Madison County coordinator for the drive. T h e "satellite phone station" will be set up at Hoefert Dodge, 801 East Broadwav. JacobY on bridge By OSWALD & JAMKS JACOBY NORTH (D) 29 4KJ8 ¥ AJ6 4KQ4 *A842 WEST EAST AA763 *2 VQ1042 V95 « J 10 9 4 A 7 6 5 3 *Q9 *KJ1063 SOUTH A Q 1095 4 VK873 • 82 *75 Both vulnerable West North East South 1 N.T Pass 2 4k Pass 4 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— • 3 When both sides lead the same suit, the odds that one side is making a mistake are overwhelming. South found himself in a four-spade contract after typical rubber bridge bidding. His two-spade bid was a signoff but North looked at his 18 points and bid game anyway. West opened the jack of diamonds. Dummy's queen was topped by East's ace and a diamond was led back. Dummy's king won and South proceeded to play the king and jack of trumps. West allowed them to hold, waereupor. South led a bean to his king; a second heart Japanese-American talks have started in Honolulu By WILLIAM HELTON HONOLULU (AP) — President Nixon and Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka won't arrive until Wednesday, but talks on Japanese-American relations already are under way here. The new Japan-American Institute of Management Science is aimed at teaching Japanese and Americans the cultural pitfalls of doing business with each other. "The Japanese aren't Impressed with' a display of power," said Koshlro Kitazato, director of training. "We believe in the proverb, 'no aru taka watsume o kakusu' — 'an able hawk hides his talons."' And, Kitazato added, an initial first meeting with Japanese executives is likely to be circuitous with the parties "going round and round and probably never Reminder to drivers School is open and warning signs are beginning to show up around Alton, thanks to volunteers from the Jaycees, performing their annual chore of painting Hie signs on streets near intersections. This view is on Third and Langdon Streets where Jaycee volunteers painted a "Slow School" sign on Saturday. Arabs map new strategy to get bombs on planes Specialized Services asks $51,000 increase this By JOE MELOSI Telegraph Staff Writer EDWARDSVILLE — Specialized Services, Inc., Alton, a department of the Madison County mental health program which trains and gives jobs to the handicapped, Monday night asked for a $51,000 budget increase for the new fiscal year to expand services to the east part of county. Joe Budde, director of the department, submitted an overall request of $153,600 during a budget hearing conducted by the Madison County Mental Health Board (708 Board) here. The department will spend $102,300 in this fiscal year which ends Nov. 30, 708 Board Chairman Ralph Yemm siad. Reason for the big increase is to establish a specialized services center in one of four communities — either in Edwardsville, Collinsville, Highland or Troy, Yemm said. Specialized Services has a center in Alton and Granite City at present, Yemm said, to serve the urbanized areas. In another budget request, Tom Lynch of the Madison County Association for Retarded Children, asked the board to approve a $27,000 appropriation. The Pre-School Adjustment Center, which this year conducts sessions for children from age 3 to school age, has a budget of $18,000. There are 31 children in the program. The $9,000 increase is being sought in an effort to offset increased transportation and building rental costs. Budget requests by Lynch and Budde complete hearings by the mental health board which in a previous session got new requests from Alton and Granite City mental health clinics. Alton is seeking $22,800 over the $101,299 it was allowed in this fiscal year. The clinic seeks $123,970. Chief reason for the increase, Allen Glaus, of the mental health board said, was to add three more staff members — one psychiatric nurse, one community care worker and a child psychiatrist on a one- day a week basis. Granite City's clinic is seeking the same number and type of personnel in its budget request of $142,573, up $36,000 over the current year. Overall, the Mental Health budget from the two clinics, Specialized Services and Retarded Children's Clinic is $120,000 more than the current year. Claus told the Telegraph that no tax increase is expected if the total amount asked for by the four departments is granted. The total is $447,143, he said. Wilkes to his dummy's jack and then dummy's ace. East showed out but this didn't worry South. He rutted dummy's last diamond; ruffed his last heart; cashed dummy's ace of clubs for his ninth trick, and was still sure of a trump trick for his contract. East promptly pointed out that West could have beaten the contract if he had taken the second trump and led a third round, but that South would have had a cinch if lu- had just led one round of trumps. East's analysis was correct but we can't really fault either South or West. South didn't know that trumps were going to break 4-1; West couldn't know that South held four hearts in addition to his five spades. The bidding has been: West North East South 1 4 Dble Pass 1 * Pass 3* Pass ? You, South, hold: 48743 V 2 * AK943+7C2 What da you do now? A—Just bid lour spades. Your partner is showing a very good Laud but you have too much in your opponent's bid suit to warrant t,laiu exploration. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding three spades, your partner has bid two diamonds over your one spade. What do you do now? Answer tomorrow I Lives! There was a little doubt, after Tropical Storm Agfies? a couple of months ago. Wilkes-Barre, Pa., like Harrisburg, Elmira, Corning, Apalachicola and a host of other cities in a 12-state area, was devastated by flooding. Hundreds died in these v "* terrible floods. And hundreds of thousands suffered/! It's so easy to forget these people. But don't. Pleases The American Red Cross, whose disaster relief funds were exhausted in the earlier flood in Rapid City, S.D., is spending over ten million dollars to feed, clothe and house people—your neighbors in 12 states. Send us money, won't you? Even a dollar is a big help. American National Red Cross Flood Relief Washington, D.C. 20006 (or your local chapter) I want to help. Here is my contribution toward flood relief in the amount of S Name Address - — wi!r,i: .trd I;,: the p_i.i|ic gocJ in cooperation • • ^ .1 1- -'Cl.iil ulld Ulu li.le.-Mlior.aJ Muw^papC' year The Budget hearings this year have been marked by peaceful negotiations between mental health board members and the professionals, a contrast from previous years, Yemm said. GENEVA (AP)—An international airlines group warned air passengers today that Arab terrorists have mapped a new strategy to use unsuspecting travelers to carry time bombs aboard airplanes. The International Air Transport Association— IATA—said its security office has received confirmation of this following the recent Rome explosion aboard an Israeli airliner. "IATA warns all air passengers not to accept personal packages or last- minute gifts from strangers or casual acquaintances for carriage as either checked or hand baggage on their flights," a statement said. "lATA's security office has obtained confirmation of reports that attempts are being made by terrorist movements, on an organized basis, to find unsuspecting passengers willing to carry such packages. "Investigation of the recent explosion on board an aircraft shortly after takeoff from Rome for Israel indicates that this was not an isolated case but part of a recognizable pattern." The Rome explosion was traced to a small time bomb hidden in a casette player. Two British teen-age girls later told police it was given them as a "present and a pledge of friendship" by two Arabs they had met in Rome. The two have been picked up. getting to the point." In contrast, the American executive's directness in making his sales pitch is likely to be considered rude, he added. Behind it all, Kitazato contended, is a difference in the way decisions are made in the two nations. The Japanese rely on a system called "ringiseido" in which decisions are made by a group, while the American leader has the power to unilaterally make decisions in his own area of responsibility. "Western people think they can get a commitment from Japanese executives on their first meeting, but they can't," Kitazato said. "This sometimes leads to frustrations and the Americans give up." In an interview, Kitazato outlined other business hazards. "Americans think it is a friendly gesture to call a business associate by his first name. A Japanese would be very shocked if you called him by his first name — that's for children." Even presenting a business card is apt to be perilous. To slide it across a conference table to a Japanese is to deeply offend him, Kitazato said. It should be handed to him with the letter up, so he can read it, preferably accompanying this with a short bow. SIU president invites Nixon to his wedding CARBONDALE, 111. (AP)The president of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, has invited President Nixon, former Atty. Gen. John Mitchell and Gov. Richard B. Ogilvie to bis wedding Saturday. President David Derge "is very well known in Washington and political circles," Derge's secretary, Naomi Wallace, said today in announcing the special invitations. "Nixon and Mitchell are personal friends of his." Derge worked in President Nixon's election campaign in 1968 while Derge was president of Indiana University and was appointed by President Nixon to the U.S. Advisory Commission on International, Educational and Cultural Affairs. He will marry Patty Jean Williams of Carthage, an assistant in the state superintendent of public instruction's office. Laundry closeout! Come in before we're ail cleaned out. Now S 199 Orig. 219.95.14 pound washer has 6 fabric programs. Just set the fabric dial and you'll get the proper wash and rinse cycles. Machine features 3 water level settings, soak setting and liquid bleach dispenser. Choose from 4 popular colors at no extra cost $9 a month* Now *133 Orig. 149.95. Matching electric dryer has 4 temperature settings. Signal sentry sounds off when drying is completed. And cool fluff allows clothes to cool without dried-in wrinkles. 6.50 a month* Matching gas dryer, Orig. 179.95... Now $163 And clean up during our end of month clearance! FINAL CLEARANCE ON WINDOW FANS 15 20" Portable 3 speed orig. 19.99 99 18" portable color tv—automatic fine tuning Orig. $ Aj-ft 399.95 NOW 039 3 pc. console stereo — 1 only Mediterranean Styling. S A^T Orig. 339.95 NOW ill console stereo — 1 only Contemporary Styling $ 000 Orig. 399.95 NOW UVU console stereo — 1 only Early American Styling. $ AAf) Orig. 399.95 NOW £OO stereo credenza — 1 only Mediterranean Styling $ <i A A Orig. 239.95 NOW 199 36 inch gas range 1 Only Orig. 199.95 NOW 5 cu. ft compact refrigerator 1 Only Orig. 119.95 "144 3 pc. component set 1 On| y MfiA Orig.269.95 ..................... NOW ID9 AM/FM stereo radio And Record $ < Changer ........................... HOW extension speaker Orig. NOW JCPenney We know what you're looking for. We Will Be Open LABOR DAY Monday, Sept. 4th—12:30 to 5:30 pm Charge It Al JCPenney Eostgate/Open Monday Thru Saturday 10 am to 9 pm Sunday 12:30 to 5:30 pm

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