Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 4, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1927
Page 5
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5? .1 Whnt H M (iotie Before. Dettth HtrikoH GuVreit KolKom while (iHiiiJiiK Ht .(><-(<Hn Town, N. .f. It IH lliouuiil al flJ -Hi lu! i* a ntrokc vlittliii, but liiVfxIlKn- ilon f^^liowM huiuiu Ix't'u Mt«l>t)fil lo ilfoili bi-nt'iilh Out water, KolMoinV HwtnimliiK ('(niiiinii- klDM llllll hcMI ItoKIM- Nvvllll', II liiiMln <-HM' |)iirtli (M'; .MIH , Helen lliirtiiiby mill f'urmelltu Viildon. It tn i.i 'HlubllHlivd thut Kolxom, jiini liefore IIIM tledlli. hmt hct-n HKiiirlliig 4iext to Nod |)arron, loiown UM the eopper kinjj. AtJaMlasia KolHom. ed.eniric :ind niiisterrul siijlerof the deii'il iiiaii. arrives anil takes c'oninmiid. At •Ihiyiii'iuefit it is learned that 1 he-death weapon was-a piehaq, an Oriental knife, and ii had been lidiiKht on the boardwalk. It ik also learned that one Croydon Sears, who was in Har- hm's party, is a fancier of curious knives. AnJstasia engages Tit us Kiggis, an' architect, to work' :oir the ca.sf!. JJaa Pelton. the dead man's nephew;, arrives and is intriRued 'by thf cnrious . French dolls in Folsoni's room. He believes his uncle had been - liluikniailjng several peo|rte' and he an(! HiKg.s discover sn.spicions. / documents in Folsoni's effects, bearing the initials of Croydon .Sears. KiKRs riuestions Sears and is j answered itiirlly. Other.'f ail sus- I ))ii-ioiisly, iiuluding Ned, Harron's I wile, '"Madeline. I f;o On Midi <he .Story > "yoirj father wonljln't Jle! u Kcnilepian," . . "My, falhur IM thit motd ueiille- nuin level! knew In one pU«e. Jim don 't iiiak*' any inltitake, .\n|itel. (leiitleiiien prefer lien. Hiinielltn <>N," '"(111, well, I Htippolie to. (tfiield Home errliiK wommi oi to jirenervo I 'le honor of tho r<Klinent. Oh, I'/e read Khorl Mtorlei. Hut wliiil about the man In the. Kreeii snll;"' And- there' «< a fine short ^lory tltltr for youf" "Ii<ii'l It! Sounds like H. deter live ytory." SILVER LEAF Feb. ;28.—Cha.s.; Wr«y, ami fam-| ily Hpeijt Sunday with jlialph Skinner and family. « ' K. ri. Smith apil family xpent I Sunday: at tho home ot his parentH; near, Bayard, ^ I .Mr. .McKniKbt of \V <-Kl |)hallu or-[ KanUed u Furm>rM' linhni at the' HChoot hoUHe Weilnehday niKht. After the lunch which (•oi)Hlxii>d of twiidwIilieH, «.ofl*u and cuke.jofflf cern 'were elected. (.'hiin. HetnitbcrK >tliruMheil katlr corn for Krnem Smiib ,S«lunlay mornliiK. , . . ' Fred Onffey and fiimlly were Snndiiy visitors \fflih reliinves nt Itlchtnond. ('. ,lone» and family were Sun- ilny nfteruoon <!iller!t ut the }ivn (irieve home. - , : ; .Mr. and Mm. .1. F. Kaslwood and C. Ea'stwooil «.'alled home last Sunday night. rtcuben RcmsberK and wife and .Mr.s. Butcher drove lo Humboldt Sunday afternoon to visit Telallves. .Mr., and .Mrs. Deweese of Krie THE iOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRmAY jEVENING. MARCEL. 1927. LriAINHERBOU We're In a detccllv'|e story. Yon,, n i know that Tile persoi is xvorkit^g j ^very hard on the Folsim case." ! | f,!„.");;„/,|- ' "1 know it—1 shoii d say I did know !t; That's wher^- the troiiWe began. And, Angijl, he—well. 1 would sav suspeet.s—but he is what 1 believe they call ••"okins: i.|to'j • p,,,.^,^ '">• : ' George Remsberg home. -.Much good that'll do hiiii. for n} D. •Smith and family. Chas. yon and 1 know lie canft find any-i \v,.av y,,,] familv. Fred Duflev and thing there but tjie hest.' j family were callers at M. A. Feii- "We know it, but he doesn't.: der's last Siinday evening. And if that's what's up.seitlng Dad.; j \V. Laaater and wife of Tola are then—well. then. I've got to find I .slaving at the T. ijasater hopie tlie green suit man." ' i Whifo Willie is working for Ernest •You've tried? " f.Sniith. •In the few ways I <aa think of.! Airs. Phrana Wolf and daughter I've asked all the life [guards, and of jiiittiilo, Kan.^., calhd on .Mrs. all the bathhouse keepers, but of i Fred Dufiey Tuesday afternoon. i-o'urse. only the ones around thisThey were old s<'hooIniates and had several Lita prev Chaplin is a homebody now. With two youngsters on her liand.s. .she will go back to the screen only if she is forced to by need of money, sMe says. This exclusive NEA Service phtpgraph shows Lita in her boudoir in the,Chaplin mansion at Heverly Hills. Calif. \ \ Ircality. That man may have he- not seen eiuh other for longed lo a hotel way down -the years, boach. and Just happened to swim- The 11. and N. Club met |*ith liere aiKl then went liack." Mrs. (i. l-awry Thursday afternoon. "Ves, of loiirse. What about ad-'The time was spent inecing (luill vertising".'", blocks. Uefreshnienis were jierVed "I don't ijnow.. It doesn't seem ; tite following: Mesdanies H. Brann. very praciicable. .Men who wear' Cha^^. Wray. C. ('.: Eastwood, H. CIIAI'TEU X.SXII. ..••i^::'^:^m ;'::"s^!t "^^i;;.: "^-!-r^,''r^ ^""^ in his Hear young eyes. |' .''. • v.... Ilobin; and I suppoKeiliail „,',,,,.,,.,; ^,*„.„ ^„„ „„^, to ' (!r|eve, Reuben Itenmberg, II. Manilla kiv It easier to find bijn." | son. and Mrs. ilpul .Mntch.r and HaHtwood. .1. F.' Kaslwomli It. D. Smith, E. .Manftle, .M. A. Fender, In.fact, tbif>y're (,li|iH. jlell. Ceo. Remnberg. Hen a ,Hcrii'lls lolle b<-tokeiis 11. vv trouble." •'lilt If liiHl lime, liiy dlHcel llilll! vi'iiiig ijlend." ^ Tiny jhiii on llii- Hiiiid. the girl | ill her moillxli lllld Very i h.'iriiilliK hlitllliil-. 1 < oHlllllie, wril|iped III' a ix '^i lo inaii'h, and ymiii)'. H-;ift III hill KWliiitiiliig Mlill. -V \-i -II I wind IK II. dear.'" ' •ij/ihillial I ran 'l tliid' Hie iijiiii w'llU ilH) green bathing MIIII," -Thar all' Then, we'll have to piilj. HiriiiU'b wUhoiil hitii." "Vcs. 'ihal'H What we'll h.ive to i!i<. Kill It's goliiK lo be hard |>iill- Inn- - • "Wliafs llie new development 7" Aiigelirii |''alr. with all lier IdilMb-ldHe loveliness, was no enip- lV-t'a'<-d doll. j .N'or N^as .'he a seHoiis-mlnded yoiiim 'person. She was tust a whiil^'some, happy American girl, •'wllh a !ov" of pleasure natural to her age and .surroundings and an rivid fiijoymej-.i of her life and her love. Sh'.^ had, lieeu engaged lo Robin Sears fi>r a year and the autumn would hring-their wedding day. They were joyously in love, their ta.'ftes wore similar and the seh "|iinre^ holiday they were enjoying' togelher was full iif a deep •»ontentin#i »t fori both. -1 And I i-.est clcinds had appeared on .the siene. and now each was disturbed. ^ .^iige];was anxioim about Madeline, who for some reason was ner- \ous and aiiparently tronbl"d. .Maiidy herself denied this and slinwed always a gayety and mer- rimi'nt that were so 'palpably forced as to'deceive no one who knew' her w.-ll. ' I "Dijgbi to. Hut It doextt'i »H '<i|i)-, Frt'd H'lffey. .\Ir«. Hell became a to, UI'K walk iiloPK the heiii h m'-jiiher The neitt nx'eilnK will be i ji'iid nee If'w aii'i hjioi, liliii oiir- with Mrs. .Mankle' .Marcli^ In. Helved." I * . ! -- i - •llfive you ahked your, faiherj SCOTLAND - niiMb iibo;il Ibis iiieiiirlc i\r>-»A-^ Feb. L'8 ^Mr. iind MrM. Hubert '''( .Wojf of lieiiV rnfnnlowii viNlled at •'ll .'K funny II'HMK U. He «».v»< t (loiiier Caiion's from Friday until 'D'liri know '.-my iiiori- iliaii I ^'e Kiindav told you. Inquiry clo.Med,'or sonic | cimt' Hcnnilin an<l clilldr'n and thing like that. I.anghlugl.v, .von, p,,^,,.^ of Humboldt veiled at know.'-vet decld'ill.v. loo. Tliere '-i Hoiiielhing at the ha< k of his mind, dear old chap, and l.lltle, Robin Is going to work It oiii." ;' "Willi Angel's helii." iihe girl said, ri(-iiig, '•Hello, tln -ri 's .Mr. RlKg>-." 1 • • Titus ciinie aloiigsiije. , He was in civilian 'driss. for he iiovet- went Arthur Llbby'i; Sunday. .Maldi' and .lidiii llenso)n Riiiii Holllngsworth were giie:-;iK -al .lohiiflibsoii's .Siiielay. Homer Cation and Vero : .Mry«. Hiirglanri ind Ruth _ ' Wednesilay al f)scar Wltr.el'j, Mr. and Mrs. fiavid Cati V( Ht'-r helpell Carl Cation BETHEL • (.Marjorie Oibsoni Feb. 2S. .Mr. and Mr .s. Jim Andru .sif spent Sunday with her sister ynd hrother-ln-law, .Mr. _ and .Mrs. Chas, HenderHon of LaHarpe WilUfl Bacon helpeil his brother. Frank mov** .Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Halm and Mr. and .Mrs. .,Iohn HiillH and baby spent ^liihduy with .Mr. and Mrs. John /irnnierroan. .Mr. and .Mrs. Wa'lier AHbliiiirl UIHI Hon visited Mr, and .Mrs. Arihiir KrIcNon Sunday. Mr. and MrM. Hill DUKIUI and Mr. | OSAGE VALLEY (.Mrs. Edward Sbj.son) Mar. 2.—Sunday .visitors at the Joe (iillham home were Cris Col- gili .and Wife. Oihie Finder and baby, (leorge (iillaKpie 's, Herle'y MeffordH, Floyde and .Mark Cill- hom, and yfr. iind .Mrs. Conrod Hyson were.afternoini visitors. Edward HISHOH'S vi .-*ited Sunday' at Alva Traceys near .\la|ileton; Kans. [ l .iiilier liillham nnd wife, and .MIHH Opal : I ,«'llaven v sited Sunday III llott 'ard .MctMoiiil's. Lester .(illlllHple ,lllld Wifi', .lltll MONTEVALE (Norma Isaa^-) ' ' Feb. 2.S.—Miss .McPherspit spent Wednesday night at Frank Dozler'si The .Wesley Chapel Ladles' Aid will serve uinLli ui the Klchmond Male, today. .MUH Bessie Rogers had dental fvnrk tlonp Tuesday at Moraii, .Mn. J .'C, Vouiig and imuKJiter. ,l'>-»lyn, c'nine here TliurMijuy eve*- nluK for ii visit with Mrs.iYoung'jt parents. i I Several from this district attended the pill suppeii lit Rising :Stiir Wedncaday evening- .lOH Young caniH hero Friday to visit relatives. Normii Isaac drove to ' Moran Wednesday, morning and ibrought the bun.s to .Mr. JailvSon 'sUor the Ladles' Aid. - : • .Mr. and .Mrs. C. L. Isaac and Norma. Mrs. J. C. Young and Evelyn and Huellle Dozier took sdpper at Glarence Isaac's Friday evening. • .Mr. Dozier dnd family attended the farm bureau meeting iat Bayard Thni"sday fveuing. "The boys organized a calf club, and the girls a, sewing cliib. *Mr. and .Mrs. Elbert Templeman and daughter Evelyn and! Mr. and .Mrs. Earl Cheezem and family vis- Hed John Rogers Sunday.; • Ed Barrow of the New York Yankees had a chance to get;Ty Cobb for $80t) back In 190,S, but. he pass-' ed up the opportnnity. 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Ojiiil lliinsaker visited al 'tl". home ijif b'-r sister, .Mrs. Ida 'illlliaiii Snudav. MIMS (ii'ojgle I'yles visited at ,1. I'. Cilllhiiiii'!* Sundiiy. Delberi 'Sls.liiin and wife spent S'inday al the parental (;illasi)|e home. Frank Ross. Frank Hrown h«lp- visilcd j Clark of HumhoJdt called on .Mr. ed Sani I 'yles with his butchering and Mr.-^. Jim Audruss Mr. and .Mrs.. E. S Saturday. \ Tuesda.v. Hai 'on and .Mr. and Mrs. Luthei! Olllliam nnd »n andlfanilly vlsit^'d .Mis. nicon 's sister. | Louise .McClond spent Tiie.sday eve- lb resh Mrs. F. .M. Sundn.i*. Halt In .nine .Mound. ning al Ed-fard Sisson's. .Mr. and [Mrs. Howard announce in the siirl, and he iiareil the damp (j.,f(r ,orn Friday morning. sands to speak to the jiair. .Mr. and .Mrs. Ernest Sniutrt an- Nettie Hells of Hartlesville, Okla., | the i)!rlh of a daughter Friday, •M say. yonngsiers." be called out ' „fn,,iie the birth Of a 12-pound .son. vi.sited with her lousins. Evel\n F«>bniary 2.'i. Mother and babe are cheerily, but R<diir detected tlW',j^^,„r,|.,y. February !!•. and Ladine'Ziinmerman Sunday. : getting alohg fine, hesitant-note in his voice, "just .a Harlev Cation has been (iliiie ill | Arthur ^)ril .son and family spent, -Mr. and .^Irs. Frank Rudisill are miniite. eh'.'" _ 'of flit, "but is belter at thiii .writ- ;.s ,„„ij,y evening at Waiter A.-^h- moving in r^he Lypn Rudisill farm. ".\\\ the time you can use." said j„g 'lund's. . j .Mr. Rudisill expects to take a pleas- R(«bin. looking a I him keenly; i Vlrs. Hurgiand ; and ^ Verona fa- 1 Ravniond Cibson visited in Clia- nve tfip. paving about April 1. -V'es. boy," Riggslsaid. quietly, | ,jf,n ^isited Svith .Mattie Wisiiborg; „„ie "Sunday. . ! ^'lai* Opal UeHaven. who has .Ved Harron, i chap I hat. he w; If willing to }^o,honie. or to anywh«'i-e on tli*' Iliat liis wife fav Hut as soon a.-^ ovei- to goiiii;. ig. hearty, happy professi-d him ••you've guessed it. I have «ome-, thing to say. ^And I; may as -well, •; *.\i|ldred and Norma Stil^-s vi.sit.'d speak out. There is a definite | , i,,,,^. ^j^i^ Saturday, feeing ol-whut may at least be : ArWi." Lil)b»- and llelores Cation callelsu.spic.on forming toward heen quite ill the las/ week your fa her. and I thought .von. ,,„^ ^^„^^ rather J d tell you than not r „,„j j,^^ Thomas Cat-on know you dont niind my si.eaKing , ,.5^;,! , j^^j^ daughter. Mr.s. Low.-r, belore >a.r. - ^ i,. Saturda.v. . .Mi\ and -Mrs. Lester Cation and Rather not!" Robin braced him- se|ir as tor a hlow. "What s ibe.^ ^j,-^^; Yi,gia Larson and .Mr. Ken- new liner' >, netb Cunningham were supper -The poiij-" finally dragged 't ' g„pj;,s; David Cation's Snudav. finally dragged out of tile auction rotiin people that ; -01. r '•••fhcr '•Hiiiriied 'bere • later | ,.|jj|,|,.^„ ^penl that night and bought :i third dag- ;r;,tions. •Ai-r. .\s we know, he d'lmitted' 1 j.,yy„ :vivnatt called at n .iviil Ca- two. biit said nothing about a ti„„.s jhjg wcek.^ Mrs. Wray of Elsmi)ri' Siind'ay night with Mn. Hutt-s and family. (.'o(-\vin Cib.son helped • Raynionil' fJibson thresli kafir corn las: Thursday. I Hob Stewart and Evelyn called 1 on Mr. and .Mrs. Jim Andruss j Tuesday. Frank and Chas. Bacon and Tom! Zimmerman helped E. S. Hacon '• saw wood Saturday. ' s-peiit . bwn visiting at Luther Oillham's. ig at 1 Harold is visiting at-the f]rank Coonfi'>ld home in Mijdreil. . -Mr.' and .Mr-s.. Jorj Cillham .were! Lallarpe visitors Tuesday afternoon. I Perhaps iyoii are one of mar|y who are convalescing after a troublesome cold or cough' 6r possibly grippe and find that your strength is at rather low ebb. At such times it is alI-importa|nt that you be well-nourished, and nothingi quite equals pure, emulsified cod liver oil to help build strength iw place of weakness. ^ SCOTT'S COD-LIVER OIL OF PURE VITAMIN-TESTED is the effective means that thousands use daily to help reestablish hdalth and vigor. Containing as it does a wealth of j health-promoting cod-liver ;oil vitamins i7 is the fOery help the weakened body needs. It you are convalescing trom a cold, cough, grippe or other tespiratory infectiqn -r -we strongly, recommend the regular use of Scott*s Emulsion for at leasi thirty days. Scott & Bowne. Btoomfield. N. J. third." , Mr. and .Mrs. Willis C.ib.son and Mr. and Mrs..Alva Cation and ; n „viiiond were in Chanule Fridav. Sunday at David, Hax^l stiiley. teacher at Bethel, is unable to teach jat thisj time on account of the hinmp:^. Her brother. Clarence, is teacliing lace of the <:n lired. i she had won him she chaiiged her (To .Re Ciintinned)' mind and wanted to stay. li was unlike her to he whimsical or dissatisfied.- Devoteii to her liiisbanil and her baby. M.idelii e Harron sto.od, one would liave sai I, I'o'- a liigli type of .normal', nioclei n woman'. .And it was only of hi e !;ial lli(- faintest wave .fif unrejil li;id 1ie.-ii ohserviible on her sunny t'alm. Tliliitfo look blacker and lilii'rk. . er fur Croydon Senr'i. And where KJlhe man in the (jreen bnfhhiL' siiit h" «-:>!d |he <.a:« near Kol- soir belore the iniirder! BELLVIEW (Vivian Sliockey.l 'i.S.—Fern .Nnilerson .Mr. and Mrs. Walter Roberts anl , „ntil she is able to return, i ; family were Sunday dinner guests j oeorgia .Marlow is out of schocd i of .Mr«. Wispborg. 1 . ! on account of the mum Mr. and .Mrs. E. L Virgil attended the Mr.^. FraiTk Cibson and Charles 'and Mrs. Albert Lassman spent Monday. F-b. .21.,al John flibson's jielping .Mr. and' .Mrs. Cibson cut _^ .•ind render lard'and grind sausage;], v]"^ K . S . Hacoii called Mr. and Mrs. John Cation visited j ^Hce Page Fiiilay afternr I sale.. las^ Wj'dnesday. ; lioughi a corn slieller. ibiion and Hl-ckenliable; Kir. Clbscni i ills, (llili! al Waliir llolierts's .Sunday a week : ag"- ! - David Cation called on .Mrs. Erh- 011, .Mrs. afternoon, threshed kafir 'age I Irwin Baptist corn for Harold Butts jvtoiiday. The Hethel club metl with .Mr.s. wrdnesda V Si" wi'/h'-VIiks Xeule ' est Smart W-ednesday afternoon to | s. Bacon last Thursday. Tho.s. \ • '-' xp,) tj.,. new liatiy. Ross. Faun Miller spent l -Thursday ^.^^^^ Ross'''van"'Houten' 'inid" llo- J. J. Angelica pondered over it and ;.„jp,,. Kern Amlerson sind wondernd .if slie ought to speak loii,|,^.y ^venl to Lone Elmj and got - ' • their hair inarci.lled. .j Harold Shockey atd Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heider «pent Sunday N<d. For Harron worshipped his wife, mil lie was the sort who assnnie .l • wryiliiiig was all right and qjiite as usual. ' ' - liiii „\iigel saw. and with qiijck iii'iii'ioii kiiew that something was wroim, and isel about flililiiig iiiil wh.ti It was. Ihoiigh so far with- Mill .-iiio-ehs.. I • And (low, Robin, ijoo. was slined • nil. , I ' , : He h .-jid confided to. Angel that IIIK lather Was boll'iered. j •lliilicred. that's what lie |»..', I .'olilii liad said. ".\iid when iii,V ilad ni 'ii* 'both 'Ttd It tiicaliH thiTe'M siiincibing gone wrong." | "Vex.", said tliu gill. "1 ,'ve nil. i\i r-iliiin) Hiat was the significance ' of ihaij woril." " Koliiii' fiick <'d a handful of saiid at her and wi -nl on. " • •-VciU|See. I know him so well IlKri !)i <High lie Uu>k» and acts the same as ever, I can see the diflereiiie. .jjnd'it's so (lUeer. I 'd as s<ioii look-' for uiisettedness in the \VaHhingtori raonumeut.". ••How; does he show if/ Jumpy T' ".No. 'iiot a bit. The other way. Absiirbed. Quiet. Hriiwn sti'idjnef-- fi'.-i.p ••|i Iwven't noticed it, but. of coiir.'^e.' he wouldn 't show it before other tiolks. If you see it. Robin, it must be there. It's just like ,what I; notice in .Madeline and Ned /••loe^n't seem to see it iit all. - But >t5Ced 's such a dear old blind sheep he wcnildn 't- notice the house was on fire unless some one insisted •upon it. Of course the two cases can't have any connection?" •Don't see how. 1 can 't think . the two afe planning an elope- meii .ti. bad admires r .Maddy.! but he 's inot much impressed by wom- <'n's -charms, except your own. He adores; yon. Angel." | • ••S'ire. Now, Robin, have-• yon spokeni'to him about this?" - •'.S'iM yet, but I think I shall And.; absurd as It seems, 1 believe It all comes back to the murder oif that nian." • - ' "MriTolsom? Why your fnlhe^ Bcarceliy, knew him!" . "So be sa^.. but—" m>T M< Robert.i il'iv. "raft. Jim AVhite. Ve.ster ;ullough helped Walter bead-, kafir • corn Wednes- al the Clarence Bnrnet home. The Hellvlew Farmers I'nion . Perhaps the quaintest form of ••tea-drinking" is that ijractised by the savage tribes in Ta'rtary. TRe surpilsed ihejones family Sunday '. i.-aves arc ijrst boiled in soda, then nighi by going tln^re and l.ikiiig , seasoind .witli liiilier and salt, and sandwiches and coffee to serve. jlsen eaten. A hurprise dinner was glvi-ii tor • .Mr.s. .lohn Ander 'ion .Sunday. In MasHacbiiHeiis three wHness- Kverybody look a dish jiiiil eiijoy- es to a wjll are necchsary to legal eil ilie day III honor of .Mr«. An-ft. dersoii 'M blrlhdny. . A surprise dance was given for 1 Leoniird Habcork Siitiinlay night. Several Iroiii this vicinity went. Hellvlew school g !t \e a pie supper Friday night. A large crowd attended and a fine progrjiin was given. Afti-r the program, tllvV s(dd the boxes and pies a'nd gave awaV a IKI.X of candy and a pie. present were: .Mp>. J. Ziinniernian and little .sou, .Mrs. C.eo.. .Andruss. .Mrs. E. "L. Cibson. .Mrs. J. Coykendall and children. .Mrs. Dick Teal and little son, .Mrs. Whiter Jackson and Mrs. Fisher. CPRETHROAT OargU With warih Mit watM — than •pply ov«r throat— G>lds Insist on the utmost \ cold may bo stojiped' In 21 ihf iirs. the fever checked, the bowels r^ojenedi the entire system tdned. " The way Is HILL'S—a way so effl- cll>nl that we. paid $I.0nil,ilOU for It. Don't rely on lesser help, and don't delay, Cet the quick, :complete results that HILL'S Is bringing millions. ! flIL|.*8 C»$t»n.2mM^<hiAm ^ uu« you sw* HILL'S, !• tha r*d box witJb pcrtraU. At aU drucdtta-OOc Your Last Tribute Your love speaks through the beauty of the memorial you erect. Nothing- is acceptable, therefore, in material or workmanship unless it be of enduring worth. ,. ; WILLIAMS MONUMENTAIL WO] IKS 301 South Washington, Phone 676 Gocdyear has developed a Ballooii| Tire tread \vhjch matches the Goodyear JBjaHoon carcas^ of Supertwist Cord. It is the famous Goodyear k\l - Weather Tread i?cientifically redesigned for Balloon .Tire use. blocks These The sharp-^edt^cd, diamond-shaped aje placed ^in a scmirfiat desijcn. blocks grip the road and retain their useful- i • • • ! ness longer than any tread heretofore offered. I^ng, slow, even tresid wear is assured, "(["upping" and uneven wear, ^o common to many Balloon Tires, are practically eliminated^ i " . ' Come in and see this new Goodyear Balloon \LL REPAIR WORK GUARANTEED kOAD SERVICE IS UNEQUALLED 41 i 'I Southwest Corner Square »,'<r5.

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