Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1894 · Page 4
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Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1894
Page 4
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MOftNim, NQVEMBEB 2.3 894. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. •OBO. 8. . A. ATTORNEYS AT LAW. U.GONA, ';'*•:. - IOWA •S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Money to Ixmn on Cliattle Security. 4LGONA, - > IOWA SULLIVAN &JVIPMAHON ATIVENEYS AT LAW. •OlHco In Postofflce Block. ALQONA, IOWA £. V, SWEETIN^ ATTOUNEY AT LAW t Jloncy to Loan. ALQONA, ... - IOWA )H. (5. MCCOY, PHYSICIAN AND SttRQEOX, ALQONA, - .- IOWA M. J. KENEFICK, PHYSICIAN AND SUBGEON. ALGONA. - - IOWA. .F. L.TRIBON M.D. Homoeopathic Physician and Surgeon. Calls answered promptly at any time. Office In A. D. Cmrke Block. Consultations In Enpllsli or German. ALQONA, - IOWA. A. A. BEANE, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, illtTRT, - - . . IOWA £. E. SAYERS, Veterinary Physician and Surgeon. •Office west of the Thorlngrton House. Good Hospital Accommodations, -ALQONA, ' - "'•- IOWA. E. S. <5bAS*ER D. E). S. DENTIST, .,;ALGONA. IOWA. •Special attention given to saving the natural teeth. Office over Algona State Bank. A ID. RIST, D, D, S. DENTIST.k r it . r PAINTIN Graining and Paper-hanging. AH orders promptly attended to. Give me a call., Shop on Call street, Algona, Iowa. F. DINGLE'S. A. W. MOFFATT.' DIN@lf)EY& MOFFATT, Real Estate, Loans 1 Insurance Have for sale in Kossutu County andV-ad- joining, counties n full list of wild lands' -and improved farms. W411 pay taxes for nonresidents nnd redeem lands sold for taxes. Office—State street, .Algona, Iowa. A, D, Clarke & Co, FARM LOANS. ALGONA, , IOWA. —TO LOAN- ON REAL ESTATE. C. B. MATSON. In State Bank Block. FRASEI^ WELL DRILLING. We have a bran now outfit made to order for this locality, and cam do the best of work. Water guaranteed or no pay. FEASER BROS, Algona. Iowa. P. b. SLAGLE, Manufacturer and Retail Dealer In Harness and Harness Goods, Shop south of Gcoders' Store on Dodge St. ALGONA, - - ^ IOWA MONEY ' ON REAL ESTATE. HOXEE & BEUNSON, - ALGONA New Meat Market. Thos. Bennett IfJvV''?,-' ' P/oPrietor of tb^ new meat-market on State 1 ' ~ '>,. ?*?!?*, keep, everything ,|n,'. JEresh and salt TV gome and •F nfwv nrftfn , y^fy^fKft^'ft^vsft, v .,WP^^*^IW W ' 1 afeffi«fflv,.^'""? v -••-'• t'V^-r.jpwA, • f,«*B»,V'i: V T^WFrff',^' \ < i* .i •••"j* n-^" - ..fvufl-j te^^A/' .V-v" '•'-. - J, F; PREStOjsi, "M'iio.. CAREER OF A PltNb. SPECALISt. Speotnelos sciohtlficuily .fitted fliul K 11 urn ti feed. MASON CITY. - - IOWA, GO TO TfiE AT- Sexton, Iowa For Bargains in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Hardware, Harnesses, Paints, Oils, Drugs, Patent Medicines. ; I handle the Best Minnesota Flour • At, the Lowest Price. All kinds of farm produce taken in exchange for goods. I always pay the highest market price for butter and eggs. I want 10,000 dozen eggs this week. ®°Glve me a call. AUG. STUDER, - Sexton, Iowa. Scott & Dailey, -:- Artesian Well Contractors. \-N We have tho only cable stoum drilling machine owned In tho county. Stnk'wells' for water supply for towns, cities nnd railroads. Special attention to farm well work.' Estimates cheerfully made on application. We employ only expert drillers. Address, J' SCOTT? & DAILEY, Algrona, lowk. • ' I Do You Want A-steady paylngr jobTwith largest house in the west; 80 _ _ _. . _ years established. With our.facilities wet make a good salesman In two weoks-i material. ; ; .Nursery stook>that£WHM ^ggfeXtttetti'TSedTpot , OSJLf -you want money r.wrlV iing: r 'aare. -y^",. l.'L. MAY & qoYiyl ''h».' '• iL'i' I St.Paul/Mint, Nurserymen.^Florlsts and Seedmon. (Thli house Is responsible.) no Poison. Reid's German PJ' 1 s cure Constipation and Malaria. Sylvan Cum purifies the . o<v h. SOLD BY L. A. SHEETZ. ALGONA, IOWA. We would call attention to the fact that we are located here permanently, for the manufacture and sale of cemetery work In Marble Granite and Stone. We now have and Intend to keep in stock a fair Hue of finished Monuments, Headstones, etc., and will guarantee all work to be equal to the best. »We are the only manufacturers of cemetery work In Kossuth Co. Therefore, please give us a call before placing your order and be convinced that by fair and honorable dealing, we are worthy your patronage. HAbb. & COMPANY, ALGONA, Bast State St. IOWA. : JOHNSON'S < MAGNETIC OIL! T Instant KIIKr of Pain. > Internal and External. Cores RHEUMATISM, BRAND uiinniif stock, rful ondPenetratmgLlnlnientfor Han neramgnnienor oiletence. Large »1 elze Kto., 500. elze JOHNSON'S ORIENTAL SOAP. MedJwt«tdandTpl}et f The Qneat Skin C»ir««nd Faoa Bt^iiitlfler. Li»dle» wltt fed it The moat dello«lt«%d highly perfumed ToUet Soap on the market. «ia,Qb»olut«l» PHr*. , Makes iskln soft and velvety and rejtoreslhe lo^t « a Jiaury for tbe B«th fpr Infantci oleaneea tho scalp and promote! wafo. onteb T i ; DRUGGIST,, ! f , »eg Mplnes, . A Mr i! «uii UhoXVnH Notorious IU * Crncl Murderer In Dead. General Gftbilondo, a noted Mexican, | died recently in Nogales, A. T. The re| mains were followed to the grave by but ! few pcir-sons. * Gabilomlo's history ia a checkered one and .liberally spfotclietl with human blood. He was perhaps the most generally despised mnn in Mexico, the late General Ciirlior hot cicepted. He was the in human brute who butchered Captain Crabb aiitl his party at Caborica in 1850. At that time General Pnsqueira was governor of Sonora and was very unsatisfactory to the massea. To hold on he inaugurated a revolution and surrounded himself with some of the most bloodthirsty villains in the state, Gabilondo being one of the leaders. Captain Crabb lived in California, but was married to a Mexican lady who belonged to a prominent family. The story is that through her Governor Pea- qneira induced Crabb to raise a command of Americans to go into Sonorn and assist him in gaining a victory over the opposition. Captain Crabb raised a party, sending a portion by water to Libertad. on the golf of California and with abotit 100 mounted men came across the country, expecting to join the Others on tho gulf coast. Soon after he got on the field Pesqueira crushed his foes, and knowing that lie would be severely crit- icised for calling Americans to his aid deniecji having anything to do with bringing Crabb and his men into the country, He sent Gabilondo and his battalion to escort Crabb and his party back on American soil. : In the meantime Crabb had started back, but was overtaken by Gabilondo and his troops at Caborica. Without warning the latter opened Are .on Crabb's party, and a brisk fight took, place, several being killed on each side. .Crabb and his mefl tooir shelter in the old church, and though largely in the minority made it warm for Gabilondo. Finally the latter under cover of a flag of truce proposed that if the Americans would lay down their arms he would peaceably escort them to the American line. Crabb complied, but no sooner had they laid down their arms than they wore formed in line, marched to the south side of the church, intido to stand back up iv<ain«t the \v,ill, and all of them shot txcept a boy 17 years old, who managed to escape. Some'time after Crabb's tragic death his wife returned from'Mexico and Vvita stabbed- to deatbj SwK%w»w&oM rorltw.jsopth'irest quarter of the , range number 28 " W p £ n i w £ 0( ? »J BwwroCw »»tt^S It was the deed was done _ , agent of .Peaijueira ' and Gabilondo because she "knew too much about Crabb's going into Mexico. ' Several other murders were credited to Gabilondo, including the "brutal mnr- cter of customs officers while h'o was collector at Casabe. His Litest escapade wks the murder of a prominent mer- chknt lit Imuris recently, who had been elected president of the town. Gabilondo and his, son hired a policeman to call the merchant and shoot him. ' When arrested,the policeman told the whole story, and he was then killed by young Gabilondo, who escaped to the City of Mexico, where he died recently. The death of the old man wipes out the Gabilondo family, and no regrets nre expressed on either side of the Hue. and especially among Americans.—Sf,. Louis ' Globe- Democrat. HOAXING A CANDIDATE. An Illiterate Political Aspirant , Is Made the liutt of u Oruttl Joke. M. Robinet. the illiterate candidate for parliament, who went round Paris blowing a hunting horu in order to call attention to his electoral programme, was nearly stoned to death in the Troca : dero district, owing to the hoax of which he was made a victim by a facetious printer. The candidate, having resolved to go about as a "sandwich man," obtained two boards and commissioned a printer to ornament them with an elaborate political address in the largest type. The compositor, taking advantage of M. Robinet's inability to read or write, drew up the address, couching it in the most unparliamentary language at his command. It was, in fact, composed of, an issue of the vilest insults to the local electors, while the candidate himself was not spared by the irrepressible hoaxer. Hardly had M. Robinet appeared in public between his boards than he was followed by a crowd of people who threatened to lynch him. Some threw stones at the man, but he found a few sympathizers who evid,ent- ly saw through the joke and defended him. A free fight raged for a few moments around the candidate, his friends and his foes energetically plying their fists and sticks, while Robinet looked on intensely amazed at the tumult. He was finally extricaied from his perilous position by the police, — London Telegraph. Government Telegrama. An arrangement has been entered into between the postmaster general of the United States in relation to the transmission of government telegraphic messages. There has been a disagreement as to rates, and in consequence no settlement made. The telegraph companies, however, received apd transmitted all government business, depending on future, adjustment. The rates now agreed to are 20 .cents for 30 words or less for ,1,000 miles or fraction thereof, with an addition..*, t, t and I'cent per word for all QyerdO words, increasing, at the rate 9f eacfc 60Q Wiles, up to 40'cents'. But' no npiewage'of^O, words ia to be more than 40 cents... No additional wprfr }s to' be WQre than, 3 pent? for any distance up to 3.090 mllea,— Kalamazoo Telegraph. (.Jpnes, a 'farmer, Jtivjng near j was. wouedM'' tat the •*. 'i»9 WWVf ntence ratf! tf ftfeffi Jtff ,13 A VELLOW UU6IC iinvt a Vagnbottd Canino Succeeded la <>«*. tlr,« n Square Menl. Alfred de M\issot, the famous French post, was at bue time conducting a canvass for election to the French academy Members of this distinguished body are elected to it by those Who are already members, anil custom requires that an aspirant shall go about soliciting the votes of members. Musset had gone ffom bno academician to another and was on his way, on foot, to the house of the Count do Sainte-Aulaire, just outside of Paris whose vote he hoped to gain. , When he had almost arrived at the. place, a large yellow dog began to follow him, but ,tho dog sneaked, behind, and as the poet was too much wrapped in his thoughts to look around he did not know that what was perhaps the most hideous dog in Paris was nt his heels. "When tho poet rang at M. de Sainte- Aulaire.'s door, .the dog watched hia chance, and as the door was opened slipped into the house. The servant supposed the dog was the newcomer's, and the poet supposed that it belonged to the house. •' The host and his family were warm admirers of Mussctaml gave him a hearty welcome, though they gazed askance n't the horrible yellow dog.which had curled its long legs down on a beautiful rug woven by the young lady of : the family as a present' to her .grandmother. "Extraordinary-taste in pets," said the host to himself. "But to a great poet anything may bo pardoned.'" "Strange," said Mnsset to himself, "that an elegant family liko this should keep such a hideous cur!" When presently tho poet had been invited to remain to dinner and tho 1 tlo^ had promptly accompanied the family, and their guest tc, the dining room, the master of tho house was in grave doubt Whether "anything could be pardoned to a poot." The 4.njwl rushed around the table, grabbing a pibco of food, frightening the venerable grandmother ahuost to death, and acting like the miserable, hungry vagabond that he was. The hostess, by way of delicatu compliment to her guest, caused a large plate of _fpod to be placed for tho dog. • The animal ate it in a minute's time and galloped around the^ table for more. H<1 barked ferociously when olio of the fami-l ly declined to give him a piece of meat\ that ho saw' on a, plate. ,, The dog's^jtafe^ preven^ ___ „ ___ versahon or/Jea|bylnenTof stlierneal. ---- i jmiyiji i his guest and wondered { ty/r%guelT looked at his host and wondered!,'" >'-v > As the party was rising from tho tablo the dog "rushed 1 against a servant and caused him to upset tho greater portion of a set Of rare and precious china, an heirloom in the family. The ladies gathered about, weeping, and began to pick up the priceless fragments. Something in the hostess' face inspired the poet with a sudden and fearful thought. He rushed up to the count. "Can it be possible, sir," he exclaimed, "that you supposed that this dog belonged to me?" '•Why, of course we supposed he waa yours," said the count. "Ho came vritb you, did ho not?" ! "I never naw tho hideous beast before!" said Mnsset. "I supposed all the time that the dog belonged to tho house." Then the animal; 1 . ! which hud shown signs of uneasiness during this little conversation, sneaked toward the door. He was kicked out, yelping, but once well outside he shook himself and trotted off with a complacent air, .which seemed to say: "Well, that's all right— so long as you didn't turn me out before dinner!" M. de Saintc-Auldire voted for Musset. "But," he gjid, "I shouldn't have done so if that dog had really been his. Upon such little things do^great things depend!"— Youth's Companion. A Ship That Was Once a Tiler. : It is a fact and one that may not be generally known that the United States government label placed on every box of imported cigars sold in the United States bears a fine steel plate engraving of tho steamer City of Washington, a sister ship of the ill fated City of Boston. In the year 1861 the City of Washington, then .plying between New York and Liverpool, covered the passage to the westward in January in 14 daj's 15 hours; April, 12 days 21 hours; May, 18 days 21 hours; July, 18 days; August, 18 days; September, 18 days 20 hours, and December, 15 days 10 hours. In December, 1862, she made the trip from Sandy Hook to Queenstown in what was then the remarkably fast 'time of 9 days 19 hours and 80 seconds. Tho City of London made several passages to tho eastward in 1868 and 1864 in less than 11 days.— New York World. A High Priced Hotel. One of the elevator boys in the Waldorf hotel is credited with a smart saying. An old New Yorker was showing a party of friends from out of town through the hotel a day or two ago, One of the strangers wag deeply impressed with the elegance and costliness of the decorations and furniture, and he exclaimed, "Well, well, this must be a very high priced hotel," Th.e aforesaid elevator boy, who overheard the remark, retorted: I( I should say it was. If you only change your mind here, they charge ypu f 10,"—New York Times. A Diplomat'* Distinction. -, A member of the diplomatic corjra ap- parqptty holds, an, opinion of jAjneyicans which will hardly b0 indorsed/by the most inBigniaqanl; qt this grejit pation, When asked by ft newly arrived, foreigner, anxious to gauge' the spcial states of some one to whom.fte.had feeeh introduced, if there was any' HjflerenQe in Americans, the' diplomat; replied, "Ob,, yes—some rfoh and. gome are i»ot."~ nw " n <™ Beral4, ' ' ( \, "; t ' , »•« 1- ' " " - ''*' I : ^ m%8S m fom pa ^ g»o ^ W aro»n4 Pd aroupd,-» yesgel' 9ti^<W&Wfr *ttrj*^r\f annAil /\««« , A «J«.«1 tl—l-. Jl_ * BLANKET SALE! At Taylor's. If Ten Days! •s ••;.-•• \,. -' , -• . . ', • • ' ',»' y .. 100 pair gray blankets, stHped bordf ers, aitfthis feripej would be cheaji at $1.00. Do not put it'off; tlie Iik6 will never be sold again this fall at the price. Artists' Material! We Have a Complete Line of .^-rt-jr-Tr £-,,-,-^i, —„ —«-» Canvas, . r ___ j; A Canvas*Mounted r ''on Sttetch- ers-'-bo^h rough 5 aiifr smooth^ Tlalques, \ Acadeniy Boards, 5 Artists' Palette 1 Knives, ( L Pastel Crayons'—all colors, Pastel boards ^ —all sizes. In fact everything necessary in oil painting, Crayon work and pastel work: 'W&guarantee to give you more Artists' Material for one dollar than any other dealer in this part of the country. * i < FF^ANfCW. DING LEY, v The Druggist. State Street, - Algona, Iowa. Kne Crockeif AT THE NEW STORE. Just arrived; bought in Chicago on ray way home from the east. It will pay everybody in Kossuth county to call, as I have the finest stock of groceries that can be bought. Prices to suit th« hard times. . FEUITS of all kinds of the best quality. Anyone wishing to buj their Flour for the year I will give a good discount and warrant every sack. Salt by the barrel. Do not forget that you can buy more from me for one dollar than at any other store in Iowa. Thanks for past favois, and yon will always find me ready to satisfy you wants in my line. JAMES PATTERSON. COWLES BLOCK, ALGONA, IOWA. NEW C OME one, come all, and see the display of Lamps, Chamber Sets, Tea Sets, Water Sets, and everything in fancy ware, ^e have the finest line of these goods ever on exhibition in this city. Don't ta$$ our word for it, but drop in and be convinced that we have, the < right v iine and thei right prices, We also ^carry ev^yyth|iii.*in the grocery: JUne,; fruity and vegetables of all kinds; oan _ , '. ',_._, ..,.,». .' ' '"*' '•'«!' or r

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