Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1894 · Page 3
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Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1894
Page 3
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THE COURIER, ALQOMA. IOWA. IBIDAY MOANING, 2. 1894. Brownell Has Them -UP TO DATE IN STtLfe- BOOTS, SHOES, RUBBERS, KUBBER BOOTS, CLOVES, MITTENS. Perfet Fitting, Best Quality. Tlie Larret Stf! And Greatest Variety from which to make your selections. Don't Fail to Call and See Us. No trouble to show goods at the; Brownell & Allred Cash Shoe House, Wire Fencin' We Handle the Genuine the Exclusive Bight to Handle This Wire in Algona. inter is coming and you will want . a good heater. ^Aiuid, Qaks" . .. |l| 'll | i||j)'|f)|'VMi||'l|h|- |l , Fuel,,Furbishes More HeatUhffn any Stove Afafr •i • . jading I4ne of Farm Implements. .Weigenfant Bros.,.. .-.--' 8 '. Algona, Iowa. The Newest! The Nobbiest! DOTS AND SHOES Are to be had at - B. H. Anderson's- At Stough's Old Stand. We have a Great Variety of New Goods that we are selling Very Cheap. Don't fail to see us if/|ybu want the Best and want to buy Cheap:', B.H.ANDERSON. State St., Algona, Iowa. ; • SPURBECK & IsAiyiBERT, Manufacturers and Dealers: in ALGONA, - IOWA. Wo will save on the following-: Belting of all kinds—leather, Gaudy and rubber; complete stock of Engineer's Supplies; Gas Pipe and fittings; Globe Valves; all kinds of Steam Fittings, Hose and Hose Fittings; Oils of all kinds. Wo have a large stock of Cylinder Oil and Cup Grease a specialty. Large stock of other goods too numerous to mention. Give us a call. Factory.and supply house near C. &N.W. Depot. SUCCESSOR TO 0'NE!rLiy& GETTY. F. S. NQRTOJM, t And all Kinds of Building Material. F. S. NORTON, Foundry and Machine Shop MULLICA & BTTSJH, Props. We do repairing of all kinds, Iron an4 brass casting sqd boiler work done on short notice, Pipe aqd pipe flttlngs and brass goods of all kinds in stock. 'Weare'rjere to stay, Shop east of Rutherford House. . orders promptly attended^ MUL14CA « BUSH, Algoua, Iowa, The Goiioty ObiMay the Freight! They represent an outlay tor., • Our pa(wn« way ' BV A 66UGIAR, Th« Foioolous Brnte FlnAlly Trampled to Death by a Horse. J* P. Jones, who lives near Perhama, Crook county^ had a rather startling adventure 'with a cougar. He was speaking, of his experience to some friends and' Said: "I motmtt-l a horse and went on a hunting expedition to a place ahout 20 miles from Perhama, taking with me an Irish staghound and an English pointer. I brought down a deer and a brown bear, which I left at a farmhouse, and bagged a number of wild pigeons and other fowl. While returning home ahout Iff" o'clock at m'ght along a lonely road about five miles from Perhama, I noticed what seemed to be two balls of fire in a tree but a yard ahead of me, and which stood but a foot or two from the road. At the same instant my horse, which is what is known in the 'cow counties' as un 'original herder,' drew up with a Startled neigh, almost throwing me from the saddle. I took a close look at the thing in the tree and saw that it was a cougar crouched for a spring. "As I tried to unstrap my rifle the animal sprang, but missed its mark arid passed just over the horse's neck and ahout two inches from me, It rolled in the road, but recovered and sprang a'gainY this time at the horse's throat. The horse bucked and threw/ me to the ground, half stunning me. The cougar then rushedVupon me,, but the staghound, which had been standing 'by, buying furiously, corralled it. ' There \v»s a brief but terrific fight, and tho do;.; lay dead not five feet from mo. Tho poinlur had disappeared,' while the horse utoo'd; trembling iu every limb. The panther again sprang at him, landing upon his back, and away the wuijt. "I recovered my 'feet uj a fo u- i-iii 1 unstrapped lity riflu " u. fc siariod Hi, suit. Five hundred yunis from the tiuo'nu of 'the encounter I found the horse b'f anil- ing still and' the cougar lying do.tU ,Ut hie feet. The horse bore inarlca of the cougar's claws upou his back, flesh was torn in several places.- The cougar's head was smashed, presumably by the horse's heels. I cannot at count for the result of the strange encouiitur \except by the theory that a limb of u (large oak tree, haiiKing low and directly j'over the road, struck the cougar autl / swept it off the horae's back, aud UJH | horse took advantage of the opportunity ' to trample -him to death. Thfe in -j-jcious, as all 'orijpnaf h'eMers* are. hes^^trt^j^ss^^ruave "ffa^MfcoWri to* li ^it for hours until oSSB^Vfe-hiHt bat table jiecorfttion. i?he fashion of beautifying tie table, which in theso days is carried to such au extent, is by no means so original as many claim it to be. It is simply the revival of an old custom. We are told that in Frande when the great joints grew distasteful and small dishes took their place decorations of the ta"ble ihanged tob. Permanent pieces called "dorrnants/ 1 or "surtouts," made of crystal and mounted in silver were placed in the middle of the table, and from them branched candelabra of gilt and silver, vases filled with flowers, tiny trays cov- st ed with sweetmeats, or hero and there statuettes. & Finally the surtout grew so large that It almost covered the table. People at last grew tired of the monotony of this ornament, no matter how artistic it might be, and instead tho center of the table was often covered with a layer of potter's clay, in which a florist woiilcl set cut flowers in any design that pleased. him. Artists were often employed t« decorate tho table, the center .of which would be covered with temples, bridges, amphitheaters or emblematic groups of figures, all made of paste. Sometimes tho artist would represent 3 landscape covered with snow.. M. Carada invented an artificial hoarfrost, which was melted by the heat of tho room, during which 'process the gucstsi saw the thawing of the river and tho budding of the trees and flowers as epriug succeeded winter. There were also the '"Sableurs," who, by means of beautifully colored sands, powdered marbles, ground glass, beada and bread crumbs, 'made very ingenious figures .upon-the table cloths.—Harper's EaKar. this is tho first _ fighting a cougar. I huvV- tho imiiiiurs 1 skin and will keep it us u uiumeuto oi the encounter. Tho horso w;u-> not badly injured and will soon bo reddy for service again."—Portland Oreyoman. A SIoiiKter Owl Killed In tlio CuttdcUlii. Henry E. .McKeuzio of Port Ewon came lip the U. and D.'railroad, as far aa Olive Branch for the. purpose of shooting game. While out in the woods noiir Brown's Station a ,1'urgu bird flew over his head. McKenzie fired and succeeded in injuring one of his wings, causing it to drop in a woods near by. Ho quickly ran to Where it fell for the purpose of securing it. When he reached tho spot, he made an attempt to get it, but it sprang at him in such a furious manner as to cause him some alarm and a great deal of anxiety as to his personal safety. With the aid of his companion, Edr ward Davis of Olivn, and a long pola they succeeded in turning the bird on its back and tying its feet with a piece of rope, thus rendering it helpless and safe to carry. It turned out to be a great owl, a bird rarely seen outside of British America, its natural habitation. Its wing 'measurement is 5 feet, it stands nearly 3i .feet high uud has a head about 18 inches'ih circumference, surmounted in two large horns. Tho only injury done the bird was a slight wound about the left wing, aud ic way taken to Port Ewen by Mr. McKenzio, where he haait on exhibition. Many people who have visited Central park and seen the many curious owls there say that nothing like it, either, as to size or rotiomblance, ia on exhibition.—Pine Hill Son tin el. Horses In Spectacles. HorEes, it appears, are taking kindly to Knect'iclea. The Optician,, which has tnado npeckl investigations 1 in to the subject, gives the cuso of a short sighted horse whose Owner ordered for him a pair of spectacles. They were made (a fasten firmly into the head stall so thai they could not be-shaken out of'place. At first thei animal appeared startled by this addition to his harness, but he BOOTI got used to: his glasses and liked • them s6 much that when he wss' turned out to pasture he felt uneasy and uncotnfort- tible without hia goggles and one Sunday hung around the barn and whinnied «•> plaintively'tluit the owner put- the 1 head' Btall uud gogjvle'H 611 .him, and the har;>e waseoghid t-'iat ho rubbed the man's- Ehonldor with his nose as theonly method of returning thanks. • •,. DogB' who JRuffcr : from short sighted- have tiisb;ibecii provided /with spec ^"^^Wi^T?^ recognisio ^theiriSclp ' '"" much furilrcrXoff<{ fystem is not carrieilv bariu will bo done. Imtmippose' horses and rtoga iiiKist:, upon goggles for tho .j-incenez or monocle? Puppies in - oyeglaasua be intolerable.—London All the fuel you bum. Yottr stove doesa't draw tight; doesn't throw out the heat; wastes the fuel, it's one of those stores taade to sell- Hot to burn. When you. want a stove or range for actualjservice ; otte that will give yoti the benefit of all the heat generated; that will save your fuel and save your money, it will pay/yott to investigate Jewel Stoves atid Ranges. The original Detroit stoves, made in the largest stove plant in the world. Have stood every test for 3° years. Ask the dealer for them. *<o°k for the Trade Mark. JEWEL STOVES ^T>; .- WOH* % .. UHGEST STOVE PLAHT IN THE miiini iiiiiitimiiiiiiuuiniuuiiiuiiiiiuuiidnuiiuuiiiiiiiminmi ntiiHiiniiniiiin W. H. 1NGHAM, Pres. J. B. JONES, Vloo-Prea. LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier. KOSSUTH 60UNTY STATE BANK. ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL, - - $50,000.00. Deposits received. Money loaned, foreign and domestic Exchange bcmjrht and sold. " etl ?{ iS T 1Iin i de P r ° m J? tl y an? » general banking business transacted H.lngliam, J. G. S , Baruet Devlne. Smith, J. B. Jones, T. dhrlschlllos. Lewis H. Smith, J. ' AMBROSE A. CALL, Pres. D. H. AUTCHINS, V-Pres. 0. D. SMJTH, Ass't Cashier. WM. K, FERGUSON, CaBJUBr FIRST NATIONAL BANK, CAPITAb, ALGONA, IOWA. $5O,OOO.OO. , ee~Speoittl Attention Paid to Collections.'.^ Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to partleswho can f urulsh DIRECTORS.-!). H. Hutchins, S. A. Urguson, PWl! l Dorweller, W.- P. Carter, Ambrose A Call, R. H. Spencer, Wm. K. Ferguson. Cash Capital - $5O,OOO.0O. OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS. A. D. OLAHKE. PBKS'T, 0. 0. OHUBB, V. PUBS'T, T, H. LANTRY, OASHIKU, GEO. L. GAjjDnxiTU, W..O..TYBBKLL, •: MYKQN SCHKNCK. i THOS. F. COOKK. •>__•> Algona, Iowa. GENERAL BANKING. Private Safety Deposit Vaults. . N. DRAKE, President. WM. WIEMER, Vice Pres. FRANK WIEMKB, Cashier.' B. G. BIO? Asst. OaB Her. Capital. - $25,000.00. BANK OF LEDYARD. ~ ^Interest Paid on Time Deposits. Drake, H. A. Miller. J. 0. Cool&Wm. Werner, Geo. H. Wisner/'O. * 6«e«k^I) v Nowoombor. W. H. Woods, B. B. Ballard. connection with theTtSBmtiiijimriwAjjo fUfS'lsfeJtestate business Hav* wild and improved land for sale or fentr'-.nblopd ' ^ ' *"*»• ' LED YARD. >- - ^ , The Scouiuli-ii!. A man wlio had just finished a comfortable meal at a restaurant tho other day suddenly roso from his chair, grabbed his hat and umbrella that-stood against the wall and rushed out of, tho building. "Stop hitnl" exclaimed tho cashier. ; That fellow went away without, paying!" '•I'll stop him," said a determined! looking man who rose up hastily froma table near where the other had sat, "Ho took my gold handled umbrella. TU stop him, and I'll bring him back with u policeman. Tho scoundrel !" Without a moment's pause ha dashed out of the house in hot pursuit of the conscienceless villain, And thecaabier, a cold, hard, unsympathetic kind of man, has begun to suspect that neither of them will come back.-rLoudon Tit- Bits. Ho Showed Professor Macoviuswas of ten annoyed at the conduct of a, wealthy student who was extremely vain. One day the latter wore a pair of richly embroidered stockings, with low shoes to set them off to better advantage. As he walked into the lecture room he protruded his foot (0 as to attract the professor's attention. <«What a remarkable stocking!" the professor exclaimed, "Let me look at it," The student raised his foot, and the professor grasped it as if it 'bad been somebody's baud. "See here, gentlemen!" he said aloud, and led the student, who was compelled - to hop about on one foot, right through A. Compromise. Dr, Smith—Yon take three of pills eyery d»y and give, up smoking ry tirely for two wee^s. . » Jplwify, Smoker^Well, dopjor, wQnJc. |fi pot a,mopt ft th.9 9«wn,e th$ng tf J were to tak? $£ pijls'a;'f|a.y and •^wow crrii-,1,.' When ToHnyHon'WitH,3Iiido a. Peer. I spent v.'itl) Lord. Tennyson-i"" evening till nearly midnight thodayfbe-. fere ho took his oatho and his seat^'as a x:er. Ho was oi'cy.pied a good'.-deal ii) f riling and bringing to perfection a poem of four lines, which/ho told ine lad given him aa much trouble.'asjinany substantive poem of some length.. It was interesting to .hear of his -'tentative fi'orts and his rejection of them.'tillliis ear and his niind were perfectly':satisfied. Jve^t day I mot him in the house of lordu md saw him \vrite his name on the- roll ofpeera. . ' ' ; '.. Tho littcndanco in the house wits ex- roedinsly scanty on that historic occa- ,ion. I do not think that a dozen persons were prwsent. The poet was not in. the Binallest degree elated. : His-, true eminence towered supremely above'tlio adventitious honor, yet he could not but "eel the gratification which had urisen, not from tho fulfillment of a-'.kind of ambition which ho had nover.felt, but from. ;ho Bonse of the secure i fame involved in: tho recognition by .his; country of tho priceless services "which! ho had rendered to her literature. 1 —London Sunday Mag- asiue. /'.':':". A I<<>HK llorso Cur Lino. "A street car-line CO miles long is pretty good.for length," said H. G..Fouse-fit tho Southern. "There is Btich a line' in: the Argentine Republic, but it isn't the longest in tho world.: The streetcar-I'jio between Vera Cruz and Jala-pa is< 63 miles in length. I lmve : ridden, on it,, and the trip isn't much wbi-so than-it used to be to go to Lowell* u. few years ago* on what was the old Fifth street line in. this city. Horses are changed about every 10 miles. When the grade is steep, they, are changed at shorter intervals. , "The distance is covered in about eight hours, and the fare is 10 cents a mile. The superintendent of the line-ifl-.a, man named Thraillnlli who was one-of'Quan- trell's lieutenants during tho ^var. These unusually long.horsa car lines that one finds in South America are relics; of the first attempts at railroad building, the primitive road of this kind having been devised somewhere in Massachusetts, the cars running on -wooden rails and being drawn by horses."—St, Louis Globe- Democrat, SjilU From Wood.pulp. We are accustomed to tho use of paper made from sawdust, An attempt has been made to produce artificial silk from a eimiliar source,, the pulp of wood. Ribbons of many hues have been exhibited, and the cost ia said to bo less than half that of real silk ribbon, s ? tho fabric being almost aa good in 'appearance. But at Besancon it seems that tho production of Bilk from wood pulp has been long carried on, and large works have been built for'the trade,' 'It has never come into common use, one reason being the extreme inflammability of the material, aa well as its wan,t of durability.—London Leisure Hour, Finest Sewing Machines and Organs, •' i-- •• I wish to say to the public that I handle the best Sewing Machines and Organs that are made, find I desire to show, my goods to all pei- sous who contemplate purchasing such. The WHEELER & WILSON No. NIKE and the HOUSEHOLD SEWING MACHINES .cannot be ex* celled, and I will not-: be undersold. Store room on Call street. bOBHS ALGONA, IOWA, TO COST - Improved - Farms. - C»u»e yor Grief, , inqnire^ the tender hearted old lady,' tyre you in any trouble? 'Why do yon'rtand tberp wri»j^ng your ' ' • ' ' And to Reduce my Stock I will sell at - - - - Away Down Prices On Everything in Stock ! Come early and get the first chance of all the Bargains. LA! RE), - J. J. COKDINGLEY, Proprietor of ALJBOJMA JVIEAT JVIARKET East State Street, The Best Fresh and Salt Meats that the Market Afforcla. Cash paid for Hides, Fur, and Tallow, ALQONA, IOWA @EO. HUJMTEF^S J^IEW blVERY. fjPJJ'M*

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