Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 17, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1898
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rfnr r ' * '-,» ' '-,«.<&"? ,"•««" vwy? v »^> •pj-TT- ,^"^; SIXTY-THIRD YEAR. (Ettefellibad Jinurjr 14, IUf.)i TEN CENTS PER VO..VQ, [o Mystery v - ^^,. f ..,... wffjffffeffef ^ TheSherwln.Wlllam,, Paint, » re not patent pnlnt*. ° em pnlntB> but P ure * hlt « l««d and Una oloran<1 nothing else. ° tnU that covot EXPECTS NO T LK !" B . roaao . n Tl >y taw uro tho beat paintt, ason la not a aeoret nor a mystery. It la b*. THE SHERMN-WlLLIAMS Th» prejudice which PAINTS • . Ka ' r a p an ° Bn b » .L' 1 " 1 iol6ntm ° appliance, better than oau th V aWmtttarlal8 by bond-work and gueaa. --'. l e., Chicago; alio Cleveland, New York & Montreal H. W/CHAMBERLAIN, Agent. Dewey Saya Filipinos Will Bow to Americans. FRIKMILY KKELING IS IXCRKASIXO. HoweU's Carpet House has some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the latest things out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and ail kinds of seasonable household goods we can show. ^ Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOWELL, 117 West Third Street. Fire and Water-Proof J*OOFS r V Gravel ss Composition *s ROOFING MATERIALS UtnuCtotured Or JOA//V M. SELLERS, of c i Lou/s, Woo bu lately roofed the following build! ..outnero Hotel, New Plaote»i- Home, per*'Tobaooo Warehonie, and Lemp'n Brewery. The oheapeit and boil roofi e«r pu 01 building. Drop a poital to 01 call on E. C. MACK, A(1T . Corner Shields aad Bourn Streets A lit: if No! it is not claimed that Poley's Honey and Tar will cure CONSUMPTION or ASTHMA in advanced stages, it holds out no such false hopes, but DOES ' truthfully claim to always give comfort and relief in the very worst cases and in the early stages to effect a cure. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H.; Wyss. Tho Admiral ic,, nr » >•„ iiiip,.f prpll ,. o ,,.„,„ OnrniBHy niul Snyn Ho 1» IVnpareil lo Holil III, I'onlllim AKHllKt thfl Whole World—Fnvo™ I'Hylns; the Inniirgcnt Troop» Arrcar»of \VnKcn~AgllatorK for Independence Are Weakening. Manila, Dec. n.-Ilear Admiral Dewey, when a correspumlent of the Associated Press called upon him courteously, pleasantly but absolutely declined to discuss the political situation in thfi Philippine Islands, on the ground that his sphere .was purely naval. The admiral sekltlm goc-s ashore and Insisted that his Interviewer was in a better position to acquire Information <han himself. He then proceeded to cross- examine the correspondent about everything ashore. He was glad to learn the Insurgents were releasing the sick Spanish soldiers they held pnsoneRs not- wltlistandlng-Agulnaldo's grandiloquent refusal to do so. This proves that the Insurgents are very conciliatory, In spite of their defiant talk. Admiral Dewey always believed that the Insurgents were friendly, especially since the warships of our licet have visited the different ports of the islands and since some of our soldiers have made tours Inland, carefully Investigating popular sentiment and Judiciously preaching the gospel of peaceful settlement everywhere with highly satisfactory results. Itlennliiglciui Cry fur Independence. A few Influential Filipinos in an attempt at self-advancement, are clamor- Ing for Independence, though unable to realize its true meaning. They are utterly Ignorant of the difference between the name and the reality. The agitators here Invariably admit that they would be unable to stand without American protection. But, In spite of this, they continue their meaningless outcry for Independence and may possibly create trouble. The admiral, however, believes this to be Improbable at the present juncture, though every trifling Incident counts. However, every day that passes without a conflict means so much ealn, because the frlend/ly feeling Is steadily Increasing, the Incipient roughness Is disappearing and the agitators are weakening. Will Eliminate Friction. The newspapers of Manila are doing particularly valuable work In the simultaneous publication of conciliatory articles printed In Spanish and English. This course Is looked upon as being certain to eliminate the friction which has existed here. The admiral Is greatly interested In the movement among the American volunteers to obtain their discharges here and engage in pioneer enterprises. He believes there Is a practically unlimited field for planters farmers and miners here. To the suggestion that if the natives prove to be obstreperous perhaps they might be handed over to the Germans or other ungentle land-grabbers, the admiral said be believed the Germans now have entirely abandoned their design In the Philippine Islands, though, formerly he said, the German attitude here had caused him Indescribable anxiety. Looking for Best Teriim. According to recent Information received here; the Filipino Insurgents are endeavoring to maintain a brave show for the purpose of securing the best terms possible from the Americans. It Is the opinion of our admiral that It would be advisable for the United States to pay Insurgent troops their arrears of wages. The whole amount would be a comparatively trifling sum and the payment of the troops would have a valuable efllect and may save Incalculable trouble. Admiral Dewey was strongly convinced that the Filipino Insurgents deserve acknowledgement. He Is a believer in the practicability of liberal measures In the direction of local autonomy. Regarding the possibility of international complications, Admiral Dewey said- "Prior to the arrival of the monitors I felt uneasy, but now I am ready to hold this position against the whole earth." ROYAL •*•• ^^dlBSOUUTEIV buBP POWDER Makes the food more delicious and wholesome ,11^,JjOV»tJUMHtt£0»ttMCO^Jtf»^0)il!.__ prov,T>re or Havana, Is regarded oy tne Cubans as being responsible for the vlo- lent conduct of Individual officers and privates. It is nssertf-d that the feel- Ing In Arolas' battalions Is that attacks on Cuba us who give the least provocation will not he punished C«|italn General Castellanos keenly rot-rets the disorders which have occurred and wishes that the last days of bpanlsh rule here may ue peaceful as he has many cares to occupy his attention. The talk among the Junior Spanish officers and privates Is that they ought to mark their retirement from the Island by killing 500 or so of the Insurgents. They may be said to go about with their fingers on ihe triggers of their revolvers and yearning for trouble. The Cubans, In by-stree.s and In the suburbs, are often Insolent, and KILLED IN TUB Bill to Incorporate International American Bank. To Ilal*D th* Maine and Colon. Washington, Dec. 17.—The navy department has not abandoned the hone of rescuing the Maine from Havana harbor ant! bringing the wreck back to this country for rehabilitation, nor does It seem llltely from the Interest taken by responsible wrecking experts that the Cristobal Colon will be permitted to pound to pieces on the shore west of Santiago. The board of construction has under consideration a formal proposition for the salvage of both these vessels and their delivery at New York or such other port In the United States as the government may select. More Troops for tin- riillipplm-K. Washington, Dec. 1C.—Orders have been Issued for the Immediate preparation of the following named r< v ni< ntp of the regular Infantry for service In the Philippines: Twelfth at Jefferson Barracks. Mo.; Twenty-second at Fort Crook, Neb.; Third at Fort Snelllng, Minn.; Seventeenth at Columbus Barracks, O., and Fourth at Fort Sheridan, Ills. In each case the order states that the date of embarkation and point of sailing have not yet been decided, and depend upon the tansportatlon facilities which mayjjecome available. L'lboi- Af>nln»t Expansion. Kansas City. Dec. 17.—At a session of Its annual convention the American Federation of Labor declared by almost a unanimous vote against a standing army In the United States, which Is in reality recognized as a protest against expansion or the spirit of imperialism, as it was termed by the delegates. Snyn Spain Should Walt. Madrid, Dec. 17.—A seml-offlcial note Just issued says: "As the American senate must ratify the treaty of peace before It becomes effective, our government should wait for this ratification and not hasten to cede territory which the United States senate may not accept." moT COLLIER HANGED. Execution Tahc-B Place at Uruunu, Ill»., Without a Bitch.. Champaign, Ills., Dec. 17.—Dick Collier of Danville was hanged in the county jail at Uruuna for the murder of Charles Freebryant at Sidney, In Sep- THE MEASURE OPPOSED BY BELL. Tak.'« the (irotiiul riiut H i, Both Uncoil- atltutloiial niul Again*!, Oooil roller — RcprpBoiitatlvi' Kixny of Virginia Introduces a Hill for Government Maintenance of Confederate Soldiers--W, J. llrynn VlnlU the HIIUHC, Washington, Dec. 17.—Some miscellaneous business, including the passage of several minor private bills, was disposed of at the opening of the session of the house. The debate upon the bill to incorporate the International American bank was then resumed. Uell of Colorado opposed the measure. He took the ground that it was both unconstitutional and against good public policy. SulEer of New York also antagonized the bill claiming that it would create a gigantic monopoly, which would In time regulate interest and exchange rates. Amendment l>y Uarrcit. Barrett of Massachusetts offered an amendment which provided that the powers grunted under the bill should be conferred on any national bank which filed an application with the controller of the currency in conformity with the general requirements of the bill. Ridgeley of Kansas offered a substitute providing that the United States should establish such a bunk as the bill created and that the bank should have a branch In every city or town exceeding in population 2,500 and In every Centra! and South American country where the United States had a consular officer, such officer to be the bank's representative. The bill was d.-fealed—HS to 103. ALLIANCE WITI1 JAPAN. , - tember last. The drop fell at 8:10. The Wlmt Hie ,lii|MincM. Mlnl»lcr8;iya Concern- I"B II. Washington, Dec. 17.— The Japanese minister, Mr. Jntaro Komuar, In an interview, said that he could not commit himself in favor of such an alliance as that suggested by Senator Davis In Paris, between the United States. Great Britain, and Japan. "The international alliance question Is a great one," he added, "und Is absorbing the attention of every nation on the earth. I cannot say whether I am In favor of such an alliance as is suggested by Mr. Davis." The minister spoke of the vast advantages of these understandings and said he had no doubt that sooner or later there would be alliances between the various countries in some form or another. It would make little or no difference in just what form they might be made. The Interest of England, the United States, and Japan are almost identical, and the understanding between them, the minister thought, might prove a great benefit to all. TO ADMIT CONI'-EDKKATKS, . ConnriniMl. Waphlneton. Dec. 17-Ferdinand W of Chicago, commission,,,, general of the Paris exposition, was confirmed by the K.-natc by a unanimous vole Mr. 1'eck wns appointed by the president during the m-css ,,f congress There was some opposition to his confirmation, but after a brief debate m executive seys'on the opposition disappeared. v A(tntn»t I'oMal &nrlitg> Hunk*. Vl'nshlngton, Dec. 17.—Formal declaration against postal savings banks was the feature of the closing session of the National Board of Trade here. This was done by rejecting a resolution from the committee n n postal affairs In favor of t'HtaMlshJMp the system. Wltlil-nws thn K-M-omnirmtntloit, Washington, Dec. 17.-Comml«slonDr Scott of the Internal revenue bureau has sent a letter to Chairman Dlngley of the ways and means committee withdrawing a recommendation that congress should settle definitely whether "ic writer or the telegraph company should pay the tax or telegrams. He docs this, he writes, because, as the attorney general and the courts have ruled that the writer of the telegram should pay the tax his office has no further lnteresMn_the matter. WAR 0> CinuSTUJiS. Cliln..»f Itcli.'lH Determined to Drive Out All Koreljruen. Tacoma, Wash.. Dec. 17.—The steamer Empress of Indian brings news from Chung King, China, that business Is paralyzed throughout the western province of Szehunen because of the depredations of Vumnntze and his band of 6,000 rebels, who are thoroughly disciplined and wear a uniform having for Its distinguishing feature the Chinese character meaning "avenge." They are determined to rid China of all foreigners and stamp out the Clirlstlnn religion. There are 6,000 Catholic refugees in Chung King, and the property destroyed by the rebels Is estimated at 6,000,000 taels. During their raids they have rendered 20,000 people, mostly native Christians, homeless, and sixty-two lives have been taken, Including sev- era! European missionaries. Yumantze recently beheaded two Catholic missionaries, which the city of Yulnehuan save up to him as hostages. He offered them their lives If they would renounce their religion. They refused. J. Fleming, an English missionary, has been killed by natives and soldiers at Tsing Ping. France demands 5,000,000 taels damages for the destruction of the French missionary property. . Telephone 69. "" HOLIDAY GOODS Wo are prepared to show a large assortment of . " . , of al , Wndg and prjoeg Lace Curtains, Porliers, Table Covers. A.Neerman&Son. OVERCOAT SALE have Now is your time to buy an Overcoat Cheap. We Henry Watson, Contractor and Builder. "McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Window , Sills, etc., etc., Always on bud. AUoJ)jD«al«r la jment, Lime, Sand and Plaster Paris 5ld« Track! Running Into tb> QuarrlM. ALTON, ILL, PEAK TKOVUI.E IN HAVANA. Spaniard* Threaten to Colelirule Their Ketlroinent with IIIood>h<< ( l. Havana, Dec. 17.—The people of Havana, Spanish and Cuban, long for American occupation, the Cubans because they live in unrest and fear, the Spanish residents because they are to stay here after the Spanish soldiers depart, and they do not wish the Cubans to become further embittered. General Arolas, the military governor of the M»M% execution \vas witnessed by about one hundred persons and passed off without a hitch, the doomed man's neck being broken by the fall. He died almoRt without a struggle. A gallows had been secured from Decatur. The body of Collier was taken to Danville for burial. John Collier, a brother of Dick, is serving a sentence in the penitentiary for complicity In the murder, which was a brutul and unprovoked attain Charleston. Ills., Dec. 17.—Carter Martin of Mnttoon was hanged In the Jal!yard at 2 p. m. On the night of Oct. 3 he shot and killed Albert Buser, an industrious farmer, as he wus leaving Mattoon for his home at midnight. Danville, Ills., Dec. 17.—Lieutenant Governor No'rthcott has grunted a respite of ten days to John Johnson, who was to be hanged Friday. The respite arrived as Johnson was ready to be taken to tlie^ gallows. MAN AND Hill to Ilui-e Them Mnllitiilneil by (he Dlephone No. 31. 7 Jence 6a8 Alby *t THE HOLIDAY SEASON J-CW/ I« «t band at Marsh's Drug Store. You will find Cigars, Choice Perfumes, Hair and Ctoth Brusbe Aad many other beautl/al ' •—"-* tiilngi. EXCEIXENCE OF SYfiUP OF FIGS la due not only to the originality and BlmpUolty of the combination, but also to the care and skill with which it ia manufactured by scientific processes Iniown to the CALIFORNIA Fio Svuui 1 Co. only, and we wish to impress upon all the importance of purchasing the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured by the CAUFOBWA Fio SVBUP Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will asout one In avoiding tlio worthless imitations manufaotmred by other parties. The high standing of tho CALI- FOIINU Fia Syuuj. Co. with the juortl- Oftl profession, and tho satisfaction which the genuine Hyrup of Figs lias given to millions of families, wakes the name of the Company u guaranty of the excellence of its remedy, It is far in advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on the kidneys, liver and bowels without irritating or weakening them, and it docs not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get its beneficial effects, please remember tho uarae of toe Company — CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. Huu Mown by n Train While Crossing Hnllroaa Track. Neenah, WIs., Dec. 17.—A fright f railroad accident occurred In this clt Mr. and Mrs. James Chrlstlensen beln struck by passenger train No. 9 on th Chicago and Northwestern railroad an killed. Mr. and Mrs. Clirlstlensen. wh live on a farm west of Neenah, drov to town and when they were crossin the track on Washington avenue, th north-bound train, due In Neenah a 7:37, dashed In sight. The next install the engine struck tlie carriage, throw Ing the man-and woman 100 feet to ont side of the track. They were at once Picked up and taken to a hotel, wher medical air was summoned. The onlj external Injury noticeable was that Mr Chrlsllensen's leg was broken. Hull were Internally Injured, however, am they died about 11 o'clock. Fitful Flr« ut Chicago. ChloiiKo, Dec. 17.—Two firemen were killed and eight others Injured, four of them fatally, by the collapse of a wall of a burning building at 3154 Collage Grove avenue The killed are: Patrick A hern, member of truck 11; Malhla* Meyeis, nontenant of truck II. The lire was In the stables of the Palace ery company at the northwest corner of Thli-ly-Hecoml street und rottagv Drove avenue. In the rear of the stu- bles then- were four fiats occupied by col.iu ,I tenants. HIIHC of whom wen- employed In the barn. The lire started In a Hat occupied by Mrs. Wilson anj wim caused by the ovrturiiliig of >i lump that was standing on a tubla. Uriillii'ln In Kuia-fl- ul Lynching, llol H|irlntjK, Ark., Pec. 17.—Hurdy Bhei-lleld, une of the alleged murdi-rerH of Mrs. Nancy J. Home, who disappeared from hi-1 1 hoarding house here several weeks lino, WIIH removed to the Jail In Malvern. Ills brother Will, ur- •estcd us uii accomplice, Is also In Jail there. Fears of lynching are entertained, and Ihe jail Is heavily guarded Undeveloped that within tho lust few years several persons have mysteriously disappeared from the Sheffield neighborhood, and the belief Is now prevalent that tlic-i- loo were murdered. OoverntiU'tit. Washington, Dec. 17.— Representative lilxey of Virginia lias introduced a bill for the admission of Confederate as well as Union soldiers to all soldiers' homes und government institutions maintained by the government. Although somewhat In line with the preu idem's speech, IJils referred to gov eminent care for Confederate cemetei les, whereas the Klxcy bill refers I living ex-Confederates who ar "maimed, crippled und needy." Th text of the bill follows: "That after the passage of the ac all soldiers' homes and other Instltu lions maintained by the guvernmen for the maimed, crippled and needy sol dlers and sailors of the United State shall be open to all soldiers and sail ors of the civil war of ISiil-CD upon th same terms and without discriminate as to whether they were enlisted upoi the side of the Union or the Coiifedcr acy." Old KmplnycB Locked Out. Ludlngton, Mich., Dec. 17.—The branch of the Federation of Labor in this city had a contract for the freight shed work with the Flint and Pere Marquette Hallway company for one year ending Jan. 1 next at 15 cents an hour. Negotiations have been going on between the labor union and railroad officials for a renewal of the contract and an advance of the price to 20 cents an hour. The company brought 150 men here from Port Huron and other eastern points, accompanied by Manager Trump of the railroad and fifteen or twenty detectives, and locked out all the old employes. Attempted Murder and Suicide. Sturgis, Mich., Dec. 17.—An attempt was made to take the life of Charles D Farr, proprietor of the Elliott house.' by Percy Duncan, a porter. Duncan quarreled with another employe and was discharged by Mr. Parr. Dt.-ncan followed Mr. Farr to the third story of the hotel and shot him in the head, the bullet tearing an ugly gash, but luckily glancing off. Duncan then went to a lower lloor and sent a bullet crashing Into his own brain. He is now unconscious and cannot recover, Mr. Farr will suffer no serious effects from the wound. 300 Men and Boys' Overocats, ; which we will sell for the next 20 days ^ REGARDLESS OF COST, i ' ? { We must clear them out and it will pay you to come and 1 price before you purchase. ' I Model Shoe & Clothing Co. We desire to call attention to our New '•• FALL AND HOLIDAY GOODS, ' D«rfL y °Di t0 ins P e " °ur 'foe of Beautiful Rock- rnm if A ^^ ™* D * SkS ' ° UT St °<* * mOFC complete and our prices lowei than ever before. For the rellable and J - SU ™BR & SON Itryali Visits Ihe UOHKC. Washington. Dec. 17.—William Ri-yan came to the house of r,.|,i-ei ... tallvcs about 1 o'clock and was given a most cordial reception by his furmei colleague!) in coiiKi-esK. Km-:lei- In tin- day Uepivpcnlatlvc Halli-y of Texas, the Democratic Hour lender, breakfasted with Mr. Hryaii at the latter's room and. it Is understood, discussed In n general way iincstlons of public and purty policy. When Mr. Hryan reached the house he was escorted' to the Democratic cloaki-oom, where he was sui-i-oiinded by members und mtidr the recipient of many attentions. For le lime he talked socially anil pulltl- cully with that unreserve which marks cloakroom ilisrussiun. C'luirui-ri Ai;uh>tit Senator Iliinnu. Washington, Dec. 17. —At a meeting of (In- seiuiir committee on privileges ind elections the charge of bribery inst Keniitor JJiiniui, made by the )hlo stall- senate In connection with In.- senator's election In his present ciin of i,due was brlelly dlBrijsseiJ and eieiTed tu a sob-commit tee consisting f Senaloi-H Hn.-ir, Sponiiei- and Tnr- ey The sub-cominlllce will Invesll- ale the iiucninn and practically de- Ide how I'm- It Is necessary to BO Into he mailer. The i-hargi-H \\cre Illed diir- >K the last session of congreHH and ave not been pressed by their authors. I'l.'nl.r Nlim. K IliliUI, I'liiihimy. Washington, Dec. 17.—The Ilrltlsh mliiipsy was Mibjcclcd for several ilnulcH to vicious bombardment with IckbutH by Joseph W. I'earsnn, a 'aslilncloii prlnler. He refused to re- y to <|iioKilons. ]|e Is :.'(! yearn old ul ban been working for the electric reel railroads recently. He bad been i riiikiiiu, but wax not drunk. It U :!' iiiKiii be Is Insane. d^? Whole Town Got Drunk. * Trieste, Dec. 17.-A freight train loaded with brandy from the distilleries at Cloerz was wrecked at the village of Prestranek, near here. When the wrecking train arrived, two hours later, the entire population of the village was found about the wreck In a state of Intoxication. Many men and womei. were found dead drunk. Others, crazed with the brandy, fought off the wrecking crew, who had to telegraph to the next town for police before they coulc proceed with their work. Another Kx|ionltloii fur Omahn Omaha. Neb., Dec. 17.—At a well-attended mass-meeting of citizens the Greater American and Colonial Exposition company was organized. Articles of incorporation will be filed Immediately. More funds than the promoters desired before starling the organization was subscribed and paid up. The exposition will open In July. Letters from points all over the country were read, showing Interest In the scheme to make a showing of the colonial resources of the nation. Itlnl Vlcllm Sims Oklikiinh. Oshkosh, WIs., Dec. 17.—Kdward ?asey, who was lust week aciiultted of he murder of James Morris, a striking voodworkcr, In the riot at McMlllcn's aclory l;i»t summer, has brought suit gainst the city for $10.000 for Injuries ustulned at th« hands of the mob. H? vas assaulted and beaten mid i-esciicd rom the rioters by the police only after hard Unlit. For some weeks Casey, vho Is an old man, wus In u precario onditlon. 1'ivnllliuit Talks to SluclenlH. Tuiikegce, Ala., Dec. 17.-The pres dential party arrived here al 8 o'eku In the morning and was met by || mayor .'in-J town niiiiu-ll. TV/e trip fn, Atlanta was without Incident. Tl parly entered carriages and was drh to Hooker T, Washington's sclioo where the original programme was cai rieil uiit( tliu feature of which was a address by the president. •I'luVe Klllt.,1 I,, a aiTi,,.. Durango. fol., Dee. 17.-Ne»-s h« reached this city t),, (l „„,,,, , mill , been killed In the Columbia mine lo catcd In the l.a Plata district Thev "'••" Uiiy Hurnett, .loKep), " FALL and WINTER 1899. The most complete line of Foreign and Domestic Woolens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just received. Style, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, 112 West Third st -JUs-rare^ J. Bauer & Sons FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embalmers, Second Street.' Opposite City Hall. Alton, 111. 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