The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 4, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1927
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

N .Mrs. jLl B. Cox of Blue Mo ^nd is visiting in th? home of her sister, Mrs: J. li. MidUletou. and family- —SJKK'IMI .Siindiiy dlflnler at the rorllniid Hotel, iiic. ' Cox; of Neo.slio Falls, has ac• cepicd a iiositionat the .North Side llarbtr Sliop. —Furnished: ISntire upstairs,: 3 moms,. 2 jclosets. pantry, sleeping ' iiorcli. front porcli: prTi-ate eh- trant-e; nibilern; triose in. Pho. 554. Frank Sliannon,. a former lolan. . hill now u resident of Mapleton. Kansas. pas .scd through here yes- ttnlay enroute to Alexander, Kan- .sas. for a! two weeks T^slt with friend.S. - Ucjiiiiifiil spring hats, the lat- i !;t v.onj in Ktylc and-tiiiality. at ?1.7 .V. \ \:\ wards .MillineJ-.v. Hildlng and I 'aul GcOry lling the Hi-Y, fonferencr at iForf .Si .-ott; today and I I:i rnor ar<' al^(?n ill si 'S !|i(iiJ -lonioriiow; Try It once—you will hare no other. Van HoozerV Brea<|. TlK' f«rii)winK young pei)ple envoi It-il :ii itlii! lola Business College this. wV-ek: G. (!*. .Anderson, i. .\. Man in; Li)la Rininger. -Marie Cum- ntlng.s, rtntlic Itobcrts. - Irwin II. .Maddux. L. C). .Mc.Wil And Opal -M. Itrysoii. . ' ' \ ' ' i ' — /' \otU-v O. U.y. So. '21. iiiiuiitdivy degree/ work and liusincKs ;ii<^l imiiortaiice Tuesday cvoniii}^, March $. present. <y •JV. ii. .VJLLNG, Sec'y. Air. itnd :Mrs., Charlie Fairweather .-iiii tlit'ii-: son Ern'c.--t, of the Country ('.Jill/, returned home last evening lioiifi;'their long visit to Scotland. -Mr. Fairweatlier 's mother (lie! iioj Clime with them. as. was expected slic would, having decided to wait lintil another sou comes ovi-r liter in the stimmer and come \<itli himJ .Members of thclCountry fl!il)-are leminddd of the reception and dinner which- are to j he tendered .Mri and Mrs. Fairweather at the club, house tonight jat six- thirty. • . • ' i . ' * •\ V, YKAKS OLUr * • Have von an automobile * • o) any make but still • • a'ltlc to jog along, more * iliiiii 15 years old? • Bliss L(?rene Osljorne leJCt tbday for Pawhuskk. Oklahoma, to ake the iwsition of cashier at the Duncan Coffee j Shop. —To.duy nnil tamorrow :ire your l«.sf rliflnce<» to buy W^H raper nl Half Price rft The E»ans Store.' Mrs. C. J. Beach, of Chanule, was a In the home of Mrs. M Blanche Wood, of 417 South Walnut street. —Dr. Montgomerr, Chiropractor, tola Lauddry Bldgv Phone 138. Mr. and .Mrs). .U M. ISnlla, of Ft. Scotf. drove to lola this morning tft bring their daughters, Mrs. William Wells and Mrs. Vernon Garrett, of Lawrence, to ihe train. Mrs. Wells and Mrs, Garrett' weri pn (heir way,home from attending [jth? funeral of their aunt, Mrs. S. i\ Bulla, at "Fort Scott. —If you want a 'Irian on ymir home Hi a low rate of inliircst and wish to avoid niotithty payments, see Stewart & Funk. .Airs. G. IJ. Slrothmani who has been vicitlng her falhJT, G. W. Chewning and Mrs. Chl'wning. returned today to her hohic, in JJar- tlesville, t)kla. il .-^Pr. Fred Woodburj-. graduate foot ~sperialist.' Treats Corns, bunions, weakened .iirches. elc. No e.vtral charge foi- residence calls. Phone 300. 21T West Madison. .Mrs. A; B: Twadcll wbnt to Chanute im the noon ti -aln to ^^isit over the week' end with her daughter. Mrs. Lynn Uuner and^lr. ttuner. *. , ^- —Spoetal Sunday dinner at the Portland! Hotel, fi-V. Rl Dorado Times: Charley Soott refers feelingly to Old Ham 1 ef- ger. He knows not how well he I speaks- fpr Ham is pspocially old on those mornfnss after the night before w ten he has risen from his downy couch eight or ten times to minister unto'I.ittle Poison Ivy and Ivy's imperious little sisti>r. • tftE TOLA DAitY R^GglER. rmPAY U^ENING, MARCH 4,1927. . .1.' V. Merclianl made a busines^ trip to Chunute yesterday. j KUic Jones of 3iVS North Chesi- nut street, is ill with the measles. Oscai^ Stnckey fprmerly living on a farm about three miles south of lola was in lol^ yesterday. —O. L. Cox. M. Eye, Ear, Nose and Threat. O.'H. Riley, who D.. Speclallac went' to Houston, Texas recently, has been my.«tery. as re­ heard frqm and the ported In the Register .vestcrday, cleared up. It apiicars now that Riley, who is more or less a wanderer, needed a li tie money and took this method (f getting it. —- ^ The hardwiire merchants .are displaying fishing ! tackle, baseball goods are otht;'r paraphernalia indicative of 'the coming of spring. j — .\ro von trying for the Kelvi- nator l5le<tric Refrigerator'/ It's Fn-e! • See K. . C, Klectric and Plunihing Co. The funeral seijvice • for ,Iolin Henry Schrurcr. w-lio', pai-sed (nvay .Marcli i. at Iiis lionie northeast of lii'Id tomorrow' af at tlie Adain.'j H V Burial will be in tery. Mr. and Mrs. John: Moody and family have niovcd from 306 South First street to thWr new home at ."^0S .North Chestnut street. -Mrs. C. S. Chllcote is visiting at the country-home of her uncle and aunt, ;.Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Samos, south of lola. -Mrs. .\ .1. .Atchison is jcntertain- ing her ' Texas. r' father from Ij'anhandle,- C. L. .lilsfock has added to the ^appearance of h:s home at .lOO.T -Vorth State street, by the addition of a new porch. •Mr. and Mrs. Tom James of Mf- Crackcn, Kans., who iame yc^er- d,ny tof <ho fiinei:al of their little niece,' He;ty Lou Janies. will return home in the morning. PAGE THREE The Pfggly .Wiggly ilocal store has just installed a new adding machine of tile latest-type; F. T. \"anlioozer, of the VanHoozer Bakery, was taken to St. John's bospltil about midnight last night for an imluediate Operation for a nipti>red gangrenous ap- iJendix. He wa» reported toilay to be tloing as well as could be expected, l.i Mrs. F^ed Bowen underwent an operatioti thii morninjg . at St. \ rising. John':s hospital. She is Ireported as ' getting along! nicely. ^Continued from Page 1); t • — '• . ; \ .''Crie.^ yf "l.ongworth. LiVnttworth" | I 'bse from both sides o£ tlho cham -j bcr. a bang of ^ the gavel lilosed the ! work of the house. ' i "The navy band filed imnfcdiately | ij'.t-t) the well of the chamber and played the "Star Spangled Banner" with house members and spectators Mrs. G. iB. Yarbough is mOving i to her new; home in Hamilton. Kan. j Chas. H. .\pt of 2^2 South Oak;' - Levi od in Tlionriison. who is employ- Oklahoma, is here visiting his family. Mr. liell of HI 2 .North Cbeslnut str-eet is vi.siling friends in Ottawa I this week. Mi$s Lillian Cowley left last night ] on the Sunflower Especial for Jef-i ferson City and St. Louis to visit! street went,to Topjka yesterday with friends and relatives. oii; business. Ei-nest Umde of Kansas City, .Mo. is visiting hi.s brother, .Martin Jy! Laude and familv. Baking Ro^wder is in the ' Ippal Johnson, who has iieen iinite! ill. is still to l;e back in j sphool. : j Xoriii: hcri .'il. -M. Kantman j of |<'ort Scott . ' -Miss Venita Gtihcrt i<f > was a guest (jvernigbl or Mr. and j Walnut, stift. is cimfiucd io Mrs: Leo .N. Gish and family of 6<»2 | bed wiOi the meaiics. East .Madison avenue.- i . ~ — ' - — I H. i;. Givens has Kone to Colony j F. T. Brown of Kansas Citv is a to work for .Mr. Lanier. Tbt: Best Results Use llertnan Tholen, .Na.sli Motor agencv, is linving a new shipment'of I'hi^j jMp-uInr car •' in tli(> fir.-it of nexk, week. — If you want K ho! pa.^^sed away I t,,.^ i>„,.or« ..f Tiic. Niniii ciiest-' suc.'ii in (he bonie of -Mr. and .Mrs.! — tome .S'., iy^n^A ,J ^^r^^\^ -^Jl^ t^A ^-^'l^- ^•"""""^ •"'""' ^'' ^^^l North Center, will he !' f '^^ ^ "•''" wood street. ; ' Chestnnt street i;. tjuile ill wirh : erniM.n at •>•.::» ^^J'h ''^•'"'''^ lll"^-'"' : _ ; severe coid. Mrs. .\. .1. Ilighberger. who nn- -Mr'^. Mou^aj -W |). Mtownfield• aiid j '•ldc:went a tonsiilcclomv operation children of |t olorado bptringsarej \-M St. .lof.ns yeslonlny. vf«.t,ng the.rlp.mnts and g.'andpa.- r rcturne! thi., afternoon to lur l!.^-^''-;'""' /^""^ "f r |homein(:a:n"tt._ , . a.'.! .Wth .Sj|c.-...H,.e street | i „ „„: , , 1 M.. II-,.-.' C. IC. KeilHiiinn, Roy Finley. It. K.' I.s MnggK: ... .us ;^ml M ; ,j^„„„^,„, „„„;,,,, lii.n .sberg friends in lola. They es. wh<. were l.ere for the fun- 1 I'l'^!': .'^'H™':': (J'"" .L'^-^ ' ' manager of tin' .Mrs. Mowaj -W I). Urownfiehl • and i children of jColorado Springs are j Leo Klimek. of f)21 .North (Jhest-| jMit'sti"eet! has gone to Colony to' work for O. Baker. .Mrs. .\ngie Pegg and .Mi's. Car-, C. i:. KeitHJnan, Roy Finley, R. K. lie Byrd. of CKaniiie are visiting >• rdnaiiiod ov-; orps hirthday iiian car to •hitnei^s the baBketball'dinner totlav. home. The Iota liuilding Loan '"'i^-V ''•'.""7,' (game b:iw.-eii Kan.siis and Missouri-, A.>^ociati(.n will you the mon- '""'"^'^ O^^'"- "» "'•^"•'•' •^'"'; Weui,e..d:iy night. \ ey., easy term.s. no commi.ssion*. t r-,,. t„ i,. y ->fe ' i ~" ''n Hf(i:'--''er bfnde.'y. is 111 southwest corner df s<luaro. G. K. , ,'^:"'>'- 7'.'':, • Pees Sec'v i wovild !>«• niiu-li betier to invst m . * • ' • • ' . j !lle prie Glen Toedmai7".?t Yates Celitor I!}! j''^. •7;\V/.. "I^^^^^^ Mr.';. Kdna Fudge. w.ts in lola this inorning on his j * ''^ way back from Ft.; Scott where he . took the military examination for j ,,.,,.„],, rriiu'min was called t„ _Gartieid sclntois.i!!^ confined to his: —Telephone your Classified Ads' DdU BliE ACTION First in the Dough-Then in the Oven riee of an automol .iie license j l»depemh.n.;e. Kan• regular yrice than to have I f« where ji^ ha.s bee.i visiting his .Ml.-^s .\ryiila .'viurTin. an assistant j , ..1 the Rfisisler biiide.'-y. is JM -.•< j .!. y.. Thom.-is. -121 East; Lincoln ii„.r;i,„„,(./<,2t .North Walnut street. • street jilurned liDiue jesierday af-j . i ! Yoiing'men look-for liappine .-.s in ' (he nnfprscen ami unusual.' Old; I men lind it in the cuMonr.iry and 1 the habiinaL ; Howard Lockwood, a pupil at • ' I? : Garfield schools, is: confined to his: Some l^ice 25 ounces MIHions of Pounds Us6d By Our Government- took the military ;e.\aminHlion for T,-,in.»v.n wis Garfield schools, i:? confined to his: _ T regular army service. He will 7.' home on accOi-nt bf illness i«' go on to Wicbit.ifor final e^ami- f'- I'-'"'- 'yi-sas tins nionuug^ to j """'V f'" .•<-l ^'i .ntJ ,f Hint... • tolS. n-ition •Hid if iii> ii'i'sv-iic tii'.t I,.. M'e Willi'Ins grandmotlier. .Mr^. • / T l^^C^^ilj"-^ '''''''' wilo fell and. Ike Decker./;f Hay^rd. was .n j y• (spraiiied her arm quite srve .reiy. •• lola Alonday VLfiiting his mother!^ •—JUBt like Angel Pood Cake "'''^ ' .Mr.-;. Grace Keiker and getting tea- I i _ . • . « . 'r • . ' liv fm- Ills siirinL' u-nrU' rm f]i«-. fnrni I . » * f so. write .ABC, care The Regi:iter. —Chicken will be served for Sunday dinner at Clinkenbeard's Cafe. •—JUBt like Anigel Pood Cake, Van Hoozer'a Bread, 2 for 16c. Mrs. Imo Krause. ihe order clerk He will be iioiii" tliis evening. Oliver Criilcy of ,11:! Smilli Kentucky sfre(f, wild was under tlie at Fr.ver's grocery'will spen.i Sun-| V''!""'.'," '^u''^' day in Garnett visjtitig her .Mrs. T. C. .McBowoIl. aunt. -Special Sunday iKnner. noon and evenliiir. Kellej Hoiel. .'>«c, T .'ic. Charlie lAiisherm .Tn .Tnd .1. ill. Brown ar.' two of ilio most in„, .... • tt . qul.^itive ineii in lohi right ii(>w. „ „ . , . , . M : T^''" Urighain-Harrison Hard- j , . „„p,„!,.„i Horace. Hobart Jias returned to Ware Company has on display in , 'v.i ,i7 ',,V , ir^^ how his work With, the Hobart-Steele j p„o of its show Windows an as- '.\T.'Co,," ..Ve'tor^ Motor Co., after .several days ill-il surtment of the most lieauiifnl la-!"'"" ' ^ ness. , .. ',hlcware ever brought to Ii>Ia. This — jware consists dl electric percolat- .Mrs. Otlio .Alexander.Is ill at her i or sets tea sets iind cre;iiii and wa -t; able yesterday In go bick .to hi.": work at fin l.'enieiil ] .Mrs. Crace Kei-ker and getting ready for liis spring work on tlie farnuj :\(i>-. Kraiu'/s .Vickies of Junc-i lion City. Ktiiisas Is expected Sat- 1 iinhiv tor a few ilays visit with her I Lehigh Port hind ' yis!.-,-. Mis. .jlcMulIiJ^on of :!1 .North i t;ec(:iiii St reel. " ! ."\Ir.s. R. IS. i'orter. who has been (-riticiilly ill I for several weeks remains ab,»iif| the .same and her liiaiiy frieinlH are anxious to hear good news I'loiii her bedside. home at avenue. -lu!i Souih Washington ... i: .\!vin .Mexaudeh jin 'a*Rii»tant 'in the ad alleys at the Register Oflice. .lias lit'ca rontined to his home on JjSouih- State Street road this week Ofi account of illness. SiU't straw hats to take the place ol felts at;5".!iS. Youthful hats in large headsize.s. .Also ebil- dren's .hats. ?1.D0 to $3.75. Ed- w.ird.s .Milline.':.v. .MiH. Orval Pope and baby daughter Marjorie., ;ind .Mrs. > tjeorge - Thprntoli, left today for Walnut • Kansas, to \-isit Mrs. Tllornton^'^ liarents. .Mr. and .Mrs. James Si^uircs. - • — Dr. (^1 S. Lanibiith, Surgeon. Offiic plioiie 2.">6: Res. ph'onc GlaJi. I • • i Mrs. U. ^-.'See. Mrs. Haltie Tanner and .Mrs. .Mary .Neher, of .Vc- Ciinc. Kansas, who were here to .•itti 'iid JJie fiiiieral of Mrs. See's hrothorj IJCW Os'borne, returned to- day to McClllie. .Mrs. See and ."Mrs. Tan'ner are spending the winter there with -Mr.'?. See's tiaughter Mrs.;Xeher. ; -; ; liaiinian' Kxtends Thanks. •-I lii'sire to thank my numcr- jjins (riehds who were instrumental Z"}- ciiiiilating petitions for a '^parolc ai:d in signing the same and fake this cicidns of expressingmy apprc- <iaii(in io them as it will be im- liossit)Ie|ior me to see,'each of them personally and I wjsh to assure them thiit their conri<lence placed in Jii.' v.:ill no' be violated. LEWIS HART.MA.N. .Mip. L. v. Shaw and -children, Lillian :in <l Lloyd, jr., came down oil ())<• i;oon train- from Kansas City jodiiy for a.visit' with their /islci ami aunt. Mrs. W. H. Kinney and family of .*?09 South Kentucky .sireeli oh their way to their home ill I Illusion, Texas. 'I'lidiiy Dtud fn(ii<irr«HV are y«nir liiof ^-hukices to hny \Sn\\ Fuppr tit IlaiM'rjee nl Tlip Evjms Store. .•Mils. Jreitc Ixni Dori'ly has ac- 'ce|)i.jd :i position as news rejKirter lor tlie j Daily ,News. taking the jilacct of Miss Christine llenrlchs who r<sij.lj;iied a w:eek ago. .Miss Dorjly i'um<' here^ seveval months ago from CoUitiKVille, Okla.. whore -.she Wan employed with the Collins-; vllle .News, —Dr. A., B. Twadell, Osteopatb. New Globe Bids. Pbone 191. :Max Ilarnhart Is-iJbsent fronj Innfor college on 'Scconirt ot the' measles. . Irwin , Tippeii lia^ • returned to junior college after being ill of measles., I —Chit]ken dinner,' on Thursilays and Sundays at L,i'winan's Cafe. "Home-cooking." Theodore, the little son of ^Mr. ami Mrs. J. 1). Miida on South Washington who has been ill with a severe cold, is better today. P. .M. Huministoii, of tlio Hiiin- miston Bro,«., planing mill ati.^lS West Jackson avenue, had the mis- fnrtutiie last Saturday of getting his finger caught in the planing machine which le was operating and hurling if s) badly that,ft was necessary to amputate the injured member. He is getting along satisfactorily. , Dorothy Dean Vogcl of I'liR .North Chestnut street is confined to her bed with the measles. Special for Saturday: 1 Taffy. 20e -pound.! .. Howiird's Candy .Shop. • Mr. aiid .Mrs. Baldwin of Gas has •move^l to lola to their in-w home at 216 ."Vorth Chestnut street. .1. V. Merchant was a Humboldt busiuesis, visitor this afternoon. sugar sets in new ,dei.--Kn .s. work of (he very best artists in these Ifnes. (Jcorge .McKinley. Saiua Ke agent at Humholdl Avlio has been in - the .Johnson Ijo.'fpifal ai Ciia- nute . {or treatment; has reiurued home.,' , I ' to .Allen <-ounty. In fact hi- Is' al- re:'dy here with a loai! of household coods. Reports say Jir. .Stuck•'y Ii;is rented t!i" Teiit.i farm M.•.^. H. A. Biowi, of .•!22 .^onth /.'^ ""'l/^'" Washington avenuu and .son. Llovd i ""l '""'"''" Brown of Brown'.s; drug .store were ^-'^ "I""' "•>" "'^ acre larm "• „ , , \ 1 ^ -"''i-f- Liiil'.' of ,si7 .North Walnut Snu^key. who used to ofrti . ...j,,, „,^. pint-kp,, the beautiful home which ii? soli^ : ' ; to Mr. and 'Mrs. Scovill about a ! ' *' year aeo and who moved to Ro.«s- Benioii Stiidghill of ,")0:; South SUIe. Kansas has s.. i: is r.epor ed : u.,,,,;,,^;,,,, (avenne. w.ho .has been! sold his drug s ore at Rossvil.e ! „f j .neasles is improving;! and is moving hack „„.j„ „f ^-^^ | anil .Mrs. Gillvrt- Sstodgliill. as it is stiref -THE - -tji: -:"^-VTa< lj;.;.TY M ••••• ': ' I wmmS HONEY^'TAR COMPOUND; BUY IT i EVERYWHERE; J 8 Spring Sui step in and See These . NEW€OATS NEWDRESSI^S I ; ' 1 ; , • > i . / ' jA -.<nrtmeiit of Hand Blocked Scarfs ',' Pretty Bright Shades HOSIERY NOVELT !!;S fi ? McLAIN Madison Sifers nids;;, • visitors in llumrioldl ye.'terdtiy. Prank I'lirney, .'jiiocial ajient,, ainl H. B. Baker, silperinfendenl of special service for the Santa P'e. of Topeka. are In lola on business in c(;nnociiqn with the Creiison trial. Tlie RecLster Biuder.v rcceiitl.v reho;;nd a . vei-y remarkahlc hook': It was a: Concordance of the .Sopt tiiagint te.vt of (ho Old and Ne\<- Te<itnmont. in Greek, with T-atin note;.-. The book was printed in (ierniaii.v 2in ye;j|-s ago and came hy inhcrilanci- to' .Sir. Crew .lewell, a farmer living near lliimlioldt. The hook was printed />ii vi>ry heavy pajier, and was 11 iiiehes long, bv .'I inche.-f wide and netirlv -1 inches thick. wliieh lie owiLs" nortlnvest of the "liaduct. ffi|^a|^»«- * - < lit -'s-w^ '•Si OFFICK HKLP The C«jmmercial neparfmenf of the High Seliodl lifts it niiinbe • of Sfinlor Students availabli for office work. | When, you are . Iii need of a stenographer to work from one hour to one. week, call ">». |F. L. B. LEATELL, S. D. Special attention given D/«- °€B8<!>i of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Therapy and Physiotherapy. Office lola State BankBldg. : Ffaonea—147 and 705. . .Mr«. C. 11. .M<(' iliird birthday o, eeiv-ed a shower ings throHffii thb mail hofne and oiit-of-:own friends. The Best of 250 Shampoos . Bf Edna WalUes Hopper li/.lli f,-,.„, -Hcre-i:; an rxiimnle of ho-.-.- I get file bcsfl.caiify.-iHi.sri-ea lire, whose eighty- j •ciirred today, re-1 of hirlhdiiy greel Cxmipany DRYCqODS=WOMEN5 WEAP-MllilNERY •OL* " KANSAS : Nurthru]) Bldgw formerly occuiiied by .lames Hicliardsnn lOLA'S POPULAR STORE SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY 100 Beautiful She: iA lU-.I. ... frimou:;' Inl.fir^r.ory st nf nic was tlie ret-ipieut of, seiei-al lovelv .'(^iie .shampoo. Tiioy .s ;iid, "we i;,i-.o gifts and manv flow-ers, anions the --^penl (iO years m the st.idy of shnni- latler a r'ememhrance from the I I.'t';.'^-, '^'•''5 ^'••''dc up and tosie.l ovrr membors. of the church divisiotr to whif-h Clure bolongs. Mrs. McClurc has j it piyes a .»iinnv frlini.'' been confinetl to her home by ill-; • Well, I found they w-ore riJrh'. ness most at the winter luit for the j hair w-a.t]ike a h;.lo afer! using th-,t last few weeks has been .slowiy I:'.'''""!'"-"- 1 Ivnew ar. on-e that mil- nee from theH'""-^- ^-e mauc up and tcsii-d over Presbvteri-in ''''>'''"I 'Cfore wo pcrferted ; wtiiel. \trv Here is tilo final rn-M'It. It not. i . -VVVM ')'' !?nly leaves h .-iir .s -oit. .-md, clean, but convalescing. T Over at the hig|i school the commercial classes are Set 'in;: ready for the district contest in lypewriiing •.•hic^ will he held in j lola April 2:'.. an|l they.had, a lil- lle <lass conipetitlion the '<ther day with the result th " " " came-oiit ahead v lion-t of wonirn woiiM v.-el?"me cv i v.;i--h like I • So I ;e:k<d llio^'j fnninii>: clien-isl^ • IO U!.-lke it fe;- :ill of lis. [ Ci^Hed it ) ndna. V.';L)1 leo Hoprier-; I': ' >-!:.'mpeo/ .-Ml toilet rfi-.:r.'ers r-.e-.- ' >i::irdy i' .-it COe inr Irn'Mri T'nde- i::-,- ^inrnn;'~'>. < rn-iriDrt v.--;! I.-T-- vT.i n trill linM'-^. tl-o niv B'-ne',- i ;o.->!;.; .'!':•}• It for .1 -eien —of! printed Gingham.s for jrirLs from 2' to 11 year.-;. ' Specially Priced for Salordav Only .Siz<»s 2 to M Sizes 2 to M. Sizes 2 to G have the Bloomer.-^, The Brwwn Taxi Co., drove (o r 'arsons: yesterday to take the baskethnll team for the game there lafit night. i The two-year-old girl of |Mr. iiiid .Mrs. <;iareiice Allen of .'Uni Sbiilh Third street, who is ill of pneumonia Is rei/oi-ted a little bel­ ter today. ' , —Special dinner Sunday a( Kranse Cafe, iM: featuring chicken. P. "Wi Arnelt of the Biles Shoe .''fore- will go to Kansas City Sun- dtiy mtirnlng to^hef ready Monday fpr ihei work Of buying a slock of shoes fior (he local store. ! , ithva score of »l:t, words a minute^ f(|)r liftijeii minutes : with but one nii.itake. ,111 order to mitke that rof -ord David had to sti-ike Hi .x keys a Second for fifteen > minutes, and If don 't think that ! , fry it; .Noihinf! that small ixiy'-. It .Dav.i^I Shannfii Vo.i -nwi \,f, :ini .-.2e /l a-^l >i.-i'-;b'o,i mean* going .^om Ihe tnatter with mipd - or h|s inil.<|cles'either. Wichita Kagle: The Channte Tri- •Imne got all''swelled up about it the other day, when a Channte Jiierohaiit received an order from Hawaii, and told it to the whole world. '.'We spoke too-soon," confesses Herb Cavanessl quoting the Oswj-gpl independent jto the effect that the Independent week to; a subscriber Sn the Trans- goes every vaal] Spnth Africa, Reg |-sit4 to (hi- effet^t nd the lola that to(a m orders When "Hearty Trduble" !•< Stomwli Tronble —-Mapy persons who suffer from pains and i palpitation of. the heart are in ireaMly victims of stomach trouble. - (ias develops in the stomach, and presses the Jiaphram against the heart and lungs. /Almost instant relief in such a condition is afforded by ' %r ^itietiy Bft\(|n '8 Drue Store. Storey- '' Fdj- Trial Bottle t: • Styile-Craft We ijaye Secured the e.xchi.'^ive agency for Style Craft Coat.s and have ju.<t unpacked the new— SPRING MODELS For ITress or Spcrt The high quality of Style; Craft Coats isiweljl known to Ida sh|)ppers. $19i5$59.75 I .MATI.VEES 2:t)() p. m. Daily .Satuiila.T 1 to 11 RIGHTS ' T:OOiO:IM( p. m. Honic.iif Better Pictures — Elite Orclidtru =^ \ La^^t Times Tontight— 2, 7 and 0 p.;ni. David Belasco's Great Stage Success "THE RETURN OF PETER GRIMM" Hiii'f-s a photo play in which romance. patho.<J .-^us- .^itjn.-^"'. iornedy. have been delicately blendtid 'wilH'orie of the best yet a.^.sembled. -. \ ' . i Comedy, I "Shonld Sleep Walkerii .Marry"— iJ F':iectric Ifilm. "Making of VVoor '-j-Kra /y Ka( i Kartoon Komedy Admission, Children Iflc; Adults 2'3c Sennc Ccncr; ^ i'Saturday, Continilon.-s; 1 to 4 p. m. lOi'. Richard Talmadgc in "The Merry Cavalier"—KrazyKat Karicon Komedy—Dorothy PhilHps in "The Har C .Mys- (ery'"—Ah'ce Day Comedy, "Kitty From Kilhirncy" • .Matinee JOc; Night 10c and 2 ()c i Monday, Greta; Garbo in"The Temptress" ^ | For Spring plaij- days — -----' HoW much more to frolic around in one. of these ging- ham.s or, English print play frocks. Sizes for Girls ' 2 to 14 years. . See Them in Our ^uth Window, A thrilling picture packed with smiles. BEHIND THE LINES lovcti anti came to them.. A stirring picture .'-^lory that —at tihe ri.';kvof their lives they toiled happiijies.- will hold .Spectators as by a magic s])ell -come and .-ee.; ALm COMEDY AND NtWS .Saturday—ll'red Heimes in "The .Stolen Itanch." a red hot western.- .\lsi., '-rhe ;Knd oi the Trail," last ehapter of "Fightinsr With BiiA'alo Bili"—Coniodj- and .Vew>-. , -Monday and Tnesday—i'l.iia Bow, Elliot Dexter. Kobert Kills auil- ,1 ho4t of other l)lg sia^ in "Capital I'nnlslimenf."'. The preat social proMem of tiie Aiijl I • I I

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