Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 29, 1972 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Tuesday, August 29, 1972
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A-2 Alton Evening Telegraph Tuesday. August 20. 1072 Navy ships sink 2 Hanoi torpedo boats in attack By RiniARD PYl.E SAIGON (AP) — Two American Navy ships with an assist from a Navy plane, sank two North Vietnamese torpedo boats off Haiphong Sunday ni.q-ht. U.S. officials reported today. The ac;ir>ji omirrert during a raid on the North Vietnamese roast by the cruisers Newport ' News and Providence and the destroyers Rowan and Rohison. Vice Mm. .t. L. Hollowav ill. the commander of the 7th Fleet, was aboard the Newport News and termed the operation a "darinp raid into strongly defended enemy territory." The ships shelled s fuel depot two miles southeast of Haiphong, a barracks 11 miles to the southeast, and coastal defense installations. The high-speed. 85-foot torpedo bonts appeared as the Newport News and Rowan were withdrawing from the attack on a petroleum dump and other shore targets, the Navy said. The two American ships opened fire, and a direct hit from the Newport News destroyed one of. the enemy craft. The Rowan's guns set the other afire, and a Navy A7 Corsair finished it off with bombs. Meanwhile, the Robison dueled with North Vietnamese coastal batteries, its five-inch guns causing one secondary Bus bias (Continued (mm Page 1) An amendment offered U> the original resolution said that, "however, the ask forte, while not finding discrimination, has observed deficiencies and would encourage a diligent effort to improve routing and a regional approach to sev- vicc." "I think there arc things that could and should be said," Clyde Wiseman of Alton, newly appoin'ed chairman of the task force, said after the meeting. "1 feel questions such as these fall under the jurisdiction of the task force." Charges of discrimination by Bi-State were brought 'o the task force by Charles Q. Troupe, a Hi-State bus driver and chairman of the Bi-State Transit Committee for Racial Equality. Troupe claimed Bi-Slate discriminated against blacks in hiring, firing, promotion and bus assignments. He also complained to the Illinois Fail Employment Practices Commission, the National Labor Relations Board and the St. Louis Council on Human Relations. All -of the other agencies dismissed the charges, saying they could not find any pn.i-( of discrimination. Also, the task force Monday received a statement fi\,m State Rep. James Troupe Sr. o f the Missouri Black L e g i s 1 a t iv e Caucus and Charles Troupe's undo, saying the caucus could find no evidence of discrimination. A state senate commi'tee held a hearing in East St. L o u i s Monday whoro testimony regarding discrimination and inefficient Bi-State operalons was heard. The task furcv resolution will be passed on to Gateway's regional forum which can change or modify the decision or uphold it before passing it to 'he Gateway board of directors. If you tail to receive your Telegraph by 5:30 p.m. plume 4(55-6641 before i» p.m. and your copy will be delivered. Alton Evening PuNibtitrcJ I.'ai'.y b> Anon Telugrapti 1 J : tn;uig C oinpan> I'.-'.IIL s cm si rv Prt.-.Mii M. i'iin;i..l Manager. KI ! 1'ili N A I'Ol'M i -i ciMor i. Ai-i.iUiit ii Hit Publibtier. Kl( i-Al/O A Oii'S'l.f- Y Vice Pre.-.fltm atu! ( U^.-'in-d Mgr. HKNK1 H MiAl'AMS Sc-dclary und AsvMaril tientraj ManjKcl Ml-:Mbi:i< Ol- 7Hh A«M>('1A !MJ PRhS.S : j he A.SiOL >ated Pi-ii it t.\i lusively inMk-'j to Uu- u»e of pubii; aiion of if! /ietti Jlil^Uhts rii-dilt-i* 111 tflis Oiil't-r _n;i to Ihe it" "1 news pub 1 1 ^ f . c d • 1 1. r e i n ) S.."-M .;jtjOL pn-.e: B> Lurner, btk v*('i.! • $-' t-0 per c.i!L-ndMi month; by 'i.itii $!7 ixj a vi-iif V> Dt) six in i;!i. i!'j I'iinui^ and M^Mjuri $25 (iU a vtiii. Sl'i bu MX int-mha in all oti.ti bluffs Mill tuL^i iiptturib not mctpied in fovuii whtie earner delivery u &Vi» Sec iTid Ciaaa Postage ^oid tu Alton. Iiiincii fa2DU2 11:1- ALU11 UUKtAU Of- (. Il<i I LAIIUN Local AJ^e; lujfjK Kulci aod Luo tra< ( Hi!' !ri:ia! 1011 or u[jpu-. dUi>ri ut Hit- Je:«.j:i.»i..ri bu^. rif.ii uriu.e 111 t^ii bii.'jd«-i.> Alton Hi 62002 Na titmal A<Jicr«.is:nn Kcpli-ienljtlvei: Bt -jr.hum .'-!'. lortcy int. New YorK. Cbira£C. Utticut and Si. Lout* explosion on the shore. The destroyer look shrapnel on its bridge from a near miss but was not damaged, the Navy said. The raid against the coastal ins!alia; ions was the second such foray carried out by the two cruisers and a pair of destroyers. The first was on May !i. the day U.S". mines were planted in North Vietnam's harbors and coastal inlets for the first time. In the air war Monday, Navy and Air Force pilots flew 220 siviKcs against the N o r 1 h despile worsening weather caused by tropical sfonn ("ow. In South Vietnam, terrorists blasted two bridges on important highways in the Saigon region Monday night, one of them 12 miles from the city, and continued heavy fighting was reported around Quam; Tri and in the Qne Son Valley. Soul h V i c t n a m e se spokesmen claimed more than ISO North Vietnamese killed, with government losses 18 killed and 47 wounded. Associated Press correspondent Dennis Neeld reported that North Vietnamese troops were driven off a SOO-foot promontory called Moulder Hill IV. miles east of Que Son, then counterattacked and regained it a few hours later Monday night. He said the South Vietnamese were pounding the hill with artillery and air strikes in preparation for another attack. The temporary recapture of the position by the government forces opened the road from the coast to Quc Son long enough to send supplies to the government forces in the town and to evacuate the wounded in tanks and armored vehicles. Although the Saigon command claimed that no enemy troops were in the district headquarters compound at Que Son, field informants told Neeld they were still occupying bunkers around Die compound and were defying efforts to dislodge (hem. The U.S. Command announced thai an Air Force F4 Phanlom pilot downed a North Vietnamese MfG2t over the North on Monday to become the third American ace of the Vietnam War. Capt. Steve Ritchie, 30, of Reidsville, N.C., bagged his fifth MIG — qualifying him as an ace — in a high altitude chase 30 miles west of Hanoi, the Command said. Ritchie is the Air Force's first Vietnam ace. The previous two were Navy pilots. Destruction of the two highway bridges in the Saigon region was part of a continuing effort, by the Communist forces to disrupt, commerce and demonstrate government inability lo maintain security in the countryside. McGovern endorsed Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern accepts the endorsement of the New York Liberal Party Monday at his Washington headquarters. On hand are Dr. L. S. Wright, left, of Rochester, State Vice Chairman ol the Liberal Party, and Herbert liuskiii, right, Chairman of the Liberal Party Committee. (AP Wireplioto) Findley seeks federal funds for Alton's Middletowii center By ARTHUR J. THOMASON Staff Writer Another cog in a network of wheels to find solutions to Alton's riii-inl problems be^an turning this week when U.S. Rep. Paul Findley, following an exhaustive meeting with b!;u-k leaders, committed himself to seek federal funding fo- the Middletowii Neighborhood Center. .Jiinmie Wilson, executive director of the inner city center, the only source of r e c r e a t i o n and guidance counseling for hundreds of .black youths in the community, said the center's board of directors is completing application for funds to match dollar for dollar money received from private sources. Findley, he said, will attempt to rush the application through bureaucratic channels in Washington as quickly as possible. Findley met with blacks Saturday at the Stratford Motor Hotel in the face of other moves in the city which are purportedly aimed at improving race relations and an uiidcr-ivpreseiilation of blacks on jobs in both ilie city tMive'-iimenl and private tHI-'ilK'SS. Private business appeared lo be making semo improvement recently when the l)o\vnto\\r. Alton, Inc.. (1U1) a.L-reed to hire HI blacks. The blacks \\vre to be screened for employment by the Alton I'rban Li-ague, according to Dan Mcl'oirv, president of DAI. McCorry said "five or six" businesses, including the Alton Kvening Telegraph, agreed to hire the 10 blacks. The "five or six" who offered to hire blacks was the closest McCorry would come to exact employment figures in relationship lo blacks. The Telegraph, according Publisher, Paul S. Cousley, is seeking two black employes. The agreement between blacks and downtown businessman c a tn e after blacks picketed in front of downtown stores and the Telegraph. The picketing a form of peaceful protesting, followed fire-bombings, snipping attacks on police and confron- . tations between blacks and police. The violence erupted, black activists charged, because police continually harrass young blacks and pick them up for curfew violation while ignoring young whites who roam the streets after hours. Police countered however, that police records show that more whiles arc picked up on such charges. Those figures are misleading, black artivits said, because only 17.2 per cent of the city's population is black. City officials won't readily admit that the violence or the peaceful protests, or both, prompted city hall to seek solutions to racial problems, bin coincidental or not. the mayor and city council made tun moves directed at easing racial tension. LIKE EXTRA CASH FOR YOU! Alton Savings Continuous Compounding And Monthly or Quarterly Dividends On All Certificates Take Your Choicel iVriifioatrk 3 Mouth (Vrliliruti-s I Vrar (Vrtilicali's Year IS /^S And l.uaci AsbueUiiioD • I'HONt. Jtu-WM B2U tAVl II11KLI SI. • Al ION Hydrotherapy? RENT THAT WHIRLPOOL BATH THE DOCTOR PRKSCK1UKD AT YUNGCK'S DRUG STORE Slate & lilm Sis., Norlli Alton I'honc 466-5632 EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO REPLACE YOUR BROKEN GLASS Also fla^tif for Doors & \\iiHlovvs HADLEY-DEAN GLASS CO, U. Broadway Angela in Russia Angela Davis, left, is greeted on her arrival in Moscow by former cosmonaut Valentina Tere- slikova-NlkoIayova, chairman of the Soviet Women's Committee, Monday. Miss Davis said she owed her recent acquittal of murder, kidnapping and conspiracy charges to an international campaign on her behalf led by Russia. (AP Wireplioto) Meany won't change mind The mayor appointed, with the council's blessings, a nine- member task force to hammer out (he purpose and responsibilities of a Comm unity Relations Commission. Lcnz says he wants an active community relations commission with a full-time, professional director, if needed, but he acknowledged it will be up to the city's 14 alderman to ultimately make such a decision. In another resolution, the council voted to allocate $3,772 as the local share to Project Alter, a juvenile delinquency program aimed at providing youths with counseing, training and after- school jobs. By F. NICHOLAS D'ALESSIO C II I C A G 0 (AP) — President George Meany and the executive council of the AFL-CIO have effectively ended any chance that ?he national federation might recant on its declaration of neutrality in the 1972 presidential campaign. The 78-year-old Meany said after the first session of ttin two-day executive council meeting Monday, "The council authorized me to make the statement that it was the consensus of the council that we would not reconsider our position taken July ID." He added, "There was no vote, there was no such thing as any discussion." Meany's statement ended reports that the council might reconsider and endorse Sen. George S. McGovern, or re verse its ruling forbidding state AFL-CIO councils from making presidential endorsements. After a later session, Albert Zacker, federation director of public relations, said McGovern's name came up only once at the council meeting, and then only in rclat'on to the council's opposition to minority group quotas in building trades employment. Zacker said the fedcrat'on had information that both Postal service says rate hike won't be needed WASHINGTON (AP) -The U.S. Postal Service says it won't be necessary to boost first class postal rate for the time being becaue of the attrition of postal service personnel. Postmaster Gen. E. T. (Ted) Klassen Monday said an increase to raise $450 • million was considered, with 85 per cent of the additional funds to be used for salaries. TUES. & WED. BROADWAY & MAIN PUODUCK MAItKKT 2530 E. Broadway, Alton EATING ORANGES 30 , or *1.00 "HEADY TO" HAT CANTALOUPES 3 , $ 1.00 POTATOES 20 1.50 SWEET CORN We Accept Food Coupons ON TARGET FOR BIG & TALL MEN President Nixon and the Democratic challenger had sent statements to the American Jewish Committee in effect agreeing with the AFL-CIO position that quotas are not the answer to employment imbalance. Zacker said the problem could only be approached through apprenticeship programs such as "Operation Outreach" and increased governmental public works hiring. Despite slamming the door on McGovern, Meany said tiic federation would continue, active work to elect. ? Congress "sympathetic" to labor, and stated he felt there was "a fair chance" of acc o m p I i s h i n g that end regardless of who is electod president. Bi-State agrees to open its records (Continued from Page 1) to show more black employes than the system actually had, and said that the high turnover rate by black employes was not because they were dismissed but because they voluntarily quit "when they found they just didn't like the job." Baine also testified that it, was Bi-State practice to upgrade blacks into higher supervisory positions as soon as seniority allowed. He pointed to James Troupe, cousin of Charles, who had been promoted to acting superintendent of the Illinois bus operations "four or five months ago." A committee member, Sen. Richard Newhouse. D- Chicago, then suggested: "it seems like every time Charles Troupe makes these allegations about discrimination you give James Troupe a promotion." Baine admitted the allegations about few black bus drivers in Illinois and no black office help, but said Transit Services hands were tied because of provisions in the union contract, and efforts to recruit black East Side bus drivers were unsuccessful. A finding of discrimination by Bi-State in a report of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on June 28, in a complaint by Michael L. Jones, a black bus driver tills have been stolen for the who was dismissed for giving a free transfer to his wife, was read into the hearing record by Louis Brown, deputy director of neighborhood centers for the St. Clair County Economic Opportunity Commission. The report states that EOC examination of Transit Services records on disciplinary action against employes showed that it "deals out harsher disciplinary action to Negroes than to Caucasians," and that it "discharges Negroes for which it does not discharge Caucasians." Troupe also repeated charges he has made in the past that there is widespread theft by Bi-State employes from fareboxes. He said that tills have been stolen and keys made to allow looting of the fareboxes. Baine responded that strongrooms for the deposit of revenues in each operating division included such security measures as closed circuit, TV, periodic changes in door lock combinations and rotation of revenue clerks who were required to wear zippered smocks without pockets t o prevent them from removing money from the strongrooms. He said the tills in the exact fare boxes arc selflocking. Baine did not reply to Troupe's charge that purpose of making keys. Mrs. Moody reiterated charges made in the past that B i - S t a t e ' s fare structure discriminates against inner- city areas while giving advantages to suburban routes. Sen. Bruce attempted to find out how much in fees had been paid to Bi-State chief legal counsel, Thomas Guilfoil. Baine and the other Bi-Slate officials present said they didn't have that information. The Missouri House investigating committee charged that Bi-State paid $1210,000 in fees to Guilfoil which it regarded as "excessive." When Baine and the other Bi-State officials at Monday's hearing professed to not know the amount that had been paid Guilfoil, Bruce said he thought it was strange that they didn't know this since "If I was in your agency and that charge was made by a legislative body I'd have looked up those figures just as soon as I could." Bruce joked that "if this Tom Guilfoil ever dies you call me collect." Bruce is an attorney and added that it sounded like Guilfoil was getting a pretty good retainer. Tht Bi-State officials agreed to give the committee staff the amount paid to Guilfoil. They also agreed to provide the committee with records on Caseyville real estate transaction revealed by the Telegraph. Telegraph reporter Dennis McMurray testified before the committee Monday morning, giving details on how Bi-State lost several thousand dollars in potential revenue on the deal, while providing a tax shelter to a private trucking and bus company. ROBERT H. CARROLL, M.D. Announces the Opening of his office for the practice of Psychiatry at 307 Henry Suite 325 Alton Hours By Appointment . . 462-1197 If No Answer, Call 466-0048 SPECIAL ALUMINUM SHUTTERS 36" $8.05 pair 42" $7.75 pair 48" $8.00 pair 54" $9.45 pair 60" $11.75 pair Aluminum awnings Panorama, to 48" wide, 10 pans $9.93 each Aluminum Guttering (while) 39c per ft. Alum, siding 39c per sq. it. All aluminum material with warranty, financing available. In- stuimtton may be arranged. 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