Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 4, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1927
Page 2
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! THE Korget Spring v HE thYST. 1 biive one liyc wl^otkeeps his| tryijt no promist", falls no rcn- <Je2ybns; 'I mr]i each year new bowls bulds'tu fnrtli.'and when lo <*omt'.s to -wooi Casts (lo|il)t!l!. (iHcmmas. evc'ryUiinB ':fUi^>: ' •] And like 'a n'i<>narc-h ii.iinia uio for nis bridp. - .Spring never did and ncv'rr wjll forj^ct- , t To IjrinK hif daffodil aiid violet. ThoiighyU n)y olln-r lovers are rp- inisB. Spring will not fail to .wake nio with a'kiss. ' —I.oiiis;! ifrald in. the New Vork Times. iKnights Temiiliir lloju at Banquet ; ' The' ftlasonic Teni pie jwa.s the scene Ijijt f^veniug <>r a nnique social oyerM. jwhii.h wass extremely enjoyable to those iparticipating. The occasion was a banquet tendered by' tlile Knights Tepiplar to the "S". O. 0. li." the Social Order of the Beaiiceant. an au.xiliary of the tCniflhts Templar which ha been bull rr<ieutly organized in th^ United ^tatcs and which <'0nsist .9 ; at the piesent tiuio of not • mor.e •than 50 Asse^nbjies. ; The hlnqi et was spri'ad in tjjc spacioii.s; dining rooni of the Temple and the meal was served by a : lot of thi! younger members of the !: Knights .'Teiiiplar who ' proved theniselvi's tjxperts in the waiters' : art. • Shields! orchestra supplied the .music w'hich^was of (he good quality lola has come to expect from this organization^ At the Close of the bafi(iuet, a very brief speaking ' prograiii >va.s given, with Mr. Jay • Hesser; as toastmasli-T and Hr. J. H. Sowerliv, .Mr.' \V..J -1. Aiiderison, Mr. Chas. P. Svoxi. yir. C. A. Hubbard, the present Commander of! the "Knights Templar, and Mr.s. C. A. Hubbard, the Pro.siilent of the ' lleauceant. : .Mr. John E. Wilson, -i Scout Bxeciitive of the SeKan Area I Council Boy Scout.s of Ali"-'riia. na 1 a vlbiting KniKht Templar, wan also called, upon and made a haji- py address. • Following' the after r dinner i speeches, the pyty adjourned to ;! the social i|oomH of the > Temple where the eritertaimnent committoc I htid prepared a —iirpgrani which T supplied aniu.sccicnt of thejmoKt hi: \ lariou8>(irt for two hours pr more,' :Mhe program being" so skillfully de- \ised tha. it was possible' for every nieniUer of the large company ;,rhjlonialhIan Onlld Heetn > . Members i^oi ' the Ph^om{UHia^ Guild, oi 'iLhe Firat Pr^by^riaii church met {last jlght wl|Ji firs.! n. O. ChviB^an. Devottooals by.^ Miss Bslher' taymon open.ed ^the meeting and MU H Beatrice McMur.-, ray led tl|e lesson from the boolc, "Islam of| Ti'ent." A sociat hour was enjoyed and refrcsbments were served. Mem,bcr8 at the" meeting were: Miss Julia Irwin, Miss Bc^nicc Mc- Nlel, Mi«s Jessie Alay Dalgarno. Miss Iliith Faust, Miss Beatrice -Mc- Mtirray, iMiss Knfher Kaymon, Miss Pearl .(ohhsoh. Miss Thejnia Maddux an|l ^latroness of tlte Gnild, .Mrs. Florence Longshore. Prcsliyt«riaii M'orlUiisr SitrMy The Genera,! jWorkliig Society of the First Presbyterian church iiiet ypHtenlay • afternoon in the 'vncial rooms of the church. Mrs. F. W. Sherwood, general picsldeul, presided .<j)ver the business period in which/plans were discussed for the coming year's w<»rk. The entertainment was a musical stunt given by the-hostesses, members of tb.e Fourth Division of th^ general .society. They dressed - in costume to represent noted musicians and gave i the compositions in pantomime while the records were played on a victrola. Sixty members wer at the pieeting aavd refreshments were served. \« • <• r. It/,Ladle!i^Aid AU>I)Mr Heettiiff An all-day irteteing of the Ladies' Aid of the Untied Brethren church was lield yesterdayj in Ui,e church social room and quilting one quilt and beginning another'fene was the Queen of iTearta at la VaWtirie party at the College. She, .with Ew- Jng Lavrence, a" seiUof fron* Vlch- 1U. ruled over the festivitiea of..the evening. Miss Bwing is a 'member Of the women's glee clirb abd iS' prominent in other School activities. She canje to Ct of E. after tw^o years in the loin Junior college." The lola friimds ol Miss Bwing are very much gratified, though not at all surprised, by Ihfa compliment paid her by her collegia nia|es.. QUA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENiyG. J>IARCH 4,19^7. 4i V veil by j! to particiimte in every number ofr it. The jtotal' attendance, whicH included a niimber|Of visitors from iHufaboldl,' Jiloran, LaHarpe and i othbr towns, j was rabout 150: and Mhe party w^s" voted a huge' success by all present. The guests were: Messrs. 'and Me^dames W. H. King, J..C. ^Llt- trelL J. W. Hcsser, 3.B. Kirk, S. A. Ellis, A. A. Mosher.'C. A. Iluli- 'baird, Walter! R. Arndt, J. W. Gisih, George Hill.! of Buffalo, Kanf, W. S. Hurlock. t^tanley Kirk, ^Victor. L. Kirk, A. H.i Davis. C.. J.' lUitchcy, Burney Miller. W. L, Cox. kenneth Foust, O. i T.i Peterson. Lawrence Cop^ning,;j. i.; -Maffitl. W. F. Alter- niin, R. H. Stewart, W,. 11. Smith, !jofi McKikiley. L. N. Gish, 1). q. IiMinesii)Rp^, <!. U. Slodghill. G. X. ;Kerr, C. A. Swiggett, C. E.'Russell, : J. J. Bom'an. of Moran.'J. E. Pow- jioil, G. E::Pees. Merbert: Martin, of LaFlarpc. A.! K. Sleeper, .V A. Mil.- i ham: C. K. WilllHins; (S. M.JStafforl, i Norman T. DeM ey, of-, flumboldt. \V. C. Shaffer, )f Ilnmhnldl, Wiflis Pereaii, J.. V. Meriliant. L-iKan Reynolds, of .NVoslin Falls. II. J). •Swift,-of .Giiini'ji. Logan Hunsaker, .1. A. Fryer. 11. Uisliou, I'. ' (': Class, J.D. tJiKihanan. .V. J. .Sheldon, of llijinboldt. Ilai'iiion Jlobart, |: C W. EllenlKfrper, of VaV's Center, i A. M. Duiilap, Fred Rnw^e'ii!. W. H. . Anderson. Nathan Leffl'ij .\xel An- ilerson, W. Z. Harlel .'S. ;Cli;is. F. ScoH', ('. 10. Perlijiiii, iCvei'e.t Hi-nif'- li'-rg,'I'aiil Klein, S. S. Shi?il.y. F. O. IJeuKoii. Glenn A. Fii-.-!iian, Jiev. and .Mf.s. .1. II. Sowerby. Dr. ami Mrs. O. L. Cox, Dr. F. I. H. LeaV- «!;i. Ma<;tlia F. Finch. llMinboldt. ]Mrn. FrrtiU'ls .M. Amler.soii Mrs. W. r U. DcnhnrI, Mrs. J. C. Luiigsford, ' Rlrs. Kslhcr Williams, of Ntosho' iiFails,j MrH- Malle V. ThtirMtoii," of (larni'lt. ^fls^^ laVcrne Ayres, of i(;.irn(;tl. -•^Irs] M.J I. Sherman. .Mrs. •K \V .Myl«'r, .^irts Fnuii'ell.' Bvuee. J'c. W. A.lUai!'of Lallarpe, M I V (ilias. II. Khlu.nanij, AI • I'fiiil Ho- liian. lit .Moran. -Mr. it. M. Webb, of •Humboldt, .Mr. <\'m.F. Stiles, of IGarnelt. .Mr. F. T. Brown. Of Kansas City. Mo. ; ' . I: • •>. • (jenrrai. liudies* Aid Meeting ' Si3ity-lV\je ladies attended the meeting p the; General, Ladie.s' Aid ftgrker. Mr. and Mrs. Mora Living- bociety y,Jsterday afternoon at theJtone and cliildren. Harriett and the day's work. A business meeting was hield in the afternoon over wlri^h Mrs?. E.' .\'. Montgomery pre- sidcjd. Eleven members and four guests were present. ' The next meeting of the society wilLlJc Tuesday and the work will consist of frying doughnuts.: and quilting. * <• • . JHostesws foiUrldge ClBb Mrs. A. R; Enfield aijd sister, Mrs. J. J. Ford, werie ho'stesses to the members of their bridge club yesterday afternoon in the. home of the former, 617 East Broadway. .Mrs. L. V. Bowlus, -Mrs. Stanley Kirk and Mtss Elizabetb Apt were guests. Light refreshments were served. j The club members present were: .Mrs. F. J. McEwen, Mrs. V. L. Kirk, Mrs. ! Horace Miller, Mrs. Chas. Fry. Mrs. R. L. Thoinpson, jr. and Mrs. L.'0. North rup. . • • —SpeciatI jSnaAuy dlnuer, uuon und eTeDlng ;,t|Kellejr Hot«l, oiks <^c* • <• •> B. V. 0. Elksi Bridge Party Mrs., D. P. Nolrtbrup, Mrs. C, B. Spencer, Mrs. C. W. Gilbert, Mrs. !\V. W. Peck, Mrs. J. G.. Mittelbach and Mrs. C. H. Shields were hostesses last night at the p. P. O. Elks bridge party inj the club rooms;. Favors at bridge were given; to Mrs. Francis Stocker, Mr. ";G,»i J. Marr. Mrs. 0. H. Parkening and f^Ir. W. K. Rundall Other entertainment was dancing with music iur- .nished by Klinginsmith's orchestra. 'Refreshments were served. Those attending the party were: .ston and children, I^arriett and Messrs. and Mesdaines .1. D. Ar- netf. L. B. Chevalier, T. O. Canat- .sey.IJoyd Carter, Harry T. (^ook, A. R. Enfield, Kenneth Foust, Melvin Fronk, L. .N. Gish, C. W. Gilbert, E. B. Harrison, J. L. Hair, R. W. Harry.C. L. HoyI, F. J,. Horton, K. K. Lynn. Frank MctJarthV, X!. J. Marr, J. D. Millclbach, J. (J. Mil- teU)aeh, Howard Miller, l.,avprne .Vorthnip, R. B. Northi-iip, D. P. .\ortlirui), L. O. .Norlhrup, W. K. Hunrlall, Paul K. Reed, G. W. Shcr- .'wood, C. H. Shields, Louis Schlanger. C. A. Swiggett, C. B. Spencer. J. G. Siadler, Francis Stotrker. <if Yateji frenter. Dr. and Mrs. J. T. Ileid. Dr. and -Mrs. L. W. Simmons. Dr. aty«l Mrs. A. B. Twadell. Misses Hazel Bowlus, Theljua Maddox, Jii-' lia Irwin, Klhel Artderson, Viola Dalgarno, Messrs. Ernest Lnude, of Kansas (!ily. Mo.. .M. M. Kaufmann, of Ft. ScoH. K. T. Brown, oS Kansas City, Mo., O, C. Hassei and M. L. Laude, Tom ('oleinao, AViHlam Fickle, Harolil TrQutmap, Vernon DiiRRan and MesOanies S. W. Fickle, J. D. Mundl4. 0. H; Parken­ ing, and W. W. Petik. The next card party will be held March 24 with Mrs. A.^B. Twatiell as chairman of the Ivustess commit tOe. ! *; • Givr^ I'nrt)- Ilbuorlug Hlrlbdii}- Mrs. Lester Lowman gave a din- nuj- Wednesday evening at the Lewman cafe In observance of ^the birthday of Mr. Bennett Livingston. The guests, were: Mrs. Anna DiamQnd Cliurj;)i Notes (.Mrs, Fern IrUin.) Mar. 1.— *M|. ani' ^it^ Vickers of near Pomona have j)een visiting at t-lie J. X. iVlckers |io<fie and: all attended church Sunday afternoon. -Mr. and Mrs. Clark Announce the Ijii.j-tli o»a.^daugliier February 1!) at the parental Siickuey liorac.. The little-lady has'not ytit been given a n.ijne. A jgood crowd attended . cluircli and Sunday .school Siinday. Classes wlerv well filled! •'Vud an .interesting. ;Iesson wa.s I lii;)d <fn "The Works Of Darkness laijd the Works of Light." There ' Were several birthda|.' offerings thus increasing the Wo;Tld Service fund. The Rev. Mr. Stiirkncy brought a fine.mes­ sage. . , '. ; Fred; ^Kennedy has been selling seeds iii this ctimmunity lately. • -Mr. and -Mrs. Banta entertained company- Sunday. • .'Xeighbors galliered, at! the Jim -VIcKinncy home Wedjiestlay evening tor a farewell parly. Cake and ;ieaches were served. Mr. and Mrs. McKinney are moving tJijs week to a farm several iniles west of Diamond^ i\ ' " Mr. and Mrs. .Rofs and .sons | each; week day from J to ."i p. m. spent last .Monday evening at thoTThe. public is cunlially invited to Irwin home. ' "' ' "' ' ' " • • First A. M. E. CkBrch.! (Lincoln and Buckgyeij , Sunday scliool, 9:30 a, m. Class meeting 10:40 a. m. This bc^ng quarterly meeting day Rev. C. ,C. Hicks, P. E., -tjrlll havei charge of t ^ie services aj^ day. M <^j-niiig wor- .sli'ip, 11 a. yin. Rev. Hicks will preach at .1 p. m. sharp, and give Sacrament at 4:1. T p. m. • ! Qtiarterly conference Moiiday uigiit. Tiie.sday night, 'V'ouhg , IPeople's meeiting and social at tlie old ihurch. .\lso teachers" board meet Tuesday. 2:30 at the home of .Mrs. Lnia .^miili. j Wednesday night, praise and song service. Choir reheai'sal 'rhu'rsday nlglitj Friiiay night' .-i social piv trustees' helpers. I Jf you don't worship at any other church you are weRonie at-the First A. M. K. rhureh. C. A. JACKSON. .Minister. nd chil- Sujiday .Mr. ^niKMrs. Keniiody dren went to Gii'ard jlast] callt'd jby the tieath Of .Mr. Kennedy's i brother, Mr. Earnest Kennedy. The fimeral was held Wednesday and they returned home Thursday. We sympathize with Mr! Kennedy,in this Waynik*Fergus and! JFern Irwin were Havingj dental work done in LaHarpe Satnfday afternoon. The oyster supper, was well attended and a fine time w'-as had. Kver.vone is rejoicingjat the number of new members tiiken in which was nineteen jto date and more promised later. With, these new members we shoitid be able to KWst (Itnrcli of Christ Scientist. Siiinday si hoot at it: 10 a. m. Church at 11 a. m. Subject. "Man." Wednesday evening nuetings at 8 o'clock. . Services will be held at i hureh edifice, corner of Sycamore and East streets. The reading reoiu over Ramsay's Dry Goods Store. D'l'^t Fa.«t .Madison avenue, i>pen each; week day from 2 to ."i p. in. atteni! the services of tlie ehnreh and to tisit the reailing room. > First ChrlNtiiiu ('hurcli. Preat'hing at 11 a. m. by the t'or. J. E. Reynolds. Bible scliool at !>::W a. m. Dr. Harold U)vitt. j .sujivr'titendent. ! Senior and liilermedlate Kndcav-' or Societies ineet at G:30 p. m. At t::!U p. m. -Mrs. Lillian .M. .Mitchner. state president . of the Woman's (Miristian Temi)eraiice Union, will deliver an address. .Mr.s. .Mitchner is a fluent speaker, and has a wonderful message. A very cordial invitation is extended to all to attend this service. There will ilave"some "good metiirgs'Vii'd'"^ac-jspecial music bv the choir led complish more. | : by Mr. Fred Steele. Miss Thelma Kennedy has re- Th? official board will meet Mon- tut-ned hoinc from herj work at the '^>y at 7:::o i>. m. The Boy Scouts Edd Rickett home and will now ; w'" >ueet .Monday a,t 7:^0 p. m. be at iiome a while, i I ^^''b Clifford Barber in charge. Howard Ancil spent Sunday at \ Tn^nday there wiU be an all-day the Kennedy home. Prayer meeting at: the church Sunday e-vcfnlng was i^ell attended. Presby^slaii Churekr Come t^ the £ (one Chi^;cb in t^ center of tU'e' lown ae^i Sunday. You will find a welcon\$ and §a, oppprtunity to Worship God. Vojf, will gain lielp from fellowship v!\tn ether .Ct 'tew*'' You \viU f^td rest from your • ally toil and cares. It will rt fresh you for the du ,tie8 of the new r»veok. All that? Try it and se*-. , i' i Salibath school at 10 a. m. Classes for every ag<^. .Morninj^ worsfhip at 11 o'clocJc. Special anthem by the choir. pa.stor wjll sprtik on "The King- do'u Tax.? i V. P. S', C. B. at G ::{0 p. m. A li^e meeting for Seniors, Intermediates and Juniors. Eveuinfi worship at 7:30. Sermon by t^e pastor and autbent by the choir.; II. G. MATHIS. Pastor. Krer; .^letliodist Chiirch. Sunday!' schiiol. 10 a. ni. Ina (Iray, Supit. ; Evangeljisti'.' services con'dHcted Uy the Rev. V'. E. .Miller both morning 'iiid evening. Our three wetks .series'of meetings will close! "with our Sunday . Mar. liT-iU^. and Mrs'. Adam ^ol^man arkl^ed h^ine from Michigan! last \reek and report having a verv pleasant visit .with their granddaughter tb^re. M V, Shelton is hauling - alfalfa from bik farm and storing it in •his barn. ' ' ; "riireie n^n from Ft.. Scott haVe rented rooms of .Mr. GJfford in ihej FVeodty building and will work on the road. Lfttiie Joan Montgomery visited with her Grandmother Montgomery Monday evening while Ai'cliie and Georgi^ wicnt down town. •Mr. HesBry Godsey spent the end of last week with his mother. Mrs.. Enuna Godsey, yrho has been feel- i .(Dorsi Beaman.) . Mr. antL.Mr^. Glen Sears spent Siinday nt the Claude Knight home. ' Mr. and .Mrs. Wm. Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. .Andy Ludlum, Mrs. Dora Beaman and childi-en s^d Mrs. Mollie ;Wray spent Sunday' at the Bert Bennett home. A large crowd is expected at the Els!mor.e city hall Friday night. March 4, to witness the basketball game between Elsmore and the lola Pig;gs. ' night services. excellent man bring these messages. Special service. ' Other Come to hear this singing at eyery services as usual. You are welcome. ALBERTA W. BOXHAM. The riiited Ui^elhren In ^'hrist. (E. -V. .Montgomery. Pastor) Sunday School at 9:45. Preaching at 11 o'clock. There v,-ill be at the clase of t |i baptismal service ic preaching hour. Junior C. E. at 2:,"?0. .SeniorC B. at. G:.30. Song service tind preaching p. ni. at and an interesting liiecling was held on "Frieifdship' bringing out the idea that Jesus Isithe gi-eatest friend of; all, and is a true friend of everyone. James Iiiwin was the leader. ' ! Mr. and Mrs. James; Irwin were in LaHarpe on business Monday evening. 1 i (Mill ua rj—Betty J,Ou ' .lames. Betty Lo'u James vyas born in lola. Kans.. Aiigtist in. 1920. and died j't St. Johns hos[)ital in lola Tuesday. .March ; 1. 1027, at 1:1."> p. ni. at tlie age of ! G years. G n'.onths ajid li» days. She had been ill only three or four days anil had undergone a major opejiatioiu The fiinenil was <-()nduc.ted by the 'iiicstor (if t!ie ^Filrsl Baptist churcJi'»l)r. .1. II. Sy.wejiby. assisted by Dr. Toilivcr of Paijsons. Kaus., who performed the milrriage ceremony 4(f .Mr. and .Mrsll James, and wUo hjis been an iuliiniite friend oi" tiie family for years. l]ir. Ti)lliver's tt.xt-.vas 2 KlOKs 1:26. '•Il is well with the child." The Baptist TenipK w(is filled with Krlef .stricken fi-iends who deeply expre^scil tlicir sympaliiy. Dr. Sowerby. pastor, i and warm personal fiiuiid of the hereaveil parents, gave the committal service Highland cemetery. .Maii.v nut of tii\\'ii j relatives of .Mr. and .Mrs. .lames were present'. -A Friend. meet Jug of the . itSmbers of the W''. Cl'T. v., the meetings begiuninK at 9 a. III. and closing at .'> p. m. The orchestra under the direction of-.M'-. .lohnsou Maffitt will give a concert Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. The public is invited HO attend all services. • First .Methodist Episcopal Church. Mrs. W. H|. Root,*general president, conducted I the meeting. Hymns were sunji with Mrs. C. I. Coldsmith leai^er and .Mrs. J. E. Land .at the piaiio: Mrs. Lora Fife gave an excellent story of a trip through the lumber camps of -Northern AVashiugton where she visited some tiijie since.. Mary Louise .Marsli and Kathryn Cox entertained with readings. The members of Circles •five and seven''were hostesses and 'Served light reffeshnic'ats. .>.>.,> 8< John's Altar Society . ' : A meetiiig of St. John 's .Mtar -so! clety of the ' Catholic church was • held yesterday 'afternoon in the ,hbnic of .Mrsj W. J. Coleman, 521 l,J>'orth. Chestnjut street.'with Mrs. jFrank Marks assisting hostess, 'jewing foif th!e altar was the work, arid plans were,made fcii^.a' baiair ;^ inext faU. • ' • • ' . ~;i The members present wert: Mrs. : 'Frank Lenskii Mrs. Ross Arbuckle," Conrad Lipp, Miss Dora Sheib- limelr, MrsJ Ki B.- Kra |is, Mrs. C. J. [iMcCann, Mrs. Barbara Zysko^ski, Htfrs. Chad. Shebanek, Mrs. Adam jjtek, Mrs. Isaac Martin,: Mrs. Harry Harris.. Mrs. John Jeck, ^Mrs. i). G. Dujlea, Mrs. John J^Iiirphy, KUss Annt^ Lnwitzka and M^s, J. A. SteimeL f j Jack, of LaHarpe, Mr. W. At Liv- Thgston and Mr. and .Mrs. Lester Lewnian. • -S. Birthday Surprise Party As a. jsurprise for Mr. Frank Hoke, a I party was given last night in his" home at 610 North Fourth street an honor ot hls!J>lithday. Many guests were present and the evening was spent inforjnally. * « * CompUmenUng an .lols GIri Under an uncomihonly good pic4 ture of Miss Grace Bwing the society editor of the Emporia , Ga- zefts runs the following comment: : "Miss Grace B^ving, a senior at C. ot E., recently] was crowned . "(iol -Km SiMilted." .Siildin;; in :i louiili of pi'Te.i of uionev'Mr. W. .M. Il;iiiii:i. of iiialoii .lowiisiiip. writes: "Please find enclosed two dollars, wlil(;li will»brlng me your paper for G inoiitlis more. I just must have It. I dill not get my paper .vcMterday niorning. jind I was thinking our ttiail cfirrler had carried it by. lint on luvcstlgallon I found my time had expired last Saturday. 1 would like to Jiave .Alonday's ant] Tuesday's papers. As 1 iini following our W1H4 liien's dpiufts at Topeka. also our congressmen. Hurrah for Coolidgc! A man nl good Judgment, not playing politics like some.of our representatives. I have them si^otted." j . The first Plotesianf missionary to! China was Rev. Rol^ert Morrison, who was .sent, out by'the London Jllssipnary Society and arrive<l at Canton by way of Now York in 1S07. Triiillj :>I. E. (huri-b. The Rev. Jonathan C. Wilson, .jiastor of tho Trinity .Methodist church, is attending the annual 'conference sessions at "fopeka. The s^ervices for Sunday will be as follows: Sunday school at 9:15 a. m. Lyle Hamilton, superintendent. The inorninc service will be con- lliicled under the auspices . of the Young • 'Woman's .Missionary Society, Epworlli League, G::ii) i». ni. Wilbur Hawthorne will have I'liarge of the services at 7:.".Op. in. .\ll the members nf the cbiinh arc asked to attend the meeting to be held Weiln^sda.v evening in the jiarsonage ' basement. Uriiig b.Hskets. Dinner will .be served at 7:r,<i o'llork. This will be the firs meetiiig of the coiifereiice year. Rev. .\Ir. Wilson and r:imily will be present. Plans .-iri- beinsmade for ;in iiiteresiinc nrograni anil au. eiaj'ivuble eventiiK l.s expected. ^ ' HKCItKTAKY. The Kaiiflst.'i'niiplr. The reciilar services will be Iield on Sunday.The Lord's supper will be observed at the nmrning service, and the' Hand nf Fellowship ^iven til new members. The rontii'sts- in tlie Sunday .School .-ir'e ^joiiiK at iiill blast, and we lliipe tlie|-i- will li:- no lei-up on the part of any of the omlesianis. Sunday Sijliool :il !•: ir>. i Morning Worship at II o'elock. JJoth 1!. Y; P. I'.s at fi::!0. Evening service ^it 7:.Ht. Associate Bible Studenis. ; K. P. Temple. Corner Washington and We^t Streets. ' 10 a. in. Scripture .study for Adults and Junior Bible Students <-ompany. Adult Topic: "The Organization of the .New Creation."—I Pet. 2:5. .Iiiuior Topic: "The World Destroyed. The I>eluge." 11 a. ni. "The Great .Multitude." -Rev. 7:9. S p. m. "Deliveuance." Wednesday. jt28 East Monroe street. Prayer.! prase and testimony service, j Bible text: "My Father worketh hitherto and I wrk."—John 5:17. E. W. BCITLEMAX. S OC'V. .\lways laugh .when you can. it is a cheap medicine; merriment'is a philosophy not well understood. It is the sunny sid^ of existence. ing very ipoorly;, "The monthly meeting of the Wo- tfWLTi Christian Temperance Union was'held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Westlakej February 25, 19^7. Miss Clara Parlasca had charge of the program. Mrs. Westlako favored.'them yith some beautiful Victrola music. Mrs. Montgomery read the 94th Psalm, folloyked !by short prayers by the meinbers. _ Roll call w'as responded to by ex- | cerpts from .the Messenger "What' the dollar dues is > used for." • A special tonfc was "The Frances E. Willard Memorial Fund." ! M;IS. Parker read "In the Cross Roads of. the Pacific." "Mrs. Tredwiay read froon the Union Signal. \Mrs. Glfford read a poem, "Crusader's Sons in Senate Halls." Miss Clara Parlasca rea^ a poem, "Frances Willari" The director's renorts were, called for and given. There was a general discussion, of thol work and plans for hettennent of conditions.) Mrs. Mary McGinriis a-ssisted the hostess lin ser\inB refreshments during the sc^cia I period. Visitors present were: -Mrs. Hagan; Mrs. Lowe, Mrs. Wm. Wagner jhd Mrs. Westlake. .\fter the Aaironlc benediction they adjourned to meet with Mrs. A. A. Jury and Miss Lucy, March 25. 1927. i Mr. Gilford met Grandpa Johnson going north about five o'clock the other morning and on being 1 asked where he was going replied' "I'm going to sec that new boy." Miss Alice Peak.has sweet peas and lettuce planted. Mrs. Montgomery has two inm- bators hatching this week. Shr- will sell the cbickens. Mrs. Morri.s was able'to accompany Rev. Morris to Topeka .Monday, where he will attend conference and tliey have a son in Topeka who she will visit. Mrs. Miller's mother, .Mrs. Allen ! of Gas Cit.v. visited her several days the first of the week. Mr. C. T. Hammel is auile busy selling nursery stock. Xow is: a good time to get ready for setting out trees and shrubs. Mrs. Lee Limes who has been suffering! with a severe cold is better. . daughter and Mr. Cramer dii shopping in Parsons last Satun^y. Loren Huss is absent from school this week on account of having thc- nieaslcs. Mr. and Mrs. William Bennett ieturne<l from |California last Friday! where they, spent the winter. Zack Price was an lola visitor last- Satiii-dayj j * ' The high (.school basketball game between - Hlsinorc and Savonburg last Friday night'was won,by Elsmore. The Sav'onburg girls were unable to be present on ^account of the measles. .Mrs. Wray spent Sunday night at the home of -Mis. Harold Butts. Mr. and Jlrs) Tipple and family ^ spent Sunday at the liomevof. Mrs. \ Tipple's fatlher. Mr. Hartnian, of ' • Uniontown.i . • Mrs. Alma Ntsbitt was called to Neosho. Mo.. Friday to be at l,he bqdside of her aged inotljer. wlio was very. low at last report. Mr., and .^Irsl J. C. Basihger and I X'ollcn Cox spent Tuesday nigUt with Grace Wray and Mabk; Ludlum. Mrs. Ru.ssel! Liidliiin visited with her sister, Mrs. Frank B:ieon. Monday. Tomniie Cation did shopping in Elsmore Tuesday. This section of '.he eiuiuty visited with one of the larjii^sl saow !ft:>raw' of the season .Monday night. Us«? Register Wants tor rcsuItR. 1 AN ATTRACTIVE WATCH —with dependable movement ' Tl^e pojiularity of the rectangular wri.s't watch is increasiiig daily. The attij-act- ively modeled case.s look well on the and when fittedi with a (lepenilablo movement, makes an'ideal watch. , We are showing a number of new nio<lels in the.«e popular watches. We want you to .see thpm—to compare their style and price, j . I ; .•I iciilcranye of desiyii and price fronil ^ . ^12.50 to $100.00 I Use Our Club Plan i . For Gifts That Last—Con.sult Your Jeweler. JEW C .LER-OPTOMETRIST L. Bamberger, head of the largest department store in Newark. N. J.. from a job as errand, boy at fi a week bc^ at the head of^a business aniQunttng to upwards of «:J2.000,000 a yeah HOVLMiD'S OP Breakfast "A whole wheat cereal. Toastiiut']ilTei( it a delicious flavor. • Ask your grocer. Pt^ty Skjms If the face iiowderl you nojw use '^ocs not stay on. long enough to suit' you—does not keep that ugly shine away indbrlnUely—does, not ma&e your skin colorful like a peach—try this new i wonderful special French Process' Face Pbw- der called MELLO-GI/). ! ^leyiem- ber the aamt. MBLLO-OIiO. There's nothing like lt .-7<:!i )ok 'ftOrttc Store SUpipaiBmmfim'ntiie Yaa wiQ forget youever had a com Qoe miaute after you apply Dr. SdioB'sZiao-pad*—that's bow quick they, ind all pun. Wbed the com is -gone it never comes ba^' If new shoes irritate the tpat, a ^no-pad 'fixes it ovcicnigbtl . I ' Dr.Scbon'iZioo-pad* are thikmedicated. EDtiMptlc. protective. heaUne. Safe, aore. Qidcli, lanlnc re«iItaKnarantlccd,Oe< • box •t roar drvggiM's or abde i|<alei'«—3^ FRY'S SATURDAY SPECIAL Marvel Piano and Furjiitur^ Polish Regular Value 50c. On Sale 37c Sodiphenc 50c Tooth Brush lOc Total 90c pniSale, Both for 50c Drink Ozarka Water For Your Health Dm/o\ 6 T 0 REJ in THE LAll < ^nees. For THE WORUJrS GHEATEST •ALES ««/« TiM»> T^oar or MMW Cook* in 3 mtMvttM Tomorrow's Offerings (hiirnieiise ('vats, $35.U0 values,! Siiecjal $23.75 $l7Ji« Miiort Cvats 1 $10.00 >evr Blaik and IVhite Coats, Speeially priced $19.75 T $29.50 m."> Silk l»resses. Special $8198 Iiil7.50 Dresses Special $13.75 ilM liayon Dres<ie.s SpecIaJ $5.69 25 New Hats, Special $1.6{9 mf Ladles' New Hats $2.50 p8.75 : Lii^e .Hfeaes Hats , $1.48 f $3.50 One Hundred Styie!« sons 26 Years of Successful Merchandising in tola SATURDAY MORNING A SALE OF 100 IjARGE rBASKETS $1.00 Values at Beautiful lac(|uered, metal Waste Baskets. Four beautiful Japanese scenes. 40 only, $1.50 value, Beautiful Octagonal Shaoed WASTE-PAPER —made of heavy metal weighted buttons, very highly tjuamcled . —made of heavy metal, weighted bottoms, ver yhighly enameled |p mil' Drapery Department ajSale <^ Euffled Curtains,! |1.<59 values, hi^ly mercerized Maifauiseite curtains. Per pair i'^ ' |1.00 : Size 82 inche.s \vidt>by 2^4 y«i*«fc» Jong. ^

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