Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 16, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1898
Page 4
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SfflS To Business Men: L*t the Telegraph Show What It Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account The woman who (a I weak, nervous, tired and L exhausted ; who han a •poor and vaHable appetite and no strength or Bcnre; who suffers from pains and aches, drajr- ' Ring down and burning sensa- , tiotis; and who • recoRnit ea, 'herself, that • she has become ; irritable, cross, bide nnd despondent, U In almost every case suffering from weakness and disease of the delicate ilia Important organs that bear the burden* Of maternity. .. . Thousands of women suffer in this way end do not recognize the cause, or if they do understand their condition, neglect ft rather than submit to the, obnoxious examinations and local treatment insisted upon by the average: physician. Dr. Plerce's Favorite Prescription is a wonderful medicine for womett who suffer in this way. It don away with, tie necessity for these try- imr. ordeals, and may be used in the privacy Or tbe home. It acts directly on the deli- cat* organs contented, and makes them strong, vigorous and healthy. It banishes the discomforts; of the expectant period and makes baby's advent e&sy and almost pain- leas. It transforms weak, nervous, petulant invalids into happy wives and mothers. Thousand* of women have testified, over their own signatures, to this fact. The "Favorite Prescription" may be procured from any good medicine dealer. Any worn' an who will write to Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N.Y.. may have the advice of an eminent and skillful specialist without charge. Mr». Con M. McLaurln, of RocVport. Coplah Co., Miss., writes: " 1 had displacement and Inflammation of the uterus. I was under the treatment of our family physician for • long time, out received no benefit. I had Mliagofln- teraal organs with ulceratlon and enlargement. I eoumenced uslmrvDr. PlrrW« Favorite prescription, > Golden Medical Discovery.'' Pleasant Pellets' and 'Kitract of Smart-Weedy . Pren theflratdiyl began to Improve, and.In a short Ume I was able to do all ray housework. < If It had not been for your medfctnn I would have keen dead long; ago." Stomach and liver troubles with sluggish action of the, bowels are cured by Doctor t Pellets, . WORKERSOFCHRISTMAS About the People Who Help to Make Our Holiday. LOHQ HOUBB AT HIGH PRE38UEE. Hie Ov*rlndru Poitman, Hie Wcnry fthnptclrl nnd <lir Jolly How We ftfnr Help Tbflii. ill HI •VNMBttiw 10 Flrtt-oUM unmr-l ano* CoBpaalM> The rta. 1 14-room d FOR SALE. corner Sth and AH>y on'EMtbn'itroef'bst. 10th ___ 12.dwellings. ""A 4-rbom dwelling onEHton streetb«t. wJjUttriliV Lot «fr 120 feet. Price ITOO. The residence of Geo. Klrsoh on Belle street; ; / I rooms and bath room) In good repair. Theltt-room residence of S. H. Nlphola ot LeWon at. Lot 70x170 feet. . A One ABneS-roomdwelling (nes room! heated by furnaoe; in n» flue lot of David Doyle oa Bluff street wui4-nxraibriok dwelling, The J. V. Tonsor homestead ontali weffi • JWVV*'Mi'TvU«»VB ••**•«•»•—•»•— l" — ^„ tt aonsi flue 10 room dwefflngltrult * BOOM fine loU on Blnfl street with Ing aad eewer; no grading, In T. L. • \A Bee 8-room brt- '—"•— ' Lotuoxiao iwltbfnrnaoe *&»**»« Chonorth aM. or riioon* *^Ke8ne'donbledwelling otlir, It. <*M«t*P« iButedbvsSamwithmoJern mprovenYiBtt. , each 70 by about i Ajjuroom dwelling; on State street. Prloe *f'jfioo* 8-room dwelling on Second street. r te> room dwenint.W Upper Alton, good UMiaile.' • location. A ot Albert Wade on Belle ns and finished attic, batk ~ lar. Gas and water r»a0u»., LotU(eat(root. . other AMlrable property not 'JlKworkorsof UhriBt- mastido, the meu and women who do tho work that ronkos pos- flihloour holiday fnn, will soon be in tho midst of (ho wbirl. They will not onjoy tho duy RO innch na tbe rost of UB. Homo of thorn will wish boforo it is over that it had remained merely n day of religions observance and .that tho pngtm custom of Riving presents hnd never beeu inoor- pOTBtod in It. It does eeem strnngo, doesn't it, that the greater part of 70,000,000 of people •herald connpiro onco n your to inako a lot of work for n misernblo minority? But as a rnlo the individuals of the minority do not eeom to mind it all. Tbe holiday spirit is infections. Kven the overburdened mail currier, staggering Along under n small mountain of parcels and packages, smiles wearily la response to the cheery thanks of the people among whom bo distributes his burden. The postman probubly has the hard- Mi lot of all the ObrUtaias workers. For a foil week beforo and after tho day itself he goes bis rounds Inden like a pack horse. Folly two-thirds of the presents sent from one place to another are Intrusted to tho mails. The express companies handle tbe rest As Uncle Sam does not believe in low salaried sinecures, each postman has a ronte whioh on ordinary days takes about all of his time and energy. Daring the time when Christmas presents are traveling back and forth across the country his work is frequently doubled and trebled. He mast got to the poatofflcB an hoar or two earlier tbau rigual and work eeveral hoars later. In- itead of one bag he carries two, and lometimoi he hauls a cart or a sled bo- Bldes. Bad weather, which is almost aare to put in an appearance along about Christmas time, simply adds to WB woes. It must bo remembered that he gets bathing extra for this added work. It onvenlenttOimotor dwelling on WUllam street room briok dwelling w room dwelling with fine river vt«w tenamentf near Cherrv homestead In Upper Alton barn end garden, now oooupled ufir 1. Possession given by J ESTATE, RANCE, and LOAN IOOM 15, P. 0. BUILD1NQ. frame dwelling No. Ml east HMO" Lot WirtO, Good street bouse and another t In good Uoatlon Oak street between die R. R. tracks, suitable tor street, bet, THE POSTMAN'S CHKISTMAS wortK. IB part of the job. Bo the custom of iqaklog up a pnrae for tbe postman deserves, to become more popular. It is oftener neglected tban romomburod. Oooaalonnlly a thoughtful citizen, ap predating tbo faithful service of th moderately paid letter carrier, starts n movement among bis neighbors urn makes tip a parse to bo given to tbe carrier when bo makes bis last tri] Christmas eve. Trouble and work iu largo lumps tbe Christmas mail brings to more than the carriers. Tho postal clerics, who do their work unseen by the general pub Ho, are often fairly hurled booeoth tbo mass of fourtli cluss matter whioh is damped down apou thorn. For them tbe Christmas eve jollifications are en tirely out of question. Bat if they did not work to tbe at most endurance, if tboy shut up shop early the night boforo and staid away from the olHon until the day after, as the most of us do, Uncle Joliu woalt not get the slippers which CotiHin Mitry sent until a day or two after Obriatmas, end tho thought tbat he had boon for gotten might make him somieernbleauc bitter that ho would change bis will, leaving Mary out altogether. In fact, •11 sorts of things might huppou. . No. one knows bow much happiness and good ohqer can lie (Jed ap In a Itytte cwdboajd box. go the fourth class mat' Ur re&ofve* flAty class attention at CjhrlstmiM tlrflu, ayd of the many tons iinually trsjujported bat a small per- In oonueotjpn with this subject just iW*n per'month': I remember, men yoo are making up a denoe oa Bute street on I Qhrlstwas jja^ikago to be sent through the molls, tbat * poorly pocked pnrcol, t| it re»oh«s its destinatlou at nil, is JlkeJy to got there iu a state of t^nok. It la uot enough to wrap a news pkner around a china .doll nod gut Jt In • paper shoo box. All fourth class matter is carried in stoat canvas sacks, and it Is impossible to handle these uaoka carefully. Haven't you seen them stacked up iu Tbe Sura La Urippe Cure. There la no use suffering from tbla dreadful malady, if you; will only get the right remedy. You are having pain ill through your body, yenr liver (• oat of Older, have no appetite, no life or ambition, have a bad cold, in fact we completely used up. Electric Bitters is the only remedy tbat will give you prompt and aure relief. They not directly on your Liver, fltomach and Kidneys, tone up tbe whole BV*Jand make you, feel like a new be- They are guaranteed to oure or refunded. For sale at B. Marsh's •tore, only Kf per bottle. A Lime Sniffle, e«W,or ft deep-Beated can b* oared for good with Dr. '« pine-Tar-Honey. This famous ~ taken In Uroe, will itop tbe of oontumpUon and bring the to the pallid obW. « t.'m corner of a mnil cnr, thrown to tbn platform from n liiovliiR trnln, hurled on lonilnd innll wnsotis liy hur- lt«l tlrlvnrs ntul dumped off without ceremony at tho rcnr nntrnnen to tho postodiro? .hift linnglnn what wnnM bappeii to n clnll In n flioo hox if thnt piirliuiilnr piirccl nhnncnd to hn on tho nndorRido whnn Ihn puck Ktrtich. Don't think thnt our nmils lire trniifl- ported hy Bomo cirlcntnl iiinKio silently, iwiftly nnd cnrcfully from one point to nnotlier. Von cnn lighten th" Inborn of the poslnl clerlffl somewhat hy making yonr packages goiitl nnd stout nnd by writing tho nddrops, partinohirly tiio name of Iho town nnd Hfnto, if n clonr, bold linnd. Thn uxprpHgmnn Ifl nnother ClirlstiniiH worker. He renlly denorvo.i mtinh nym- pnthy, but he Rots littlo. To must JHWI- plo ho rniirewntH n grnHpIng corporntliin which eluirKf H exorbitant rutciR for tnuiH- portnlfon. ifn( the expressmnn himself Is Ufitnilly not n ntockbnld«r. Hu d(ien not get hifl proportltmnte shiirn <it tho big [irofitc, and iluriiiK the holidays he cloOH his extra work without extrn coin- ponsntion. Do you iinnglno ho finds tlmo for sueii nonpeiiHO as UhristmiiH (llnnore? Not ainoh. It IH very Into UhriHtnmft uvo THE EXPRESSMAN HAS II18 HOLIDAY THOU I1LKS. When he puts up his tired horses am very early Christmas morning when h brings thom out again. All day long h delivers bundles and boxes filled wit niae things, nnd perhaps no one eoucl bini even a Christtuaa card. In tho stores whore tbe presents al come from, excepting, of course, thos wliioh Snntu Olnus brings to the littl folks, the work of Cliristrmistide make the poor clerks and bundle wrapper wish that giftinnkiug hnd never beer thought of, but the salesgirls and sales meu seem to stand it somehow. Lon hours are tboir lot for at least a moutl boforo Christmas. Some of the big oil stores do not close tboir doors unti midnight and open at 8 or 0 o'clock in tho morning again. How a clurk en keep her temper oil through » day o turmoil which drives tbo average mnl ebopper half distracted iu half an hon is a mystery, but many of them do il Vet we often blame tbe ones who fai and answer tbo uino hundred aud ninety ninth question sharply and pettishly. Hero is it typical scone: It is 1 o'clock iu the evening. Behind th counter is n young woman who ha boon on her foot for 14 hours without rest. Iu front of her is a changing pushing, jostling, flatting, -uaggiu mob of shoppers. How innch did you soy this was Where's my change? Here, I want an othor one liko this. Why don't yoi hurry up that bundle? I can't wait her all night. Say, if I take this, can change it if it doesn't suit? Will tha bo delivered tho first thing touiorros morning?" Theso are some of tho things sb hears, some of tho things she has bean repented with monotonous roguliirit. siuoo morning. Do you wonder she oo oasioually lets slip nu impudent reply? Then there are tho railroad mou wh handle the Christmas crowds They must look aftor the Infrequeu travelers who aro bound to get into th wrong curs, drop tboir bandies nnd as, thousands of unnecessary questions The brukemeu, firemen, engineers an conductors have lesw tiuio to tbomselve on Christmas than on othor days, an yet they must do thoir share towari adding to the general holiday fnu"o tbo nation without sharing iu it. Tho uutohor, the baker and tho candy maker are all hard worked mou just be TIIK WBAKY SALKSCJKIL. tore holiday tiuio. But they Imvo tbe personal nutisfuotiou of iiioruasocl profits and do uut uooui to look upou it UB a hardalilp. Theso are BOUIO of the people who work to iiiuku our Olirlntinns holiday comfortable ami enjoyable. They all doiorvo a kindly tfreatiUK, if nothing moru. Let'H see that tuny not it. 8YI.VK8TKB. \ A Narrow Escape. Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada B. Hart, of Qroton. B. D. "Was taken with a bad cold which settled on my unge; oough net In and finally terminated in Consumption, Four doo- orsgaveuie up, Baying I oould Jive >ut a abort time. I gave myself up to my savior, determined If I oould not stay with my friends on earth, to meet my absent ones bbove. My husband was Advised to jet Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Uoagbs and Ooldd. I gave It a trial, took in all eight bottles, It has cured me, and wank God I am saved and now a well and healthy ' woman." Trial totlles free at B. Marab'a drug store. tegular else COS and f 1. Guaranteed ir price refunded. Hoarseness l^eatlt On ;o serious irritation of tbe throat, and may end la a racking, rasping oongb. Jr. Bell'a Pine-Tar-Honey wlfl quick- y clear tbe throat and leave the voice lear and smooth. It la an infallible emedy for coughs and colds and fill iiorderg of toe throat and loon. Good druggist! selllt. Mo. Parsnip Complexion. It does not require hti expert to doled the sufferer from kidney trouble The hollow cherkd, llio sunken eye* tho dnrk, puffy circles under tho eves, tho sallow p'rnnlp-colorod complexion indicates it. A phy.tlclnn would aik If you had rheumatism, a dull pain or ache In the back or ovtrtho Mpa, stomach trouble, doBiro to urinate often, or a burning or scalding in passing it; if after punning there in nn unsatisfied feeling as if it inuBt bo at once repented, or il tho tirino linn n brick dust depositor strong odor. VVhon these symptoms are present no time should be loat in removing the cause. OeJny may lend to gravel, catarrh of tho bladder, inMnmnvtion, causing stoppage, and nometimos requiring Iho drawing of tlio urine with instruments, or may run into Br'ght's disease, the most dangerous atngo of kidney tronblo. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp- Root, the groat discovery of the ommont kidney nnd b iddor specialist, is a positive rem- mty for such diseases. \ts reputation is world-wide nnd It In BO easy to get at any drug store that no one need suffer anv length of time for want of it. However, if you prefer to first test its wonderful merits, mention the TELEGRAPH and write to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binnhampton, N. Y., fora sample bottle and book telling all about if, both sent absolutely free by mail. ( niillnl/,il nl t',,).0(1(1.(111(1. Trcnlnr. N". .1.. !'"<>. !<!. —Arllcli p of in corpi>i"iti"ii <>C the Anv.'iUnn Tin Plat? company w-rt 1 Illfd with the SLH.retu of slnli.'. Tin- company has nn authorized (apltal or S"i(i,0'!(.'.('00. The company 1= I'lnport-i red to mar.ufacture nnd deal in tin. tct^rno. black plat'.*, stocl sheets nnd kindred product?. Also to o\vn and oporato mines. The capital stock divided Into S2n,0()(),(K)0 preferred nnd $30.COO,000 summon Ftn;U. The preferred ."took ip to \'tiy 'I per cent, cumulative dividends. It is provided in the articles that the property of the coin- par;y can orly be W"rUra£t?d by the consent of the holders of a majority of the preferred stuck. DciilhH on White I'IISH KulUvny. Victoria, B, C.. Dec. 10.—The steamer Danube, arriving from Lynn canul, reports n succession of fatal accidents during the construction of the "White Pass railway, caused by an avalanche First Oflicer r,n\vrenc<.- of the Danube, while at Sliasuay. was tolJ of six ol these accidents occurring within week; he obtained no tinmen, but was assured that no fewer than fifteen or twenty liad lost their lives on the railway since the advent of winter. Heavy l>imiii£i>4 CliiiiniMl. Sycamore, Ills.. Pee. 16.—Judsre Pom of De Knlb county l.« made a defendant in a S.'iO.flOO damage suit. Some thru ago he went to Kane county and held court for Judfte Snuthworlh. and sent Ellie Pcrrln of Klplr. to the Geneva Institution for female offenders. Frank Collier secured her release on irregularity of proceedings, nnd now damages are asked of all the court ofllclals and officers of Hie Geneva Institution. u. r.u>vciij Acidlck!*, president 01 cue Bay State Gas company, and Mrs. Ida Carr Wilson were mart led at the horn of the bride at Clayinunt. Del. Mr nnd Mrs. AddicUs started south on wedding tour. uueiciea e Arnicn salve. Tbe best salve In the world for outs bruises, eoree, ulcers, aalt rheum, fever sores, tetter chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin eruptions and positively cares piles, or no pay required. It la guaranteed to givi perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 35 cents per box. For aale B. Marah. Alton and Dpper Alton $100, Dr. E, Detchon's Anti- Diuretic May be worth to you more than $100 if you have a child who soils bedding from incontinence of water during sleep. Cures old and young alike. I arrests the trouble at once. $1. Sol< by 8, H. WyBB. Druggist, 852 Second st/eet, Alton, 111. Lost. Many have lost confidence and hope as well as health, because they have been told their Kidney disease was incurable. Foley's Kidney Onre is a Guaranteed remedy for the discouraged and disconsolate. Bold by E Marsh nnd 8. H. Wyes. Tbe person who disturbed tha congregation last Sunday by coughing, 10 requested to call and get a bottle ol Foley's Honey and Tar, which alwayar gives relief. Sold by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wysa. Rheumatism Cured in 24 Hours. T. J. Biaokmoro, of Hallor & Blackmore, Pittsburgh, Pa., says: "A shorl time since I procured a bottle ol 'Mystic Cure." It got me out of the house in 24 hours. I took to my bed with rheumatism, nine months ago and the "Mystic Cure" Is the omj medicine that did me any good. ] had five of the best physicians in the city, but I received very little reliel from them. I know the "Mystic Cure" to be what it is represented and take pleasure in recommending it to other poor sufferers." Bold by S. H. Wyes, druggist, Alton. Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently cured by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. It is a oure for the whole world of stomach weakness and indigestion. The cure begins with the first dose. Tbe relief it brings Is marvelous and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter how long you have suffered, yonr cure la certain under the use of this great health-giving force. Pleasant and always safe, gold by 8. B, For Hoarseness. Benj. Ingerson, of Iltuton, lud., says: be hud not spoken above a whisper for months, and one bottle of Foloy'a Honey and Tar restored bis voice. It is used very largely by speakers and singers. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wjss. What do the Children Drink? Don't itive them tea orcoffey. Have you tried the new food drink called GRAIN- O? It IB delicious aud nourishing and takes tbe glace of coffee. The more Grain- O you give the children the more health you distribute borough their systems. Oralu-O la made of pure grains, and when pro- •ly prepared tastes like the choice UB of coffee but t>o«U about one- n<i... Branch, A 11 grocers eell it. loo For Pneumonia. Dr. J. O. Bishop, of Agnew, Mlon,, iaya: "I have used Foley'u Uoi>ey / and Tar in three very severe oases of >neumonla tbe past month with good osults. Sold by B. Mareh and 8. H. Vyes, CASTORIA For Infants and Oblldjrea, Til Kind Yon Have Alwayj Bought A Fleshy Consumptive Did you ever see one ? Did you ever hear of one ? Most certainly not. Consumption is a disease that invariably causes loss or flesh. If you are light In weight, even If your cough is only a slight one, you should certainly take Scott's Emusllon of cod liver oil with fiypo- pbosphttes. No remedy is such a perfect preventive to consumption. Just the moment your throat begins to weaken and you find you are losing flesh, you should begin to take it. And no other remedy has cured so many cases of consumption. Unless you are far advanced with this disease, Scott's Emulsion will hold every inducement to you for a perfect cure. All Druggists, 500. »nd $i. SftOTT.ft BOMME. Ch»ital»rt. NxYt, CALVIN S. BIUCE DEAD. K> Sciiuli/r. from Olilu Time* Aw»y In New YorU. New York, Dec. 1C.—Calvin S. Brlce died at 3:1; o'clock Thursday afternoon In this city. Mr. Brlce contracted a severe cold one week ago. On Friday 'nst he went down town to his ofllce, returning home in a suffering condition and on Saturday took to his bed. He grew steadily worse until he died. plunder t\lltes 'tampered with. Washington, Dec. 10.—Of 8.000 Span- Ish Mauser rifles at the Sprlngfleld armory only 2.500 have been found to be In serviceable condition. A» these rifles were used by the Spanish troops defending Santiago up to the time of the surrender, it Is suspected nt the war department that they were purposely rendered useless before being handed over to the Americans. The unserviceable guns will be sold at public auction. Cook Itiins Amuck. Fargo, N. D.. Dec. 16.—John Smith, third cook on the northern Pacific 'coast train, ran amuck before Fargo was reached, assaulting Conductor Me- Lennon and terrorizing waiters and passengers. Smith barricaded himself in the diner where, armed with a long meat knife, he defied arrest. Officers met the train here and after an hour's delay Smith was finally overpowered. Action for nil Injunction Uenlctl. Chicago, Dec. 16.—Judge Carver of the circuit court, has denied the motion for an Injunction restraining the sale of the assets of the National Linseed Oil company to the American Linseed Oil company. James Barnard had filed a bill asking for the appointment of a receiver for the National company, on the ground that the assets of the company were being wasted. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Daniel W. Collet, deceased. Tbe undersigned baring been appointed Administrator of the eatate ot DANIEL W. COLLET, late of the county of Madison and State of 1111- noln, deceased, horeby gives notice that be will appear before tbe County Court ot Madison county,at the Court House, In Edwardsvllle, at the January term, on tne first Monday In January next, at wblob time all persons baring claims agalnat said estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of baring tbo same adjusted. All persons Indebted to said estate are requested to make Immediate p»y- mnnt to the undersigned. Dated this 19th day ot Nor. A. D., 1898. ENDS JOHNSON, Administrator. ASK YOUR DRUGGIST for a generous 10 Cent TRIAL SIZE. Ely's Cream Bel contains no cocaine, mercury nor any other injurious drug. It IB qulokly absorb ed. Glres relief »t ^ ones It opens and /*A| fllh UCAA cleanses the Inasal LULU 'I TlBAU .ages. AUaya pain ud Inflammation. .la and protect* the membrane. Restores the senses of taste andsmcti. Pull size SO otaj Trial size lOo; at druggist or by mall. KL/ BROTHER dwl* 56 Wamn fltrant. V.Y. HENRY J. KLUNK, If n b » w» « k e v. 9*ittM tn ve-abn coffin*, Htf ««»>», jt»«t bence. lflO«, S Dr. Wiiiiiiuis' Indian i-lli Ointment will curouilim, HleeUiuK and lloUluji . Iiubsorlis the tumors, the luiblut' at once, acts usa jxmlUce, uivca Instont re. . Wili • lief. Dr. • ment In prepared for PI It Ing of lue private purla, Every box it. wnrrantad. Uy aruuglKtH, by mull on re «lpt otjurliie. ftO ocnu and $1.00. MUhUFsCTUHINB nn. Prone.. Cleve! ^NNYROM" JPiLLS jHB^V _ OrlglpBlaX.On.ljJtaiiilM. k aitm uk Utk Bl«.. IBJ.UUU' •JSS£ pal ud On], Qeput. tatv* nlUtiit. LAOIK* uk ft LAHOR OX EXPANSION. gnli.lcrt nUriiMrd l>y the American Fed- rrnllon nt «»!•••» City. Knwas City, Dec. 10.—National expansion, whether or no It phftll be Indorsed tiy the American Federation of f.sbor, was the suliloct of discussion at the morning session of the convention. The question wna denatficl with considerable show of heat, <?hnmplon« for and against that principle speaking with great ardor oft the -theme. The question come up on ™e Introduction of a resolution denouncing expansion Introduced by the resolutions comrnittce nnd following the suggestion for it expressed In President Qomper's annual address. Samuel P. Donnelly of New York was the first delegate to speak oft the resolution, talking strongly for expansion. Delegate I.loyd of Boston followed In a strung speech Hgalnst expansion, Me Bald In the course of his remarWs that he never had been In favor of an alliance with Great Britain or any other government, and he was not lt> favor of It now. Such an alliance of governments would be a gad blow to organized labor of the United States. An alliance of the workers of the world was what waa wanted; not an alliance of the governments of the world. Continuing, Mr. Lloyd declared he would have the Federation of Labor serve notice upon ev ery politician In the country that any man voting for expansion would place himself In deadly enmity to organized labor, nnd that organized labor would work for his defeat at the polls. The Federation of Labor, he went on, should not be duawn away Into po'.lllcal questions; they should tend to their own business. Delegate John Klrby, likewise spoke against expansion. The anntxatlon of such countries as the Philippines would drag labor to the level of the countries annexed. Max Hayes of Cleveland de dared the wage workers of the United States could not aftor<J to trifle with the question of expansion. The Feder atlon of Labor should wash Its hands of the whole question and not be drawn Into a problem which politicians would, and are using for their own best Interests. When recess was taken the reso lutlon had not beeji djgposed of. 'In a portion of Hanover, Germany, a local decree requires eachr farmer to deliver to the authorities twelve sparrows or sparrow heads betw'een Oct. 1 and nen. I. or nay a fln« of 6 marks. Coughing Constant coughing to not only very annoying, but the continuous hacking and irritation will soon attack and injure the delicate lining of the throat and air passages. A simple cough is bad .enough; but a chronic cough is really dangerous. Take advice and use the celebrated Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup at once and be cured. Cough Syrup Cures a Cough or Cold at once. Doses arc small nud pleasant to talce. Doctors recommend it. 1'rice 25 cts. At all druggists. •ar&*. £)rs. Q. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE m M'Pike Building. Cor. and and Baston sts. Pbonet 138 and 171. P. SCHUSSLBR,M.& HOMEOPATHIST and SURGEON OmCI AMD KBS'DBNCK, HOTEL MADISOb Telephone 100 firs. E. C. & H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFP1CK HOURS: 7 to t a,mi 11 to 1,«to I p.m TELEPHONB 87. QR. C. B. ROfiLAND, DENTIST, OnceHoariV to tin m. nd t to p.-«. II W. THIRD lUHIT IVIADK JVJE A MAN ODRE DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANKRUPTCY In Short Time. Yager & Yager, Attorneys 300 Belle street S. F. CONNOR Real Eilate, laionocc ud CollectlBf A|cat. ffioe: PUss Building 'an* Loan Association ALTON. ILL. THROUGH SERVICE - BETWEEN — — ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY ANP TH TEXAS. WMKR MOTET SUEPEIS - AHB— FREE RECLINING KATY mm CASTORIA The Klud Yon Have Always Bwsrht.and which has becjn In une for over BO years, has borne the signature of nnd has boon, made under his per- soiial fiupervifeloti slued its lnftui<:y. Allow no one to deceive you In this. All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitutes are but Ex r perintenta that trifle with ftnfl cnaangolr thO health Of •Infanta and Children— Exportertce against Eltpterlmeut.'" What is CASTORIA Oastoria Is a substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Harmless and Pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Mocphlne nor other Narcotic substance. Its age Is Its guarantee, It destroys Worms and allays Feverlshness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. It relieves teething Trouble*, cutes ConstlpaiUon and Flatulency. It asSlmUatcB the Food/ regulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural 'Bleep. The Children's Panacea— The Mother's Friend. GENUINE Bears the Signature, qf The Kind You Hare Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years. THI OUITAUII oMimMT. »? ««Uj!|ll*T .TIUCT, HIWTOimltlTT. J, tS Home BEST TRAINS aska.MofitanaMetSounf PANQ SUE, LAUNDRY. Laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. Alto best of Teat and Chtaeie Novelties ot band. 624 East Second it. . 306 State * ALTON TIME CARD Granitoid Paving Co, W. &.H. BEISER, Prop's. 813 But Sixth Street • Alton, III All Unas ot Granitoid Work: Sidewalks tyol material and work guaranteed. Orderi bv mail will reoelve prompt attention. Edmund H. Blair Red EeMe and loBoraoce Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Notwy Public. WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer in Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster Ujtoes to meet competition. Goods de- Offlo* 107 Weit 5«cond 6tr«ei Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAKER. OOR .THIIU) AND P1ABA STB , ALTON ILI Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer ka**- SaH Msets ae< Urt, ae4 auii tactanr el tasurs. U« BAIT SECOND ALTON OJ. ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, tu BBLLB antaer. Momy to Loan oa Improved Property RIMTB COLLKOTIO. T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Map* Profile! and Bitlniate Purnlthed. «o« B«N« »t*»rt, Up Otftn. Chas A. Slrittmatter Wtonbaot Tailor. 7*4 BA5T SECOND ATRBBT. TAILOR MADE CLOTHES, -At- MODERATE PRICES, Tw art »nrlt*4 to call ant ti«a\|a« aw NtW STOCK OP GOODS Chicago ft Alton. "• On and after noon Aug. 14, 1898, trains will leave Uulon Depot, Alton, as follows' For Chicago,North and East—*12:85i m,*8:10 am, *8;17am,•10:06pm. • ForBprlDgfleld~*Ui:89am, *8:10 - m, *8:17 am,*e:20pm, *10:06pm PorPeorla—*8:47am,*10:09pm . .. ... .. For Kansas City arid* the West-* !«7 am, *9:&0p m ' *5au».-' tR»o«fr Bund fSeaJoIntC?4 A. and trains between Alton and ilg Four Ume table tor it.'Louis. 1 r UI.OHI BI Four jpiniTHiieToDieoi irains Between Alton & St. Loula. Lv. Alton For St. Louis. Ar.St.L 8 18am .: ....... C4 A dally... ..... .. 7 »am JJJWn ........... Big Four. dSly.. ..... ; 7 SO am «»«» ....... ".c4A; Jaiiv.. ........ sooaf BI* Four, ex-Sun ..... .800am " '* " .. 880am.. 8 is am.. »Uam.. 12f)pm. 820»m.. 4 U pm.. 648 pm.. 627pm . 608pm 820pm LvStLUS 708am 744am. 748am 1040am 100pm... .BI. 6 . " .Bun. only. A, dally. .'.. -, dally,".... nly... ... •Bl f Four, Sato • • a 1 0. AA. < ,.. CftA, dally... C*A,daHy.... For Alton CAA, dally. .. ~ Four ex-sun. $J. 1000am .. 824am ,.»pg»m .. i<op .. 430| ..64 .'.'."jifpaT .. 7 06 pro -».Mpm Ar Alton . 810pm .. 910f£ .. 847am ,1140am ?52E9 C. C. O. ft St. L.—Big Pour. Burlington Route. >m: (Suburban eerrloe) »?j^f 1 «"' ii *m D^.B»n 1^ «»K ' Arrtre Alton »«'T DaU>«i-8uu !§pi Q. IK^ iDalljr ox-Bon "-•n rw .8aa Jf—__ UMpn litr Bt. Loulf.Peoria Lme> (It. L. 0. aVtt. P. Xr.) On »nd after NOT. U, UN8, traloi will le T« ' as follows i

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