Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1894 · Page 1
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Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1894
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if?' TENTH YEAR. ALGONA, IOWA, EKIDAY, NOVEMBER 2,1894. NUMBER 44 Bead and Reflect The Following are Facts. I have just received a new, good, nobby and fashionable line of woolens, consisting of Overcoatings, Suit- ings, Fine Coatings and Trouserings. They must be sold, they will be sold, and they can be sold at unheard of prices. • • What in the name of common sense do you buy [those miserable .shape and buttonless garments for, that Imake you look old and sickly, and you know you feel bad with a suit of those sweat-shop made garments on. Do you know that death and desolatipn are lurking in those ready-made clothes made in sweat-shops in Chicago and New York. How many times diseases invade your home, such.asdiphthera, scarlet fever, smallpox, etc. In 99 cases out of 100 the sweat-shop clothing brought the disease to your home. Don't buy it. I can sell you a fashionable, good fitting, good wearing and presentable. suit for the lowest figure possible. I can sell you woolen! for less money than anybody in Algona, because I want , to. ".'...'. . ' ' : ' :. \ .'• Repairing done on short notice and done right. , Dress buttons made to order. \ .Satisfaction guaranteed in every respect. Can also sell you steam ship tickets to and from Europe as low asHhe lowest in price. IN THE DEAL_NO LONGER'. The Sioux City Implement and Seed Company Explains. Ttife manager .of the Sioux Implement & Seed company of Sioux City, sends us the'following letter in explanation of their connection with the "territory or blue sky gang" that was mentioned in this paper last week. Sioux CITY, Iowa, Oct. 29.—Editor COUBIBU, Algona, Iowa. In response to the card of Mr. Button, published in your issue of the 26th, we would like to say that while we wish to be fair with this gentleman, we want to Yours very respectfully, State Street, Algona, Iowa. uijTjTjTjTnnjTJTJiJTnjTruiJirui^ Jim vviuii urns guuuiumuii, wu wuuu LU be placed in the right light before the peoplejof your section. About two months ago a stranger introduced himself to the writer, as. J. L.'Button of Algona, claiming thtit he wanted some goods. On closely questioning him, he claimed that he had been operating in the northern part of the state under the style of The Farm Machine Supply Co., selling a patent right, with implements on the side. We told him that we did not believe he could sell goods for us, but he insisted thathe could use some goods and would pay cash for them, with the order. We told him that we would furnish what he wanted on those terms but under no consideration would we allow our name to be connected with his business, and that we would only furnish goods on a cash basis to him or others that might want them through him, and advised him if his business was straight and right to incorporate under the name that he was working, and that if there were any goods required 'we would be glad to furnish them at a very low price. In a few days'he wrote us saying that he had conclud-; ed to incorporate his business, . would like to have us send him aeon- tract, which we did, offering to furnish him or his agents goods"for spot cash with order. We never got any orders .and soon began to get inquiries from farmers in the North Central part of the state saying that they had -a contract with us, as agent, to sell our goods, .and wanted supplies. Wo investigated the matter and soon discovered that parties unknown to us, without our land is situated to recover the land and filed petitions in sixty-three cases in Clay county alone. Some of this land has become very valuable, a part of the town of Sanborn being 'built on one quarter section. The heirs claim that John Irwin was insane and that as no guardian was appointed the decision of the courts in the cases quieting title should be set aside and they allowed to take the land upon the payment of taxes, interest and penalties. There will be some hard fought legal battles over the matter and what the outcome will be no one can foretell. w Is what we have got to have for the next six months. Don't make a mistake in buying a HEATI1SG STOVE. THEOAKGARL.AN for 1894 is the ackowledged leader in Oak Stoves. The tightest fitting stove ever made. Best fuel savers. 9 THE PEERLESS GARLAND For hard coal cannot be excelled by any stove in the market. authority had printed 'Contracts and stationery, representing themselves to be OUT agents, and. selling township rights and taking notes therefor. We immediately canceled our contract-to furnish Mr. Button with goods for cash with order, and advised him that we wanted nothing more to do with him or his scheme, as he,had used our name to do business with without our knowledge or consent, to his profit and our loss. ,-/,:.,'• Mr. Button's scheme may be perfect-, ly straight and square, and the farm-' ers of Kossuth and Hardin counties may not have any better sense than to pay $125 for the privilege of buying goods for cash, but in either event we do not care to do business with Mr. Button as it looks too much like a ; nut shell game to us. Yours truly, A. VANDEKVOH.T.. A HONE-STONE QUARRY. A Bed Seven Acres in Extent Found Hear Iowa Falls. . WEBSTER CiTY,Ia. Oct. 31.—About two miles from Iowa Falls, a town 'twenty miles east of this city, a hone- stone bed has been discovered which promises to eclipse in quality tho product of any other bed in the United States. The tract covers ten acres and will be at once developed by B. B. Bliss the electrician who lives in this city. There are only six other places in the United States where hone stone is found. Most of the best quality of used in this country comer from Scotland and is worth $2 a pound. The stone found at the Iowa Falls bed has been examined by all the prominent geologists of the state and it has been pronounced by experts equal to the Turkish stone, which is mined in Asia Minor and sells in this country for $1.50 a pound. At present there are about fifty car loads of the stone in sight and geologists say over 7 acres of the tract are underlaid with a rich quality of the stone that will sell on board the cars at from 35 cts. to 81.50 a pound. The discovery is looked upon in this section of the state as something, almost as good as a gold mine. . Mr. B. B. Bliss is the gentleman that was in the rnerchantile business at LuVcrne some years ago, a partner of Geo. W. Hanna. DONE BY THE COUNCIL. Official Record of Two Council Meet* ings-A Change in Clerks. ALGONA, Iowa, Oct. 27, 1894.—The city council met in regular session at the city clerks office, Mayor Ambrose A. Call in the chair. Members present— Wadsworth, Garfleld, Pettibone, Cordingley, Magnusson and Nicoulin (late.) Absent—Vesper and Hutchins. The minutes of the last month's meetings read and approved. Garfleld and Wadsworth were appointed to act with Cordingley as finance committee in the absence of Vesper and Hutchins. Moved and seconded that the following bills be allowed and warrants drawn on the treasury for the same: J. A. Hamilton & Co, lumber, etc $ 69 !ta J. F. Nlcouliti, express 100 A. Koss, labor 5 40 2 15 _.. jy, pumping Si! 00 Willlnm Miller, lighting lamps 15 00 - ,,| • — Oilmore & Winkle, draynge— Thos. Dailoy, pumping Wllllnm Miller, l!ghtln M H..I. Winkle, hardware 1 75 Weltp-enantBros., hardware :.... 1000 John Paul Lumber Co, lumber H9 S7 C. A. Telller, work on Park avenue 5fl 05 W. J. Tlmckery, labor 5 00 W. E. Naudaln, drayage, etc..: •« 40 E. J. Gllmore, oil 2806 Suurbook & Lambert, water pipe 4R6 J. W. Robinson, hardware IB fi« A. F. Dnlloy, months salary 60 00 rf. S. Stubblns. street com 5125 The following are the bills paid during the month of October, 1894, by special order of the council and by order of the water committee: Stayed By Jtotva. A wonderful stride in the way of improvement is being taken by our farmers this fall. In every direction ngw houses and barns can be seen. The past flve years has changed the face of the country in many localities. Five years ago good wild land could be had for $10 anc $12 per acre within a couple of miles of town, but today could not be had less than $25 and $30 per acre. The wild hay land will soon be a thing of tho past, for every year great inroads are made upon it, and in its place will be cultivated fields of corn, wheat, barley and oats. In the coming flve years great developments • will take place in northern Iowa, the value of land will increase, and the man who sticks by his Kossuth county farm will find himself in clover, the mortgages paidioff and a good bank account. Some are disposed to be uneasy because they haven't realized all their expectations, but they are few, but to the few we would say there is no locality that promises larger returns for the labor expended than Kossuth county land. The men who make a success at anything are the men who stick at whatever they undertake.—Wesley Keporter. THE COLUMBIA^ STEEL !• , •'•'"' Is without a doubt the best steel range market. Takes less fuel; bakes than any steel range made. Note-I have £6 Second Hand Stoves that will be sold VERY CHEAP, from $8 up. Call and look my stoves over, AMERICAN INVESTMENT CO. First Report of Receiver Allen Filed at Dubuque. Attorney Soper of Emmetsburg has at Dubuque filed in the United States court the first report o'f FrankE.Allen of Estherville, receiver of the American In vestment company. The report covers the period from June 20 to Sfp- tember 30, 1894, claims filed during this time aggregate $99,263.94. All claims filed seem to relate to protested drafts and to loans collected by the company and not remitted to the owners. It is alleged that $93,000 of these claims should be preferred for certain reasons set forth in each case and the receiver asks the court to pass on this question of priority. For the company's hypothecated securities he has paid off $170,751 either by collecting the loans and remitting them'or by exchanging or otherwise settling with the holders. When the receivership was asked it was stated the companies liabilities amounted to several million dollars and its assets to only a fraction thereof. The receiver makes no statement of assets and liabilities but does state that the assets consists wholly of equities in real estate, •' PLENTYJDF WORK. Iron and S,tcel Mills at Harrislrarg. Pa., Running Full Blast. Harrisburg, Pa. Oct. 31 —Iron and steel mills in this locality are enjoying an era of unprecedented prosperity. At the Pennsylvania Steel works the production of rails and Bessemer steel last week was the heaviest for years. The three furnaces in blast averaged nearly 300 tons daily. For three days the Bessemer mill averaged 120 blows every twenty-four hours The rail mill made 4, 000 tons of rails duringthe week, the largest produc- toon in its history. On Thursday 816 tons were turned out—nearly a ton to every two minutes. The company has contracts for 100,000 tons of girder rails from the Chicago Street Hallway Company of Chicago, and another large contract from Coving^on, Ky. There are 4,000 steel works. men employed in the Keeps Whisky in Coffins. EMPOKIA KAK., Oct. 29.—Richard Brisco of this county runs an undertaking establishment at Allen and has several time been arrested charged with running a "joint," but always discharged for lack of evidence. Today, however, his storehouse of intoxicants was discovered to be in the coffins which were arranged'with false bottoms. He was .placed under $500 bonds, charged with violating the Murrylaw. • 0. M. & St. P. R. R. Co., freight $530 58 0. & N. W. K. 11. Co., freight 41 07 "W. E. Naudaln, freight, etc 32 00 (Approved Oct. 10th.) Dig-glug 1552 feet of 'ditch at 7 cts.... .. 108 04 (Approved Oct. 13th.) Digging 25TO feet of ditch at 7 cts 172 15 Wm. Tichon, pipe work. 000 L. Nelson, pipe work 8 00 C. M. Dailey, pipe work 14 25 O. L-. Poland, diggl ng dl tcu 7 75 Geo. Smith, pipe work 8 75 A. Anderson, pipe work 14 25 (Approved Oct. 20th.) Digging 2350 feet at 7 cts.... 16450 Geo. Smith, pipe work I) 00 C. M. Dailoy, pipe work 1200 J. W. Itonger, holding semper 0 00 Wm. Telohen, pipe work 12 00 L. Nelson, pipe work 3 00 Chiis. Brown, pipe work 1 50 A. Anderson, pipe work 12 00 (Approved Oct. 27th.) ,t 0. Brown, holding scraper To Wm. Qarbrlch, pipework 4 00 Digging lOlil feet of ditch at 7 cts 74 37 ). Ducher, pipe work 4 00 A. Finch, pipe work 4 00 A. Anderson, pipe work !) 00 Win. Barton, drayago .' 2 50 Wra. lichen, pipe work 0 00 L. Nelson, pipe work 000 C. M. po work 1000 T. B. Hnin, holding scraper ii 00 Goo. Smith, pipe work 0 00 Ayes—Wadsworth, Garfield, Pettibone, Cordingley, Magnusson. Noes— None. Carried. Moved and seconded that a warrant be drawn for the Harrison Howard Iron Co. for the amount due them for water pipe when their bill is presented, duly approved by the water committee. Ayes—Wadsworth, Garfleld, Pettibone, Cordingley, Magnusson and Nicoulin. Noes—None. Carried. A. Hutchison presented his resignation as city clerk which resignation was accepted to take effect on the morning of the 5th of November. Chas. A. Cohenour was then nominated for the office of city clerk and was unanimously elected, his services to commence on the morning of the. 5th of Nov. 1894. The following resolution was offered by Wadsworth: Resolved, .that the city clerk be authorized to draw seven warrants of S500 each, payable in two years and drawing interest at seven percent, payable semi-annually, and to dispose of them at par and place the proceeds in the city treasury to the credit of the water fund. Moved and seconded that the above resolution he adopted. Ayes, Wadsworth, Garfleld,Pettibone,'Cordingley. Magnussion. Noes, none. Carried. An adjournment was then taken. 1 A. HUTCHISON, Clerk. It takes a hustler • for the newspaper business in this locality now, but the Bugle is equal to the emergency. We can writea poem, dicuss the tariff, umpire a ball game, report a wedding, saw wood, beat a lawyer, describe a fire so that the readers will shed- their wraps, make a dollar do the work of ten, shine at a soiree, address a horticultural society, abuse the liquor habit, test whisky, subscribe to charity, go without meals, attack free silver, defend bimetallism, sneer at snobbery, wear diamonds, invent advertisement, overlook scandal, praise babies, minister to the afflicted, fight to a finish, set type, praise the widows, sweep the office, speak at prayer meeting, run for office and stand in with everybody and everything. If you don't see what you want ask for it. Notice to Builders. Notice is hereby given that scaled bids will bo received by the undersigned unti 11 o'clock p. in. Saturday. Nov. 3, i!894, for the erection of a school house near the south-east corner of Section 14, in Lot's Creek township. Specifications can be seen at the Auditor's office In. Algona. The board reserve the right to rti- jeet any bid. :* tT T 0. TAYLOR, Lotts Creek P; 0..»«-|y. I .—isy.-lA Time Notice. To Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified that I have this day given my son. Otto, his time and fully emancipate him from, my control. That I make no claim for his future earn Ings and shall In no manner be liable for any debts contracted by him. | JULIU8 KlSTAU. Dated, LuVerne. Iowa, October 12th. 1894. J, W, ROBINSON, PATTERSON & SARCHETT, (Successors to Patterson, gain Grocery, -We have a Hvge and first class stool? of groceries that we will sell as ' CLAIM HE WAS CRAZY. The Title to 15,000 Acres of Laud In Northwest IOWA in Dispute, The Spencer Herald last week sajd that it now looked as if there was going to be no end litigation over a number of Olay county farms. During the year 1858 and"l859 one John came owner of 15,000 acres of land in Northwest Iowa. About 4,000 acres of this land was In Clay county and about 7,000 acres ip O'Brien county. the rest being in Sioux and adjoining counties, Irvvjp never sold or deeded an acre of this land to anyone -and never paid a cent of taxes and ib has all been sold fpr Jaxjs, a goacl deal of )t SSYWAI 'times.'' Mpsfc'pf this Japcl was 'sold for, "taxes first in 1805 a,nd since the,p suits have b,een. brought from tinie>ta quie^e title tp ' various pieces, of ' The Kansas Poor Richard, Atchison Globe: People never think of a good doctor as "Doc." This is the riext year you expected 'so much of last year. Kin are almost as easy to accumulate as empty tomato cans, When a woman stops crying about a man, she has stopped caring for him Tho world is full of jays, but the supreme guy of them all is the fellow who tells his troubles in a crowd. You can never estimate a man's wealth by the appearance of his parlor and his 10-year old daughter. If you want to be poor all your life excuse your extravagance on the ground that you are entitled to a certain amount of fun. Every wonjan believes that she would be better appreciated if her husband'had to put up with some other wife for a time. w}H $p a r e no palps to please pu.r ape} JnvJte QUJ fr'JeRds. Notice, i , I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of assessor of Prairie and kindly ask the voters of said township for their support. G> G. ST „.„ > Magnetic pjl, hprsobraijd, , a $un,de,rful ypimoni^fomhen.ntia' ,8Bii-Jieuralgljii'^jirajMj,""' 1 ' h "» is( ' s ALGONA, Oct. 13.—The city council met in special session at the city clerk's office for the purpose of making provisions for the payment of city warrants that are due and other expenses. Mayor Ambrose A. Call in the chair and members present, Vesper, Wadsworth, Garfleld, Pettibone, Cordingly. and Nicoulin; absent, Magnusson and Hutchins. Moved and seconded that the city clerk be instructed' to issue MiP . twenty-five hundred dollars ($25,000) in five, five hundred dollar, city warrants, payable in two years and drawing seven per cent interest, payable semi-annually, and to cash the same and place the money in the city treasury to the credit of the water fund. "Ayes, Nicoulin, Vesper, Gar- fleld, Wadsworth, Pettibone, Cordingley. Noes, none, Carried. Moved and'seconded that the city clerk draw warrants for all freight bills presented by either railroad company during the month of October, 1894. Carried. A. HUTCHISON, Clerk, Wholesale Music House. W. W. Klmball Co., of Chicago, has leased the unoccupied portion of Mr, Bronson's jewelery store and have a large stock of pianos and organs at the depot ready to be hauled up and put on the floor by Monday, The stock w'.ll consist of at least ten Kimball ugans and as many or more pianos, viz: New Scale Kimballs from $350 to $650, Hinze pianos from $300 to $400, J. P. Hale pianos from $350 to $350. Their terms will be of the easiest kind. This will be pne more Knock for the middle or commission men, as the Klmball company Is one of the largest piano and organ builders in the world, and known the world over as builders of only first class instruments,, and are the first RWWT -ficturers. of the; feted, to eqw§ Jn,te q»r- Notice to Voters. At the regular September 1894 session of the Board of Supervisors, It was (decided to submit the following-propositions -tOj.a vote of the people at the next general election to be held on tho Gth day of November, 1894, to-wlt: "Shall the number of members of the Board of Supervisors be Increased to seven (7)?" "Shall the county be divided Into supervisor districts?" "Shall the sum of seven thousand (7,000) dollars be raised by special tax to build a jail In and for said county?" That a tax of one and one-half (l'/4) mills on the dollar shall be levied upon the taxable property of said county for 1895 for said purpose. • • All the legal voters of said county who shall be In favor of the foregoing proposition shall deposit ballots having written or printed thereon the following words, to-wlt: "For Increase of Supervisors." "For Supervisor Districts." "For Jail Tax." And all legal voters who shall bo opposed to said proposition shall deposit ballots having written or printed thereon the following words, to-wlt: '•Against increase of Supervisors, "Against Supervisor Districts." "Against Jail Tax." Witness my hand this 4th day of October, 1894, • , C. M. DOXSEE, Auditor. o,v. j-iAGQARE) & PEEK, (Successors to Jones & Smlt^i.) Abstracts, Lands & Collections. ALGONA, TOWA. Farmers of Cedar Rapids, Phoenix of Hartford, f Hanover of New York, Minnesota Fire of Minneapolis. Kookford of -liookfordt I46yds Plato Glass of New York, United States Life of New York, das'-Also Land, Loan and Collection Business; Office over ' ' ' Algona St. Bank. Geo. M, Bailey. Select Oysters, ,"*3 '^ gume. 4 bqd,y yqi}, ^-—- '<•$$ i«^f»Si

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