Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 4, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1927
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• VOLUME XXX. No.; 112. The Weekly neglsiter, BsUbllahed ltl67. The lola Dafly Register, EvUMiabei] 1897. lOLA, KAN., ]^RiDAy EVENPIG^ ^ARpH 4, 192?! Successor]to The,.Iola VaUy Register. The lola Duilv Ilecord, and Ipla Dttil^- Index.- EIGHT PAGES Both Were Charged With Defraud thcilUDited Stales of Their Un- bijased Services in Sale of American lltetal Company Shares Conspiracy to U. S. DENIES RECALL OF state ;Departinent' Today Federal Court, iNew York, Min'ch 4. (AP)-The!-^ ^-^^ -. juni In the inaugherty-Miller trij^l ^odav f^umd for- "^vster^ mer^lien Pro je?ty^Custodian Thfe W. Miller guilty, ^^^^^^^ of conspiracy: but disagreed bn a- {verdict for foi-niei-; bill or the Reed resolution extending the! life of he campaign funds ihvestifrating committee. A la^t minute effort'to put through an emergency resolution covering the veteran and pension; iteims in the deficiency bill a)so failed. AlBO consigned to the waxte bai«-<.— r~ — kpt wer* the alien . property bfH, STATE HEAD _ consjjiracy Attorney GenerakHarry,M. Daugherty niitifihtTly aiKl .MilkT avi- ch.-irg-.y •d with conspirarv tin <lt^frauli the i I'nit.-.l States of tlicir lionesi iiiiili itiihia.swl services 5n allowiDK ''" < lailns for JT.XjOli.ODi' proceeds of- iht' .s:ile of fnipoitn<l(>ct Ani»-ri<;iii ..Utal CoJ shares. ' , Jlif jury was oijfTO hotirs. V .Th.-ijuiy filfil into th<j touit ritoiii. japiiarently wt-aried by their' TJitiK dfliberations.; The juilKe said:_ • "1 liav4 received atioth^r not.- : OF W. G. T. U. rounds I His Depaijture. Washington. .Ailar 4. (AP)— .M»-xUan Ambassador Tellez* suddi-n departure for .Ve.xifo ("ity last'night %v;as officially ile<lareil by the embassy torfay til. have licen due to "family matters.)' COMINGHERE irom ,><Mii .suyinj; it/is your tinani-, (^^oijntv Fn .stltutC Meeting -Mi-xiio. dc'Peiied the m.v'stery nious bpinioii ftval un -iht-:| ia;r.v of ; .^.j, Hnon TiiicHav r.iuiKiiiiK hi.-<.siidde^i departure.] on.' d.;fendaut yo.i, are hop.-l.-ss ..i mil KJpvn lUCSiuay : j washinKton la.>^t liight for -Mf Morning at Ten at i Tlie Christian Ciiurch. a .v.frUi>M, I , ,, , Initi'd States Alldrney Kmory Jt. j Ifucrkiil'r.iafter the Verdicl| on .Mil- 1 !• r anil the diHagr^emeiii on Harry, liaiiBlJerty. asked noll<' w no liauftlijerty. .1 :iiu Uudge Kno\ to iosse the infti<'lment! afiainsl ijotirt comiiied. hinteitce in Milleil s case \-ars : iuii>i i.soniiieht and; Washington, .Mar. 4. (AP)—An official denial by the ijtate depari- j ment today tliat 'Mn jAnierican gov- ' ernment had demanded the recall jof .\nvhassador .Mahiiel (\ Tellez. of • ' ' • • stir- froni oxico City, apd btill further enshrouded I ill sevrefy the c:iicum.<«tanceH ?ur- I rounOin:; the notes 'exchanged re- (fhtly hetw«-fn tilt" two govem- ment.s.. • • tin<-. ; .•Narou .Sapiro .-.lid aij iipp>-al wpnld hi il.iil lur .Mill>-j- , was l.i'iidinK app'-al •'• It was M-t at l.";,- i.i»t. Halt-:!)! si-nietjc"' wi 1 he'ar- by counsid'and .luili!i' Knox. In 11 lonf"! i-nci- afi.-r ihr coiirt . Ican-ri. II WUH aKTi^i-il .Uial iiioiiont, iDi a h'-w trial for .Mlll'-r woiihl h<' niadi- ii"Xi Tuiv*day, 111 n-ji/y 10 ./iidVvKnox; tin- Jin-. Ill- illl'lWiMcd lllMI llli'y W.T<' tiiiaii- liiiKiHly aKr"i'd (in a dl^aKi'•eiii«'iii i"i: <iii''. fl<'tendani, i •rin> jiliy wuH polled and 'ilcli Jiirnr. aftlrined this. •'<;i>ull»'infn.' Vie said, '"what is viiiir verdict?" "W.- find." (he foreman j^aid, •that ilio defendant Thos. W. .MJI- Itr iK ;.'Jiiily asciiarjji'd iti the 3ii<li<-tinent." There iwas a rnslle of ex in the cotjrl room as report.) to K'-it out the hojted doors. .Mill'-r jiietly. The expression on his ilid; not chanRe. .Mri. .Miller, w'ho sat beside him, did n |nt ilinch. I>fit{er on,'.Miller said: "Irl tifai iheni .yei." IJiickuer then lold the oo'nrt he had irJeii the casi- twice Tmd would not try it, a third tini'>.: He asked a nolle prfisse. Iiai^gherty and • ""1, haviijK jrn-ii.-> seized . T)ie roiiuty Wnnian'.s Chri.'stihn I Temperance - I'nion inslitu.te will'ld in the First Christian i .htirch here next Tuesday, Marph .s. beginning at in o'clock. The is two ^lo.oou klillei'sM'oiinsel, i f'-llowiiiK is the all-day program. the poHtal rate revision bill,, and the $19,000,000 appropriation to pay for the first year'.s work on the new public building program. But the failure of these projects was not without it.s" saving features for adminlsi rat Ion senators. The fa4-orite.<< dragged down to. defeat with tiieni the proposal wliich had (led senate procedure in a knot tn the closing hours of the session— the resolution of Reed of .Mis.sonri' to extend the life of his campaign|j fund investigation. The, batiling factions did relax their lines momentarily however, [to permit action of several uncon- [tested measures, , The proposals^, jthu.s kiven approvar include the' \ longshoremen's ji-ompensation bill and a resoolution by Senator Glass, Democrat.' Virginia, to investigate charges of a lo6hy in connection^ with the .McRadden branch banking bill. The credentials of Senators- JKIecl Smith of Illinois and Var<» jof Pennysvania, were rece placed on file after Reed .souri had been assured they would I not afect the questionadmitting I the two senator.s-elecl Ip senatel membership. MILLETIN Washington, Mar. 4.— (AP) — President Coolidge will call no special' session of congress. CITIES [SERVICE STOCKGOES OP After Breaking 18 Points Yesterday, It Advances To51». ONE ARREST IN CLOSING OF 7 BANKS {Chief ^m(jng Measures Which Fail to Become Laws Is $93,000,000 Deficiency Measure Carrying Important AI- lotnierits for Army and Seed Loans I Cashier of Miller Bank at: Engievale, Kan., Held For Shortage— Bookkeeper Missing. Pit'sbur;?. Kans.. .M K. .J. Webb, cashier of Xevv York. .Mar. 4. (AP)—Com- mtin slock of the Citie.s Service Copipany which broke about IS points yplerday in excited trading onj the rur% maritet. wa.s dealt in heavily :again ir. 4. (APt—: the Farmers j 'State Bank at Kniilcvale, oiijp iif ihe seven .Miller baiik.s. wliich were closed last week,'was arrest'^! la>t Saturday night chargei'l with ir- re'Kula^itie^5• involving a shortage of $3,500 at the bank, it -ivas disclosed here today. , . A. • (!. Itinehart. b lOkkeejier at the .Miners State Bank .Mulberry, another of tlie .Miller banks, has been missiuK since tlit; uiglit before the iianks, w-re closed. Thursday, .\ shortage of; more MAYBERRYIS ARRESTED IN „„„ varp, -o to<Ja>-, about 37.000 iF *''""''j'/>'.-< e"ved and-!'^h'lrcs changing hands by early aft- i""" S''"'^" has been discovered, •d of W^^™""" prices generally above ,,.^\«^bb was arraigned in the tl-e««erriav-H cimiine Jtvul. The I 'ltt-'^hurg city court soon alter his ken. j Wrtjicli featiire.s .Mrs. Lillian iintilllled ; .\(jt ( I I H V . state I)I/-.-:ldein. li-riiici|ial speaker. _ Prayer and praise servici ,li.--liiia 1. l.tev. ,1. K. Itt-ynolilH. The rnovementsj of T?llez, who! left unheralded, wtre a mystery' even to .Acting Secjelary rtrew. it wa.4 insisted at t \j state department. The officii! statetnent' by Mr. Crew said thlii the Washington government 1 a!d' no informa- M.. tidii concerning iliej piirpost of the as the . iilnhassador's visit; io^ Mexico City. RETESTING NEARLY COMPLETED TODAY pf Allen eounty cattle for tuberculosis will be completed this week, with the exceptloti of four .townships, Roy Gwin, county farm .agent, announced today. It egterday'H [closing level. The [ihnres touctied 51U .in eaj-ly trad- ni! lifter having sold' at 41%. com- jiared with a low yesterday aronnd <40. I •[ I The condition of Hen'ry I.. Do- fierty. president of the company, eports :of- who.te illness have been xdggeruted.was said to he improv- ng. ; ^ Vision,'" address, -illii liner.' Kiate president, secretary, 11 eiiMircr. . leader. ilenient rs tried .. Tii'Te Were iiilitpatioiis but no Jiiilhi.'rlzed st:|tenieii(s at thi* Htiit» [ileiiui'dnent that tlH notes did not' concern alleged propaganda activi- Ties of lilt; embaKsy, but there was no ilenlar iJiat audi activities had iM-eii iiinler ill-fciiHslion at some re- <eiir duie. • .\siile friiii thiH, Ihe blank wall of oflldal secrei:y HiirroundlnK the ' ni.'sii-ry notes continuei) to reslui I Hit cersfiiUy the bomhiirdineht of' .iiiiiior and <onjectui'e lo which It hiiH been subjected, both here and ill .Mexico f'lty. Kmhujisy ofiicials ,1ia«e ailded to the s<moke-Hcreeu b>' j imiilyliig tHnt they do not know ,w!iat iiotert are involved ^ind that .Weather anif RoaiLx. All clear except .Pittsbtirg parf- . ly! cloudy, roads roufeh except is expected that the work virtual-, lfiiichin'«on. Topeka, f^lt; Kmporia ly will be completed next week, fair to goo<l. •Till- IiistitiiK Mrs. Lillian M. Iiie-ildellf. .\Ievw,a({i, of county .Ml'' .Miiicrva Hussejl. .\lessag" of lOIIIIIV .Mr.". ('• (' Tlioniar'. .MeSHaKe of^ county .Mis. (•iliarles .Knnk. Qiles 'lloV box. ("onsc< rat ion h .Mrs. l-Towers. .N 'onn,- liinch<-<in .SOHK servile, l.'.'.ll o 'clock. Bibbs le.-son. Luke :;l ".'^erve the Present Age." a chgl- tnriny notes are exchanged with the '»'"K''- 1 slate department almost dully. •Dr. ^at •lac. (a I ".Md Law Kiiforcement, J. II. Sowerby. . ; (l)i"Total Abstinence." nr. H. C. MaHiiS; ; ; (CI "P<ilit^cal nbIigatioDi«," thus. F. -Scott. •. ' . Mn.sic. Reading. ".Moses and the Law." Offering. .\ddi'ess. "Prohibition Promotes I'rosnerity; liic Healtii of tli<- '.N"a- i tion." " i .Address, "Prohihilion . Promotes • Pros-perity: the Kconomic Kvi- 1 dence." i I REED PLANS TO KEEP WORKING Plans to Call Meetings of ^ Campaig^n Funds i Cominittee. Washington. .Mar. 4. (AP)—The • Address, •'Prohibition Prpmot.s ' failure tb'extend the life- Miller were fha-iged with, having released I",- (iiMi.n<)o woi-tli of property nnder,h(. trading with the enemy ip^^sp^riiv: a" Pr.ictical Program ' "•"•^ 'v act after having been given. ^ ac- Public Safety" • * ^ ",f 'ne campaign funds committee, cordihc *o the government, "hypor; .Vational slocaii for I'l'-'•n'olit • """^ Senator. Reed, of .lermic injections o^ graft." by .lohn ; Fast—<io Forward" •^''•"S"'"''- the committee clialrmaij, T. King.' late national' Republican r _J j ' f""""* eolng ahead \with thei cam- .omniitteeman from Connecticut, \\rfiwtntwin m/\ » i ww The property J was the proceeds' ffl|||-H\ III lAII of 4fi: per cent of the stock, of the: * VUlllw 11/ axl^lj American .Metal ("o. owned by two , (leriita'n companies ' controll-^d by »)ie .Merlon family of metal inaK- ' nates. ; Richfird-Merton came to this; . ' fT i. „ conntTy after the. war to seek ro-1 "HCC and rOlk Found FOR POSSESSION ; turn of the property through the I ' Giiiltv in Liouor Casec A. p. f: office and retaingd Kmc ! • ~ p;_|„ rp^„*;r.. • to )ivit I tiis ilaim,through the KOV-I lililS leSllIJ. ernnient; offices. He paid King a . • —'• iee of * and the government; Testimon.\T two girls, one l.*) tbargedi that part, of this money : veirr^old and the other I"... brought lounjl its wav to Daugherty and; guilty, verdict today in Justice • from going ahead with the' cam ' paign funds inquiry this summer. The senator said this afte'rnoon that he expected ito call the committee together a.s soon as possi- blb t(i decide on it program of action. I • When word of! the Misijourlan's intentions reached Senator Reed of Pennsylvania, leader of the administration senatorsi who filibus-' tered the resolution to death, he declared that any attiempt to cariy on the oonimitle«'s .• work would meet with serious legal obstacles. "The fact that the .Missouri senator fought so hdrd to get the life of llie commlltee|epctenfled Is proof .Milbir throueh the agency of tlieilj-f- Whitaker's < ourt against Jim ; .qufflcient that hel^Ild not regard ^lateLleifs W. Smitii, Daugherty 's i''o"< Alvie Price, LaUarpe : the existing authbritv as sufficient llHdiilcal handy men. The Merloni*',"""'''-,"^ cfharge.s of fran.spOrta-| K , carry on the committee," said >. laira jTtas passed in 1921. .:'ion and Jiossession of liquor. ' Uee.l of Penhs .Vllva 'nia; V Mjllen a.lieutenant colonel 1 ..,7'"* V' '""i lhe;ofher ' L i A T.^L L ... .1. j.» _ r I 20. were sentenceil to slxtv ilnvs ' 3 i\ 'Y XJ'\ NIC g.. Tnor 01 iieiaware. tie was TIC -,V':';.'-.:'._;:':.::^^^^^^^ * HERE! MONDAY , 'Hjller a. lieutenant colonel diir- .„ ''"M"- "•"' V' 'neonier \ tlhe 'livar. Is Ihe son 6f a former ' ><'n<en.',.d to s xty davs K'. \nnr Of Delaware. He was TIC -|f"."•«'"•"'>' ' *?" tivA ihe foundation of the .Am-^ rj"„ J"^V "''1^''',',T"';^''^'>' erfcai'ljegion. He was once secre- i «';ni''">-s of ihe sheriffs force. lary ol. vie slate of Delaware and later a congressman from Ihe same state./ lis was :ippointed the alien •prope'rty custodian by President Harding in. April. 1!<21, shortly after n^ugherty became attorney gen: >Ta\. .. ' •'. . ' ; -•' .After (he indictment against .him had lieeii nolle prossed, paugherty sniilingl.:}' than.kqd the court and the jurorji. "He theii-lefl the court on -~ llie.j^rm of his .hroiheri Mai. S. . 1 laugher y. Wa/3liington Courthouse fore Justice Whilaker. TWO HUMBOLDT CLUBS IVIEETING (0.) baoker. and entered pleas of not guilty at] Appointmeht.n fhr the bab*-clinic the time they were arraigned be-; jo be held .Mondby tinder the dl- f„,„ ,.,!..t.^ A.M...-....- re<tlon of nr. .M4BeIle.True, child health advi.sor for the state tuberculosis assovlatiqn. of Topeka, can be maile by calling MIss .Faunte^le Bfuce. school Inurse, Mrs. W. H. King, principal j of McKlnley school, or .VLss j Nellie Waltera; principal of Lincoln school. A morning clliili will open at S, o'clock Monday at Lincoln school. The altejfnoon clinic w ^Ill open at 1 o 'clock Monday alternooa Two W'omen's Farm-Bureau club meetlng.< will be held at Humboldt today. One megting is an organizaition meetins at the home of .Mrs. Inez Wood while the other is-a clothing meeting at the home of Mrs. ;carl Nelson. itt UcKinley scliool. Complete Circulation i.« the oj\\y commodity a new.s- paper has to .sell its advertisers. : The Register offer.s complete coverage in the lola field! On March 1, 1927, the number of Registers delivered by car^ rier in lola and suburbs wa.s ; 2,186 The number of Regi.'iters de- : -| 0 '7Q livered by mail wa.s i A>0 I O Total ..^ 4,059 There are five daily newspapers deliveiied bv carrier in tola. ! BUT -K )n February 26. 1927. the number of Tola families tak- ^ ing ANY daily newspaper which were not also, taking the Register was 29 HVtf)? a merchant advertixpR, he haa a riiihtto KNOiv ihe quajitftif and qiialitij of circuT lation he is binjing. The Regix- tpy'H records {certified\to by the]^Audit Bureau of Circula- tionn) are open tn inspfction at cktiy time. ! lOLA DAILY REGISttR arrest. The complaint charged him •with making false entries and making false reliinis to the stale bank examiner. Bond was.fixed at ^1.500 and hearing vas set for March 12. No warrant has been issued, for Rinehart. it wa's learned today. liojli Webb and Rinehart were under bond for i'l.OW. Represen- fatiwe? ot the surety conipan.v. li-r.^ to iiivesligate yesterday, said the company was n-ady to -^pay the amount of the shortage..^ to the ex- tejit.of the bomls. , i:ws The seven ,banks wer«. oijcratetl , bv J. W. .M intee. ioriiier'^tate '^••n.i- j lor, and Joiiii li. .\ril!e|-. wealthy, land owner aii<l ciialjoperator. lie- ; |H>sitK In the seven banks ti>taleil about one tnilltoii iloliars (ind a lo-.H of .'52 ,Vt,imO was expected. MAUDE MUDD IS ilOT TO APPEAR At Least Husband Knows Nothing of Such Plans. Washington, March 4. (AP) — Another session ;of coifigress passed into history today to the accom- ; ' |)animent of a, senate storm that swept to limbo some ' ; pf the best laid plans of party leaders. - —r- ^ —•:. Chief among the administration-; bills lo fail of jia.ssagewas the ' $'.<.">.niM'.Uijo deficiency measure, carrying, important money allotments I for the army, for veterans loans and .sceil loans to farmers, and for I pension increas-s. j Blocked hy a filij*iister, the Reed 'resolution virtually had paralyzed the kptiafe (lit. three days, and as :.tlie adjournment Ii'our ot noon.ap' ; proafched almost frantic efforts to • • pi;l the proposal aside loiig'enough ; tor pjissage of tlit; deficiency bill Father Plleads Not Giiiltv pressing measures loi- Ji. _f lowed one. anotbeir in rapid succession .As one after another failed, senator.- \vorked themselves in- . to a niooil that iKjtrayed. itself ia an^ry gatherihgj.on the floOr. Sev: j-i al . time? Vice J'resideiit Dawen sllefl apiin the sergeant-at-anhs to re.-tore order. ~ Diirins'the last tense moments, , , . - j Senator Walsh. Deriiocrat, Massa- |nior^'.iim ofl c barges ^.il ""'''•If nng , j.j^^,. ^^j^l g^^^j. his two children. Florence .Majrdell;protests from many parts of the Koiiert. by means ojf an j <Iianibrr attacking those j^'ho had, • killed the Keeihr.jKolution. .' Then, just hefoie he hanged Ilia travel down to end the session. Vice I'l-esid-nt Dawes bitterly assafletl, the fililiiisier and declared that; "ill Is is (lie only .parliamentary liiidy in Ihe world in which a ml-. iioiiiy can liol<l up the will of tb» liiajorily." • The piciiire in the bouse waM To Charges of Bringing Death'ito His Two Chifldren in Pittsburg. Piltshurfj, Kans.. .Mar. 4. (Ai E-irl Mayberry was arrested P I this 'anil Karl t.vplosioii Fe'uruiiry 6. ".Arraieued in the. city (iinijt ai ii:!.'!. jui hour after his arrest M:iy- lierry id' rid.-d not guilty. His iiom [i.\ed a( i'l.wVi on carl aii'l li',''; liken lo the coiiiit> jiiil at (Jirard. Preliniiuary liear- :ng for .Maclierry Was ..,ei for March "J. ' An e.Mdosioii of dynamite short- I 'l'"" ""^'"^ '-"'"Pletea Iv beiore mldnl;;hi F,.hr.ijary 6 ''''''r '', ^''''^''f" ''"f ago. wrecked III... bom.: of Mrs. Lenal^''"'' T ,7''''''." Mayberiy. estranged wife ot .May-;;''"?/'"^ "^'-"inK to fare.- i.eiry. and almost Instantly killled.i >t|"'|*':'"'>'- til- two cillldreti. .\{rs. .Maylierry oiapeil with minor Ihjuries. As customary, President CoplldgB weiit lo his room adjoinipg.the senate cii.amber shoril.v- before 'the dose of the sess1<>n and affixed hlH to many bill* that had ;coiJie to him at the last biinute..Ho also..received coniinitteei of senate Independence, Kas., Mar. 4. (.AP) Ignorance of any plans of Maud. Lee Mudd. Indian heiress, reported to be planning on coming to" Inde- pendc>»ice to aid the defense of Mr. and .Mjrs. Victor Wilson of Miami, Okla.. charged by Earl Cordon, the Indian's htisbaud. with kidnaping his wife. w«re expressed here to- i .1-.. v.. /•...'. f ... .. r~* If' At; a . coroner's IlKiiiest a sijrdid i siory lit improper relations iniolv-: ling Ihe .Mayberrys and Harvey .Davis, a birber, and his wife. i was i t.dd. It was brought o«t that Mav- '«'-''''-,'''"-"'^'''" .''""'""'f^'*^! senate •Mjcrry wanted a divorce froni his and house who uupured whether iwife so that he could marrv I.Mr.s.'"" -'"-^ i^\r-rh,-T combunicatlon ! Davis. Both Mrs. Davis and May- make to congress, an.j he. replied i berr.vr testified as to their relations''"H' ,^2" "o'!'.i;d tl'e'r plan .sjto marry. County day hy .Mitchell. \Catherine VanLeuven. of Oklahoina C'itjy, assistant attornej lAitorney C. W. attorney | and fornierly general ot Okla- -An effort to put through an emergency resolution to cover the veterans appropriation!? containing in the doomed deficiency bill was blocked in the senate by \Valsh, of -Massachusetts after it had passed the house. Lambasting-those who had filibustered to death the Reed j campaign funds committee, the , . T» f • I T»'i j Massacliiisett.s senator ^id that Waives Preliminary Hear- charges that Democrats had re' ing-in Judge-Vt'jiitaker's '^'""^important CREASON BOUND- OVER TO COURT Coiirt Today. and was bound over to th© ; district court. On July 23. 1!>23, Crea-son is alleged lo have held up yhe Santa ! Fe operator at the point ,of a gim •{ i to turn and compelled htm f64.1Q. ; According to Kenneth homa. will represent Earl Oordon, husband of .Maud Lee .Mudd, when Charles (Treason, arrcsfe.l Ktibni- , the requisition (hearing for the re- ar>' L** as he was leaving the stale ;tnrn of Mr. and..Mrs. Victor Wilson! penitentiary, waives prelimrnafy j from Oklahoma, is held beffre the-; hearing in Ju.stice Whitaker's tjourt governor's se.-retarv at Oklahoma i 'o<lay on a charge of robbing! the iCit.v. if was announced here today. Fe station here July 23,11923 (bounty Attorne.v C. W. Mitchell 'was ; in communii^ation with '.Mrs. Van j il.,cuven this hiorning and gave out! jthe reiwrt immediatel.v that there jwore no new devdopment.s.: Earl 'Gordon, whc- has spent $,iiiOi savings and- his time in the search, believes that his wife will take'the witness stand in the case against the 'Wil.sons, authorities here said toda.v. Oordon t.'iinks it he' ran ' talk to her before the trial tbat she will "come clean." There Ivvas a report which ciiild not be, coit-; firmed, that .Maud would take the i stand and tell that her Uavitig Cordon In California was voliintarlly »nd that she was not ahduijtt'd. Feust, county attorney, the operator was lo<:ked in a box car aft»r the ciime. The hearing will he in the .May term of the di:?trict court. THE WEATHER over leeishition was , "political . blaclc' maii." "We are trying out-an issue tjiat 'f.ill not end when this session adjourn-;." he added, "the question is whe'her two-thirds of this s.enate can transact bubiness'. "I don't propose tb' stand for days and nights ifor this principle, and then be black jacked.into pa3Rr.-_ Ing these bills simply because some/ money is needed." AVhile the .senate warfare raged, the house was occupying itself bou- with an exchange of verbal quj;ts among its members.. Decorum was upset for a time when the secretary of the senate, standing at the. rear of the .house chamber announced in a deep, solemn voice and without a strille:. . '•The senate has passed a bill ; providing - for printing additional .copies III tli(^ bionraphical congres" ond-'sion.T! direcfor.v.^' "Hu'rra.v, Iwirr.iyl" shouted the rtllC K.\NS:\S: Increa^fnire Iiiess ItiniKht and S»tiirda.\. iiroh ubir wMh rnln: narnier t«>n^ghl ; house. ieolder In nest portion Salnrduy. Then amid more- applause. CHARLES BISHOP DIES IN COLORADO the • A telegram received in tola to­ da.v !>rins.s the .news that Charlie Bishop died this morning at six o'clock In the Sanatariuni at Fort Lyons. Colo. Clyde Bishop.; brother of Charlie, talked to his parents, who are in Fort Lyons, o\?.er the telephone at one o'clock thiii afternoon and received the information that they • would arrive with th^ bcdy in lola tomorrow ni^htjon the plug if connections could bej made!. Arrangements for the funeral will be asnouaced later. 1 For lola iind Vicinity: Inrrens- j secretary coniinuvft: Intr rloiidlnfiss Probahly t«Ith rnln. i "The senate has; passed a bill toiiiirlti-'and Siiturday; warmer lo-' for relief of the owner of the ferry- night.. .N'ew'York." Temperature—Highest yesterday.! When noon arrived, the house 3^. at 3 p. m.: lowest last liighl, 27, at 11 p ,ni.: normal for tpday. 3!); deficiency yt:sterday. 7; efccess since Januai^' 1st. :;37 decrees( this date last vear, highest. ."lO: i est. 2i: ' won having such a good time that it moved the clock back a few minutes to Hsten to a speech by Speaker Lbngw'orth congratulating ' hi.i low- j colleagues on their ses'sion's record.;;^entative Garrett of Ten-' Precipitation for the 24 ; lioiirs f ne.ssee, the Democratic leader, bad; ending nt 7 a. ml todav-. .00; [total 1 6(fcre<l a resolution complimenting' fisr 'this year to dat^. 1.63: ciency since January 1st. LfiS fs. • Sun .rises, tj':5<J a. m.; sun 6:18 p; m. I - ";.!.'i ^?r .L;;.. '.;/ defi- inch- sets, .Mr. Long>vorth for-"the able and distin.ruished maniicr" in which be had pre;iided over the bouse, and it was adopted unanimously^ (Contin.ued onl Page 3. No. LJ. j

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