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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, October 5, 1961
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Queen candidates named For U. I. U. homecoming Seven campus organizations Saturday, Oct. 7. It will be held have sponsored candidates for in the Colgrove - Walker audi- U.I.U.'s 1981 Homecoming queen, torium. Both thc auditorium and Clara Jane Baker, a sophomore the cafeteria will be decorated from Decorah, Iowa, is being for the event, sponsored by the Gama Mu Sig- The girls living in the dormi- ma music fraternity. Clara Jane tory will be granted automatic was escorted by Steve Talcott at 2 a. m. latcs for that night. the queen's convocation held at The official coronation of the 8 a. m., September 29, in the Cole- 1961 Homecoming queen will grove - Walker auditorium. take place during the dance, at Sue Bender, a sophomore from 10 p. m. Chicago, is being sponsored by This annual event is sponsor- the Newman club. Tony Martin ed by the Social Life committee was Sue's escort. in cooperation with the Student The Methodist Student Fellow- Government. ship candidate for Homecoming In charge of the refreshment queen is Sharon Blaker, a sopho- committee are: Judy Croak and more from Fayette. Sharon's es- Peggy Schmidt. The decoration cort was Larry Crow. • committee will be headed by Bill A.nn Kunkle, a sophomore from Wendt and Pat Murphy. The Hazleton, Iowa, is being sponsor- clean-up committee will be corned by the Sigma Nu Sigma soror- posed of members of the fresh- ity. Ann's escort was Jim Sin- man class. not. • Nancy Morrison, a senior from Greensburg, Indiana, is being [,,„:_,._ .*»,,., *nlnr sponsored by the APO service JUniOlS mOV GwQl fraternity. Bill Marotti acted as Nancy's escort. C L I L" II The Letterman's club candidate jCnOlOrShlP COntGSl for queen is Kathy Shaffer, a jun- ~ ior from Fayette. Jack Cooper All 1903 graduates of Fayette was Kathy's escort. Community School who wish to Gayle Wharram, a junior from enter the .1962-63 National Merit Stanley, Iowa, is being sponsor- Scholarship, competition should ed by the Student Education as- register now at the school office, sociation. John Burrack escorted Mrs. Florence Lease, principal, an- Gayle at the queen's convocation, nounced today. The two freshman attendants The Nationa i Merit Scholarship are Ann Can and Sandra Taylor. Qua Hfy in g Test will be given Three of the seven candidates in thc school at D n-mii Tllcsday , were chosen as finalists following Ma rch 6, 1962 (or Saturday, the voting Friday. March 10f 1962)i The Homecoming queen will be students who will graduate selected Friday, October 6, and from high school in 1963 and en _ will be^crowned at the dance fol- tcr col i ege , in the same calendar lowing the Homecoming game on* year are eligible for scholarship Saturday, October 7. consideration in the 1962-63 Mer- Allen Welsh and his band, it Program. from Des Moines, Iowa, have To rece ive consideration, the been selected to play at the an- student mus t take the test when nual Homecoming dance. it is of f ered in h is school. Par- Welsh s band is composed of ticipating students pay a SI fee eight pieces and a vocalist. Those on the day of thc test . Any in _ who attend will dance to a var- terested student who is unable iety of tempos. to pay tne fee Sn0 uld consult Mrs. Welsh, who is also an accomp- Lease. Dept. of Hist. '& DCS Moines, 19, l OW a The Heart Of Northeast Iowa's Scenic Wonderland Volume 47, Number 40 Thursday, October 5, 1961 ,J 7 ayette, Iowa Six Pages This Issue Whose Farm Is Tne Mystery\Farm? II •§ Free copy of mystery Bromwell reports to editors Farm pi< : ture . to owner • For malcinor identificati lished organist, will probably play a few selections on the organ. The dance will begin Awards in the Merit Program are granted on the basis of in- On Congressional activity 4-H awards Planned at Maynard year without further testing. night. His talk was mostly a sta- _Congrossmai> Hromwell made , 1||t , ( | . ll)f)VC wil | slop j n !U ti lt . A student's performance on the tistical report, which was follow- nine trips back to the district, [ i( , ;K | 01 . ,,ffj,. e be will receive free- eel by a question and answer per- and visited in six different conn () ' r ,.1,;,,.^. a 5 x 7 glossy print of Cardinals and the weather Too much for West Union Tnis is not a statistical report Cardinals out-played the West i:f i!ie Fayclte vs. West Union Union Hawks practically all the football t;;,me last Friday night, way. Nearly all of the action bivalve ih,- inclement weather took place in West Union terri- forced the writer to watch the tory or close to the 50-yard line. , ..IK' through the windows of a Only once were the local boys in .•>•';.mi IHI.S. Practically the entire danger of being scored on — in >; .me was played in a downpour the first half when West Union • .I' i, in, and was completed in a j>ot us far us the nine-yard line. pi.iil of about three inches of wa- The rain and wet field didn't l.-r coverini; the field. si em to hamper the Cardinals too Instead this is more of a tribute much as they out-gained the .to a f.roun of bovs whose desire Ilawks 138 ^rds to 76 y ards In win was much larger than their And two or three times Larrv actual si/..v '1 ;ie Cardinals came Wlll 'ams nearly got away for one home with then third victory of of ms touchdown jaunts. tin- .-uisou. V-0 over West Union. T , ne Fayette touchdown came The- Kawttc boys were out- with lcss than four minutes re- w.-i.u'.u-d by ai least 15 pounds per »»»ning in the game, after Don man . . but evi.li nlly no one told Timmerman had recovered a tlH-m the si/r of th.'- other team, West Union fumble within the Uvatis,. th.-v went onto the field l °-ynrd marker. After two plays with the onn,h.u that they were Timmerman shoved the ball iusl as 1,1.. as their opponents. am)ss for the T ' D ' nnd the con ' ;,nd wi re f.oing to win. version gave the local boys the From the opening whistle, tne seven po\nis. No boy could be singled out as ~ == — — ~~ outstanding, because it took the entire team to hold the larger boys from making any sizeable gains. This Friday night the Cardinals will travel to Elkader for their fourth game °f the season. On Monday night of this week Only two entrants took honors the Freshman-Sophomore team The picture above was taken in the second weekly football played their first home game of a farm somewhere in Fayette contest, sponsored by the Fayette of the. season, meeting West Un- county, in the vicinity of the Leader and a yroup of local mer- ion on the local field and losing town of Fayette. The mystery chants. 25-0. Bob Hubbell was injured in Chuck Chase took top honors, the game and hospitalized at missmr. only three of the 20 West Union for a few days for i;ames hstnl, ami wins the $5 treatment. ca h ; irst iiri/.e. Second pri/u of Statistics *,J v.oes to Tom Schmidt, who Yds. Gained rushing 138 nn. e,l only four of tho games. Yds. gained passing 6 The wimi.-i-M may collect their Passes attempted 4 pn/e-.i ;'.t the Leader office. For making identification Chuck Chase wins grid contest qualifying test also provides him with information that is useful iod. ties during those return trips. t;,<- picture. There is nothing to in career planning or in selecting Mr. Bromwell stated that the Speaking in firm and positive \ ^jj t j ial j s as ^ L .,j 0 ( DU- own The annual Fayette county 4-H courses in high school and col- House was in session 267 days, phrases, Mr. Bromwell expressed . r ' is a , iule m f ormal j on so that agricultural awards banquet will lege, Mrs. Lease stated. there were 230 roll calls, 275 pub- the hope and expectation that me farm pit , lure may bu i t ) cn tj- be held Saturday, Oct. 14, at 6:45 After the test, each participat- lie laws were passed the "General Walker matter" will tit , d £m . lh(J ., ubUc tne fpUQwimj p. m. at the Maynard Comniunifc:...inc,.student raceives an interpre- He reported that his office re- get a full and-complete airing. He ,,. ppk v -* hall. The banquet again will be tive folder prepared by Science ceivcd about 20,000 letters, and also emphasized the fact that the ti/ f r- 11 u«mnmuL-.r« sponsored by the First National Research Associates, the testing mailed out about 25,000, but very bill to enlarge the House of Rep- wesmeia ncmemaKcrs banks of Oelwein and West Un- agency, that reports individual little bulk mail. Of the 20,000 re- rosentativcs never got out of com- Held organization up to li> misses. ion test results for comparison with eeived, Federal aid to schools and mittce. mi i' mi A '''hi.-; week's football contest Speaking in regard to the vast "ICCting O" IVIonaay r|l|iy ,,1.,,,!, .,,,,„.. irs on ; mo t|,er Passes intercep. by 1 , First downs 10 Evidently there were a num- p un ^ av g e 34 be; of upsets over the week-end, Fumble3 lostT-ZZZZ 1 Yds. penalized. 35 76 0 1 0 6 22 1 25 en!rants missed seven or eight {jaines, with some of them ranging County boys' 4-H officers for sco »' es of hi S h schoul students ,862 will be elected and installed a cross ««> country Thus, Mrs. !•,.,-__•„_. n *v*An at this meeting from the fallow- ^ »*. •'•£«•" J^.fe 1101116001111118 ^^ Hi the sponsorim; merchants. army of personnel in the Execu- Westfield Township Farm Hur- paf.c of this issue of the Leader, .live branch, Mr. Bromwell point- cau Home-makers mel Mon.lay ed out that during the years of evening, Sept. 25, in the Farm the Eisenhower Administration Bureau building for their orr.:m- the number was cut down by i/ation meeting. Mrs. Win. Mer- 270,000 from the Truman mini- kle, Mrs. Robert Steinbroim and ber. In less than eight months Mrs. Glin BenniiiKton were ho:; of the Kennedy Administration te::ses. more than 100,000 new hirelings Klccted to office were Mrs. Earl have been hired back. He point- Disabled lowaiu Now earn more Than $3,000 annually The 1,234 disabled lowans rev blanks may be obtained habilitated into productive work bii ;iness place of any of in the 12 months ending June 30 were earning at the rate of more- than $3,199,710 annually in their first jobs, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation of the Department of Public Instruction collected for Tuberculosis and health A total of $-100.00 has been pro- reported in announcing a new .„ . . ,., .. ,.,,i,.,i i hi*: vi-'ii- Iw the Fsivpttp high in rehabilitations for a one- Township Chairman: Mrs. videil UHS yeai uy me i-ayeue & . C u-ity Tuberculosis and Health V 1 -' 3 ' 1 Period. A "ocialion for reseat ch in Iowa Merill E. Hunt, Division Direc- ... B „ Bill Schafbuch, "10^ about their educational Tom Lvnch Robert Campbell, strengths and weaknesses —-....,• , Smes Koch, Gary G.^Gw whether or not they plan to at- CU{gJ [g ^ \ftW$[ Brownell, Lanny Gibson and t end c ^ 1 ! ege - .. , , WIMiWU cw MW « M 'b v " 1 ' James Harrison. The 1961 4-H • In addition to the awards made ... awards will also be presented. by the National Merit Scholar- | n niimhpr flf Up^K tT i '»* -»--T.A« n ,, n ship Corporation, about 130 busi- ||| IIUIIIUCI Ul 10010 Beverly Morse, girls' 4-H coun- neg ^ corporations foundations, ' ,.„.,„>, .„ „„. ,^..., ty president, and a representative d . individualsivcscho j ai . shi Th i s year's Homecoming par- ed out three things "They can be . of the FFA organization will through . Uie M£rlt Progrnm . A ade, to be held at 10 a. m., Sat- cl .t off the payroll and sent home Jl)h » P'^-'™". Vice Chairman, bring greetings from their groups. cons id er able'-number of other urday, Oct. 7, 1961, is expected to .... they can be hired back .... ""tl Mrs. Delbert Dean, Publicity Tom Lynch will report on the scholarship a g enc .j es utilize the be one of the largest. A total of ant | politics does it. Chairman. State Conservation camp. services of NMSC in awarding 40 units are expected to partici- f*/iiintv 4~H mciiiDcrs wit'ti corn • - . . v _ • projects Will also exhibit during ^^^t^Sblished in 1955 ^floats' which will take part. ^ h ° W ] T" ^ Dum , r "" ^fic-M Homeinake,, on the evening. through grants from the Ford are the senior, junior, sophomore M< - - and Mrs. Eldicd Dumer- ,,.„, ,„ V m«.on and W.-ilerlc.o ,,n ,. , . . Foundation and the Carnegie and freshman class floats; Stu- Bcneflt Club tO meet Corporation of New York. In the dent Council; Queens float; Alpha ( „ t .._ The Home Benefit Club will six years of the program, nearly phi Omega; Methodist Fellow- «°c u, wiiii an open nouse io IK ih(|( ., (<) ^ ^ Tll | t . lU r .- ini | ,.,„,. ,_.,.. .,, ,,„. SUltt , University of U 28 werc earning wages, while meet Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 5000 students have received Mer- ship and Newmcn club. The Fay- » ( ' kl '" lll( '" nomc " om * U) J lc .st soon. The present and newly i,,w ; . and a continuation study another IOC were self-employed - -- - _.-... , , ,, .. , ..... — ...... iv m. . . . (i jj cs Moines. farmers, homemakers or family workers. Of 1,170 rehabilitated persons working for pay or profit, 81 Clara Hansen and Mrs. Allie sources. sweepstakes, *zo; ursi piace, »^u; n-iunus i» anvmu L..V. ,,,^-M ...^..^ ) K . r ^4. The Farm Hiux-aii county -.our n lationship to uibereulo- were in professional classifica- Holtzman second place, $15; and third place, observance. Annual meeting will be held -,j s . lions, 60 semi-professional, 258 RURAL GROUP TO-MEET $10. Mr. and Mrs. Dumermuth are Orlol)ei . 20 _ ..-,-,„.,.,. is .,„ average of one clerical and sales, 223 in the ser' " ..-:...-.-. tuberculosis reported vi «-' occupations, 91 in agncul- .,n tuberculosis and other respira- tnl '. « aid the I 961 rehabilitations tory d!,ea:es, Mrs. Paul Daniels, were only 16 more than the pre- Smithficld Homemakers invil- p.esid.nl of the association, an- vioua record but were accom- . noimeed li.ilay. P llshed des P^ e a l low rate °^ The enli.v contribution will be placement during the period of ,..;,,,nel.d to research carried on recession in the fall and winter Oclobor :i. , u |,, w;i . T i u , t . u , rent Iowa re- of 196 °- Of the L 234 disabled per- Mrs. W.->. Merkle announced s .-areli pionram includes four pro- sons placed in productive work, f W.S.C.S. GENERAL MEETING The Rural Improvement club Special entries will include a the parents of thice clnldie-n Hoci f(|1 . miikinR MKmv ui nds case ... _.... .... The W.S.C.S. will hold its gen- hostess for the meeting Thursday Color Guard, which will lead the Dennis of Calender; Dayna and ,ii«irii,.,t,.,r every .lav in Iowa, indicating that ture, 174 in skilled occupations eral meeting Wednesday, Oct. 11. afternoon, ,Oct. 12, will'be Mrs. parade. The following schools Curtis at home. of bie-ad we.e distiibuted. • .. ,„„ ,..„_., Mrs. Harold Boulton will give John Pattison. will furnish bands: West Union, — the devotions and Mrs. Glen Ben- The topic will be presented by West Central, Hazleton, Lament, Masters takes part nihgton the lesson. Mrs. May Rodgers and entertain- Valley, Sumner and Fayette. . . • • „ _ VM . r :. ( Hostesses are Mrs. Harold John- ment by Mrs. Delbert Streeter. From Toledo, Iowa, a girls' In training exercisi son Mrs Newell Combs and Mrs. Roll call is "superstitions or pre- precision marching unit will also Capt. Rex G. Masters, whose . ,. „ ' dictions." take part. The Volga River Rid- W jfe, Betty, lives in Tulsa, Okla., Altenomg college Marsh Samek are to be hostesses at the October 2!1 meeting. Margaret McSweeney. orman A. Erbe, who hwi prpclauned , ., ti.e prohh m is state-wide as well 1Ba in semi-skilled occupations, Mrs. Joe Langcrmim and Mrs. , is (. omlmm ity. w idc in impor- and 95 m unskilled occupations. !,'.,„.,.," Mrs. Daniels said. Only 297 of these disabled "Medical and social research in I^wans had earnings in the three tuberculosis and related fields months before being accepted for must he accelerated if we are to *'« counseling, training and . _ / _ . discover more about respiratory placement service of the Division ers horse club, Zo Anna Martin recently participated with other Somo of lhe yuunK folks of our diseases and the best means of of Vocational Rehabilitation. To- who does trick horseback riding, 333d Artillery's Battery B per- ..itonrlinc collet'e away controlling thorn," she,added. tal earnings were at the rate of and several Scouting units will sonnel in Checkmate, a NATO ™. m1 !* u D oei Iowa University Mrs. Daniels also stressed the ; ^ss than $9,000 per week, corn- also be included in the parade. tactical training exercise conduct- r,,, nn i P Webh LVirrv Zbor- importance of intensive research Pared to earnings of $61,533 nik' •! the Iowa StaH- Univers- that will shed light on the prob-; weekly for the 1,128 wage-earn- niK, ui "wi ina sutc , cni f)f , lewly discovered slrams ers employed after rehabilitation. The Division provides medical examination, evaluation, counseling, physical restoration training and placement for persons whose There is a possibility that some ed in National Guard vehicles will be Captain Masters and members Mj . included in the parade. Orgin- of his unit were joined in the U n' iv . )I . s i ty ."rCay"campbell, Gates of drug resistant tuberculosis, ally, plans had been made for a simulated combat eKercise by R . ' Colleee. Waterloo; , t: *_.. m AI.— mao«j A..:. «. rr»/-x *.._ r.. n »... n«««* n..',tr>:n IJUtililLs:* v^wn»-fc,^., ... disabilities interfere with their employability. helicopter from the 1083rd Avia- NATO troops from Great Britain, ; 'Dahlquist, Dwight Dur- R e3 U8citation tion company, Nationai Guard, France, Germany and Belgium. ^ „ ^ e Vt;1 . m:lv ,(, n state ... , . Waterloo. Since this is one of The exercise was designed to test university of Iowa' Doug Fay, *8 discussed at the units called to active duty procedures for joint combat op- p Lois ' BenninRton. Kinderlein meet recently it is not known for sure erations. mi/H Ruruet Dennis Dilley if we will be able to get the heli- The 33-year-old soldier, execu- £ a j'" E j s ' heic i iin d Bill Lewis, Thl ' Kindwlein club held its federated clubs to copter. • tive officer of the battery in Ger- .Hr^.Tnu/., University Mar- first "i"' 11 "!-' of the season, Tues- ; ... , The tentetive route of the par- many, entered the Army In Jan- g"^ L^ VO nne Johnson and dav '- >v ^i n «' Se P l - 2 fll at the'Meet at parish house ade is as follows: The parade will uary 1947. _ .... Qh»H«^ Mullina will enter the ll "'» t : "I' Joanna Kocher. Eleven The general meeting of the north and go to the corner of Main and Water streets. There TO MEET THURSDAY it will turn east, go one block and turn south street. It will O tl ~\* <-I,,k m »»t* BUL>iils We ' rtJ Mr> Dale Kelly ' with Guest 'speaker will be Mrs. A. Outlook club meets t he West ynion volunteer fire G. Van Nordstand, third vice ... „ The American Legion and the The Outlook club met Tuesday, department, and Mrs. Donna president of the Second District. onto Washington Legion Auxiliary will meet on Oct. 3, at the home of Mrs. Bar- Storey, campus nurse at Upper The lesson topic is "Strength turn east at Graf Thursday, Oct. 5, at 8 p. m., in the bara Meyer, with Ethel Clark as Iowa university. Mr. Kelly show- in'FAde°rat.ion A ,' and hostesses are hsll and disband between Graf Legion hall. A civil defense film co-hostess. i ed a film on mpu#i to mouth .the Booh Review Department, hpll and tfolRlfr Ijall. will be shown by Jack Beck. " ' " ' ' "'~ =•-"-• If there^art; aJJiy" additional en- All members are urged tries for,tlj|'fpai l |de they will be tend this meeting. welcome. J'qr further informs- — ~—- tion contact Sir. M; H. Alderson, TO HOLD PUBLIC AUCTION shown by Mrs. Helen MCSKCII 01 THO next meeting will be held Ella liarhes Director of Public Relations. Up- Mildred Timm Hough will hold Oelwcin, Assisted by Ethel Clark. Oct. 31 at 8 p.m.i'at the home of hostess, per Iowa University, or Kip a public auction of household Mrs. E. A. Billings gave a short Jean Clark. > . T ne pro g ra m "Americans past Knight, box 133, Fayette phone furniture at the Martin Timm report on the recent district meet- All mothers with, preschool age 50", "will be'presented "by Mrs. White 217, residence on Saturday, Oct. 14. ing held at Decorah. children are invited to attend. Paul Ptckett.

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