The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 3, 1927 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1927
Page 8
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SIXTEEN ARE HUMBOLDT LOSES TO BURLINGTON Humboldt. Mar. •'. (Special) — IHumbblilt lost Its first BYGH 4 I Icasiie same of the .'•fasoii las; TONIGHT'SBIG iWmey : Will-Opgn at 2 1 ;u.h. ,o n^un^u^^^^u.^^ <,n Tomorrow with Seconds From Fredpnia Playing Uftiontown fpnt. (Iiimboldt finisb in tbo Ipad of thp nVCir 1. will) Hurlinc ton soiolid. lIiimhoMt has a por- ccnta;^ of SC. haviiiR won fiv' Ramos and fini;. Itnrliii::tiin has won :four .and lost two. i Car- Drawincs have beon com- ^'^ i7rawin^.s na\e oef.n torn Vi,t,.s;(Vntcr has .^ix. . pleted and lola junior ;coi-; TONIGHTAT lege's fifth annual invitation! I At A DI A|VC basketball tourney will open IVJM/I I IJ/I; IIJ at; 1 io'clock tomorrow after-' noon ; when Ufliontown takes the floor at the senior high against the Kredonia seconds.: Sixtc-on loams arc ontcrcd in Iho ' tournunierit. Imi IJlui- Mound lias fori:tMto<l itM first Kamu to Oarnctlf and wlllnot appear. I Scott and Squad Leave for Parsons Today for . i Final Game of ihc Conference Seaso^. Coach .lohn Scott-and clf;hl men' ' At :- o'clock tomorrow, 'hallarpc; i cluHhc.s wllJf till! lola srt:ondK. .Mil- j dred anil lirohson will cla.'h in a ; game-at :! o'clock, wliilo Clianiitc. hccpmiB and Leltoy will play at -1 o 'clock. '. ' t'olon.v-meets Yalcs (.'unlcr at 7. o'clocki Friday nfght with .Who j^.jl i „viock this afternoon to'^ FalFs and lluplcr clashing at S h , , o'clock, the !. o 'clock ^-amc is In-, r""t>"-c uito the cainp of Parsons, I ween the. Ncodeslia Bcconds and liiBb school. I'ar.sons already holds- Humboldt. a defeat over lola. bnl lola has a "The second round opens at l'»|i,ahit of mussinK up Ihc dope as il , 6 'clock Saturday tno.-ning with the .^^.^^ ^ , , ,,^.,v:ai«K ; winneri of ; Lnioutown-Frcdonia . seconds, against the LaHarpe-loia "'j^Jji''"';'; game winner. This is the final conference con- tesl of the year for the local quin-' tet. Probable starters tonight arc; .Masscy and Donaldson or "Doc;"! Funk.. forwards; E. Funk, center.' and Mcfluire and Harbor, guards.. Other mi -n making the trip' are; The w;,;;er ii the Neoshb | K">"P GIRLS CAGE ' At 11 btclock Saturday morning, Oariictt plays'ilie winner pf the Bronson-i.MiIdred game. At I o'clock Saturday afternoon, the C'hanute- LeHoy winner meets, the lucky team in the Yalos (J'cnter-Colony ] -game. , Falls-IIepler gaiiiv |il;(y.s the Hum- i j lM )ldt-Neqdesha second winner at L' j i o'clock.. j The^ semi-final games will be run off at jind I o'clock paturday afternoon,, with the final game being played at|S:.10 .o'clock Saturday, night;} TJic losers in^jthe semi-fin-' als wilt dash at. 7:;!i'| o'clock- Sa;- ' wrda.v bight, fori the^ i-onsolaiion ' prizo. , I To: cap the clima.v, lol.n junior' collepu will play Fori Scoll junior ' .' ^ollcge!at^y::i« o'clock Saturday pjgj^t f^^p jjjg,^ g^j^^^^, Tlckirils for the tournament are , Leadership Opens at J1.2r). Sln«le admission liekelK lor; ' Wiphita Tw/» afleruobii rounds are :!5 cents, wiih V , ' lh<' fv,<>nihg admission fixed at .In oCIlOOlS Are cents. MEET TODAY DRAW CROWD Register Wjill Announce McTiffue-Sharkey Go At the Office at 8:30 O'clock Tonijtjht.: Iliiii't I 'tirtfef j 1hii Ifi'ffNIer'- big-flghl jiiirtyUil S!30 o'clock loiilght ill Ihej in'i'Icc. Conii' and lieiirUie .H<-TiKiie-Shiirke.v tiitllle nniiid If)! round. , • i-' ' - . .\ew Vork. .Marl .'I. f.Vi'i .Mil<>< .McTigue anil .lark ijliarkey meet ill a I.'i -i 'ouiid liatile: al .Madison .Siiuare <;;inlen loliighl. in ,a s</rr of seini-final in Tex Uiekard's heavy- wriglit eliminalioii loiirn iment. The winner is destined to iiieel .liminy .Maloiiey lor the right lo lace (.lelie Tunney. cliampion. Scp'.em-, ber. : . ' • Foi- iho fir^rt time .since Itickard galliered ihe pickj of tla- co'unlry 's ••|)1K mi n" lo figljl it out for the : privilege of engaging Ceuu Tunney, the baitle rouie wjill take two con- ; l.-nders over the n(aximum distiince allowed under Ihi- law - fifli -en rounds, and for ihe second , time wilhiii two wi ;eks| a near liapacily Ibrong is e.xpectefi, lo pour pnto" the, coffers of tlK- Canlen gro.sf; i gate receipts exceeding $l.")0.()uu^ , .McTigue will cliiiii) tlirougli ihe ; ropes, rilling llie crest of. an im- prcHsIve knockoii wave. diirinK which he has slbi)ped King Solo- liion. Hilly Vidab.'j-k. Soldier King \ and: Paul IJerlenbach. ' l)i'si)ile this ri'c .ord. however.^ •Sharkey rules a Il-tjo-."; favorite Willi I the belling eoiumissioners. Crilies • who pick Sharkeyl point to Ihe fact that he will liav.- a weight ad- ' v.inlage <if nearly] iwenly pounds in addition Ml yo ^ith. speed, skill and the confi(lenci| of his decisive victory over Harry Wills. ! _ ' • — i ' • EL DORADO LEADS VALLEY QUINTETS Al Peterson Is Leading Yalley Scorers Today Kansas City. .Mar. :!. l.\Pi AJ Peterson, tail Kansa.^ ecnier. loila'y occupied firs: piaee in the .Missouri Valk 'V Conference li .iskeiliall iii- li.vulual sciiring eolumn with Hi". ptMuis. . ~ ! He jimiped from liflti lo first idace \u>\ nighl when' lie s<or; il nino field goals ami Itnii- tree lluD .ws Willie le.-rlijr.; Ilie .layli;iwl;s III a ;!•; lb L'li.vieliiiy iivi r Ihe Tl'j;<rs iii.-l,awr •nee. Carl Vciikc)'. .Missouri lorward. ii.-eil till- g;ini" w'liel: y.w- Kansjis it.s si.Mll <oii--iiollve %'ailij liMe. to Icetiti' llif liiiiip Id:- liili'- jiiiiliis. liDii-iiiii; 'ills V'al 10 II"' This i-nnvji iJ Ity " liyeis. K.iiisas; .\uuie fiiruitid. iu 'ii ; llnril plac •. : with IIU. i Yillik'i's liMiii has lioiiipi. I'll 111';- rnnfereilii' .silieiliije ! wliib' Peler- soii and Pyels have :i ••halii- • lo biiosl their lolal when .iheir qiiin- s' ..I • 1 ifti; was lets liiei.i I'riilay In elme 'Ini.-on's sU'.ie. Pili'i-oii is with a sev Te r old ami Jmlay reporleil siMnviiig sympliliiis n! •flin'iiza. I KANSAS WINS Missouri \j. Falls 36 to 29 Before Jayhawker Attack Last Nijfht at K. U. .\rar. :!. iSpe,i:ih >; w-'v lo a ::i; lo -:i .\'Missouri univt-rsiiv Iwre i)i;;hl. the Kansas .layhawl; •Uiall laeilii^i.- \\i-ii il-. si\lh IQli LEADS UIJTIL LAST 30SECONDS McMichael Counts' Field Goal Which Gives the Game to Visiting^ Five Shortly. Before End. .\rkalisa.-! City advanced one si'-j) 111 jiier li. a K.ilisas .li|tilor 'College eniifereiiec basKet'iall ihiimpion- sliip last . iiiglit when; .McMichael. .V .-li Cil> fcirwardi senriil a llehl goal ill Ihe lasl.ihirly .secunils of play, ilefeal ill.:; I to Till gaiiie tta.'i one of the fastest playerl on ilic l.)t;il eoiirl this'year aiiij slioweil till- iolji sijuuil al its last. . • • I III',I slepjieil into Ihe lead early in llie g.iiii.'. when li;ri'ff couiileil. in--This se'-med lo a\Val;en llie .\rk Clly siiuail| and liiey coiniled seven • piiMils. Iilla ralliu'l' and tied the siii-re .•i:;ain. .\rkiilisas Cily was leading I to L'u at Ihe half. Willi .Vrliansas (^ily counling in jh<- s'-c.-ii;l halt., ihing.-^ ;;li)"iiny for |liila. but a dashing of• li-n-" iiroiig^lil l!ie l)^o learos into a linriii'g il:.e last eleven minute . >;uh s'luarl had the lead .sev- <ra! tiiiiiiiles. only to 'reliuriuisji it In the other. Ill the last iwo minutes of play. Sieiili hiuaghl Ihe visitors on? ii'iiii. iihevd hv eounling a free tlinnv. liiii P.iirger tossed a loii.'i li • il glial til Ki>e till' locals Ihe 1. el. li .\,i.s tl 'Mi thai .McMichael did iiis bil. r .iirger ••:iiiiti'-.l tliirli'eii ipciiil-; ii.r Ihi- Imais and vyis higlt point iii.iti of llf game. --..^ I • Til" bi.x~score: KANSAS WOMAN IS PROMOTER Wichita, Kah.s, .Mar. .3. lAPi—: Although wrestling i-s considered exclusively a man's sport, that doe.s,' not prevent Mrs. Tom Kaw of Wichita from being an active par-• lieipant in promoting inatche.^.' Some time ago Mr. Law, who is a wrestling promoter, fell siok in the. midst of negotiations forfait im-' portant boHt. Rather thani let the L n|:itch fall Ihrnjuiili. Mr.s. Law took up tile reins ;iiiiil handled the affair .so smootlily that she gained commendation irmn many quarters. Mr.s-. MOW Ijooks after many dcr tails of the boiils and confers with htr husband abjuit all the wrestlers he matches. .She believes a woman's :utuitioti is valuable in discerning whethc^r two .iiiven wrestlers would draw a good 'hoii.-e."' AUTO RACER IS KILLED IN CRASH Pendine. Wales, Mar. ?,. (AP)— .1. G. PaiTy-Thomas. famous British auto racer, was killed this aft-^ ernoon in an attempt to set anotlrer ; i speed record. ' "'• -"i .—For promijt results uso CMass'ified Columns. • the The claim is made that Jh the'; I'nited States bowling has more' • actual iiarticipants than any oth- . er sport. : l..iwrince. KalCiii^ its f >V "r Fayored. In J(.si flurry of letters, this col umn ralher neglected the .\meri can Legion am yesterday. - The its I fight card, Lcgioii is to b'e ye»|ieillrt.>. i m; [..vr...... .. congriitiilaled upon selec-tiiig a c^imuiitlee liiat i-aii fix uii a ctir 1 sucli as that presented 'Tuesday nighl.•'• ;Tbe .iiowil certainly was hanihi] put vaiue rc';cived In n-tiirn for nigiiey expended-for tickets. Tlie Loplon onldn'l hnie se- Ictltid;.-! more V apablr lUiiii inr lh«>' tlirkPl saU ciiil tlian Hob Krj. If the Li^^ion dccidps to stap? il i *i|{lil next niiinni (and It •thoBld) Koli Fry N .flie man (o plnrc In llic' sanie |io«itluii • ho jhflil for llie; la-sl flgbl. • of the coniiuillec : bit.toward inak- .success. and the lliat to th(/'U'gion Other inembers C'-rlaililyjIid llie.i ing.t^io Jialtle a H'^gister doffs lis, , and it|s fkglit conOnittee. (ij'oritp (ox has Ihe linbll of ]:le)isliiir.lhe t'liiiN. He undouM- rdhi Isjoho of (li«i best referees In KalnsiiN. .Inrldeatnll}. (•eorge U Kiiliii^ to du suine miire leiizne iimplrCiig In-tiasWiall tliN .vrar. If rli^iiniiilism ioesnl.itot llie l»e*t: oi'f lilni. lieorae Is gettini; ready uir a trip'l» Ihe Mprinss lo sret ready bnselmll soon. Floyd Bowers declared after the fight- thiit "that: guy imeaning Wagneriiis sure: a tough bird, but I think l' can whip i him If he will conic in! the my ji'eighi." Bowers! was tigbtiiig fj)ur pounds under the weight lie .generally enters the ring. Hei a'lso believes he can do^betier if he will stay awav . ffom AViigiier's body punches. JVntriier i*:' niretliiir » toiiuli oiie^iiekt Tuc-diiV iiliiht iil Fori • S MI II ' jiii «Mie. Kddle .MorrK. . Buner'i U of lltiv opinion Hint MorrNj run H |ilp iltint, and. - Jphhuy llnrrK tinhkHii (il; ilirlilnifichi, rvninrked lltal .Uorrlsj Mill itive Knuncr nil lie ndiiN. , " HOCk)EY PLAYERS GET BIG MONEY Wiehilii. Katis., Mar. :!: 'APl- 'I'lie stall' high KcJiool girls' hasliel- j 'iiill tournament got under w.-iv' here today, two guinciji being lilaved t^iiuullaiieoasly,^oiie. In Ihe Cali.e- ilrsil high scjiont gytiinasiuiu and ' the other in the Klks gymnasium. Cathedral high school of Wichita, and Ciildtvell. winner of fourth , 'place ill last yeiir's iialioual lour-; nanieiit. are in opposite brackets. •They are <-onsiilered the strongest, teams-enti-red. Plains apd Cockerill are < onsid- ered the dark horse entries of the tbin-n-iinenl. The pairings for the first round, i i which will 1)e coiiiiilpled today: ^ ! Cheney vs.** Little Klver: Benton j ! vs. Cunniiiglia|n: Conway .Springs j vs. Kanapolis:! Fronlcnac vs. To-j waiiila; Highland Park vs. Meade:! I Wisley vs. Heipre; Kosii Hill vs.! : Lorraine; Hyei)s vs. Cathedral of^j j Wichila or fii'ddard; ("aldvvell \y.\ Isabel: .Marquette vs. Pretty Prair-' Me: KIgin vs. Hurrloii: (Pinion v-. ; Cockerill: Plains vs. .Maize: Haven vs. .Mulvane; Viola v.s. Sterling: St. .liihn's v.s. .\rma.- DICK HANLEY IS YOUNGEST COACH ' .-Louisville. 111.. .Mar. ::. I.\i') - Oiek Hanle.v. who comes from tht- iHa.skell Indian School '. at Lawrence. Kans.. to coach footliall at ; .Vortiiwestern is next to the Junior' ! ci.iai-li ih the "'Western Conference. ; He is runner up 10 Burt Ingwer- jscn of Iowa. Han|cy is .12 and Ing; wersen .limmy Phelan of Purdue, another of ithe youngsters who \ |iit their talent against such old; timers as Stugg, Yost and Zuppke. I is In the. five yeai-.s Hanley I coaclied ^H.asktdl. after brjing grad- unlcd feoin the (|iiarterb'^ck position at'Washington State, his In- ;diaiis played G.'i gaines land last i seas'in (hey traveled IH.lluii miles. Team Sl:i 1:1 lliirado .Vi-.vl^.n .VviuKisas (Mlv Wichita . . Wiufield Hiiichinsiiu: WellliiKtini K'liginaa Wiihila. Kalis inding<^. W. L. Ill -1 10 :! ;i s I I) : t !l 111 i:;, Pel ..s :i:; •.I !'I2 .r.r.T .:'.".u .11110 lory "last basl, s'nfessjve .Missuiiri Valli 'V liasliet- "lall crown. I| was a hitler balHe.: with Ihe K'llisas luiy.s liolding a tliglit b -.-id llie way. -Tli;- .layhawkeis were aljeai' If. lo 11 .'ft Ihebalt. Peler- sou, center. slip)ii.''l ip nine lr<ini i!;i> rielil and ilnipped in tour 'ne lliriiws. KaMsa- iias iiin- lllille I'lUil'i-l eui >• •.•aiiie. Fi-:ilay. ag.iiiisl lll<laliiiiiia. 'I'lio |i().\ score: Mar. <APl After a raUii'r disaiipoinljii-.: stall. Hie Kl Dorado high school basUet- ball team now leads llii- ..Arkansas Vallev le ^igtie and has more lhaii an even chance to win.the piii- naul. The (iilers must defeat both ' Wichila and. Wellington lo be sure! of the |>eiiiian!. but on the b.isis of ^ eotiipai ali\V .r ;eciirdS( .>'hiii:ld !)•• j ab'e lo turn I lie trick. \ .\ewton and Ark.'^nsas City.;' sec- [ Olid and lliird respectively, in Ihe i standings 'still have a chance Ut\ will I'irst iionors. hjin'>as X'M't) ,Shniidi„ f.. , .\ewlallll. f Ciiiiil'in. r Hill." r ! I'e.tersiui ! e i l!urti;ti. g. .M;)ne>. IT . .!ell'ley. g .. . Total .Mi-siiiirl Vimii-r. 1 P.acc'hus. r Chnnnoi;. <• Itoaeh. f . Fl.'imalik, g O'Sullivan. g .Total (•-".I) K(i I) 1.-. Fi; I'l I-'T; II I 1 II I 1 It II II ('• FT • 1 1 II II ir II, :» I'J 1 I II 11 F II Ark Civ Cil) FC FT p MlMi.-hael. f ^ ' N II II Weller. f :', ;i 0 L'Mvis,. f _ . . - .0 • 1 II Pliiml'-v. e - 1 II II I Siiiit!:. ;i; K'l 1 J •» Ti.i.i: . . . 11 n :• Iiilil (3$;!) FC. I'T p ci-off. r II Fr.i:ii(. f 1; 1 II i.Ml-vi.-. r r. I :! Mann, c K'l 1 II 1 .Mili/.ie. i: I 1 .* 'il'Ilnll. g II '1 •I'-.ial •» ., y itefei-ee .Muag. 1 laker. • i EMPORIA WINS LOUISVILLE MAN FROM FRIENDS HAS LOT^JG NAME Louisville, Ky., .Mar. .i .\Pl' Christian Albert Freileilek .lohn Henry Davis nctzcl. nameil for six' iiMcl -s. all of whom were .Methodist niiiiisters. idainis the lonaesi' name in the .\nicrlr;an. Asso.;iatioii. or for thai mailer, any other le::'iiie rosier of priifessional baseball players. He also cites his case as ail example of how little vhance a baseball pbiyer lias of escaping' a nickname. With six names to choose from the laiis rejected them al! .•ailed him! "Hruno." .\side from all this. Betzej. who as player- manager will lead ;the Indianapolis I WIehila. Mar. 1'". iSpiriali Km tmria Teachers deti ateil Fric 'iids here .last night in 1':: in (a Kansas eoufereine li.iskelball ti:lt. BASKET BALL Elsmore A. C. vs. pigjr's Sandwich ( Inn FRIDAY NIGHT, MARCH 4, al Klsmure. Kuns<'i.s a pennan team on has two He is an expert pli^yer and 'boasts throwing arm. trail this year other outiStanding assets. ic'ket ; billiard j)oc' an impressive <]>URrWIDTH; SpiNGLEfi At twenty-one ytar.s of age. Fidel La ijarba. thej flyweight ittl;' holder, iii the yontlgest of the box- I ers now in posseksioti of world's "haninionslliiis. Lii Ba.rbu was un-{ der age when he ^iny the title.. Obicai;o. Mar. :i. fAP»- .dajor league Ijrickey players now m-eive • a larger average salary per game than th^ir brother, athletes, in ma- ^ jor le:«gHe ba.seball. Patrick of the j ,"i ^ew ^clrii Raugers. i{oss 1 of the.) Boston' Bruins and'. .Muldoon of the • ~ diijcago Blai-khawis get ^salaric* said'to iiiu weir into five-figures ' and othdrj pa.v-c leeks range down-; ward to *2..'iliu season. The nv- eragp hocjkey p ay>r sta.vs in game fWej^years altUough Let.i;ia!i i :of tlie:.iCl)icago Biackhawks iias, ' becu ojj j tli^ ij> -2 .vcars; .Veigli-' ' liar of (i^tawa h.-iis » 15 year liockey | recoril.; iiid^jjdu ot|,- ibelroi: j i ha-s Jjeeii j|»la5lng 12 jyenrji, | I SERVICE STATION Il can supply you with any replacement ijart for the above cars. . j ' EFFICIENT REPAIR SERVICE I will appreciate your r'cpair business. E. L. STANLEY I'hone 197 ^ . Phorie 115 1 .VI lola Tire ::n:.* JJa:i:ry Co. Iioy South Jefferson * F'rolecl (he ftuihlin;; by a Slate Covered Koof ! CERTAIN-TEED FOUR WIDTH, SLATE i ^ COVERED SlTRIP SHINGLES i Give a beautiful roof at moderate ; price. Per square Natural slate in nd or ;rreen just as nature colored it. is permanent and lastin.i; ] j I If you have a builjlini^that'needs roofini; or will need it! I any time this year, tret it covered at thi.s special price. I ' Call us and we will estimate your requirements and jjet i work done for you. if ypu wish. ' ;i01 West .Madison Pijices At lola Kansas Onfj|. IT'S To make your house what ^ou'd like it to be. A house to be proud of, a house to be happy ih—Sleeper service is helpful in everyway—helpful advice on iiitcrior decorations. CONVENIENT TEKMS IF YOU DESIRE. .A stock of the newest jmerchandisc to .select from. HERE'SBEAUTY AND COMFORT FOR YOUR LIVING ROOM Davenport, Davenport ;Ta |3lc, Wing Chair, Club Chair, Lamp Stand, Silk Shade. Suites are of Nachinan guarantoed Jactiuard velour. Your choice of two co with tape.stry or silk damask. 4.5-inch table lariip .stand, polychrome finish,;a The Complete Suite spiinjjcon.struction, covered in fine quality lor.'^, rtivcrse side of loose cushion.s covered tjable, bfov.n rnahogany Two-socket choice of color.sin .sflk^shades. $148.00 A" EIGHT-PIECE WALNUT DINING ROOM SUITES 60-inch Buffet, 42x54-inch Exten.sion Table, 1 Host Chair, 5 Side Chairs. All broad .suiface.s of these suites are of j,'onuine America'n Walnut veneer, in- leritir finished in (luartered oak, balance of suite constructed of .selected gum, duo- tone finish. Eijjht Piece Suite $115.00 t'- FOUR-PIECE WALNUT BEDROOM SUITES ; Large Vanity Dressei-, UpHolstere^d Bench, Bow-end Bed, High-boy. ...... ..1... ;. These suites are con.slructed of bcautiriil biiri walnut vuneer combined with other choice woods, beautiful two-tone finisli.- : Complete Suite . $148.00 S20.00 down and $10.00 each month puts this .suite in your home. ' • '- j ' I OBJECTS OF BEAUTY FOR YOUR LIVING ROOM Framed Tapestrj' Panels Framed Pictures ]...%. End Tables Decorated Occasional Tables, Decorated ... $10.00to$18.00 $4.00 to $27.50 $4.95 to $9.00 ... $14.40 to $20.00 A. R. er vSl

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