Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on September 28, 1961 · Page 12
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 12

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1961
Page 12
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r gineer* on all aspects of gas heating and air conditioning. Families have an additional guide to complete satisfaction in the famous A.G.A. Laboratories' Seal of Approval — a blue star in a white circle. was with a nylon brush natural ing, plastics, paints, brick, tile, gas helped to make. At breakfast, cement, glass, salt, chemicals, perhaps you were not aware ceramics, clay pipe, paper — to that the food was produced or name only a few. processed with the aid of this The principal difference be- wonder fuel — as were the pots tween your home cooking and and pans in which it was pre- industrial process "cooking" is in The final test of house-heating pared, the dishes in whieti il wns temperature. Pies, cakes, breads served. and meats go into your kitchen Even the clothes you are wear- ovcn a t temperatures from 300 to ing may have come from the won- stfn degrees. Industry applica- drous world of petrochemicals in tj ons range from around 350 de- which gas derivatives play an im- (rices, in the case of baking your equipment, however, is its ab ility to perform satisfactorily day in, day out under actual living conditions. (K- 7) Ire cube iriyi »nd meiiy d«Jro»ttn| »r« baniened fer«v*r by iMt f.illy automatic go reIrljernor-fr«« w. (Photo Courtesy Whirlpool Corp.) U. S. industry finds Natural gas vital In 25,000 ways Natural gas helped create this sentence. It dried the paper, was used in making the ink, and melted the lead for the type. Natural gas, in fact, is writing exciting new chapters in the progress story of American industry. As a fuel of many talents and a basic raw material, it has been put to work in 25,000 or more ways — making everything from popcorn to petrochemicals. Just glance around your own home and you can see some of used less than nine billion therms. portant role in prodiifing such man-made fabrics as acrilan, nylon, dacron and orlon. The car in your driveway was made with steel conditioned in huge gas furnaces and its lustrous finish was baked by a giant gas-heated oven. Even baby's bottle was first a molten mass of sand and other ingredients which were boiled in a hundred-ton glass tank gas flames. Yes, industry is "cooking with gas" today as never before. Nearly 137,000 plants and factories throughout the nation looked to Hie gas utility industry last year for 45 billion therms of gas which were utilized in and processing. ago, there were only 7M.O0O industrial gas customers and they 22 million families are Now enjoying gas heat Indoor comfort is like apple pie. It can be a definite delight or a dismal disappointment. The secret lies in the basic ingredients and how they're mixed. When properly blended the result is fit for a king.. The same holds true for comfort — with one major difference. The gas industry supplies it ready-mixed to ' insure results. Warmth, humidity, cleanliness, freshness, density and tne movement of air arc carefully blended with a dash of efficiency, dependability and economy to sweeten the mixture. The resulting uniform comfort, otherwise l.iwwn as gas househcating, is fit for a king yet well within the reach of every family. Tradition has it that a man's home is his eastle. At last count there; were more than 22 million Royal Families all enjoying this perfect recipe for healthier, more comfortable living. An additional 1,300,000 families apply tne formula each year, proving once again that Americans know a good tiling when they see it. doesn't feel he's able to afford it right away. For instance, some models have larger blower capacity, designed with an eye to future cooling use. This is achieved without sacrifice of compactness; units offering this advantage may be only 48 inches 'nigh. Special dampers have been de- perfect vised to reduce internal resistance during the cooling operation and increase cooling air capacity, without blower adjustment. Various other improvements, both in gas furnaces and in duct systems, have been designed with future air conditioning in mind. They add to the basic advantage that blowers, American a j r filters and ducts can do double duty, serving summer as well as winter. Many families obiain gas heat by installing a conversion burner in their present furnace. This is economical and efficient, offering the same automatic features and dependable performance of new gas heating equipment. Savings on operating costs frequently pay for the converts easy, says the; American^ion. OHowever, the condition of the thousands of items created and processed with natural gas. The synthetic upholstery of the chair in which you are sitting, the nylon carpeting under your feet, the window across the room and Its fiber glass draperies — all these are products in which gas plays a part. When you brushed your teeth this morning, chances are it Industry has learn i d that natural gas is a versatile tool which can be utilized to forge, cut, harden, galvanize, dry, purify and perform countless other fabricating and processing chores. As a result of this demonstrated versatility, natural gas has ear's paint finish, to some 3,000 degrees for basic steel making and other processes in metal processing. At this moment, the iron and steel industry is excited about the development of two new processes in which natural gas promises to make substantial cost savings and increase production. One major company has under confirmed a U. S. Bureau of Mines study showing that a five per cent addition of natural gas in a blast furnace can boost iron output by 20 per cent and reduce coke use by 30 per cent. At least four U, S. mills and one Mexican blast furnace are experimenting manufacturing with this process. Twenty years Meanwhile, electric furnace steelmakers are intrigued by reports that additions of natural gas and oxygen during melt-down will increase the output of existing electric furnaces by 25 per cent or more. One mill has indicated that, by using this technique, It can achieve a 50 per cent tons-per-hour increase. While new and more productive uses for gas are being devel- particularly true in petrochemis­ try, which extracts hydrogen from gas and blends it with other elements to create a thousand and one new products such as synthetic rubber, fabrics, Plexiglas, soap and detergents, fertilizers, and the polyethylene plastics with which you are familiar in the form of unbreakable 'squeeze' bottles. And in the exciting new Space Age, natural gas is lending a helping hand to pioneering excursions into unknown worlds. The body of a Polaris missile is hardened under three hours of a 1,600-degree blast of gas heat; missile nose cones, which must withstand the intense heat of high altitudes, are tempered by gas heating; and industrial science finds natural gas extremely valuable in testing and development laboratories. Natural gas thus plays a vital role in almost everything the nation's industrial might is producing for a bright today and a brighter tomorrow in America's dynamic growth. Gas lights signify A gracious living Instant status? Yes indeed, there is such a thing as thousands of American families have discovered. It's a gas light in the driveway, on the patio or near the pool. For today, gas lights immediately signify good taste and gracious living. Many factors have contributed to the revival of the G&Sftgtt Era. Nostalgia,, says the American Gas association, is one ot the major reasons for its tremendous popularity. Families say that gas lights symbolize the unhurried pace of tfhe Gay Nineties. Reminiscent of the handlebar mustache, the bustle and the. horse- drawn vehicle, gas lights suggest a leisurely way of life. The renaissance of outdoor gas lighting began approximately four years ago but their importance to the home has been given added impetus by the Civil War Centennial. The emphasis on American styling, regardless of the period, is another factor. dShe fixtures blend well with, any type of decor — Victorian, 'Provincial, Empire, 'Regency, Colonial or Contemporary. Gas light fixtures, for use both indoors and out, exude an air of warmth and intimacy. The light is romantic, mellow and soft, never harsh or glaring. The major use of gas lighting, about 90 per cent, is for out of doors. Gas lights repel insects and require little care. They can be turned on and off manually, by remote control, or automatically with special devices installed on the lamp itself. They provide economical illumination with natural, manufactured, butane or propane gas. Sales and installation are made by gas utilities and gas appliance dealers. earned steadily increasing popu- 0 ped by industry, natural gas is lanty in innumerable industries likewise attaining new import- such as steel, textiles, food, print- ance as a raw material. This is Gas association,'to tell a gas- heated home. It's never too hot nor too cold, too humid nor too dry, drafly or stagnant, dust-laden.-or- stale, musty or odorous. Dependability might be described as a built-in feature of gas heat."' TSvcn m severe storms or freezing weather gas \.is always available. It never has to be ordered or delivered above ground, never is rationed because of peak • demands. It's always on hand, in good weather or bad, carried directly into the home by protected underground ; pipelines: Once in the ufiijj^igas goes rjght to work, burning cleanly and efficiently in any type of system' — 'not air, hot water, steam or separate space, heater. Modern, automatic boiters, deliver hot water or steam to radiatoiis by convection or to concealed; pipes in floors, walls, or ceilings ; for radiant heat. Mo- tor-driveniblowers in hot air systems circulate warm, filtered air to registers located in various rooms. This is accomplished silently and automatically. Clock-type thermostats guarantee the maintenance of even heat during the day, then cut back automatically at night to save on fuel and safeguard health in a 24-hour cycle. Nature's most versatile fuel can also make frost from a flame when called upon to do so. The result is a remarkable new forc- "ed-air system which combines ,'heating and air conditioning on ;a year-round basis. The advantage of this system is its ability to switch from heating to cooling at a minute's notice. A mere flick of the thermostat does the trick. It will even circulate clean filtered air throughout the house during in-between seasons when | neither heating nor cooling is required. » The compactness of this unit ;permits Installation almost any- j where, even in a closet, in important factor in new homes Iwhere every foot of floor space "becomes increasingly valuable. I Families enjoying the many advantages derived from gas 'neat lean now multiply these benefits into year - round comfort by I adding gas air conditioning to existing furnaces at a relatively low 'COJBt, Forced - air systems, for example, are ideally suited to gas sir conditioning since the same {blowers, ducts and registers are fused tor both heaijjing and cool, "ihg,' Homes with not water systems can add a < supplementary air conditioning system for summer comfort-' Unite are avall : able to flt almost any space re- airiremeflte, tadpors and out. Vf TJur aevrart Unas of gas-fueled ' i ^ed-warw -W furnaces offer special mmweatar *• ho ™« gypr. whe wwts to prepare for the furnace determines tne advisability of converting. Local gas companies offer home owners expert advise by trained en- Ca»-equipped kitchens are the heart of the home where cooking becomes a family affair when the gas range wears the coveted Cold Star emblem, a gold star in a gold circle. ALWAYS COMFORT FOR A SOUND INVESTMENT IN COMFORT.... A WEIL - McLAIN GAS-FIRED BOILER This boileT is a money-saver! The integrated design of burner, combustion chamber and internal construction assures more efficient operation and fuel economy. Circulating water completely surrounds the combustion area—not just around the top and sides. This construction results in lower boiler height and permits installation on any type of floor. . FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS • Amazingly compact—only counter-top high. Occupies lot« space) than a rofrlgorator. • Ruggod, corroilotwotUfaitr catt Iron construction. • E«*lty cloanod for malnttnanco of top offl- clency. • HencWomo •namvllod flush or oxtondtd Jackot—fully Intutotod. £ • Built -in tanklo** hootor -It avallabto for yoar 'round' hot faucot woior— no Mod for ox- ptntlvo wpdrats hoofsr. mm mm* MMB»U « Call today f Or EASY TERMS .r«* ••tlmate V'4" Vandersee Plumbing & Heating FAYETTE, IOWA ji. rat.-',:. era of OdkM$in> a »8iiWpK©rs ' " ' . . ''St PAULSEN ARE SPECIALISTS IN • Gas and Oil Heating • Boilers • Conversions . • Air Conditioning Heating & Plumbing ,v i r j;' $149 00 Free Estimates CONVERSION BURNERS; Now No Job Too Large or Too Small — CALL US COLLECT — Oelwem 381 Your York Heating & Air Conditioning Dealer 133 So. Frederick — Oelwein,'Iowa OFFERS "There's o TEMCO way to put the modern comfort of automatic gets heat Into your homal Come fn and take "a look at the I960 TEMCO Citation line — heaters for every tpi»e«' requirement,: oyery^ typg'^f; Souse— heaters of advance design, Out "Front with features that:count for performance, dependability and "economy I Good living begins with TEMCO. Now Is the time to start, while ; you cje| a fr»j» blanket wltli, your,selection. Only. TEMCO glvei you • Out Front Control Center (no reaching over or • j j. araund.o hoi heqterj.-; i 'v.- r,>* i. ; • Rfrewitilad' H*°W Bxctariv'(written "warranty against just, or bejm-oy|l • Optional biowef ofiochmtnt '-(delivers warm air at floor level) • Adlvftahle. blewer regulator (»nd« cold olr W»»*N> ; ^-^'v:: ; i..;; • Csnltr'bgrrwr pilot (silent,, 'dffklenf, long last* Irtgl anc{jiwnyi(nore ; 'v» w^a HEATING 'Fayette, Iowa

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