The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on February 20, 1892 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, February 20, 1892
Page 2
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TlwPostville Weekly Review. POSTVILLB, SATDAY, FEB. 90. W. N. BtJRDIOK, Editor, Entered al the postoffice at Postville as stcond-claxs matter. THAT OttUft VlBW. Lnst week's Graphic contained a 'lengthy find very ably written communication from our esteemed friend, "J. II.," inking tli* REVIIW to task for its position oo the questions of labor and 'Capital. We cannot answer the arguments mado intelligently to our read- eri without giving tho article entire, which we do not. do for two roasons: Tint it would require mora ipxca than wo could spare, and secondly we do not believe tho mbject is of siilllelenl importance at this time, and especially outside of the great titles, to warrant it. The argumont favors eoinmunisin, pure and simple, it it favors anything; and we cannot believe that wa havo a 8 ti aiojDn"S"'"'«''» I''*'' a' -8 infected 'hat voice'liuT?lTseutimente. Wo come to ttiis conclusion from the fact that we know the man, and know not only Ins breadth of mind but his industrious and frugal habits, and his ambition, not only to provide well for his family, but to lay up something fjra "rainy day." We believe that he, no more than we, would be williug to divide his store of this world's goods, whether it bo large or small, with those who did not earn it ami had no claim whatever upon it. This would be the logic of his argument, for he says that: "It the wealth of to-day was distributed among its producers our Goulds and Vandor- bilts would have to go to the soup house for their breakfasts." As he docs uot. go to lho "soup house" tho uatiiral itifornnce is that he has too much wealth, and should surronder a part of it to his less affluent neighbors! But this picture of the Goulds and the Vanderbilts doos not tally with the balanco of his argument, for ho says: "Sue that an equal and just distribution of wealth is made and shortly the earth will groan under its burden of wealth which will be as fruo to all as water. Poverty will disappear from the earth and its at'.ondants, ignorance, misery nud crime will follow it." There is some consolation therefore iu knowing that whou this Utopian dream is realized we shall uot havo to go to the soup houses, but we shall all rovpl iu untold wealth! If our friend should succeed in causing (hi* equal distribution of wealth down thereof." Tho hope of ever. evading ntly of these tmiiiiitabls laws Is as futile and chiuierlal as "the baseless fabric of a vision." All society can do, all that law can do, Is to ameliorate their condition as fnr ns possible without trenching on the rights of others. This, with the application of the golden rule, must sutllee until such lime as the unfoldment of lho great future shall reveal the thought of God iu the ursation. Out poverty is not tho only curse nsr riches the only blessing. Neither is physical labor such a terrible thing. Thtre is a compensation running through all tho conditions of lifo which, if we could realize, would enable us to see that there is no great difference after all. The healthiest and happiost men on oartli art the toilers, and as a vnlo they live longest. It is mental labor that destroys, not physical. It is the burning of tho midnight oil poring ovor day books and ledgers, and bills receivable and bills payable, that saps tho fountains ef life, and •auses its sun to set at uoon-time. Let us be honest with ourselves and lioucst willi our fellow men and not seek to get something for nothing, which ws should do if we sought te appropriate the aecysiUlatioiis of others gur own use. As we caauot hope to vo lho ability of a Bliine or a Gladstone distributed to us, in like manner lot us not hope to have the woallh of a Gould or a Vniidorbilt distributed to us. In both these directions wo must stand or fall on our own moritt, always rsmenj'oeving thai "Thoro is no oxcol- loneo without great labor." 'SUNDAY NI&ttT." IMMOttTALITT. and .be at rest. To our mind it is the , 80 far as wo are informed sicknoss plain duty of evory man to find such a ; from grip in thissecliou is relaxing, and home and let his light shine. If thoro 1 we hope it may continue to lot go. is no church organization within resell THE following is from a recent editorial in tho Dubuque Telegraph, ono of lho leading domooratiu papors of the state, 011 the candidncy of David 13. Hill. It is a candid and truthful statement of the case, and is all the moro pertinent when It is reasonably certain ' that Hill will be nominated at Chicago, or that if he is not nominatod ho will beat tho nominee out of Now York at tho flection, as ho did in 1888, and thus, as thou, beat him out of tho election. Considering the Hill they have to climb tho future is full of forebodings to the democracy: "David B. Hill will bo tho choica of the democratic convention which meets in Now Yt.rk Feb. 2'2 '.o soloct dele­ gatus to lho national convention. The calling of a couveution so early is an unprecedented thing and Hill's pur- poso was'a snap judgment on tho democrats of New York. But Cleveland's friends will not stand it and will call another convention Inter in the season. pparenlly determined to rulo lln will toll tho democrats ol tho nation that ho is the choice of Now York, that no othor democrat can carry Now York, and that tho alternative >flora! the democracy is Hill or defeat. Undoubtedly lho democrat*, except the spoils element, would prefer defoat to Hill. There is no question but that he dangerous man, and one of the how long does ho suppose it would be I ™>*\ unscrupulous men in public lifo, 0 . ...... ,, ,.. I that he is lho democrat party s Dudley or Quay but moro powerful nud mors to be foarsd. Tho power of such mon as Hill iu politics is au accusation against the pros- out system of elections. Hill lias 110 strength oulsido of his own state, lit is a strong man thero because ho has tin uaitott support of the most unreliable and most disreputable element of his own party." boforo another distribution would bo required to maintain the equilibrium? The distributions would have to occur ns often as those of tho now defunct Louisiana State Lottery, and would be 110 more satisfactory in their results. Ono of the fallacies of the communistic idea is that all men art by naturo "as like as two poas," and that if you ."tart them out with equal capitsl they will maintain that relation. Not only phro- TIIK following is about tha most sensible squib we have ever soon in the nology but observation utterly disprove mongrel Codar Rapids Gazalto: this theory. Every man is endowed by "If Senator Finn is correct, and tho nature with certain gifts that predom- people of Iowa havo nol declared • . 1 . '.L- 1 :„ . 1............ against prohibition: aid if Allison is matt and go to make up his character. ; nd lhe , hl | va not a eo iar«d in and he will seek and lind tht level of !nvor ot f,- e , B j| Tor - am . if Htnderson those gifts. To suppost that all aro to is correct and they have not declared bt equally successful in tha Hold of against tha tariff, will some one plaatt . , , . state what obstruotion tha voters were finance or mental endowments of any trying to run agatust with their oyolone, kiad is to supposo that the Creator auywnyP" roado but ono mould in which to cast The mailers of freo silvor and tariff tht childrati of men, and that the mato- are not so clearly defined, oxcopl in tho rial was all dipped out of ono cauldron, last congressional election, when the Whatevor might be our desires in the misapprehension of the offeot of the premisos we know that this was not tha McKinloy bill turned the heads of iho intention iu the creation, and it has not people. But if there is a man in the and uevor will bo lho result. If It state that believes that tht peoplo of were, hope that "springs alernnl In tho this statt hava not unequivocally deoi- Iiuniaii broast," and its product, anibi- dod against prohibition that uiau is so Hon, would be doad and meaningless blind that he could not toe tho broad- words. Tho poor wa have always with side of a sixteen story block in broad us, and shall until the and ot lima, phi- day light. It it an insult to the intelli- losophlse as we may. If thoro it any gonco of tha feeblest mindid man In part of the Bible that we all concede to Mis state to assert such a thing, when be inspired this is one, becanss it is a that question has been the "consplou- domonstrabla fact, no less that bnoauta out Issue" foi years, and by oharapion we know that if it wore not a faot otvil- Jug it the republloan party has steadily ization and progress nover would haye declined until it has t lost everything in adoraed tho world with the glorious tho state oxoopt a slendor majority in habiliments it wears to-day. Ambition ono house of tha legislature stimulates to axctl is tha spur that ovary movement of mankind in evavy avenue of thought and action, no mat tor whether it Is inHk-e line of aoourau 'As WAOKS are governed by supply and demand, and tat supply is oxceas- ive, the olaim that protection protects tho workingiuau is an absurdity and an luting wealth, peering Into tho ruyste- iMuHtop^Hointdllgonoo."-Dubuque. ries of ereation among the primary logvaph. Tht first proposition of this para^.!!'T£L W» " **> » K -H. Mr. Talagraph, taut star or even expounding tho Got' but the trouble is with yopr philosophy. pal from ihesaovad desk, U I. tho, reasoning im whore you desire to do something or haya soma-1 1 J thing a llttlo bailor than our neighbors that stimulates avory effort of our live, being the actors that fix wags, how and maka. possible the giant strides of ">» «>• demand, thus inventive genius and .olentlfto ras.aroh 1Imit "<? tho * Ml we d » 1 h * that almoft challenge comparison with »«» «»"»«^ P°» lW « Deity in the marvelousn... of than- '»«• country. gl»lng.mpto,meut to 11 n„.. -...V,^ i„ hundreds of thousands of men now .tooomplishments Do., anybody sup- , m wa. by free trade legisla- pose for a moment that if by law or by t workshop, we already tho usage, of socle y on. man could ^ qU P tbug thro ^ not climb to grantor hoighths than Roolhav auy suoh achievements would be possible? Communism is lit only for barbarous and u'uclviliaod tnbos, • where intelligent ambition and hopo have not risen to a passion. That and IT IS now beooming evident that this its boau oompaulou, anarchy, have no legislature will do nothing with the place in a oivillaed and enlightened prohibitory law, It will dilly-dally community, where selfhood, manhood with and discuss a half dozen bills and and all the possibilities of individual finally pass none tf ihoro, lha desiro notion sit enthroned. being to stave off the matter until after Far be it from us to sit iu judgment tho presidential election, neither parly against the poor. It is a misfortune desiring to tako tho responsibility of oyer whloh few of them havo any oon- doing anything. It Is now thought trol. An inscrutable Frovldonoe, foi that (he Schmidt bill will not even psss soma wlsepurpost, doubtless, hps not lha senate, ftm,\ ,»o other bill yet pre given them a brain development by »eqted or made public ought to pass wWob they aro tn»Wed to utlllae t)io »UUer !><>»»<>• Tha republican p ,,. t y forpes aronnd tbom in tho dlwotion ol way save tho state next fall by evading money getting antl money sarlug. W« «»• qnwtloij, but It-will be an expensive other hundreds of thousands of laborers now employed, out of employments This is the real question "before the house.'' "If a man ilio shall he live again," was tho subject of a discourse, or rather what wa should term a lecture, by Rev. Amos Crum, of Dubuque, at the Uni- vorsiilist church at Castalia, on Wednesday evening of last week. This would not bo a sabjoct calling for morn than a passing thought were it not for lha fact thai tho Rev. divine aloted tho Biblo in this discussion and dopended solely on scienae and reason for his afllrmativu argument on this occasion. This was to us such a now departure from the ordinary presentation of lho subject lhat it elicited our interest from the sttrt; for right here is whero wo have always been tompclled to takt issue with tli( religious world, when it hits told us that wo must not only ignore human rtason but science, if it conflicted with tht rovcaled word, and accept in thtir stead a, to us, blind faith. This lecture evidently was uot intended to tiilightcn the firm bnlicver in inspiration, but to make inspiration moro raasonablu to tho doubter; and this, to our mind, is what this demands. This is an age in which tho "why" as well ns lho "how" must be fully met. The speaker did not claim for scienco that it was an infallible guide, or that it fully demonstrated anything In replying to tho question at issue. The crust of the earth revealed how it was formed, but nol why, only infcrenlinlly. The geologist finds that at soma remote period, perhaps a million years ago, tho conditions wcto such thai the strata of coal was formed. He cannot discorn from its formation why it was formed, but as it existed for untold ages absolutely valueless until man came on to tho sccno to utilize it, it is a reasonable inferonfo that it was formed for the use of man, as were the rocks, tho baser and tho precious mollis. Tliis is reasonable because wc all agreo, who belicvo in a supremo intelligence at all, that] nothing was created in vain, and that everything was created lhat wo find on this earth for tho uso or comfort of man. Chemistry has established tho fact that no atom of matter can bo lost, however much its form may bo changed. What ho lermod tho suionco of Bind was of inflnitoly more valuo and power than matter, because it dictates to and practically controls mattsr. By tho oxer cise of tho will of man the granite can bo taken front its home 111 Ike everlasting hills and fashionsd into "a tiling of btiuily and a joy forovor." Likewise tho go'd can bt taken from the mine and "purified by liro" and mado the most precious of metals. Tho rough tree can bo taken from the forest and transformed into lumber and than into a magnificent habitation for men. The speaker did not claim that all these things demonstrated that man is immortal, because tht subject is not capable of actual demonstration. But noto the logic and lho roaioning: God had in mind tht wants of man all th« Unit in tha creation of the world, for otherwise many of ilia mos', imporiant creations would hava been valuolesi;. At lho proper lime man was crftatod and placed on lha earlh to ulilizo and enjoy tho balance of tho creation, This settles tho grtat interest '.hat God had in man hero. Than conios tho fact that no atoat of matter can ever bo lost. There being no consciousness or identity in mattor nothing suffers by its changss of form. Now how about the mind, the soul of man, lho Inst sad greatest creation of all? This has dominion over mattor, including its own tenement of clay. Shall It be lost, forovor lost iu tho obscurity of obliylon, and thus all the creation end in failure when man lies down in death? Unlike mattor, the mind has identity and consciousness, and to ehango its form or transform it inlo something elst, as in tho cast of mattor, would bo in effect to aunihilato it. Then is it reasonable to supposo that the soul of man shall go out at death liko a lighted caiullu? Is it not more reasonable by far to sup pose, that like matter, It cannot bo dos troyed, and that ovory particle of its consciousness and identity shall live whllo God, its author, remains on the throne of the universe? This is a very brief and Imported outline of tho leoture that occupied an hour and a quarter in Its delivery, but convoys some idea of tha prominent point, made. To the outside roasoner it conlainod a large amount of food for thought and was a great aid to the bollef In lho Immortality of tha soul which is by no means a settled convio tloo in the minds of all men, even of those who nooopt tho existence of God in some form. Thoso two propositions being accepted then all that is required to be dono Is to present a reasonable- religion and there Is no danger but the world will aocopt it. Some oroods aro raatonablo to some minds and nol 10 others, just as some purely temporal matters seem reasonable to some minds and absurd to others. Some peoplo can accept a religion and worship God with a full belief that only a few oho- stn ones will be snnlehad fro.n tha eternal burning, while others aro so constituted that they could accept no trend and embraoe no religion if uncier its ample folds oue soul- that evor -Misled on earth was to go out and broast. the waves of nu.etornal sea of pain. Some poople oan accept 11 oroed wherein faith alouo saves, while others demand that works shall be the sheet anchor, and that no matter what the belief may be this lifo everyday must prove that the faith is slioare. Actions bpoak louder than words in everything else, and some oan see no reason: why rollg* ion should bq any oxoaption to the rulo. Eftch of these persons are equally honest in their oonviotlonsmid eaoit should' be equally respected In tbflr views., . Henee we say there, l» »ome eburolr home w)iore every mad who noospU-tho existence qf Red and tb» Immortality thai fills your measuro ef faith you cas nt leas', livo your religion every day and mnkt tho world a little better and mankind a little happier by your life. While the orthodox world will continue lo nay that good deeds nnd an exemplary life will not savo yon, thoy will not deny but such a life is commendable here, and lhat, so far as it goes, it is in Hit line of Christianity. Of course if you arc orthodox in belief you will not depend on good works alone, but if you arc you ought to hr. in tho church, if you arc nol already thero. We can seo no reason in tht world why any man who accopts the orthodox faith should be outsidt tho church, and wo cannot believe Unit any are outsido the church who have lhat belief. Wu see tht evidences every day that we aro mortal and aro rapidly passing away. II wo rccognizo tho fact that thtre is anything to be done to preparo for the change it should be done quickly and with our might. Those of us who cannot penetrate tho veil or unravel tha mystery of Godliness can o»ly do what wo can fvilh tho light wo have, which comes from roiuon and sxpeiisucu. This teaches us lo bo moral, upright, bcnovolent and kind, because theso virtues conserve our own happiness and tUo happiness of nil wilh whom wo come in coulact. If you cannot believe as much as your neighbor doos do not stultify what yon do belieyo by neglecting to lire it every day of your lives. It there is no reward for it heioafter there is ample reward for it here, and wu certainly can be no worse ofl' in lho hereafter, whatever its nature, if we scatter sunlight and joy nil along tho pathway of human life. It wo aro lo bt condemned anyway Hit condemnation cau bo no greater because wo havt lifted up tht fnlltii and ministered to the sick nnd aillicted as we had opportunity all along our pilgrimage. As our bonofactloas widen and our good deeds incroase mora light may bt lei into our doubting minds from the great source of light, until we aro enabled to fathom the mystories that aro cloar to others. Let us not bo hypocrites, but men nnd women in lho highest and tru- ost stuso, as wo aro given to understand it, and it shall be well wilh us hero, and if our hearts aro overflowing with lovo to tho Croator and to our fellow mon there can bo no heights or depths that will bo closul to us. No chaina cuu bu forged that Lovo will not broak, no locks that Love will not open, no soa of glovy that Lovo cannot fathom, no heights of blus that Love cannot scale, no groves ot paradise that Love cannot penetrate, no song of lho redtumud that Lovo cannot sing, because high in the arching dome that circles the univtrsc, in characters of everlasting light wo may discover lhat sign by which we conquer—GOD is LOVE. ADDITIONAL LOOAL. —Horso bills cheap at this oflioe. MARRIED. BERNIIART—ANDERSON—At tho M. parsonage, in Postville, on Tuesday evening, Feb. IGtli, 189J, by Rev. JbS. J. Lookwood, Mr. Goo. Bornhart, of — Our street ssems almost deserted of late. Mrs. Sclltg and daughter wont to Mitchell county last week en a visit, Mr. Taylor's residence has been shut up for nearly two weeks and Mrs. Swenson has betn down at her paretts' the most, of tho Unit since Ed. wtnt away on his Inst trip. It glvos a lonesome lingo to an othurwiso pleasant street. WinterExcursions to Warmer Climos. 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O110 of the very best, if not tho best social uvrv held by lho Masonic fraternity here, canio ofl' at their lodge room last Tuesday evening. The hall was paeked to its utmost scaling capacity, aad a littlo more. The program wss a good one and was carried out in detail with tho oxoepiion of the reading ot Miss UsLvy Henderson, which had to bo omitted on account of lior indisposition. Sho is perhaps the best elocutionist we have ever hid Ui Postvillu. 'Tha music by tho Apollo Qnartel was superb, in fact it could nol bo excelled in lho wosl. lis iiiaiubto's Miss Abliott. Mrs. Cornell, Mr. Moior and Mr. Nicolay, and tho organist, Miss Duiro, arc entitled to the lliankc, not. only of the fraternity but of the guests a» wpll for lho rioli treat they provided. I'liu address ijy llsv. Wm. Lease wr.s well received by tho audience, and especially so by lho fraternity, who know that his pictnro of Masonry was not overdrawn. Masonry is not only a science but a moral force, whero its teachings are respected and obrerved. Like nil other organizations of this world too many of iu are remiss in our drty. Tho r-jfresliMonU werojunplo and of the bost, nnd tho soc'ul hour was by no muans tlio smallest of tho attractions, as everybody sannvid to bo in their bu.'t po3-ilblo hauvir, and did Ihoir bost to maku tlio gnosis foot at homo. No mallsr what also msy be thought or said of Ihe order, no ono can deny but thona uiiUirtaiuiU'jnU havo always been a sueeeis, and llio giusts have contributed largely to m»W.» them so. F.J. BECKER, M. D., HO MEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN AMD SUlldKOK. Omen on Bor.oii'l 1 'io .ir o! Parkor'* UuiMInK, uotir Puutofflcw, Pustvillo, Iowa. BR. J. S. GREEN, om of town. I'lIVSICIAN 4 SUIIGUOX, 0 ami liesidenco Southwest All calls promptly attended L. STROEBEL & SON, — i-nomiKTona or — Postville Boot and Shoe Store. (AT Ar.MUTRONG * nol.TKR'S OLD STAMP.) Have a full line of Boots, Shoes, Slip p«is, Rubbers and everything kspt in a No. I general shoo storo. Custom work and repairing neatly and promptly done. Kverv pair warranted. Wo Keep 110 shoddy. R. N. DOUGLASS, P«EV J. I'. SMITH, V. P. JAS. McKWKN, CABinrn. CITIZENS STATE BANK j POSTVILLE, IOWA. PAID UPCAPITAL, $25,0C0. LEAVING AND ARRIVING TIME OF TRAINS. UKCOltAII DITI8IOM, TiuioTablo in ofTeol Nov. 10, 1891 Passenger going North... fi:10. P 14 South. 4:S0. Freight. " North, ...8:48. P. V J. B. PKRKT Agent. 1892. Harpers Bazar. ILLUSTRATED. H »n cr'i I'.Mtir li & Journal lor tbt boir.a. H givf a lho latcat iuforniatlon with winrd tilth* FnHhioai, and 1U numaruui Ulufttratloufl, Pniif doitMik, ami p»lt«rn-iliMt »«ppl»m«no» *i» imll»iuniBalii., itllko la th« borne Ureiirasbi r un<l thn prutciiiuiml tnodiite. No expeutr. Is M'" 1' to m>ko Us nrtUtta aUrextWenott uf lho l>luU',t ontar. Its lirlstit itorUs, ainuvtiifi coii'etU^B, nnd thoughtful oisiioi latlslx all tastss. mal-lll>» ^.^ iait imi;e Is fauioui aa »• budget ot wit KMV ^"^^ humo'r. In Itn wcukly tRtuei eyeiytkht^ 1 la- Do C'riioral l!«i and ri"il Vorcign change DR. C.H. HUNT, TfieoeNTi3T. Permanently locale.I in Postville. OHlce ovor Watnrs 1S1 Nicolay's Hardware Store, llriek Uliiek. . J.A.HAVIRLAND, y Surgeon I'OS'I'VILI.K, IOWA. OIH MO lirsl door Mast, of tlio Commercial House, (Jroen S3t., Postville, lowii. lino sel of surgical instruments. All necessary medicines kept on hand hirlei'ii saceessful practice alls promptly answorcd king Ilusiuei". liny and Dciui'Hic lCs- Aefciints <.f Farmers, ."e'er- rlv.iulK and others reroived and fully plc.kcltd. Interest paid on Time Deposits. Investments mado for outside partiu on favorable terms. clmlcc! which Is of luterott to wonion. Tli, ills for 1H92 nlllliu mltton by Waiter Detaut IU. J William lllnck. kite. Ollakant will becim>, » contributor. Marion ICarlanU'a Timely "Pay In end l>a.y Out," are Intended foi mm- ronn.and Holou Marih*ll North will apeelullv nil'lnui girls. I'.W. IllgDliison In "Wnium Men," will picnic a cultivated audience. HAEPEE'S PERIODICALS Por Teori HAnrmvHUAZAR IIAUl'KICH MAOAZINB llAlU'EH'H VKBKl.Y HAUPHU'K YOUNG PltCPI.B. .M t ' . 1 '.0 . t 0 . a in. List of Letters remaining uncalled for in the postoffluo at PostvilU, Iowa, Feb. 18. 1892. Parties oalling for any of them will please say "Advertised:" A. 11. Iietnis, 8. F. Clark, Neils M. Ellingson, O. II. Ford, Misses Foss, Frank Hoxio. J AS. PKRKT, P.. M. —Howard Barnes is out from Ktvii- sas, called by the dangerous illness of his father. He says woslern Kansas is looking up and that small grain crops have been good siuoo he hat> been there, though corn is not generally snoness on aeoeuiU of the droulh whiuh usually sots in about mid summer, but uot early enough to oatoh other crops —The corporation election occurs on Monday, March 7th, There has as yet been little talk publicly as to who will bo oandlriatvs for the several positions. It is time to be canvassing tha raaltsr. flu far as wo are concerned wo aro will ing that any one who will aooopt the offices, shall have tkein, although all will admit that the best material should be used. $76 Per Aore Frank Orr has broken the report! on th.o .prioa of venl estate by selling his farm of 73 aeres, just west'of town, for $76 por acre, to J. 8. Dresser, 1 who joined him oq the 'north. It is ft very high price per aore, but the place is small, and "Is just what Mr, Dresser wanted. , Had there been a quarter sec Hon H could not have been.sold at that price peoacre. Both parlies have done well by the deal, frank is arranging to go west pormanoully as soon If h« pan. close up hie bu.iln.6ia heVe.*'\y« regret to hare i)(w leave b\tt b* daoi4« A Novel Proposition. Tho Pioneer Press Co. of St. Paul, Minn., makes soma remarkablo offers in connection wilh its weekly edition. Election time is approaching as well as seed time. Of course ovory household desires the Weakly Pionaor Press during tho campaign, and the publishers propose-to rooiprocato by giving their subscribers. * bouatit in tha soeii line. Following aro their offers of northern grown, tested sends, furniskod by h. L May 0VC0., tho loading 'northern frow- * l Offer No. 1—'-Ladles' Collection" Kvorryono sending $1.10 will receive the Weokly Pioneer Press ono yoar and a collection of flower saods amounting at oataloguo priceB to 91.10. Included in,, this offer aro Pa my Nasturlinm Sweet Poa, Poppy, Mignonette, Potu- nia, Phlox, Forgat-Ma-Not, Suap-Dra on, Candyrtuft, ^ilono, mixed, eta, pAokots in all. OffarNo. I -"Vogetablo Garden" Kvery ono lending$1.20 will receive the Weekly Pioneer Press ono yoar and 2» packots ot garden seeds, prepaid. Ev ory gardener needs this package. On iou, Cabbage; Iloet, Lottuoo, Tomato Radish, Corn, Parsnip, Pea. Cucumber Turnip, Pepper, Water and Musk Mot on. Oolnry, Carrol, Cauliflower, Kudive Spinach, and Leek soods are Inoludud. The aootis alone cost 91-40 al regular prices. Offer No. 8—"Novelty Paokage" Tills package includes thesoason's uov elties in both vcgotable and flower saods and aro offered for the first time how. Tho package and tho Weekly Pioneer Pross for $1.80. All postpaid. Tlx catalogue price of these souds U 91-96. Wo havo taken special pride in tin makeup of this offer and recommend It highly. The flower soods included art Phlox, Pansy, Chrysanthemum. Bal sain, Aster, Nasturtium, nud Pianthtis The vegetables, Onion, Bean, LnHiine. Water Melon, Cabbaga, Ileot, Radish and Parsnip. All new varieties. Offer No. 4—"Surprise Box"--For 9140 wo will send lho Weokly Pioneer 'Press one year ond this assortment, the seeds alone floating 91. IV This is dos- lined to become a favorite offer, lnolu ded aro ouonmber, Beet, Onion, Pea, Tomato, Cabbngs, Lettuce, Pansy. Sweet Pea, Nasturtium, Morning Glory Yurbenn nnd Aster. AU charges are prepaid and soods or deved wlllTie sent pvomptljr." Old tt new subscribers are Ipoludod in tlio otter. If you don't .wftht coeds' sepd postal for new book and picture premiums ' AildRess^aH communications to I'RED. N. BEEDY, mm -PHOTOGrRAPHER.-:- And Dealer in Picture Frames. Postville - Iowa The Old Reliable Meat Market, JOHN B. HART, Proprietor. Opposite - Postvillo - State - Bank. Nono but lho best moats purchased.. Everything In firsl-elnst shape. Courteous treatment to all. Prices always tho lowest. TONSORIAL PARLORS. NKAK THK POSTOKPICE. All work dono io thu highest slyle o lho art. Satisfaction guaranteed.* J. T. 1'AitKElt, Prop. CHtJROH DIRECTORY. CENTRAL MEAT MARKET J. P. GILSON, Prop. Having purchased the abovo Market of Schuler Bros. I propose to keep a lirst-class Market in ovary respect. I shall aim to keep at all limes, an assortment of the best meats tlio country affords, and sailing at tho lowest living pricos. Having eoino to Postville to reside I invite a fair sharo of patronage, and shall strive to give satisfaction. CONGHKCIATIONAI, --Jtov. N. L. Duiton, jmi- toi. I'rouoliiiig ovorjr Sunday at 10 -.30 A.M. ana 7 -M V It. fiabhath Hthool Immediately attor icnrutug norvlos. Y. P. H. C. E. moots ovory Suailny avontng at 0:13. Prayer Mealing Woitueatlay evoiiiuga. Pintado Pv.^o to all auliacribara In tba ViiiU ' btaton, Caimcl% ami Moztco. TUo VoUitiu-B of thfs ltuxar begin -Billi W10 tort; numbor for January of oach year When 1: tiiao 1K mentioned, gubacrintiona willbrslu y I. tlio Numbrr currotit at time ofrecrlvt ot oriUr ' llouiul VolumoB of llarpor'H liazar (or tlirec ywai-B back, In neat cloth binding, will Ire KM by mail, (lOHtngo void, or by exvvtas, lret t. oxi-aiiHB Iprovliled tlio freight doaa not ei-xt-i ono nollur per Yoluine), for *7 OS per volum-v Cloth Caseit for each volume, anltvtitt, .-. bindlni;, will bo Rent by mall, poulp&iu, >t r.-ecipt of tl 00 each. lUmtttunena fihonld lia mmle by P<-kt< v'm Sloney tJrdt-i' or lVnft. tP nvol'l «.-hiinc. of • Nowfipupoi 1 * nru not toeopy thia a'lveHli**rt-*.k- %rithoul thu k-xpreaa (nder of Jleroj/.W JJrr u. Address: llAiu-ut-d: JJiwiffxHti. Now Ycii 1892. Haxrper's' We eld?. ILLUSTRATED. Horpor'a Weetly tor tho coming yoar will «< 1. t*iln moro attractive featurea, mora and fii illuatrutl-'iiR, and n greater numbar of articles <>f llvo, iutonao Interest than nlll hu found lu an> othor periodlenl. Among theso lottor will be a serins of arttolea 011 tho tw»-nty-flvo groatest cities of the world, Including live hundred llluilr • tlona. Tho Columbian Exposition, tho Army and Navy, groat publio evonts, disasters in' luud nud Koa, nnd tho doings ol tho colebrat«il pooplo ot tho day will ho doaorlbod and illukUn- tod in an uttraotivo and timely manner Tax Department of Amntour Hport will coutlnu" under tho dlroctlon of Cuspur A. Whitney. '1'be beKt of modern writers will uontributu sL<rt Htorioa, an.I lho most distinguished M tista wi!l maku tho illiistrutlouo. Tho editorial aitlc!i« of llr. Oeorgo Wlllium Curtis will romaln as HI especial attraotlou. HAEPEE'S PERIODICAL, Par Yoar: MRTHODIST.—Rsv. B. J. I.oofcvood, Pastor. Proaehlng service* ovary Sunday at 10:30 A M. and 7:30 P M, Rahbuth School lmmadl- ately at'.ir niovutuc, at.rvlca. The EpTjorth T.enRUo ovory Sunday oveuing nt 0:00 o'clock. Pruyor lnfliHi'i,; ovory Wednofiday evaulng at 7:UO,o'olo«k. lou^aro cirnoatty Juvltftd. V03TVILLE LODGES. •NOBLE LODGE No 51. A. 0. V. W. The Loyal Anciunl Order of United Workmen meets tho Sooond and Fourth Saturday evenings In oach month, in tho Musonlo Hall ovor tho Brick Drug tora. J. W. SIIEEHY, M. VV. WM. BHEPIIJERU, Eeoorder. WONDERFUL ! The cures whi»h are beitig cflTueteil by Drs. Stark'oy & Palon. 1620 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa., in Consumption, Catarrh, Nouralgia, Bronchitis, Uhotim- atlsm, aud all chronic disoasos, by their Compound Oxygen. Treatment, nro ludoed marvelous. * If yon avo a snflerer from any dls- oaso which your physician has failed lo euro, write for information about this treatment, and their book of "00 pages, f fiving a history of Compound Oxygon, Is nuttiro mid allocts, with numerous testimonials from pntionts. to whom you may refer for still further information, will bo promptly scut, without ohargo, „,% This book, asido from lis groat merit as a medical work, giving, aa ii doos, tlio rdeiilt of yours of study and experience, you will find ft vory iiiturusling ono. Dra. STARKEY & PALEN, 1529 Arch St,, Philadelphia, Pa, 120 Sutter St., San Francisco, Cat, Plevso montion tills papor. 4m BROTHERLY. LOVE LODGE, No. 204, A. f. & A. M. Jlegnlnr mootings on Tuesday evening on or boforo tlio lull of tho moon. All brethren In good standing nro cordially iovllud to tittond. E. I). STILUS, W. M. Wa. Morr, S«o'y. Consumption Cured. An old physician, retired from practice, having had planed in his hands by an Kast India missionary thu formula of a simple vegetable remedy for tho apnody nnd perma; cut cure of Consumption, IkoneUltts, Catarrh, Asthma and Lung Affections, also a pnsilivo and radical cure for Norvous llobllity and Norvous Complaints, aflor having tested Its wonderful onrallvo powers in thousands of casos, has felt It his duty to make it known to his sull'ering fellows. AotuBtod by this motive arid a desire to relievo human snfl'oring, I will send free of charge, loall who desiro it, this recipo, In German, Frotioh, or English, with full directions tov pre paring and using. Sent by mall by addressing with stamp, naming this S apor. \V. A. NOYKS. 820 Power's lock, Roohoster, N. T. 48yl W A INTENDING N'T E ID ! P XJBOHASERS OF IMPORTED DRAFT OR OOAOH HORSES HAVtPEn'S WKKKLY HAHPHU'H MAOAZINK HMtPKU'RHAKAU IIAIlPKU'S YOUNU PEOPLE. .SI CO . i OK . t 00 . a in To visit qur stables nnd Inspect our lorgq (took ot lurORtED PuuB-wiHHiKo AXIMM-B beloro buylns clsojvhej". Among Ibqni uro i3 flrsl, 4 second aud 8 «ruud sweopstalfo prlso winners, all leoured Iu hotly contestod show rings la SeptsiaUar, 1891, Will osohsnho luiporled »toch for woll loqutcd (arm lands,' Will olao lease atnllloua to responsible parties for Hie season of 189a, wilh prlvtlogooJ buying st tlieend of season, We also Imvo a fine lot of young Short Horn and Herferd Bulla for solo, Dpn't wall to writs but come at onco ojnd make your Bolootions. Terms easy, and pr'cj »<a> defy -"-nre"- PostaKa Fvuo to all aul.vcrlbara In U.o United Htatoa, Cauadji and atoxico. Tho Volumos of tho Wwkly Uaoln ttllh lho flrst Kiiiiibur for January of oaoli yoar. >V!i«.i no time Is montionod, subscriptions will b«i;l» with the Number curstut at tlio tlmo ol rcc«l;>t of ordor. Hound Volumia of llurpor'a >V aakfy foc Hire» years back, lo noitt oloth hlndliiu, will ba »«nt ny 11111II, iiostaRo paid, or by siprvss, lra« i-l exponso {provided tho freight floes uot extend 0110 dollar per volume), for *7 00 per volume. Cloth Cusos f<» esoll volume, suitable ft'-' liindlnu, will be sent by moil, iiojiyabl, 011 rocolpt uf SI 00 (inch. lteuilttanofa should be made by Fostolflao Monoy Urdor or Draft, to avoid ohauea of loss. Newspapers are not to copy this atlvtrtlsemr r.l witliunt thn oxpress order of Harpoi a Jirothers. Ad.lvuis: lUiU'iiii >V lino Til null, Xow York. 1802. Harper's Mr gna-iiie. ILLUSTRATED. Tho MaRatluo will oolsbrato the fourth Centenary ottho Dlioovoryof Aniurloa by Its KB- Ulaoovory, throuuh articles ilvlug a luora thorough exposition than has blilierto bean made of tlio Iteoaut Unprooedaiited Uevolopment of Our Country, and oapeolallr In tho Oreat Yfest, Particular attontlou nlll also be given to Pra- rautto Eplsodoii of Amorlean History. Tho i'lold of tuo uoxt Kuropsan War jilll be desoribed in a Series of Papers ou the Danube '•Prom tbeltluok Furostto the Black B«»," by Poultnoy Blgolow aud F. D. Millet, lllusteateil by Mr. Millet aud Allied Parsons. Arlloli-s will alto bo glvon on the derinan, Austrian aud Italian Armies. Illustmtod by T. do Thulttrup, Mnr W. D. Howolls will contribute a new novel, "A World of Chance," obaraotorlstloally Amarloan. lSnpoolul promfnenoe will I • given tp Short Htorlss, whloh will be ooutrlbuted by T. II. Aldrloh, 11. U. Davie, A. Conen Doyle, Mnrgarot Poland, Mies Woolson, and other poj- viur wrltora. Auiong the literary features will be Personal Bomlulsoouoos of Nathaniel bis oollege oloBsmatn and Uto-loug friend, Horatio nrldge, aud a Personal Memoir of theOrowafogs by Anno Thackoray Bitehlo. HAEPEE'S PEEIODICALS HABPflU'B BAZAlt, " i 00 HAM'USR'B YOUNO PKOP1JB, " SOS Ppstaab Free to nil subscribers In the United States, Canada and Mexico. The Volumos of tho Magaalne begiu with the Numbers I for June and December of each year. Whan notliuo Isspoolflod, aubsovliitlons will begin with tha Numbor current at the time of rooolpt of order, Hound Volumes of IUrper'e Masnshiu for throo yours back, In neat' cloth binding, vitl bo sout by wall, postpaid, ou fooeiot of »a coper volume Cloth Cases, for binding, Woontseaob-by mall, postpaid, neTUlttanoos should ba mado by Poslofltee Monoy Order, prPraft, to avoid obauoeof loss. Hewspanewlwe not io copy Mils savertlseinsMl. vrltbqet the express order of Harper 4 Brothers. Address 1 nAiwua A BaoTnsas, Saw fork, Don't fqrgat, when yon w^nt a « • 1 . 1 JT U-I," ^ vol is

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