Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on September 28, 1961 · Page 10
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 10

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1961
Page 10
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Modern gas furnaces Will fit in anywhere A farmer used to take up half • h«- 'fiia;-. But. the modern gas ,.ea:;njf plan: fits m as little as .square feet of floor space — ;»nd d'.'tv=r.'t even have to b« in *> -^j '-'.r.i i.; one of tr.e most ;n -.por; ;«;•.: eiementa cf *"^mac« -•ijv. th« American G-is /V.»i>c(3tiiin points out. An jp- !.i-dati: 4;i.i iucr.doi capable of r .i :a: .".4 the av :'3# nze home, '.ik' .) '.p no rrn;i"<: jpace than J m- r-r Th ;a Ms ti:<; jd- ..mi.i4<;. A.G.A. -ay,, uf «;:v -j2g t.i. hi*!.'ii <;r3 .md hume- • iwn<-:-; <:or.'.pi«!ti» f.vxibuity in <kimr.:r.-j, nc-v homes and mad• .n,/.r,:; • jider ones. Compact sty- im:i .,f modem 4aa heauruj equip- mi:r,'. r.j.j oeen i major cantrv- hu!i>r in th(» dnvjiopiisect of both. y.u -1 at recreation rooms and Without baS«T.ettt3. "Zero-cicirance" gaa furnaces i ,in b : installed so that sides and b.-n:k touch walls. Insulation ktep'; the cabinets cool to the touch. Choice of location is almost unlimited. They can be installed in a vertical position on the floor or in a horizontal position suspended from the ceiling, ft i;i not at all unusual to find nev.- ga.5 furnaces installed in a first floor closet, utility room, alcove.-. ha!i*'?iy. or in a comer ol the hc .if ment. If the house lacks a ha-'.ment. the furnace can also be installed in the attic. cra»i space beneath the house or in an a .-.«d garage. Fully automatic gas heating .iysterr-i ai-JO eliminate the need for storage facilities since gas a •2* liveried directly to the furnace oy underground pipes. Other adv intakes are cleanliness, econ- irry and dependabil.ty For expert guidance on all phases io"^se heating, the A:r .i ;rx:ir. Gi_ ! A_ : s.:c.ation iug- 4 ".fw.- acmecwaers contact •'iw\r :i:cai 43a cerapoay and look :"<:r •-•:«• 3iue Star Seal of Appro- :n heacaf equipment. "S"ari: \: ja-.->» time, wock and mone? ' Livistigate gis dryer?. They'*.- try j full wad of clothes n .'-at ~^=.ut«s -K-.thout any effort ;r. y.i^r part. And ysuli save on ir.iitalatii'c and operating costs ft-.tr. spa. Wash day is any day you choose, because eas is more dependable and automatic than sunshine. 61 compressor stations In seven - state area Did you know — ;f you are convicted of speeding with an auto in the state of Iowa, four points will be assessed against your driving record'" Ten points and your driver's license is forfeit The Safety Education Division advises — protect your points. The heartbeat of a pipeline !ran.inv.is:on company such as Northern Natural Gas is the compressor station that pumps the gas from the well to the consumer. Northern has 61 compressor stations in a seven-state area which include? New Mexico. Texas. Oklahoma, Kansas. Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota. The fundamental purpose of the compressor station is to pack the natural gas in pipelines so it can be transmitted to the user. Natural gas as it enters a com­ pressor station is cleaned, compressed and cooled, and is then on its way to the consumer. TV-se stations are located at approximately 100-mile intervals along the transmission line. To insure the consumer of dependable natural gas service, compressor stations are operated around the clock. The site of a compressor sta- ton must be carefully selected as to quality of subsoil and accessibility of good water. A medium- size compressor station will use as much as 200,000 gallons of water a day. Northern has over 380 compressor engines throughout its system area. Each of these engines represents an investment up to $230,000. There are about 150 valves on each engine which require the attention of an oiler during every eight-hour shift. These 61 compressor stations are manned by approximately 1,300 regular full- time employees. Modern cooks now Barbecue with gas Summertime when the livin' is e-i y. families everywhere take to th" great outdoors and, like In- dian.s. send up smoke signals for all to set. No. they're not in distress. They're enjoying America's favorite pastime — barbecuing in the backyard. Th • fun and informality of this popular activity no longer has to be restricted to warm weather and the wide open spaces. Modern families can now barbecue indoors during the coldest months of the year with the same degree of enjoyment. A new gas range with a built- in rotisserie - barbecue located on top of the range is making this possible, reports the American Gas association.* Meat is self- basted as it rotates on a motor driven spear, reducing shrinkage and retaining more of the natural juices and delicious flavor. Cooking time is greatly reduced by th* use of efficient radiant heat and two individually controlled gas burners give flexibility of heat concentration. The built-in rotisserie frees the ovens for other baking or broiling at the same time meat is cooking on top of the range. The entire rotisserie unit may be removed for easy cleaning and storage, and a handy griddle may be used in its place when desired. It is also possible to broil without smoke on top of the range- simply by using the side racks that are supplied with the rotisserie assembly. Highlighting the top burners of the new range is a thermostatically controlled surface burner which regulates the temperature of cooking utensils to the exact degree desired. For popular waterless cooking there are two simmer burners, and one super-jet unit which provides extra high heat for very fast cooking. Automatic operation of the new range enables all of the cooking units, including the giant oven and broiler, to be lighted automatically without matches. A useful second oven with its own separate broiler asd thexxaostetic control gives added convenience. Glass viewing panels let Sae cook keep an eye on the meal's progress without having to open oven doors. This results in cooler, faster cooking. The new gas range also wears the coveted Gold Star award, symbol of the world's finest cooking appliances. The Gold Star immediately identifies a range as having met more than 30 of the highest standards ever devised for cooking equipment. It means that the range is superior in every way because only the most modern ranges, offering the most desirable features, can qualify for the Gold Star award. Iowa drivers: If you fail to stop for a stopped school bus you lose four points with the Iowa driver's point system. It only takes 10 points and you lose your license. Protect your driving privilege. Ninety per cent of all restaurants in the United States cook with gas. "SELL YOUR DOMT WANTS WITH LEADER WAKT ADS Tank it built ol A. 0. Smith's M- clusree H»dristee(* GUARANTEED m FULL IV YEARS! It must serve at least that long or you let a brand- new water treated Protected by 1 smooth, (lawless, lured-to lleel ffus lining. • Equipped with finest controls, fully enclosed. J Congratulations To The PEOPLES NATURAL GAS CO. On the completion of their recent project bringing natural gas to the dty of Fayette. We feel sure the natural gas. users in Fayette will be well satisfied with Peoples Natural Gas and their product. U.S. SAVINGS for a BET 1 Eft FUTURE Waterloo Sheet Metal Co WATERLOO, IOWA (J-13) Central gai system* heat and air condition entire home. They give troaMa- free, economical year-round aervlce, (Photo Coorteey Arkla Air Conditioning Corp.) NATURAL OAS I $ HERE you ©ef *MORE HEAT per FUEL DOLLAR* with Wete* you get the heat where It's needed H.ot by UMHtn front Sa<K»r 3tap.d flam, md aadivMi Ho* Com Sena Sldewoftt from Orol. Weel Up flan. Directed 10 sidewalk end Spread Out 'denied Secondary AU Seal Socondory Air Directed ta fatM, of Burning betavte of Secondary Air Seal «*«iK ^effMr,8 .r^-.'^^ A coal furnace or boiler is designed so that 80% of the heat transfer is done in. the combustion chamber, Robcrti- Gordon Gas Burners, are designed to meet this require- njenc, using the Spreader-Flame principle of burning. Flame is' spread to the combustion wafts at the grate level, and the h|( gases scrub the walls all the way up. Maximum efficiency is obtained giving "More Heat per Fuel D6llar". SPftlADIR FLAMI GAS BURNER ROBERTS-GORDON PIONEERED AND PATENTED... ^"FomouiSpreader-Flome Principle r Secondary Air Seal • Ad|wtabU lrlf*Orlflc* Telescoping Mixer Gordon 'Automatic Pilot t»(* PEQgfJES NATURAL GAS FAYETTE, IOWA McLeese - Leytze Furnjture 4 Appliance Carley Plumbing & Heating Vandersee Plumbing & He*tkg Singer Plumbing & Heating The completer/ tlirW&MoWKW^ dr*rrta«c»*Xampl«i/dflnno'] contemporary appllancd.styling. Enjoy th* bulR-to convenience of »n IB-Inch, wide oven th«^t^»yi(ftrfd MWiichT«blrr «,3 «nd)t)i^ m«I.TOr«mpwtt> to appliance cleaning with-fully removable doore on both oven and broiler. Be •mured of perfect cooking accuracy with a elx-poiltlonv*ncilw%ut«rrflt{ri rotluerle, automatlo dock-controlled oven and Interval timer; nutomatlo overt Indicator light} and a meat thermometer that turn* the oven off autometlcaiiy, If your preference Is for built-in*, your choice can only be a Caloric Ultra* malic, pace-setting leader In modern cooking appliances. And don't forget Qriflfitfo color-matchlnj. «lnkt« hoods and splash pit-tei. - ~ VI! •t'm VANDEI^'TOMBING•* ntATING

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