The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 3, 1927 · Page 6
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1927
Page 6
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' T1 ;i(|AljUILY RgGISIER CHAS. F. SCOTT , at die lola Postonice, M Second Class Matter. ' Telephoiie .........18 (PriVatel'Br^nch Exchange Connectlos I r , AH Departments) Offielil Paper City of Jola., >l Rapcsr City of :Bas«)stt. ' Paper Alien County. ler of-^ .- lonai Editorial Association, sis press Association. : Kansas. Sally League. BueeatLiof Circulation^ Congress of - the. World. ~ dl Daily Press Association. MEM9ER ASSOCIATED Th4> Register. carries the Aasocfaled The -Asi otied t, . all n not othi •nd hi PRESa . Assi ort by. Lpcclal . iciateid Press Is exclusively en- the use for republlcatioti' " dispatches' croditod 'to It rwlse ciMiteil In this paper. , thelocal newB.publlHhed hereto. •Mi ^-ishts !qr refiublication of special dispatchesi herein are also rc^served. A B I a sblutioi) of eilsUiiK marital discontent WiUlam | AHen .Whit? in-opviiex more Jiour» at the ,cookr Ktdve and fewer at the bridge tahle. Ue deplores the low state into which culinary art hrfs fallen ^n<l hopes for Kreater tribute to "The Tenth Miise." icoQkery. "Tliero-are sauces." he writes, "as haunting i as any Wagnerian motif: a steak, seared-quickly on a hot fife to retain its juices, then broiled somewhat more slowly, taken off the fire at the precise second and.served with an exactly seasoned .butter and fresh rtjush- room .'aucenray be as magnificently (hallengiuK as Rachmahin-| bffs Prelude in G sharp n inor. "A crepo omelet, conceal !d within a 'spoonful of jam, ddsted witli brown sugar and served with a rich yet infinitely delicalq and! tender J, BAILY-REGiSTER. THI^RSDAY •jlv^* COMMAMO "pKBoor FACE"? so -1 K>M l»slSPECT -TM BACK O' -TH DID. HA POOR Kluf - I -L MEAM <5VR. EVENING, MARCH 3^, •'I 927. i B]hlk Tliought fpr Today. J butter and siisar sauce (in lieu of Ar(;'lfaey noj all ministering spir- ki?; sbnt forth to minister for them •Who {shall be heirs of salvation?— Hcb. 1:^4. ' r I blazing brandy: which is favored more licentious lands*- may be as comforting as any etude eVer born of the creative brain of Baich." I .ViCALL TO PRAYKK. For a 'good- niany years i lie woman's Imissionary, societies' of tlie Unittiii Status have been i>l)scrving a day ot prayer f-tir Iinni..'' and foreign iifiijsions. This .vear, upon tlm suggestion and thr(|ugli tlic inspiratiou of tlie ("ouncil id'fWomen Mr ilie Federation iit Women's Hoards ;i)l l.\ THK DAY'.S. XKWS. . More tliaii 5(M) frionds of .lohn | Kenlon. Chief of the -New York j F'ire lJc|i.irtiiieul. will tender him a| 1 tt^tiinonial dinner at the Hotel j IJiltiiiorc ;onigIit In coniniemora-j ition of Ills lortielli anniversary as, a fireman. Chief Kenlon joined j the ilepaVlluelit Martli .!. 1.S87. and U„i„pjhas b< en chief since August 1. IHll. (Ill wlii«-h dale lie siu-ceeded K<1- und For ign Mijisious^. tliis May of I'rayjr iiU be j,v»rld-wide in its <''"k'-r. Mr. Kenlon stari.'-d ob»ei-j^-allou. Ibis life hefore the ! mast Tb'e dav .vV'l apart for " iiniduc oloJerv.uu-e is Friday, i.""''' running away fnmi Home In I; ami nil fhat day it Willi''''* 'rHniid. Ile.hnd no in- I'iilly inir llial "From Ihe III! the SUM lllltd life going At.-ire: be li rising down of itlie saiiie.-llii''s name is 10 ilje iiraiscd."" As klic| earlii h'!giii.-< lier joiiriiey round tlie sun an lllai' day groups of wopiieii -ami girls, and men loo, in. .laipiii'Korea. Cliiiia and all the -Orii 'ni. >vill lie "in (me place of on<.' iU!Cord" to (iffer prayer for the evangi'Iizaiiion of tin- world; AnA in lh<-ir Itiru .will cunie Cliristian li'Mlion of lieiiig a llreiliall wlicii lie started oiil In life, but ;ll'ter( .several years al sea . lie s.-ttled ; down ill .\'e'w York and was a|>-{ pninted to a |M)s)llon ill I I K - fire' dep.-irlment. Then by rapid ad-. va'nceU he worlted Iiis'Way to the.: o|i. b- lo|i. 11 -riM-e lieconiing Chief he had tola's Water Supply Dismssed by}an Expert The Enfjlntlor Who Installed Our City ]^\nni Writes the Chjirjjio.s Necessary to IJri^ijr II Ip lo Date. of I ire Wire been in charge ot. the marine brigade and president of the CoUeiie. In his present position is llie atHive head of the largest fife .fighilng (irgaiiizaiion in jthe v/orld. |; . , ' li ' '.I! ir lib IC. Broupsiin India, in the islands of the .sijak in lOurope ami .-Vrrica and in Noi-lh and SOiilb Aiuori(^a, until the wliol.' world will be eiiiircled %villi praise and prayi-r. ll-is re .Illy li Ihriirihg thoiigbi'.. lo one who InM'ni- to protect l.'iO Am^-ri any degree believes in the efficacy , zens and their property ii of prayer, that in a single I wenty- 1 agua. Well, tlu-y liavi four hours luillioits of p.-ople will them, haven't" lliey? Tli he.lifiing-llieir pelilioiis fur llie accouiplisbim nl of ilii- same great purp.)--!'. licre in lola (lie oIiseryalK-e of o"<-lock of mis- various (Kdilorial .Viilli-; In'viev.- uf the very gen(-i-al iuler.-si in iJ!.- iiue.-;- tion of lola's wateir .supply Inliught ijuii by tli!-'ie|iiirl oi llu- Siali- Mnanl' of Health as recen ly piiblislieil in tbese (ulimiiis. tin,' itegister li.i.i a^Ued ''••j -Mr. IJ. K. .Mt;l)onii( II. llie engineer who iii.-.',alle(l mir i-iiv sv.<le:ii. |i. idii- articlcs on various pba.-ies m" vlaler piirilicaiiiiit as it illoiis in lola. Tlii:! is ilie se(-iiii(l an ii-le l.ii' i he sei - . " of Water." ! . The Kiliporia Clazetle is worried be(-giise ."i.OiMl -Marines have been an citi- Nicar- proteeted Cazeltt' tribute a series of relates lo llie ( MIUI ies and is eiititleirJ It is not iiiu-oi users of lola lo c nieui upon the liar ter. These comjyldiuis (x.-ciir more fre(|ilenlly during-'ilie winter and fall iiutiitirs aiiiif: ill times wli(>n tbe flow of the water in the Neosho river is al ils lowest staife. lUlon for water I, ,]..„, ,„^„:,ily. poes '• 'Olil-' !;..,,) mills ihe iie(.es.>;arv'^ jiiness of the wa-|.,„,| ;,|,|,Ii;,nI^'s lor sofieiijng lll^lll. 11 tl Villi LH»-», lil^, *IH#.»»l» t***! .1 K* 1 • . ~ ,.' . , , , I When the -Seoslio n.iver water IS at I '-.s.-li admds that not one of tbem j j,,-|„,^.^.., ^,.,„,. .,„ srej; iiirilier adds the. iie(.es.>;ary^i-iiuipillelll , apiilian .-i 's lor sofieiiiiig the j water as well filtering it. l! imay seiiii ii:irado.\i< al to say iiial jiiiiie aildi d to water will solti-n. i:ir I 111.: I omilloii ;bt-li7<r is that lime in the w.iirr'il the liai'iliiess. jalri-.ijiy In ' rlieiiij(-M I 1' eat ill !ill ter tliaii 11 w.'iler. Ti ha Illness, l : of thi;- adil^ilii lions of III of known liori. I'l-f-ile iiitimis fei- llle' watt-i' by speeial I eilW-rs l!i(-l •(Itiiiii; b:i r)i:r:i;g tli ing ilirmn eliemiciU rt cheiiiieals tile mini lal lake place; ini.silvd al; ii;s ill - a li 'I'his iiiiMal'.j ily MKHeii.i i ' oils liii.Mlli'i'! • of the b.isfij:; the dav will begin at nin; • ,1 at .wbicll Jiour llie offieer.s sioiraj-.V so.i-ielies of the has been scnilched nor a slick *f ilieir property damaged. Wlii<-h nieajis thai tlie .Marines were sent in lime .nnd are doing a good job. Which is ime of l!ie things precisely what the Marines- are for. iiiiimriiies arf cimi <-nlrai(-d. itlicre beiii^ le.-.s vidiiine of Water for dilution. 'Water supplies are hiirder in Ihe wili- I ter iciil fall montlis. for theu: tl'c-.' is less| i rainfall and le.<.<? surface 11, •itage -of. the wa- chur(;!ies Will meet for a brief per-i And by the way. if the Ci.nzelte is ; iod (jf jirayer S\u\ praise. At- 12:."." j worried jiibput the "big slick" this tlieiC; will'be a nucting al tin- Hap-j .\dministVation is carrylhg in Nic- tist Tentple ,spe»-ially for men and j.irap'tia. suppose it r.-fre'sh ils piem- for biisiiuss women, and at /i'M ory 'as to Ihe p(di(-y of Theodore at the Kplscopal'church, tiiere will ' Uoosjevelt in San Pomingo.—or in - be a knilim meeting under the aus-the matter of the i'anuma canal.. - picvslof all the .Woman's .Mission- . .1 . i ury i^jicipties of the i-ity. lo wliidi' ^y^, ,,„„•, y.^^^, ,1,-^ American .Mer-' everybody i.s Invited, :, ury. and from occasional eltHtiomr ^ ... from it or (-omiiients upon l.i which fSeniiior llorah se.-ins lo be wear- we see in otlii-r |iubliciitions; we are Ins out Ills welcome even In ihi'Min^ gind we don't! Whiii with commit lee of which he Is elialr-' the:'Wiiy lloriili brliiives. and ilu- man. i Tlie Senator offered ii reso- dliitrlbes of .lliii Heed, and the Inlullon: aiilliorlziiig himself and the i sultfn^ gestures jover in Kiirope com 111 uropii gress T\hi(-h what • cuuni^ics. Borah poli(-y| water, ter 5s The low usually fii join .tipring.s ground v.aler surfa(-es tliat minerals out jnf I being absorbed b; it a higher degre is not uncommon river .to have a parts lit-r niillioii ono-fifth tills ani;i el remains ilial I purifying agem-y I. and wiieii added liie lime in .solu- lie 11) tile lii,'l.t.linl •i addili'jn of llmo , lig eflVi-"! is pro- lleelo go to .Me.xleo iind .N'ie- I djiring llu; vat-alioii (>f Con- li.ii order lo obtain facts upon to base their Jiidciiient . of louitht Jfo be done in those 111 other words .Mr. proposi'd to lake ilui foreign, out of the ha ids -of the Presiiicnt and attend to it |Iilm.;ielf. His ciimmittee. howevi r. refused lo see ilH iluly in that iglit'and so l.oiniiid (Mil- way.-aiid llie cruellies of the Tnrlis. and the crazy pei'- lori|lanees of the Soviet and the wii.v Mexico is thumbing her nose we-have^ enough lo be mad all the time wilhoul taking magazine lik at I aba im a However, the I; litiie is iiseil a.-: in treating waie III wat'-i i-auses liiiii 1.) prei-ipil, and tjiiiis by Uil Will -r S .lftell i 'lli--d. Tie: i-.inimoii belief ;uiil pn-judiee lliafi i.s sometimes diffii ult to over- ;eome :s ilie opinion that water is i-|ii|ie,|, witii cli<inic-a^s. However. ;tlie fact :reinain.s that when lime is ;aildeij|iu the pro< ess of sofiitiing this time t^iai is .-idiled is not only removed itsilf but it removes otil.'r minerals and chemicals in the water, and there will be less mliier.-ils and chemicals in the softened water thJiii there was in the raw riv- [i-r water. The rlienilcals which ing.from oil wellsril/iCtehKcnnow j'"-" ^"'f'"" these elieiiilcajs. )iloii»< with salt water or it Is^ (ojiiliig' from oil wells tliiit have been abaniloiied. It \* not. iiiicoi|imo'n III the iHI dis- j trlcls 111 Kaiisils iiir a well to pro- diii-e one bai-.i-i'l (if oil to .1 or ) er. The .N'eo.sho rej has its hard- lotii two i-aiises: tiiral increased Here i« » wi and lake le ground. whii-li-; • the wilier .give j ' of bardiie.^s.. It : for Ihe Misfouri haj-dness of- !!iiit in; .lanuar.v. :ind |ii)t: in .luiie when ^ the river is ai flojul stage beeause I, of m(dtinK snow and raintnn. The ilicreaiied hardiie:e;s of f\\v .Neosho river, water is iinjiouhiedly due to the calcittm and tnagnesiitm com- When the. can have that from feulTcrinff yoii have p^rhjipa ' a;:inf-d. An ei^is vnt ptiysician, cxi^crt in thin science, iiaa si own lh€' way. It wai 1><.J flrst produced thcirrcut biirrels of siiltKvai] river wjiier tlii}ret(: iics .i that exists fr one beiuie the n:i liardh(!s.s. during tli| on-account of the river and the chic from ground wnti , springs aloiig tli<i Mercury which (^1,^ „,)„.r cause •b( killed nfakes a liusiuess of denouncing j-nan' one of clijeniiials flowing everything and everybody that cry dii'cent man ough-t to support. ' th^iresolutioli their ihief had introd iice<li Borah is | a vyry iihle man ;indjcapable of being of great use l() bis country—ifi it w".-i-c not for hiii ijnloriunate habit of taking j^jjj i, „,„ po.sjxihle that the Fun- , In urging legislatures to pass laws Ifoiiiidding tin.' teaching of any oilier theory of the origin of liian than that contained in (ienc- The earlier fiitr.-ition planis tliai ; were iiisialled tiirsjii^'Innit the I'liit- ' ed .States made inii ajtehint at removing; hariluess | thin iiov/adays the city thai iiist^ills a filiration it for grunted that in every contro- ,i;,uientalists ar veVsy -(fith •foreign iiowers his p^, (],.,| countify i. must of necessity |be piagui" tjiem wrcmg. ' . legislature ' of . i ; _ • * .should frafUe a setting may colme back a preced- sbme day Suppose \ some "advanced view law to shoot" the hiiirify tlnf \v;iter combine with the Isoliihje {iilueral salts already in-es- eiit lii the r;i«- lualerial andm-w : t'Oinpiiiiiids nil- furined. The chemi- jeiils iiilded. as Well as the mineral suits already present in the wa-. I tel" lire removed bv llie piirifier;- itlijn process.- aiiJI tltin-iore as lias remedy ".MAth Frioiid.'' Jl4 , . Kartmaft.ScrudtoniPa., sayi: 1 "With my f^mt, . _ ehildn-n I liail « di^tor and a nume atid thry had to )xta\ Btrumi -nt*. Imt^wi I ujtd •.Miilhfi'* r.Lrni-; h!id ccbsi* I wni -irti , or fiftcf-n nii'iu , ttr our molhct J tind •wait. » art Uxliy, tradfii-.'d .R.'n.|l.-Hc| • Ta., n fn-. iT.|'.iM.'n r\- h.-iv*.. •".Motht.'r', . nil— 1. »» rj;« blri:) winter months low flow of the supply coming r sourci; and .Veo.slio river, ilg the preiiomi- river fnnii aliaiidoned oil es, Slon Erubtions point from washed into the t-iver at a beliiw the intake.' The water the,.t'ip of tiie basins is drawn off coiiliiiuously anil filured itirough j sand iitii.^ intov a large rii :eiviug j b.isin or filt^re'd water resei voir. 1 ; Manyjfif America's largest cities •• 'are avaiiling tiiem-ielvcs of ilie op- ; portiinitj-j of having soft water •along wip) l.iriered water. . Tiiese jcitie.N reiijort u very great economy \ by the u|;e of soft water a.^ com, pared .to tile conditions wheii hard i water was used. St. l>ou»i; alone •.-enorts a saving of approximately ; :;."i'ii.iMi day due to (iccrcasril use of sijup. (I'iiic.s have e.N- ppiienced- a huge «Naviilg due _v sootli-.sayer. doing his stuff in aii ,Ioia theater recently, told a Id- C.T I woman that "a very important letter"' had Iji^en delivered to Uie lola postoffic • for her but that .«!he had never reiceivcd it. She- forthwith jumped on the postm-ister and. when he refused to do nnylhin.g ti , about the miisicg letter, thr.^alen- soft water by ihe avoiding'of in; ;,.,( ,„ ,.^)5(. j, ^-itb the I'ostnm.s- <-rustatii)r,s in -jliot water^ l^eatin^ l/.ants and piping ' system.-i am) avoiding tlie eiogging oi liousje coiif '•»>-. I Ke-.tions. It is not necessary oi Seventeen ijniversities have ban- aiivisalile to ri-moye all liieihard-^ i iiiss .|."om wate'r. Springfield; Illinois finiis it satisfactory to remove alxuit t'i'i'- of tile iianiliess w;lii-!i is a'eiomt'li.ilie.l at a lOsi ii'Jl to exf-eed I 'l- per tlu-u^'anci gallons. St. i'aul. Miu-.H-suta repiiits its wa- ! ter softening \- ai-coinplislied at a; ai '..1- >,er liinisaml galioas. ter (Jenerai: n d students' automobile.^ as detri- i:!vntal lo morals. people find i their autoniobiUs a detriment to i!n>rals and liihiuiiful Christian sen- I tiine:il4-especialiy about ' the time !of itiontli v.hen payments a|re due. StoiDiach Gas Ifriyeid | MaitFrom j ^ety —'I hati gas -so bad il had ,^ojgs;| up nights on aci-oant of the! PJ'es-^,Jj^ siu'e-on niy heart. I used AtJlerikil and iiinve been eiitirolv relievcdl;*— U. l|. Ki-ueger. ' , ' > . Kven the FIRSr spoonful of Ag- terika reiievts. gas and ofXen. removes astcnishing amount (>frjoljt waste matter from the systenj.. * .Makes you enjoy your meals-hntl -loop better. .\()-matier' liave tried for" your .stomach siniil »(rwel.s. Adierika will surprise yoij. Palace Dnig 'Store. \ . v PUTS AN END TO .No, \eed to Suffer Another; Ilay Those Airoiuziiig Tortiirhiiffi I'uin.s. Whi-a :i muiiieipality is insi ;illii:g a lilir:ilii );i^ li.a:;;. a;. proximately ailiiitioiiai rosi in niaii.v i;ises ...o:i;i| provide u;!;.r sottMiing. •|'!;is is a .-iiiitiii adiiilional ex- pi nditUie Ii -iiiii :'.r'il to ;lie advan- ta ^'e,- ;i !]i^ '.i lu-fii-' .iM-l e :!.ioymenL .<-'! llsi!•.^ .-of: We 'll v. IVopii- will! Ilinve,!'• Me li!i\il'-;;e iiml use —There is one.simple j-et inexpensive \\;iy to reduee il}flameft;- joiiiis and get' " ' r .1 i.l-. OI* '.I..!'; u-. ii;'iiiiit:ilM -t.,'.:inis. fully 'the ;>l-.,s'iire u.iier. It v.iv ;;iioii ii.i i-i-ke-';-. I- ;i I M-iiiii^ ;ii!ipo>is. !.'. _ \. Ir. !, : :i--i-i :;i.ii. iiiiii;.-. i:! -;i . .1^ til ir^^ i. II. ily, Vio:.;. 11 IkiiI i;i-e:i.«ioii :.i ii>e | ' las.'liolil M.-'.- Ui:i>u- .11' ;-(• ell-.. r. of ll-ii:i liu!.--ivi' il • o"l ts. ;.|ize soft I any use Wilt lialliing. i- iir.-r .1.- ai'. 4 •Klteil l!iei-e is le-s iiii -r :i i I onl'ii? pii > el!' li iir filti-red wa- i.-, in tile raw river )iroi-i-.-s of removiti:; tlie water (illisists II of eiieinieal .solii- soda. asli and alum isjiji-imili or (oiu-eiitra- :iM!i!!es of lh»-se s(i- [leiiiiig and iiiirifyilig aeiiially mcasiirerl isuring devices ami .1 !i:e wale,- ;i.s ii ing rii;iml|crs ol tii'- r for and I01--1- iiillht « iio ii:ive waler li'T ils valtje in l..iil;ilei.-i:i).- ;ii::;'-!-.i . hiie-i.: wonl- ••iis aie! o:l;>r -.M-iiri!!:; apiare!. liiell In;), llie 11-.• of i'llle soft Wah-1 I II- file iKiiii'--. f.ii-e-iitnl j-iiarn- pooing i- e-pi i-i;-.lly ili-si'.eii .\ii iiiiiiiy lo t'l.- i-onii'li xi III iiiieii o'— lilly. !iee;ill.-e III tile U.-e "I', lltird, v'.:i!i-r. Til.- 'sliKJ:! ail'iii-ni:-! e\-' j.-.-M.-e ii.'_ sofii!i;i;i; u.l!er along- \virli :ii!i-;.riiin . iii-tifii s a:ry lity .'-.I man dropped into a I". S. Revenue CoPeetOi-'s offii-e tile oMu-'- , dav :;n.l wrote ou: a eheek ion ihK- ! ^«-'>"-'>. •'^'' ^'^'"'^ /"l*', ^^^i^S'^ • , cown to normal .-md that is to ap- iKii' i-.e-iresentini; imcme t,-:; which ; ,,;y .Mnoni-"s l-.'meralil Oil night'and he rlimilil li ;ive jiaiil the govern-; morning. n-eni in irn.'.. He had just discov i Ask Cook's Hrug Store or-, any ... -II ; first class druggist friran original .red in .:,.o .n^ over some obi r,-(--. ^^j.^^. ...ids tliui he had iiiaiie a mistake i oji (i-ujl stn agtiil and reflisa •1:en wliieh tlie (loverniiient bad | to aei-'pi anytiiiaK in its place.; It m v. r ni.rie.d. • i is such ;i liiglily l [l )al -eutrated^pi•t- '_, , . paraiiiiir lliat f.vii ounces lasts; a • long liiiie and Itirllu-rniore if this by wo !i:!eriiil. ilisi-overy does not-glvo • jt. you i-ompli t.e s:nislaetioii you chn iiave voiu miii .i -y reiundeil. - j S-;ieeial no 'i : IV"pl(> v.ho want l:o leilui.- .--.nilli-ii ii;- varicose veins^>':'• I should gel a liiiitle of Kmerald Oil la! onri-.- ,\i.ii !;i -,l iiiiflit and n'loiin- ing as iliiii-teii ili-y will (lUicHIy iioiii" aa i:i>i';-o\einei^t which-As-liII ; X .•I I! ^ 'Ik- 'niiiii-iiiriii ;;i)i li;id a clianee lo r.-itii • I ill .-.vilr:: • .>llsii|.-l;i||(ili in , u n r sofi. jiiii- 'pi.nil .lOr imi -'i.. ^ji .ii'ilin:; \.'..:ei- i- soniet !i :ii )j ni a'lis niMi-li |o Ml - iiealtli. iMppi- 111--- ;uiil loiiiliii-i !•! I V(r,e-, i\v:iter •1 ;i i- III Inla. • ' . Guard Against "Flu'' With Musterole eontiniie ilj.. veins and bUnch=^ are reiiin-i il lo imrmal. ai- liii. tl! ilf':.- ill A Child^s Nd Rheumatic Sufferer. Can Afford to Miss Wis r tjime tlie water is go- he mi.xiiig cliaiiili'.-r lions llelV^ei -II till•d to the water aii.l , ts originally present le pre(-i|iilale is de- boltoni of the b:!:;- • y ;.'eI:itinoiis iiriss_ - heavy and is ejs- •!ii< iie;ivy gelati;;- illi.. to I'lie bottom and is • p.-rii)ilie;illv ' Yes— Vangeroiis! When her cJiild is coii,.;hing. Mo- therseeksquickrelief. Kor.Myeara, Alothers have used Chambcrlain'a Cough Itemedy, It removes phelgm, give:: siAilhing relief. Motljcrs--write for free booklet en vfure of the Sick." Cnamberlain Medicine Co.,fXt4 Park, Des Motnea. '^^CoTttains no atcohot ur uiircotlcs i Grippe ar.d Pneumonia '< ! usually start Willi a cold. The jnoment I -v ' ' -^i I you get tliose warning aches rub on j i>j,r„^. ,v,.hes. Suelling-i. Sth*fne>;s I i gcod old Musletole. j :,«.! Hther .Miseries (iiiickly ' AlU5terole micves the congestion {»is;.ppear. i • and stimulates circulation. It has all i " " ' tht-'tv^ quaiities.of the old-fashioned i^;,- virVNTKi-:!) BV COOK'S URVU mu-tard pIabler^vIthout the blister. • si-i-nifi.- i\ti iii First you feel a warm trngle as the; " ui.,/-. VTS healing ointment penetrat(:3 the pores,; I : i i.» • .i. .. then a soothing, cooling sejisation and j j quick reiicf. Have Musterc^e handy for • '*'^''' i emcrijency use. It may prevent serious i " j illness. ;i ' Child-birth To. Mothers: Musterole ic alto made in milder form for babies and small children. Ask for Children's Musterole. Jars & Tubes i^erful meuhie to »I1 itmoihexd COUGH REMEDY ^{ O.OSEMS :THE:COUGH 'Belter than a maatardplaster tie One arrives, yoo , moment more free Ithan ira- who ^^-L h my last two childrtn -run)!' and had only-., [time to i:ct a doctor 6f- VI -y Hid,—o.nly atmut trn • Lie "iMiithcr'n-Krlrnd" Triinilrdethi-m iliil. Don 't aiiil mronwhilv write to r Co.. IlA4il, AUanlo, itriiti-il IkjoIi. i -..nlalninic .M.\Ti.\!;i;s 'J-.m J.. m. i I = = f.'oiiir fif J'cttcr Pictures- ELITE I Saturday 1 (o M(;«T.S 7:00.9:00 p. m. - I Elilc OrchrRtni-= II t i-xi.<i-innt tnsVtur f.hnuld ivail" U Lu!d' Ly oil dniK Airirin Friday—2. 7 :ind 9 p. tn. ))a^ifi Hfhiscn'.s (Ircal Sta ^ifo .Sucfoss "THK RETURN OF PETER GRIMM" ; j • I III re'.-; a iihnlo pl'ty ill whicii rMinantc, f)alh (i.«. iuis- rn'risf. ciiiiv-(!.v. liavc lici i. iiLlit -aU?ly blomlud witli out- Hen .\!<-••;;'ni !cr •"SvoUy of (bp .Scoiit.s"—|-S ?niK 't( Com- c.-iy. -S.^rail .-i SUcp Walkers .Marry?" ; :M;iiini-« \'U- and Nijchts l^c iind 25c • • i • Stitj'.'—Kirhard Talirtadire in "The .MerrV Cavalier" " ' " ' I • " ' • ry diMi.i^is. in.;-llii.s connty is aiitliori/.eil lo s;iy i /i every rheu- niaiie siitlleier i!;a! if a full pint botlli' of Alienrhii. does not show I the way to slop the a.u'ony.- reduce iswolleri joints and do away with : liieiinialic- pains, : H lie:. aJid twingeii •he will KJadiy ii -nirii your money : without eonimen;. ;^ -•Mienrli 'i lias Ill -en tried and tested for yeais. ;:;iil n-ally marvel-' joiis result-; have liti -n liieonipli.shed often in Ilie !i ;osi se 'vi-re ca.seH ; where Hie Kiifferini; land aK'Uiy was j intense and piteous and v/hero the • snfrerer in lai.ny eanes vva .s ' , helpless. , - _ ^ j I 'liok 's llniK Sio.-^- aiid all good driiPKists have heeii aiilhorized to iriiarante.-_it. a.; aliove in every instance. , ; ' • • r* FOR INSURANCE City and Farm Phonjf l.'ll or 820 Kav Investment Co. Mrs. ).|.iJt„ S. K)I.T !he! V |A' bjalrict of Columhia court other way and declare-ft unlawful [ I ' a^-— io'und Fall and Dohenyinot guilty to teach ia theory of Ihe orisin of 'r'qf coi sp'iracy to defraud ihe gov- man which was in harmony with I urDimnl. but the Snpfeme Court of (fcni'si's'.'- If we'are to have our j the! U litod States hai> found that iiheoloKy depend upon leRislaiivc their ransactioms were .so "taiiiteit majorities Uiere is no end-ii>f the •wiih: fk-aud" as whollv to invalidate irouhle \ye.miKlit get into.. ,them. and • has therefore ordered \ — the pi) jrrtinted the 'l)oheny cionipany :<-anceiled and restitution Skilifrt pliysicians rornsmizc I lie apearaiice of pimples, hulls and other skin eruptions as iti- dicalioii of uii abnormal conditiou the system. This is why so many thousands have been enabled to free Uiemserves of these unsiKht* ly blemishes and painful annoyances bj" takins a course of S.S.S. Y'ou owe it lo yourself to try S S.S. It helps Nature build up red corpuscles. Il improves the pruccssefe by whicli Ihe, b!n'«l is nourished. Illi Umc-lrlcd and reliable "I suifercd from frapiire blood- was wcnk. and 1 had lost so much weLirht. I didn't look untural. f had pimples aiid was also bothered with a breakln!:-ou» Ihal- itched terrihi.v. X also bad bolls one aflcr another. I tried dilTcrqnt kinils of remedie.", bill iiotliins il dime any .unnd nnlil a ulcnd advi.sckl jme lo lake S.S.S.. which 1 did. This wa.s some tirao ago. .Now. I feci well, and I am gel- tinc aloii? (it a.| S.S.S. slopped the ifchins aiid \t cured me of boils. I ailvisc all wcikaml run-ilown pco- jije to ?i'.c S; S.?. a trial. It clears up till! skin and makes you slrnns .-ind mis you Iwiih eiicrity" .Mrs. W. Barker. i;«7i\Valuul Street. Cincinnati, Ohio.j SS.S i.s niatle from the fresit, routs of niedirinal licibs and plant-; and is prepaited: in a scientilic wav in a modern l.ih<"r3tory. i • S.S.."^. is si,i,i a!, all cnod diilS stores in Iwnjsi/jes 'ffic larjef siz» Is mt^rc cconprnical. ^ riciiiroi On;>:|0c iiiid illc: >ii:h(> yande^ille KIc ami lor ih goverijmeai. niated again : 1- I .Some (lelver into Ihe, curio.sitics of historj- has made the discovery nil taken to he maile to the-,,,.,, Ilihlo text prevented Ihe difi- a little matter esti- ^.jn^ of Panama canal in the at some Slu.Ouo.Dop. Tims,.,„:„rv. Phillip wa's KiuK of liay.s of evil. • j :Sev> -hers I Iriive is it -demonstrated that il ijo avoid-even the appearance .Spain ihen and was supportinK the projeii o'l liiilldiim a canal iihe isilunus. c.-riain Sp.nnish'in- I ' . - - . - ;ieresls Were opposed to il and «o itnty-elRht hemoeralic meni-'ihey wenf to the KiiiK with the if tJie .Missoiiii'i leuislaiiiie I |dea :ihat-lo separate thi'two con- ^iiltt --d in an open letter ad-ltinenis of the \Vei.lern llemlspher<> dieHheil ii;> Whi. (!. .\I<-Ailoo ami .M-i woiild he In violation or the direct iR-rl'.SniUh. iLppeulimr (o them to'emiimand! of Cod. Anil then they forRi't! their differeni -eM |wliieh are!<|iioied the lext; "What <iod hath sIlRiit itiml remember the. mnny|joihoil, let not man put nsiindor." thbiKsj npon which they ait^ree. to |-Tlie kinK thereupon ordered the 'Italk atmiit the KOOI I in you ' work stopp<<<li , and ileaKt tilHmt other." I It is; an the bad in. amiable and the well! Ye.n. March came ih like a nieant-c-ndciivor to brioB peace to|.,s j, has » sood deal the habi of Uie- rabk^ of the warring Dentoc^ ,,pi„p. But it is a sort ot Zoo racy: ibut somehow it Veininds usia ver>- well-behaved lion, a ' «f,thC;Ford "Peace Ship" and Ihe:,hat roars you as Rontle. .is • effort jtd "' (he boys out of the c,„.K-inK dnvelj So it isn't seal trenches of Christmas. ion. anybody much. ion, iion 'iiny "Oiven Up to Die," He I Mate Accred led (hieks ^ ! ^ ^. ' . Special for Ifriday and KegamS Health, 5UCCeSS I Saturday The Uh and Our regular price is iji|:MMI per IWt chicks. Hut a uii Ihe nil and .'dh $12.00 IHT KM! (•hitk> 200 ('|iltk.s aOO ,fhitk.s 400 Chicks iiOO Chicks 600 Chicks 1,000 Chicks you save Sn .Ofl, of 1,000 chicks .4 »vcs you S10. Hoppers}. Etc. STURDY CHfcK HATCHERY^ ]*»| West St. led (liieks 5th onlv Topeka Business Man—ManujacturcV and Aviator— I Recites Wonderful jRecovery After AU • Hope Seemed Lost "My health failed me," writes Mr. Daniel.Fry, widely known bu.sine s iS. I iiriii-rs phircd will he manof l5l '0\Ve.ft.Sih.Str(rl,To|ieka, Ktin ^iM, "v.'hilij I was eompletiiii; my I :i"th year with phe :;4utu Ke llaihvu.v. $2.'t.OO ' C'"oin{jaiiyi sent me to the hos- i 'cM ' pitiiL 1 wasRivon just lOdays to live. .1, i "My slomofli was .so weakened I f*Jj'"" jeoulJn't retain tuiytliiiiK. 1 eoiddn't J $55.00 uleep. I was just skin and I MUICH.' !$G:t.OO; "Vetl fooled them ull. llapi)etiin <c - §€)« (If) ' to hear of Tanlae, I starteil tukinitit. ..p. . ;'f,j0lac soon matlc mo rest well at On an order tit 500 i chicks I and ah^order be^ii to ed*. with u relish, was so<in cnjoving my food, had :no stomaeli trouble, and gained my wei(?lit back. rv- , I . . . ! •"Though offered niv dill job back, Ul.scouniS on |im«»der .s. ,'VIasll.: I first went farming-worked so acres L.AST TI>FES TONIGHT Lewi.s Stone and Doris Kenyon LET .JONES DO IT! Jones Electric Works I'HO.NK 192 f PHONE -45- WlII-:.\ VOIR LIGHTS GO OUT OK Vol'it I'U,U.MBING, COKH I!AD V C Electric and THK itXUU) STORE \ >•'>--: . f ft iV loLi, Kansas I Micceasfully—then_ started making airplanes and fl.ving them—got a tJovcrnment's KKJ' < pilot re<-ommen- •lation—and now am of)erating my • e-Ti auto laiimiri-l>:fsine,..5." ' . 'i'aidab \i3a imiiiy .--(irh <a.5es of xv;itorattoa to health, uew life aud ;;reaier sui:c <«3 to its credit. Tanbc i I iialerc's oWn. re'rupdy, made fmm'f rifiot-!, barks inn herli.s." It i.-< .i won- j-, di-rful lonie, j)r:ii.=e<I ly thousands of ."i njenand uinncri in Kan.-as ami el.-r-!| •y.Ti- i'l po -.r i:e-d:)'.. :i:.d .vLfii-iiiig, :..;k- you.- uf u^ijLit I jr Mc—today! 'ioil- ^ hjiliiappiil oa her nay In lier li:in<-> liiirleil iiilii llie ; [!ari. Ml illlerraiiean in the arnis-of ijie |Mi:in she lialeil aliou* all olller^ Held ciipliie on a ivild NIe ~ Siim 'iiHleil l,j rude |icaoaiils, liali'-niad nilli icur. < i:\TKA AIVDKI ) VAri )KVFi ,di-: COM ED Y DOG CIRCUS— .See Krii «5o,' the doj; with a humttn lirain. a.'^isisted liy his company of acroliatir and clovn dotis. I I MIMMIE GREEN"-.- . That Hltie wooden-headed boy wonder—a scream for the kiddies from six to si.xty, .\!s« t'oniedy and .Xovrlly IJeel KOn VOIK COXVEXIEXCE I; lOLA-KANXAX Jf/7pe/SB7'' 15

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