Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on September 28, 1961 · Page 9
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 9

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1961
Page 9
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29,000 holders of stock In Northern corporation Northern Natural Gas Company is regulated in its rates and expansion by the Federal Power Commission, but the company's real bosses are private persons — some 29,000 holders of the corporation's stock. They have staked its ventures with their personal /unds and elect directors to see that their goals are achieved. In other words, while it operates within the framework of federal rules, Northern is not a public utility. It is, instead, a true example of private enterprise. Many Northern shareholders would be right at home in the 511 Northern Plains cities and towns served by the corporation's 13,900 .miles of gas-carrying arteries. A very large group (5,600) 'owns fewer than 25 common shares apiece, with an investment of less than $800, Women outnumber men four to three on the stock record books. All rely on their invested savings to pay them a reasonable return. It would be difficult to hold a reunion of the entire family of Northern owners. They would have to come from all 50 states and 11 foreign countries. The seven states in Northern's market area account for 7,750 common stockholders. Nebraska tops the region with 3,000. Also appearing often on the rolls are residents of New York, Pennsylvania and California. Shares of Northern are available to anyone with a mind to buy them. They are traded daily on the New York and Midwest Stock Exchanges. Northern's own personnel, in addition to being employees, are substantial owners. Almost 2,200 of the 3,500 full-time workers purchase common stock through a payroll deduction plan. Together they hold more than 115,000 of the 8% million outstanding common shares. Besides its common stock controlled by 26,000 investors, Northern has issued preferred stock held by more than 3,000 persons. The 30-year-old corporation has paid dividends consistently for the past 25 years. Gas sales volume has more than doubled in the past .10 years, indicating high customer-satisfaction with both product and service. History of Peoples Natural gas division • The distribution of natural gas Gas Company, at retail to nearly 100,000 con- Northern's distribution outlet is sumers in four states is one of Peoples Natural Gas Division the principal facets of the overall which came into being with the operation of Northern Natural company in 1930 and has grown to its present size through consolidation and expansion. As originally organized, Peoples operated only in eastern Nebraska, but Northern owned distribution facilities -in other areas, including Argus Pipeline Company and Garden City Gas Company in southwest Kansas, Fairbury Gas and Electric Com- installed in the bathroom, laundry or kitchen. Immediate re- sponso is assured since the new t;as heater is capable of handling from 37.000 to 00,000 BTU's. Acrnrclin£ to the American Gas Association, the now gas unit can ful'.ill the entire range of hot water requirements throughout the lifo of the family. For the newly married couple it can mean i-conomii-nl operation for all their nci'ds :it one of the lower settings. Ax the family grows and adds m.'\v hot water-consuming appliances, the dial can be mov- o.l to a higher setting. Then, when only the.- mother and father remain at homo, tlin setting can be returned to a lower - capacity point. Tho now "30-Phis" can be had witn a glass-lined tank for approximately $140 or with a copper lined tank for about $200. Moth models wear the A.G.A. Hlur Star Seal of Approval for safety, durability and performance, and can lie seen at gas company sales rooms or gas appliance dealers. Th« GoldStar Award, jymbol a[ iho trorl<l'i moft modern cooking ,i|.|>li m.:c§, meftni top quality, performance and dcitgn. Automatic cooking is possible With Gold Star gas ranges Gas refrigerators have New look, features galore Modern gas refrigerators, cooled by energy from a tiny blue flame, are making their debut this year wearing the smart new "square look". This makes them easily adaptable to recessing in kitchens where other appliances are built in. According to the American Gas association, the new units offer models that are completely frost- free. Objectionable frost never forms even in the big zero-degree freezer compartment. Interior walls, shelves, and food are never coated because all of the frost gathering coils are located outside the food storage area. Latest models also offer a freezer and refrigerator behind separate doors, an automatic ice- maker, a "jet-cold" shelf and a "spot-cold" temperature control that makes it possible to maintain different degrees of cold in the same box. An unlimited supply of ice cubes flows from the futuristic ice maker into a handy serving bin. There's never any need to fill or empty individual ice trays. Refrigerators cooled by gas have other advantages, too. Because there are no moving parts, only the whisper of a fan can be heard in the kitchen. This same absence of moving parts in the cooling unit reduces the chance of costly service expenses, enabling the manufacturer to offer a full 10-year warranty. When it comes to operating costs, gas units are far and away the most economical. One reason is the use of a new insulating material with superior qualities and another is the outstanding efficiency of gas as a fuel. pany in Nebraska, Iowa Gas Distribution Company and Minnesota Northern Natural Gas Company. By 1938 these properties had been reduced by merger and dissolution to two — Argus Natural Gas Company 'and Peoples, and in 1945 Argus was dissolved and its properties became part of Peoples. Peoples, which began life as a subsidiary company of Northern, became even more closely allied with the parent organization in 1952 when it was dissolved as a separate entity and taken into Northern as a division. During the past eight'years it has grown steadily to the point where it now serves 99,849 consumers in 129 communities in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota. Present head of Peoples is Vice President and General Manager Dale TeKolste. Omaha, Nebraska, is headquarters for Peoples. It is common conversational practice to say that the improvements found on modern gas ranges free women from kitchen drudgery beyond the wildest imaginative flights of their Brand- mothers. And this is true. But modern-minded grandmothers are using these marvellous new cooking devices, too, and the time and cf- ic improvements, some 33 in all, on gas ranges wearing the Gold Star award. Only the finest, most modern cooking equipment can qualify for this outstanding symbol of excellence. - rs offer Built-in sunshine (J-7) Oa* light* *h»d (intl* flowov.r doorway*, pttlo* and driveway* to add ;*, touch of «l«g»nc« to modern living. SELL YOUR DON'T WANTS WITH LEADER WANT ADS Today's homemaker, regardless of her age, takes to gas range improvements enthusiastically, reports the American Gas association. She particularly enjoys cooking by a kind of remote control — which means that she can be absent from home when the fuel is turned on and even when the cooking period is completed. Automatic timing devices on gas ranges built to Gold Star specifications turn the oven on and off at pre-set times and temperatures. If she wants to meet her commuting husband's train, the homemaker merely sets her low temperature oven control at 140 degrees and the meal will be kept at ready-to-serve temperatures without continued cooking — up to several hours if necessary. These rich dividends in free time for the homemaker are possible because of recent dramat- A remarkable new gas water heater that will grow with the family has just been introduced by Jhe gas industry. Called "30-Plus", the new heater can be adjusted to perform as a 30, 40 or 50-gallon To increase or decrease the amount of hot water wanted, the homeowner simply moves a dial on the front ot the heater to any setting between 30 and 50. An optional feature makes dial setting even simpler. It's a remote control thermostat that can be GAS CONVERSION SPECIAL GENERAL MOTORS DELCO COMPLETELY INSTALLED (average home) $189.00 Call 1133 Oelwein — Collect FOR FREE COMFORT SURVEY HANLEY HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING 907 South Fredrick Only The Rich Can Afford Poor Heating CONGRATULATIONS TO PEOPLES NATURAL GAS CO FOR A JOB WELL DONE Modernize your kitchen with Roper for under We are proud to have had a unall part in helping to bring natural gas to the City of Fayette, by furnishing some of the supplies used in the project We commend the PEOPLES NATURAL GAS CO. for their speedy and efficient work in completing the job. Peoples Natural Gas Co. will do everything in their power to satisfy you a* customers. And we're sure they will be good citizens of the City of Fay ette, Iowa. . Northwest * !' 11 I |1 . !V . .1.1 Coating EYE-LEVEL BROILING! Dual ovens. Motorized rotlsserle. COMFORT-ZONE COOKING1 Modern controls. Illuminated burner area. Come in and be Charmed FREE I .Chwrn Bracelet* for the ladlei! FREE 1 "Charnw candy for the kldt. Nothing to buy. No obligation whatsoever. GAS RANGE fits in like a built-in! Create* new kitchen beauty and efficiency without remodeling. The new Charm Epicure Gas Range baa the murt, sophisticated 'styling of a modern built-in appliance ... yet built like * conventional free-standing range for easy installation without coolly cut-out* or special cabinetry. Gives any kitchen an exciting new personality, wife-aaviag convenience)! UNBELIEVABLY __«» ttrmi. Up to 00 w*»U to pay. THIS APIECE FIESTA GOURMET PORCELAIN ENAMEL COOKWARE SET with purchtae ot a Ropej Charm Range. Peoples Natural Gas FAYETTE, IOWA Roper Sales CEDAR RAPIDS, IOW A

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