Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on February 18, 1948 · Page 8
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 8

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1948
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY (Marginal Notes- Bill Monday forenoon a number of local people were remembered with boxes of Texas oranges and grapefruit, the gift of Mr. and Mrs Ed W. Green who are vacationing at McAllen. Texas. We got some of the citrus fruit too and can vouch for its deliciousness. If those Texans keep on improving this fruit, it won't be long before California and Florida will have to go to seme other crop to have something to boast about. • • * » » Last week when this section was visited by the snowfalls, our Marshal. Otto Appel. put the town's new snow plow into use after dark to clear the streets. Fewer cars are parked along the curbs then and the work is much easier than when he has to dodge numerous parked cars. It's helped a lot, has "the new machine, to keep our streets open. We don't want a two or three foot snow blockade like the one of the •winter of '47. but we'd like to see Otto's new pet buck a couple of good drifts before it wears out. • »»••. It's nice to be in business and have friends who remember anniversaries. Take frinstance Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jason Jarmes. They observed their 17th wedding anniversary quietly last week, but someone tipped off the Trausch Baking Co.. and these people Saturday brought a huge 3-tiered cake the Jumbo store. A bit later a big bouquet of American Beauty roses came in from Louis Schutte 1 & Sons to sort of touch up the place. So what did the Jarmeses do but cut the cake and served hunks of it with cups of coffee to their customers throughout the day. Glenn says they're going to stop counting the anniversaries from here on in .... 17 already, and seems but a short time ago he was shooting baskets for Monona high school's cage teams. * * « * » They're telling this one on Vic -Walter up ai his new filling station. A big Packard with all the do-dads on it drcve up the other day, and the driver said. "Fill er up," and Then went into the station. Vic pulled the cap off the gas tank; injected the gas spout, and proceeded to Mobilgas her up. Then all of a sudden he heard what he thought was a "wolf whistle," the kind the young blades employ to beckon the attention of the opposite sex. Vic shut off the gas to learn who was whistling at whom. This was done three or four times, with the owner of the car looking out of the station window petting a kick out of Vic's antics. Finally he went out doors and told Vic to pay no attention to the whistle, as it was a safety device on his gas tank to guard against overfills. Yeah, there 's something new under the sun even on cars. * » « * * We had occasion to make a round trip of 300 miles over the weekend to see our mother in the cheese country of southern Wisconsin and saw a lot of sensible drivers along the way. Roadways aren't as "wide" in the winter as they are in summer, what with packed ice and snow along the edges. But the hundreds of drivers we met were using good judgment: they kept on their side of the road: they were j particular on approaching water puddles to drive slowly so they ivouldn't besplattei- cars they met with the dirty water. We couldn't, help but think that after all most | people are courteous and consider ate of oihers—or is the campaign for safe driving starting to dividends? Frankville Township List of Taxpayers (Continued from page 1) VanWey. Walter and Esther.. 3.56 Van Wcy, J J Est 97.98 VanWey, Irvin J I- 19 VanWey. John 2.31 Wolfe. Geo B Est 16.92 Wolfe. Lloyd Myron 74.79 Waters, Stella 22.55 Willman, Alma 5.19 Walby, Alwin and Charlotte 9.56 FRANKVILLE TOWNSHIP NO. 2. First Half Tax Anderson. Andrew $169.01 Anderson. Alfred 2.22 Berge, Henry C - 43.58 Berge. Lloyd 5.30 Becker. W J 67.29 Carolan. Rob P and Lucille.. 101.48 Dickman. Ed 63.45 Dotseth. John 99.42 Gilbertson, Oscar H and Lil.. 48.77 Grotegut. Henry 129.78 Grinna. Gust 124.64 Geving, Ben 60.86 Grinna. Grant 14,56 Grotegut, Arthur 106.61 Haugen. Olaf C and Olga :. 20.50 Hitl. Geo 1.44 Jackson. John & Geo 98.16 Jackson, John and Geo 166.47 Jackson. John 28.31 Jeide. Casper 62.97 Johnson, Vernon 5.30 Jackson. Clara 8.79 Ludeking. Jacob 8.75 Letchford. Harriet and Vir.. 26.68 Lee, John H 55.67 Ludeking. Geo A 61.09 Maloney, Mrs Ellen 47.41 Moen, Carl 10.60 Ness, Mrs Emma Est 118.57 Olson. Julius 11.62 Pagin. Hattie E 38.00 Pagin, Cyrus J Est 62.68 Petersoa Gilbert 20.81 Stuckman, John 42.79 Sorum. Oscar and Bemelia ... 73.90 Sorum. Andrew 0 76.82 Williams. E P _ 233.48 Winger, Ernest 8.82 FRANKVILLE TOWNSHIP NO. 3. Ask, Orlando . S 82.82 Ambrose, J F and Leora... 72.43 Behn. Paul .- 208.65 Birdsell, Eugene R 19.35 Christofferson. E H and L M 56.58 Clement. Willard 8.58 Fjelstul, Clarence F 194.83 Flage. Ralph 18.57 Gipp, Fred H 24.16 Heins. Minnie 128.76 Haugen, Mrs Andrew 79.36 Hesse, Arthur 15.65 Jackson. John W and Geo M 59.88 Kneeskern, J E 1A2.52 Klirtkenberg, ,M C and L C and W 187.55 Koenig. Harlan 13.91 Letchford. Harriet and Vir.. 94.78 Lang, Eldo 92.25 Ludeking. Clarence 88.29 Loftsgard. Melvin A S2.34 Ludeking. Jacob 46.79 Matter. John „ 65.01 Pagin. Hattie E " 41.84 Poster. Fred 39.39 Ruen. Arthur and Florence.. 81.28 Ronan. Leo and Fred 113.42 Sheggru'd, Oliver T 14.25 Schultt. Harry 63.31 Smorsiad. Fred 106j60 Topliff. R F 8.65 Winter, H B 123.27 FRANKVILLE TOWNSHIP NO. 4. Anderson. Clara, Mildred and Lillian S 11.23 Albright, Will 2.36 Birdsell. Eugene R 140.00 Brandt. Walter H 147.14 Brandt. Arthur F 46.84 Birdsell. W R and Cora 81.99 Barker. Herman Est 9.30 Brandt. Wayne and Wesley.. 23.41 j Birdsell, Leo and Ralph 23.26 11.42 6.94 99.24 7.23 11.84 Crabtree, Clarence and Ethel Christofferson, Louis Cuff, Wm E.. Dreyer, Carl Fisher. Henry C 6.34 Gipp. Fred H....: 23.57 Grinna, Vernon Hemesath. C C and Sons Kreuger. W H and Lydia 96.27 Kamin, Lester 9-13 Klein. Lawrence 7.69 Lenth. Lester H and Sylvan.. 61.27 Matter, John 48.93 Matter, Elmer 24.15 Peterson, Mclvm C 29.41 Peck. Eldo 47.58 Peck. Upton 24.81 Peck, Roland 32.73 Pilgrim, W W 157.81 Peterson. Melvin 13.22 Sheggru'd. Oliver T Est 44 Shattuck, Kate 119.21 Snitker. Willard 26.94 Schafee, Henry 63.88 Wolfe. Almira 44.95 FRANKVILLE TOWNSHIP NO. 5. Einck, Clemens 5 25.41 Ehler, Felix 42.24 Einck, Clem Sr.. 3.81 Einck, Clem Jr......... 3.28 Ginapp. Edwin F.. 52.88 Gerleman,. Albert „ 11.56 Holder, Ray : 33.70 Hide, Joe 32.74 Lansing, Joseph 54.39 Lansing, Henry 11.99 Remke, Joseph 30.70 Riha^ Albert and Mary. 62.94 Rosenbaum, John" 11.40 Remke, Alphonse 18.97 Shafee, Henry 114.40 Scheidemantel, Theo A 24.31 Shields, Frank J and Anna.... None Tovson, Sigurd O- 9.47 FRANKVILLE TOWNSHIP NO. 6. Ames, Miles '. $ 2.43 Daniels, C O 79.62 Daniels, Lester 5.86 Dinger. Roy 10.94 French, Emma 85.21 Felke, Errol 52.35 Funke, Leo 6.17 Gipp, Alvin 75.85 Guttego. Emily R and Clara H Bode 128.59 Gipp. Fred H 68.61 Gipp. Herman 220.47 Gerleman, A\ F and Kath... 20.45 Gremm. Roy Gipp, Carl Gipp, Elmer Heckman, Christian Est Hammel, Leo Heckman, Erwin 9.92 Ihde, Richard 11.47 Linnevold. A M 29.26 Linnevold, Wm 38.46 Lee, John H and Ida R 124.58 Laufer, Mandus S and Mar... 43.97 Lovstuen, Norton 16.04 Miller, Frank R and Ev L 88.88 Peck, August 26 Rosa. Elmer 135.33 Remke, Joseph 50.20 Saueresig, Ed C and Theresa 20.98 Sersland. Theo 67.85 Sherry, Jennie Lennon... Schultz, Harry Sersland, John Sersland. Ole H Sersland, Julia Sersland and EUingson... Sersland, Carl Sersland, Donald 12.04 Stortz, Roy 11.48 Sersland, Rudolph 16.31 Tietz. Walter and Elsie 71.34 Williams, Flor and M Walker 164.97 Wenthold, Felix 64.86 FRANKVILLE TOWNSHIP NO. 7. Anderson. Adolph J $ 46.53 Berge, Henry C 11.07 Bakke. Henry O and Idelia... 55.36 Bakke. Mrs Ellen Est 141.47 Bauder. Oscar ... 10.29 Bakke, Erick O Est 92.24 Bakke, Philip 17.89 Bakke, Mrs O E Est 11.29 40.21 10.08 19.52 82.03 10.41 Bakke, Andrew 5 .88 Christian, Carl B.:. 33.24 Dickman, Ed 16.53 Estrcm, Chas A. 126.26 Egge, Bertha Helene 74.39 Egge, Paul 52.61 Egge, Em 24.40 Grinna, Gust .:. 2.76 Groth, Harry 2.12 Hughes, I R 11.01 Hjelle. Sigurd 32.42 Johnson, Helmer L 89.40 Jacobson, Kenneth 4.85 Klinkenberg, May 60.19 Lennon, Joseph 19.83 Lennon, Mary Alice 13.55 Olson, Hildor and Anna 46.12 O'Neil, Leo & 10.21 Olson, Millard 11.47 Parker, Nellie K 60.75, Rocksvold, Dervin et al 106.28 Ronan, Patrick 81.27 Ronan, Wm et al....... 94.16 Ronan, Mary Agnes 9.45 Ruen, Oliver 8.98 Sersland, Harold and Marie.. 69.62 'Sorum, Oscar and Bemelia.... 2.76 Soland, Hans and Embert 102.85 Soiand, E F. 92.13 Sersland, Theo 66.75 Topliff, Josephine L... 40.90 Vangsness, Elrick M 59.96 Viste, Helene : 90.31 Weflin, Geo & Marie Arness 21.70 FRANKVILLE TOWNSHIP NO. 8 Anderson, Clara, Mildred and Lillian $199.36 Amunrud, Ruth K 54.78 Albright, B L 26.72 Anderson, Milton 12.69 Bachtell, Harry 8.43 Duff, Wm E 66.93 Gremm, Roy 26.46 Ginapp, Edwin F 29.77 Gerleman, Albert 29.78 Henning, Reub H and Char 65.02 Huinker, Greg 17.66 Helium, Kenneth 14.25 Ihde, Joe 26.46 Ihde, Elmer 10 -^ Kruegcr, W H and Lydia 3. Koch, Walter Lee, Lewis .. Lee, Knudt K. 70.99 60.9!) 38.13 83.64 86.91 10.53 13.57 Limkeman, Wm 8.48 Monson, Oscar et at Lee, Otto Moore, Geo F Est 26.47 Monson, Joseph 82.75 Manderfield, Elizabeth 26.79 Marti. Grant J and Lois 33.99 Manderfield, Ed 1-94 Manderfield. Anna 2.75 Monson, Carl 21.29 Nesvik, Spencer 29.01 Saueresig. Edwin C and Th Scheidemantel, Theo A Snyder, Lester 3.57 Tinderholt, G F 118.80 Thompson, Henry T 95.07 Winter, Lynn 7.04 (GLENWOOD TOWNsyiP.) Berge, Henry C "...$ 24.16 Erickson, Carl' T 31.40 (BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP*. Lenth, Lester H and Syl L66.31 Lenth, Lester 18.01 Lenth, Sylvan 18.00 Marti, Grant J and Lois 18.17 Sheggrud, O T Est 23.91 Big-Four 4-H Club Meet at Martins Home The regular monthly meeting of the Big -Four 4 -H club was at the home of John Martins Monday evening, February B. Leo Christofferson, president, led the discussion and demonstration of "Construction of an electric pig brooder." During the business meeting, the club decided to have a skating party at Luana. After the meeting, games were played followed by refreshments. The next meeting will be held at the Ambrose Waters home. 48.54 45.02 22.57 110.44 92.47 16.27 10.10 pay CALL FOR CITIZENS CAL'CIS IS ISSUED FOR MARCH 1 Notice is hereby given that a caucus of the qualified electors oi the Incorporated Town of Postville. . Iowa, is hereby called to convene in the basement of Memorial Hall. Postville. at eight o'clock P. M., Monday, .March 1, 1948, for the purpose of placing in nomination candidates for the following officers to be filled at the Municipal Election to be held on Monday, March 29, 1948, to-wit: One Mayor. Five Councilmen. One Treasurer. v One Hospital Trustee. Also for the naming of the ticket, the selection of a Town Committee, and for the transaction of such other business as may regularly and legally come before the said caucus, j JOE HECKER, I WILLARD SCHUTTE, Town Committeemen PUBLIC SALE of Surplus Items In the old gymnasium at Postville School Saturday, Feb. 28 Beginning at 8:00 o'clock P. M. imiiiiiiiiiiwiiuniiimuiiiiroiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiinw Basketball!) Postville High School Gymnasium • Friday, Febr'y 20 j Tipoff at 7:30 o'clock p. m. • Elkader vs. Postville j FIRST TEAM and JUNIOR HIGH i Publishers Reelected AH Former Officers Leslie Hull of Wnufcon was reelected president of the Northeast Imva Press Association when that group met here last Friday afternoon for their annua! meeting. Others elected to office were Du'ight Bannister of Decornh. vice president: Richard M. Wostcrfield ot West Union, secretary-treasurer; Loin's Hull, Waukon, Charles Milham, Guttonberg. Don E. Amundsen, Ossian. and Lec Peacock, Tripoli, directors. The group discussed shop problems and the news print situation dtirin.',' the round table discussion period. It was learned that (he pa­ per irmrkct is stUl "tight" „ association wlH henceforth the carload shipments of print only at eight-month infa, whereas heretofore they ^ replenishment of stock quarts Meetings during 1948 will bej as follows: At West Unfa April; at Decornh in June; plmj, a river town in August, ami, final mceling of the year if, tober at Waukon. A note from. Mrs. Ray R, ] says that'they are leaving* lngton, .£>. C„ "for a little fa sunshine." Ray, a veteran 0 (j recent war. has been a payi Walter Reed Hospital in Was ton, to which he expects to r about March 17. | "Good Service | Makes Good Insurance" | ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE | COMPETENT INSURANCE ADVICE J PROMPT, SATISFACTORY ADJUSTMENT^ | EXCELLENT COMPANIES ! PRESTON CARR, INSURANCJ | Telephone 157 MONONA, IOWJ I IIIIII SUPPORT THE FIGHTING PIRATES! I GIVE MILK FOB HUNGRY. Clayton county school children contributed to a milk fund to the amount of $275. Canned milk was purchased and added to a special trainload of food for the hungry people of Europe. In Grand Meadown township No. 3 school, Alice Sniffhy teacher, gave $1.00, No. 4 school, Julia Wettleson, teacher, gave $2.10 and No. 1 school, Mrs. £3sa Christofferson, teacher, donated *4-20 toward the fund. 3 L. C. SMITH TYPWRITERS Recent Models STEEL TOOL FILING CABINET CHAIN HOIST * 2 MACHINISTS' VISES STEEL TRUCK BLOW TORCH 25 POUNDS SOLDER HAND DRILL PRESS WOOD WORKING BENCH TERMS OF SALE—CASH! EATON WATERS, Auctioneer Place Your Orders Now FOR OUR BRED-TO-LAY CHICKS AND GET CASH DISCOUNT! Economists are predicting a profitable year for poultry raisers, and we at Meyer's Four- County Hatchery are getting our house in order to handle the largest number of baby chicks in our history. If previous years are any indication, the quota of chicks we will be able to hatch during the season will soon be taken by our satisfied customers. So, may we suggest that you place your orders now and be assured of qur profit- making Bred-To-Lay Baby Chicks. MEYER'S Hatch Telephone No. 234 ery Postville, Iowa NEW FURNITM IS ARRIVING We've been to market and brought with us a great assortment of new furniture and more is arriving daily. We invite you 1 see these new displays— they're certain to hitj| responsive note in your conception of what you home needs after the long years of "drouth^ in new furniture items. New Living Room Suites in a wide varietl of. styles. You will admire the luxury of tti solid comfort they' afford. Bedroom Suites are here too in a numn ot designs, recently created for comfort appearance. The Dining Room hasn't been pye« by our buyer. We have a number of tne 1 ! creations that we are proud to show 7°"* j Louis Schutte & St Largest Furniture Stock In Northeastern

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