The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on February 20, 1892 · Page 1
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, February 20, 1892
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tlifotnttrftriftr. T iATVRDAT W. BUBDIOK. IIJO r«r Tttr, Strictly A* lh$ ftmr imth-*a*ttrn eom,tltt. Lewler Mid lUclen St> ostliiUc W. N. BUKDICK , Editor and Proprietor. INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL ORBED; THB GOLDEN RULE OUR MORAL GUIDE. TERMS: $1.60, IFPAID IN ADTAKMCB. fhcfuitriUeffPiiw. ADVBBTISINCr RATWff TDB XIX. POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1892. NUMBER 48. l*Mk... I weeks.. I week*.. 1 month.. 1 months. • months. I months. 1 year.... IN I BO 100 4 00 6 M 10 00 lla. II SO I « I 00 I TS 4 DO « as « 00 1100 4 In. MM KM I 75 li 00 6 35 * 00 11 » T Ho-, II 00 ft » 7 SO 0 X, II 78 10 00 IS 00 SO 00 18 00 SO 00 yioojtio 8 00) 10 00 18 0M 17 0M X! 001 48 00' 18 I til II W IS Of » « N00| 60 OS 80 0* Business cards not exceeding Are lines, §5. Legal advertisement* at legal rales. Advertisements Inserted with no speelne time will be published until ordered out anV charged tor ae- oordlnKly. All bills pajrablu quarterly. KING NEBUCHADNEZZAR Rnv. T. Da Witt Talmago Discourses! on tho Babylonish King. Ik* Mlefctr Monarch whose Scepter was Wm» a* • Deed tlefore the Will of the Oed Whom He lied Despised end Dotted. room of good influence, where uoo would have her reign, coming down over the ivory stairs of moral power, coming down and coming down until she hasno more soul than the dead bird transfixed in her millinery or the chinchilla that was slain to afford her warmth, or the kid that furnished her the glove, and finding her only delight In flatteries •f The following discourse on tho lessons taught by the life and downfall of King Nebuchadnezzar wosdellrered by Bar. T. DeWltt Talmage In the Brooklyn tabernacle from the text. Ah this came upon King Nelrachadnetxarv— Daaieltv. IS. CoL Bawllnson, the oriental traveler, says that the exhumed bricks, not onlj of Babylon, mat of a hundred towns in an ana of one hundred miles in length and thirty in breadth, are inscribed with the name of Nebuchadnezzar. Ac was a great warrior, and at the glance of bin sword nations prostrated themselves. Be was a groat king, and built a city reservoir ninety miles in circumference and one hundred and twenty feet deep, and constructed a hanging garden four hundred feet square and seventy -five fast high, some say to please Amnbia, his wife, who had been born among the hills, and others say to get a pleasure ground free from mosquitoes which afflict the levels. I think,from htscharac tar, the latter reason may have impeled him as muoh as the former. When he conquered King Zedekiah, so as to have no more trouble with him he put his eysa out —a most barbarous way of incapacitating an enemy. But Babylon wasjajrreat place; the houses surround•d by gardens and the house-tops were connected with each other by bridges; and one day Nebuohadnezzar walked out on the suspension bridges and showed, perhaps to a royal visitor, the vastness of his realm as the snn kindles the domes with glisterings almost insufferable, and the great streets thun der up their pomp into the ear of the monaroh, and armed towers aland around adorned with spoils of con quered empires. Nebuohadnezzar waves his hand above the stupendous scene and exclaims: "Is not this great Babylon that T have built for the house of the kingdom by the might of my power and for the honor of my majesty?" In other words: "What a groat sssn I am. Babylon was not anything until .1 adorned It See- those water works; see those gardens; see those forts. I did all this. I shall never be forgotten. Why, my name is on every brick in all those nulls. Just look at as, I am mora thun a man." But in an instant all that splendor is gone from his vision, for a voice folia from —the heavens, saying: "0, King Nebu- aaadnezzar, to thee it is spoken; tho kingdom Is departed from thee, and they shall drive thee from men and thy dwelling ahull be with the beasts of the field; they shall make thee to eat gross as oxen, and seven times shall puss ovor thee, until thou know that the Most High ruloth in the kingdom of mou and glveth It to whom soever Ha will." One hour from the time he made the boast he Is on his way to the fields a maniac, and, rush- tog into the forests he becomes us one of tho beasts, and Is after awhile covered with eagles' feathers for protection from tho cold, and his nails grow .to look like birds' claws in order that bo may dig the earth for roots and eMsnb the trees for .nuts. Tho mental disaster that seised him was what the Greeks called lyeanthro- 2 , by which a man imagines himself a sat and prefers to go out and mingle with brutes. Ha who had been eating . pomegranates and uprloots off of plates of gold inlaid with amethyst and diamond, and drinking tho richest wines from the royal vats, now browsing on grass, and struck by the horn of the ox as he contends for a better tuft of the pasturage, and Instead of an orchestra on benches' of ivory playing the national airs, now listening to the' moan and bellow and grunt of the beasts. This is not hard for me to believe, for tho dorms of dementia are Innumerable. A few years ago, arriving in a city on a summer afternoon, while waiting for my engagement in the ^evening, I sauntered forth into what - - teeinrd to be a park in front of a large publlo building, the use of which I know not I met a gentleman with Whom 1 fall into delightful conversation, and ho seemed intelligent on all subjects. After awhile, I said: "Let na alt down on this bench and rest awkl'.o and enjoy the scene of verdure and fountains." "No," said he. "Ton alt down, but I can not, I mm made of glass, and If I should alt down I would break to nitPia," Then I saw that he was In anno, and belonged to the large building Just behind us. After sneh an interview as that I can easily believe this aeeount of my text Here is Nebu, shadnessar on all fours. He 'once prided himself of being more than •ten. and now he turns out less than pan. The courtiers look out of.' the Windows uf.on him as ho moves among K i royal herds, and cry! "A beast!" Ten years pans, when suddenly his reason returns, and he comes book to Babylon a humble worshiper of', the - : Qod of Heaven. What must have .been the excitement in the royal court a* IbJa restored manioc emperor wnlks :Into the palace. What a time they had cutting bla nails and his hair, which had grown for seven years without being interfered with by any shears. .What a scrubbing down, must have -taken place In the imperial baths, • What a transformation necessary in order that he who bad been herding .with camels and goats and swine may 'he made fit to associate with princes, il • ' When I see a. man of regal nature made to rule In realms of thought, capable of all moral -elevation, besotting his faculties, attempting out of i low sensualities to satisfy hia immortal energies, coming down off his throne ^of power into brutalities, sacrificing his higher nature to hU lower nature, |»o #l ^Idflg and stooping, coming down £$jM spmlng down until ail hia Influence >, for good Is gdne, lory out; "There Is a ' '*^Ufap*m- •• 9*1'' Ai,4 •gf/vre ten* of ^ousanda of such brainless men, and midnight schot- llsche and debauched novelettes. 1 say: 'There is one who might have been a queen unto Uod forever, yet eating straw like an ox." 1 look over the pasture fields of folly and sin, and find many groveling who ought to be erect Oh, men and women, go bank to youi thrones! A young man run awny from home and broke his widowed mother's heart Fourteen years passed and he retnrufav^ and came to the window at whloh his Old mother nun sitting. She looked up and immediately recognized him, mid said: "Oh, Robert. Robert I Come in!" "No," sutd lie, "mother, I shall never come In till 1 hear you say yon forgive me." Her answer was, 'Eobnrtl I have forgiven you long ogo. There Is nothing to forgive now except Hint you staid awuy no long." My hearer, forgirenncss has been ready for you a good while. Willi more thun mother 's tenderness (iotl will take you buck. They are wnltlnj.' for you in the palace. Nebuchndnezzar wns the son of Nabopollasar, who ruled before lilm. and you are the child of • king! The next thought that presses Into my mind from the contemplation of this incident Is that conviction Is not con version. Who Is that inonurub that makes I he boast about Babylon? The very man who, under the levelutlon of dreams that Daniel made from Heaven, deeply humbled himself, while he con fessed that God Is a God of gods and • Lord of lords, yet, belold that humbling and arousing which he before felt did not result In a radical change. There is no mistake more frequent than of supposing conviction u synonym for conversion. Conviction is merely a sight of sin; conversion is a view of pardon. Conviction is merely an alarm; conversion Is confidence. Conviction Is dissatisfaction with depravity; conversion is a tnrnlug away from It. Conviction la sword wound conversion Is tho healing. Conviction la the fever of thirst; conversion Is the slaking of that thirst Conviction the pain; conversion is the medlclno that euros It Thousands have experl enced the former itnd never experienced the latter. There are multitudes who think that a» soon as a man Is serious he Is fit (or profession of religion. What if a man should only think serl ouuly of being u merchant; would that make htm a merchant? What if a man should only think Hcrlously of being lawyer; would that- make him a lawyer? What if a man should only think seriously of being a Christian; would that mal«- him a Christian? Felix WUH convicted, but not converted. The jailor was convicted l>efore he got out of bud, but not converted until at the advice of Paul he believed in Christ Are you convicted, but not converted? I toll you what you make me think of. You have made up your mind for proper consideration to deed away a property. You have drawn the deed. The seal is affixed opposite where you are to write your inline. The commissioner of deeds is present to witness. You have your pen iu hnnd. There la ink In the pen. There Is only one thing for you to do, and that is to sign your name. Suppose yon stop now without Mngingyour name, what does It all amount to? Nothing. So you have resolved to give yourself up to God. You propose to sign off to Hltn your body, your mind, your soul.* Yon have all thlngH nt 'WNMiry for the transfer. Tire angels of Rod ure hare to witness the eternal tranter. Why do you not now with your will oomplete the work? Halt where yon are and all goes for nothing. also from my subject that pride is the precursor of overthrow, ride is a commander well plumed and caparisoned, but it leudH forth a dark and frowning host "Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." The arrows from the Almighty's quiver are apt to strike a man when on the wing. Goliath shakes his great spear in defiance, but the smooth stones from the brook make him stagger and fall like an ox under a butcher's bludgeon. He who Is down can not fall. Vessels scudding under bare poles do not feel the force of the storm. What s re thone three sleds that have just gone Into tho yard of a miserable hotel In Wursnw, Poland, on the cold night of December 10, 1818? Who are they? Who "from these, sleds hajve entered? and the servant, is trying to build for them a fir; with some green wood? Napoleon, with six attendants, on retreat from Moscow. The fire amid the green wood hsjs gone out, and the emperor IH walking the floor to keep from freeziug. Then bounding luto his sled, the thermometer twenty-six degrees below zero, he disappears in the darkness, lie, who a little before hod an army under his command, together with troops offered by other nntlous, lu all 1,187,000 mert, uow retreating through that December night with three sleds, and those of his army not dead under the snow reduced for food to a handful of rye dough, seasoned with gunpowder for lack of salt, and a mouthful of horseflesh. From what a height to what a depth I' Nebuohadnozzur In the plilaoe; Nebuohadnezzar forsaken in the fields. Agetu, learn from the misfortune of the king of Babylon what a terrible thing Is the loss of reason. There ; ls no calamity that oan possibly befall us in this world so great as the derangement of intellect—to have the body of a man and yet to fall even below the instinct of a brute, in this world of sad sights, the saddest is the idiot's stare. Iritbl* world ot awful sounds, the most awful is the maniac's laugh. A vessel on the rooks, when hundreds go down never to rise, and other hundreds drag their mangled and quivering bodies unthe wintry beach, is nothing composed to the foundering of intellects full or vast hopes and attainments and capacities. Christ's' heart went out to those who were epileptic, falling into the fire, or maniacs cutting' themielvesampng the tombs. We are accustomed to be more grateful Mpliysls^ hctJsJvhrWvwIw; t»e prope,r,WQr|iing of Qu,r .;mln .dy ,;^e. arc an, to take - It for .groi^ that {he .Intellect 'v^l^ f ^<^p'^^in^$' wlU riways'b^'-r ^lthfaPw^^fcii: 1 WMJW* fA?#%^m of by a Divine hand. No human power could engineer this train of Immortal faculties. How sttango It is that our memory on whose shoulders all the successes and misfortunes and occurrences of a lifetime are placed, should not oftener break down, and that the scales of judgment, which have been weighing so much and so long, should not lose their adjustment, and that fancy, which holds a dangerous wand, should not sometimes maliciously wave it bringing Into the heart forebodings and hallucinations the most appalling. Is it not strange that the expectations of this Intellect should not be dashed to pieces on its disappointments? How many fine intellects are being destroyed by anodynes and anaesthetics, which were given by Providence for occasional use in alleviation of pain or insomnia, but by being employed continuously after awhile capture and destroy. Chloral, cocaine, bromide of potassium, oplam and whole shelves of seductive et ceteros that help turn Nebuchndnezzars into imbecility or madness. Do not trifle with opiates that benumb the brain. If you can not live without the perpetual and enslaving use of them, you had better dlo. Better die a sane man than live a fool 1 What right have yoa to kill your brain, and put in wild jangle your nervous system? But rum la the cause of more insanity than anything else. There Is nothing like rum to put a man, like Nebuohadnezzar, down on all-fours. Again, learn how quickly turns the wheel of fortune; from how high up to how far down went Nebuchadnezzar. Those now in places of position and power, evon though they should live, will, In a few years, bo disregarded, while some, who, this day are obscure and poverty-stricken, will ride up on the shoulders of the people to take their turn at admiration and tho spoils of office. Oh, how quiekly the wheel turnsl Ballot boxes are the steps on which men come down as often as they go up. Of those who were a few years ago successful in the accumulation of property, how few have not met with revorses of fortune, whllo many of those who then were straitened in circumstances now hold the bonds and the bank keys of tho nation, and win the most bows on the exchange. Of all tickle people in the world Fortune Is the most fickle. Every day changes her mind, and woe to that man who puts any confidence In what she promises or proposes. She cheers whan yon go up, and she laughs when you come down. Oh, trust not a moment your heart's affections to this changeable world. Anchor your soul In God. From Christ's love gather your joy. Then come sorrow or gladness, success or defeat riches or poverty, honor or disgrace, health or sickness, life or death, time or eternity, all are yours, and ye are Christ's and Christ Is God's. Again, learn from my subject that connected with the most distressing judgments of God there are displays of Divine mercy. God might justly have left Nebuchadnezzar in the field, but Infinite compassion brought him back to the palace. No sooner wns Eden blasted than a blessing followed on the curse, promising the coming of one wiio would destroy sin and make the whole world a paradise. The deluge descends, but not until Noah had invited the people Into the ark. The destroy tug aufjel mimes upoi Kgypt for the smiting of the firstborn, but left unmolested every house whose door was sprinkled with the blood of sacrifice. Fiery tempests bear down upon Hodoui, but not until two angels have warned Lot and his family to flee from the destruction. Jerusalem was utterly destroyed, but not until Jeremiah had sounded alarm, bidding them turn from their abominations. On the darkest cloud of wrath there Is a rainbow of mercy Zechariah in his prophetic vision beheld four chariots, symbolical of God's government Tho first chariot was drawn by red horses. They indicated the wars that were oomlng. The second chariot was drawn by black hornes. They indicated tho coming of a famine and pestilence. The third chariot was drawn by white horses. They Indicated the spotless purity of bis conquests. But mark well that the fourth chariot was drawn by horses "grislcd and bay," donotlng that mercy was mixed with all the desolating judgments of Uod. Blnal oan not thunder so loud as to drowu the Invitations of Calvary. The Lord utters the admonition: "The wages of sin is death," but exhaustleas mercy responds: "Deliver him from going down to the pit for I have found a ransom." Hide thee quick in the rock, Christ Jesus. Let not this insig- Look and see. They ure cost down aud cross; their mouths are full of cursing and filthincss; they are drunk every week; their children half clothed, their wives broken-hearted, their homes wretched. That Is what your principles have done. Now, 1 have tried Christ and His religion, and what has It done for mc? You kuow well what I used to be. There was none of you that could drink so much, swear so desperately and fight so masterly, I had no money, and nobody would trust me. My wife was Ill- used. 1 was lll-hemored, hateful and hating. What has religion done for mc? Thank Ood I am not afraid to put it to you. Am I not n happier man than 1 was? Am I not a better workman and a kinder companion? Would I once have put up with what 1 uow bear from you? 1 could beat any of you as easily now as ever. Why don't I? Do yon ever hear a foul word from my month? Do you catch mc at a public house? Has anybody H score against me? Go and ask my neighbors If I am not altered for tho better. Go and ask nSy wife. Let my house bear witness. God be praised, he.e Is what Christianity has done for mc; there is what infidelity has done for Henry und George." Out of this audience J could gather a thousand men and women who could tell you as thrilling a story an that as to what re- igion has done for them. Yea, if times of persecution should come as ot old, and they may come, there are a thousand here who would for Christ's uke us cheerfully walk into the fur- ace of fire as though it were un arbor thyme and honey mtckol, and face the lions ad though they were lambs frisking on the hillside, and (vade down into the deep waters which are to submerge them as lupplly as ever at Nurrngansett beach they took the surf at a summer bathing. Come up and join those on the way to a palace. What mi absurd thing for a king to be eating gross, nstcad of living on tho poor fodder that the world affords, come upend sit among the princes of God at the royal banquet, and hear the bands play. Eat, 0 friends! Drink, 0 beloved!" Here la a crown; wear It. Here is a scepter; sway It Here la a throne; muunt it This U your hour; Improve It THE LATEST NEWS. St the educational bill fathered by the government. wRUlni. OBNBRAL NOTB9. UTAH Liberals fight tbt statehood movement. JOHN JAY KNOX died Tuesday afternoon at his home in New York. SKCIIETAUT HLAINE emphatically denies the report tbat he in about to re-'iitn from the cabinet. ANOTUKK line of soundings will be taken before deciding upon the route for tue proposed submarine cable lietween San Francisco and the Hawaiian Island*. Tux United iron workers of America convened in annual session in Columbus, 0-, Tuesday. Gov. McKinley delivered the address of welcome. . The steamer Buffon, from Brazil, is quarantined at New York with yello fever on ooard. Five of th? crow have died, and four ore down with the disease. Ancnuisiioi' JOHN IHKI.AND, of St. Paul, Minn., has arrived in Rome, und bus been cordially received by the pope, A CHICAGO syndicate is negotiating for Mox PUrCha " e °*'° Ci X d< - ,poflit8ln TehuScan ' | train "at Giendu[e7Aro.; November 30, has POSTMASTER GKNKHAI, WANNAMAKKK is said tj have made $1,300,000 by the rise in Reading stock ELDER L'ADES, the best known Shaker in the United States, died at Louisville, Saturday, aged 75 years COUST VON BLTJCHKR, whose marriage at Milwaukee last July caused such a sensation, bus just,died in a New York lodg ing house. Dr. Carl Hertilov,, president ol the lower houBU of the Swedish parliament, is cdi- or in-chief cf the Sjdsvcuka Daybladet, an influential organ of King Ojcar's domain. The doctor bas long been on active memlter of the reicustag, and the leader of a part of the center. He is uu excelUut upeuker aud, being a trained journalist, is one of the utrongext and most logical debaters in tho parliament. JOHN MALLOY, of Toledo, 0., kilted his wife and himself. Both were over 70 years old. JOHN KKLLV, the negro who murdered J. T. McAdamu at Pine Bluff, Ark., was lynched Sunday in the presence of 10,000 people. Wii.i.iAM ATKIHB, aged 13 years, of liuuioii, N. J., hanged himself in his father's bouse for no known cause. He was of a morb : d disposition. TUK olti era of the Louisiana Lottery company have been indicted by a federal § rund jury at Boston, und a deputy United tales marshal hits started for New Orleans to serve tho warrant. MAYOR JAMES 0. WTMAN, of Allegheny, Pa., has been declared guilty of ex tortion and wil' bo deposed from office. Other city ofhV r '.a are still to be tried on similar chargr AN insolv (inn's treasurer is orrosted in Minneapolis un the charge of embezzlement, MARION C. IIKDSKKTH, the alleged leader of the gang Jlmt robbed a railway been arrested in San Francisco. ALICE HOWMCTT, of Charleston, Mo., a student at the Harden Female college in Mexico, Mo., committed tuicide with laudanum because she had been crossed in love PBTKR WiLLSwoitTii, of Minneapolis, a well known dealer in copper supplies was arrested Wednesday morning on a charge of etnbezz'ing 83,000 from the Minneapolis Blunk Book und Papor l)ox , „, Q _.. . I manufacturing cote pauy, of which be has ALBION W. SMALL, president of Cojby | ^ Mcrctary * AN Illinois family was poiaoucd. Ono death has occurred und six more were expected. A discarded lover is suspected. TUE men iudicted by the United Slates grand jury al St. Paul foi illegul combination (the lumber trust) represent $500,000,000 of capital. JEALOUSY led John Molloy, of Toledo, University, Watervillo, Mo., has accepted the position of professor of social science in the university of Chicago. EMMA ABBOTT'S ashes have been sealed into the beautiful monument at Gloucester erected by tho famous singer before her death. THE foundries at Haoiiton, Out., were reopened Thursday with u force of non act; to umend the act relating to those who, having participated in the rebellion, havo since enlisted in the army or navy of the United States and become disabled; to provide for a permanent system of highways in (ho District of Columbia, outside of the city of Washington; tor tho relief of the heirs of John Howard Payne. A bill was passed providing for the appointment by the president, of a commissioner fo represent the United States at the Columbian Historical Exposition of 1892 at Madrid. Mr. Squires introduced a bill appropriating £00,000 for a public building at Seattle. The president rent in the name of Henry L. llesse, of Wisconsin, to bo register of the land office at Ashland. HOUSE.—A c'H was passed authorizing the construction ot A bridge al Burlington, Iowa, A resolution was presented providing for two additional messenger? Vi bo given to the republican side, which caused considerable discussion. An inves fixation of the pension bureau, M man aged by Commissioner Raum, was ordered. THE TWO ERICSSONS. Lief and John, Who Were the Best Shipbuilders of Their Generation. It As la Claimed That Lief Lauded on Soil In the Year 1002. Navlgatora the Ericssons Deserve Great Credit, And Evinced ,-vnn arways be my conataiit meiieuvwas dis- Historians „u expedition of Columbus, Ami?! . . covered and colonized by the Scandina- After sotno time spent in committee v i ana) writes John Volk in the New York of the wboio on the military academy bill tho house udjourned. THURSDAY, Feb. 11. SENATE.—It was voted to increase the number of the agricultural report from 300,000 to 500,000. Mr. Gibson introduced Recorder. Tho hardy vikings, with spirit of adventure rare and indomitable, pushed their explorations westward as far a-> tho bleak and rugged shores of Iceland, which according to tradition was colonized by the Norwegians in the year 874. union moldera'in plnco of tbe striking Ohio, aged 72 years, to kill hiB wife, whose union men. age was tho same as his own. Having CHINA'S diplomatic representative in committed the murder he shot himself Washington has laid the question of the twice in tbd head, and died anti-Chinese disturbances at Butte, Mont., RECENTLY Joseph Schille, superintend- before Secretary Blaine. ent of the Murpbysboio, III., brewery dis- WILLIAM H.'UBINNELL the new third charged Louis Miller, an employe, for of state, lepnrtai) for cause. Friday evening Miller went assistant secretary to Schille's house, culled him out and shot and killed him. Miller is under arrest. W«» ^^^^\^ titf 1 ^,^ "hoTorni'er considerably injured by the htte freeze >n | Mre-HAlbor ba( u y with a kui f 0i lntter 's unborn child wus killed. Mrs duty at tho state depurtment in Wa too Monday morning. have nng- A STATUE of Washington Irving -has just been completed by John Marchant Mundy, a blind sculptor living in Tarry-' town. Tho model is one-third larger than life, and represents Mr. Irving seated in on easy chair, with one log crossed over the other. Mr. Mundy went to Ntw York at the age of twenty-two, at which time he still retained his sight, and worked for a short time in an ordinary marble-yard. From that time, 1854, he has produced a number of works, alth nigh hie sight was steadily failing. . He is now totally blind, and this last stature has been modeled with only the sense of touch to guide him. As has been published already the ex Position authorities intend to place an ag- t legate of $300,000,000 of insurance upon tLe world's fair buildings and exhibits I lie Chicago city Sre department has it fully equipped und manned fire engine ui.d other apparatus on the fair grounds, auused in a building provided by tbe ex position company! and every precaution is being taken against tire. The heavy in- urunce, addid to this precaution, will re lievoatl exhibitors from feur of ION by fire is believed. Insurance is already being placed cn tLe luildings now in process of irestion Tennessee. AUCHDUKE CHARLES LOUIS has been nominated patron of tbe Austrian section of the world's fair. MILTON M. MORRILL, a prominent attorney, died at Nauvoo, 111., aged 76 He was a brother to the late Gov. Lot M. Morrill, of Maine. TWENTY-TWO claims, ugxreguliug $1.135,000, huve been sworn out by sailors of Arbor is expected to die. woman has been arrested. The Cullom FIRES AND CASUALTIES. Memphis has a million dollar tire. A STOCKMAN and bis little daughter were killed by wild dogs in Kansas. - . EAST BURLINOTON, N. J„ wus shaken the Baltimore, for injuries suffered at the by an earthquake Wednesday night, hands of the Valparaiso mob. FRANK LOVKLI., of Lyons, Iowa, skated LKACINO negroes in Little Rock, Ark., into an air-bole on the Mississippi and have organized a national association with was drowned K,500,000 capital stock, the object being Mna. ROTUBCUILD und her two child to operate business bouses for colored reni 0 £ Ottawa, Ont., were burned to people. death AN old gentleman of Keokuk City, Iowa, SEVERAL people were injured.some futal- has broken the record. He proposed, was | Vi uy u collision between a train and a accepted, procured a license and was mar- street cor i a Chicago a bill appropriu ing «1G,000,000 to prevent That hardy maritime nation adapted it- damage by floods on the Mississippi; not self naturally to explotation of unknown more than W.333,000 to be expended an- feaBi boldly ^iied wes tward from the nU r, y " . ... . . . ..r », Naze and Skaw in search of new lands to HOUSE.—A resolution to appoint W. F. conquer Halleck assistant doorkeeper wus killed T ue vessels in which they sailed were after along dobate. The military academy mal . T els of naval architecture-far superior appropriation bill was concurred in. Mr. to the scow-like Bhips that carried Coluin- Scott, of Illinois, proposed a resolution for has and bis nion. They wero both swift tho repoal of the sugar bounty clause, on and Beaworthy. in a year 1879 a large the ground that it was unconstitutional. diking VCSBOI was discovered close to the ruiDAY, Feb. 12. entrance of the Christiana Fjord. It was HOUSE.—A resolution was adopted get- dug up from a grave mound and was in a ting upurt Saturday, A \.ril 2, for tributes splendid state of preservation. It was cus- of respect for the lute Congressman Ford, ternary to bury a viking in bis war galloy of Michigan; also to print 6,000 additional and heap up enrth on und urcund it. In copies of the president's message on the this case the bones of the grim chieftain Chilean question. Tho first regular appro- were found in tbe ship, together with pnation bill was pniBed to-day, being tbat those of a dog and a bird which naturalists of the amended military academy bill, declared to be a peacock. Colin Archer, which, us finally paBBcd, was reduced a Norwegian naval architect,.read u paper about $65,000. A bill to credit Aquilla in 1891 before tho institution of Naval Jones, late postmaster at Indianupolis, Architects (British) which gave a detailed with $2,438, iho amount of loss sustuinod description of tho vessel. The gentlemen by him by robbery, was laid on tho table, present were surprised at tho scientific SATURDAY, Feb. 13. knowledge evidently posessod by the de,, . . ' . , , . signers and builders of the craft. She HOUSE -A committee was appointed to WU8 78 teBt i 0 „ K>w itb a beam •[ 16 feet, 7 investigate tho affairs of the pension ollko. incllcl) ttnd u depth of 6 foot. Hereon- rhe bill to promote the safety ot national 8 tr Uc tion was of the ttrongest and her banks wus taken un. and after some dia- sha waa aucu aa to muka llfir cupau l 0 ot cusBiou, was passed. On motion of Mr. withstanding the fiercesttouipost. Outhwoite. of Ohio, a bill was pusscd au- It waH in ve , s „| a 0 , lhil) k i nd ,,i lHt t(l0 thoming tho board of managers of the vikjngs, with their hardy followers, de- national soldiers homes to appoint thou- vastated tho British coasts and carried o ff officers from the soldiera who served in f ttt cattle as well as tho wives and daugh- the lato wur without regard to rank, tors of tho inhabitants. In ships like tiio Iho bill amending the lnteninl revenue 0 ne dug up at Christiania Fjord they law by abolishing the minimum sentence sailed to Greenland and thence to this con- for , tho violation thereof was passed tinen^, All this is told in the Bagas, and without division. On motion of Mr. Hour, runic inscriptions found at Upornavik con- of Mass., a committee was appointed to fl,. m (no traditions of thosowild andvr-nrd investigate the so-called sweating Byt 'e.n rhapsodies. of tenement labor. T . , ,, ' ... , , , MONDAY, Feb. 15.v „ Uef < lh , e a ° n °* 4luo ? oa ?'} vr ° f tb « ,, „ V , . ., Greenland colony determined to sail west- HOUSE —Mr. McMillan presulod m tho ward ni „ curl0l)i ty being excited by his absonce of Speaker Crisp, who was absent slor o£ an 1^^^ who , while stooring from sickness. Mr. Hatch moved to Biuf hu cour80 for Greenland, had been driven pend the rules aud adopt a resolution re- to tho soutb west, whero ho saw u beautiful questing the committee on .agriculturei to cou „try, well wooded and fertile. Accord- report the effect on the agriculture of the nK |y/ Uef UCC o m panied by another present tariff. After some discussion, the -• ".s • resolution was adopted without division. The bill to establish lineal promotion in the army, ufter a short discussion, was passed under suspension of tho rules. rUd inside of 30-minutes from the time he first saw the bride. ENGLISH journals strongly denounce the report of tho American emigration commissioners charging Great Britain with systematically sending its convicts to this country. PRESIDENT HARBISON, on Thursday sent to the senate the name of Frank W. Okley of Madison," to be United States marshal for the western district of Wisconsin. HON. HENRY H. BINGHAM will deliver the oration at the unveiling of the Get' ty*burg monument June 2. He was wounded in that battle, near the copse of trtei in which the monument stands. NEGOTIATIONS between the United States and Canada in regard to reciprocity of trade relations, were formally opened Wednesday. THERE is a rumor & float that Postmaster General Waniutuiakor i» to he sent to Paris to succeed Whitelnw Reia as minister, and that Gen. Jus. S, Clorkson is to take Mr. Wannamoker's place. GARZA, the Mexican revolutionist, has published an open letter to President Harrison, in which he denies that he has vio- WILLIAM JONES and Perry McICnight were run down by a railroad train near Hopkinsviile, Ky., Wednesday night and fatally injured. FRANK TYLER and bis wife wero both crushed to death while attempting to repair an outbuilding ou their form in Arkansas. Two Hungarians, engaged as oil drillers in McDonald, Pa., were killed by on express train on the Panhandle road Saturday morning. IN a collision Wednesday with a British steamer, the Bchcouer Railway wus sunk near Cardiff and three of her crew drowned. TUE railroad "transfer steamer, Vico President, caught fire at Cape G'rardeau, Mo., Monday morning, and burned to the water's edge. No insurance. MHH GREGORY, of Wolford, S. C while making soup, was burned to death by her clothing taking fire. Her sister, who came to her assistance, met the same fate. TUB Chronicle block and a number of dwellings were destroyed by fire Saturday morning at Elizabeth, Pa. The inmates escaped in their night clothes and suffered severely from the extreme cold. Loss, ALEXANDER PETERSON, of 1075 Indi ana avenue, Chicago was killed by a Lake Shore train. He was crossing the bridge at thut street whon the train over took him und ran him down. SENATE.—A bill appropriating $15,000 for the improvement of tho Mississippi river, wus reported. A concurrent resolution to investigate the recent admission into tbo port of New York ol RusBian imi- grants infected with typhuB fever, was introduced by Mr. Chandler and passed of ter remarks. On motion of Mr. Gibson (La.) Evany n.arriageable girl in the country I lated the neutrality laws knows tbat she has special rights this leap | Tun meeting of the cabinet Tuesday was } ear, but not all of our eligible ladies Of ttl60fl — delightful privilege,. These matrimonial *«wn.ldered briefly, but no action w M favors of 1892 sre very important, and THE committee on. president and vice therefore this tiuMt-houored cuitooi should president, cn Wednesday, discussed briefly be known by all. It dates back as for as ttDli without action,"Mr, McAleer's resolu- ***"»?.b. following statute til.con^ the great "Hereafter." The path lead. "It U oraatnt tnat, auring tne reign oi v.— , l w K *M AT ':o ab '» i A Ing to this side of the grave is only a Her Mailt InWt Maje.tie, Margaret ««ent the number of legislators iu that ^^riZ'tun^^fS^fv'' 6 " 6 about your head, and the temptation. k»llkei. Ojf he wfases to take hereto be Jcsxiop JAMES of the supreme court of ^SSXZS^^^SSZi of an evil heart, and the allurements of "i» wyf, he shale be mulct in the sum of «e District oi'Columbia, Monday morn- bullion (Mr. Peffir's); for the retirement theworldl know are trying to drown «ne hundrety poundii^r less, as bis eitait [gf ^i„r^briok case The Vti"ion'of •^->-—i- .u„ ,„„„„„; „„, CONGItKSS. chief culled Ujorn, launched a w ar galley and steered to the southwest in Bearch of the unknown country depicted in such glowing aolors by tho Icelander. There is little doubt that the Scandinavian se.i kings were acquainted with tho magnet, as other wise it would have been impossible for them to navigate their vessels with such skill and precision. There is no record of tbfl length of Lief s voyage, out it was doubt- leae long and tedious. They landed in what was undoubtedly Rhode island and a the voice of the preacher, but taking may bee, except and alwais gif he c*n Merriok, Morse and others for a mandamus hold ot the stiver trumpet of the Gospel whloh made Felix tremble and at the Pentecost brought three thousand souls out of their sepuloher, I would blow one long, loud blast, orylngs "Whosoever will, let him come." Take this goodly religion whloh has done so muoh for me that I can oom- mend It to alb Without it I should have gone the whole downward career. Stolid and phlegmatic natures going make it appear Uiathe is betrothed to an- to compel the secretary of the treasury, to •u»M> «.» " receive and coin into do ars a silver bnok Other woman; then he shall be free. ^ d V^ bia 7bv the vpetitioneis wai de After Margaret passed away tb • women lliea . Q D j e£ Justice Bingham dUseuted became olamoroas for their privileges, from some of tbe views of the majority, 4 nd, to appeastftneni, another act ot par- wit agreed with them upon tbe main lleuitnt allowed them to take matters into 1 ue »" on ' frORBION. oonserv house of •heir ewn hands every fourth year. A glance at the pages of history reveals the fact • that the early marriages havel SIXTY persons sujpecbad of being an astray do not go so far, but natures long been the fashion among earth's royal architts have been arr#*ted in Berlin like mtne-sangulne. Intense, emotion- personages. Here ire a few instances: FBBORIO* ALKRS HANKBY, a — «a°S^^wi .iV?tf e,l Tj Queen Victoria wwWitd whenhhe was »tlve memberof tue English ana echoing to all the heights and -, . - . . , . commons, died Monday, depth, of mirth if they get o« tbe ™*9*» ^J, 0 ? 8 ' ""f, f I"", °\ BARON Albert ItothsenUd has donated track they go with one wild leap to hell. Vl'ales espoused PrinoBss Alexandra before tfiffiiJ^fsffiE^ cQMumptlon As to the restraining power of this re- be was twenty-two The emperor of Aus- hospital In Vienna! ' llglon upon a mercurial temperament, I tria took to wife the radiant Elizabeth of ACCORDING to advlws win Egypt civil testify. This Is not abstraction or some- Bavaria when he! was not yet twenty-four war is raging in Khartonm and vicinity thing gotten from books. J apeak of ^mM, the present ww of RussiawM The Kasia'e are retried depopulated, what I know. Go out and ask all.who .JJJ«£ ewheu Uo^v^ T«» strike of tb. 10.000 coal porter, have tried this religion and ask thorn ' wne " uo gave nis nana to tue tnMateiw to MUM ft MiM famine In lion- how It works. Three young men In a Dagmar of Denmark (who, was factory came out on the Lord 's side, two years his junior), King Humbert of SPANI.II republicans hare been pro- but two of them, overcome by the jeers Italy, wa. twenty-four »t the time of bis hibited from holding meetings In honw of of their comrades, went back and marriage to the fair Margin*ite of Savony U» Spanish Republic In Ifffl, joined the scoffers. The one held ~ " * * - •• • » »—to his Chrlstiftu hope, and one when they pressed him. bard and ..... - , ,, , , . - , telling bow ,mu«b intMellty had done «w one eighteen and 4hs,other seventeen ^, ^U..^^ | a>dwi ware Bwrote ,i for the; world and that Christianity had .*iflh| •tto-*t1^<<WJAfa&A& > to* W^m^jfi/lm'"mm* Xerstj SMIB, done nothing, the persecuted Ohrlatlan king ol Spain, Alphas* lXll\l"' WW W »C ^/mojj^ ' ••You have >; tried if > voDkv* nnuoiuiee, uu i aatea »» a marriage to the fair Marguerite of Uavoiiy ppanw n -puw «»u .„.v, M » (tb,n a girl of only seventeen). The s -2SniWn^^ of national bank notes, the free coinage of silver and the promotion of tbe international free coinage of silver (Plumb's); for the loan of money to tbe formers of Indiana (Mr. Peffer's); making certain issue of money a full legal Wude/ in payment of all debts (Mr.- Kyle's). The last two were indefinitely postponed. Mr. Squire reported back the senate bill appropriating 1300,000 for a inorument and statue to Gtneral Ulysses S. Grant in Washington. HOUSE.—Mr. MoMlllln, of Tennessee, reported back the Mutohler resolution directiug the committee on banking and currency to make ua'ibquiiy as to the failure of the Keystone and Spring Garden banks of Philadelphia, and Mr. O'Neil, of MaanaohuseiU, offered an amendment including the failure of the Ma\eriok National bank of Boston. Mr. Dockery, of Missouri, offered, a resolution directing the judioiary committee to inq uireintothe right of tbe secretary of the treasury to employ the 1100,000,000 gold reserve for current expenditures, Mr. Bacon, ot New York, reported a bill to promote the safety of national banks. Mr. Outhwalte, of Ohio, reported hack a bill authorizing the detail ot army officers for spcolal duly in connection with the world's fair. Mr, Bushuell, ot Wisconsin, offered a resolu ticn providing for a final adjournment of the first session on Tuesday, May 81. Mr. Bushnell also introduced a resolution Inquiring whether any articles of borne manufacture are sold abroad cheaper than at lifttfjSi& refuge in St, ,?eter«hurg, ail the senate bill appropriating $350,000' fof B P. ont » winter there. Because of the a dry doc* on the government reservation wild grasses they found growing in pro- near Algiers, La., and limiting the cost to fusion they called the colony Vinland. $850,000, was passed. The bill to author- It" eiact location has never been dia- ize the construction of a bridge across the covered, but it was probably Narru- Missouri river between its mouth and the gansett Bay. The curious structure- at mouth of tho Dakota*, or James river; Newport known us the old windmill, but across tho Mississippi river between St. which waB piobubly a Scandinavian tern- Paul, Minn., und Sauthport, la., and pie, may have been erected by the daring across tho Illinois river, between the and adventurous Lief. Everybody has mouth and Joliot, III., was also passed, read and admired "fhe Skeleton in Ar- After a lengthy discussion and some mor," tho work of the incomparable poet amendments, tie bill providing for public Longfellow. The poem, which is as weird printing and binding and distribution of n " a Scandinavian saga, IH founded on the public douunients, wus passed. fact of a skoleton, dug up at Full River, 'i-uw irmr.un HIT'I- clad iii broken and rusty armor. In all MSKIM.O HUi. probability it was all tbat was earthly of a The igloos, the Uueor winter Hviuee of «ea-ioving Norseman. tbe £»kliuo». I„ Boston stuuds tho statue of Lief, who Tne igloos, or winter stone buts, were according to well-founded tradition was not far from the summer tupiks. They the first white man to tread the shore of were built upon the hill-side a portion of North America. He came here in the which is dug out from the interior. The year A. D. 1002, nearly five centuries be- domed roofs wero made of large pieces of tore the sailing of Columbus from ?alos. flat Band-atone, carefully arranged und Lief as a navigator deserves far more held in place by pieces of bone. These credit than the renowned Genoese sailor, protruded somewhat into the hut, and for while the expedition of Columbus was wero utilized us hooks upon which hung wafted westward over summer seas by harpoon lineB, pouches of seal and bird the balmy t und genial northeat t trade skin, skin drinking-cups, bone drills etc. winds, the Norseman hud to con- At tbe back of the hut was a platform tend with the wintery and raised about a foot Trom tho floor. Oppo- icy blasts of high northern lati- site this, which served as the bed. was the tudes. Experienced navagtors do not hesi- opening of a tunnel six or eight feet long tute to declare that if Columbus hod tried through which the family must crawl to the northern paasage his southern sailors enter their abode; and here the degs find would have succumbed to the climatic and shelter during the storms of winter. Tbe unaccustomed hardships'. Should not Lief tunnel slopes down from the floor, so that and hiB valianUcomrades, who were made water from the melting snows of spring of sterner stuff, receive some little recog- may not run into the house. Over tbe nition at the world's fair. The statue at inner entrance of the tunnel, about four Boston is scarcely u fitting tribute to the feet square, is another opening of about memory of a man so daring, the same dimensions, which allows light Lief is a name that will over* be asso- to outer the dwelling. This hole is closed slated with the early history of America, in winter by having stretched over it the According to tradition ho was tbt.- son of stomach of the -walrus, scraped thin and Eric the Red, and therefore called Erics- soaked in oil. At Herbert Island, several son. From him in one unbroken line of of the igloos were built double, that Is, ancestry was descended the famous Sweed- two igloos were built close together, each ish engineer John Ericsson, who invented with a separate tunnel, but the dividing, tbe screw propeller and the Monitor, He inside, partition was left incomplete.— was certainly the father of the modern Benjamin Sharp, in Februury Bcrioner ii-/>noiu<i and iha minhf.v nnrf, mnnit. Bight or WronfT Which will re k*r *r It doss ssem as it some folks prtfsr to save the last eondltlon of the Uvurrathw thu the Int. They perpetually dote UttUMlvM with parisUvss totally wlthost virtu* at alterative ot liver trouhle, BottsUsr's Stomach Blttert It the tuccessful etndldtte for the ueople't choice, tod yet. pooultr ynd well known, is If It, there tr* nnforlunttet who keep on try-' log the drtttlo remedUt of former dsn. It Is to I thioknes* of 8 inches had been " Betton should 6e guided " ,1L ' — lODg I , , appeal. " Beaton should be guided by experience is the nutter ot medication., "The.btit jfuWe^to our feet it the lamp of experience," eslus peat patriot of the early revolutionary period, sue the elclimetlOB It pngsut with troth. Forovt; a third of s century the Blttert dtlly tun met with the endorsement of people tuBerlng from liver SSntfsWub^ low freeboard and when i« Uttorly it IUM declared itself tndbtentkoioaghly fighting trim seamed almost submerged, »pprove»«dytor''Ufrlppv,» She wai built "» Greenpoint, N. Y., in ironclad, and the mighty part tbe monitors played in settling the war of the rebellion bas been admitted by every author of authority. As for the effibttcy of the Monitor, it was thoroughly demonstrated in the buttle with the confederate ironclad Merrimuo. The chief feature of the Monitor was a revolving wrought iron turret, i omposed of one-inch plates bolted together until a ' en obtained, diameter and was armed with two 11-inch Dahlgren guns capable of throwing solid shot weighing 166 pounds with a charge of fifteen pounds of powder. 'The iron bull of tho vessel was 127 feet long, 86 feet beam and 12 feet depth of hold, low freeboard and when iu WHDHKSDAT, Fw, 10, Swum—A communication from the secretary of war transmitting objections of lieutenants of the army to the proposed change (rom regimental to lineal promo motion as wojrkug InjuiUce to the older iisifflr •fragrant Wood. Few of eur native trees have odoriferous wood like the sandal wood ot the islands in th« Indian ocean i but a few ot the oonif urae on the Paclfio slope have sweet-scented woods. The, fine oharoh at MetlakatlB, built by tbe oivilised Indians of Alaska, Iras fa«f'«»t » . incenee was continually floating through I defense lllb tu uanuuvmu 4.1. in 100 days, her cost being 1275,060. l'he success of this vessel had a remarkable effect upon naval construction throughout the world, The old monitor Nantucket, which was painted up to take part in the marine pageant in honor of Ericsson's memory when hu remains were sent to his native land, it now being fitted out for a ooast •hip. _ It is not necessary laVatloa of the Mil. QOflsfv*""}* ipSn Schley end/ftEeeley, < B»U» klMMMojWiJ %G9 increatethe the"aiffi"n the'wc^of the great arbor to"speak of Krlekson's achievements. vltae-Tnuja glgantejr-of whloh It la They aie part and parcel of the modern built. history of Ww United States, He was MveJy greaK and U is only, initio • '* -it HhV statue in (Jentral should have .a Mrs. Pd»)ok' Kennedy while coming iuper(i through a City paTkltEau Claire Sunday his memory that evening slipped en (he Ice, fell, itruok the Park to be toon erectsd V^ftofmimMMlwlMto. 8»e {WamOw,«ite. HU worthy aeiids to hftillvvdl»B»uOlaiwtwe«i>^o yean, behsjf d!&U adopted m too . and her five daughters are the • wives of grand to be pasted over and slighted in rrNwtt™8K«M«" of "pit* of ths proverbial in«r»Utua; otre-

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