Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 30, 1949 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1949
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

ALTON iaffli Quotation ,...»,... SO 3-4 OE T3&& «•«•*«»*•••• *206 gtrt . 34 33 -.«...* '108 Am c*f * Fdy 26 Aftl Gas A El tit. ......... 50 Affl toco *..*.*,. 15 AtM f*ow ».*<*«. ..»..* 15 Am Rad 14 Am Smelt 55 AT&T ..*..............146 Am Tobaco ............. 74 Am Zinc ,..».,...,..,.... 6 Anaconda 23 Artnco »«* ••• 28 Armour t AT ASP 101 Avco 6 Bald Loco 10 Bendbc ... 36 Beth Steel 32 Jgorden .*, 50 Borg Warner 58 Brlggi -t 28 Case , 39 Caterpll Trad «... 35 Che* & 6 28 Chi A NW 10 Chi RI A j?ae 41 1-4 15-8 1-4 1-2 1*2 1-2 3-8 1-4 1-2 3-4 5-8 1-8 7-8 1-4 1-8 1-2 1-4 3-4 1-2 3-8 5-8 3*4 1-2 Chrysler »..»......... Comwealf.h Edis Congolcum-Nalrn Cons Edison Conn Gas ............ Container Cont Can -••• Cont Steel Corn Prod Corn Prod pfd Crane Curt Wright Douglas ... ,<........ Dti Pont •Eastman .Baton El Auto-Lite O E Gen Food* .., O M Qeft Tlm« .......... Goodrich Goodyear \, ot Nor Ir Ore ....... Gt Northrn pi ..,,,.,. .Greyhound «........*. Homestake ........... Boud-Hersh Hudson Mte , -Inland ...,..,.....,, 'Ins Con Cort ....... % lnt Harv ............ Int Harv nf ,*nt Nick can ;.. ^t-T&.T .,,,., .,,,. Jewel Jchns-Manv .............. Kennecott ... Keystone S aV W Kunberly Clark Lib Glass , Llbby, McN&Lv Marshall Flold Montg Wafd .'»..." Nash-Kelv Nat Biscuit !Nat Cont Nat Dairy '.. N*U Steel ,N y C RR 1 No Am Avla North Pao , Ohio OH ,., Owens Glass Packard Am Air Penney Penn • • P«psl !*•»•* »« « fi « * Phliiipg Mor ..,,.,Y,, Phillips .../.,...,.,. Pure Oil ,-.,. RCA Reo .;,..: Stl "Sears ... ., Shell Oil Simmons ... . Sinclair ... . Socony Vao . South Pao .... Spiegel St Brands .... St 'Oil Cal St Oil Ind StOUN J Starret Sterling ..... Studebaker ... Swift Texas Co ..... Tlmkon-Axle . .Tratu-America Un-Carbide Un Pacific '. Un Air Lines . Un Aircraft 'US Rubber West Elec , Woolworth WorP&MPrpf Zonite 68 30 3-8 27 1-4 27 5-8 43 3-4 30 36 7-8 13 7-8 72 1-4 184 1-2 27 3-4 7 1-2 71 61 7-8 46 3-4 ..31 1-8 i 45 1-2 , 42 3-8 , 48 3-4 , 71 3-8 , 22 3-8 70 44 5-8 12 41 1-4 10 5-8 46 1-4 ,13 . 14 1, 36 1-2 , 38 7-8 , 13 5-8 , 2"! 1 179 1-2 277-8 9 3-8 56 3-4 50 1-8 50 3-4 16 24 3-4 63 . 7 1-8 24 3-8 55 1-4 17 1-2 39 5-8 , 7 5-8 39' 82 11 3-4 11 3-8 17 3-4 2T 3-4 63 3-8 3 7-8 9 1-8 21 7-8 56 1-2 17 8 1-2 43 52 3-8 59 7-8 20 1-2 12 1-2 11 1-2 24 68 7-8 44 1-8 371-2 26 7-8 23 1-4 163-4 50 7-8 8 21 3-8 653-8 44 5-8 67 1-8 31 5-8 37 3-8 273-4 35 7-8 60 3-8 15 16 44 1-2 83 1-2 13 7-8 26 7-8 38 3-8 26 1-2 22 7-8 33 48 7-8 70 4 5*8 New York Curb Ark Nat QasTTTT,,...,. H 5-8 OUeg Svc 68 7-8 El Bon D & SH .......... 18 1-8 Ford M Can A 21 3-a Hecla Mln 11 1-4 Knlser-Frazer ,.,,,,,,,,,, 4 1-2 Kingston Prod 3 Wing Hud Power ,. ie Livestock Prices ,' At East St. Louis )w NATIONAL SfOCKVARDS, 111,. •Bee. 30, W - (USDA)-HOGS- i market generally steady ox^ weights under 170 pounds, unevenly are very sharply ,„ extremes l.oo to 3.00 lower '-on weights under 140 pounds; 180"~> pounds 16.25-50! top 18,50; 23011 pounds 18,75-16^3; 260-310 14.0045.50; some 327 S»)M 170 pounds 100.130 pounds 12.5M4.QO; ^OWfl to JO.OO or hejqw MEfiOllA—Mr. amd Mrs. Ployd titfy, Godfrey, . spent Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Gaffney. Mf. and Mrs. Guy .Gaffney and son, Glenn, ftoefcbrWge, were g\i«ts Ifi the evening. Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Klrsch and daughter, Jo Anne, and Mr an Mrs. Roy Snfd«f wefi fn C«rHn ville Tuesday. Mrs. Nellie Gilworfh Js spending he week with her sister, Mrs. L. T. Elliott, Kemper. Mr, and Mrs. Henry Harden, Macon, Ga., Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mc- AJIney find Miss Mae McAllney, lagaman, were suppper guests "uesday at the home of Mrs. CBS- sie Ruyle. Robert Oonald Ruyle, Kemper, as been spending a few days with is grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W F, kennett. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Isham and amlly, San Jose, Hi., called on bid lelghbors and friends at Kemper Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. .Charles Burger have had as guests Mrs. Reba Bur- jef and daughter, Beverley, Alton, itrs. Edna Armstrong and Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Armstrong, Gillespfc. Richard Dodge, Alton, and .Tacke Rich have been spending the week with the grandparents, r. and Mrs. Fred Dodge. Mrs. F. E, Whltfleld went to Alton Thursday to spend a few /lays with her atint, Miss Kathryn Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. George Sanders were guests at a birthday dinner Tuesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Walton, Carllnville, n honor of Mrs. Walton. Mr. and Mrs. Zeph Lynch and amily, Wood River, were callers Wednesday at the Clifford Tober and Mrs, Meda Tober homes. Mr. and Mrs. Norton Sanders md as dinner guests Wednesday . A. Alexander and son, Robert, and Mrs, Elizabeth Alexander, Donnellson, and Miss Betty Alexander, Enrlvllle, - Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS, Dec. 30, (A 1 ) — Produce and live poultry: PRODUCE — Eggs, current re- :elpts 26-27, unclassified 24-25. POULTRY — Heavy breed fowl 9, roasters (all breeds, 4 pounds and up) 23, geese 22, young hen •urkeys 35, young toms 26, staggy young roosters 18, Other prices unchanged. Chicago, St. Louis Grain Quotations Chicago Ctuh Grnln CHICAGO, Doc. 30, </Pt — WHEAT — No. 2 yellow, hard 2.17%. CORN — No. 3 yellow 1.34-34U; No, 3, 1.30-33; No. 4, 1.26-29. OATS —No. 1 heavy mUed 76%; No. 1 heavy white 77&.78H; No, 1 white 77tf; sample grade Medium heavy white 75. BARLEY — Nominal: Malting .20-62; feed 90-1.22. SOYBEANS—None. ChionRo Grain Future* High Low Close WHEAT— . Jar. ... 2.18M 2.17*1 2.18-18 H y'... 2.12Vi 2.11 H 2.11 %-W uly ... 1.01% 1.91 1.91%-% ep. ... 1.91% 1.91, 1.91% CORN— dar. ... 1,31%, 1.31% 1.31% lay ... 1.30% 1.30ft 1.30Mi Uly ... 1,28% 1.28W 1.28W-& ep. ... .1.24% 1.23% 1.24 OATS— r. ... 73Vi 73}i 73M, day ... 70 69% 69%-% Uly ... 63^4 62% 6314 ep. ... 61% 61V4 61% RYE— flay ... 1.42U 1.41 1.41%.%' uly ... 1.41%, 1.40% 1,41 ep, ... 1.41% 1,41 1.41 W SOYBEANS— Tar. ... 2.30 2,28% 2,i29U-% tay ... 2,28 2.26% 2.27H-27 Uly ... 2,24% 2.23V4 2.24 St. Louis Ciish Grain ST. LOUIS, Dec. 30, UP) — WHEAT -~ Receipts 5 ears, none old. CORN — Receipts 37 cars, sold ve, No. 2 yellow 1.32H-1,33^, o. 3 yellow 1,30%, No. 4 yellow 31. OATS — Receipts 1 old. car, none ItOAl NOTIf)t»l NOTICE Ojr MlSETlNG " Nonce u hereby given that the Anual Meetlnjr of Ihe Stockholder* o< u> HHnoii Building and Loan A»«o- atlon. of Alton, 111. will be held Jan- ar.y 9, 1950. at tho office of lha A»io- ation, 1665 Wa.hlniion AvtmUs? it 30 P. M,, for the purpwa of electing iroctort, amending the by-l»wi anrt nv other buslneit properly comlni be- laid meeting. K, J. McPHlLUPS, Pre«)dem, A. B. Wllion. SeoreUry. 'PUBLIC NOTTciT Notice of filing application for Cer- itcate of Public Convenience and ««"»y « Permit ai a Loci? Carrier ruck At provliton * of Th « IUinol» To Whoui It May Concern; The undersigned Nippllcwxt hertby Ives notice to the public that there as been filed withi ths Olvlilwi of Mo" uii^V.'l °* The Department of ublte Work, « n ,j BwlldCis ot Uio tute ot Illinois an application tor a - of Public Convenience and vf Permit M it taoal Carrier ie point or principal place of _,-,,_,. {or authority to trani'port by lotor vehicle the following commodl- «*: Coal, Wood, furniture. Gravel, All parties Interested in"'this appiic*. on and the public hearing to be held iwcon m»y obtain information relv 'i«b Ml8 f? 1t< 5', by » < j* r W J «« the. Chief SiKn ^[fif* *i , M ot«r Carrier*, idgely Building. Springfield. Illinois. ^SLt^'i d , < » l « <ta « {ft. 0 ?,??* 8 tW» »»- UCAUOII th*U it) txQtify (he •Dolicani «u| wil* Oivtalon io wriUnk within fiv* TMTtte aww-*^" • O. A, in Out ty, ttlt- _ be fUid on or before «tid e« ol wjmmoji. * ™.OUi MOOBt. itr«tor with Hlitttt tar aeettm n airtctott tna L of «ich other bu«ln«m it may com* b«for« «»ld meethiff. ^i,,^, W. J. JENKINS,, K. *•. BORN, Secretary. it**. jm. 31. 3»n. 3. NOTIOB OF CLAIM DAt« flatlet U hereby given to «lt wr»ons that First Monday In rebran-y. 19SO, tt the Claim Date Irt the «tt*le of Gtiirf* Parker. Decesied. prtding in the Pro- hate Court of Madison County, UHnott, the s*td «*Ufe oft « before MM date vrithwut issuance of summons. Dtttd thin llth day of December. 1949. THOMAS PARKER, HOBfK REPAIRS ^ electrical "•t*?:"; \—Y1T#e : $$$P with Wilt Annexed. JQg^t-n na/n.ET, probate CI«TIt. STIVeePER gc CLARK, Attorneys. _ , _. Dec. J».._fP. 3o. NOTIC16 OF CLAIM DATf Notice Is hereby given to »1I persoiii that First Monday In februnry 1050, u the Claim Date In the estate of Ann Elizabeth HM«s. D«ee««*<J. pending („ the Probate Court of MadUcn County, Illinois, and that claim* may be fiied against the s*ld estate oft or- before tatd 2,»t* without issuance of summon*. Dated this Itth djy of December. 1949. CLEMENS MARK HINK8. Aiusfe SS^.'S^MtW: _, Dte. 18. 83. 30 NOTICE or CLAIM DATE «u . 1 ?* H hereBy given to all p*r B oni that First Monday in February 1850, u the Claim Dale In th» estate of J*me« Patrick Maher, Deceased, pending in the Probate Court of M»dl«on County. lllinolB, and that claims may be (lied •italnrt the. Mid estate on or before t? 1 ? S*£, w lt hou i •"""nee ot sutnmdns. Dated thU 20th day of December IMP. FRANCIS MAHBH. ... . '•• Administrator Attest: JOSEPH ttHALITSr, Probate Clerk. EMERSON BAETZ, Attorney :,-.--,-. Pec. 23^30. Jan. 6. NOTICE OF CLAIM 1>ATE Notice I* hereby giveh to all persons that First Monday In, February, 1850, ii the Claim Date In the estate of Samuel E. Mull, Deceased, pending In the Probate Court of Madison County, and that claims may he filed against the said estate on or before »ald date without Issuance o/ summon*. Dated this 19th day of December, IIMB. > DONNA J. MOLL. Executrix. Attest: JOSEPH HEALEY. Probate Clerk. G1LSON BROWN. Attorney. Dec. 23. ao. Jan. e. CARD OP THANKS DORA READY—We wish to thank our friends, neighbors and relatives who aiststed In any way during our recent bereavement. We especially thank Rev. Herman Rhoada for his words ol consolation; also the singers and pallbearers for their kindness and help during our sorrow. • Brothers and Sisters. I WISH TO THANK—My many friends for their cards, candy, fjowert, fruit and All those who so generously helped my wife-with the work at home during my seven weeks In the hospital. Harvey Plegge. WILLIAM CC-ATES—We wish to"~e*T press our sincere thanks and appreciation to all our relatives, friends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathy during our sorrow. We especial- Jy wish to thank Rev. Roady, the singers and pallbearers, and those who donated cars, floral offerings and those , who assisted in any way. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cox and WE WISH TO EXPRESS—Our depest appreciation and thanks' to all our friends and neighbors for their recent kindness and sympathy. .Homer and Raymond Hayes. i IN MEMORIAM" IN MEMORY-Of ,our dear mother Mary Sherman Scanlon, whom God railed home Dec. 30, 19.14: Surrounded by friends, we are lonesome. In the midst of our Joys, we are blue: With a smile on our face, we have heartaches Longing. Mother dear, for you. Sadly missed by Children. O. JESS OWENS Although you are gone. We have not forgotten. Sadly missed by Wife, Nora Daughter, Jessie, and Son Henry. IN MEMORY—Of Fred L. Young, who passed:away Dec. no, 1048: It was just one year ago today That you quietly passed away; Just as If you'd gone to sleep, Always, dear father, your memory we'll keep. As a grandfather there was no flaw, And you were great as a father-in-law. Forever and ever we'll keep the love For you, until we meet above. Sadly missed by , , Mr, and Mrs. C. D. Young . and Daughters. 10 LORY—STBAVED—STOLEN FOUND—Brown and white cocker spaniel, 927 Washington. 2-8670 after 6 p m. LOST—Green-white Sheaffer's life-time fountain pen, Wed., Dec. .28, between Princess Theater and Upper Alton. Reward. 2-2885. LOST—3 pairs nylon hose', size, B'/i, be"-" twcen 3 and 3:30 p. m., downtown. 2-1020. LOST—Saturday night, package containing child's dress, cap and ladles wrist watch. 3-3581. LOST—a 'strands of white pearls between Illinois Restaurant and Kresge Dime Store, or In American cab No. 7. Call Doris Nailor. 3-7101. Reward, TOOL BOX—Taken from Belle Telephone truck, Phone 2-4044. FOUNDS-Biack cocker dogi 'white markings; owner may have same by Identify inn and paying for this ad. Dial -1-8283, II NOTICE NOTICE—I will no longer be responsible for any debls contracted for by anyone other than myself. Dated this 3Uth day of Dec., 1&4D. Victor D. Bauswell, 177 South Pence. East Alton, Illinois. WANTED—Ride to downtown St, Louis; otflce hours. B; 15 -5. Call 2-8077. 65" YOU BOWL—In Ie«gui~compi5tn tlon? You have 8 chances to win $500 in Bowl Inn's singles tournament, Saturday, pe<>. 31. ^Sunday, Jan, l.. NOTICE—I will no longer be^resp'on'- slble for any debts contracted for by anyone other than myself, Dated 'this 2Bth day of Dec.. 1849. Louie L. De- WUt, oo«A East 7th, Alton. Ill" WANTBD^STd* to E»st Sti LouTsT Hours; 8 to a, Call 2-9130 after 6:30 p. m WANTED—Hide to Washington Unlver- slty beginning Jan. 4th. CalLj : 7g7j. NOTICE—I will no longer be responsible for an debts contracted for by anyone other than myself. Dated this 38th day of Dec., 1849, Jess T. Edwardi. 708A Bast Broadway. STATE LIC^NST" AUTO, CHAUFFEURS, DRIVERS. Etc, C. CLARK. 1504 E. Bdwy. ' ALTON CEMJ-rtHT HAS CQT8 FOB SAtt ••versa hundred 8-grstVt lot* m various ' th Mrta ll-T Qll-T ocr»t d«y or ttOHday "••' _ «e ar 8UQQ88TJQSS-Th> It an excellent anniv Oiai gift iversary birth ^»«Tm»« * n, uiur^f <v|b PIANO TUNING and KCPAHtlNti 803 Forest Ave., Alton. Dial 3-7826 BOOKJCKKMNQ sarvlce. Call ».Q4fl«. MANTKB-MAtjf WANTED -, Yeir^round reliable ..._. rled farm hand: hoiue wired for alec- trio •tove, and garden. Write Box c«re Telegra-^ • nusu s»9r«. Give experience and wanted. Box tip, noo oare "•'•'"• n u ^7 1 ' '" I I nT j~- _- __ „ ~T * MAN-as to sa. , to. Rrewnt nice appoarsnc*; perman- fnt. di««vUl«d pjwition with «xc»Hent future; substantial earning, f f«ln»t«* Should be In »*0 OOP iu X to 3 yearn. All replies Reply gtvlng full diuih sUlus. Box 1090, car* T»i». ed porti «n future. 8ub»Un. beginntaj. Should bo in ilO.OW in a-3 ye«r», All rep BABY PRACTICAL NTTRBE—HosptUI trciiied, wfll care for convalescent « rtfoffie pttfents b» day or week, R*f«*nee*. Dial 2-1390. WILL TAKB CAftB-OiT tome New Ye«r'« fft Wkira LADY - €«ntf WaiMfti. «Kl iroftlntt. 4-39<0. WHITE LADY — Watiti washings and Ironings. 4-6438. EXPEHIENCK) COl£f$&D EXBIf Warns day worV. Good references. DUI 2-8748. BUSINBM urt-ORttiNITIBK FOR iSASEl-tUNCH Ro6M. . OF PARK1KG SPACE. L1VTNG , TSHS, IF WANTED. GOOD pSoPO- " CALL 4-5209. RK9TAURANT FOR SALE ~ In Cist Alton, doing good business. Inquire 101 West Main, East Alton. BAMBK AMU flCAUTt Alton'! oettfatft Accredited Btiury School U years ai 8ucce«*fuii •tudents AMBEB 8-«41t GUTTERINO—StxmtWg, m«t«l chimhey covers. Free ettimatei. 'WHITE'S TIN SHOP. 2-1424. TREE SPECIALIST Trim Top. Take Down and Haul Aw'ay. Insured. ED KRAUT. Dial 4-9343 BLOCK LAYING—12c each: cess pool! and septic Unhs built add pumped, reasonable rates. 8-9415, 2-6500. TO PROPERTY OWNERS - Beware of termites. They are destructive to your property. For tree Information call Century Termite Control Phone 132 1019 Ruskin Ave.. Edwardsville. 111. All work guaranteed. CONTRACT CEMENT WORK of all kinds, Union work. Free estimate. Lynn Wood. 3603 Franor. 3-9293. 2-1178. DCCOBATINO INTEHlbR PAINTING—Plafterlng and patch plaiterlng. It you are tired of old wallpaper, call ui today, we will remove your wallpaper and, with the latest style colors, we wlff remodern- Ize your home. Call today tor a free estimate. 2-0030. MAKE OLD FLOORS LIKE NEW—Rent our high speed sander and ettger Dial 2-2141. 1004 Phlnney FLOOR SANDING - And reflnlshlngi also painting. Reasonable rates, tree jMtlmates. Dial 3-8314 or 3-3230. PAINTING & PAPERING — Removing wallpaper and patch plastering. John Bwlng. 2-8795. PAINTING., DECORATING - Removing wallpaper, plastering, patch plastering our specialty. All work guaranteed References. Free estimates. Dial 2-8664, 3-8172. • .__ * WALL & FLOOR TILE Baker Aluminum Awning* Retail or Installed Free Estimates CROXTON BROS. T|LE CO. 3-3068' 1405 Rodgers Ave 3-8396 WANT15D—Paper hanging. . Good work at reasonable prices. Phone 3-596? or 2616 Yager street. l» ELECTRIC—-RADIOS RADIO & TELEVISION SERV. POUH MEN TO SERVICE YOU SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E. BROADWAY - 3-9411 REPAIRING—ROOFING TUCK POINT—Rebuilt chimneys, roll roofing, shingles, or patch-work. Free .estimates. 2-8765. 8TOBAOE—MOVINU SMITH BROS. MOVING LOCAL - LONG DISTANCE DIAL 4-6561 19 W. Ferguson, Wood River After 5 P. M. Dial 4-2325 Used Furniture Bought and Sold ft.A. NEVLIN MOVING, STORAGE . ACROSS THE STREET OR ACROSS THE CONTINENT LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE 1628 WASHINGTON AVK. D1AJ. iUHMU McCOY TRANSFER C0~ 143 FRONT ST. ALTON. ILL. DIAL 3-8523 — 3-7791 "FOR QUICK MOVING OF rURNITURl REFRIGERATORS,' STOVES TRUNKS BOXES OR WHAT HAVE {>".?«"» CALL 3-7030 or 2-6240 PRES. BELCHER HORNSEY HOVINO & STORAtirf CO Local and Long Distance Moving PACKING CRATING SHIPPING FURNITURE REPAIRED REFINISHED Accntv for NORTH AMERICAN VAN UNKS U.G 203 W Broadway, Alton gall 3-9031^ After 5 P m.! 3-8737 41 8LEKI-INO ROOMR t-RONT SLEEPING ROOM _: At ~224 Acton avenue, Wood River. Call 4-440B VEHY CLEAN & NICK — Modern' at tractive sleeping room In private home ono block from bu«, 3-5725. 307 Bluff FOR GENTUSMAN-Prlvato 'bath. Dial 2-2JB6 after 6 p. m. 3 SLEEPING HOOMS-Itt alTTnodeTn U "' *» ' nd UP ' NORTH ALTON—l sleeping rootnT block off bus line, Stoker bath. Dial 2-9008. SLEEPING ROOM—With k«chen prW: Jlcges. All facilities furnished including laundry. Call 3-9384 alter 5:30. SLEEPING ROOM—For lady; private entrance, bath! one block from bus> 3001 Mayfleld. 3-8041. * LARGE FRONT RbOM—Close In heat, telephone. 330 Langdon MODEHN SLEEPING RO6lM^oTre; front entrance, on bus line, Wood River. Dial ,4-3846. KOOM \NU UOAUU OLD AQETPKNSIONERS WANTED — S?, qi S *P d boardt also bedfast patients. o3l East 4th. , » h «e Urge 'front tleeplhg i kltchen »"«» dining room, ev" erythlng furnished. Laundry prlvl-. ALTON--!! housekeeping rooms', first floor. Lights. g«s. water, furnace heat. Also 1 l«rge_room. Dial 4-8085. ROOMS - - hou«ekeeping"15om Lights, water-gas, heat. Adulft; 703 Washington. 2-1740, HOUSEKEEPtNG ROOM —"Por"'ilngii person w employed coMplt. 1100 Wash- i Ington. ' ROOMS—tmiuriushed or partly t\S- ntall * <1 «Pt. All new. Dial - ~-- v "^ rimm i.iiiF™-:__^fr -* ..,T 7." .,* ***•» H~«VI«*», ' 3 MSEMBOT RopkiS - a 'rbomTup: , furnished. 88a Mailer, Wood , Tm^n rw.d, second house In back of Creer K»al Estate office. Apply between 8 •*. ro. «nd 4:80 p. m. ^OOM HQUSB - FolT^enTr Coltige" Hltlsj not mod»rn. Phone 4-7096. . e -. 9 » ROOM APTWHett. «lectrlci6 ; ~»nd NEAR FAIRMOUNT m cl«er» ,/ile bath, H.W.F. wfftrffiw fr»ffi«, yeirj fftir- GROSH REAL ESTATE 1002 PHINMIY Offite Phone 3-33% After S P.M. &fr 3-68S2, TWO 3--ROOM APT9. —• UnfurftUhedT DM 4-6951. FOR RENT—«-room furnished 'and room unfurnished, loa East Ferguson Wood niver. Phone *-72«i. 3-ROOM APT.—Back of beauty shop *t 104 west Central, Bethaito. Phones; 400 ot 178-W4: 3 HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS — Unfurnished, heat and water, side entrance 1110: Putnam. 2-«t«0. 41 rtlKMSHBD APAMTHCNTS ROXANA—Furnished 3-room apt. Sun porch, gas heat, electric box, watet (as and lights furnished. $70 per mo Call between 8 and 3 p. m. Phone 4-8794. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS—One child accepted. Dial 2-1107 before 9 p. m. 2 NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS —For light housekeeping. Frlgldalre and gas irtove. Phont <4-80B4 Of 4-B53Z. 3-ROOM FURNISHED APT. — Bath, private entrahce. 624 4. 5th street, BASEMENT—Wood RIVer. 2 rooms, dry, very clean, private entrance, close in, Heat, tights and water furnished. 4-5763. FOR WORKING COUPLE — Desiring clean, comfortable 2 rooms; Inspection Invited. 823 Whlttler. Wood River, Z. FURNISHED ROOMS—Newly dec a ted. close to bus line and factories 215 Dorris street. 3-ROOM — Furnished apt. Apply 1712 Main. 2 MODERN FURNISHED ROOMS — 215 Doris. . • 2 FURNISHED ROOMS—In Alton. No objections to children: private en trance. 210 Hamilton. $38 per month FURNISHED APT, FOR RENT — No children. 569 Wood River avenue Wood River. 2-ROOM —Furnished apt. Electric box stoker heat, automatic water" heater* 1244 West 9th street. Phone 3-3047. ATTRACTIVE—3-room furnished apt. all modern with garage. Adults only 842 Lewis. Wood River. 2 ROOMS — Refrigerator, heat, lights water, gas; side entrance. Dial 3-8093 2 FURNISHED ROOMS—All modem except linens. Call a-5760 after 5 p. m 2 ROOMS—Private entrance' and bath Refrigerator, stbker heat, automatic hot water. All utilities paid. $12 per week. 228 W. 13th street, 2-3115. WOOD RIVER—3-room furnished apt. close. to interurban station apd all refineries. Private bath. Adults. 437 Sh&r Phone 4-5428. 3 ROOMS FURNISHED & BATH—Elec trie stove and Ice box, heat and lights furnished. Call' after 5:30 p. m. 455 Tlpton. Wood River. FOR RENT—Small house. Lights and water furnished, $23 per month. Dla 4-S2D3. 2-ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE — Two adults only. Near Shell, - Dial 4-8610. FllttN»8HBI> HOUSES FOR RENT—Modern S-room house, fur- nishecl. Reference. Dial 2-5100. WANTED TO RENT WANTED — 4-room house. Working couple. Dial 2-9004. WANTED—3-ROOM FURNISHED APT FOR YOUNG COUPLE WITH CHILD WRITE BOX .,1110. CARE TELEGRAPH RESPONSIBLE—Business man wants 5 or 6-room house with 3 bedrooms, In Alton-Wood River area, In good loca tion. Call Mr. Rogers, days. 4-4121. FARMS AND LAND WANTED TO BORROW—On real estate" $0,000 on Improved farm, for 5 years Write Box 1130. care Telegraph. GOOD HUNTING—And fishing grounds. Beautiful home adjoining; one mile below Batchtown, just above > Cape Grio Dam. . Electric. Ferd Slevers, Batchtown, 111.. Calhoun County. I.OTH P()B MALI ' Hi LOTS—70x225, partly finished ear- age, suitable for living quarters. Oakdale addition. Rosewood Heights. Will sell for equity. Phone 3-9373. CORNER LOTVMilton Drive. Concrete block garage on rear, 13x24, .$1750. 0*3733, , - .. " 59 Houses (or Sale FOR SALE—New FHA approved florae, in Wood River or Eaat Alton, at low ai »352 down and *42 per month The« are real buys Mint, be >een to tie appreciated. Phone Edwarasvllle aim Ralph H ,Ladd General 'Contractoi EAST ALTON—New 4-room brick. Gas heat. By owner. $5900. 4-3735. 6 ROOMS—Immediate possession'. J1000 down. Easy monthly payments. 2-7722; evenings. 3-3722. . NEW 4-HOOM HOUSE — On Dunnlgon street. Inlaid in kitchen and bath, closets, full basement, cabinets., a-9039 MOVE IN TODAY — 5-room modern; Venetian blinds, garage in basement. By owner. Call 2-4802 ofter 4;30 p. m. 3-ROOM HOUSE—Outbuildings and 4 acres of ground. In Dow, between Jerseyville and Alton. Can be bought on down payment and so much a month. Immediate possession. Owner, Clarence Osburn. Dow. Phone Jerseyvllle OC5))3. FOR SALE, by Owner—5 rooms with attic partly finished, fully insulated, fireplace, hardwood floors, storm windows, Venetian blinds, stoker, blower. Herbert street. Dial 2-5244. FOR SALE—A beautiful three-bedroom brick veneer home. Lovely'large living room, well appointed kitchen, bath, fireplace, large utility room, gas heat, concealed ducts, concrete rear porch. Shrubbery and well kept yard approximately 50x200. You can move into this beautiful home immediately with a very small down payment if you can make substantial monthly payments. This one won't last long. Sea -it now. Located Rosewood Dell avenue, Agent'i- sign in front yard. PHILIP H, CORN, REALTOR .103 St, Louis Avenue East St. Louis, Illinois Telephones; Upton 4-2088 Upton 5-1910 WOOD RIVER—«000 cash and *50 mo. buys all modern S-room home. Newly decorated and painted. Immediate possession. Dial or call ' ALLEN . HESSENFLOW AGENCY 4-3532 or 3-8532 • Evenings 4-7748 or 4-5447 UPPER ALTON — TENrHOOM ALL MODEHN HOME, CLOSE TO BUSINESS PISTRICT. WOULD CONSIDER LATE MODEL TRAILER AS PART PAYMENT. DIAL 2-a34«. HOME & INCOME— Brown street, XIp- per Alton. Nino-room 'modern home, S large rooms and bath down, 3 large rooms, bath and kitchenette up, renting lor |65. Double floors, plastered wullB, full basement, good furnace with *tok«, new roof, ceilings insulated. large front porch 1 , plenty of closets. Venetian blind* ..... «..,,,,.. .,112.100 ALTON-Ea»t 4th. newf Central. J-ropiS modern brick. Hardwood floors, Venetian blinds, wall-to-wall carpet, 4 nice clothes closets. *torm sash, insulated. nice full basement, automatic ga« furnace, automatic water heater, laundry tub*, garage. House in, A-l condition. Price .,....,..,',., ............ ,111,700 ALTQN-Lambert street. 8-roont modern, Built-in feature*, screened porch, new root, new asbestos siding, newly decorated inside and out, full bate- ment, uew furnace, garage. House in " i condition. Only ...T, ,...", tteoo WOOD WVJCH-«.rooro modem brick apt. Arranged far ? apt* Fuji base- OFFSET PRINTING out s«ei*itf Offlw FBiNm^-rw* Lett*** OIA1 INMtli T«mpl« Hall Butinets 8ervie« R BWHidW«y-A(ton, fit firoDKftft »ALk WOOD RIVER 61 Harnett—4 room, full basis* went, stoker garage ... .$6400 524 Second —5 room stucco On block; jnsuUted, H^ W. floors cabinets, stoker,, wired far electric stjsve ;...•;.../;.,$8900 914 Acton — 4 roomy tvvo yeah old, H.W., floors, cabiKets, irti* mediate possession, cart take over C. I. loan .........$69$0 51 W, Acton—3 room, full basement, garage. Immediate possession $4950 855 Lbrena — 8 room, 5 rooms first floor, '3 room apartment with separate bath on second double garage, paved street. . Price .......,/,...,;. $9300 842 Penning—7 room, good condition, large living room, ful bath first floor, !/2 bath seconc floor. See us for terms. , Priced at .$10,500 602 Alton-Edwardsville Road — 6 room. Has three lots 117 ft. on Edwardsville road and 44 ft. on Sixth street. Nice shade quick possession . ;. ,$995C 249 Seventh'— Large 8 room house, 3 apartments. $l40.0C per month income, very gooe shape, new garage, excellent location .....,,.,..... r $8650 554 Central—Nice 5 room brick with large double garage. Overhead doors .......... .$10,600 545 Acton—Nice 5 room, beautiful kitchen, hot water heat gas fired, Venetian blinds, double garage, paved streets, close to schools and churches. Immediate possession $10,500 EAST ALTON, 656 Lincoln — Nice 4!/2 room house, cabinets, stoker, electric hot water heater, fully insulated tile in kitchen and breakfast room, newly decorated, garage attached. A* very good buy at ...•,.,...._,..... $6500 T. P. ECCMANN ,;.- Realtor Emmet Howard, Salesman 4 -5714 ISWhitelaw BROWN ST. 7 rooms. 3 bedrooms, walk-in closets newly decorated, fireplace, large Ilv- lh»rf ro , om i . d J a B er 'es and bamboo shades included. Large landscaped lot C •-- 6 r ooms. sun room, fireplace, oil heat T «?n b l t !. c ^, lrora clty Umlta... $15,750 POHLMAN-TINCLEY AGENCY REALTORS 2356 State Street. 3-BB12 Evenings!- 3-B733. 2-6232. 2-4788 4-ROOM MODERN—Sidney street, by owner. $7900. Dial 2-7168. FOR SALE BY rooms and furnace, perfect condition. $400 down payment, $30 per mpnth. Sale price ..$2950 Phone 2-6335 FOR SALE—4-room modern house. Gas heat, cabinets, hardwood floors, cedar Dl°a? 2^6337* Bood location - M)lt °n area GROSH REAL ESTATE~~~ DIAMOND ST. Modern e-room, 4 rooms and bath down, 2 up; nawly decorated inside, newly painted -outside, good roof, concrete basement, .furnace, garage. Near St. Patrick's and public schools $9450 ' WOOD RIVER AVE., EAST ALTON Attractive S-room home and sun room; fireplace, living room, hardwood floors throughout, modern Youngstbtvn cabinet unit, 2 bedrooms, closets, bath shower, part tile, concrete basement, furnace and garage. Immediate possession ........;.......,,.,, $10,500 UPPER ALTON ' 4 rooms. Large living room, excellent condition, ,2 bedrooms, closets, bath, wired for stove, hardwood floors, two enclosed porches.. full»basement, furnace, stoker; near bus, walking distance to business district and schools. Prica ,.,,...,......,•.,... , .47350 NEAR STATE 8-room brick. Large reception hall, large living room, dining room, kitchen with modern cabinets, 3 large bedrooms, ,8 , porches, ornamental fireplace,^built-in bookcases. Level lot 60xl44. Large closets, hardwood floors full basement, hot air furnace, $11,500 UPPER ALTON 6-room modern. Large cabinet unit, kitchen, inlaid, dining room, living room, new hardwood floor*, 3 bedrooms, Urge closets tile bath, con. Crete basement, blower and stoker, garage. Lot 80 x 170 ....,..,..,.$8850 MIDDLETOWN * room* down. Modern kitchen, hardwood floors, carpeted, powder room, down; 3 bedrooms and bath UP. Closets, complete Insulation, newly decorated, Wge screened porch, gas furnace, automatic hot water. Near schools and churches $13,350 PHINNEY AVE. a-room modern. 3 room» and entrant* hall down, hardwood doors, cabinet sink. 3 bedrooms, cloeets, up; a'baths, oil heat, good root, immediate possession $8000 NEAR SIDNEY ST. Large attractive 4-room. Newly decor' «ted, new cabinet unit, new linoleum 3 bedrooms, bath, Urge living room concrete basement, furnace, g»rr— SERVICE STATION *"•- fiT BilTaliifli* ttitet'4''JBni>ili -^i^ulfb^&d^d^f ^ SOUTH STATE s'liMUivj.- ,. FURNITURE AUCtlON JOUETT AUCTION ° HCHJlie 11M WAStttNISIdK AVeNtS-SALl! STAfet* At 1 F. tt. ftefttg«»it*f . a— on Baffl«f» i— m«sittif tabU f~W»tntat Vtnttt 1—f. t, tlitcifie 1»». t. OM Btave I—Kltehsn C»bla*l t^-S-Baffi»f OH 8t«tt* 1—"Sltfi Oven QM Stevt 1—Eltetf to • Sweepir S—Mlrfdrs - - B*«Ji aftd Str\at» 1—SiHtll B»aift New M»fdw»f»—Electric He»ler»—Dlrte»-i-Cf4thln», »nd hnndrtdi el arilele* not ni«atl««eil. JOHN NORRIS- -Auctioneer- -R6LLAN JOUETT ROUBfcft FOR NICE COUNTRY HOME—7-l-oom modern; upstairs apt. rented: stoker heat, over acre ot land, large barn, on highway and bus line. Sell On contract. Phone BethaltO 177-R2. , ELI M. CREER MILTON ROAD—New 4-roOm modern home. Very large floor plan, targe living room, 17x19, hardwood floors, cab- Jneta and inlaid kitchen and bath, Venetian blinds. G. I. loan financed $1)250 MILTON AREA—fl-foom modern home fully insulated, hardwood floors, cabinets, inlalds, stoker heat, storm sash sun porch .......................$8100 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS — New 4-room modern. home. Cabinets and inlalds hot air heat, large level lot. Price $6300 EAST ALTON—East Alton Ave. 4-room modern home, A-l condition, Large floor plan, Venetian blinds, fully Insulated, storm sash, hot air heat, $$900 WOOD RIVER AVE.. East Alton — A beautiful B-rooM modern; home. Very large floor plan, large * living room with fireplace, large closet space,' hard- Wood floors, .inlaid In kitchen anc bath, cabinets: and Venetian blinds, insulated, garage. F. H. A finance $10,500 WOOD RIVER, State St.—4-room modern home, A-l "condition. Cabinets anc tnlalds. Venetian blinds, storm sash hot air heat ..................,-. .$8300 WASHINGTON AVE.. East Alton - 4 room modern brick home in good con dltlon. Venetian blinds, storm windows, screened porch. A good buy Small down payment '.. 93500 PARK , DRIVE, ' BethaHo—-3-room homt in A-l condition. Oil heat, water anc lights. Large' level lot, Price ... .$2500 ELI M. CREER AGENCY AND "REALTOR Office Phone: 3-7504 2-3735. 8-4258. 2-B571. 4-6859. 3-6830 WANTED— REAL ESTATE CITY a> FARM TROPERTY We have cash buyers for your oroperty • Call Us tor r\tu Appraisal ELI M_ GREER AGENCY '_• _ . 3-7flO« 4-4358 a-»73B AUCTIONS ' CARLINVILLE COMMUNITY SALES BARN —, Dairy Day Staring at 10 a.m. this Tuesday, Jan. 2, wrll be well advertised and should be a good place to /sell your dairy cattle. Our handling charges 'are only 50c a head ori no sales. Your consignments are appreciated. Our usual run of stock cattle, hogs and sheep. 2000 ft. of oak lumber, around 1000 line posts, hay, straw and miscellaneous articles of all kinds, ' RAY WELLER, Owner. RICHARD DUCKELS, Mgr. P.S.—Sales every Friday night— We sell anything-except livestock. ' -•" OOOS — CATS — PETS COCKER SPANIEL PUPPIES-Golden A, •- K. C. registered; champion stock, 3_jemales -left. Phone Bethalto. 403. KAHM MAtlHINBRV PLOWS—New International 3-14-back wheel rubber front rims for rubber, $300; new Case 3-14 on steel, $325; Oliver Radex 4-16 on rubber used 2 seasons, $350; Ford plow, used $100; John Deere '2-14 on rubber $150. Steve Narmont, AiibUrn. Illinois. Phone day. 2511; night. 2874. MVKSTOCB CUSTOM BUTCHERING -And home: Killed meat and .lard for sale. Dial ALL KINDS OF LIVESTOCK—Bought and sold on Orders; livestock hauling, local and to all markets. Permit I 168: and M807. Registered Guernsey bull and registered palamlno stalion for breeding service. Vernon E. Dehner 330S Belle. Phone 3-9435. 100 TRIPLE A — New Hampshire Hed Laying hens for sale; 6 weaning pigs I'OULTRV ANP SUPPLIES SALE—Two fresh Holstein cows. Frank Bechtold. near Lock Haven. HENS FOR SALE — Mrs. N, RuntJ Pierce Lane, Godfrey. 2-6978. ARTICLES FOR SALE . FOR SALE Steel safe, long clothing mirrors, glass display cases, cash table, small desk wrapping counter, large wardrobe, large walnut-topped table, chairs clothes rack, shelving. Singer sewing machine and several menY topcoats and suits, like new. Call 2-3201 between 6:00 and 7:30 p. m., or send name., address, and phone number to Box No. 1170. care Telegraph ROLL-AWAY: ;BBo_- porch glider for' sale. Phone 3-3823. THAYER CHROME—Chromium strollee; 2 winter coats, size 12; 1 electric sand- wlch toaster. Dial 2-1151. : FOR SALE—Hemstitching machine, cupboard. buffet. 2--1424. CHAIN HOIST—Capacity 1 ton, practically new. $40. Dial 4-3433. TWO FORMALS—l pink net, 1 white satins 1 green winter' coat (squirrel trim), all size 16, like new: l pair .ladles white shoe Ice skates'; size 8; 3 electric razors. Dial 3-6371. UREKA VACUUM SWEEPER — Good condition. $23; 30-gallon electric water he«ter, fully automatic, insulated, 2 years old, $75; 30-gallon water tank, monkey stove, flO: Highpower Portiere-Paris nlckle plated binoculars. S20; 12 gauge pump shptguij. full choke, Mode 60, 30-inch barrel, WQ; K-tl ^AC- DC electric shaver, like new, «o. Dl«J 3-3618. ' J u. ,< u«<J. good condition. Brunner Plbg, & Htg. Co,, 309 St>Ui.__Altoo. Ill Phone 8-3931. OOi n 8TQVE-S.C»bin»t type "''co»i 2!i 'HS? 1 "."*!^^*' WtShen^Mhteat, t Pit*, Wse n«W. *W Ooerr, Ro» ana. Fuel oil ..... heateT. Dial gJTERNATIONAL h«vy bteycje and ' - „ what-not shelf, etc..' 1 made to Information dial 2-8883.- ' WANTED Mechanic SEE L. R. CRAIG At Craig Bros* 71 ARTICLES FOB BAM WANT TO BUY—Used wood lathe, 37" wood drill press, band saw, shaper saw. Call or write Camerer'g Shell Service .Station, , Carroltton, Illinois, Phone 284-W1. SIKQER—Sewing machine, completely reconditioned! forward and backward stitch. Leo Miles, 2511 Sanford. 2-6657 MAJESTIC — AutomaUc record- player and radio, 18 months old, like new. 319 Second street,- Wood River. 4-6)04 USED STOKER-With controls; 26' furnace and pipe, 30-gal. range boiler and monkey stove. All In good ' working condition. Phone 3-S966. SMALL. SINK—Inside door; 2 inside door frames,. .2 light fixtures. 840 Ferguson avenue, Wood River. 4-5379 REMINGTON—12 gauge autohictic ribbed barrel:Bhotgun. |SO. Dial 4-7898. FOR SALE—Quick Meal gas range, left- hand Overt. Exceptionally clean, auto; matlc oven regulator. Dial 2-1350. FOR SALE—Box springs in good con- dltion. Phone 122-Tt. Brighton.' ; FULLY- AUTOMATIC — Electric" water f heater,',$17,75. 1136 Lorena, Wood River. Dfal 4-7149 or/4-7654. TARPAULINS—All sizes Alton Surplus Store, "just west of Food Center" 1858 East Broadway HAND WROUGHT IRON FURNITUHl BANISTERS RAIL1NGR : Beautiful - Useful - Inexpensive Weal for Christmas Display at K and A METALS CO 2422 E. Broadway v . '•': Phones 2-7111 USED WASHERS—Ranges, refrlgerato- ors. ironers, dryers, all in good condition, reasonable. Alton Refrigeration Co., S50 E. Bdwy. Dial 3-7722. ELECTROLUX DEALER WM. EDWARbS, DIAL 2-3774 3TOVE FURNACE £ "BOILER REPAIR Part* most all makes Quick >er»ic«. Try Us WISEMAN I12U «, Broadway WELDING SUPPLIES Lincoln Electric Welders Fleetweld Electrodes , Torchweld Gas Welding Equipment '••-• Nat'l ciytnder Gas Everything for Welding K 4 A METALS. CO 2422 E Brondway :-,-.'•• Phone a-7118 1* BUILDING MATERIALS . FOR SALE—Used "I" beams angle Iron, channel iron, reinforcing rods, J. J, - Rubenstein; Inc.. 14th, and Alby. RANDOM LENGTHS — Knotty p'ina paneling .....12e per board ft. Corrugated Roofing. 6 and 12 ft. lengths ........... .$89 .per 1000 sq. ft .-ALTON LUMBER CO. ' . • - 2-2437 USE YOUR CREDIT—For needed re. pairs and improvements. No mort- , gaget no down payment, 38 months to pay.. .Loans Include cash fpr labor and materials. , t BETHALTO LUMBER CO. _ Phone 24s FLOORING ; No. 1 Red Oak Flooring ...... $18.50 Select Red Oak Flooring $21.50 1x4 B&B Yellow Pine Flooring... .$21 1x4 B&B Fir Flooring .... .. Ml 1x4 C Grade Yellow Pine Flooring $18 1x4. No, 2 .Yellow .Pine Flooring , .$9.50 We Deliver BETHALTO LUMBER CO. _;_ Phone 245 HOCK LATH ,4c per 'sq. ft. PLASTER BOARD... Sc per sq.-ft, PLASTER—Per bait *f,u We Deliver BETHALTO LUMBER CO. ' Phone 245' " WOOD COAL—Good .grade. $8.75 ton. "immediate delivery^ Dial 4-6140. Donald Short WHITE FACE COAL-Large lump S89S. Prompt Deliver!** MELETTI onu • .....-•. .^MU J-JWJ14 GENUINE TROY COAL - Oil treated stoker coal, IRA A. KIRKPATR1CK, Dial 4-3751 or 4-2364. "' GENERAL HAULING - And"~movln«] also'kindling wood for sale Phoni 2*vlo4. • ' . . _t HUBRY! "^HURRYI -"Order your coal dirt, rock, sand now. Call Floyd Stewart. 4-7476. COAL, ROCK, SAND, DIRT—And moV: Ing. CROSS TRUCK SERVICE Cottage H11U. 4-4011. COAL, ROCK, SAND; FILL DinT~Gen. ana' htau7U '' gl - Tl D ' LAIRD . <s °' H"x- CINDERs7~blRT ROCK. "SAND-And general hauling. PAUL SEED, 4-9531. GENERAL HAULING - Imp Coal.$8.50 toq, Egg Coal $8.25. E. WOODSON Phone : 2-8565 CANTEEN HARD & SO*T COAL^OCK, §AND, and DIRT—Gen- DeGerJI« UUn8 ' Ph ° n * 4 ' 3W *' Cl ^*» GENERAL HAULING _ Coal, atoker. egg or lump; available now. Rock for driveway and sand. OToole Service. Dial 2-8708 . LUMP COAL. $0—Egg coal »B,75; coal. $8.50. Dial 4-74T6 ' COAL, $8:50 PER TON—Prompt dellv^ ery. Dial 4-9883 or 4-3144 P Stoker Cqal ,,.,...,,". ,~ — •n. washed........ .::":.:;;5'S8 Priced to three-ton loti, Mt. Olive Coal . Phone 3,7038 —mmeae delivery; fireballs, more heat, lest ash and the smoJcdeca buque* (or all furnaces, stovSrhwiU «M and iirepl»c*«. ow Ben forpwlo stoker, aU treated! «i,«nch Q») treated & k S SSSn.&*'. '5' or ™* * Call 3..S401.. *

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