Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on September 28, 1961 · Page 8
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 8

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1961
Page 8
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Many household, commercial Uses given for natural gas Eight energetic "servants" \v;i !k up to every home — when nv; •' >i i;as flows into town. The "servants" are ready t<> rook your meals, freeze ymir foods, heat your rooms in w.nvr or cool them in summer. k'<p hot water on tap, dry your in- dry, light your yard and bu; n your garbage. All of their services are , Mu- matic, clean, dependable . . . and economical. More than 33 million American families cook with gas, 24 million heat their homes with the "miracle" fuel, 22 million rely on it for a constant supply of hot water, 3 million have gas refrigerators and 3 million enjoy the convenience of gas dryers. Central air conditioners, incinerators and lawn lights V. <: e p growing in popularity, too. Natural gas ranges have modernized cooking to unbolkvabli: case and accuracy. Gas hem responds Instantly to the flick "f the knob. Latest refinements in ranges include thermostatic top burners, rotisseries, griddles and burners that turn themselves oft v.•)• n cooking time has elapsed, keep-warm ovens which hold H fu'' 1 ••neal for hours without nvcr-cooking. Anyone will appreciate the sirh- piicity of natural gas house heat- iny. And it's no coincidence that yai i :m turn the faucet any time ::v.<> find water hot for dishes, ij.dh or laundry — because gas maintains the supply perpetually. Owners of cas refrigerators are never concerned with food spoilage and their units have a minimum of moving parts liable to breakdowns. Gas dryers make clotheslines obsolete. Gas air conditioners, combined with furnaces, provide year-around weather protection with one compact piece of equipment. Incinerators are odorless, quick disposers of waste, eliminating messy garbage cans and backyard trash burners. And gas lights, with their soft moonlight radiance, bring back the traditional charm of a gracious past to modern patio living. Natural gas has done more than relieve home life of weari­ some toil. It can help boost a whole community to the status of a commercial and industrial center. Gas provides heat needed for commercial establishments, stores, office buildings, hotels, hospitals and greenhouses. As a source of energy it powers electric generators, bakes brick and tile, dries grain and cement, and runs the cookers in food processing plants. In still another application to industry natural gas becomes the raw material from which other important products are made —• fertilizers, plastics, resins and solvents. Comfortable homes, efficient small business, huge factories follow the path of natural gas. Community potential comes with the pipeline. Converting the potential into reality is the task for local initiative. The number of customer* now served by the gas industry — approximately 33 million — is more than enough to populate eight cities the size of Chicago. Approximately two-thirds of the residential customers now served by the gas utility companies use gas for house heating. Did you know that the gas industry pioneered kitchen and laundry planning? As far back as 1944, the American Gas association set up a special bureau to design and test new ideas in kitchens and laundries. Built-in appliances, color coordinated finishes, custom styling and automated controls are some of the results of gas industry pioneering. In the production of natural gas, only one exploratory drilling out of 10 results in a productive well. [ Everything that can be washed can be dried quickly and safely in modern &a3 dryers, even stuffed animals. And gas dryers can be installed in the kitchen for real convenience. Gas dryers offer Built-in sunshine HaM ball games and home laundering once had a lot in common — postponement on account of rain. Modern home makers solved the problem with something baseball managers yearn for — built- in sunshine. Automatic gas dryers and washer-dryer combinations end all dependaney on outside weather. Wash day is any day that .-uits the homemaker. She can wash and dry a full ten-pound load in Jess than an hour. No more hauling heavy baskets out to the clothesline, no stooping or leaching to hang the clothes and no running out again to rescue the laundry when a sudden storm appears. Instead, modern homemakers merely load the machine, dial the way they want the clothes dried and go about their business. When the right degree of dryness is reached, the* machine automatically shuts itself off. Fabulous new controls on gas dryers even select the ideal temperature and drying time to suit each load. They accomplish this, the American Gas Association says, by measuring moisture content inside the drum and regulating the amount of heat accordingly. This completely eliminates all possibility of over drying, even with mixed loads. A.nd gas is fast. Lightweight fabrics are ready to iron in 15 minutes, completely dry in 20 minutes. Heavy woolen blankets take only four minutes in a gas dryer for every hour on the line. And the time saved in hauling and hanging clothes is approximately 160 hours a year. Turkish towels, chenille bedspreads, corduroys, pillows, stuffed toys, shag rugs, blankets and sweaters come out of the dryer soft as fleece. Special settings tumble synthetics and other miracle fibers at just-right temperatures for removing all trace of wrinkles. Every washable fabric, from delicate linens to heavy denims, can be dried with ease and safety in a gas dryer. Gentle, controlled heat with just the right amount of moisture retention, is the answer. Fresh air taken into the dryer is heated then gently passed through the clothes, leaving them sweeter and fresher than if they had been dried out of doors on a balmy Spring day. And, of course, there's no danger of fading from too bright sunlight, no twisting and tugging on wind- whipped lines, and none of the stiffness caused by freezing cold. The smart good looks apdjrom- pact^styling M modern gas dryers and washer-dryer combinations make them an integral part of modern living. They're equally at home in the kitchen, bathroom, utility room or basement, wherever the homemaker prefers. Baseball managers might consider installing one in the dug-out as a gentle reminder that sunshine can be built-in. At least the team would always have clean uniforms. And the Big Game? Well, it would be played as scheduled — weather permitting, of course. Natural gas is a Collection of molecules Although you can neither see, feel nor taste it, natural gas is a collection of molecules made up of the atoms of carbon and hydrogen. It is nature's purest source of energy. Each time the housewife turns on the gas to perform a chore, she utilizes a fantastically complex network that stretches billions of years backward in time. Contrary to popular opinion, the earth's vast quantities of natural gas are not found in large subterranean chambers. These deposits are located in isolated porous rock formations deep in the earth. Millions of years ago, the gradual decay of marine organisms acted upon by temperature changes and pressure were transformed into a gaseous state. Natural gas differs from manufactured gas in that the latter product is created by an oven process from coke. Manufactured gas usually contains 500 to 600 BTU's (measure of heating value) per cubic foot, while natural gas generally produces approximately 100 to 1100 BTU's per cubic foot. Another form of gas, known by such names as LPG, bottled gas, propane and butane, is a byproduct of natural gas. It is a liquid under pressure and vaporizes as pressure is released. Giant drilling rigs like this are used In the gait Industry's continu ing search fo» new sources of supply. Mora than 13 trillion cubic feet of natural gas controlled by Northern Natural Gas Company assures consumers of supplies for many years to come. Now! A gas heater that gives WHOLE HOUSE comfort! The secret is monoGRRfirs Citcutefion ] H>j,*>.'»^.-.f.-' fc .. 1. Warm air circulates from top el J 2. Powerful Blower* spreads heat on floors 3. Radiated heat thru the front oi .y $12275 EASY TERMS • Stives up to fuel cost on • Automatic controls •For IP-Gas, Natural or MM. Gas Enjoy uniform warmth and corafdrt in every room—with the new Moriogram heater. Cast iron burner with exclusive mill slot ports and special cast iron heat chamber assure more heat from every dollar's worth of fuel. Beige or: browntone porcelain enamel finish. Models in all sizes— to heat from two' t to seven rooms. See them today!, . * •flow.r options! .ajwlpMMl.' E. H. CARLEY PLUMBING AND HEATING * i LOO|4)T;MOM HE JUST , CROAKED! MOM MAY NEED A TRANQUILIZER AND... lots of clean hot water! * rmk h tan at A. 0, Smlth'i tf< dualvtMraitaal* GUARANTEED •V YEARS! It mutt tavt it laid (hat IOAI or rou jat < hfand- naw walar haatail » imoolh, ' fliwfui. luitd'to-mil (lau lining. « Egulppad with lln- ait contiola, fully anclmad. . < * , »P»l«ou Puillai Tubbing and scrubbing, clothes-washing and dishwashing aren't nearly as grim a battle when you have plenty of hot water and it's truly cleant Be sure of all the clean hot water you need, for years and years; let us install a genuine Permaglas. Pfemwfllas GLASS-LINED AUTOMATIC WATER HEATERS PEOPLES NATURAL GAS CO. SINGER PLUMBING & HEATING Fayette, Iowa Fayette, low* ' Congratulations and Best Wishes to the citizens of Fayette and vicinity on the arrival of natural gas in your community —• service supplied by Peoples Natural Gas Company. A. O. Smith Corp. Our Congratulations To PEOPLES NATURAL GAS — FOR BRINGING A NEW, MODERN FUEL TO THIS CITY WE ARE PLEASED TO HAVE BEEN A PART OF THE OPERATION TO BRING NATURAL GAS TO FAYETTE, IOWA WE WISH TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO THANK THE CITY OFFICIALS, AND EMPLOYEES, AND ALL OF THE PEOPLE OF FAYETTE FOR THEIR COOPERATION WITH OUR MEN DURING THE CONSTRUCTION. NORTHERN i i.

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