The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 3, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1927
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

r- •-f • THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDATH G, MARCH 3,1927. — PAGE FIVE • 1 1 One Hundred Help Themselves >yhile Ten Are Being Waited On •Fcr (his: reason we opcrale with a small, elfiricnt force at a low cost.. We are entitled to and do our mer- chandisinir cheap line J and you will money. T. I>ook ourlprices over on our full be convinced jihat we are saving you A Kjvpiiiioiori (IliirhciJ If -tiiiU' ilmir -••ill ill Mill l»-ll>. ha-z M'lif iif Hii- prtrfi i , l-^-lli. hiii: Beans, large or small navys, 7 lbs. Raisins, Thompson seedless, 5 lbs. . Rice,;Fancy Blue Rose, 3 lbs Hominy, 3 cans Van Camp's Pumpkin, 2 No. 2' •> cans Van Camp, fori.. Corn i 50c 50c 25c .25c .25c 25c or Peas, No. 2 size lOc Priknes, F, F. O. G., Qualitv Santa ; Claras, 2 lbs. for Spaghettii Beechnut, canned in cheese \ and Tomato Sauce, 2 cans .25c Complete line of gallon goods all priced openl^'at attractive prices. Sweet Potatoes, Nancy Halls, 7 lbs. .. .25c; Red Onions; 6 lbs 25c New Cabbage, per lb. ..........., .,4c Potatoes, good cookers, per peck ... fee Grape Fruit, 4 for ; . . .25c Head;Lettuce, large solid heads, 3 for .25c We will have more extra specials v for Sat irday priced with Red Tags. I , NVc will have No. 1 Seed PotattK-.s Saturdaj—Ohios and .'obblers; jL'obbJ ; ,<"hamberjlain's thick Fted, all .sizes. On thie Square the East Side Prize Wintier SrAI,I,OI'KI> I IJnJI <•' lory uiitif in :i sjreasei! bakingj of ((.icry and layer in ~ma!l iiieces. alti witli whitf- -saufe. lirt-.iil trumb-: am! iTiinibs are brown.- M <t M Gro6ei*y CASH 120 E. Madison CASH You Get Satisfaction Here ^' I • • . • < . . .\ iiroccr is known by the class of t ;or>d> he .sells, his i-eputation f»»r rjualitv. fair prices and .service. We jlay claim to this v-' 'nhle asset. Read over this list i-arefuHy for yhOr i riday and - Saturday pur- rha.'fes. ^ A; clean store where only thi.' Ije.<t of food- i -tuffs are kept. You are assured of courteous treat- i ment. -. Prices Every Housewife Will Be Pleased With M h i! \ W PEAS N^shmallo's SiiMcr"' 'liini.i)" S(iiii> i«. ill :i rlii>^ lij ilM'll. •; > ri) (lifliT- cMt tli;iii rli<- «'r<li- li ;Jr» •••Fiiiii't.) S"iir- Uili |ilr;i><.' Htc l«iiitlrii !:T liii|i-r- niiV.r.iii^ for <«nl^ ^niil «'T»' \o. •_' r ;iii l*«'!i>i iiir»' <ii tin- »lpr} ItcM !)ii;ilit» ;niil iiiit lip ilii|>IIr:itrd ;il i>nr jiriri'. Tciulcr •AxiA ««••"!. :t .No. •_' riili-.. . liiily Kliifly .Mliii.- M:ir-.|i. lii .iJhiifv. f.'.nuil [n iiit ;ili1y 111 ;iit} H;ir<luii .'lli>«» iiii • tlu" m:irl<pt., I I'lf^li iinil rican V". M .i'Ki'iiM '•i:;iin/ IN '.TClii". in. - liif;i»j -iit'iir "jriij* .mil UT} InrL'f bjil>i'». I aniK-il I 'foiii frcv'li rijK-' iruJi 25c 58c 25c 25c i I 'I IPkgs.jMacaroni or Spaghetti .. . .21c 1 Pkg. Golden Wedding Pancake Flour....',.....:;.........: .......,11c 2 !Pkgs. Argo Gloss Starch . .: ... . i5c 2 lbs. Large Santa Chira Prunes .. .25c 5 lbs. Thompson Seedbss Raisins . .50c 1-fb. Box Codfish ........... 30c 1 Carton Best Quality Mittches .. .28c 4 pans Fancy Pihlr Salmon .. .65c 3 Can^ Sardines in Olive Oil I (Bargain) .:.. .30c 1 jib. Spanish Salted Peanuts 20c 21 Large Heads Lettuce 15c Nice Large Celery, btmch 15c , FAR.MERS: ' WE W A.NT 01 K E(iGS iOrRC^STOMERS ?{rST HH SATISFInl? KI.KRY. enilcr. I'l^.i'-' dish, a layer of chtesi? lut ji-nately. Cov> r add biittffnd bake until M. I.. wnli lK )ileil rice mixed with toma: to sauce, and may be served on \ [ilalps .surroinidod with »h«-ese i.straws or on lettuce leaf.—.M' I-. "spread jAjrk yni'jotii. J aid', liian..' niashiwi ij|t iilites logetii'.r.—' HA.H .SA>DWU H. One ruit chopped ham. til ni'ii.-fn wt'JI. One tabk-.spoon P'.aiiul Im-'ter: a .shake of pepper and sait and i •lery s .il: l *ut between slice- wlilte briad.—.M. I.. ! I '...l .111.1 juis... \Vra[ ' tliii k I'lac bakv i;: rijoii : any f.:viir ;tH •);• crii-i ;ii| ANA Uoi.i.. i |i i!t in lialves cm.-.air. pie crust S inch on iinttert-d tin und ratf oven S«^rve witii saucf, wliippcd (ream ruit M I. rhoo.;© 1 abhage STI FFKI» ( A](ltA (a:. a sinall. firm iicail IMUSK AM> BKA> SAMUVK IIKS. f'lir tlii.'i slices of browij bread. InKIir and.put <.Ksp lettuce leuv-.s vi-Rttabie iiut at ti>i/a.lii steam th-' ' iiitii ..| f'.'-a.-pooii of mayonnuis>. rt -maininr "slicir: uiitil ten.ler. Kill dn-s^inc i '"n one sliie. On the ovhvr 1 • • Scoo]) about lialf iht Do \^ou Season Witii Butter? Skillful seasoners with butter ahvay.^ u.sethe anc] most fragrant butter they can buy. •' " = • Indeed tljie u<e of poor butter is the x' of many .reasoning failures. Sliady Bi|ook removes half the cause of sea.soning failures because of its unusual sweetness and dainty fragrance. Tell Your Grpcer Shady l^rook "It's the Butter That Betters The Bread" You Who Do Not Know; Ought to Know thai: v(»ii caH Here iho .'^enife and (juaiitv in CJiorHKIKH unci; ME.-\TS thai .vou have been for. i A triicl will convince you. FRKSH FRUITS .VXD VEGETABLES , Lamb, Chickens ipkg.. 2 for 35c Kl 'TKIt V.OltK Babv Beef, Pork, Vea 20 Mule-Team Borax. 1 -lb. :.:.\KK< ^iiM' I'x) i; I/ujuid Veneer Furniuire Poli.<h. 1^ .size.s. .30c, 60c ;.\K\V A .\l> I.MI'KOVKIJ i.A\\ Toik't Soap. 8-for 2oc Heinz Sandwich Spread, j^er"jar. ........ .30c Paimford Ji^l^incr Powder, per can 25c. Wni: A r.XKK Sl-onS FitKK Peaiim Puiiei-. made from fancy peanuts, lb. 25c ; j • * • • Lee andj HcinZ Preserve.s, Reli.shs, Salad i)re.ssinjf. Thousand Island Dressing A> W. Anderson PHONES 291 and 292 . I'r.s- yj',// null/ call —'//• ire u'lll-dfilUcr. (JREENE'S Cash Grocery Lajjst .Side Sf-uarc re it I'ay-j (fl.I'a.\ Cash A I FAV (^F ok'R EVEI^Y DAY Sugar, per hundred I8-Ib. Sacjt Red Ball Flour ... 48-lb. Sack Fanehon Flour 10 Ih. Sack AVhole Rice . r> lbs. Rait^ns ........, ...... :j lbs. Prdiles .j.. Dill Picklies. per dozen ,. Sweei Pickles, per dozen Large Size Sour Pickles, 6 for .. 2 lbs. 01e<^' :^ o -lb. Sack YellowCorn^'Meal ... 'Ah. Sack! Pickwick Buckwheat 1 Good Broom . 2 lbs, NutJOleo . 2 rteads Lettuce Fxtra La^ge California Celery, I'hone 117 PRfCES: ....iS6.83 §1.90 . . .S2.15 ..... 70c .....50c 25c . -v .25c ... . 15c 25c .. .37c .....25c 35c 35c . . ..37c 15c bunch loc We will deliver ordL^rs of .53i.00 or over. 1 WV.f ll>l '•M\<-\ • - '-lii yc)'. < UpJ lit- , - i.ii)!' -ic • M X ;!..•. ^ : o:' iii-.-.i .Tiriiu. hr-ii'! rrilUll i'-'u<;.-.!. Kr:- i!! (i. . }irit:\!: I ir. SIT « HIMJI KITK.S Ikfil ricr. lih'ill siii;;ir .1 Sirui,:;.::- Mr- Mail-. VEIJET.VIILE I)i.V>EK.S. .1. I.iiiiii Itcati Souftif <'<il«.. ^Slaw Buitireir I'.e^.:> Prune \\"h';;) . \ II. Kill" iiiiii .\iit CiiMiu-'ncs (JrtHii BeaiLS Prricitio.'; :^ala'l S:iaiiu-<1 Apiili- Uu.'.ipiif.r- III I'f.pp.>rs a la ( !• Corn Ov-iifrs "."luery Stfwed Fruit Lookit-^ D HOUSEHOLD rr^ EPARTMEN 1 .\(l(lrf >s3, all letters ^nd inquiries to Aunt Nancy, of the l^ouse- bol'l Department, in icare of the lola Daily Regi.ster, lola, Kanaaa, 1 i.r MI; 1 ran.!..- • IS I UL -iu iiiirm-2. ati 'i -ai'.i et- II.TK.-. r.iiir^ aii'l I ; iin::ii;)- j^flap.. tit'i- i 'yi" Ki r >.inaii liii; ; iiji w,it..r Uii ri :ii iT!iiiil>> aL 'Jiln. i../t f;.. -.uril a <!i.-:;(..if<> : :•!-•! ni)c:i7.-'. pa ;>..-r. lEDDO ' S:rnt)!iart > i.\Ir- .J. ami ni':i!i.ii ' I .i! I'll af : in- i; 'III'- .Moiiiljy in"iTi- 'lav 'iurli.K '.a'-- • !:!••• .ir rii. of Fp.i.k W. !.,y .ift- •lii- \:r!!ii.v a-;. ni !-(i a- V.".-.!i!...= - ' .1 SlniSaaii riomp wtfk wt-if Mr. a:;i| anil .Mrs. riani Swirzi-:-. .\fr Lnd .Mr- H'nry Hrhikaian. .\!r iui 'l .\Ir^ Kil Fo^i-1. Ksllier .Miiit.r. l.or- <n SttitZ'-r. .Mr.;. I. .M Haptis-. M:<. A W Tlionipsoii. .Mr and Mn. C. I> (•iiiitiiiiL -hani ami Hi 'nry tnd .Mr and,Mrs Kr>'d FUi^.r jim! .latii..-- .ShJsii-y and I'-ar! .Mi'ss .1" KIoizl)ai';i sp. II' r!i.- \v...k ftid Willi !rit .i!d> at Ii:';.- p.ini.-m >.. Ka^^'as .Mr.-. Ton: I'.Vnnn and .Mr- I,..r-r. floil-rs and ihddr'ii .sp-nr ..-"und.iy .i:'r».tnoon at th>; Ciiaj. Saufr horn-. Henry Kanipine puri liur .-d a hot of, Tom Byrum .Monday. Tim Williams hauif-d hay whi" h li>' hnueUt near Fairviovv ia.-t wwk. Mr. and .Mr- H.irv.. ("i -ni'-ir- and f.imily f]n-iir Sunilay evt-niim' witii frif-nd.;' <out!i "i Clianuf. -Jiimf.~ .Shi^lt-y «a'- siioppin;; in [.allarptr Friday afternoon. Mr~. fMakf -.viio :ia> lit-en vis::- h.r iiriitli. r. A' .J. .McCarley- fo,. the pa-t; week. r -"arirVii to l-.e:.';ii :i !e in K;t:n~:a.< (My Some linjej a );o 1 priitiiisei! you an aitiele on the iiiiini)!k. t'loar and Hack ! \\'': have i learn 'il -.-o ni.iuy differi.»l wa >..i of usinu .luni 1:1. i! ir Would he ditfiiuit to tiiii.)k of all r);t *iii So many. <:all> <-onir , '.or th '.pi al tlu- bakery and -'r.oicry ; >'.'re- thai tney iinvt niore ;ialls; than they tali ..^nppiy. . " .vU >.<t of the flour sackVi ' -lave >ni ii hiipht lojored It -tiers and pi. lure- oi; liieiii that they ii.ive lo iie renii>v(il before tlify can he ii -e<l. Thi- is not ;i diflr-iili'; matt( : liowei '-r ami i .s <iiiii .l:ly doiie. Soai. them ii' a pan Jit ker ^.'Seina few i!;iys fiifore you uiiji to '.t .i -ll, ti.em and tli'-ii wrin;; rts dr> a- i-,- li,!.. and.v.h-u rln-y tluoucli ' 1" wa.sli tiny will eonie out iiite ulii;.. Then tti -y are re.idy /o iiak' nii.H any tiling liiat. you d.--ir.. H't- ir -.1-lis iii;;ke nil.- ,-..i.-h 'u;- t.iiii-. for \'jnr k :irhen. T.*i'-> ran • r- hit jdaiaiur civeli a little ti»uc!i of >'dor '. ith • i'lur ini'iviil'Ty ae -dh an' ymi lum- a very iiiee , < urtaiii. l:y u-iim' a cidor / ••If. e;in niat .-ii the erdor or ' uiir j H .ill , .ipfr all') liven tiic kitchei) n[> a little, i: it i^n'i a room that is! ai'e loo dark. .\ .;;iiat niany'of • tl:--;:! ;.itihens ar'. ju -t Imles jii I'.. l;o;!-..- and n. eii all the liL'ht '•v.. I ' We < an 't have only •)!•• aidiri ••.•Jatioi) of n. curtaiji. How- : Mr= I.eo Ko£;el ami faaiiiv. Mr. —For prnmpi rt'sults use the Cla.s.-ified Columns. Ferndell Maple Syrup —is a .irehulne. piii-e maplle .^yrup, carefully .seljecl- ed for its flavor and -body. It is distinctive^ because ifiits rich amber color and proper con.4ist- eiicy. and has that true, delicious maple taste that \! .<o univei-sally enjoyed and appreciated. The fihi.^hin.i( touch ff)r cakes and waffles. Fernd Pearl Ye C Udch Fernd U0( Yacht Yacht Larjje Califo^ Fancv Big ' Hi Maple Syrup, xiuart can Hjominy, 6 lbs. for . .. ., 4c Friendc Corn, can. . sKJrapelade, bottk ;li Yellow Corn Meal, 5-lb: sack Buckv heat Flour, 4-lb. .sack Cheesi! Jvlips, package Bulk (>4ts, 10 lbs. for . Navy lieans. 10 lbs. for Men a I c^ Spaghetti, can Club Sweet Potatoes, can Club Bartlett Pears, can..... . Fancy; Heads of Lettuce, head . rrtia VVhite Onjons, per lb Carrots, buhclji Celery, bunch. Yank ..O.K- 2.>c .. KSc .. :JOc . 30c .35c . .20c ,..45c ...73c ...15c ...20c ..•:3.5c . lOc . ..l()c ...10c .. 15c The Basket Store I'hoHe |22l We Deliver Phone 221 JGOOD GROCERY SERMCE Wl' make our every day performance tell the kind of .Mrvice you ire! at this store. Our constant aim is to ijet your order to you promptly and to furnish yon he kind of fjoods and values that wilt brinjr you back to this store foi- more. Our service lileases a host of patrons who know what sood service is. If ycu ife not buyinu your sjroceries. of us, bejiin now'. Let us show vou what we can do for vou. 1 lh.j Gypsy Boy Coffee .47c 1 lb. Old Dutch .Master Blend .... .15b .3 ll^.s Best Peaberry Coffee .. ..$l.oi) 2 Pkgrs. Macaroni or Spaghetti ... .1.7c No. 2^ 2 can Peaches in heavy syrup 25c 1 Cr rton Winner .Matches ......22c 1 Carton Best Matches ........28c 2 Uk Best Prunes ..........\ 2pc 25c Can K. C. Baking Powder .... 22c 2 Tkll Cans Pink Salmon 35c Best Quality Head Lettuce, 2 heads 15c 7 Ibk Nancy.Hall Sweet Potatoes . .25c Spanislil Salted Peanuts .. 2Qc Fluify Marshmallows ...... .25c We carry a complete line of Fresh Fruits and ^'eKetables. ' | * - . • ' ' • ' : Farmers: We pay Prices for your Poultry :(nd EJIK.S. ' ' i it •v.-r ;!ia': anythin-_' in par­ ti, id-r to dO '..vit;i s.i^ar sai'ks. \',-ry j.rettv diuing room i urtains . .-n "'e made from .siicar sa'k.s hy' ::si!ii; a ( olureil l)ord»"r on al! loiir i sid .-.j and niakiii'4 Some littl .•miH'.jidei y desiKU m tile lower ecirn-rs. ' ' ; • on- >:i;:ar sark T'ord -T' d on .-^11 • four -ide^s thither wi:;; ..a solid eidor or a finp iheckeil pii ;i ;e o; ii'ii-iiani ...irh a row of stitri; in idaek. . Then some ii al dt.'-.-i:?!! workpij in (iatliMe stitch in tho corners finish It iiiie!> for a table Spread Thi.< i^oes not tnake a very larsre spread hu' it you ii «.H (l a larger one you can use four flour sack?. Hem thc-m on .-til ! four sides and join them with rti'j hj-iar stifcfk A .'arsre variety ot' -parterus cuii i )e usedvfor your desii;u lii outline for theuor- Hotneiuadi^ underwear cm h-j ina>le iron: eitiier the flour or:,su- Ka' sjicks, rcfhiies. hIoomer.>;. .slips, rtimp. rs. romper waist!<..:ind many orliers. K.n fi mother w<iuJd know 'lest how sh.. eoiild nsi- them "for the kiddie.s, ,-'o«ns. nitht .sjlirt.s. etc They make nicV (juiK Itninss lor f^o. lUtlLs, for eiery d .iy wear. Tinteil some (nlor to match the ro;i tiiek I 'o not -liuv.' Use. soil r|uito .s.) hii'^Ic .Vpif.n.s tor ih'. little tocs can 'Iiiiekly and easily he made IJind them all around with colored tap'.and :;ive them a little touch of cni- iiroiderv on the poeket .s ,.ind: they' are finite pretty. • Then last "hilt not lV;',st I hi?licve tilt- mo :'t of our .Xmoricaii housewives use hofii for tea toweSs. They are :n..'xpo:isive. lasily laundered and arc a universal favoriter Vitu all of us. .-^iiruetinies the demand e .\<ee (ls supply and wc linve io hiiy a f-rw y .'jrds of cheap mHsIin for tij-a towels MU'.i! we use a little more' flour. When w-,- are coni- pellet! to (l.:> liiis it is ii so<)d;idea to ;.:ei the lery cheapest tinhleuched nn'slin wi- can cec .ind it before we niake it. Tre;'ted in this 'A:iy it is a little iMore a ;>.sorbei!t aii 'l hlea< hes a little ..(juicker. Sohietin-.e iii the mar future v .i> are jjoin^j to iliscu»^-i tii .e., fanit .kiteheii What it I.S anil what .it, oii ,:;h;. to ie:-. • : ' A INT .\.\.\CV. - Ol>iJii:iri "f l>;irlc» hiild. I 'i.aile.- llehry Kidd w -s i,o;n in \'i,io'n I'ouiity. '.hi., in-ar. .Sheid •:! .'.14 I Dee.-niiifjr 1!. l>sl" uher- I,, .'iverl on a farm until h<- was tile ..:'fiurleeii. He car;.- to Ca-. • and will to Aork in tm- sniel- ii. h ..-!|i support li;., A .il(j '.vi,i| Ii • ..v 1^ .ni.arr:-d on l."'-' r lary iJ'J. l!'!". lo. \I:,-s l:. .itriccj ^•t••eie. T,, !'.; • iniou i.\e !e !i.>rn si\ I •iilihen. Wailalui. ;.--i- l"'.; trdiKUnd. Ii, tler- •ilel. 11. ;'.;iifu .iri -i. ^. lieimar. ..lei Ui .ie :-r :J . lli't'-ii uirh ti;'- .Met iiorltNt • ':.:•:<'.. o: ;r,;,, .lii'er tliri-e • ••1! - .-iL- ' !|.- t 'lok an a. '.r.e part lo-:; lii.i: oil in (.'iiii~t;an 'Aork. ii' 'i.!- .1 kn-.ii aii'J IOWUL: lii;-^ia -tid -'••'! r, .'i' : ,| .il-.vj.n s t!,ii!\m ; of Ilk* ;.*..:.!',, •'..•I, I..' 'lie'l;r.l j.i o-. iilnr.; '• !].- t .iniil>' Ir. Iiein'-. .i ineiniier '.I f:..--\\ i> \\ |o.!f ;e. ' il. ,.m: \ f.iiiiily niove.l to llen- •I'.T:., i.t.nii: ;."ar- au 'o .wh ( ii '." - It liieir lioKie e Ml W ,l^ firkell lloun -il l< oil .~lin- da;.-. i-'e;jr:ia;> _'ii. and steadily f^n'-v worsi... Hi- \^ifc stayed iiy hi;i liiiie c'jJi.stantiy iijjfjl the end, ' He dieii Friday evenini; ' aliou'. s.-von o'. lojk K'iiruary i;.".. litl'T. Ill- leave- to inourii ,iii- losn his de .'.nteil wife aiid si.x children, hi'5 lie.till r. .Mrs. 1' !\tdd. two brothr • r^- Crover and Will, all of Cra- I Wa -hiii4tou. o .sisters, Mr« fona Saiitii "if ChaU '-y. Wa^^h , and ; Mrs ' Daniels of iTas, his {wif--' retati '.es aii.i a imsl of fii'iid- and lieiua'.ors He was fiillv prepareil to K" «hii !i lie fold hi-. wif«- just Ijefori) i he ,|i. il . , '••'111'- taii'-;;.il ^t:|•.i^^• -.v a - lielrl at .Sle.perN .S. 1'. ire Kootii .Mouduy a:i.-ruooii, Keiiiuary _'.<, ,i! :; o'clock ci .iiilui te,! l,y Ii,.. i:.v .1 (• Wil '•1. I!u; v *i- ill llu!ilaiid Ceiu*.- t .-r-.-. .\ Kii -ii.:. • , Kinl.ind. Imii; Jiad The r-pil- 'atioii of proiiiicini: • the createjtf li 'iiL- ^!_i.-!aiu e runners the svorlU cv IT Kll 'iW. SALE $1.39 .Men shicrh quality Dre.«s Shirts in fine count Percales, | Broadcloths and Madraii—perfectly made, i' with ocean pearl buttons. Here is an opportunity' to SJUJC on really hitrh jrrade shirts—lay in a .supply for s>pirinir. ' The New Spring isuiTS Have Arrived $19.50 $22.50 $24.50 , . Rich new sprinp colors are featured for young: men at these very popular prices. New Greys. Blues;: Tans and Over-plaids—ijuaranteed 100 per cent all wool and carefully tailored to give long .service. You can ijet the very cream of these Sprin.g Suits? by buyinjr one now. f , Other Suits at $11.95 and up. ' • l] New Spring Caps 98c to $1.98 The Store That Sells For Less . I East LSidc Sfjuare - lola, Kansa^

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