Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 30, 1949 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1949
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

ALTON fcVBWKG TKLBORAP« OVg HIM A, UTfli 0£ TH§ g,A* rfilBBSBHfcr * C/> REMEMBER, BREAK CLEAN I (60 TO YOUR CLINCHES/^ JAN' COME FIOHTINGjf TO COME OUT/ pgRP V •rtjerero; \'i*nKt-i DADSUMMIT. IF I ONLY COULD SEE *X!SM NVELL, LIK5 OOP SAVS, THB^BOOK' COULD JJE ITSWS HEBE IN THE BOOK THKT HEKCULES MPED OFF ' MAZON QUEEN IM A ANYWAV, IT VCULD SET HIM OUT Of OUR WAY FOB A WHILe.' WILLBUV OUR BOARDING HOUSE WITH MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS i HAVE REFERENCES, SIR-- CHIEF COMSULTIMG ENGlMEER WITH EIFFEL IUL SCREAM AM FAINT IF HE EVEN GIVES THAT GUV A SMILE.' FOR TEN YEARS I BEEM WAITIN 1 FOR THE NEXT STSP UP--AM* THEM GUYS COME OVER, AM 1 EXPECT (T RIGHT NOW/ THEY THINK. WE'RE; SHORT ON BRAINS HERS AMP THAT'S THEIR TROUBLE--WHY, RIGHT NOW HE'S TRYIN TO TALK TK BULL OUT OF HIS JOB, NOT OURS.' DIDMT YOU M6 YOU 5AT UP LAST WELL' APTER NlMe O'CLOCK \NnTH MRS. SAXTe ROOT SeeR AMD CHESTMOTS ? TOWERS. OP LOMPONiANP OF BERLIMJ 1-9 «Vi ^-,-. 12 •*•* *«•««. 11 »»A1 YOUN6- GENTLE SAID IT/WHAT UTTLB J, THE ,' BFACDM- ' - ' LIGHT CAP I A „„ . et.(CITlN6r V. BOPP' THeANTCl" A WE'RE IWED PUBLIC pimDFD RCSPOMSE? ' l> 'w l) tP THOUGHT WAS A BUSIMESSMEM Ger . UU£RS/ MlXM BETTER. W6'RE . RUIMED/ 5ISNAL TO CHOP THRU TK6PAM6UPWW.LOPTHB JOS, OPBW IH05S I Tonight's Radid Program I CM Jfeiegrapn radio icneduM it made up from programs orovlded weekly by the stations It oannol b« responsible for ohangfs mad* to oroatams since msllln* by stations B* OlALi KID, SMt KXOR «M| WEW. 770) KFUO, 8S«| KMOX, I ISO WIL. ItMs KWK. ISM) WOKZ, (FM) M.» Meg. 1S10. P M. KSD News' Jumpin Jscks KXOK Challeiwe Of Se YukSfc KFUO— Bible Study, KM OX -News WlL-Vern King KWR-aina Crosby WOKZ (FM)— Musical Cocktail. P M KSU-lUue lime KMOX World News H M K.8U- -New. KXOK— Sky King. KFUO (FM)— French Music. KMOX- Curl MasM.v * KWK -Tom Mix WOKZ (FM)— Chuck Foster. P M KSD— Music KMOX-News WIL— Sports Extra P. M. KSD— News, Sports KXOK-Hollywood Showtime KFUO iFMl— Concert KMOX— Seulah Show WIL— New* KWK-New. WOKZ (FMl-Dlner Music. •KMOX— Jack Smith's WIL— Bob Crosby ^ w ? l "^9U Newsome First riva P M, KSD— Sinatfa-Ktrsten. KXOK— Lone Rangu KMOX— Club 15 ..... r~ 8:43 P, M. KSD— Song Shop. KMOX-News • WIL— sparklers . - . •t «„ "WK— Music for Tomorrow. 7:00 P M KSD— Henr.y Morgan KXOK-The Fat Man KFUO (FMl-N«ws. KMOX- Ooldheru, , WIL-iSalon Serenade.' : KWK-B-Bar-B Rancn WOKZ (FM)— Proudly We Ball. 7:15 P. M. KFUO(FMI-Sp6rts KWK- Walter Cronklto ' 7;30 P. M. KSD-We, tne People kxoK-Thi. is YOUI rai KJUO ( ™»-Famlly Worship. KMOX— favorite HusDano. WIL— Holiday Special. KWK— orchestra , WOKZ tFMI-Dance Time. 7:43 P M WEW -Eventide Kcnoes KFUO (FM/ -Excursions In Sol. WIL— Meet the Band vnW- KXOK— Ozzie & Harriet KFUO (FM. -Concert Hall. KMOX-Leave It to 7oan. WIL— Orchestra KWK-Gabrlel Heatter JP®^* 1 * 0 * » 8B Game WIL— Serenade To Be Announced, P M KSD— Jimmy Durant*. KXOK-The Sherttl KFUO iFM.-NewsT KMOX-Rls^ig Wonder. • WIL— Newsf Melodies KWK— Meet the Proa ™ wT',, WIL— Melodies P. M. KSD— Screen Director's ' Playhouse. KXOK— Boxing. KFUO lFMl-Bles«lng WIL-Rhythm. *' KWK-News P. M. WIL_Stars of Sonaland. KWK— 4 'Love a Mystery. . H M K.SU ttm Stem JJXOK-Song and Dance- KFUO iFMl -News S^ 03 ^ 08 ^'^! Cloakroom. . WIL— News. Hollywood, KWK-Dr, Klldare P, M. KSD-Pro and Con. . KFUU [•«, open BiUe, I WIL— Sports. H M ivsu New* KXOK— France Uux . SEtVJi IF ,MI -Master's Music. KMOX W.irlrt Newt. WIL— Wrestling, KWK-Orchestra. ' V KMOX-Bob KWK-Orchestra 10:30 £J£J< s "P~ Gu y i-ombardo. KXOK— Beautiful Music. tCfUu Fftti -Newt KMOX— Crime, Instrumental. ... KWK-Orchestra News " ^r^^i 10 '™ l -Abide *.t« U, KMOX— Or«ns« Bowl Preview, LIU. WIL ~ Guest Sur - - ' I'OU H rt i\6>i( «Kw k Sport*. KXOK-Ncwi, KFUO >FM> Concert KMOX New, Dt~ «,O P. M. KSD— Songs. «*OK-U N Today Orchestra KM<>X— MUMcal Uout 1:30 P M K80- New* Music WIL-News Dawn lalrol KWK-Orchestra 8:00 P M KSD- Newt KMOX— All Night FroUee, UAT'IBOAT 0:00 A M. KSD— Newt * X i OK .7 Towi> * °«M>ttT Markett vt eather A M K8D— Ijymas. Half Chicken * (Cut Dp) ' Glblet Gravy French Frits Slaw t Hot Rgl) $1.50 RAY'S Panned Chicken Phone- I» T 8 P fl:30 1:4!) 7:00 Tiia 7:30 ?:4B 8:00 8:15 . 8:30 8:45 9:00 .,. 8:15 3:30 9:49 10:00 KMtiX Sunn«» Saiute. WWtbet A M KSD-Meiodles KXOK— Corn Stories. WEW ^News Muncai Clock. KFUO— Farm and Horn* Journal A M KSD— News weatner {tXOK— Barnyard Reporter. WBW— Orandpappy Jones. KFUO— New*. A M KSD— This farm Buslnett KXOK— New*. T A a KTUO— Meditation. KMOX- World News. Wttr— Breakfast Club. KttK- Sing Crc«n> A. M KSD— Time and Temcot. ttt'ltu Hymm (ot me Horn*. KMi <X -, Ozark V^rietle* ' KWK-New*: WOKZ— News. Saddle Rhythm. AM. KXOK-News WEW News Meiodle KFUO— Through the Bible. Wiu-New»' axft Club Contd. KWK— Ed Wilson. WOKZ— Meldles. A M KBU— New*. . KXOK— Harmony Time. WEW— Sa«ed Heart Program. KFUO— Chapel Window KMOX World News A. M. KSD— Time and Tempo* KXOK— Newt WEW-N«w». KFi 'O— News Salute to Morning. KMOX— Local news Clock watcher WIL -sagebrush ina KWK -News. Ed vV •VOKZ-^News Band A M KXOK— Children's Story Time. ,; '- . • : ' WEW. Al Vour Service WOKZ— Voice of the Army A M KSU'News KXOK— Conversation with Casey WL'W — GtandMDpy jones KFUO- News , WOKZ— Mi Gideon Bap. Church A. M. KSD— Guest Star. Kf'liu Console Varieties.' KM>)X-Wprld New» A M KSD— Fred Waring. Re- 1030 ,'Kj'iiO ;»om : Pet .KMOX-rHousewives 'Prot League WJt, Sunshine Serenauers KWK -Bandstand Revue. WOKZ-Krrand ot Mercy A. M. WEW- Adventures In . search > - KFUO— Miracle, ot Science. WOKZ— Story Time. A M KSD- Mary Uee lay lor. KXOK^-Junlor Junction. WKW-As? Father Lord. KJ'iO—BesJd* Bull Water*, KMOX— Joe DIMaggio WOr^-News Varieties A M WEW -Market* KFUO • Theme» ot the Age*. WOKZ— Rhythm Doodiers. A M KSD— Lassie - KXOK— Navy Hour, VVBW— News Children's Hour. KFUO— Muilo of the Master*. KMOX -News LeV« Pretend. WIL— Happy Valley Boys. WOKZ— Platter Parade AJfl, KSD-NBC Stamp Club KMOX— Let's ^Pretend A »J1 KSD-Smlltn pd Mcconnell KXOK— Roger Dann RCA VICTOR'S Large-10-jnch Screen Priced at pnly , $199.95 KSD-TV PROGRAM CHANNEL 5 Friday, Dec. 30 P.M. 4; 15 Judy- Splinters. .WBCl , 4:30 Howdy Doody. -(NBC) 6:00 'Me. Magic" s-ls Teat Patiern. Ti;»nscHbed Mu»ic and News Tape. S!30 Charlie ACkeraon Show. ? : J5 I: N. S. Telenews. d:3Q Showroom; Robert* Quinlin starred. fNBC) «!« New*, C«r*van. (NBCt -. . We th« People, (NBCi |;OQ V«rwtll« V«rU«*».- 8:30 Big Story. (NBC) 8;00 Boxing at Madison Square -.. Gwrden, (NBC) 8;4S'Or«*tert tifhtt ot the Cen- Louij vs. Ettore. (NBC) INBC ' 10:lo to U:QO City Championship Speed Skating at the Winter Garden, • COMPLETE RCA VtOTQB UNB . Cn«Ji or Credit BILL'S radio shop Iff Kwt Fergmon Ave, , WOOD Jtn'EB, ILJJNOJS Dial 4-5H1 KFUO— Fashion* »nd F«bflc». <%Mi'X— Junlot Miss WIL— N»w», FOUJ KrttJthtt. WoKZ— Tun* rime 10:45 A M WBW-St«U> ft OrltOM KFUO— Bible Quiz Stwlltnf Be* • W1L— Petty Como UKW A M : KSD- Newt WcktMt. KXOK— 101 B*nch Boys. WEW -Shopper » Bullttin, KM OX— Artnsiron* J .rh*ater Today WILr-M J B Shot KWK— Recall tt and Win Ntw*. M WOKZ— N*w» Mu»lo U:15 A. M. KSD— Public AUtlr*. KfliO—Ne** WOKZ— Four Knittat*. Ul30 A. MKSD-AMhi* AHdf«w«, KXOK— Fins Art* Quartet. WEW— Jtwt for Women. KFUO-CMldHUVi Album, KMOX— Grand Centra! station. Wn^^wt M J B WOKZ— Church of God, 11:45 A M WKW-Martt.U KFOO— Nutrition Council. 13:00 Noon KSD Farm A Horn*. KXOK— Nftwa, K>uo MJnut* MMtarwork*. KMt.X- Now* KWK-Man on th« Fann. WOKZ— Newt Kapert 12:15 P. M. KXOK—Howdy, Neighbor. WEW Urandpapov jorrn KFUO— Repose with , ChrUL KMOX Sunnydai* lunctlan '••: KWX— Array-Navy Game. WOKZ— Matinee. 12:30 P M KSD New* KMOX- Giv* ..end Take. KWK— Orchestra. WOKZ— Your 4-H Club. 12:43 P. M. KSD— Walt* Carnival. KFUO— On the Farm Front WOKZ— Babe Ruth Story. 1:00 P. M. KSD— To Be Announced. KXOK— Metropolitan Opera. WEW-Newi, Novelalrrea. KFi IO — Uutie Appreciation Hour KMOX— County Pair KMOX— County •'•••i -,'•. Wit— Melody Oai WOKZ- -New».t-B ''' '** . -Band«tand ' Vour Service, 1:30 P. M. WSW—Record Jamboree. WIL— News. .aiejody Lane, • ' WOKZ- W.eodj? > Wood Box 2:00 P. M. K!y)±>mc Symphony. XFUO— View, dn the Newi. KMOX-Public Atta«r», WIL — Hay Manning. WOKZ_NeW5 Varieties 2:15 f i3*- Wiro— Safety Serenade. KMOX— Health & Haoplnku ,.-•> iKWK— Orchestra WOKZ— Blue Barron. 2:30 P. M. WEW-St. L, V, Series. KFUO New. WOKZ— Quorum Call. 2:« P; M. WEW-Sscred Heart Prog. KFUO— Playtime , „ KMOX— Crou Section U.S.A. 3M %,™ ', KSD — Dallas Symphony. WEW-News. Masters' Moments. KFUO— Faithful Words $&*^ Ml 3i?v w «y lor *° uth - KWK— Ed. Wilson. WOKZ— Music . 3:15 P. M. KFUO— Recital. 3:30 P. M. KM,OX— News. Hayride. WOKZ— Medical Program. Promote Edwardsvitle • M an to Rear Admiral WASMINGtO^, Dec. 3t), (/P» —Capt. Thdmas Blnncy Wit*' IJatnson, a hatlvc of fidwards* vllle, aide to Defense Secretary .Johnson, is one of three. I11U * nbts navy captains promoted to rear admiral yesterday.' ; Captain George Randolph Cooper, a native.of Hlllshoro, received a similar promtrtloa as did Capt. Charles Freder- rlck Coe, Springfield. 3:48 «:00 P. M. KFUO—Workshop Players, . . WOKZ— Dear Mom. P. M. KSD— To Be Announced, KXOK— Tea and Crumpets. WEW-Orandpappy Jones. . KFUO— Opera Gems. » KMOX-durt Ray ' WiL-Strlctly Dixie. KWK Nn»» Ed Wilson. *» *%. KWK_Ho«e Ra«; . ,„ WqKZ- r .News, sport*. > « :3 0 P. M. KSD-Report oa America, WBW^Sport* : Review. KFUO— Open Bible. KMOX^Stan Daugherty. WIL-Eddia Howard. KWK-N«ws, Bd WHwm. , WOKZ — Sunset Serenade. 4:45 a KFUO— Sports. Newt. WIL— Connie i Hanes, KWK-News MIDTOWN 155 E. Ferguson, WOOD RIVER TONIGHT - James MtlUcan IVIary -Beth Hughes "RIMFIRP Shown 8:80 ... —ALSO — HOXANA. THiATRE LAST TIME TONIGHT Bob Hope • Lucille Ball "SORROWFUL JONES" - 7:00—10;03 Robert Mitohum • Jane Greer "THE BIG STEAL" SELECTED SHORTS BIG MIDNITE SHOW NEW YEAR'S EVE Show Starts at 6:80 'Dick Haymes—Celeste Holm "Carnival in Costa Rica" • In C«l«r Shown it 7 P. M. • t Blng: Crosby—Fred Aslaire "BLUE SKIES" in Technicolor. Shown it SiJO, June Haver—Vivian Blaiue Vera-Ellen "Thrlt Uftli Qirls In Blue" In Celer, Shewn at 10:30 Selected Shorts NEW YEAR'S EVE DANCE AT VETERANS MEMORIAL CLUB 231 Edwardsvllie Road WOOD ftJVEB ..AdnUwion $1.60 per Person (Inojudei noUe inafcers & haU) « P, M. to 8 A, ikf, DON SMfOA TOM BARRY-RYAN-BROWN .<*• ^ Shown 8;so * SATURDAY * - GALA 5 HOUR / NEW YEAR'S EVE SHOW 3 BIG FEATURES Jean Arthur—Win. Holden * "ARIZONA" Shown 10;0!S Mllllcan-M, Beth * "RIMFIR Shown 8:35 Don BaMy-^SheUa * "RINGSIDE" Shown 7i3ff PLUH SHORT John Nesbltt's Pawing Parade if 'SOUVENIRS,OF ADMISSION Toy !,,L'i,iL .,,".', "„//,.<." , 8E8VICED UNREPAIRED

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