The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 3, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1927
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

FOUR \ W^at Death 8 N. J. jll jtlon shqwH death bbnebth the water. Hax (ionei Befpre; rlkes Garrett KolBoni while jjat(iinR at' Ocean, Tdwn, 8= thought at flfHt he victim, but iiivcKtiKa- Ihe has been stabbed to .swimming companions held l})een Roger Neville, a buslnes* partner; -Mrs. Helen Barnabr atad Carmelita Vuldon. It rs fektawlshed that Folsom, just beiord his death, had been ; standing ntext to ' Ned Barron, known as jhe copper; king. , Anastasia Fblsomi eccentric and mnstetful sister -of the dead man. arrives and takes rommand. At the inquest it is learJied that the death .weapon >vas a;pichan, an Oriental! knife, and it had been the boardwalk, al^fo Jeariied. tiiut one s4ar .s, who j\as in Bar. is a fanl- AnastaKia i-nRagcs js,. an arcliilect. ' to :ie case. Dau I'eltou, bimghtl bn It ii Croj'don ron's part J ious kiiive Titus Rig, work -01 t the dead nian'.s neijbew. arrives "All .of that. Old PKsK is salt of the-earth. If you a«k me. And I don't licllevc you .could gel bim to squeal ot/ Koisoin to tlie e.Ment of ono singli.- Hcntence." "Tiiat's the conclusion I've come to. after several atteinyts. Now, for a parting'shot, \\1iat do'yoii know of Crpydiju II. Sfar«'."' ".N'oihlng but good." •'I liale tliat exilrc'ssicii. "noth- in;; '.'lit good.' There's no man of whom that can truthfully be said." ".No. I .suppose not. Hut Sears ' is. then, tlie average—or al)ove average, a.s you like—IhoiiDrable, up- riglit"citizen. The square businessman, the courtniiis gentleman, and the man of intellect -with a hob•)y." • • ••Tlic hobby is of nO interest .save THE TOLA PjOLY BEGIS'^R; THURSDAY EV ENING; MARCH 8.1927 — i;, rem '-^i.ii-''.' T and is French doHs in Folsom's room. He 4)alie\f blackpiiili \as in Bar- Las-Jt impinges upon the case we •ier of cur- [have in hand. Could lie have done in i'larry Kolsom?" •Net for" a miiuile: He drdn't buy that wicked old knife.' "How do .vou know be didn't?" "Ho said sd^" "Wouldn't you have said so if igued by the curious es his uncle had.been i'y(m'Vad been the murderer?". ig several people and he and pisiss disc<>ver suspicious documents | in Kdlscau's' effeiits. bearing i tub iiiitials>of Croydon -Searss : • ' Cariiielit; Valdon adniil« that - she is |an.\|ous to recover .some letters that were in Folsom's pos- sessipn. A remark from. Riggs nettle."j' her I and '-she leave's. -Now (;o jOn Mifh, the .Storj- CH.iPTER XXX'l. Carmelita ; evinced- no; anger, made no qu ck or' pf'evish motion, -but as she went off the Uuchesj observed: i - . "She's mad clear through. See it sticking out of her back!' "Slie'U get i-arelessl.v. the table slay?" . ".As she w Like a shot! But Sears? Why. he had no motive." "Look • here. -Neville, if these things .we've just spo 'Ken of are true bills, about 'otlier ^people's secrets.' anv man may have a motive.:' 'Y—yes. I supijose so." •Or Carmelita Valdoii." "Oh,' don't takL° that too .seriously. Carihy's notes were—just i vyhat you called them." "To come back to 'Sears, then. Ooesn't the mere fact that the weapon usjed was an antique curio seem to have- a bearing?" ••.Vot a definite one—at least, not lo me. Besides, as 1, understand it. Sears was' a hundred "fei ;t or C 'OrO.\ .MAK.SH.HAIjLOW CAKK. Vnrt One: i tablespoons coc'oa M-c:up sweet milk 1 cup brown sugai^ \ ?gg yolk j I'ut Ingredients; in hart one In a double boiler, Cookj until thoro- ijghly blended. Coolj I'art Two: cup, Crisco 'A. cup sweet milk i cups pastry flouif \ 3 egg whiles (,well| beaten) 1 leasiwon soda dissolved in waiter • M 1 cup . brown sugar; i 2 egg yolks (unbeaten) I teaspoon vanilla j Cream Crisco and sugar together thoroiighly. -•Vdd two! egg yolks and iH -at in thoroughlj>-. Then add part one and vanilla and mix thoroughly. Then ad 1 alternately milk and flour. Next fold in i.'gg whites and Jast. soda dissolved in one tablespoon of hoi water. Divide ill two layer cakl^ pans which have been greased •^•ith. Crisco. Bake in 'hot oven (.375 P.) about 15 minutes.—K. F.' cako which cap be stirred quickly for lunch, supper noon tea.—E. P. up pr after- Lit 01 neroacK: -< - c. , f .... ^ ., V .1 niorc away from Folsom.! . over It said .\eville., "Wevc onlv Sears' ^ wor I'Naw, itiggs. cards <'» ,i,.„- . rd for XVant the Duchess to shes."' i."I'll goithin." and .Mrs. Barnaby rose,, with an air "Uy the Loi-d I arry. Riggs. you inake me darned uncomfortable: You may like this sort of probing, but I. drjn't: If you suspect'Croy­ don Sears go and tell him so. but let me alone'" .Neville, was on the verge of be. , , iiig angry, so. being a (diplomatic .. f'de. se^mini;ly vapid.,,,,;.,,. Tile Riggs made some.laUtjh- but really; wise smilif. she followed; jn^. r.'lo.-t and sauntered awav.- the dircctioui Carmelita • • • you want«id stay(>d, arid death." 1 AVIth her of relief. "Had ifie to go,'I'should have know rd .be bored to had taken. J '"Great Jliltle old woman." and •pseville looked at Riggs. "Does .she know anything?" "Kverylhing." . ^ "1 don't mean generally speak- i'ing. I Triean ^about the Folsom ' murder." \ ' "Good Lord, no! How should fsjier ; "I don't know how she shoiild, but: that doesn't; argiie thajt she doesn't." ,i ;' Seeing and .Ned Barron, who liad returned together-, he wviil to !ipeak to thini. ".Miuht as well put it through.' lie told himself. "Been in?" he ^a.'^ked. noting the vigorous gfow tliat seems to follow as an aftermath the salt-water dip. "Rathrr:" answered Barron. "None of till! timider sex along, and we swam—how far did we swim. Croy?" ••A million miles at a roujh of Somebody's"Soap?" laughed Barron. ••No. salt. I gbess.^' . "I suppose we look likt- pair of lofs wives. .- .\iid there's niy own wife." and; Barron left tlieiij - "She.niay jfor all lean say-I've ^ „ ... .. ._. re.-flly not talked to her about it."H5i,ess. An<\ uphill all 't\\^ way,' . Tite Riggs watched his man. fori' ."You look it: You two ouKht. to in a sense Neville was his man. j.pdse for an advertisDineiil picture • for the moment. Riggs didn't ac-' tually Suspdct him, I hut a number of vague vapors liad begun to cr.vstallize suddenly and all at once.! and Tite wanted fo be sure! "Have you talked much-about it. Neville?" he said. "I mean, have •. >t)u heard or gathe -ed aiiything Jliat-would help me. n mv search? For you must be intere.sted in' getting at the truth—" ^ • "I daresaj^ 1 ought jto be." the other cut In. "Buti I'm not. 1 don't look at these- things as some people do. I'd i rather let -poor old Garry lie. "To dig into that man's past would not only mean a lot of reproach to his meinory .but trou- Ihl** and anudyance for other peo- jjilc.who. whatever- tiiey may be, 'are innocent of any complicit.v in ^ his death." » : "Oomplicity? How can yoti think I more than one per.son acted? l-^en if 'e coroner's ii 'iiry said "at the hand ot a person unknown,' omitting the ialteruatlve jlural. "I used tilt! word carelessly, but even so there, may have been cony- jpliclty of inttint with an individual -|acfloii. I iloii't suggest this af all: iPjii only defending my Knglish." I He Rmiled; Neville was" a, man of Icharm. and the more Riggs looked >at,lilm the nor^ he felt- certain jthat the charm was. of a sort that coiild expand into tact, e-ren policy, even deception. "Weir." be -H'aid. aftbr a moment's lAKE. 'i: cup Crisco 2 egg's, beaten j . cup milk 1 ' 1 teaspoon baking powder teaspoon vanilla; ; " i cup sugar | ; teaspo(Mi salt ! I'i; cup pastry flour. Cream together Crisco. salt, sugar. Beat until light and'soft, add cggs.r mixing thoroughly. Sift flour and baking powder and'add alternately with milk. Add ranilla. Beat well and turn into well Criscoed shallow baking pan. Bake in hot oven (:!75. F.) one h^lf hour. When partly cool, dust; with powdered sugar. Cut-in squares and serve while; warm.; This is a!dainty, light abruptly to go toward. .Madeline, who liail jlisl come in jSiglit. -Uiggs snjitched his chance. . "Great old chaps." \lesaid. heartily. "Can you give iiie a'Iill of. help in niy work. .Mr. /Sears? That young j hopeful of yours has lain ilown on' the job." . "Why—that is. I ^doii't see h()w I can, iMr. Riggs. I know nothiir^ about it. yJii see. i was 'way off: 'l didn't see the thing |at ail." "Yes. 1 khow. 'out—I'm only checking up,! facts—who was the man in the green bathing suit who stood near you?" "1 haven't an idea. aiid--excus(' me, sir—I shouldn't lel! you if 1 had." Ami. Croydon Rochester Sears, with a slight, formal-bow. turned, and walked away to where the Barrons were standing, Tite Riggs looked critically at .\lr. Sears's back and said. '•Whew':"' (To He Continued) ATAKSHMALLOW MT I U I>«. 2 cuj>8 granulated sugar cup boiling water ' 2 egg whites (well heaten) 12 to 18 large marshmallows cup pecans, cut fine • Boil sugar and water together until, it 5pins a thread. Then beat slowly into egg whites. Cool slightly., add marshmaUows broken in pieces and one teaspoon vanilla. Spread over cake before it is quite cold. Sprinkle ; chopped pecans over top.—E. F. RICE DLSIIK.S. KICi; WITH Al'I'LES. Vi cup rice 3 eggs cup sugar 2 apples (^steamed) cup evaporated milk combined with '.2 cup cream Bare and core the apples, cut in eighths and cook until soft. Steam the rice, add well beaten yolks of eggs, sugar and cooked apples. Fold in the Stiffly beaten whites and bake ,"{0 minutes in well-buttered baking dish. Serve with evaporated milk and cream mixture.—A. R. which Is added 'i teaspoon salt, the meat and drained rice. Ciiver Scald the pepp'tTs and fry in the with grated- cheese and top with butter with thei onion. Add loma- e-rumbs. Bake in a moderate oven toes, salt and jteprper and heat to (3".') F ;) until crumbs are brown boiling point, J'lace'mixture In a aiid cheese is melted.. Yield: Six buttered bakinff dish in layers with .servings.—A. R. ' CONSTIPATION CAOSES UGLY SKINS i Get prompt, safe relief with I Kellogg^s ALL-BRAN RICE W.VTEK. . 2 ta'blcspoons rice 2 cups cold wafer \'4 teasimon salt •• ••_» cup evaporated milk combined with 'i cap cream Pick over rice, add to water and boil until rice is tender: strain and add evaporated milk and cream, Season Tujith salt and reheat. A half inch piece of stilk clnnaiiion may be cooked with rice. Pimples, blottihes, circles under the,«yes—^are dll outw^ard signs of the inward havoc this scourge plays. Constipation saps strength, wrecks health and causes many serious diseas^^ Guard against it. Do not Jet it drag you down to suffering-and pain. Kellogg's ALL-BRAN is guaranteed to relieve constipation safely and promptly. Eat two tablespoon- fiils daily—in chronic cases, with every meal. Kellogg's is 100 c'o bran—100', 0 eflFcctive! That's why doctors recommcM it. Delicioiis with' milk or cream-— and add fruits or honey for an extra treat. Mix it with other cereals,; with soups. Try the recipes on every package. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Served at hotels, restaurants. Sold by all grocers. (ITomes ready to eat. ALL-BRAN JCiir^s can't pnt .Searv out of iii*> mind nlien he thinks of the niunlpr. Why do so! liiany jtro- plc art susplcIoiislj!{ I Who killed /VuNoin, anyi\ay! . SWISS RICE. 1 cui? rlc» " * ll-s cups evaporated milk ililut- ed with ; IVs cups water 1 teaspoon salt 1 1-3 cui)s whipping cream ,iom- ; bincd with 2-3 cui^ evaporated • milk and WhlpTied ' >i te.aspoou vanilla Raspberry or cherry juice ;. Add salt to diluted milk. Sd-am i rice in the milk over boiling water 30 to !.'» ililiriiles until tender. Add vanilla. When cool add and fold in all but 'i cup of the whipped creani coiiibiiiatioii. Sliaiie into | any desired form with spoon. .Add , enough fruit/juice to the remaining ! whipped cream to color prettily and use to garnish the top. Ser've cold. Yield: G servings.--.\. R. SI'AMSII RICK. '2 eup rice 2 cups.boiling water '.i teaspoonful salt 2 cups chopped cooked moat 2 green peppers 1 tablespoouful butter 1 onion, chopiied • 1 pint tomatoes • 'A teaspoonful pepper IVi teaspoonful salt 1 cup grated cheese 1 cup buttered crumbs Boil rice in boiling water to .. >ireii. ue-saui. aiier a iiioiiieni s «^ pause. "I belileve 'cards on. the ta- • KsillSlllDC was youri Spread your • |/«IUttIlllO Better Than Words Piggly-Wiggly Price Tags Explain It All Look for the Special Red Tag on tlie items listed bejow. Every Tagj Spells Economy. For Friday and Saturday Special Deal oh Canned Goods—Corn, Peas, Tomatoes, Pumpkin, Hominy, No. 2 cans— fancy select, choice, while they last— POTATOIilS— Good cookers, per peck SWEET POTATOES -Nancy Halls, 7 lbs..-. BACON— Nice Cured, per lb COMPOUND— Extra nice, per lb.. BRAN FLAKES—10 -oz. package ......... SMAX— The New Breakfast P'ood.. SOAP CHIPS— Large pkg. PEARS— No. 2^= packed in syrup Quality Meats and Groceries We Carry, Fresh and Cured Meats at all Times PENNINGTON'S ..45c . .25c ..30c .. 14c ..10c ..25c ..24c .25c A -$- -$- T nnouncemen I wish lo announce that I have purchased thej grocery and market known a.s Hujjhes Grocery and .Market oh the north side of v thej square at No. 2 West Jackson. I will continue to stock a full line/of hi.ijh grade grtMreries, fresh fruits, vegetables and meats. Mr. W. W. Webb will continue in charge of the meat department. Ouij delivery truck is always at your command. 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I niean't lyqtir cards, jiiot in this, a I liaVeiit any. Tm 1 told you. What I ' (ioldeir Klpr " 3 Ihs. 26c •meint wap. .spread yqjir cards, so r miy kuow what'you're after froni me." .^imwiiBi , "live practi|faliy asked you ail 1 am trying 50 Xearu fj-bni yoii: that's Jas to Garret f Fol^rji'^ sidelines. |Straight Bood v. now. ilo ydu know of hi.« being conversant with details \of other people's lives, that said people wciuld give almost anything not to hkve known?" ' i -Yrs.:' 1 "And did give almost anvthinR?" '•I'Yes.''' ^ - i .. . ; • - ; • i '"Youfselt among them?" -T- .i."Yes."- -; j . • : "Vou know other.'i'.'" . "If I do. il dou't iiropose to tell .olf It." - t ' " •Very wejll. |-yptir frankiiess, to me. of Jout Injsk., you ft* •want, to tell." j '•you've ireii then." i Tite Riggti smiled. ^ like- the m^n, ' better.judgnienju ' i "Wiat 'becan^e of that valet of. Folsom's. thiit Hoss?" .^eville asked.. and thank you for This;is not news se. . But I will not ny more than you c-hed your • limit. I He began to though against his Oranges .Your Dollar Buys More Here Sweet and .hilej- I'or Doz. 28c ft 1 l-rpsli from i Ot \/ Celery isi."- Cauliflower Snon n liito 'Heads I'rr III. ... 7c Extra Special S|at. Only POTATOES Fancy IdahOs I^rge Quality Potatoes OQ^ Price, per 15-lb. peck 1. Ot/V He could' connective JAjijaiff Riifis smiled, so often rehd silent thonght. i"You meain. lie knew a.ijout his magter's buiineiss?'.' i"Gee. Rig^s. you're uncanny! Tjjat's earl^ I'l^yle work." |"Oj>iy to a mild degree. Why tlie iiepliew. Uan Pelton., one of your <;o-heirs, accumulated Ross as pdrt of his inheritance, -I suppose lie bad a right |to." . ', { "Ob. hardly a questib^ of right. Yes. T. do rather think \ that Ross knows-'4 lot aljout Garry's doings I4ilfler the rose, as well as out in lhf» mnojillgllt."' Piggrly Wig- giy Encourages Thrift Salmon Fancy IMnk, Tall Cans. 16c 1 • ! Beans \siTj-, rany Cooker!) 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