Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 15, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1898
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•'"• 'fi*'t "r,, , 'psfj^V""' 1 ' ,,-<'"• .^Jwre^if^W' "> "".'WsffiSs'?. «ltt|)U*|q| 4*ttjM» iiyft i'llynlKiU| il^|gk tf^ft^igutgMlb -rttmr- j»a^ ALTON, ILL., THURSDAY, DEC. i ,« i8 9 3.,J flive the People a Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked. CONDENSED MILK. TAKI NbsOBsmoTe eon TMK "EAGLE BRAND" MOTHERS TESTIFV rotrs SUAERIOHITY, Tne House Refuses to Consider Lodge's Measure. SENATOR (UUIXOKK'S PROTEST. «t«N*» HowelPs Carpet House has some fine new patterns in Carpets, just the < lUte^fe things out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs of all kin^s, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable household goods we can •••dhOW.-. O^MS-'for^arpefs should be sent in at ftnce to <insure prompt delivery. A. J.HOWELL J17 West Third Street Licensed dfmral Su|Mrliitea4nt«M&MfeeR*nlca1 DraughUman. tpMMn4-Tpdult4MB<|lUMfeiio v il»uiD t*Ren1>iMst on n«» Inronf 001 or lfflprOT«ttentl » 1 4xlff*«, I wrmieont«*rMnnf«*M<p*oiao»U«nj.«ndmtk« «Dplle«t!om tor pitintee. ' ioa W. THIRD STREET. Tfcird Floor Fire and Water-Proof ^Composition RB&FiNQ MA SELLERS. 01 '-». LOUIS. tk»-tall**taf JftnlMI' fin 1 Tobtooa Wmhoai*, tni L*mp'« Unwary • bp'.lllnt. Drop * poiul to ot oil! oo jiutttern Hotel, Now Hlmoten'. 111* ohMpeit tod b«n roofi «v*r pi Ue Object, to the Practice of Intrrnlticlnic I'Rtulon 1)111) tn fair* I'miling In tho fellllon omce-Tvro Men Mrnllnliml fur the Spcrdniyshlp ol thi> Inlcilor-An- nual lUpi.rt ol Chief Kinmliifcr 8ervrn of the Civil Hervjrc Conutiltiilnn, Waghlngton, Dec. IB.—The penelon •pproprlatlon bill was reported to the house and Barney of Wisconsin gave notice that he would call It up Thurn- Jay. The tenate bill to regulate the lifting of United States courts within the district of South Carolina was passed. Danford of Ohio then called up Ihe Lodge Immigration bill which was passed by the senate at the last ses- ilon and which has since been upon the ipeaker'e table. Uatholdt of Missouri faleed the question of consideration igalnnt It, and Danford demanded the lyes and nays, which wore ordered. The house refused to consider the Immigration bill—101 to 104. In Hie Srlliitn, Th senate opened with a protest on Ihe part of Galllnger, chairman of the committee, on 'penBlonn ap*Unst the practice of senators of Introducing pen- lion bills In cases pending In the pen- lion office. He said the committee would not consider such bills and that It was useless ot present them. The senate !hen took up the bill to amend the law /elating- to the registry of foreign built iressels wrecked on American shores, ind Caffery spoke against the measure. During the talk on pensions Vest de- i.'lared that pensions were granted for political reasons In close districts and said Indiana with fewer soldiers In the late war drew ,$1,500,000 more In pen- Blons than. Illinois because the former was a pivotal state. SECRETARY BLISS' SUCCESSOR. two Moil Who Are Mentioned for tho Interior Department. Washington, Dec. 15.—It is the opinion of leading members of the administration still In the city that the vacancy to be caused by the resignation ot Sec-. retary of the Interior Bliss will be fllled by promotion. In this connection the names of Blnger Hermann, commissioner of the general land office, and Assistant Secretary of the Interior Webster Davis are being considered. Both officials are personal friends of the president and have given excellent lervlce to the party. For geographical reasons it Is thought that Mr. Hermann's chances are the better. There Is no representation in the cabinet from the Pacific coast, and on account of the vote of Oregon In t.he recent elections It is thought highly probable that the president will confer the office of secretary of the Interjor upon Mr. Hermann. Makes the food more delicious and wholesome tbiion' Here til the continued refusal of the Filipinos to release the Spanish prisoners, who ore Bald to exceed 10,000 In number. The Insurgents are now demanding that Ppnln pay as n ransom for thope prisoners the J20,000,000 which she Is to receive, according to the terms of the peace treaty, from the United States ae compensation for money expended In the betterment of the Philippine islands. In Fnvnr of MuckenruM. New York, Dec, 15,—At the meeting of the National Hase Ball league the question as to tlm recognition of Von der Ahe or Muckenfuss as the representative ot the St. Louis club was decided In favor of Muckenfuss. There were only two dissenting votes, Von der Ahe and Abell. Curfew mill clgaiTtli) Ordinance. Alton, Ills., f><?c. IS.—The city council has unanimously adopted resolutions for a curfew ordinance and for an ordinance placing a heavy license on retail dealers In cigarettes. A delegation from the W. C. T. U. thanked the councllmen In the names of the fathers and mothers. GrR HOLIDAY GOODS Wo am prepared to show a of . , , BAKING POWDER Corner Shields «ad Roft» Srreett A-'- if 7 - '&i^'-H&EF£0iril£5£K.- : ' /GROCERS,'..;"; ; . W. £f€$JPf &2!f&' 9 Cor. Sixth and Alby sts i Best' Brands Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruits,; Vegetables, Buckwheat, Pancake Flour, Maple.Sap, Fresr^ Oysters, Celery, Fresh Bread, Fancy Butter, Flour, Pure Spices, Fjjpe Teas and Coffees, e'.c. • Free Delivery itb; Part of the City; Foley' I |t :4s not claimed that r's Honey and Tar will cure CONSUMPTION! or AST/HMA .in advanced stages, it holds out no such lake hspes, put DOES truthfully claim to always give comfort and relief ip" tb^ very worst cases and in the early, stage^to eflfect a curie. For sale by E. Marsh and S. H.JWysa. I Builder. danv BuiWJng Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing;, boorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., CIVIL SKUV1CE REPORT. Chief Examiner Scrven Oppose. Making Temporary Appointment., Washington, Dec. 15.—Chief Examiner Swven of the civil service commission .in his annual report says applications Cor examinations of all kinds during the year aggregate 43,313. He says temporary appointments should not be made for regular positions where It Is possible to avoid them, and that the commission has under consideration a plan to best meet the demands for ell- glbles with exceptional and extraordinary qualifications. This contemplates the establishment of a series of examinations, enabling all competitors to qualify on as many Different lines of work possible, and that eligibility shall be advanced step by step from lower to higher registers as fast as the applicant can qualify. Tot Cttie on tho War Tax. Washington, Dec. 1C.—Arguments In the case of James Nleol vs. the United States marshal for the northern district of Illinois, Involving the constitutional-' Ity of the revenue stamp tax on grain transactions in the Chicago board of trade, began In the United States supreme court yesterday. The opening argument was presented by Henry I. Robbins, In behalf of Nleol, who contests the constitutionality of the stamp tax. More Warahlpa Ordered to Cuba, Washington, Dec. 15,—In consequence of the danger of serious trouble In Havana between Spaniards and Cubans orders have been Issued by the navy department directing the armored cruiser Brooklyn, Captain F. A. Cook; thi; battleship Texas, Captain Charles 8. Slgsbee, and the gunboat Castine, Commander R. M. Berry, to proceed to Havana. Army of no,000 for Cuba, . Washington, Dec. 15.—Adjutant General Corbln stated at the hearing before the house military affairs commlt- lee that the Cuban evacuation commission, Generals Wade and Butler, and Admiral Sampson.-had recommended that an army of 50,000 was requisite to maintain order In Cuba. * Filipino. Want That Ca»h, r Madrid, Dec. 16.—There_lB_great_jrr(., GENERAL LEE PLEASED. of Hln Appointment a. Governor of the Province of Havana. Havana, Dec. 15.—The United States transport Panama, with General Fltz- hugh Lee and his staff on board, has entered the harbor. General Lee was Informed by a correspondent of his appointment as governor of the province of Havana. He said he was much gratified, but had only wished for a military command. The genera! added that he Is simply In command of his soldiers; that his duty Is to preserve life and property, and that he proposes to do so with equal justice to Cubans, Span- lards and persons of all nationalities. The headquarters of General Lee will be established at Quaemado camp. Ma- rlanao. Many prominent personal friends called on the general when he arrived here. Later In the day General Lee and his staff accompanied General Greene In the tug Britannia for Vedado, where he reported to General Wade. Thence General Lee went on horseback to Quaemado. A battalion of the Fifteenth Infantry was landed from the United States transport Saratoga and marched with band playing and flags flying to Marlanao. The soldiers were followed by crowds of people. At every street corner Spanish troops were stationed. There was some enthusiasm in the Cerro suburbs. Her Third Trlnl for Murdvr. Galesburg, Ills., Dec. 15.—The third trial of Ida Johnson for killing her husband, ex-Alderman Charles F. Johnson, was begun before a'large audience In the circuit court. The deed was committed Dec. 26, 1S94, In her attorney's office. On both the previous trials a verdict of guilty was returned. The last verdict was set aside by the supreme court, because It did not give the term of sentence. Both trials were sensational, and the present promises to be so. It will take a day or two to secure n jury. The present Insanity of the defendant will be claimed. HIM AT ATLANTA Southern City Heartily Welcomes the President iND THOSE WHO WERE WITH HIM. 3mm Itooin the I'roslOeltUal Salute AH Ihn GtiRBl oT Honor Asrendi the Capitol Stepii to Cull I'piHi governor Cnlullar— Flnwar I'araitn In \Vhlili I.u.ll|.» Vic- with Each Other In Kffiil'U lo I'rntciil the Most llpnullfill Carriage. Atlanta, On., D, c. J3.—The (rain bcar- •ng the president and parly to Atlanta lo attend the ponce Jubilee, arrived In Atlanta af S o'clock in the mornlnjr. General Jue Wheeler was the first U> illght. A strong chorus of cheers grcet- ;d the distinguished Alabamlan, as, accompanied by his daughter and the members of the reception committee, he made his way to a carriage. When the president appeared on the rear plat- ftrin of Ir.f cur a hearty cheer was jlven him, breaking forth with renewed vigor ar. instant later, when Mra. Mc- Klnley came out of the car. The wel- :ome to th? members of the cabinet was very cordial. The ladles of the (ublh'e committee extended a greeting to tht' hulks of the presidential party after which the president and those accompanying him were escorted to the Klmbal! HOUSH, where luncheon and rest were taken. Start for (lie Capitol. A few ininules before I o'clock the president's party were assigned to carriages and escorted by fifty mounted police and the members of Governor Candler's staff, started for the capitol. Guns boomed the presidential salute as the chief executive ascended the steps of the capitol. At the Hunter street entrance the president was met by a I'HKEE AimCU.'.S OF THE Til EAT V. llclcrrlMH' to Ctnnmerrr mid to thr rinliiift At{ttlM*t Kuril OoviTiimcnt, I-ondoii, Dec. r,,. -The I'nHs cot re- tpundeiu of The 'nini's nlvcs the text of the lll^t'iino-AriiiTlcnn ircnty, omlt- tliiK illplomntlc clmimliicutlori. It noep not differ from lift forni'T pnbll- tatlons purport 'ng to nlvi thexuhstance of the treaty. Thr-c of the articles tire ns follows: "The t'nllrd Ptnies will, for a term of ten years from the dale and exchange of rallflrailoriR of the present treaty, idnilt Spanish (hips niul merchuntllee to the ports of the Philippine Islands on the snine terms as the shins and merchandlfe of the UnllcJ KtatcB. "The United States ard Spalnmutunl- ly relinquish all claim for Indemnity, national ant! Individual, of every kind, of cither government, or of Its citizens or subjects, against the other government that miiy have arisen since the beginning' of the lute Insurrection In Cuba and prior to the exchange of ratifications of the prest'.it treaty. Including all claims for Indemnity for the cost of the war. The Unlt'-il Stales will adjudicate and settle III', claims of Us citizens hfiuinst Spain, ri'llnqutshed ur.- Jer this stipulation. "The government of each country will, for a term of ten years from the exchange of ratifications, accord to the merchant vessels of the other country the gam'. 1 treatment in respect of all port charRpy. Inciudmur er.trance and clearance dues, light dues and tonnage duties, as it accords to Its own merchant marine vessels not engaged In coastwise trade. This provision may at any (line be terminated on six months' notice given by either government lo tho other. large Miortment of KllgS,. of a)1 k , nd8 ftnd pp)oes Lace Curtains, Porliers, Table Covers. A.Neerman&Son. OVERCOAT SALE have Now is your time to buy an Overcoat Cheap. \Ve ' ;1 B ATTLEs I' IjTv iaY)jIAG ED. Cement, Lime, 5and and Plaster Paris 5M* Trukf'Rwiurinf Into tb> QuarrlM. ALTON, ILL, THE HOLIDAY SEASON Is at hand »t Marsh's Drug Store. You will find Cigars, Choice Perfumes,, Hair and THE EXCELLENCE OF SYRUP OF FIGS ia due not only to the originality and •Implicit? of the combination, but also to the car* and skill with which it is nuurafitctured by acleutlflo proueuseu k*own to the OAUFOBNIA FIG SYKUI* Oo. only, and we wish to impress upon •11 the Importance of puri'liimlng the true and original remedy, As tht> genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured by the CALIFORNIA Fio Kvnui- Co. only, ft knowledge of that fact will Mlbt one in avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured by oilier par- tie*, The High standing of the CAI.I- rosau. Fio Bravr Co, with the medical profession, and tho satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Flgn hus given to millions of families, mulcos the name of the Company a guaranty of the exeeltenae of its remedy. It U far in adranoe of all other laxative*,, aa It aoU on the kidneys, liver and bowel* without irritating or weaken- |nr them, and U does not gripe nor nauseate. In order Vo get its beneuuinl effects, please remember the name of the Company— CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. *AJ» r»A* Soldiers from Manila. San Francisco. Dec. 10.—The steamer Alameda, which arrived from the antipodes and Honolulu, brought the second detachment ot (he New York regiment, which Is en route to New Tork state for mustering out. There were 315 soldiers In the Alameda steerage and about a dozen officers In'the cabin The detachment consisted of Companies C, E, F and G. The last of the New Yorkers will arrive here In a day or two on the transport Scandla, which left Honolulu on the 10th. The companies which will come on the Scandla are Companies K, M and H. Called the! Kulsor n "Slieep'i Bend." Berlin, Dec. 15.—The trial of Frank Knaak of New York, charged with lese majeste In referring to Emperor Willlam as a "Bheep's head," has been fixed for Dec. 20. He Is still In prison, ball being refused and the United States embassy being unable to Interfere In the case. Th* defense will prove that Mr. Frank Knaak, on Nov. 24. the day he Is said to have spoken disrespectfully of bin majesty, was -Intoxicated, and that when sober he always spoke respectfully of the emperor. Telngfilplini'H Vfito tu Strike. Montreal. DPC. 15—The threatened strike of telegrapher? on ihe Grand Trunk rallrond if for lhi> time being at a slandh-lll. The result nf llic ballot Is not offlclnlly Riven out, but I! has been learned from conri authority that of the 800 ballots a large- majority have declared for a strili" If tli? order Is nol recognized. Tin- '-111 of grievances which ihe commit IF•. desires to have the company ccn*liler Includes shorter hour*, ^chiuluk- wap'.-f. rules, regulations, etc. rtlm-r SnrUvin 1 * of liii' Loiilloiliiiu, Baltimore. Dec. 15.—The overdue North (.ii'riv.un Uoyd line steamship Murlu Hlikmers, from Hremi?n, passed In Cape Henry tu 4 o'clock and signaled she htul nbrmnl eight survivors of th«" British steairshlp Londonlun of Hul). which foundered at pen. The British vieamshlp Vedamore rescued forty-live of llu> new. whom she landed laxt \\i't'k She lost the wreck on the night of Nnv 27 with eight aboard They wi'te rriHued by the Itlckmers next day riuilrn Hum lit Clilrujjo. Clilcngo. l)c-r 15,—Fire In the Johneon t'halr company'* North Green street Nvuri'hr.upp muted the structure, causing n loc,« of S100.0CO, and gave the tlii' Ofpai'liDcnt « stubborn and cold tlt:ht before It was brought under control. The building wu» used OB n store- huun> and wan filled with $50,000 worth of clialrp. whlrli in burning sent out clouds of black smoke which completely shut off all view of the building and filled the ulr with sulTocuttiiu fumea. ('iilmutiun MHtiii' SinntMl. Mmlrl.l, IH'C 15.—A mob of women at Ureimdii. convldfrlng tluil the dlscov- «ry of Aini'iiia was In ihc.r "p.nlon the principal cans..' of .Spain's misfortune* slohod tin* stutiiH of Columbus there. l/illlUlilu 'I'railml Cmim'll. Kansas City, Doc. 14.— Theodore B. Joiien of Kaiuas City, president of thu National Kulld'ng 'I'l'iuli-a rotincll, called the HircoiHi annual convention of that organization to oidur at labor head- quurlcfu. All (larlN of (he country urn ri'iiit'acnti-cl. llarouui't jtvolifu» ilin"l,vuilur > |if| l . London, Dec. 15.—Sir William Vurnon ilurcourt, Hlncu the rtHlgniitlon of Ulad- Bloiiu the olllclul leader of thu Liberal putty In ~Uie IIOIIBO of cominoiiK, has uJdicunfd u luttiSr to John Morluy un- nounelng his resignation of the leader- chip, { GEORGIA'S NEW CAPITOL. commlttt>e composed of Colonel William G. Obear, acting adjutant general, representing Governor Candler; Senator Hand, representing the senate, and Representative Hardwlck, of the house, and conducted to the governor's parlor. Here he was received by Governor Candler and the state house officials, after which (he general assembly In Joint session received the president and party and the governor. Floral i'ftrade, The prettiest and most novel event of the day's festivities occurred during the afternoon. It was a floral parade In which nil the .prominent people of the city took part and the first of its kind ever given in the city. Carriages of every kind were In line and all beautifully decorated In an elaborate manner. The ladles of the city vied with one another in their efforts to present the most beautiful carriage and at the same lime bid for the prize offered by the committee having the feature In charge. Decorations of every description were seen from the rare hot house exotics to the hardy plants which had no fear of the cold. Kevtnned by Ilio President. The parade formed on Trinity avenue, near Trinity church, and proceeded through the business portion of the south side onto Peach Tree. . Passing out this beautiful street, which was lined on both sides with thousands of cheering school children, all waving tiny Hags, It was Indeed an unique feature. The president and hla escort preceded the parade to the reviewing stand at the corner of Peach Tree nnd Ponce de Leon avenue. After the review the distinguished guests returned to the Klmball and spent the remainder of the afternoon in resting. A reception was given the president and party at night by the Capital City club at their splendid house on Peach Tree street. Tlio I'rolrlcntlul I'm (y The presidential party which is visit. Ing this city Includes the following: President and Mrs. McKlnley, the secretary of the treasury and Mrs. Gage, the secretary of war and Mrs. Alger, the secretary of the navy and Miss Long, the postmaster general and Mrs. Smith. Ui» secretary of agriculture aivl Miss Wilson, secretary to the president J. Addlson Porter", nnd Mrs. Porter, Assistant Secretary Cortelyou and 1). F. Hames, executive clerk; Major General Joe Wheeler and Miss Anna Wheeler. Major General Henry W. Lawton and Mrs. Lawton, Captain Scherer, U. S. A.. and P. M. Hlxey, U. 8. N. KU'L'tfUll III IloHtoil, Bosion, Dec. 15.— Returns from the city election were very slow In coming In owing chlully to the unusual number of candidates fur iihlermen and school committee. From figures at hand It Is assured that the Democrats hove elected the ft reft commissioners, boih mfin- bers of HH J board of apportionment, a majority of thi- board of aldermen and most of the school committee. IJoston has given n majority for the Itcpublic- an candidate* for K"\vrnor thrci; years 111 BUCI usplnn Tin- city went for license by a good majority Kill, C,,I!!,T Mll.l III,,. Pprlngfii'lil. JIlH., I >,-r, 15.- The su- picnic court has refused to gra. i u fupci'fcileai- In ihe CIIHC of Dick Collier. who la to lie hantvd In l.'Jmm- pHlgn county Friday. Tin' sallows upon which Janus Mingle was hanged in this (Ity l.'i:U February him been chipped to Chiiiupiilgn to bo used nt the execution ot Collier. I'tllfltvuy DviU Ciilieluilt'll. SI. Louis, Dec. l"i.— A private massage from New York naya that a deal by which tin- Missouri Pacific railroad runii'B Int. i HIM possession of the Chl- CIIKK uml Alton hai ju»t b^en concluded Dr.Bull's Mothers) This wonderful remedy will gave your child'i life when attacked tlHssachuiictt* Will Have to Have New Kcul ami Frames. New York, Dec. 15.—Xavnl officers believe the "battleship Massachusetts must go out of commission and that practically a new keel and several new frames must be supplied to her before she will be fit for sea. This apprehension ha3 been caused by an incomplete examination made by the naval constructors and divers, which showed that the keel is buckled for 240 feet and frames are twisted In about seventeen different places in that distance. These injuries are the result of the accident of last Saturday, when the big vessel struck a mass of rock near Diamond reef and drove over It. The Massachusetts must be relieved of her entire cargo and naval officers believe her. heavy guns will have to be taken off also. The shock ot the eccl- dent disarranged the delicate machinery of the ^forward turret. Ciu-c or Mrs. tlotliln. San Francisco. Dec. 15.—The Botkln case attracted a large crowd to Judge Cook's court In spite of the stormy weather. Dr. Price, a chemist of this city, who analyzed seven pieces of the candy sent to Mrs. Dunning from this city, testified that he found enough arsenic to kill nine people. Dr. Wolf, the chemist of Dover, Del., who also examined some of the candy, was recalled to the stand and gave further testimony regarding his discoveries. Frank Gray, druggist of this city, who claims to have sold arsenic to Mrs. Botkln, was the most important witness called during the day. To Investigate Police Courts. Chicago, Dec. 15.—Next Tuesday the Berry senatorial committee will come to Chicago to investigate the police court system. The committee met at the Great Northern and after a consultation with Attorney E. R. Bliss decided to let the police nnd civil board rest awhile and probe into the police court abuses so as to be able to recommend the passage of a bill at the approaching session of the legislature which will reform the system. Before the next gathering the senators will make a study of the police court systems of other cities and be able tore- port. Decide* Agalliftt tho Hank, Chicago, Dec. 15.—Judge Grosscup has handed down a decision In the United States circuit court In the case of the west Chicago park commissioners, John McNulta, receiver of the National Bank of Illinois at Chicago, and the bank Itself. He found that the officers of the bank had been cognizant of the Insolvency of E, S. Dreyer & Co. and that they are liable for the funds, amounting to J31C.OOO, deposited in their vaults by the former treasurer of the park board. llravy Cunt In Itevonuc Slumps. Milwaukee, Doc. 15.—The transfer of a piece of gold mining property known as the Dahlonega Consolidated Gold Mining company, of Georgia, of which Christian Wahl, of Milwaukee, of the well-known Chicago linn of Wahl Bros., was the owner, required an outlay in • revenue stamps of $9,160. This amount Is said to be the largest on record In the history of the revenue office of the United States In the transfer of one piece of property. To Kudow Victoria College. Montreal, Deo, 15.—At the last meet- Ing of the board of governors of McGII] university Lord Stratheona announced his Intention of endowing the now Victoria college fur women, which lit built at a cost of SiiiO.OOO, to the amount of $1,000.000. W. C. McDonald, the millionaire t"bacco man, who bus given several millions to (he university, also announced that he Intended endowing the chair of history In the art faculty. Ilflglantt Katun liy SaviiffoM, Antwerp, Dec. 15.—The steamer I,eo- poldvllle. which has Just arrived here from Africa with Congo Hdvlces, reports that four Belgian traders have been killed ami eaten by the natives of Upper I'bannhl. A punitive force, It IF also said, has been dispatched to that district. 300 Men and Boys' Overocats, « which we will sell for the next 20 days 1 REGARDLESS OF COST. 1 « We must clear them out and it will pay you to come and price before you purchase. ,,] Model Shoe & Clothing Co. We desire to call attention to our New FALL AND HOLIDAY GOODS, .•^•m And invite you to inspect our line of Beautiful Rodk-~ll ers, Parlor Pieces and Desks. Our stock is more J J comp'ete and our prices lowei than ever before. For"!? good go ids at low prices deal with the reliable and old'.' I established furniture house of J. SUITER & SON SIOW. Third Street. FALL and WINT 1899. The most complete line of Foreign and Domestic Wool ens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just received. Style, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. *-'•*? M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, 112 West Third si t 1 ,f ?•».*. We Have an Elegant Line of ^ WINTER SUITINGS! for you to select. Also a handsome line of j>; Men's Furnishing^! In Latest Styles. '» X 203 West Third Street. _2 For Rats, Mice, Roaches, and J. Bauer & [Sons FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embalmers. Second Street.] Opposite City Hall. Alton, III. /TS Vermin. KILLER. After eating, all vermin seek water and ilit* open »lr, 1 Ictice Oil* killer IB the niufct deimly un earth. For Salo by all Drugg^ti. Price, Iff Cents. NEWTON MANUFACTURING 4 CHEMICAL CO., 03 WlllUra Street. Mew York. DR. WOTT'S cure tliro»t and luug Uoubl«. Price 25 ct». They ovorcoum Wtulnu-Mi, li- rt'Kului'ity uiiil omlnMuiiH, In* fiimsu vi^or unt 1 "punts uf i»cn»truutlun." Tlicy urc "Life Severs" tO|?1rlHUt wr.uiiititiQudi olcllnH _^__ _ ttpvulupiuuut (»f orwuns mid body. No Ituown rtmierty for women ouuulH tlium. Cannot do linriu-Itfo bocoincH u j>lous- ure. $1 \\ur bia bjr null. £&- Huld by Uru^UU. OR. MOTT'8 CHEMICAL CO., Cl«nland, Ohio. Electric Power. We are prepared to contract for Elecrru Pow^i ai /.OM ates. If you know of any manufactrei wht. > -.eekmg lit itionask him to correspond with us. Electrir Motors can be use^l for running Elevator* perntirijj all kinds of machinery: pumpmy water: in fat' MV mechanical application. call on us for r^f A • Incandescent Lights, r lectflC Arc L| s ht *. IwlVWU 1W Power f Telephone 93. 'BREVITY IS THE SOUL OF WIT." QQOD WIFE, YOU NEED SAPOLJO.

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