Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 3, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1927
Page 3
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r Mrs. Dewey Peck of 425 Nprtli Elm street, who has been ill in bed for the past six weeks, is able to be up a while each day. —If you want a loan on your home at a low rate of interest and wish to avoid monthly payments, see Stewart & Funk. ^ ! Mr. and Mrs, Harold E. Tonkin of Atchison, Kansas spent ttaej week end with Mr.and Mra. Ray Hale of ^11 South Sycamore street and with Mr. Tonkin's piuent^ Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Tonkin, of Col; ony., Mrs. Harold Tonkin is a sis- tor of .Mrs. Hale. —Dr. Frbd Woodbury,. graduate foot specialist. Treats corn's, bunions, weakened arches, etc. N'o extra- charge for- residence calls. Phone ;30(i. il7 West .MadjsoA C Miss Pauline Taylor, who teach-, PS in the Huml>oIdt schools, js ill !ii the home of her patents, Mr. and .Mrs. Harlan Taylor. 220 .North Cottonwood street. .Mrs. William Trino is ill at her hoiiie, 922 North Sycamore street, with the flu. , —Dr. A. a Twad«ll, Oateopktta. . jNew GliobeBldg. Phone liL OpcM RmaJr Sho]i. E. L. Stanley, formerly head mechanic for the Grand Motor Co., has opened a service station for Willys- Knights. Overlands and Whippets. He is located in the building with the lola Tire & Battery Co., at 200 South Jefferson. He will do a general repair business. James Bartlctt, of 215. South First street, who ha.s been confined to his home on account of illness, is. reported as improvinpr. r —Try It once—yon wHl have ao other. Van Hoozer'a Bread. Charles I^oward. tlie Rceister carrier on .North Buckeye and Cottonwood stroet.< is unable to carry his papers this week on account of illness. Jobn S<^l>nuer Dead.- ,J9hn Henry Scbmrer, aged 24 irears. died lakt evening at 4:45 o*clobk at the hohie of his father, Adam' Schrurer, near Vates Center. ; The funiral • Announcement will be made 1^ a. later, edition ot\ the Register. The deceased .is a/ brother of th< late Mrs. Everett Fults, wholse dpath occurred a few weeks agd. B. E. H^ldebrant has accepted, a position in th< repair department at the Elllp .Mitor Co. —.\re yo|u trying for the Kelvi- nator Electric Refrigerator? It's Fr^e! Sed K. C. Electric and Plumbing Go. : .Mrs.. Miltbn Ableson and son of Arkansas dity ace visiting in the home of Mr and Mrs. Charles Ableson, o? 709 South Washington avenue. "They came to attend the fun-i oral ofj Betty Lou James which Vvas held this afternoon at the Baptist Templi. i of Wrs. Aivpa Martin. Mrs. 'Alpha .Martin, . aged, 37 years, passecl away. tWa iftornin^ at 9 o'clock at the home of: her brother. .Roy Perkins, 417 South The body will be tak- tomorrow for Elm street, en tQ Fort Scptt burial. Mi hiiilcj liiick sjXeita .Scaf(>.: who has been ill nf tho fin. is able to be at her work again. Wrs. Tom Coonrod of Fort Scott, ivho attended the .Modern Urother- hooil of .-Vmerica lodge meeting last^ niKht. i.s ii guest of Mr. and .Mrs. Ralph Loe. . n: .North Walnut .'ilrePt. — If you. want to buy or build a homo. Thi> lola Building & Loan .-XsHociation will loan you the mon- (>y. easy terms, no commissions. OrRanized in iss .5. Now located Miiithwest corner of sauure. G. E. I't'cs. Sec'y. " ; Gordon Cannon, a student at the jl'hiversity loi' Kansas, has been pledged by Xu Sigma Xu. a medical! frateriiity. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. iBillbe oi 814 jNorih Washington avenue an- iiotjnre the arrival of a girl, born rTuesday night, .March first, whom ithoy. have named. Virginia lieo inillbp, • -Wo wish to thank our friends fer| the kindness Shown , us during Ciuij recent Ijereavomont: also for the beautiful tlowers.—Mrs. Clias. Kidd and children, and .Mrs. .Maude LM ( haniols. I • I Tlie J. W. Stout faiplly are ninK to leave Saturday for Mc- Allf?n, Texas to makii.their home. 1 Ciyac Heldebraiit of COl .North .lofiWrson avcnuo wii,s in. Wichita ^aHl| week to attend tho Threshers Oonrontion. He was the giK -st of l|is il.nughtpr, Mrs. Hazel VaUCamp Willie there. ] ir. TE.UIS Ol.IH ^ Have you an automobile • of any make but still • nlilo 10 jog nlohg, more • than i .'j y«:-ais old? • If 80. write ABC. care • Tlie UcEiuler. • iMiM Prcyla Crandle, a .saleslady at the store, is confined to . her home with the flu. O.scar Davis, oil openalor. left yi'.stjrday on the Oil Fiver for Chi- ciigo on a short busiilo.«,s trip. —Did fashoined reviifal at Free Methoidist church. ! \ Mt-s. Edna Fouch lofti today for Ponca City tor a short rvisit with rolatlives. . ' Mrs. D. W. •Dillmoii of ?,U North Walnut street i.s; spending the day with her brother. C.-L. Denton and wife of LaJJarpe. I OFFICK HELP I Tlie Commercial Diipartnicnt of tii^ High School hais :i number of Senior Students available ioi| office work. When you arci in- need of a stcjnographer to work from one hoiir to one week, call 5S. iMi^s Ingles of Chanute:was ail Icjla business visitor yesterday. Coy Henderson luis accepted a ptfsiilon at the Quick Lunch Cafe. N6. 2. . . lola English, the eight-year-old daughter oC .Mr. and Mrs. Robert , Kntlish. who underwent an opera>, „ii „; -t.) v „,..i, i„» Oion at] St. Johns hosi^ital several several clays, is reported as improv- • ^ Ing. Wildu is one of the Resistor carrier girls. —Juat like Angel Food Cake. Van Hoozer'a Bread, 2 (or 15c. —Dr. Montgomery, Chiropractor.! tola Laundry. BIdg. : Phone 1S8. Opal Rpynolds. tlio Register carrier on Souili \yasliinKton avoiiuo. wlio was thrown from the running hoard of a liiotor car .and brui.sed quite badly, is now able to c-arry her papers again • and to. rosuini- her school work. Tho court Mrs. John Burns of 504 South Chestnut street, spent yesterday with th«j iMopt Hughes family of north of: Humboldt. Edward Wigifins. who; went to Coffeyville a few days ago to attend a meeting of the employes of the Sinclair Ilettning Co., returned home today. Mr. Wiggins is the raan.Tgcr of the local plant. Frank ^Gamble, of Caney. Kan., caml^ in yesterday for- a short visit with Mr. [and .Mrs. G. W. Brine'r and Miss Edna Briner, of 15 North Third' street. He returned to his work in Cuney this morning. .Mrs. Wm.")Ledford of 616 North -Walnut, is itoiibrted confined to her home with the flu. Mr. .and .Mrs. i^aymond ilayes of the Saleui[,neiRhborhood have moved to lola and are located in the .•iOO block on North Chestnut St. Tho Shannon Hardware Co. sold a patent milking machine recently [to T. F.,Penland, of tho Lone Elm tiY BEGISfflSR TB^RSPAY^VBNIN&. arARCH 3,1927. 3 tjf Calanthe Lodge No. 10 met withl-Mrsj. G. W, Bull, 615 .North Sycamore street.; yesterday afiornoon. After a busiiioss ni(?et- iiig retreshinenis we^e. served to jdairymen are installing thoni. the following members: .Mrs. J. W. [ : Gordon. .Mrs; H. Bland, .Mrs. John Papiiin and -Mrs. S. Handloy. neighborhood. They will install the equipment within the next day or two. Those machines are great labor saver.s .nnd ciuite .i number of • a • 7. L. B. LEATELL. M. D. Special a.tten!Uon given DIi- eases of Colon and Rectum, i Electro-Tberajiy and Physiotherapy. Office lola State Bank Bld(. . I Phones—147 and 706, Out-of -toWn relatives and frlenda here ^ for the funeral of Betty Lou: James, the .six year old daughter of ajr, and Mrs. R. I. James, were: Dave! S. Janjes atid Miss Maggie Jamcis, of Bevier. .Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. T. E.j James, McCracken, Kan.; Mr. JMrs. Floyd Sparks and sons. Wayife Dwlght and Charles Earlof Erie;;' Mrs. Dan Sparks and son, lialph, of ErIe:.vMrs. l.,eoIa Woodward] of Chanu^Je: Mrs. Ray Patton, of Ottawa; ?the Rev. antl Mrs. W- HL Tolllveridf Parsons; Mr. and Mrs. J. O. John )son and Miss Ida Mitir^%- of 'Wiclitta. i Dave James; I 'Miss Maggie James.; and T, E. James are brothers of R. I. James, j B.. Lan|o. local ilistril)Ulor of the' Siuflair 'Rpfining Co. product's, attended a mpoiing of'fho company oiniiloyt's at jCoflVyvjlIe thisi week. He rotiirnodi to lola today." Can} «ir 'Chunks -We M 'isli I to express our tlinnks and appreciatioti to oiir neighbors and kind fritnds tor the-sympathy and kindnos.'i given us during the sickness anci death of our dcsar mother; iilso for the beautiful flowers; tlii- pall bearers; ; the [and Will. Bert Turley of .">iil South Stale street, received word this inorning thai his sister. Mis. Charles. Holt, of Columbus. Kan., died following ashoi-t illness, iif pniMinionia. Mr. and .Mrs. Turley. Claude Turley and 'a nephew. Paul Wright, loft today to attend the funeral. ' I -O. L. Cox, li. D., Specialist Eye, Bar, Nose and Throat. Mrs. Lee Noftzger of 816 East street ha; returned from Wichita, Kan., where she has been vi.siting her parcnjts. I -Considerable interest is being maif tested in the revival meetings now being conducted at .the First U. B. djuf-ch each .evening. Several conversions are reported. H. M. Riley left lola a day| or two ago with the Intention of going to Bar^lesville, Okie., to visit his brothers for a few days and then go on to Houston, Texas, for a visit with his sister there. A. wire was received by the local Odd Fellows from Houston asking for , a remittance of $25.00 for Mr. Riley. No particulars accompanied the request for the money so there is a m>-stery. mixed up with the affair. C. E. Lehman is a brother- in-law of Mr. Riley and he said this morning that Riley had plenty of money whon he left lola and he is at a loss to 4indorstand wha.t is rneant by the wire from thb I interest and stimulate sales of this ITouslon Odd Fellows. It may be already worlil renowned drink. The that Riley has met with an acci-j schoine will bo inaugurated the dent or foul play. • I first of next, month. Trinity girls for the music-. Rpv. 3. .M. I Preston.—Fred. Clarence and (Jeorge Dix, .Mr. and .Mrs. W. A. Laymon, .Mr. and .Mrs. A. 0. Fostet^. .Mr. and .Mrs. Gt W. .\ndorson and fanjilios. ^, . Mrs. Pjit rick lief fern, book-keeper at the ioia Launciry. is reported quite ill at hjpr homo. 4fi7 East .Monroe, today. ! In conver.'iatton With John Cop- oning, manager oj die local bottling Coca Cola plant he .said the company is I sponsoring an advertising scheme upon which they expect to spetid *.in.ono. There will be a scries [of pictures showing people quenching their thirst with this drink. .The pictures are to be studied and; the outstanding feature, which; is designated as the key. noted. The party finding Uie key to the picture will be awarded n cash prize. Mr. Copeniiig says the so.hemo will create great Oomand for residence property in lola seems to bo quite brisk at tho present time. Some people are renting while others are buying oiil- right. It may be truly said that lola resilience properly ; is not a drug on the market by any mc?ans. fJoorge Newman, who is a lirio-. t.\*pe oi>erator on the St. Louis .GIobe-Deniorvat. arrived yesterday afternoon in his car. for a visit i this week with his si.<ter. Mrs. Walter .Maudlin- and family and brother. Charlie Newman and family of this city and with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. .Newman ! of LaHarpe. .-Ho will return to St. • Louis Sunday. Dr. L. D. Cray of Denver. Colo., who has been here visiting his sister-in-law. Mrs. E. B. Cook and I family of 415 ICast street. left today for Kans.i.s City. ' \ Revival meetings will begin at , the Church of the .Naxareue. cor- j ner of First and .Noosho streets next Sunday.; - I A.; L.. Nelson, repre.=!ei^ling the Dettner: Woolen Co.. of Kapsas City was' in lola yesterday on with J. H. Burger, tho'local agent for the firm. The dining room at the Hotel j Portland is receiving new decora- ; tions today..which will aild greatly to the appearance of it. 0. H. •Ril«;y of Wichita, a Mo.'' Pac. engineer, was in lola and spent the night at the homo of Mr. ' and .Mrs. C. E. Lehman.tif 501 .North ' Walnut street. .Mr. Riley is a brother of .Mrs. Lehman. "Onyx Pointex Hosiery" miparuf ORYCOODS-WOMllN^ WCAR-MILLINERY •OLA I - - - KAMSAX Northnip Bldg, formerly decupled by James Klchnrdgon IDLA'S POPULAR STOkE "Humming Bird Hosiery" ing Silks, am and Per Are here to tell you that SPRING is On the way Nejw Pfinted Silks ahd Plaid Taffeta It is, predicted that this will be the greatest printed silk season in hi.story. Consequently maniufacturers have put forth ev"fery e'flfort to produce! them in beautiful-patterns and great variety. We invite your early in.'jpection of them. Prices jier yard— $1,98 ^$3.98^ . I New Rayons • Ini pretty new stripes, plaids and check.s. Also plain colors.- The .season's newest wash fabrics for (jarly .spring wear. Price per yard— ' Everfast Pi-ihted Ginghams Printed Ginghhms as well as silks are going to be very popular. Pretty pat-i tern.s. in 3II; the . new .spring shadep; Guaranteed fast colors. Per yard— 50c 50e ™ New Spring Percales New Percales in printed patterns, stripes.and checks. The patterns are new. AU the neW spring colors. Price per yard— 190*'^° 29c See Our |Vew Spring Line of Gtirtains, Net s. Cretonnes and Drap^ies. OUB liOWER PRICES WILL SAVE YOU" MONEY (^as. Newman ,lett this aftcir- nobn for>Parspns. Kansas to attend the boxjng match to be held there tonight. ' ! •••.'-I S. S. Shelly and family vrho caine to flbla recently ^rom, Kirwin, Kansas have moved; Into the property at 1 1,5 Kprth. SJ-qamore street, yir. Shelly-is the new proprietor of th^ Shelly Motor Co., at the old Grand Theatre locatten; • . . .'B.'F . Otrdner of 52a >'orth, Third Street lyat on a' ^lisJnes? trip in the neigh borhood qf . Moran yes-: terday. le.reportsithe dirt roads In very bad condition. _ t * Bad chf ck artists,, are s^id to be worting their gime in! lola again. C. E. Lehman, barber on North Washington being the-latest victiih. ENl>I(eOTT-JiOHNSON ; World's Largest Shoemaker's for Style—Fit—Comfort—Quality—Value. All; important facts to know ;about, your .sprinsr shoes. Some men lay more stress on on^ or another. But why not have thqm all combined! FROM ^2 98'^^ $5.98 IVS^esl Side Square Phone 305 EXTRA SPECIALS! fiOO Iloofeir .4pi;<iii3 SO. p«r..cent redvcUoa pa. Dr. De itOQ's S}e«pliiff Garments for Children.: AM i utlngr U <tirAS, values up. to itlJiO; special Jr -a .0« Suede Ulojets specfaijl i\m Ladles'Knit Union-< suHs L.I1.M $1.30 1 Fancy Box Ildkt's. ..$1.00 on aU Special— See Window Display.: so Per Cent Bednjctlou Ladies' Hand Ba^. «l(A%lKnlt Stocking Cap* U-'Sc «U0 -All Wool Comfort Batts . Special ..n39 inSh 3-lb. White Stitched . I'oiton Baits, special Sflc S5c Anna -May Pongee Print*, a yara - ^c 29c. BelfasT'iinftingv yardlll -23c 2«c (lomiort t'hallle «i, yard—14c f)<l(; Indian He^, 3«-In, yd—43c 20c Fast Color Percales, yard, \ specfail 16c 65c l^eatherprooi Ticking, per yar^', - — S7c 3«c best grade Sateen, yd^_-3»c 2 .-.C heavy S6rln. Ootlngs, yd. 19e :i:.c Ungecle Crepfts, yd_-.— 23c iwc Ifrowji Pepperell. Sheeting, 9>4i special* yaxd- 3?c 45c Bj'ched 0r4 Sheeting, yd. 33c rr^er»li«. new Hafs 15c 3«.in. Brown Muslin, yd. lie rcc 'elTing new Hats,, li»c 3 «.ln ^Brown..MnsHii.—7Hc C»ats and DrcsscM,, -- "be. A SALE: OF RAYOlk D^^g 160 neiw ones, ma<fe of Galy & Lofd^ fast colbi: R^yoih itt tfe very newest styjfe— short andlon^sieeve. ALLSWEATORSr:!, HALF Pi»CE! . 15^ :i«.ln. Bitched .1IqsUn...,12e ing. The ne,w things nillt 2«c 3f.In. Bleached .VnSlIji (our ,-„„-„rt „t this storel special) yofd —„ W $l.()»jStockrng Caps, special 50c 1-3 0« on. .411 Blankets. - A NAT/OAf'WfDE INSTiTimm- where s^vinas are SOOTH SIDE SQUARE o greatest lOLA, KANSAS Our New Modes In Dresses and Coats Sunshine! Wairmthl N^w and melting Colors. General Happiness—jthese are the qijalities of Spring which really seem to have been instilled—in some mysterious way—into our entrancing new Frocks and Coats for Spring. | Dresses Glow With Style ank SoftlColoring And the shades; of Rose—BIue-t-jTan, becoming, intrinsibally feminine, and decidedly new. One and two-piece modes —plaits—^boleros—-ruflfles — extravagant sleeves—and other fetching style features. Splendid silks. 1 Coats Are Well Tailored in Sport and Diress Modes In tweeds and;novelty mixtures and in finely twilled iEabrics. Some are fur trimmed. All are well-made with pretty, durable linihgs. The straight-line mode prevails. Braid and embroidery ,trim many. | I We Insist Upon Good Materials For Best Service Every garment has been inspected and found equal to our high standard of Quality. While our prices are low; our- y^' Quality never is; sacrificed. We ' save with our 773 Store Buying Power, Coats ! \ Buy a Spring Coat now arid get full meajure of "wear and enjoyment from it! We honestly feel that iti this Store you have the very best opportimity to buy a Coat of most attractive style—moi;e rea-, sonablyl briises In ifakhions.for the woman, miss, and the junior miss, j Georgette, crepe Roma, Elizabeth crepe. Canton, and flat crepe are the leading silks.: At each of these prices you'll find .Ysdue suprerael $14.75 to $24: "For the Womdn, The Miss and Jiiniori

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