Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on September 28, 1961 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, September 28, 1961
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

Fayette School News LOCALS First Grade teacher. The experiment was to list. Then the committees will Mr and Mrg j ameg Bass am i at West Union were Dutch, Roy , o »i n vi D r« .. _ . | • . prove that materials would burn consider the place of the mother daug hter of Fairbank. and Mr. and Dorothy Murphy, ZoAnna P'"» to move soon, me at ICKU era , L , ~ v? more readily in pure oxygen than in the family, followed by the and Mrs R i chard Bass and sons Martin and Paul Flaucher. * re . * he parents 01 Mrs ' UOn Mark Hubbell celebrated His ln plain air The experiment duties and responsibilities of the of Waterloo were week-end _•— Smith, birthday during the week. He proved high i y successful and well children. gues t s 0 f his parents, Mr. and Dr - and Mrs - Paul Gourley left brought candy bars as a-treat for donc by our t eac h C r. One committee is composed of Mrs. Farrell Bass, o.uli of his classmates. I n i an g Ua g e W e have been re- Donna Rhines, Donald Blue and accompanied them to the home and Mrs. Ray Potter wer* dinner of their daughter and sister, Mr. guests Saturday in the boms of and Mrs. Clifford Maxfield and Mr. and Mrs. Ross Hough, family, at Albion, to spend the — •— day. Mrs - N 'da Preston, Centralis, —•— Wash., is visiting in the Walker Mr. and Mrs. George Stickler Briggs and Mrs. Lydia Stearns of Arkansas have purchased the homes, and with other friends in Mrs. F. A. Kiel residence and the vicinity. Col. George Whitley, Colorado Springs, Colo., visited a couple m of days last week in the home of Tuesday morning for Michigan Mr. and Mrs. Park Cowles at- his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold City, Ind., to attend the funeral tended the wedding of Helen wmuey. PivinTus vorv eoodThealth rules v . iewin 8 noun ?' Pr° n °u ns - adJec- John Duwe. On the other com- Some Volga River Riders win- of his brother, Raymond, who Steggall and Leon Lamprecht at *„™ii„ w u f, How Thu?far he has told tive ?>. etc - Wc also have , bccn mi«ce are Arnold Cue, Marcella ning ribbons in the horse show died Suddenly Sunday night of the First Lutheran church in Wa- lf ^^^n^ li S^iS" in iJ'nlonn hv takinc Tbath stud y in e ° n how to writc letters Manderfield and Phyllis Weyant. ..... a heart attack. They expect to terloo Saturday afternoon. From lt * d Monday evening n the: H aril, L'MW. Stinrcorrectly"" 8 ^ ^ XU' . ^ >™ shorthand ,i „s and "*™ *™* ^sZy. there the Co.. went to Hub- °" Vandersee_home m Oelwein. e„,n face, to have clean hair to ^IsS^i™ studying the » ^ ~ Larry are really doing well. It 's Jim Maure^nd Denny Heth home of ^aU M" s"" Geo ge „ ^«™* "^T^ ^T 1 ' have an open window at night n ]3 coloniesy and now th ey were Congrats' to the football team f"' az)n « fow little "— ' • • • - — —— » ome of Mr ; and Mr . s - Geor « e dere, N. J., who with her hus «ur bedroom, to go to bed early founded . So far it has provcn on tne victorv again3t the Dyers - ^ken to learn how got up about seven o clock, very j nterest j ng , ..m« /-^^i„„i<, n „j w a ,,Un n the English language how little time it has attended the 23rd annual con- Balvanz, and enroute home Sun- , band are v i s iting in the home of to slaughter yention of the Walther League day afternoon stopped ' " the good work. ind got up about seven OCIOCK , y interesting ville Cardinals and Waukon to eat fables and fruity to Jn ^ we are studying the foTr classy o water every day di " erCnt kmdS °1 Md h ° W u "°T "T ThTS Everybody come and support 'Ture'S ^recovered^om ™ny,^ each _ one receive, have ? to make ^^1-; ^^S^JS^ How come the home ec girls Keep up of i owa District East, held Sept 22, 23, 24 at the Bethlehem Lutheran church in Mason City. We her tonsillectomy, and is bacK in ^ ^L^^li clefs, school again. In art class we each drew a . , .squirrel on brown construction Special Education — paper and they are scampering about on our bulletin board. girls, burn something once in a while! — . good — continue to do well if they have Home at 2 p. m., Sept. 24. some support from the fans. The chorus is beginning to „ . . — Mr«. Swarta sna pe up nicely. Let's hope that " ot »-«ncn — . - .. __ __ a ' , tne her parents, the Paul Heths, was home of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Scha- taken t0 the West hoapi t a i per in Sumner to see their new Monday for me dical care. She daughter, Angelica Lynn. They ret urned to her parents* home The .Bev. Norman Butke held wer e supper guests in the Scha- Thursday afternoon, a Sunday service at the County per nome - —•— Mr. and Mrs* Bill Ogle and t , Mr ^ Kten "f* Wilke entered baby, of Cedar Rapid!, were , th * We * " nion uhos |' talu ' 0r Sunday dinner.guests of her par- S^dis^^Tt Julia Ann Lens, infant daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. Heinz Lehs, was baptized Sunday, Sept. 24, ents > Mr - and Mrs - Bright. ghe js getting along we u, but —• Third Grade — Many in the room have been this may be one of our better Monday — Vegetable beef at the Grace Lutheran church. . having colds. Mrs. swartz was years in the vocal music depart- stew, crackers, cheese sandwich- Mr. and Mrs. Don Tellin were Mrs. Charles Potter, rural Fay- absent two days with a cold and ment. es, brownies, milk, sauce. sponsors. f tte ' ? as purchased a residence Shirley Buhman and Doug Mrs. Boulton substituted those Tuesday — Goulash, dried beef m , . —.•— , „, J" Oelwein, and plans to move Kiel both treated the class in hon- days. Remember the senior bake sale sandwiches, green beans jello, ^ he u Methodl3t , ch« rch „, wiU there sometlme , thls fa "or of their birthdays this week. We have finished our discus- at Knight's hardware. Saturday, cake, milk. h ° ld tht ; ir a " nual turkey dinner —•— We have welcomed another s i 0 ns on "courtesy". We have Buy them out — they won't Wednesday — Beefburgers, Wednesday, Oct. 4. Serving will v ' slto ?" s Sunday at the Don now member to our class. Her now begun a unit on Home and mind, I'm sure. corn, cheese sticks, fruit cup. bcgin al 5 p - m - teener nome were his sister, Mrs, name is Peggy Victorine. She the Family. graham crackers. moved from Cedar Rapids to Fay- Two committees have been Warning to all girls: Don't stay Thursday — Chicken '-tie. making lists of what they think overnight with Carol Clark. Af- soup, crackers, peanut butter We have begun a unit, "Seeds are the duties of the father to ter hearing the "Bread of Life", sandwiches, sunshine salad, ap begin r . ... a Violet Salzar and her daughter- Mrs. Floyd Bark and Linda, of in-law, Mrs. Ed Salzar and Susan noodle R anda iia, were Saturday after- and her daughter, Mrs. Tony noon visitors of Mrs. Hazel Ras mussen and Jean Ann Cowles. may be hospitalized four or five days. —•— • Mrs. Imogene Hanson and Harold, who have been living in the Kiel home this summer, have moved to the Mrs. Mary Perry residence on Washington street. —•— The annual chicken dinner at Canter and Peggy Sue of Lorn- the Lima church Sunday was at- bard, 111. Also Mark and Renee tended by the largest crowd ever and how they scatter", in science, his family. Some interesting we don't doubt anything she pie sauce, milk. "_«_; vY:~' ~~* n„^»" to be had at one of their dinners We hope to have many seeds on ideas have been presented. When might do. Really, Carol, it was Friday - Fish sticks, potato Mr. and Mrs. Fred Maurer went _!«_ About 400 were fed and thTwo- our bulletin board and we hope W e have completed discussion of a very gruesome and interesting salad, half peach, carrotts and to the Wesley Maurer home at Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Timm and men realized a nice sum for their to be able to classify them by tne the lists we will make a master story. celery, Vianna bread, jam, milk. Dunkerton Sunday morning, and family of Des Moines, and Mr treasury way in which they scatter. • ...... ,- , - . . , , , ; J ' Last week in arithmetic class ' ~ ——— •—— . 1 we learned how to check two place subtraction problems. Everyone did very well at this. The third graders ' are very proud of their writing. We have many very nice writers. We certainly hope we can keep up this good work. The sounds of the vowels and consonants is presenting a real problem in reading class. We need much more work on these before we can sound out new words in our books. Everyone is enjoying the new books which we have in our library. Our new books are about Space, Hummingbirds, Frogs and Toads, Christopher Columbus and several others. FOOTBALL CONTEST ENTRY BLANK Leader Football Conies! entry blank for games to be played on Saturday, Sept. 30. All entry blanks must be mailed or deposited in the store of one of the sponsoring merchants before S p. m. on Friday of each week. Winners will be announced in the next issue of the Leader. Fourth Grade — We are working with fractions in arithmetic. All of us did a fine job of remembering the multiplication tables by two's and three's. In social studies we are learning about European explorers. We also saw the film "Children of Holland." Many of us have brought pictures of travels in connection with language and social studies. Ed Bradley, Scott Bowen, Vicki Crafton, Bobby Nefzger, and Cindy Shepherd have all contributed. In art we made water color pictures and designs, learning also the proper way to use the brushes. Happy birthday to Irvin Gage, who was nine years old Sept. 15, Jim brought a picture of many birds and also a large moth. Nancy Dickinson showed us a large dinosaur tooth. We learned that it belonged to a plant eater. Scott Linge showed a frog, and Jimmy Alderson brought two hornets and a hornets' nest. Almost all did a fine job on the music tests Mr. Hamilton gave Monday, and all are eager to learn how to play instruments. Mrs, Clifford Olson and Mrs. Don Yates are the room mothers lor our grade this year. CONTEST ENDING SEPT. 30 —Michigan State vs. Wisconsin— -Missouri -UCLA -Wyoming -Arizona vs. vs. vs. vs. Minnesota- Michigan- Kansas- Nebraska- Notre Dame- Oklahoma vs -Wm. & Mary vs. Navy-Baylor vs. Pitt -West Virginia vs. Syrac -Maryland vs. Clemson-Iowa vs. California-Rice vs. Georgia Tech- vs. Wartburg- vs. _ _H vs. -Texas A & M -Auburn -Parsons -Vanderbilt Georgia- Kentucky- vs. vs. LSU- Tennessee-Texas Tech vs. Texas- Upper Iowa vs. Buena Vista-Fayette vs. North High- Name Address FOOTBALL A CHANCE TO WIN $10 WEEKLY CONTEST 1. This football game prediction contest will appear each week in the Fayette Leader for 9 consecutive weeks. 2. An ontry blank, listing 20 games to be played on the following weekend, will be printed in each ad. Entry blanks will also bo available at the place of business of each of the sponsoring merchants listed on this page. All thai each contestant needs to do to be eligible for up lo S10 in prizes each week is to mark his or her choice of the winner of each game and deposit the blank in the contest box in any of the stores of the sponsoring merchants. Or the blanks may be mailed to the Leader office. The entry blank in this ad. or a reasonable facsimile may be used. After each game listed, merely check the team you think will win. You don't pick scores, but if you think the outcome of the game will be a lie, check the names of both teams to indicate a tie. 3. If a.person picks all games listed correctly, he or she will receive $10 in cash as the prise for that week from the sponsors. If no one picks all the games correctly, the one having the most correct game predictions will receive $5.00 and the one with the second most correct entry will receive $2.00 in cash. In case of lies, the money will be divided among the winners. Winners will claim their prise money at the Leader office and winners will be announced each week in the Leader. 4. Anyone is eligible to enter the contest except employes of the Fayette Leader and their immediate families. No purchase is necessary in order to enter and contestants need not purchase a newspaper. 5. Each person can submit only one entry for each week's contest. 6. All entries will be held for one week after winners are announced in event a question should arise. Judge's decisions are final. 7. All entries must be deposited or mailed before 5 p. m. on the Friday of each week preceding the Saturday the games are to be played. Although the Editor of the Leader is not eligible to enter the Leader football contest he is still eligible to make predictions, and feels that he can possibly outguess the majority of those who enter. If you care lo match wits with him. just check the predictions below, and those listed in each of the ads on this page, and see how they compare with yours. Check them again after each contest closes, and see who had the most games guessed correctly. Texas over Texas Tech Fayette - North High — tie Upper Iowa over Buena Vista Iowa over California Tennessee over Auburn L. S. U. over Texas A & M Mississippi over Kentucky Georgia over Vanderbilt Parsons over Waxtburg Rice over Georgia Tech J. AHOME MADE PIZZA SANDWICHES — MALTS Cold Drinks — Sno Creme Join The Football Crowd After The Game At Navy orer Wm. & Mary Ott's Drive-In Otto and Margaret Finger. Proprietors Fifth Grade —— Mrs. Everett Everyone in this room is beginning to realize • that you just can't learn to divide in arithmetic if you don't know the multiplication tables. We have come to work now where we must know our tables through the nines. We are playing records, using flash cards and writing the tables. In tests we can no longer go to the back of the book to find the answers to our multiplication facets, / Our science;table and bulletin board show much work and ^thought in our study of insects. ^'(Several people have brought in >rfhe chrysalis df a Monarch but- f tarfly. We are 'hoping they* will 'soon emerge as adult butterflies. Pioneers on the March is our • theme in social studies. We have fanned and are making a mural, •v'we are making booklets, we have read the chapter and are now |j )mpletimj the work in oqr work "woks, f y,'-r ; , ( "( rf'''')'i. tin language*' we are reviewing i*e first •.chapter and doing ex- pa work on .punctuation. »la, 'Rieky Scheidel; 1, Barbara Boulton £ Boulton are" working duals ' in aritb4ne ,tie| pw about 20 pages; «at 4n %uiS.Jhook, £ "1':;bUtta|Pf^|«|ld: |fi ^erp#nf Full Line Of GUNS - AMMUNITION SHOTGUN SHELLS ~ RIFLE SHELLS AMERICAN ARCHERY EQUIPMENT HUNTING CLOTHES DUCK DECOYS Good Buys On Used Motors Wisconsin over Michigan State MULLINS SPORT SHOP YOUR DEPARTMENT STORE OF INSURANCE Representing All Lines Allied Mutual Ins. Group — Farmers Casualty Mutual Co. Western Surety Co. — Iowa Hardware Mutual Ins. Co. LeMars Mutual Ins. Co. — Hawkeye Security Ins. Co. United Security Ins. Co. — Farm and City Mutual Ins. Co. Dairyland Mutual Ins. Co. — Carolina Casualty Co. Connecticut General Life Ins. Co. Life Insurance Co. of North America Zurich Insurance Co. —, Merchants Mutual Bonding Co. American Guarantee and Liability Ins. Co. FAYETTE INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 88 — Fayetto, Iowa Kansas over Wyoming Just Arrived FRESH BRACH'S CANDIES Pitt over Baylor 'LEWIS' VARIETY HANES Underwear BALL BAND Footwear Rubber & Canvas LEE & BIG SMITH Overalls & Jesna Children's & Ladies' SPORTSWEAR IN JEAN1E « Missouri - Minnesota — tie MAURER'S SHOES & CLOTHING We Buy And Sell LIVESTOCK Local and Long Distance GENERAL HAUUNG FEEDS & FERTILIZER Nebraska over Axiitoaa DOMERMUTH AND FAY Fayette, Jpm I 'if 07 SHORT ORDERS BEVERAGES POOL And A Friendly Atmosphere > if Syracuse over Wejrt Virginia G?0R# ; S PLACE CAR TUNE - UPS REPAIRS FOR ALL MODELS Wrecker Service Come In And See THE 1962 LARK . Get Your, 1MI • f ' \\ m

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