Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 14, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1898
Page 4
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,-fw«ir j.)'- 1 -> i *™y?^ *jp^ * Y f * ' I* * 'St-/ fc>i4 Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Aceouitt TATTOOING REVIVED. WAR 8CENE3 AND HEROES NOW PICTURED ON MANY ARMS. The Giant Deopalr. One of the moat hot' rlble things about the nervous dlneassg to which women are peculiarly subject Is the sense of overwhelming despair which they bring; upon the mind. A woman's mental condition la directly and powerfully affected by any ailment of the delicate, special organs of her aex. Such a difficult; not only racks her body with pain and nut-* fering but burdens her with mental anguish which words can hardly describe. Thousands of women have had a similar experience to that of Mrs. liurath A. Williams, of Westport, Oldham Co., Ky., in which the useofcDr. Plerce's wonderful "F<VorTtfeY,Pt«cription," by ImpafHng h««l(n dgrf , WrenRfh to the feminine orttn- l»m; baa not only' restored copipletc vigor said capacity to, the. bodily powers but UM Uio griwn refl'ewed brightness slid buoyancy of spirit. "I Buffered for ow a year," say* Mra.WHIIanu, "with Indigestion and nervous prontratlon. I waa unable To eat ornlerp. I tried jteverAl phya- fdans, but they only helped me for a nhort time. A friend advfoed me to take Dr. Plerce'n favorite Freacriptlon, Dr. Tierce's Golden Medical Discovery aod • Pellet*-,* I commenced taking the medicines last-May. Took three bottles of the •Favorite Prescription," three of the.'Gol Medical Discovery,' and three viols of Ihes • lets,' and am now feeling better thauJ htm . two years. Have a good appetite, state* well, I • - * Indlgntlon or nervoui-1 ven and a half pounds I and do not suffer from neaa. I have gained sevei __ since taklnjLjhese medicines, mended Dr.-Prtrw's medicine ( -•"**-"- • now. taking it and. to * . ....._.-.----_. I have recuiui* I •a medicine <o.atvera.l UdieA J roperty corner 5th and Atby t with 2 dwelli • Soldier* Mnd Sailor* Will Wenr Fn* tlfe Ttfulicn* Which II cm I ml Them of Thrlr Wnr ICipcrIriicrn. VUetrlb Titttnorr Mnltm It Knur- Tbo war has oaaeed n icvlval nf tho tattooing fad. Probably nine oat uf rvery tea won who snrvcil in tbo naval rcteifves weVb prompted to ncqnlro somewhere on their epidermis nt lonnt ono of those bldd and pnrpto flnK/grig which mark the true HO! lor. Mont of them havo achieved tbelr ambition. It (B not a difficult achievement. An; Jack Tar can direct you to n tntloo artist In almost any deep sen port, although a Inndsmnn might search for a long tine without running noroFB ODD. irrOni tho navnl reserve inon tho fnd spread to tha volunteer soldiers. Tho rough riders were CBpoclally (nkcn with tbe id on, aud many n hero of Ban Jnan Hill has gono bnck to tlio prairlo or olnbroom with quaint emblems pricked indelibly on hit) arms or client. With the soldiers a head of Liberty with nhield, ollvo wrcnth nud stars seems (o bo tho favorite. Jack Tar linn a wldo variety of designs. Ho gives lunch thought to tho selection of (ho particular plctnro which ho is to wear for life. Ho in fall of sentiment too. The ,design which BOOIUS to appeal to him inost Is the picture of "the man behind tho gnn." This pictnre, worked it ip red mid bine inks, pleases him _'"''. Ho bun it pricked on his forearm, Usually the right one, or on his Ohest.' Portraits of Dewey, Scbley, Sampson and "Fighting Cob" Evans are also popular. Dowey, of conrne, leada tbe list, and it would bo difficult to guess ijnst how many hundred times his picture bus been,pricked in tbo skin of bis Admirers. ' •' ' Tattooing is uo longer tho tedious and painful operation it need to be. A New York tattooar named O'fiellly has invented a little electrical instrument Which does tho work quickly and nl- Pannlp Complexion. It does not require an expert (o detect tho sufferer from hidnoy trouble. Tho hollow checks, the sunken eye*, tho dark, puffy clrclpfl unoVr tho eyes, tho snll'iw parsnip-colored complexion IrtdioatoR It. A phyBk-lsri would ask If yoii hud rheumatlfun, adult pain or ache in tl.o back or ov« r the I Iff, Btomacb trouble, desire to urinate often, or a burning or Bcalding In pftxBingll; if after panfing there la an mitmUfllnd fuellfig «H if it must be at once repealed, or If the urine has a brick duut deposit or strong odor. When these symptoms are present no time should be loot In removing tho cause. Delay may lead to gravel, catarrh of tho bladder, In (In mm tlou, cnnalug Btoppngp, and aometlmea rpqulring tho drawing of tho urino with ins rtt nif-nts, or may run Into Brig'it'n tln- ea»e, the monl dangerous Htago of k!dni'.v trouble. l)r, Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great discovery of the om nant kidney and bladder Bpeclallst, la a positive remedy for such diseases. Its reputation is world-wide and it Is so easy to get at any drug store that no one need suffer anv length of time for want of It. However, if yon prefer to first teat ita wonderful merits, mention the TKIJJORAPH and write to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Blngbampton, N. Y., for a sample bottle and book telling nil about it, both sent absolutely free by mail. W. ti fill - Mill «.V>I> I I !phl;». I'.-,111,1 v pn -:(Ii' I SKM'EXC'KD. Tlirpc Mnnllin anil r.i*i;l of Mv-.\'' \ I nnil in |-i'i.v n lin , ilmi-Rcd \vilh | fn.s<- i-Mili« In tin n. — fiidron W. I i T Hi" wrocked : h;inl< fa 11 l>iv>n sen- I'Mtii'i In the I'nltc-.l U!- f It.' an imprison- i ! :i ;inl tlii-p*' months of J"" 1 ' 1 Marsh wai i)!=p rin y In maklr.R cnkH nii'l Issuing iunplrnlU'i 1 of thp NTOMBBD. II ua? Mi inclit mlL'hl wlif-r, I m rrnlto a M.IHMTIPII thr HI--TMI lnfi>rn-.i-il II In th<' pi".^ n ilcfnlciil i li" (.\tnish) through the- l);mk'« TO pn,iiili:i> Hint Marsh, 1'iiifnt iinplli,-\ilr.K otturs In ; o( the 1'iirk. lull he mei'Ply .- inurt tlia: !il~ iireilt'ccsaor ilrii v ,.f iln- liank nnd l(>ft •i "f "Vi>i- JI.OCOOOO and that Ini'l IICVIT (irodteil a dollar Frightful Accident in an Indian Territory Mine. FIVE PEOPLE TAKEN OUT DEAD. TfiS rar^EbTiTilSOreet. Price TOO. The residence ot Ooo. Klnoh on B»Ue street; ( rooma and bath room! In good re .-ulr. The 10-room residence of 8. H. Nlohola- pi Langdonat. Lot 70x170 foot. A flne looatlon. ABM 8-room dwelling (nearly new) wltttbath room i heated by tnrnaoei In Mlddletown. . The One lot ot David Doyle on Bluff street With 4-room brlok dwelling. ' The J. M. Tonaor homestead oonja] O aorea; One 10 room dweulngifrnlt Sotne fin* lota on Bluff atreet wll Inf and fewer; no grading. In T. L ftaun. "tram Henry »i ? A daalrable A Una 8-room brlok dwelling. Lot 120x130 feet; floa fruit) D A de«Jr«?l* resid'enoe on Proapeot »tra«t «Ub 7 roorna. Heath with turnaoa. Lot W t*<\ on Protpeot itreet. on thenorth aide of, Second .. __. ot the flneat looatlon In (.room dwelling with about,!! ad. Fine traitaBd ahade treea, oar line In Upper Alton. Jnelotonithittreet. .„. Several flne lott on Belle atreet between 16th Atwon'torybrlok atore and dwelling and a two atorr brlok dwelling on aame lot ooree* ot tod and Vine ata. A good InTeatment. ,., Y. 4flnelotaon<thitreet near Mr, Oarttaaf naOne'double dwelling ot Mr. Betted by ateam with modern Ini A Tery dealrable B-room brlok Belle atreet, with all modern I*MOTI The Plaaa Foundry , aTerythlnif po ndlng 10 lotat awltoh oonneoUon Wl Co. proptttjr Alton Norelty Mfg. Co. , each A'aS'room dwelling on State atreat, Pirtoa is-room dwelling on Second str**t. iwj flno lota on Alby atreet; _ TkfooubtaPrtok dwelling, qorner Thlra .ant *KS'^a A*Bew ttfi room dweUIng In Upper Alton, good Hue feet on Haiton atreet. HwflUDf with M* lota IB Mia*l»-; Convenient 10 ootar vine location. A , other dealrabla property not tm itrett? ' Shlll ' "A »room'dwelling with « good lota on Fifth •Ait, eaat ot Ridge atreet. Price, f l.MO. •»• ^•oodSroom brlok dwelling with 1 lots on "~ a dwelling with fine.rUerYlnw, BB***s^r«: ! r. • ' FOR RENT, , TIM twu story briok dwelling with .8 rooma.oB geUMtew aTenuejiowpOdnplftl by J, Morton *^ ^ JB,*>*-;rjii^l*,A --i ."iaV_» .._». la. . Jm. «.>.•*.«. A»-room tenament* btth roojBjJaH itreet near Charrr ' Tha L. J. Cuwaon homaatead In Upper Alton with 10 rooma. barn and garden, now occupied 5Mr. SSvIxSS. eSaeaalo»KlveabyJcUT l. •OOM 15, P. 0. BUILDING, MilW on Liberty atroet •••in, for WOO. * ith. ot Brighton, •- good pattur- THH MOST roPULAH TATTOO DKB1QN. most painlessly. Until half n decade ago Mr. O'Hoilly nsod for tattooing tho ordinary instrument which bad been common property in Burma, Japan, the Sandwich Islands aud Chinese Tartar? for a thousand years; in fact, wherever tattooing baa been practiced. Thfg instrument differed somewhat in form iu various lauds, but substantially it was of a single type, consisting of four very fino needles, placed close to ono another in a row and bound together very tightly. Tbo blunt ends wore firmly fixed iu a handle, leaving 4he pointed ends exposed for about one- quarter of an inch. The operator would dip this set of iioedles iu ink and then priok tbo skin of his customer, aud four little holes would result. Then it would be dipped in Ink again aud four more boles would bo pricked. This process was repeated over and over until the design wjis finished,, aud a slow, tedious, irritating process It was. When the convenient little electric motors came into general use, Mr. O'Byilly began to think of some way wl/ertlby.' the slow bund needle might be Improved upon, and finally ho invented and pa ton tod his tattonar, which performs work with a rapidity almost Incredible. Tbe operating end of this machine consists of a tine needle which is made to daft iu aud out of |ta case at a rate of speed approaching a thousand strokes n uiinnte. After tho work is finished it is bathed with witch hazel to prevent sorqiMuu, aod< ia .some casts a Anew ^^adpatur., rittlV;^»' brlok modern ^djeUlng near ) 'With fln eleo^lo Uttooer It would be nouae and anothe In good l)oatio ne? month: on Stale *tr*«to ak atreet between ta . R. traoka, aultable to urpoaei. ton atreet, bet >pert]r,:oorn*rln ' terms. i with Qaoeaitrjr building* n*a aod profltaW* builntn prop alreel, n prop oooupled b7 good and Mi Junction of Bout tod ..... poBulbje to turu bat a "tattooed iijau" snob af nr« eih.ibit(;d .in side shows In two or^hrae w«ekj; f oj|njerly Jba work ooem^^a «yersl yeanfiind wan nwttor of physjwJ :e»4urnnpe. An ordinary do- sign can be ekeouted in bnlf, an hour and%iVery |Btrl<j«ec;,puo iu (he course of an afta'rnoou, There in ono sailor in the United States UHTy who tears on his broad chest o aomflete und aoauroto picture of tbo battle Of-Santiago, in, which ho fought as one of the men bouiud thu gaoo. It was made from photographs of tight and ebows CVrvora's fleet out along thu QOUBI. ANDUKW DOWNS. f i i 8 urd Li unppe Cure. There Is no use suffering from this dre»d.ful malftdv. U you! will only get tbe right remedy. You we having pala all through your body, year liver li out of order, have no appetite, no We ar amblUoo. have a bad cold, in fact are oomplelely used up. Bleotrio Bitten is tbe only remedy that will live you prompt and tare relief. They act directly on your Liver, Stomach ind Kidneys, tone up tbe whole tyn- am «nd make you feel like a new be- lng< They are guaranteed to cure or p - "• saloatB.Mwah'B per bottle. A Unie8wlfl«,~" ir a stubborn oold, or a deep>«aated b oan be cured for good with Dr. . • Jtoe.t»»-Boney. Thisfumous »!3S»&jJjB. «?«?? 8 . w«««t°R*h« Over One Mtlmlrpfl Miner* Wcrn nt Work at tlio Time uf tlio Kxplo»lon unit Only About One-linlf of Them Have Ilcfn Ac- conftted Foi—IteiMciiU of Hittte Mont., Killed by Sulphurum Fume* Due to Smelter Smnko. Poteau, l. T., Dec. 14.—A few minutes after 9 o'clock In the evening In mln? No. J of the Indlar.ola and Rathway Coal company, situated about three miles from this placo, a terrific explosion occurred. FJve men are known to have lost their lives from til? Immediate effects, and many more are burled in the shaft. The explosion was caused by the Ignition of coul dust ntfcr-ft blast had'been fired. The timber work of the hoist was blown far Into the air and the shattered remains Immediately caught lire. Over a hundred men were at work In the mine nt the time of (he explosion, and only about one-half of these have lies'n accounted for. Those who escaped were employed In another part of the inlnp. Siiiull Hope of ICt'Kcuo. There seems to be little hope of rescuing the entombed miners, as there are hundreds of tons of earth to be taken away before they can be reached. A hundred men are working valiantly to rescue tholr comrades. They are driven away at times because of the Intense heat of the burning structure. H Is probable that the Interior of the mine Is now burning, though at the present time this can not be determined. It IB also Impossible to ascertain the names of those who have been killed and are burled In the mine. The fire lights up the country for miles around, and there are thousands of people arriving on the scene. Thin Is the second time within three weeks that an explpslo^n hus occurred In this mine, two men having been killed In the previous one. I'OISO.V IN THE I'l'MES. Doutli-Denllng NiiUniire nt Rutte, Muni., Due to Sllleltur Smoke. Butte, Mont., Dec. 14.—This city Is again wrapped In sulphurous fumes mere dense and deadly than any It has known for years, and people with any affection of the throat or lungs are dying off like sheep. Indignation Is at fever heat, and unless the mining and smelting companies quickly abate the death-dealing nuisance, they will be the target for a demonstration similar to that of 1S91. Then a cool and deliberate mob, made up of the best people In the city, did many thousand dollars' worth of damage to the smelting companies, and would have lynched some Qf the general managers had they not quickly got out of town. Five people are dead because they were unable to breath the poisonous air, and there were many other deathe, from pneumonia and throat trouble that were Indirectly due to. the smoke. Those whose deaths were directly at- trlljutable to the umelter Hinnkc were: John Goodnow, Edwin H. Irvine, Montana pioneer; Mrs. Henrietta Levy, Frank Rochester, Catherine Sullivan. The thick fumes of sulphur and arsenic come from piles of ore that are roasted In the open air at all the five smelters that surround the city, for the purpose of getting rid of the deadly gases. There Is an ordinance against heap rousting, but It has not been compiled with In years. S«<-e» Killed dy « Train. Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 14.—A special to The Times Huya seven Italian snow shovelers were killed and several Injured on the New York Central railroad near .Crlttenden, this county. They stepped from In front of an approaching passenger train on to the freight track and were Ktrutk by a freight train. They ainived in Buffalo. ICxploxlim tu n I'iMviler Mill. Scrunton. Pa.. Dec. 14.—Several workmen are reported having been killed ami Injured by an explosion In the coining mill of the Mooslc Powder company at Moimlc.'I'u., near here. Telephone wires were disabled by the explosion Hnd It IH d fllcult to obtain particulars. Urcut damage was done In the vllagc. Will AdHTnT<7i7iiiyol~Mnrder. Aluishulltown, la.. Dec. 14.—The Jury In the will AdaniH murder rate returned a vcnlk-t of guilty of murder In the Ilrsi degree and fixed the penalty ut ImprUonmonl for life. Adams wua convicted of Iho crime of poisoning ChurU's Hussell, an old man, for the purpoBc of coming Into possession of an estate valued a' Ifi ftO" C'O.MK HOME. six Miintlix Mnr<< In Ibi- riilll|i|ilni>i Wnnlil lin|ii-i-ll tlic AiliiilnH'i llrnllli. Manlln. I)n. 11. -The cfff-d of the wnrrlmrtit nm! DIP lil«h nervous tension In wlilrh Aimllral Pcwey bus IMH-II subjected thriniKliout the Hummer Is lie- cotuinK apparent. When he was sum- NK'iieiJ (if return di Die I'nltetl Slates not l»nK » KM he Infnrined Die government that he thiitii;ht (here was Ftlll lm|n>i Ijuil u-nrk hen- fur him to do. and Die orders fur hip return were ruuntei iiinii'!, tl. It Is biinmln.i; inure find innrc apparent thill Hie't "f (he work that Die navy lias yet tn <lu here \vlll be mainly nf a nnulne 'inu'iuter and Admiral Iiewey \\ould be satlslled lo po home. To i-eii-.ain here another six n-cmths mny endanger his health, although il would he Ir.eorrect to say that he IR i;mv a slek man. OoHton. I) e. ll-.-Tiic Ant -Imperialist LcuKiie has reeelved a lei tor from ex- Pros.'uVnt Clcvvlnnl in -kn uv| : -clglng the rc-eelpt of a nntU-e that he had been chosen us vice pies'Jent uf the League Cleveland fiiyn: "Owli-g- to my absence from home 1 have junt received your note Informing me of my election as a vice president of the Antl-Imp.?r!ailst League. 1 am emphatically anil Intensely opposed to American Imperialism and to pending American expansion I desire, therefore, to express my appreciation of the honor oonfeired upon me by the notion of the club." Advice to Consumptives There are three great remedies that every person with weak lungs, or with consumption itself, should understand. These remedies will cure about every case in its first stages; and many of those more advanced. It is only the most advanced that are hopeless. Even these are wonderfully relieved and life itself greatly prolonged. What are these remedies ? Fresh air, proper food and scon's of Cod-Liver Oil with Hypo- phosphites. Be afraid of draughts but not of fresh air. Eat nutritious food and drink j plenty of milk. Do not forget ; that Scott's Emulsion is the j oldest, the most thoroughly : tested and the highest endorsed of all remedies for weak throats, weak lungs and consumption in all its stages. $i °o; til druggists. SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, N«w York. IlliiodsliiHl nt Hiivniin. Havana. Dec. 14.—Cubans accusing Spaniards of want of respect for the death of General Callxto. Garcia and Spaniards accusing Cubans with attempting to muse an uprising In order to seize the olty has led to bloodshed here. Three Cubans were killed and one Spanish officer and two Cubans wounded In an affray between Spanish officers off duty ami n number of citizens and Cubans. *The Cubans wanted a theater < Insed In respect to Garcia and the ^panlnrds objected. A fight ensued willi the above result. SlnlInn AgiMit ItoMjfil. RossburK, Wash., Dec. 14.—/Two masked men, one armed with a Winchester and the other with a revolver, held up the station here. Agent Will- lams and his assistant were busy count- Ing tickets when UK- men entered. As Williams failed to comply promptly with the request to throw up his hands the man with the revolver pulled the trigger, but the eur, failed to discharge. The safe was closed but not locked and the robbers opened it. It Is not yet known how mur-h they secured. euexien 8 Aroicr aaive. TTie beat salve In the world for outs, braises, sorea. alcers, Bolt rheum, fever sores, tetter chappnd hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It lo guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 35 cents per box. For sale 8. Marah. Alton and Tipper Alton Cnmlieil Flint CimN $lO,t!OO. St. Paul. D.T. 11.—One of the largest verdicts In a personnl Injury case obtained In the district court was rendered yesterday In the case of Michael J. Heem agnlnst the street railway com. pany. The verdict was for $10,500. The plaintiff Is n 14-year-old boy. It Is claimed that Ihe car u-as overcrowded find that he was pushed off the car and under the wheels. His foot was so crushed that a part of It hnd to lie amputated. Illinois Stnte Grange. Springfield, ills.. Dec. 14.—The Illinois State Orange Patrons of Husbandry la holding Its twenty-gevnth anual meet- Ing hero with a limited attendance. At the morning session officers submitted their reports and durlr.g the afternoon Chief Master Oliver Wilson delivered his address. Dur'.ng the last year there has been an increase In the membership of the order In the state of about 1,000. 3inttll|>»x Epidemic In Nubrawka. Omahn. Neb., Dae. 14.—Smallpox I* epidemic at Nebraska City, and has been spread to irony portions of eastern Nebraska. Eight cases are now being treated in Omaha, the contagion having been brought here some two week? ago from. Nebraska City. Dr. Crummer says 200 cases have developed since the beginning of the epidemic. OOUCHSYRUP Will cure a Cough or Cold at onoe. It positirely relieves all throat troubles. Small doses. Price 25 cts. at druggists. F IIHlTi: COFFIN. Inlcnnc Kftcltritictit Iti I.nmton Orer <%p- proHOll nf Mneiilnr Kvciil. London P:c 14 —Intense excHa r.enl prevails here over the approaching opening of (he Druce coltln In HlRhRate cen.etory. Mrs Prune has overcome the lepnl obstacle* raised by the Dukr of Portland and has obtained from the chancellor of the diocese of London ,i facility (authority) permitting Investl- gatlon »f the collln's contetita, which fhe says phe believes consists merely gf an elUgy. with wax head and hands and a roll of lead tor the body. The' Oruce vault In Hlghgate cemfl> tery has been surrounded by a strong Morkade In keep the public away. The day arid hour set for the opening of the i-nlllr are kept stl-lrtly secret. No one will be permitted to be present except medical and local representatives nf the nuke of Portland and Mrs Druce the Duke of Portlnnfl has arranged fxir a private telegraph ofllce at his seat In Welbeck abbey, to be kept open all night In order that he irmy get the earliest pcgi'ble tidings. g»yn Senate Will Not R»tlfy Treaty. Madrid, Dee. H.—It is asserted that Premier Sagastn .will obtain a royal decree dissolving the chambers before the ratification of the peace treaty. The Beml-ofllclal Correo announces that Senor Sagasta, before asking the corles to ratify the treaty/will confer with Senor Montero Rlos. president of the Spanish peace commission, and It Is further asserted that, owing to the existence of opposition to the treaty, the United States will not confirm It. Noted Outlaw Cftptureil. Savannah, Oa., Dec. H.—Bjb Brewer, the noted outlaw who figured ao conspicuously In the "Jesup riot" ten year* ago, haa been captured at Johnston station by a sheriff's possu. He made an attempt to escape and was shot twice. To prevent lynching he waa brought to Savannah. * 1-ne treasury department IB considering a request by Ihe St. Paul collector of customs to have a tea Inspector stationed there. Admiral Dewey, In a report to the president, expresses his belief that the Philippine natives will peacefully submit to the American government. Alyah Armstrong of Bethany, Ills., was fatally burned by the explosion of a can ot oil. He was endeavoring to thaw out a frozen pump. The Kind You Have AhvayS Bought, and which has been » in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of > and has been made under hfo personal supervision since Its Infancy. Allow no ono to deceive you In this. All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitutes are but Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment. What is CASTORIA Castorla is a substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It la Harmless and Pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys Worms and allays Feverlshness. It euros Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. It relieves Teotlilngr Troobles, p«res </Ou«tlpatlon and Flatulency. It assimilates ibe Food, regulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy 'and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend. GENUINE CASTORIA At WAYS 1 Bears the Signature of Pleurisy Pleurisy and pneumonia are frequently developed, in a very abort space of time, from a common odd; and, if snob, an acute inflammation of the lungs is nofc promptly allayed 1 , the worst may happoii. With the aid of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, however, yoa nejed not have any fear: for this great remedy speedily sobdtim the inflammation, eases the pain In breathing ana always effects a core in a wonderfully short time. The Kind You Have Always Bought !n Use For Ov0r ,00 Years. THt OHIT«UII Q^ir«llT. TT MUKNM «TM«t. >I»W TOHIt CITY. $100. Dr. B. Detchon's Anti-Diuretic May be worth to you more than 9100 if you have a child who soils bedding from incontinence of water during Bleep. Onrea old and yonng alike. It arrests tbe trouble at onoe. 81. Sold by S. H. Wyss. Druggist, 662 Second Bt;eet, Alton, 111. Lost. Man; have loat conQdeuce and hope as well as health, because they • have been told tbelr Kidney diaoaae was incurable. Foley's Kidney Cure is a Guaranteed remedy for tbe discouraged and diaoonsolate. Bold by B. March and 8. H. Wyes. The peraon who disturbed tha congregation laet Sunday by coughing, IB requested to call and get a bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar, which always gives relief. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. Rheumatism uurea in a Day "Mystic Cure Tor rheumatism and Neuralgia, radically cures in from 1 to 8 dayu Its action upon the system la remarkable and mysterious. It removes at onoe the cause and disease Immediately disappears. Tbe first dose greatly benefits, 75 ots. Sold by S. H. Wyes, Druggist. A'ton, 111. Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently cured by tbe masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. It la a cure for the whole world of- stomach weakness and indl- S estlon. The care begins with tbe rat dose. The relief it brings Is marvelous and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter bow long you have suffered, your care Is certain under the use of this great health-giving force. Pleasant and always safe. Sold by 8. H. Wysi For Hoarseness. Benj. Ingerson, of Hucton. ind. says: be bad not epoken above a whisper for months, and one bottle o Foioy's Honey and Tar restored his voice. It ia used very largely by speakers and singers. Sold by Marsh and S. U. Wyss. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Daniel W. Collet, deoeaaed. The undersigned having been appointed Administrator of the estate of • DANIEL W. COLLET, late of the county ot Madison and State of nil- nols, deceased, hereby give* notice that he will appear before the County Court of Madison county,at the Court Houae, In EdwardurlUe, at the January term, on tho first Monday In January next, at which time all persona having olaune agalnat said estate are notified and requested to attend tor the purpose ot baring the aame adjusted. All persons Indebted to said estate are requested to make Immediate pay- moot to the undersigned, Dated thla 10th day otNov. A. D., 1998. * BNOS JOHNSON, • Administrator. ASK YOUR DRUGGIST for a generous 10 Cent TRIAL SIZE. .Ely's creom Bonn contains no oooalno, mercury nor any other Injurious drug. It IB quickly abaorb od. Glres relief at once It opens and oleansoa the .nasal passages Heals andproteol the senses of taste Trial alze lOo; at drugglat iwlr Cough Syrup .**. «• ^^^^ ' . • ^r f Cures Pleurisy and Pneumonia. Doses are »m.all and pleasant to take. Doctors tecommcad it. Price 35 cts. At all dragguta. Roufe BEST TRAINS .PugetSourii •n*t*w*» •«*»*. f)rs. Q. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SUROKONS. OFFICE in M'Pike Building. CCT. and and Eastern sts. Pbonei 138 and 171. P. HOMEOPATHIST *mt SLRfiEON PANQ SUE, laundry Work Carefully Promptly Done. NoTCltlat ALTON ftMt CARD AIM bait ot Ten tnd Chlneis bud. 624 Btst Second at. 306 State 01 Granitoid Paving Co. W. &.H. BE1SER, Prop's. 813 But Sixth Street • Alton, III. All kinds ot Granitoid Work: Bldei Steps, Flooring, (to., done and th* beat trof material 1 and work. gaarante**. 0 TeUohone 100 COLD'N HEA pain and Inflammation. Jeais and protects the membraneT R«"tbrei the aenaea or, taste and smeiT Foil size 60 ota; •—-'-'• —"~ mall.— BROTHER 'arren Street, N.T. B. C. & H. /?. Lemen • UPPER ALTON, ILL. 3-i t OFFICB BOUBS: T M « •.«{ U to 1,« to f p.m. i TBLBPHONB 87. . [JR. C. B. ROHLAND, DBNTIST, OA i to p<l r, trot mate. . b» Bull will reeelra Ordart HENRY J. KLUNK, DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANKRUPTCY In Short Time. Yager & Yager. Attorneys 3o« Belle Utreet. Edmund H. Blair. Real Estate and losarance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Notarr Public OWIOB nt Market notary I-UDIIC. Chicago ft Alton. For 8] am. *6 m, ^SS^SH"* * 8:l ° m>t8: " For »"eorla—«8i47 a nlj »10:OB p m. •'• For Kanau City and the Weat-* -47 am, jo.«u p m« "loop m. Jg«Uj» tEioept Bnnday. ... . i I pee Joint C; A A.- and Big Four time table for trains between Alf?»»nd8t\ Lonla.l ^ffi? WM ARMSTRONG. Dealtr IB . Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster - Oo °*' *• OMIc« Weit Second 3tr*ei S. P. CONNOR *4r<4»mtt. A Narrow Escape. Thankful words written by Mra. Ada E. Hurt, ot Qroton. 8. P. "Was taken with a bad cold which settled on my lungs; cough set in and finally terminated Iti Consumption. Four doctors gave me up, saying I could live but a abort time. I gave my self up to my aavlor, determined If I could not stay with my friends on earth, to meet my absept ones dbove. My husband was advised to jet) Dr. K'ug'aNew Discovery for OonBumpUon, uoughs and Golds. I gave it a trial, took Iu all eight bottles. It has cured me, and cbank God I am saved and now a well and healthy woman." , Trial bottles free at B. Marco's drug store. Regular gjz# 00^ and »1. Guaranteed or prlof ntw$egi, What do the Children Drink? Don't Rive them tea or coffey. Have you tried the nf w food drluk called GRAIN-O? It ia delicious and nourishing and takes tbe slace of coffee. The more Grain- O you K!ve the children the more health you distribute through tbelr systems. Grain-0 U made of pure grains, and when properly prepared tastes like the choice grade* ot qoffce but costs about one- half as much. All grocers sell it. 15o andSSo Hliuuis-Jnillau I'llo ieift will cure Blind ing and Itohlnt ,. Kbaorbitthe tumora „, - tho ImhlDf ot 6uce, aott •w —due »jpoujtlo«. Kivcs i.'istsiu re• lief. Dr. WIl.fonjfl'lBdliinPUeOInt • ment la prepared for Piles and Itch Ing ot tbe private piirte Ever; box U warranted. By dnjttg-lKtu, by mall on re til* o| wloe. 60 «n^.n| •{,•£,^1^ Real Estate, laiaraace Collectlni Afeat. aad fflo*; rtaaa> Building and Loan lAsioolitlon ALTON, ILL. . oclpt o( pr on. 60 cen MINUFICTUMNB on. . QYAL P L18 - nruf. \vSrSSs!*St Js Veterinary Sufgeon DR. D. M. MAHBR. G.?«.(Ul(lBI[lFPJOln!Iit»0[IfOj[i8 Brtyp^o Alton & St. Loub. i LT. Alton if .For St. Louis. »* fii T. ••"J?*Adsi 18 am ' iily..;....;.;^ Four.dallj'. ...... jiwipi A, dally......i... 8M »S 800am 815am 1340pm'.''"...,... 82p*m....;..Blg 4Upm •" C48pm , «•• " d»liv ','IH 1 "" «6;;™:l«is^s?fli T ^ Ot- tiro •** *»••«*•••»»» *,«*i put f,S : -' :r:::;;: ll*;S'::"::'.::i8Sfe %svm&uidis!**#i#£ %i COR .THIRD AMP PUflA 8TB .ALTON IU Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer • »Mt *»*to II Fnak aU SaM Mttfa aa< lui, ui •**• faeterar af Saaaan. UfBAnSBCONP . • ALTON IU to serious irritttlon o< tha throiftt, and may end in a raoklng, rwplna cough. Dr. llell'a PJue-Tar- Honey, wiu quickly clear the throat and leave tbe voice clear and smoqth.. It is an Infallible remedy for poughs and cold* dlsbrder* of the throat and 869, For Pneumonia. Or. J. 0, Bishop, of Aunew, Miob., saya: "I have used Foluy'd Honey and Tar in t><ree very severe cases of pneumonia the paxt month with wood results. Wyss, Sold by E. Muran and S. H. CASTORIA For Infant* And Children. DM Kind You Have Always Bought •MI* tut IV1ADE ME THROUGH SERVICE BCTWKN —— ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY ANP THE ^~. PRINCIPAL CITIES OP TEXAS. WMIEB WFFET SLEEHM ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, *l BBU.B STRBBT. Monty to Lota an Improved Propi>nj RBMTS OOIXBCTBO. • C. C, C. ft St. On and after Union d table foi T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Mapa Profllea and Bftlraato Furaiahed. log Ball* StrMt, Up atalra. «pm or 708pm Leave 8t. L. 7« am 831 am lOWam j 800pm joepm I U 760 JTriln* ponneo Depot. Q Arrli apa Ridge *U. t from Union depot. N. W. Chas A. Strittmatter Tailor. BAST SECOND «M HVVg|*t* Cnt-alaw, TAILOR MADE CLOTHES, polnu C. B, ft, Q. (HJdg» <M, HtaUon) FRiB RECLINING KATY CHOil MBS DINING STATIONS •OPERATE* r«rtal«bfl.M •v,.v FIFTY CINT& Jamea Pirker, MODERATE PRICE5 mt*f * Mi STOCK OF GOODS

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