Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa on October 26, 1894 · Page 1
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Algona Courier from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1894
Page 1
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VJ? TENTH YEAR. OCTOBER 20, 1894 NUMBER 4 Fine Crockery AT THE NEW STORE. Just arrived; bought in Chicago on my way home from,the east. It will pay everybody in Kossuth county to call, as I have the finest stock of groceries that can be bought. Prices to suit the hard times. . . FRUITS of all kinds of the best quality. Anyone wishing to buy their Flour for the year I will give a good discount and warrant every sack. Salt by the barrel. .-. , ••Dp not forget that you can buy'more from me for one dollar than at any other store in Iowa,. Thanks for past favois, and you will always find me ready to satisfy you wants in my line., JAMES PATTERSON. COWLES BLOCK, — — ALGONA, IOWA. Brownell Has Them UP TO DATE IN STYLE ' AFFAIR, Extensive Swindling Operations of a Gang Operating in Northern Iowa, Used the Name of a Sioux City Company That Had No Connection With Them-Sold Privileges They Did Not Control. We will place on sale for TEN DAYS ONLY, $500.00 worth of goods at a Discount of 25 per cent, as follows: Worth of Hoods, Fascinators, J Lad ies and Children's Yarn Mitts, BOOTS, KUBBEBS, RUBBEK EOOTS, •GLOVES; MITTENS. Perfet Fitting. Best Quality. And Greatest Variety from which to make your selections. Don't Fail to Call and See Us No.trouble goods at the Ice Wool Shawls. $200 flers, Windsor Ties. Worth, of Men's, Ladies' and Children's - Handkerchiefs, Muf- $ 1 * Worth of Stamped Linens, Children's Qaps, Ladles Silk Mitts. We invite all the ladies to call in and see the above goods and bargains. Remember this sale will be for TEN DAYS ONLY-NO LONG-EB. Yours truly, [tfvbm Stoilx City Tribune, Oct. 10.1 Manager Van Dervort of the Sioux City Implement and seerl company has just discovered that the name of his company is being used by a party of swindlers of the Bohemian .oats type, in a way that he fears may injure it when as a matter of fact the company is entirely innocent of any connection with the operations of the gang. A little over a month ago a man who gave the name of J. L. Button came here, representing that he was from Algona and was an officer of a farmer's exchange and produce association that desired to make arrangements to buy goods from Mr. Van Der vort's company at wholesale prices. He stated the matter in such form that Mr. Van Dervort was convinced that it represented an opportunity for him to secure some additional business, and he accordingly signed a con- $125.00 each, and if they don't wabt any, they don't need to take it. Anyr, n body that has bought territory of me or my men can have all the goods they want at wholesale prices whether the Sionx Implement and Seed Co. t goes back on the deal or not. I Can furnish from other places just as well as , not, so send in your orders boys, I atu „ here to stay. I don't think the gatii? of men in Hardin county- all belong to my crew, I don't know the names of any such parties, exceptqne", Little. He may be the Little that is working for me. I will say right hare that if I have anything to sell and • people want it, they can have it if they have the price. I believe in fair dealing, and I am not in any Bohem- • ian oats swindle or any otheir swindle,' and anyone claiming my business a, swindle are slandering a good open>< deal. "What do you suppose I would get out of my business if it was done for nothing? The $125.00 pays for the trouble of locating and looking after- the agents and the business. So I hope that my Algona friends, if I have any, will not class me as a swindler, as I am not. I do sell territory and everybody knows it, but always on the square. J. L. BUTTON." inruojTJTnnnnnjinjinrLnjrnjTJTj^ T-l " 1 •> ' : . f i * r^ We Handle the Genuine The Following-are Facts. We have the Exclusive Right to Handle This Wire in Algona. Winter is coming and you will want a good heaiter. The "Round Oaks" Are World Beaters. "Consumes Less Fuel, Furnishes More Heat than any Stove Made. A Leading Line of Farm Implements. 1 Weigenant Bros, - Algona, Iowa. The Newest! The Nobbiest! AND SHOES ir, Are to be had at , s - B. H. Anderson's - At Stougli's Old Stand, We have a Great Variety, of New Goods that we are selling Very;. Cheap. Don't fail to see us if you want the Best and want to buy Cheap, B. H. ANDERSON. State St., Algona, Iowa. H I have just received a new, good, nobby and fashionable line of woolens, consisting of Overcoatings, Suit- ings, Fine Coatings and Trouserings. They must be sold, they will be sold, and they can be sold at unheard of prices. What in the name \of common sense do you buy thoso miserable shape and buttpnless garments for, that make you look old and sickly, and you know you feel . bad with a suit of those sweat-shop made garments on. Do yon know that death and desolation are lurking in those ready-made clothes'which are made in sweat-shops in New York. How many times diseases invade your home, such as diphthera, so^i-let fever, smallpox, etc. In 99 cases out of 100 the sweat-shop clothing br6ught :i ;the disease to your home. Don't buy it. I can sell you 'a fashionable, good fitting, good wearing and presentable suit for the lowest figure possible. I can sell you woolen ior less money than anybody in Algo t na, because I want to. - . '. ... • • . '' r -'.:• .; ' '- .'.-';• : '•" .. •-. . Repairing done on short notice and done right. Dress buttons made to order. .Satisfaction guaranteed in every respect. Can also sell you steam ship tickets to and from Europe as low as the lowest in price. Yours very respectfully, State Street, (~\ I ETOQQ Algona, Iowa. v,/. L-.. I \Jr O O • I /^J^^J^^u^^u^J^J^J^^u^ar^ruJl BLANKET SALE! SRURBECK & bAMBERT, T ^ * :<^v ;,/.: AiQWA, * JQW4, , ,' \' <t ' J - '' "W*WW Wfiyo«Wwon*hWoUP>ving:' rittUw?TW*MttHert>Wi Owfljr ftnfl k\^m^wmS^^r^^^^PP^> «M.Hl* *«* 9WW «9»». V(*wj *1J, tJ»SS»wS4'|o4w M $WMM» »* w» «* w»w * *w •*** «i *i&Fttff*yKfXi!yf'* t,7Jl'* f *W?Te? -"_L-'I/_ij.l.? , r .,;.k.Av,*-V,V,1, nt ntti/in irnnrin tnn nnmBl-nilB in infill. Positively W Ten Days ! , ; v , i- '<, - ( -i-p •.!•)!'.' w O'p^r'^ay'iilmket^, striped bord ers, at this Mce, would t>$ oli^ap tract with Sutton by which be agreed that his company would furnish certain articles to Suttoh at certain wholesale prices. Button left the city and the next thing Mr. Van Deryort heard of the matter was when he began to receive letters a few days ago, from people in the counties of the north central part of the state, particularly Hamilton, Hardin and Kossuth. The writers wanted to know why the articles and supplies which Button.had contracted for were not delivered to them. He investigated the matter and found that Sutton and his gang had been traveling around the country selling Township rights to sell the implements, etc., named in the,'.cpntract, at very low prices. He gave contracts in which it was agreed that the Implement and seed company would forward the supplies for the safe of which the right had been- sold. Sutton had not communicated with the company in any way and it was evident that he had been working a fraud. He bad charged $125 for each,township right, and while it is not known how many of them he sold, the returns from his operations thus far indicate that aland office business was carred on:while it lasted. The disposition made pithed notes is not yet known, but none of them were sent to Mr. VanDervort, and they were all made payable:to the members of the gang. Several of them have turned up in the hands of innocent purchasers, and it was oh account of an attempt to sell one of them to a bank that the gang came to grief at last. Several members of the gang have been arrested and held to the grand jury in Hardim county. None of them have given, the name of Sutton, but there is little doubt that he is one of them, giving another name. Hardin County Farmers Swindled. A report from Blclora says: "It seems that about half a dozen parties in the county are combined in a scheme to work the farmers. They represent themselves to be agents of the Sioux Implement and Seed Company. Their business appears to be to sell farmers territory to act as agents. They get the farmers to sign a contract agreeing to do such and such things with their goods. In a few days Mr. Farmer is called upon to pay a note at the bank for various sums of money. The officers have two of those sharpers in jail now. They giYe their names as E, E. Little and Joe Watson, They succeeded in working young Ferdinand Haas, a young farmer living near Steamboat Bock, getting him to sign a contract to act as their agent,which in a day or two turned up as a note for $125, This was presented for payment at the Steamboat bank, but the cashier of the latter refused to cash, it until he should learn from Haas whether it was all right, In this way two of the the gang were gobbled. The officers are on the lookout for the other mem' bers of the gang, A JOKE ON BURT. The Republicans of That Busy Have a "Rally." The joke of the season up at Burt is the republican rally held there last Thursday night, when Mayor Isaac L. Hillis, of Des .Moines, was the "orator" who was expected to knock the foundations of democracy "galloy west" and plant the republican banner of "hard times" above th« busted " bulwarks. The republicans of our ^ sister town bad been aching for a ' speech for some time, and when the county chairman sent them word that the mayor of Des Moines would be with them there was much joy among 1 the stalwarts. The band practiced some of its best selections, the halt; lamps were cleaned and at the appointed hour a comfortably-filled house greeted the mayor in his new suit of clothes. Mr. Ilillis is really a good-looking man, with gray hair, faultlebs attire and a dignified bearing, and it is natural that people- knowing nothing of him except tnat> 'be is mayor of Des Moiues should expect much of him as a public speaker. But upon ascending the rostrum his dignity of bearing resolves itself into a stiff ness that would do credit to the ^. regulation clothing sign, -TfhejgldLro^If publican "arguments," based entirely ^ upon erroneous assumptions, hf> dresses up in fairly good language, but there is no life, no enthusiasm to give- force to his words, and the same straw- is threshed over several times to> make sure that nothing is lost. "Well, the Burt people stood the first half- hour of the mayor's speech first rate. Every person in the audience was- respectful and attentive, and the prominent republicans who were supporting the speaker by their presence on the stage looked happy and confident of the utter discomfiture of all ;!l , ? democrats present, before the speech *• ^;'| was over. They were expecting as a matter of course that the mayor would ft A, Card From Mr. Button, •Mr. 3, L- Sutton, the gentleman re« {erred to }n the article above, hands us the following communication for publication.', He says: "~ 4,'I<; Button, of Ajgpna, do say< t part of the'above clipping frqaj ..*... o,.... <j>r|bun9 is §ru,e.> "»•-*- get "warmed up" to his subject later ' on. At the end of the first hour's mild, monotonous harangue there was some uneasiness among the audience, and a number went out; buttnerewas yet hope that the peroration would; make up for the short comings of tbe,. f speech. But, horror upon horrors^' Another mortal hour dragged out its } tedious length and no peroration was yet in sight. Now confidence and 1 * happy expectancy had given way to a tired feeling that passeth understanding. The audience had nearly all taken its departure, but this fact disturbed the speaker not. He continued to pursue the "even tenor" of his way, some eyen fearing that he had acquired the faculty of the brook, going- ' on forever. All that<> remained of, the audience were some of the old ' wheel-horses of the republican party and a few democrats who were determined to "see the thing out." Noth,-', ing short of utter despair was in the expression now to be seen on the faces of Mae prominent republicans occupy,-,; ing the platform. No possible flight >. of oratory that could be made could 1 , at this stage of the proceedings have-v redeemed the speaker. The best thing 1 ^ that he could have done was to w qult>^ quickly. But he was in ua barry, "'he"fU had his "piece" well lej^ mwa^y ^ going to speak it througn.^.J if%ily . f j for those present, however, it wan pre- , s destined that Mayor Hillis 1 u * should be no exception to t that all thins? have an end. ^, r _,, ;r , was a good strong two hours and ? a«V| half of it, but the end cam,e, although''"' even that fact did not appease,thf wrath of the Burt republicans- Thej think now that the Algona repubJV cans were onto the mayor when the} sent htm up there instead,of allowing him to fill his appointment at thU.,,.,. place, and Col, Sessions receivcd^a.'J very curt letter from the party leaders^ at Burt, requesting him, when be he 11 ^ any more such speakers on band, ship them to some other point, ; i O spite of their wrath, however, 'Id hoys can't help smilidst broadly»whi their late political rally la ty,an; alluded to. The worst of it w« say, that Hillis failed to "take r hie to himself.' 1 He actually ' that he had made a splend,., ( . r and la doubtless congratula,tlni{?, Rp.lf nnnn how his tl trlumnhaL<i< self upon hovy his will result In agra leooJeforHimsto w,aqt8to go. are a, wptslve of ' H"

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