The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on February 13, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1892
Page 3
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ftt Postyille Weekly Review. MBnllflU EVERY SATURDAY BY W .H.BUROICK. 4. . . — —TUMI: | i ,b0 A TEAR in ADVANCE. L OCAL R EVIEW. —Bulk Oysters at Hart's. —Attend the M. E. donation to-night. * —Fancy Naval Oranges, at (47wi) JOHN TJIOMA'SJ —Postville baked bread, 6 loaves for 36 oil., al Kalon'i. at. -Wool Stocking Yarns, at 46c. lb., SKFXTON & TANGEMAH'S. —Note wnftt W. J. Hanks 4 Co. about decks thit week. say —Sea the new line of Spring Clothing at Gray's Clothing Store. -Boy*' Unclorxrear, worth GOc, for Mo. itiit at SKKLTON 4 TANOEMAM'S. — F. M. Orr came within a bnndrad dellara of selling hi* fnrm this wevk. —Eaton has put in a nice As»ortmont of ralaatlnei. Call and toe them. —New Suitings and new Dreii Goods at SKKLTON 4 TANGEMAN'S. —Poultry bonglit and sold at Hart's. — A child of Henry Bates. >»bmit four mon '.hR old. was buried on Thursday. —Tim. and Ella Perry have gone to Storm Lake, wo suppose to arrange for the removal of tho family there. —The Luhman brothoti havo not returned from Wisconsin yet. Their father was still alive at latest advices. —Cd. Sweeson started out on another trip for Ward & Koble's mop wringer last Monday night. —Tho old lady Wilke, oyer 80 years old, was burlod at Farmerauarg yesterday. Tho relatives have our sympathy. —Young lady, young gentleman, call and C the splendid assortment of valen- tlaes at the REVIEW office. Roberts 0. X,. S. 0. Will meet with Mrs. Hall next Wednesday afternoon. Hay For Bale. I havo n quantity of hay for sale. Inquire of F. W. Tuller. A. KAPLCR. Miss Mary Crosby, Teacher of Painting. Order work a spocialty. 43tf Mia* Anna £ aaton lnstrnetor on the piano and organ, Postvilla, Iowa. BOARD PBflOKEDINGS. Troaauror's and Auditor's Official Report. 6TATK RKVBNUK FUND. DR. Jan. I, 'gl To bal on hand 3 430 08 Taxes received.... 853934 Temp, school 01 Miscellaneous 4 14 By diabi:, Uy refunded Hal Jan l, iSgj 9110 7i 9 16 305 67 95J3 57 COUHTY FUND. Jan. r, 'oi Eal orcrdrawn Taxes received 3 «G3 04 Miscellaneous 3195 17 By transfers 47 J<» 00 By disbursed By refunded Bal Jan. I, 1891 G2S8 31 9097 81 26848 20 40 (it 36576 6a COUNTY SCHOOL FUND. Jan. r, 'gt Bal on hand 1170 12 Taxes received 33r4 12 Miscellaneous 339 57 By refunded By transfcred Bal Jan. I, 1891 36576 72 7 66 3544 27 1271 83 4823 81 DRIDOB FUND. Jan. I, '91 Bat on hand .... Taxes recoived.. By disbursed.... By refunded Bal Jan. 1, 189s.. •377 3" 5156 76 4813 81 4743 32 5 46 1785 •» By refunded 19 Bal Jan. 1, 1892.... 15 82 4:0 79 450 79 LANGINO WATHR FUND. Jan. r, 'ot Bal on hand—... 1 76 Taxes received.... 223 By disl'Uised 2:0 19 Bal J=n. :, 1392.... 9 94 230 13 I.AMSING SIDEWALK. Taxes received— 51 11 By disbursed Bal Jan. I, 1892 34 So 16 3t Jan. I, 5< " WAUKON CORPORATION. •gi Bal on hand 55 30 Taxes received— :i68 11 By disbursed By refunded Bel Jan. I, 1692 Clewing? Out Sal© 1006 75 92 215 71 1223 41 WAUKON SIDEWALK. Taxes received 11 08 By disbursed Bal Jan. 1, 1892 — 2 00 9 08 Jan. r, ti oS rOSTVILLC CORPORATION. 31 "7 815 38 •81 Bal on hand Taxes received.. By disbursed.... By refunded Bal Jan. 1, 1892. 800 05 9 56 34 »4 . Rev. Macurdy, of Waukon, preached in tho M. E. church hero last Sunday evening. —If you want wood Wave wora with tne or any of any teamsters. 1 P. J. lisucHER, Drayman. —Call on R. J. Black, at the bakery, and get your head examined. Only J» cents. Ho understaads his busiuess. —If you want to »uv child's, misses' or woiuon's Wool Hoeo cheap, call at SKELTON & TANGEMAJJ'S. —New Spring Stock Boots and Shoes, just opend, at Luhman & Sanders'. Miss Nellie H. Abbott, Teacher of Vooal and Instrumental Music, Pustville, Iowa., Jan. r, Jan. i ( —Miss Josephine Durno has gone to Springville, n«v Cedar Rapids for a visit. Her cousin, Chas., accompanied her. —Alt tho schools, including the som- lnary, at Nora Springs, have been closed by the board of health on account of the provaleneo of scarlet fever. Short Horns For Sale! I have for sale two Thoroughbred Shorthorn Bull Calvos, 8 and 9 months old. DARIUS 0«B. —$2,000 New Dry Goods $2,000 New Boots & ShoeB, in Mid-Winter, just received, at Luhman & Sanders'. —A piano tuner has boon doing the town this week. As thsro is not evon a jewsharp in our house wo could notgive him a job. —Mrs. H. C. Baily is up from Dos Moines. Ho mother is seriously ill at j Klkader. S. C. returned to Wisconsin last night. —Let mi whisper in your car that I ahnll make Photographs six days in a weok after this date. CHAS. F. ALI.RN. Horse-Shoeing. No hit and miss, bnt a good job every clatt°r and prises vory reasonable. TllOS. SnORTEEBD. 6533 96 INSANE TUND. '91 Bal on hand 976 43 Taxes received 500516 Miscellaneous 209 go By disbursed By refunded Bal Jan. i, 169s — 6533 96 3437 5' 5 02 2749 06 844 45 P0STV1LLE SIDEWALK. Taxes roceived 89 59 By disbursed Bal Jan. I, 189s 89 59 EXCHANGE ACCOUNT. 84P 45 89 27 32 About 250 Garments on hand of all grades and kinds consisting of FLUSH CLOAK p ESTABLISHED 1883. Our new Spring Selections in Jan. i 6191 51 COUNTY ORTHAlt: ItOMR. 'gt Ualon hand 1624 91 Tixes raceivod.... 3 88 By refunded Uy disbursed Bal Jan. t, 1891 6191 31 70 197 11 1430 79 1628 ; rot'HTV rosD. Jan. 1, '91 Bal on hand Taxes received., By disbursed.... By refunded.... Bal Jan. 1, 1891. 4135 45 15 13 iGxS 79 357; 50 1 04 57* 19 'gt Bal on hand By disbursed... Bal Jan. 1, 1B92. 63 30 89 59 56 45 11 85 63 80 R1TER ROAD FUND. Jan. I, '91 Bal on hand. 89 10 By disbursed..,. Bal Jan. 1, 1892. 63 80 3 46 85 64 89 10 4150 73 4150 73 JAIL DOXD, Jan. 1, 'gi Bal on hand 144 7* Taxes received.... 13 68 By refunded 02 By transferee! 150 00 Bal Jan. 1, 1892.... 8 3H 138 40 158 40 CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL. Jan. i, 'gi Bal on hand 75G1 92 * Taxes received— 36009 13 J By disbursed 33»t9 '9 t By refunded 54 9° Bal Jan. 1, 1891 10266 y6 89 10 Respectfully submitted. J. F. DOUGHERTY, County Treasurer. Auditor's report of expenses, as shown by warrants, drawn on the ditleront funds, and fat what purpose expended: COUNTY FUND. OUTSIDE TOOK. Money supplies and r.itlroad far,*... Medical attendance, burial cxpimati 35" 91 439 «4 Cloth Newmarkets, Cloth Jackets and Short Wraps, and Misses'Cloaks and Jackets of every description, including all of this season's production and those that we bought at 50c on the dollar that aro from the stock of the largo Cloak factory in Chicago that failed. Every Cloak and Jacket Misses' Cloaks, 50 cents each and up. Ladies' New­ markets from $2.00 up. We are determined to close out every Cloak and Jacket on hand and prices are made to suit every purse. The goods WILL BE SOLD WHETHER WE GET COST OR NOT. Sale commences immediately and continues until all are sold, and SOLD.'FOR CASH ONLY at Great Reductions. in The largest and best we have ever shown are NOW DAILY ARRIVIN G, and we are better prepared than ever to serve and pleasR you. Bl 2 50 X ||H 27 90 5 » Jan. t Jan. 4357' 05 ArrORTIONMENT. 'gi Da] on liand 43^2 95 Kcc' from trauf's.. £07500 By disbursed Unl Jan I, 5A0S 10 455o 75 10358 B5 10358 85 KOAD FUND. , '91 Bal on hand Taxes received By disbursed By refunded Bal Jan. l, 1H9.2 — • 48 05 2960 15 3"5 99 23 91 27(4 24 —Alt tho schooling'ajis will go t< Waukon to-morrow to lUIeml lha county teachors association. Prof. Smith will accompany them to hold tho linos, etc. —Bro. E. F. Msditry 1ms ranted tho Lnesoy residonce uud sometime next month expects to bucome * full fledged citisen of Postville. —"Liii Schmidt" returned from i week's rumble in Milwaukee last Snt tirday night. Wo should judge from thu way he tslks ha had a big tima and saw most of "the sights." —Drop in and eoe thoBe New Prints and Outing Flannels, at Luhman & Sanders'. —Oor itsprcssions of the loclure on immortality, by Hcv. imoi Cram, at Castalia, last Wednesday evening, will bo givon next week. --Don't fail to road tho nnuonncc- nisnt of John Crosby on this page Ho means business and is willing that tho public should know it. —Nothing was dono al tho last mooting of the now opera houso Association, as taora time was asked for by the com- 1 mlu«08 to got estimates, ote. —Louisiana Dlmooson, Cypress Shingles and Arkansas Yollow Pino Finishing, for sale at SANDERS & ICAPLBR'S. -MISS Erfilh Ellis was the fortunato contestant at the Deraorcst Contest on last. Saturday evening. Slio will attend tho district contest at Maynard as tho representative of this lodge. —John Lydon, of Frankrille, marketed twelve line porkers last week which averaged 4C0 lba. each and netted him thn neat sum of $228.66. Good boy, John, do it some mora. 3109 14 TIACIIERS' INSTITUTE. Jan. 1, '91 Bal on hand Rec'd Co. Snp'l. Kec'd from State Uy disbursed Bal Jan. i, 1892,.. • 9 41 536 00 50 00 495 9" 109 47 For Sale Cheap. A second hand cook stove. No. 9 with stoveplpo shelf. Will tako wood dry or green. In payment. Inquire of MRS. N. J. BEBDT. House For Sale Cheap. I am going to sell my residence this spring if possible, regardless of prise Call and seo it. MRS. H. B. HAZUTOM. 605 43 605 43 TEMPORARY SCHOOL 1'1 'ND. Jan. 1 Kcc'd from int By transferred.,,, 11 a 1 Jan. i, 1892.... i3tt 46 4031 Us tGo 33 C10C 64 G103 6{ Gi '>J 64 PERMANENT SCHOOL FUND. Jan. 1 '51 Hal on hand To rtCRipts Uy disbursed...... lial Jan. 1, 11*91 — 692 02 67II OO 30G0 00 2513 9* 7403 9* 7403 9* DOMESTIC ANIMAL. Jan. 1 , '91 Bal on hand Taxes received... Uy disbursed By Iransrered.... Uy refunded Bal Jan. 1, 1852... H38 4* 1001 58 180.4 00 4 01 575 78 1440 04 1440 oi BOARD OF HEALTH.. J .in. Taxes received... Bal Jan. 1, 1892... 08 99 282 01 231 43 07 •49 50 381 CO 381 00 LANSING CORPORATION. Jan. 1, 'gi Bal on hand Taxes received.. By disbursed.... Bal Jan. 1, 1892., 35 77 • 165° 7 l 1633 84 61 05 Steward's salary Clothing, supjilies, machinery, repairs, etc Medical attendance, burial expenses, etc. SHERIFF AND DKI'UTY. Fees and salary 4/8 00 Boarding prisoners «54 «> JAIL. Medical nttandancn, clothing and washing 41 95 Repairs, fuel and oil 93 74 COL'KT HOUSE. Books, stationery, blanks, express charges etc OOO 25 Publishing proceedings.* 492 33 Cleaning court houso, janitor, fuel, etc... 734 74 COUNTY omCERS AND flUrr.KV ISORS. Auditor, treasurer, clerk, superintendent, county attorney and deputies 7226 75 Per diem and mileage 445 8(1 Committee woik 194 °9 COt'KT I20 15 170 bb 90 35 39o 00 194<3 l >5 , 8 00 359 35 „ 86 00 Constables J G J 40 Attorneys 45 00 Stenographer 372 00 COKONKK'S INQUEST. Coroners fees 185 Jurors, witnesses, etc 17 00 TOWNSHIP orncERS, JEjwish to thank my manyjfriends for thoir past confidence and favorrs and it -will always bo my constant effort to use yon right; to name tho Very Lowest Price on every article; and Guarantee everything sold to be Just As Represented, orJMoney Refunded. POSTVILLE. CARL HOLTER. e Call early while wa have reap the "benefit of this sale. I aLefuL © SSJ ^> o a Full Assortment and i trai 1 .list Witnesses district court. Witnesses justice court.. I urora, Brand urors. petit urors, justice court usticcs of the peace lailitt district court. —Don't forget M. F. great miction sale of McGaheran's thoroughbred ntT grain - J. C Rounds, an old and respected citizen of Marton township, Clayton Co. died Inst Saturday, after a bnof illnoss, from pneumonia. lie iras about 74 years of age —The Turners will give a graud leap year dance at (heir hall aoxt Tuesday evening, to which all are invited. Ticket* 76 eoutf per couple. Single gentlemen same price. Good mnsio. —C t. Allen and wife arrivci' last Saturday and are settling down to J housekooping In a part of Mrs. N. J. Beedy's residence. They are warmly welcomed to thoir Postvilla homo. stock, farm implements, hay an _ etc., on Feb. 24th. It will bo tho best chanao for years to soonro Bomo of tho best strains of blood in the state at your own doors and your own priees. *'. A. Havirland is one of the auctionoors and T. M. Off is ono of tho elerks. Moro definite information next woek. —N»w Mid-Winter Stock of Dry Goods. Buy early and get good selections, at Luhman & Sanders'. New Dental Booms. Dr. Will Cole has opened a dental office over the harness storo In th brlok block, where ho may be found on Tuesday and Wednosday of each week where he Invites the pnbllo to call when wauting first-olass work dose in his Hue. School Books. We now havo a full and complete stock of school books used in the Post' villa schools and will soil them at the lowest school bonrd prices. We als< carry a full stook of all school supplin al the lowest prioss. Brick drug stoi It. K. DOUOLASJ. Special Sale of Tine Holiday Goods ! Barrels and Barrels of Candy are placed on sale at PRICES that far UNDERSELL and OUT DO all competition. WHYHOT Trustees, judges of election, rent, etc— 5G3 yi Clerks and clerks of election 412 y"? IIOt'NTV. . Wolves, wild cats and foxes 818 00 KOAD COST5 Surveyors, commissioners, chaimncn and appraitors , 10 00 Serving and publishing notices 3 1X1 Assessors 171" 00 Mt2ce)laneouS ••• 3°8 34 25848 20 timuon VUNU. I Repairing bridges Building bridges Hoard of supervisors connnitte Jan, 1686 48 LANSING SINKING FUND, I, '91 Bal on hand....... 8 67 1680 48 Taxes received. Uy disbursed.... 412 12 404 ?3 i5'7 48 2CM 10 : 359 M 5559 73 1NSAN3 FUND. Court of insanity 43 Phyaician insane case M 10 Sheriff fees 2S7 rjo Allowance and supplies 108 00 453 00 DOEESTIC ANIMAL PL'ND. Stock killed by dogs 80 25 HIVER KOAD FUND. Doard of supervisors committee work.... 3 45 KliCAI'lTULATION, County fund 25848 ao IJridgo fund 4559 7* Insane fund 453 "° Domestic animal fund 8025 River road fund 3 4° 3°9t4 G3 Respectfully submitted, J. M. COLLINS, County Auditor. Pure Stick Candy, all flavors, 2 lbs. in a box for 15 cents; retail pi'ice 25c to 30c. Pure Mixed Candy, taffy mixed, cream, &c, only 10 cents; worth 25 to 30c. Pure New England Broken Mixed, fine colors and flavors, 10c; worth 25c. Pure Cream Candy, elegantly flavored, only 20c per lb; worth 35 to 40c. Best Roasted Pea Nuts, 10c per lb; 3 lbs. for 25 Cts. Beat Brazil Nuts, 10 cents per lb; 3 Ibis, for 25 cents. We Sell Best Winter Apples, three bushel barrels for $2.50. We Sell Best Winter Apples by the peck for 25 Cts. . OCEAN STILL CONTINUES The Most Popular Family Newspaper in the West. IT IB THE BEST NEWSPAPER FOR THE HOME .-. .-. THE WORKSHOP, on THE BUSINESS OFFICE. TOR THE PROFESSIONAL MAN, THE WORKINGMAN. on THE POLITICIAN. IT IB A HEPr/Bt.IOAN WEWBPAPER, ami an aach la ably conduototf, numbertna among its writers tho ablQJt In tno country. ItpurjHah03 ALL THE NUWt), and koopa lla readero porfoc^y poetod on lrrpoitent events nil over the world, Its LITERARY FEATURES qi» •Orml to thOEO of tho b'st mnffaslnoo. Amona ltocontributoreftro W. D m>'M*i .LB, FRANK H. STOCKTO IN , MHO. FRANCES HODGSON BUHNETT, ITOnt IWAIII. UHET HAUTE, MAU- HICE THOMPSON, A. W. TOURQEE. HOJ<EBTI.ODI8 STKVUNiON. HUD- YARD KTIPLINO, JUIRLBlf DA.UC, MAKV HAHIWm, HMHtnWOOD, JOEI J CHANDLER HARRIS, ond many othnrn ci SOUND LH'BHAHY FAME. ItwIUtbusbOOOetttnatTHC: INTER OCEAN publliltioa THE BEST STORIES AND SKETCHES IN THE LANGUAGE. ItO FOREIGN and DOMESTIC CCmni'EIPONDENCD ID vory oxtonolvo anil thu boct. The Youth'8 Department, Cariosity .Shop, Woman's Kiiifnlom A Tho Home Aro Batter than a Maa azino for tho Fcrally • Ono of tho Moot Important Foaturos la tho Dopartmont oi FARM AND FARMERS, Edited by EX-OOTT. W. D, HOARU 01 Wisconsin. Editor nnd Frorrlotor of "Hoard's Dairyman." Tola la anew iauturo end an Important onu to Agriculturist*. _ •AN ALLIANCE DEPARTMENT H QB also boon opened for tho apodal puxposo of dlacusaluo: tho quoatlons uovr noltatlno tho farraors of tno country, THE WEEKLY INTER OCEAN Is Ono Dollar j>er Your, posing© paid. THE .-. SEMI-WEEKLY .-. INTER .-. OCEAN la Dubllohodovory Monday and Thuraday nt $2.00 per year, poatpald The DAILY INTER OCEAN is $6.00 P<?JTAO£ PAID Tho SUNDAY INTER OCEAN is 2.00 FSSTAQE^AID Liberal Tennato Actlvo Aconta. Dandfor Sampler Copy. Addrosa THE INTER OCEAN, Chicago. Wo hare placed on s»ln a I>nrge Lino of Albums, Plush Boxes, Gent's Silk Mufflers, Toilet Setff, Silk Handkerchies, &c, that we offer at nearly one-half their commercial value. BY THE Town Clock! For One Hour. FROM 3 TO 4 O'CLOCK, —Herman Harris it gettlug to bo quite a hori »ni»n. He racantly pur- ehMed a fine bla«k hon* of Jokn H. Luighlin (or $100, and now aomt of tlio girl* want to look out, if it it loHpyoar. TJohn Crosby, Sr., doparUdfor California 'on Monday. Ho hns purchased a fruit farm at Flaoerville, the first stop that ha made wtaon in quest of gold in '49. Ho expeots to apand the remain- darof his life there. His foiuily will follow him later in the season. —Geo. Chase, a younger brother of W. I. Chase, died at his home In Le Roy. last Sunday, frotnjtho effects of the grip. , Old settlors hero will remember hlro. He was engaged in the »oro«n< tile business at Le lioy, and his death ttaves a fine opeaing fer some one to • good established business. • -The siok so far as we know are doing well, except Hardy Barnes, whose condition is very serious, as was Mrs, Jas. Mather's tho last we heard. F B Burling and Mrs, Win. Shopheul arc •lowly improving, as are thoso not so Mrlously afflicted.' We hope the change in the weather will prove beneficial —I 'be preliminary arrangements aro »ll made for tho masonic social nest TjWtday evening. The tickets are IIm tts4;«» account of the oapaolty ol the toltytnd beooo no one except tloket iV £gUaW »od Masons and their families ' jjipatUKi to RtUnd, although all. '^fvWflpowe [( \h$y eould bo prop* | MADAME MITCHELL At Home Permanently' for 3 Months. Madame Mitchell will tell your for tune to perfection, tell what you are best adapted for, and show you the likeness of your future partnor. Call and be couvinoed of her wonderful powers at her residence, north of the Milwaukee depot, Fostville. lake Notioe, That the Portvllle Steam Boiler Mills will grind Feed, Corn Meal and Graham Monday «nd Saturday of each week hereafter. Having added a line wood-working machinery we are propared to do Planing, Matching, and all kinds of sawing, on short nolloo. Bring in your logs and have them sawed. Respectfully, E. D, STUM. IB The Goods Must Go ! Beat LL Brown Muslin, yard -wide, by bolt, 420. Best Pepperell B Sheeting, yard wide, by bolt, 5Sc. Best Lonsdale Bleaohed Sheeting, yard wide, by| bolt, 73c. 33 1-3 yards of Calico lor 1.00. 36 inch Fine Dress Flannel, only 85 cents per yard; worth 35 to 40o. 52 inoh Fine Dress Flannel, only 421 oents per yard; worth 55 to 60o. 23 lbs. Fine G-ranulated Sugar (1.00 worth to one family) for 1.00. Best Water "White Kerosene Oil, lOo per gallon. Best 5 Gallon G-alvanized Oil Can made, with pump oomplete, 1.25. 'One Large Plug Tobaooo, No. 1 quality, 2 inches 1 wide by 12 inohes long, only 20c. CARPET eAJivEU Are you going to buy a New Carpet this spring? Now is your opportunity to see a choice selection of ALL WOOL INGRAINS, BODY BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, UNION & COTTON CHAN. Prices Low if you buy. It will cost you nothing to see them. Also remember that I oarry the Largest. Line of Lace Curtains, and Window Shades and Fixtures in the oity. Yours Respectfully, WALTER CHEISS. THE GREAT SPECIAL SALE ! We will sell our, FINEST All Wool Dress Flannels, 42 inohes wide, blaok and all color*; regular prioe 70 oents per yard. For that hour only, 40 oents. Our Fine Camel's Hair Serge in three colors, Brown, Our All Wool Double Width Dress Fla.nnol« hifmir and L * dle " Underwear will still continue in foroe, B^JI^S^S^Z^^S. FS? n that hour ^ d are n0t mat ° hed W ™ 7 com P etition only, 20 oents. anywnere. L ml flniQ .rtolged,< —In its oomments on the Fayette county fair, the Union has the follow ing to say of a gentleman who Is well known in this county: ••The exhibit of swine was fine—some of thorn would be hard to boat any whore The display by M. F. McGahe- ran, of Clermont, this county may justly feel proud of, as something that oan hardly be excelled. His best on exhibition, 'Ohio Gout,' is two years old, weighs about 700 pounds and has take* i ten first premiums and sweepstakes, Ohio Gent's sire was sold at two different times for $t00. Another one Which Mr. MeGaheran had. 'Ring Leader,'2 ono. .veer old, would weigh WO pounds. Mr. M, has void bogs to Judge Stevens, Wm Klnsty and Pat Donlon, of Elkadcr. He rooord' all stock and keeps tno rooord* lor o*aro« .natloo.*! •:^>;v. • • •• Thojtaw..jlll bo offered for salt nt otyrflto Tbar^ftjr.Tofcffit^ EPNot ONE MINUTE before 3 o'olook or ONE MINUTE after 4 o'olook will any of the goods be sold at that Prioe. You have the privilege of making your selections at any time previous, but they will be out at that prioe only at that hour. STRICTLY CASH ! S.F. GMNTON. A oomplete and full stock of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any building the ooming season will consult their own interest by obtaining Particular attention to filling bills. JOHN CROSBY, N T R If) ! P URCHASERS OF .IMPORTED DRAFT OR COACH HORSES REMEM BER! That the Newman Bros. Organs with the patent Air figures from me Circulating Reed Cell and the Standard Sewing Best of grades onlv handled Maohine with its Rotary Shuttle, are the best instruments of their kind in the world, and makes the most appropriate Christmas present for wife, daughter or si»to>r, and we have them for sale. INTENDING and imnoot our largo nook of I MI'OHT>R P WJK-WINHINO A HIMALU before buying thoni ore IB Bnt, 4 ooooiid nnd 8 grand sweepstake nrlr.o wldnorn, oil oeourad tit i iin«» In Boplorabw, 1891, Will oumunhe Imported stook for well locoted form To vlsll our ototaleo olsowhoro, Among hcljv conlettoo suow WIII 'BliA UstasuUlens to teooonilbfe nortlei for tl>o season of I*M, with nr vilogo of buying at ,„„ pi sectust, We «l«o iiaveji flualot 9? www short Horn and tletferd »»ll« Cor »n|e, »on I wall |o wrlto but como at once nod reoke your loleotlonn, Terma eeay, and prices tbal defy oowpoil- taw—. ..j ihoond ptsoaioi lion. We »lio have J> . , . . me Correspondence, WALLSR »ROS,. Ohairlcs Ciff, IOWA- Highest Prices Paid for Live Poultry WB MAKS IT PAT YOU TO COMK A. J.0VG DISTANCE TO TBADK W1TU US. Ji Wi Ward & Co Pofttville, Iowa- The Sun is Rising Earlier every morning now, and if you want to beat it you had better buy one one of those warranted Alarm Clooks at W, J. Hanks'. Only $1/50, and they are First-ola?*/ Come and see them and you will buy. Respeotfally, W. X. HANKsf

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