Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on September 28, 1961 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1961
Page 2
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Tii'.pfi ftiMul&t* z;*ra; ~ K .-.tois. created 2 grea :.: f:.-e_rr. r,ewj. cot hr.. furr_t3T?, spvrti :.iT>. «an:: S-: "r.»r*.-i-»iil'y. aj*:.. tr.-t p*at*-r r.u.t.ber Arcwxasa abroad cvuia' pweact z>v;* interest ;T f ice^sesj sn If. as r*pc>r;*d. are haled ibr'.-iii staetts s-f the laadi •** va:: -ariLl have l*tt »-T r,yr~r-c~-T *-. ; i '.-**f t«- OtCii* WBY thtSv he'* UST.*.~»7 f-res ciisi-ua* list IrjfT a:-"': hale try «-ver-i '•f.i Swrifice Should Begin At Hocne per rest, or ar>; tit prwpe:*. »: t*.i: ~<t~s tc3y a aT tbe story — ESC ".:»:<: ro:' a-..t fur^« ti* :w: aad : HT 2 f»- u": thai -srai .-'KscriSDraii -s br irrt f .'-igv ^i: •. '.riij '.'S"." "z ~.-.ir% t?,»a oae thir 'S — ST per ctst, :c ;r.r, "r.r.. — ^ 5or 3tf t-ii* - rm.rtarj - f'-ar- Sr.Sf-r.CKii .w;' — is fur other p-^^sej. largely of u-t ' •» elfw vtifire naie cature. tvtr. J' :oe thinks isese new and expacd«i s «:-3 *feo«* i-rej«sct* are desirable. 1! rsusi be r r . -lei that *c have re*chcd a point Trbexe i*:_-it>...:y ^ so kfflger a valid tr;:-:r:a. The cry- r.^fd ^rj-uad a to separate %ha*. we can't af: t.^ si from vnat we rc,ir: <5o. Men in high Lti s;*«j: eioquent^j of coming s*c .nfjceSs and ir them th-e American peopi*- to So bo* about a httle •a-aihinr--:-" Do You Recall I 20 - 30 - 40 Years Agoj annua J c*a>j ;nteerj for the is jx-c-n sel 20 Years Ago Ja-fVrj M. T.rS.'._ '.•£-:ei ai r.t-w head for the Bi r.«. Administration depanme.it at Upper Iov. - a "jnivers Amc/.';g Fayette young people -*-ho v.'iil ieave this v.-e*k to tnter lo'Ao Stat^.- coiiege art^-A^icile y. Jt-anette Kiel- Ruth ln- gtiii. Jim Miller snd Mari'in In- .r. the harixr shop in Maynard and took possession Monday, and •/.•ih' £~ooc move there. Coach John Dorman issued his football ieason iart week and about 25 men responded. Ten of the men who turned out are 2ettermen: Captajn Gough, Kuney, Perry. Eidahi. Cooper. Welch, Green. Finch. Troy and Allen. Marriages: Miss Marie Buenneke of Ma>-nard and Walter Steele. The tSearii of :v •jens secretary - i-. o^ite a shock to •• and made mArry : he tras a m-jth -' rr^an than w* - r^a 1 ^ 'i- - Ksir. things ar- ag8T. ani unJe;.. pUyf'd nght. -a-e • ai.-c<-jt war at ar; : « the solution ic ; - pefc:*' In the iast 45 ;• • fo-ght two major • m severai confer-v>d:n£ proton :' smalier ana -a-i-aj. • >ee^m? tnat w^t ^j i and trtabie » K : jhiO'jld have betr. : a way to end the iag*. The »ewT£ the last has been very t. : «.orn< families w: are being recaijed " Some of them ar : u.-iiorm for the 11 becojsjes a ::tti-. Many of the m 1 ." ' duty •anil «* givL-.r „: they have nnvei :' • to attain- They to get where they roust now sacri &K ;i n't se ^sn lair. We wonder jur wars there would trious leaders wer: the front lines to ':-.±: and have bullets .r their beads and b: around them. It's your little ivory back and forth, ar .i troops must repor". morrow to he)p country." Maybe .: important steps h;. previously our cour.: need so much "sa't; the present time. Nevertheless, the .7:- that vi-crt^: . IT*- m an •What r.avc- v.eeks i ones .r.E to •J. ar.d On a reduced acreage, a near record corn crop is nearing com- piete ripentss. Increased yield ha=. nearly offset "voluntary land ret-reroent". Soon a flood of new com will be added to the board of olf. corn. We firmly believe there great practical need for much more land retirement, call it "soil bank" or whatever you choose to call it. But by the decree to which the addle-headed planners of reclamation continue -*-jth their programs you would think the nation was starving for more food and fiber. In the meanwhile millions of urban dwellers are ever more seeking recreation areas, public play- g -r.jnds. camping sites, and perhaps most of all, shooting and hunting areas And as this combination of senseless situations continues to build up in this great nation, we iow and then have "conservation by crisis". Real organized conservation too often only follows droughts, floods, and "'d J ?t bowls". The "Wilderness Bill" so much wanted by the National Wildlife deration, and other conservationist groups, was kicked around Washington, D. C. for six years. But on Sept. 6, after two full days of debate, and numerous hassles over amendments, the U. S. Senate passed the bill, S-174, to create a National Wilderness Preservation System. The vote was 78 to 8. "Conservation News" reports that it is unlikely the House will take up this bill before the early part of the Second Session, in 1962. Tne current Fayette County Farm Bureau "opinionnaire" very cautiously a«ks "what action should be taken regarding land reclamation projects." (Then offers F. B. husband and wife a three-way choice of answer to this questionj It is our sincere hope that the Farm Bureau will "see the light" in regard this very important matter, and then take some real honest-to-God action in the way of "legislative influence" at the AFBF level. It is now high time for MORE land retirement, high time for NO more payments for draining wetlands, clearing brushlands and woodlands, time for more state and national public lands for hunting and recreation. We firmly think it would he well for the Farm Bureau to think MORE on these matters, perhaps think a little less about competition in the commercial and insurance fields. itr.t -_p to '.hi- troops .zr.r .g over * d.n pping •v *.-:• sit in rorking -- ay "these : du'.y to- •.r_ara our i 'tw mere :.-:~2r. taken •y wouldn't . i ."C;.tg at ;od of possible war is becoming more real all the time , . . and no one knows when the lid will pop off. Let us hope that our young president has enough know-how and finesse to keep us out of actual battle and get us back on peaceful ground again. We still believe that if the leaders were to meet with guns in hand that there wouldn't be a shot fired and the fastest peace treatv on record would be signed. JAMES E. BROMWEU. SECOND IOWA DISTRICT With the future of the United Nations in doubt, and with the Berlin situation explosive, and with the United States embattled elsewhere, and the need for action a command, I believe the Congress, representing the people, should have recessed subject to recall by its leadership and not adjourned subject only to a call from the President. ~ B — To form a sound Judgment on the present Feed Grain law we must have the facts. The Department of Agriculture this week says fall pig farrowing* will be up two per cent and that Illinois will be up six per cent. Missouri three per cent, South Dakota 10 per cent, Nebraska six per cent, Kansas 11 per cent, and Iowa up two per cent. — B — This year, at least, I believe it would have been well to have listened to the folks who thought Congress should have recessed in the summer, and gone back into session this fall. — B — Talk of price and wage controls continues. This week Bernard Baruch openly advocated them. The Secretary of Labor, interviewed in New York, did not exclude the possibility. — B — At no point is there wider disagreement between Congressional opinion and Administration action than on the question of admitting Red China to the United Nations. Most Congressmen oppose it personally, publicly and officially. Twenty times — including this session — Resolutions against it have been passed. — B — There are several hundred tapped telephones in the Executive Department here in Washington — phones on which a caller 's conversation may be recorded or taken down without the caller 's knowledge. — B — There is now proposed a military peace corps. U. S. troops could be sent to aid underdeveloped nations all over the world. In a letter to the Secretary of the Army I said that conscription for other than military service was not only contrary to our traditions, but shockinglv unfair. — B — * The United States Government is now the "nation 's largest: insurer, lender, borrower, landlord, tenant, landowner, grain owner, warehouse owner, ship owner, truck operator, and electric power producer.' TRY LEADER WAHT AD8 IT PAYS TO ADVERT ISIS SELL YOUR DON'T WANTS WITH LEADER WANT ADS W. McLean; gels. Deaths: Lester Mr.-:. Carrie Swart'.ey. Fayette people- are invited to b:- guests of the college tomorrow at K:S0 a. m to hear J. Gordon Harrell, former editor of the "Oiiria Daily He-raid", Shanghai, China, when he will relate many astonishing facts about the Japan - China war. Marriages: Lillian Boleyn and Cecil Welsh: Miss Josephine Rosek to Charles Dennis. 30 Year* Ago — Deaths: -Mrs. Jason Lee Paine, oldest resident of Fayette. Ed New, a New York artist whose work has received great praise as well as substantial prizes in Metropolitan art exhibits, was in Fayette briefly yesterday. Guernsey breeders of Fayette county will be interested to know that the grand champion bull at . the Dairy Cattle Congress and National Dairy show last year and at Iowa and Minnesota this year, has been purchased by W. A. Not. hohm of Sumner, to head his purebred herd of Guernseys. William Herrick of Delhi, who died last week, left in his will a large sum of money to six young people who had cheered him last Christmas with simple Christmas greetings. Mr. Herrick was a resident of Fayette many years ago and clerked in Thorps store, then occupying the building where the Fox furniture store is now located- 40 Yean Ago — , F. M. Conklin of Waterloo has bought put Ben Thomas' interest Dairymen and Cattle Feeders BOOK your FEED NOW FOR IMMEDIATE AND FUTURE DELIVERY Lowest Costs — Guaranteed Price Protection During the month of October NUTRI - PAK COMPANY u ACCEPTING FEED BOOKINGS on your needs till next May 31. Price Guarantee against increase and protection against decline. NUTRI - PAK 32% DAIRY BALANCER $8850 Combination of salect soybean, Linseed and CoUoascod Maals plus com gluten, distiller* grains. Guaranteed high levels of vitamin A and D. Rumm factors from trace minerals, yeast runwa bacteria and Enrymaa. Per Ton NUTRI - PAK 32% BEEF SUPPLEMENT Balanced Proteins from Soybvaa and Linseed meals plus corn gluten maal and dried grain sohibtes. High Urals vitamin A and D and phosphorus. Rumen factors from can* sugar, yeast, en> aymas, rumen bacteria, and •nrlitsiti- t $8600 Per Ton NUTRI-PAK COMPANY FAYETTE. IOWA «=>ARlZONA CAMELBACK Arm Vail* In ScottidoJe • *• *Wa*r» Most Western Town? —12 nHw BorAsost of downtown ffatnix, Arizona's n*w«sf oadfUmt ysar aroimd bohl, 190 k/xuriavf room and uritoi -ot with prf. Vofo fun (fscki stony tew tnotkbw Mfcoow, •OJ RJI J O^J ^too^Bp ^So^^rt^ ^^ IflWBjp^^ Hoo^^^sl fi^jiim* focOWs* hr)9nm I W/a. far SeottsdaBe if*! 7^ifttisflr Hslpv Electric Grid Assures All lowans of Plenty of Power and Better Living! These u £xprss$ways of Power" are Major Transmission Lines Tying Together the Generating Facilities of Ml the Investor-Owned Utility Companies in the State of Iowa. WHY A 6M0r... frorUngtottiher Injowt, the Eloctrlc Compwbs of torn ani Nlplw tin Ehwtrie C ORIDW I N hm d«v»!op«d a iwt- up with these, needs form totyrtT ^x ' as you drM acrass Iowa «• part o «iat «>: fflff ttw io Davenport or Das Nomas, or vice versa, It Is M|% efficient cooptrtnoo. «eji f»t thasa reatives of po*tr. ^FACIimriAMffl The, pAnJMaft busy. ,. ptmkif ml •ft iNWltaMSMEi I J'l'iM; •TP I.

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