The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 3, 1927 · Page 1
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1927
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:A' T t KISTORICA- VOLUMK XXX. -No.ilU. Tim lAVcUly HOKIH KT . K»tiil>ltxl)ixl l^<i7. Resblution Threat^ens to B^ock Passage of Any Further Biljs inihc I I*resent Session Of Congress. 4' FightsBjites wJshiiigloii, Alar; S. (AP)—An iitli'iiiift; to break the filibuster whicii lias held tlic! senate in coa- tlnuous session since 11 a. m., ycs- . tertiiily was made late today, by C 'liairman Warren oi tlie appropri- atioUK coni 'miltfe. witii a ninticjj^ii t <i .-sidetrack the canipaiKU funds ^i )in- .initteji.' rcsolutiiiu for liie .secoinl <i('ficieucy bill. Tli«- hiotioTi f)rov<(}i<'d fiirllier prolonged debate. IJleading as a "nou-combatant" in I[H' war over j the canipaiBn fiind.s i resplntion. Sena'jor Warren appealed to both sides;, to "rise above the difficul- lie.'i here", and approve the appro- 1/rialiiin bill. Ueod; of Jtissonri, author of the pi-nd ng resolufton. replied that Warr-ii'-f plva sli 'iriUl be addre.sse<i •to 1{()<H1 of !'t!ijnb>-lvaniii leader ot lOLA, THURSDAY EVENING, MAI^CH 3,19^7 NATIONALS IN NEW EFFORTS Direct Advani.*e on City Is To Be Nexf iMov^ of Cantonese, Is' i ' The iJatest Hint. Slian«hai. .Mar. :!.< AIM-There were iucreasrni; udiralioiis , today that the ne.\t ma or. effort 1)>- the .N'atioha'ists woulq not be a direct advanc-i- npon Slia in lli 'e direction ttcy, kvitli the ob| (Icner.'il 'i'suiiK't' CSC lorcf.s from .\ Kalinnalist rep<ii-t <(l 111 liii jiKliai but a thrust [oi. .N'ankhiK rail- IL'I I of rtitting off tiant;s Shantung- tlhcir- base, aiding party is e enuaged tllc \n aerial allark iii!<iii mo*- •liiilo<i -s >^HIi ilcrlx of planes vnreaillna: powdered roiil of llie derriw plant over lanre areas. K the iiropoNaf of; \if. ArMiiir KiUson. (•Iii>>i entv'iHoiogist /li the Canadian goternnieiil. Itr >-rilliti; «-(Mild tliHs he )ir<- tentwl. l»r. <.'i»r>.«n reeeiilly Jold Ihe Jersey .Mosi |nili> K\. I (ernilnation Asvielatliin. ] .Vjrlhfrner.s at Uiukiaug. ten miles' I south of SooclioH I raihvjiy. and tlierli I cations tii:it the advai rinj; in ! of Tahii! laki t AnuTicati niaiiines from the j ln:iis;ior( Chaninilmt will march St re I lie f libu.'iter: CHARLIE BISHOP I I IS STILL LIVIN(; I )U< morn l-ori and there ENGINEERS IN DEMANDS FOR BIG INCREASE^^ Ii> a inlsliUi.'r|>rct;itioii of a tiJeg|aiH ji '(eh-ed yesterday it wa.s* rcpoi|tedi in 'ihe, Itegisler that l'hurl|ie Itishop had dii-d yislerilay , ng sobn after thu arrival In Fifteen Per Cent Atlvancc I /VOMS. Colorado, of his fat In lliitingli ti;e intepialional ' I'll ijt h<re .S.-ilnrd; One thousand rc the Miitish. ^ti ^f'lday .111(1 : till .scltlenicut. ' laUi'U outside tin ; by ^ Ci'ij^'ral Dun by Ucar .\ilniiral , whitt. navnl icimi i till' ISritisli rhiii.i j • In > cr.iii-.-! jiiii' (lii- r"ii;<- in.i.' Ii ' sljitcnii'iit .<;ivin inolher by a %yhn had l)ccn called .sudden turn for the worsi* in his cundiliim. It is li'arn- Is Asked Engineerj by Union > in U. S. I 'd ni liviii;^. for i w that the voting man is still but. has been uiicons':iiiii> hope olj his rfCoi |cry is ' enti-rlaincil. f^iydc Hiyliij'li. brother of Charlie, talked lii.« iiarejils at Ft. Lyitis by telepllione Ihi's afternoon at 1 ::!'J and they reported his condition unchanged al that time. A.nd Caiiada, Is Announcement. i Cli-veland. <» i iiiandsi lor AV.IU :l. lAl'i ini;r <M -i ;.s 111 1" CITIES SERVICE IS OFF MARKET Removal of Stock Follows ; Drop'Of Nearly. ^ Ten Points. "New Vork. March n. (AIM jILa- vy liiiuidatioM in the coninion stock •.)! Cjlies S'ervJce .Cotiipany oii'the .\ewjYork cu!ibmarket today, in which the sh|hes i dropped nearly IC, i^ints. noqos.fitated temporary suspeiis-lon of trading in 'h'' is.-iie iil,oildei' to ovi-rc.ouie the <'ourusion. iTli«> laigi; vijliinie of Selling ord- el.^ ifiiiicth reai'lied the floor was aciojnii.snicd by n'liorrs of the .-ii- ious I illness of. Henry L. Uoherty. l>res|(1eiu of the coaipaiiy. .Mr. I»o-' bi'rt^' has been a patient in the .Iidins Hopkin.s hii'^pilal. ISalthiion- for rjwo ninntlis, undergoing spi cial trealnuni, it was s.iid at his Wall Siri'jit i;i|lioe, but bis <iiri<iition wa.'j no) <-i>nKl(lfriMl; lUainiiiig. Il va;- : .lid he~h;iil lui -n iibb to niiiKe lii- |^nl•liI-vi^ijh to. \\'aidi.i!iKtoi!\ .Afii-r ojiening ;ii ul^t tho simK laplilly dropped to.IS. SCIIKDIJLK (JIVEN I OK WORLD PRAYER .Mli-iinr .i in olmj-rv-.ini • oi inn I A,>\ 'i] til Hi Idc )i(iiy<i tor III! iiin> ti||ieiiriiw will III' III III le- lidlii\v<-:. * \i l ''iri.| MrlJiodlsl lOpl'i IMMI I Iiiiii h triiiii '•> il ^ilil to O'CIMI It ill iliethiiir ii,ioiii; ni till' llapliMi [Tiiii pb' iriijii li';. ".II until 1 o "i-lin 11 for lifi'lde. wlii> iui-iciiiidoyi'd: atid at St. Tttiiiiihf's KfirMopal cliilifb bi-ginning; at :.':'»,: o'clock, wbi-n a spicjial iMograui wi^ll be given; TliOOP A SOCIAL I CLUB ORGANIZED .\jsocial club >wis organlz<'d by iiicnlliprs of TiTiop A at the armory iasi: iiight. .\ coiniiiittee is now , draftirig a consrinition and bylaw>i fiir the organization. Officers elected, were as follows.-. Ralph .Mberi'pn.. jire.sident: Truman Myers.; first vice-jiresident : , Donald Fisher, -second! vice-president; .\m- os Iloiiiid. secietary-fri^asiirer. |!l- r" r I cent l'?r all union lommo'.iv.- i.nui- ,neeis 'in the I'liileii States and .(" wi!!i tlie. e .Meption' of the siiuliieastcrn division. will be sirv'd , i)!i ill.' riiiho ;ii !s iSaturi':i.v , liy 'lie g(ne;;iJ rhalriiien o! rbe i l'.rotberliood oi' I.ocunii.tive Kiigi- noers. it was leainod If're toihiy. Similar) notice has already been servi-d in the sou ' All members o till- l:<;irilie.s a'mti Vej- :e!s 111 port. Il fr^iii liii'c til linv es'' through, the whiili they will shlp.s." ; It is iiiiderstoi was intended to c .Aj'.'ernaiis "were/ iii ;i !iv show of s liiain!;iii\iniirtheir Hi:; on slii(.board geiicy re(|iiired tliifcir lahdiiig. WILLIAMS FULJ on the Nanking t are other indi- Sontlierners arip (ngth to the west settle- froni Thousand Men Are WorkinR At Top Speed to Complete Project On Scheduled Timie So First Train Can Pass Through Divide.! Denver, Colo-, March 3. (AP)—With; the main headings of the Moffat railroad tunnel 1,479 feet apart, 1,000 men tire pourffling away at top speed in an effort to complete the project before July 20, the contracted time, i A heavy snow storm yesterday!* ^—i-—- r — broke down the power line and; «imin| hcading.s which are , ,, „.,..,„,„ I fstwaller than the finished bore will halted the work on the westerai j,^ ^ completed bv the end .side for several hours, but the tun-, „r .March, ^icontractors say. The net commission ivas advised last; headings ar^ being enlarged at the night that the.daiiiage had been ro -j rate of 20 f<fet or more a day. The paired and work; .was progressing | lilt le cities BuccMi»or to The tola Pnlly ItetiHl .T. The lol.i Jmllyj Record,, and liilii. iMily Index. EIGHT PAGES ^iMiilar Honor BILL PASSED BY SENATORS Measure Sent to House; Has Only Two Mirior | Changes; Appropria- | tions Are Smaller Than in 1925. = " rapidly. Water encoiiiiteieil in the ea -St calling has slowed tho work sonic- hat. 1 The pioneer or water bore .hlch was liolerl through February 8. is being used for transporlation f supplies and dirfft communication between the two portals. at . each portal arc intense , activity. Bollr crowded to capacity divided' into threi] scenes of camps are with workers shifts a da>|. If no nnfocseen obstacles ai-e encountered, ^hc first train should pass throngji the tunnel about July 120, the contractors believe. STRONG RAIL , SYSTEMSARE IN NEW PLAN 11 y. yal marines liner .Mini esota inarched through ri '.e salute was Itritisli colisulate an, accoiihianied f^ir Uiginlad Tyr-' . —..p laiid.r-in-i.iiief <>{,House Commerce Commit- s.aiiou I tee Offers Consolidation Plan to Strengthen Weaker Units of SISTERS GET iili the plans for i by the .\iiieriian , ivlde exercise for d .Ihe V. S. li4Val'; ey will bi>; landed j for ri)uf»i- march- j Vtllenient, after i jretiirn to their Systems. Washington, : .Mar. ::. lAI'l A coiniireliensivi' plan for railroad itmsolilation looking to establish- this slaienient inent of a ninirber of strong effi- nphas'i/e thai llie.fien' ancb weU-baltinc<'<l systems n<ft parlicipatiiigl,,;^^ ,„.,.„, .iri^Hed bv Cli.iirmau reiigtli. and were pi>Ucy of remain- linless an eliier- Ttipeka. Kans.. .Mar. i.M'i i With only ivn minor changes, tt ^e ^ senate today passed and seiit;lo the; ho«s& the bill jiiipropriatitig •%'.-] 420,250 for the state edncatioiiai iii?titi<tions. The total appropriation* arc" $.S6,iiOO less than the al- lolnicnts tnade iiy the l 'J2 .".i hgis- Jature and $t;i7.0oi) iinde<- the rec- onimcndations of (he state budget director and the board of regents. The vote was unaiiinnuis. ; No ch'anges were made in ,salary \im\ maintenance appropriations ex- :ept ton one school, llie iKansas Statr.' Teachers' t;oHe;;e of ritts -j burg, i For that schooi. ti>e'iinnual' salai-y appropriarioii was jm-re :i .-ed ] l>y:$6 ,0tMi and the niaiiileiiancu fund ; from $'«'t.""0 to .?i;.">.iiiiii."i»niiii;rlly. I Kxplaining the way.s and means committee's budget slasii. SnyiK'r.j of Leavenworth, chairman i>r III.M coininittee. explained that the i |e- ductions hail been made by cuv- j tailing the .•••chools l>uildiiig j I [grains. ^ialary and maintciiaine' Misses Blanche and Grace. '"r"';'" f"„";-, '^-T'. itiiosc made by the i;«i'.. legisjndire. , ' "1 ilon'l believe that the business , men of Kaiisa.s. tlie farmers or the. b;>tikers are iiicreiising wages ami i salaries at this time." Snyder said.: •'.^Iid I do not lliink that it ,'.vimId i be justifiable at tiiis lime \n \t\i\i out a special class and riiisi- ils salaries." ' j Stiyiler suggested ihai MIIOHIS in-! .'^i^tc^ reriiolue. of Iho AVoin- en's I'rNoii at Sf. I.a/are, France, is Ihe first nun lo wear the ieross of Ihe t-reneli; l.e!.'i»ii of' Jloiior. II was 'i-on- I'erreil upon lier for her Im- iimiiilnrian and spiritiiiil service li)i the. \<«inen In her care, Stauber, Formerly of Kahsas, Plead Guilty to rorgery. FROM POISON IN HOSPITAL Children Are Given Boric Acid for Drinking Water in Nursery At Chicagbj Two in. i ; Cheago. .Mar. ::. (Al')—Mistaking a bottle of :boric acid solution for \ drinking water in the girl.babies' nursery of the Columbus Me.morial Hospital, gave it to the lit- , tie patients from Saturday evening until Monday morning, bring- , ing five deaths. Two others were ; made ill. while two babies apparently s|uffered no ill effects. The explanation ot the five deaths came today in statements made^ to Dr. .H. N. Bundesen, hcaltii xommissionor. • Irene -Schwartz told of ^preparing the solution and-Aileen Qalla- ; ban. anftfher uarse. said sh'e placed the bottle in a window to cool, i The latter was relieved at 7:30 ; p. m., Saturday, by Margaret Cuff, ' j night nurse, who bad only return- : ed, that day after a two moaths absence. .Miss (;iifr >aid she found ! no (irinking water in the nursery, i and supposed the botUe. on the j window .sill contained a supply. IJA NKERTGOES^N TRIAL MONDAY JURY STILL Parker' of (lu <-onuiiittce. . The .Mar. :!. (Al'l The and t;rac<- Stiaulier. lyis .\nge|e>--. Misses lilan.che middle-aged inini.ster of es. pleaded ftjrgery in iLoiiNi^ ( onimerco i and were 'year in l,os|Angeles county Jail. wiii:keil out mi thej Superior [.Judge A. Sl«phens, daughters ot a formi r; crease ilieir fees if tbey want".! ii>; fcieverul Kansas church- guilty to cliarges of superior court today stenli'lsced to .serve one I basis of teslimonyi taken ))ave ap|»rov!-d t heastern division. the brotlierhood le ai-tioji. it was indicated by iiiiliinritativn sources. .N'imMy thousand ; liieii will be affected by tlie proji[is?ii increase. Il Wiis said the li: lUiieriiood I would siiii()iirl its deiiiands by a iilaipi that ibaiigeili loiiditiinis iii- I vclviii;; Immer trains hind b)ngcr runs have lirovigbt )ii')|e resiHiiisi- liiliiy to the eimincers. i .\fter ^tlle liotv e i.- served ijie brorherho'xl u ill ;iH;iii a ivjily ' frnui t !ie railroads after'wliiili g"li :it ;i>iis will lie opened llirougli ith" iifiieral i hairnian of tlie 'or- gaiii ;;atioii. _ : FAIR FUND BILL BACK IN SENATE I • I ' I Measure Is Reported by ' Ways and Means Committee. - • T (i)» i.a Kiiiiii., Mm. 1 I M 'l The II.lie \>liyr illld lllltillln lllln> i lull tee , lull.i> lepi 'ii led liiuii .ibl .v a • iiiiliib'i- III liuii I' .i|i|iiii|irii(((ii(i I lill| i, :adi |iii<'. .1 111 iiiiiiiii 'iidallnli illiiil till' i.liil- ;,ili .ii Hull ljiii"<i|i i lie' (llli^lnl ' .11.11 -Mill liij Hie I mill riii'n "ii ui nev . ri .itiijiiainl. Il'lil" Hem ua.. iiieil'l !.v l .i^ low. |T rliiiiiilier 'I'lle ; emillMllle. Illa 111 j il Hi i l! 1.1 new aiiloniDiiili <lis|ibr. Inuldlii;; lor Hie l |i |t(liili-(iii fair to be bud: by prliaie i -.:|iiial and lea >;ei| by I he faiV. ; • The Jjii .iMiii •iippiniiriatl ^yi fir Hie .Vatimial I.ivrstm k Show al Wicii- it.i and Mie ?;."."i.iiiiii aiiproprlatimi fur till! K .'iiHas free fair at Topeka ivi le a .pi)ri;\Vil. as wal- tlie Jo.llll.- liHi budget jfiir the siati/s Imspi- i .ils. • HAS . ;]iej,riiigs just completed, was. to bo .CONTROL submitted to congress today with a —! -- : view r>i" having it iprintcd in bill y.Ms !,;i .gii .n. .M.r. ::. lAI'l-I'ub- ; „„. \,^ ,„,.r„bers and iislieil reports flat ..\mcrican marines will niarel tlirough the. in- ' P teniational setib meni'at Shanghai . mer recess. .'i.iturday prompted the statement ! L'nder the plan, the Interstate at the navy dep.-^rtnieiit today that !o ,„,nierre Commiss|on would strive neceskary diiringj'" addition to the jail sentence, put the sisters I under probation for four years;; following the cxpira- i-ion of the raise more money. I'arker of Kraporia clashed with; the chairman over the coininiitci'.s policy in decreasing the bmlKet. declaring "I don't believe that the pcopio of want tlie -se appropriations cut down." I Snyder said he would be willing! in two years, if condifiuns iii Kan-; sas l-ellerrd to increase the:ai)pro-| priatioiis aciordiugly., adding thali he'always bad the best iiiterests I of the state's school at heart. Changes made by the seiiate. in Admiral V. S. VVilliams had full; [discretionary aiit)iotIty to land the' ' men whenever he s'aw fit. As (onijnanderjof ithe naval fore- j es in Asiatic waters. Admiral Wll- \ liams is not retiujired- to advise the j departtnent of troop movonicnts. \ In Hie event th^- marines aboard I Hie transport shore exercise. jail term.s.. The pistei-s. both about 50 years J old. were jvvanted ina'score of nerai iiublic .during the sum-; .south western cities for passing l^^^ ,,,,propriation bill, on recom- wortiiles-s ohecks and were said bv j., i,.^ im;P«tigator.1 from the probation p„Ha Teachers college" ^7..v0.) addi- off.ce to have forged checks^ in a„„„allv lor repairs and n^1!^'«.*^^hv°/i,lT''"°''^'^°^^ maintenance and adds |2..^,ii0 an- prokimatel^ $2.>,00.). .-uallyUo the Pittsburg. Tfacher.s'j College^ pernianenl , re[iairs and maintenance fund. to prese.rve necest-ary weak or i short lines, ultimately biiiig aliout ihe eslahl'shmeiit of a number of stroi'g systems ami lake necessary steps to jiromote economy. H"tter sirrvice. siniplificalioii and They 'we lent actlvi .-^mall inhcHlanco ther dwint spent muc c forced to the ics. they said. fraiidu-, when a i i Veniremen Show No Signs Of Reaching a Verdict In Trial of Miller And Daugherty InN.y. Feiieral (.•(Uirl. N'ew York, Miir. '.\l|'>—Foriy-eigbl hours after it, took the case. Hie jury in tlie' iJailglierty-.\riller trial was taken to lunili today ,witlimit having rff- por ed a veriiictJ The -jurors returned from their quarters'al Iho Hotel McAlpin before the arrival in court of de- [eu'iiaWs or counsel this morning T'>[ieka. Kans.. Mur) .'!. fAD— ' .lo'iii Sanders, former presidetlt ot \ the rhane Coiinly .Valioiial Bank atji (>)ttonwo<id Falls, wijio will-go «n|' trial Monday. char;;ed with embez-; zletninl, rciitrned two days ago as an assistant rt'ceiver for the state banking department. Announce-, inent <i( the resigiiafion was made,' today by Koy h. Koue, state bank coiiiraissioner. " i- Sander.-". as assistant receiver in \ Hie chief receiver's office in Topeka. was winding up the estate . of Ihe Farmers and Merchants State Hank al Toiigaiioxie, which failed two years ago.- CREDENTIALS OF VARE IN SENATE Two Sets Along With Those of Smith to Election Committee. left by their fa- led away and ' having i of their lives in the services of ichurtdics.of which their Chauinont needed I more effeetke . regulation <.i car-' f"""''- wa^ pastor, were unpie- tliey (fluid be land-: riers. and thi-'elimination of wast"- pred to earn a living. The bill as passed gives tlio riii-j vcrsily of Kansas ychncd of niedi-' Cine at fJosedale $20p ,0l>0 for construction of a new ward uni: ti> tlie school hospital and $inO,OOi)- for the constrticlion of a new.iiiirstK home.; , 1 li and pirad'vl as llle iiig officer chose. . .Vi>, ( ri;i( ism fif Hie pi)lit-y,which lias prevented the'ma- . rines and other military forces, in ; China from joining with tho IS^it: ish anrl otheV foreign commands \ in occupying .Shanghai or other ; f' pons, it was stated had i reaclied Hie navy department. HOSPITAL ^0 BE REOPENED SOON command- | fill <fonipe^ition ijilalcd. , i American i ••<:„ns.olidatlon.- .^Iso are coiitem- Two cottnly alienists, under | .pho Universitv of Karisas is given whose observations they were i JJQ,, j.„,„p,p,i„„ „f j,^ are to be ailt'ior I jilacetl following their arrest, early THE WEATHER ii,-d only when, in addition to'othr^ ! J*"-',^t*^"^- jpronounced them .sane. !pre.scribed considert^tioi.s. the pub- iattvtngj m moral interpretation, lie interest will he protei («.d." .Mr. I'arker said "The weak line prob- 1 lem is undoubtedly une of the most; . ! iserlous whiib now (onfronts us. r H»K K.1>SAS: I'arlly cloiiily lo- large pcrceniage of our weak "I.irl>l Friilay: warmer timlKlit nines must be ioiiiinned. We ,an -iamj I" jMirtfoil Friday. :ii<.it jierniit the .-liiandonmeiil of 'lilO'H timi ncccNsaiy lo ystem. lyiir transporta- 'I'lilieka. Kans; Mar .!. i .M 'i The S.iiilii Fe li'nspilal at llllawa •will lie II i>|i< lied'about .\pril l."i. it Has iiiitiiHitK i-il (odaj" III the <i((liii of I', I'. Fo\. chiHrmiiii of the board III IrilHleer' I 'llirijll ullice ricloberl, l !i:','>, the (iliaw.^ hoMpllul will ltt> preised jlllll 'leryiii. iiKiilu wllli llle opeiiiiig lit npit^ig work, when ii large Miiiiibi r i>r addlllm 'inl e|ii .lta>. Iiiiiiigiil.iied fdovce-i wlW lie laldii liiiii Hie y,,i\ \iiri'UK\>i li total ol „.M ivl. e n; ivllf lemaKi o/icll . H'f "llo the lllate fir nil liiiiitiiil!<- peilnd Febriiiiry, Selb «i. Ill' pecior. iiiiuminced COLLECTIONS ON (;AS TAX LARGE Topika. Kan .Mar. :! (Al'l Col- leCtlOIIH from the Ivl'ocenI Niale giiiwilliie tail |Sroliiib|y; will piisit the )K,liiiii,(iiiii iiiiitit ilift tnonih. Thu For loliiUuid VIrlnlly - I'lirtlj (iiMidy tiiKl narnirr Imiight itiiil Frlduy. Temperature lligliesi yesterday .•;.•!, at ,'l p. ill.: lowe .Nl last nigbi i:i at « a. III.; lioi;iiial foV today, .*!!l; deOcloncy j yesfcrdiiy It'r, excess Hince .liimifiry I .i 2'jl. degrees; (IIIM date last year highest .11; low- e»l 20. ; ^ • . • I'leclpliiiilon for the 21 hours auditor|um and $200.0iio for a in-.v building to replairn Snow Hall. The .Kansas State .Agriciillunil college! will receive $:!l.'>.Oiiii for a new heating plant and ?l";.(iti|i to eqiiip its new library: Kmporit Teachers <oIlege .^ir.ll.iNiO f<ir a new training school buiblinK: Pittsburg Tea.chers college $22,f"iO to eiiuii) ils new library, and Hays Teachers j college ?2.'!.'ii)0 for. the saim- piir- (lose. The appropriatioii-j approved bv Ihe .•:eiiafe and Ihf aiiiinipri.'it.imi.-- ! made by the.lfl2."i legislature are ,i > follows: . .School j;i27 Ifc'.'. ; I'nIv. of Kan-. .|2,t!il.iiiio ^lT2l.«iiMi and iiiimeili,it '-iy retired to tho jury I r<M. i; to resutiK- their considcra- j timi "1 I.'ic <ase. i Til" jury was Imked up at 11 i oVlO.k last iiiiilit after it bad had tli-jcase iliiriy-foiir hours. : nil i,:;iii rty and -Miller are cbarL -i 'd will) bavin-.; conspired lo d'ilr.iud t.'ie yiiveninieut. o£ their honest and i i;nb ascd services in connection wit! Hie approval of ?T.UOO,(iOO clai lis. leprer.eniing proceeds of the ;.--aIe of impounded stock of the Aiiii.'ricaii .Metal ciinipany. ciidlnK at 7 a. mriodity, »; total for ;; reve during ! CONFERENCE 0N RATEpEJJOW Railroad Attorneys Meet With P. S.IC. Members Of Five States. The :eii)l «i (Hotl;i lifl miinlli lolaled $Ttl.- 712.:'.:t more than in F'ehriiary. I!i2ii. .Mien county collecled iri.Kil.TS. Hill year in dale, l.i!;!: deflrleney idnie .January IMI, ITdl jnehes. UeliiHveibnmlilliy ai 13 noon yen ell... Htate oiii"'''"y' "• ";• ;(2 per cent: biiroiiieler reduced sen level, im.i'.l Inches. Sun rlsiis il:ril a. m.; i -eis lil" p. m May I, I !i2r., I .<;!Ji.'i,.'i2v: lif'iiNiiry W ilidiiy. KoNCdale K. .S. A. r lluyf, Sill. Hard h rily Si a X'olbv Hia. Trthuu" SI a h'mporlH T to riii !«biirg T. Iliiys Teachers al'l Kev. fund idlv.i .^.l.'i IHMI 2.lii:j.'foii tVIHMI y, 1)1 111 I /.nil V'.'!.'i"'i nun ;!i 'i ,s.iMiii i;;|.iMio Idairk '.."i rt.iMi'i I !'.7e 'i . 2;i .:!iei- !l,.'ii'" '/_i>iiii ' S2l '..'i"" 77 !i.lil|il ; |s!l.(ifi'i ! Total Wrhllior tiiiii i(onil>'. •; all roads good except nuddy; Pittsburg thftw- PROHIBITION BILL i ,,e, GOES TO COOLIDGE Kmporia. I ! ing. i U 'ashington. Mar. 3. CAP)—t'on- ! _ \ -l .rd,-. ,,x -,,,ri Vi-< gressional action on the adminis-; CARNER HOME IS tration's prohibition ro-organiza-i DAMAGED BY FIRE J %'i.VS ».-->(i $7..".in;.!Mi'l I)" MAN NEEDED TO ' SAVE OIL NOW •Kan>-as City, .Mar, :!. (.\Pi A n>an to serve tlr<f oil indust/y as Kibert If! (lary serves the .sTeel industry is a great need now, I). I,. Maffitt. vij-e president of the .Mid- continent Peiroleum Corporation, ^''^edared today a' the annual meef- -ing of the Western Petroleum Refiners Association in session here. FORMER OFFICER NAM^D IN MURDER . fanton. O. Mar. :;. lAPi The 'Slark county grand jury this aft- ieriiiH'ii riiiwiied a tirsi decree iiiurd T iiidictnienj against Floyd ' .S!riiienla.r;;er. a fm'iii-r laeiiiber iof jtlu- (.'antmi iiolice department, icbiirf-'ing him with coniiilicily i^ jthei Hon K. >lelleti as.sjissina'ion. ' i COOLIDGE FAMILY I HAS MOVED HOME ' Wasbin?:;oii. Mar. :!. iAl'l—The J home address of President and Mrs. I'oolidpe is now No. I.". - Hu Poilt : (r .rcle ajui will continue so for the ; next .six months. TJi" Coolidges COMPENSATIdN BIDL SIDETRACKED TODAY Topeku. Kans., Mar :! lAP — The workmen '5 compensation IJll was sidetracked in Hie senate i lis mornltig to i-mate way for ijie state schoolf ur|propriaiion bill. Tiie iijeasure pr|opose,f biennial- appro- prhitiops ijitalfng approklmately i<i-y»n cind a half trillion dollars for jthe state's jeducailonal Inatllu- Honb. ' have moved from the Whii to make; room for- workiv are repairing the ;,(ructur< House ieii who ; Hon bill was completed today when tho house acceprted senate revis-, s .Moines. 1(1.. Mar. :;. ^\Pi -jions. , The measure now goes to' The honie of ('.. W. earner. S2t .\lloriuys for ra:'[road and public*the" president. j'Xorth Buckeye, was finite badly , .servi.e cmiiiiiiss.ions'of live wtst-1, 'The house acted with virtually damaged yesterday by fire, caused jCrn st:iies conferred here toilay on < no discussion. The bill was spon- by ^burning out ot a flue. Mr. and ! methods of lecal prccedufe to be j sored by the administration and .Mrs. fTarner are staying at the Irllowrd iii connection wyth the j President Coolidge is expected to i home of tl^cir daughter. Mrs. (Jhas. '( use of siiipper.s an appli-jsign it. \ iCay, west Jof the river. c-iHon cf railroads in the western , 1 —, . , -L—.: ——— iiriii '.k line tcrri'.ory for general in- - . , crease in freight rates; The hearing in the rate case will . be resumi'd al Kansas City March 7 and the meeting .today was to. prep.ire the shippers' refutation of I the claims of the railroads. 'Those attendiii;! the meeting iiir , (liided .liidge .1. II. Vlenderson., .lew,-;, coriimercc counsel; Plfilip H.' Porter general coiuiset for ithel ^^^j.^^ Representative Perrill of Saline county, when he voted Wisconsin railroait commission: i .. .i T.^ rii.- 1- +;rnest C ('armanr assistant attor-: ney. general of .Minnesota: .M. .1. Heaiy. general counsel of the Klan: ^-as pnbli'; service comniscion andi Hugh Lemastor, attorney general;, 'tiid counsel fo.r the .N'ebraska railroad ccinniission. This Is Dishonest," L^islature Declares When tiouse. Votes $75 For Postage Stanips to Mejnbers Topeka. Kan.. March H. (APjl—"TJiis is dishonest," de- PARTY LOOKS FOR AVIATOR Major Larre-Borg^es, Hasj Been Missing Since . Yesterday. Casa Blanca. Morocco, Mar. ?,. (AP)—TA dispatch boat' is being sent in .search of .Major Tatleo I^arre-Borges, I'ruguayan avjator, who left here ycstyday morning for r >as Palmas. Canary Islands, on hia flight from Italy to Uru«T »ay, No, word has boon received regarding the pKine since \\i departure. NEW JUDICAL DISTRICT SOON Suinner and Cowley Will ; Have Separate Courts. '•|'.|.. h •. Kan. ~ M .ii :! I.M'i .ailill'i I .III.I '.'iinliV iiiilMlliM Will \\;i\f Hi 'T ' ii.vii d '.i 'rlit coiirlH ii". .•-omi .11 t;.ini ii»r I'aijleli ligli .s a bill .pa I l.iiiay liy I'IH; holl.'ie. 'Ihe I'dli |iidii i il dl.iiriit. now 111- lieliiii' liiiHi eii.iiiljes. will eoiii- prl'^'- (iiwliy iiviiily i.-ilv. A ni 'W di.viriii. til' :.',-,th. will lucreated fi.r j-iiiiiihir 'ii'iiiiy. T/ie house (la -si// ,i ;i'l seiil . to tlie .venate (lie hill >;iv:n:: S-l-- ivick coiiiily .--iiperv i-ion "vi r datr e balls and fa'! liousi.- mf-jdc Wiclllta Itepreseiitativi Caniplicll 'if Sedgwick ( ouiity is He; aiitii'ir of the measure. J . •A bill lo reer'ale t];e parlnieiit of l.ibor and industry wa:s offered l;y the .srnafe commit­ ter; on labor. It would take over all the labor regulatory powers now conterred on the public service commissi'mi. Wasbingtf^ii. March (API- Two sets of credentials for Sena-i tor-ele<ri Vare. of Pennsylvania, and' the credentials of Senator-elect. .Smith.'of Illinois, both Kepublicans,' were received today by the senate and sent to its eUn-tions committee. ; This action was taken within an ' hour after the'certilicates of felec- lion of the two men had been received by the .senate and referred to the committee. Chairman Krnst prepared a report to tho Senate, recommending that Vare and Smith be sworn in when the new senattr convenes, and the question of their (|iraIilications to retain their places in the Benato decided afterward. Both are opposed beciiiise of dl.sclo.sures'dur­ ing the canipaign funds investigation. EXTRADITION FOR , MIJDD "KIDNAPERS" lndepen'de»i( e, Kan., .Marl .'I. (|AP» • K:tir(idiHmi piiperii were prepared lodfiy and .ftw }>> Topeka- for honoring b^' (iov. iieu S. I'aulim In Hie erioil of Hie Slate of KllDMaH l«> return ,Mr, and .Mrs. VfMor Wilson (<t KaiiHiis in c-onne<;li«jn wltli ill" kIdnapinK of .Maud I<e>! Mudd. Indian beires;v from Rlvcc.sld«, Calif., in August. 1 :125. A H HOOD a.H (ioverjior Paulcn honors the papers ibey will be taken to fiovernor .lohnsjon of Hklalionia. A hearing wlil be ireld before him for requisition ;of the parlies to Kanshis at yii early dale. SCHALL ELECTION WILL BE PROBED WOMAN PRINTER - . iN.IURED TODAY .JACK GRIFFIN GOES TO FT. SCOTT TODAY FARM BILL VETO TERMED POLITICS .link Hriffin. distrii t deputy' for the_ Klks. left late this afternoon tor ForfSi Ott nvhere he will assist the Fori .•>eott lodge in the initiation of :> large class. (li-iliiii will also - address the lodge, telling of the activities of the Elks in Kansas. AVashiiigton, .Mar. ,•!. (Al'l—The ' statemeni that President Cablidge's vein of \\ie McNary-Haugen .farm j relief bilf was "inspired by a poll•< Hclan's cnUu \aiioTtH ot political ad, rantage. w^* made today by Rep^ I resentatlve Dickinson, Republican, ' fOWR. toda^- ag'ain.'^t a mea.sure appropriating.jS?^ to every member; of the legi.slature, "for postage, telephone and telegraph ex- pe''' The measure carried 104 lo l.=>.i The sergeant-at-arms 'brought In absentees: to compel them to go on record. Several members of the house saitl they voted for it because, their constituents favored the constitutional amendment for increasing the pay of legislators from $3 to J8 a day. "I came to Topeka determined tp, oppose thifl." declared Walker of Cowley county. "But 1 have been starved into submission. I vote" White of Atchison county, asserted lhat lew members have- spent tnore than five rent.s for postage for the bdnetit of the state. He voted against it. The legislature has already voted $75 loir'the postage, telephone and telegraph expenses of all members. If the senate also passes' the second measure, the allowance for each legiijlator Will total $150^ in ...l.llflf ^n tU .Ka trix'on H9 nAV addition to the 5150 given as pay for days of service, JoIIIfe of Marlon county, an man and jone of the wealihleat" nicmbers Of the legislature, said be did not n4ed the $75 l)ut he voted lor the appropriation for the sake of Itis fellow lawmakers, The Uruguayan .flight began at .Marina di' J'isa, Italy. Kebroary 20. Major Larre-Borges was accompanied in the seaplane by f'ap- tain Jose Ibarra as second pilot, .lose Figolu as mechanician and hi-s brother, fJlauco Lorre-Borgcs, as radio operator. Hut Mrs. job p iousiy niusou. Kans., Mar. r.VPl i yi.ini Hood, proprietor of a ; ' intinu ofiiii. hero^ wa^ ser- iniureil Hii? mortving when .St. Paul.' .Minn.. .Mar. .7. (AP)— Investication of charges ot corrupt; practices in the election of United States senator Thos. l\ Schali waa . ordiered today by the Minnesota stale senate. By a vote of al to' 6, the senate adopted a resolution calling for an tnvm^lil^atini; committee of five, with power to subpoena witnesses. II will report, its findings to' tho senate. . the car .^he was driving was struck SHAWNEE MISSION SIDETkACK DENIE©^ tve^tlMpund Santa Ke passen- Topeka. Kans., Mar. 3. fAP) ger tSain, iiear ibo heart of the <•!!>•. Hhe .was thrown from the ' car aid her: skull is beUeVed lo I have jieen fractured when she ; landed on a .i^witch box. ; FORTY-SIX MEN BIG ADRIFT ON BARGE 1 i Norfolk, Va.. Mar. S. fAP)—! Forty-six men tiro adrift, off the i Atlantic coast in two helpless | barges and two light ships, and the | steamer Cit.v of St. i^ouis with it-s oil ^steering gear dliwbled is dangerously near the llatteras shoals as the result of the fierce northeaster whlcli swept the coast yesterday and endangered at least nine Vessels.' DAMAGE IN TRAIN SMASHUP O'rila.. .Mar. (AP)— Mi:'I,. Trafflii, today tied 'ip on the Kan- fns-Ok)!i\wm» uml (Jiilf railroad between here Jinrl Baxter Spring.". Kans.. ai a result of a freight train wreck-four miles north of hpi;e last night. .Sevi»n tsnkj'itrs of gasoline and cil and ntut box tar were still burn-, ing thii morning. Thfe damage vhs esflnja''"'' "' th-.r. io^nnn A recompiendation. of the ways and rnean.^ cipifimittee that a $4S,230 appropriation for purchase ot Old Shawnee Mission be' deiiied wa;* set aside toda^ by the House oC Representatives. Chairman Schoen of" the committee iiisisted on economy. ;ed at more than |2.5,000.. CONGRESS REJECTS I|IUSCLE SHOALS Bip Vyashington, Mar. 3. (AP)—Bids of both the American Cyanamid Company, and the Farmers' Feder-i ated Fertiliier Association lor the government's. Muscle Shoala proi>- erties in Alabama were rejected lormally today by the house niiUi tary committee.

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