Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 14, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1898
Page 2
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D., ISM, irof ten o'clock a. m., let tbe north pot .tneClty^HalHmUdlnjln the city ol All tbe members were present last evening and a large aedieace bad assembled in anticipation of a warm time. Those who remained until Mr. Wegensr's speech were well repaid for braving tbe col* night and spending three bourn in tbe official "smoke- hooie," for such tbe council chamber might well be called. Tbe ladles of St. Patrick's church atked for use of city hall for a fair. Tbe tax collector a«ked tbe use of tbe old express office. Both were referred to Public Buildings committee. Tbe Olty Counsellor sent in a report asking for a reassessment on Bast Second street to cover cost of tbe sewer put down some years ago and or«r which there has been litigation. It was adopted. Mr. Robenstein was given another Inning on his celebrated Jank-thop business. It appears there wer« others iti the junk business who bad not been required to pay license, so the suit was ordered dismissed upon tbe payment of costs by Rubensteln. The resignation of 7T. B. Starr from the School Board was accepted and H. L. Winter appointed to the place. Wo>", Manpin & Curdle presented a bill of 9833.40, the same being estimated as profits on contracts taken out of tbeir bands. The North Alton Brick Oo. had a bill of |93 51 for balance doe for brick on State street. Both referred to Claims committee. W. T. Norton asked to be allowed to buy old safe in city hall. A committee was appointed to appraise the safe and the Comptroller was authorized to sell it at appraised value, Tbe Mayor's veto of the Mississippi Valley ordinance was read, tbe reasons being as already printed. He placed special stress on tbat part of tbe ;ordinanoe relating to carrying freight. He anticipated a gresa misuse of the privilege. Mr. Volbracfat moved that the veto be sustained, as the company had another ordinance. Tbe motion was mule to include both ordinances and it carried. Four ladies were present in tbe interest of tbe "curfew ordinance" and out of deference to them tbe order of business was changed to take up tbat matter and cigaretta ordinance. Mr. Bowman read the resolution for a curfew ordinance and It was adopted unanimously. Mr. Bowman then read a resolution for an ordinance requiring a tax on cigarette dealers. This too was adopted unanimously. The ladies thanked the Council in tbe names of the fathers and mothers of Alton. AfUr tbe ladies retired the Mayor called over to Mr. Bowman, "You're a dandy." Mr. Davis, of the Finance committee, asked to be allowed to borrow •4,000 to pay current expenses. Carried. Tbe olll for the Eighth street tunnel was laid over, as it was not filed on tbe Thursday prior to council meeting. The Claims committee reported favorably on allowing O. J. Mcilenry tbcsnm of 940 on account of a cave-in at bis property. It was referred back t? tbe committee and counsellor with power to act. Mr. Wegener reported on a claim of M. H. Boals, which wa* referred back to tbe committee for further consideration. Tbe ordinance requiring union labor on olty printing was repealed, as tbe Union feared it was not legal. An ordinance was read for a sidewalk on Fourth street at Court square. The matter relating to tbe alley In block 1, Hunter's addition, was adjusted by the Big Four agreeing to move its track as requested by the property owners. Tbe matter bad to lay over as tbe petition read Indianapolis & 8t- Louis Railway Oo. Instead of Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway Oo. The Misalssippl Valley Oo presented a new ordinance for a franahlsei could eaafly b« worked wltb ptek attd shore! and not of proper quality. Tbe bricks were good. The council should ascertain what official had been negligent. He moT«d the adoption of the report. Mr. Jfoonan moved tbat tbw mutter he referred to the Board of Public Improvements. Mr. Vonrg objected to this method ofproce?!- ing and thought It wa* bot conrtf *y to ! accept It. Mr. Noonan stated he did ! not wish to be diBcoorteon*, and asked for tbe petition from the property owners -"the fellown who have to go down in their jean*.' 1 Mr. Voting retorted tbat tbe report followed a re- qnest from "the fallows who have to go down In their jeans." Mr. Noonan stated he conld prove there WM malice way back of the first petition. Mr. Day wanted to mow if Mr. Ryan would state tbe work was well done? Mr. Day said the woik was poorly done and tbat the report wat correct as tbe committee had reported. Tbe report was adopted. A petition from property owners along tbe street stated tbat the work bad been dona to their satisfaction and according to contract so far a« they knew. About 82 per cent of the owners signed tbe petition. Tbe report was referred to Board of Public Improvements. Mr. Young: Tbat sand be removed from State street if expedient. Tbat city clerk notify D. Ryan to complete tbe lowering of sidewalks on Second street, and tbat be be held liable in the penalty of Sfl a da] since Nov. 1. The Mayor stated tbat tbe day after tbe contract was Jet, he, Mr. Volbracbt and Mr. Ryan, went over the walk and decided on what should be done. He called on Mr. VoJbrecbt to substantiate It. Mr. Volbracbt stated be did not understand it tbat way. Mr. Ryan was called upon and sided with tbe Mayor. Mr. Young stated b'e had been told by Mr. Ryan tbat tbe Mayor ordered him to stop tbe work. Mr. Ryan denied this. He also said It was no use for him (Ryan) to try to work in Alton when ao many bad it in for him. He named Wegener as one of these, and Wegener got back in language ID wfatah there was ao lack of expletives. HeJ walked all over the Mayor; be trampled on Mr. Ryan, but "dot Skelley" was literally torn to pieces. Tbe Mayor rapped hardjof orftnr, bat-V/egener kept on, 'Finally be warned the Mayor to not break tbe desk or tbe oity would have to buy a new one, Mr, Wegener made charge upon charge and offered to prove any and all of them- Another resolution provided that tbe injunction suit against A. Wegener be dismissed. The Mayor stated tbe enit bad bean began at bis order. Also tbat Wegener had no lease. Mr. Wegener said he bad the right and bod given bond. Tbe Mayor decided tbe resolution out of order. Mr. Wegener got the floor and lambasted "dot Skelley" and tbe Mayor. He told bow be executed tbe bond; Mr Connor took tbe bond and put in tbe vault and that some "two legged rat" took it. Mr. Young appealed from the dechion of the chair, but the Mayor said be would not dismiss the suit in any event, The council unstained tbe appeal, but Messrs. Noonan and Hoffmann objected ana tbe matter went over to the next meeting. Mr. Klunk: Tbat work be stopped on Belle street sidewalks north of Nineteenth street. Laid over. Mr. Yager: That sewer be cleaned on Lar.gdon street. Referred to Sewer committee with power to act. Mr. Matthews: Tbat Water Works committee Investigate tbe failure of water supply at the Sparks (Ire. Adopted. Mr. Wyss: That the wards of tbe city be rediatricted. Laid over. To compel Trading Stump Co. to pay 9100 yearly license. Adopted. To prohibit bonfires on any paved streets. Adopted . Mr. Bowman: Tbat the Comptroller buy bicycles for policemen. ;Mr. Young wanted a cbromo of Col. Pack on a bicycle). That all open air meeting >nd congregations drawn by vendors be held on square. For a sidewalk on Milton road. Adopted. Mr. Fahrlg: That the Fire Department be supplied with ladders. Adopted. UIL.1M AU,OWBO, Finance .................... 813760 Assessment, etc ........... 16960 Incidentals .................. 20 15 Salaries .................. 483 72 Judiciary ..................... 280 90 Street crossings ............. 45 00 Repairing streets ............. 407 26 Streets and alleys ....... • • 187 52 Cleaning streets .............. 32 27 Sewers ................. 9 00 Public buildings ............... 29 75 Police ...................... 802 18 Fire Department ......... *. . . 442 29 Llghta 817 24 Printing 0» 40 Sidewalks 14 00 Parks 83 00 ON THE MOVE. We keep coniUntly on the move to keep up-to <latp in stock, q mlltr and price. Our CHINA and TOY Stocks have been plucked from tbe cieme de-la-creme of the mnrfeet, and noth. ine in Alton or Hi. Louis can compare with them in value (or the money. We import our foreign goods am! buy direct from the factory in this country and in many instances retai our good* at II?F» (hsn wholesale stof f.f a«k for them. Rjr Uia convenience of our many friends we have openec our Toys on tbf ground floor 31T _Belle street, and are now ready .to wait on you and urgently advise all to cone al once and make their selection. We on'y ask a small deposit on all goods laid as Id o until wanted. We have tbe clerks to wait on you now and give your attention which later on we ooulc pot wait on you with satisfaction to ourselves and yourself if we tried ever so hard. Nothing has ever been at tempted in tbe TOY line on so grant and complete a eca[e in Alton and we hope you will not wait until (he crpam of the otock IB picked. Come early yon have nothing to lose and every thing to gain. HOPPE'S CHINA STORE, j 110 West 3d it. i TOY STORH, 317 Belle >t. into a tree territory and bold tbem there. Taney decided that Congress had no more right to prevent a slave owner from taking his slaves into a free State or territory than to pre vent tbe owner of a horse taking i : there; that a elave was nut a human being, but a thing subject to the wll ol Us owner, and to be held by him al hii will apy where ip the United States. This infjnjoua {and |in human decision was turned down gays Senator Vest, by "a reign of shot and shell, carnage and death, lasting for more than four years. I Taney was wrong in 1657 in regard to Blavery, and hjsdeciaion loathed sinci tbat date, is It not possible that bi was alao wrong fa regard to his vlewi as to the constitutionality of terri torial possessions? Bat even if Tanej was technically right in regard to colonial popsessons, as Senator Yea »IJB of slavery beirg done away With "iu a reign of shot and shell carnage and death," so too Taney's theories as to colonial possessions have been overturned by a "reign o shot and shell, carnage nnd death," in a successful effort to overthrow nuoro cruel and damning bondage than was hnman flivery iu America —Spanieb rule in Cnbn, Porto Rico and the Philippines. To be entirely relieved of the aches and pnin-3 of- rheumatism means a great deal, and Hood's Saraaparilia does it. For Kidney Troubles there JH nothing better than Foley Kidney Cure, everyone wbo tries it will agree to this. Sold by B. Marsh and S. H. Wyes. How to Prevent Pneumonia. At this time of tbo year a cold is very easily contracted, and if left to run its course without tbe aid ot some reliable cough medicine is liable to result in tbat dread disease, pneumo nia. We know of no better remedy to cure a cough or cold than Chamberlain's Oough Remedy. We have used it quite extensively and it hag always given entire saUefaction.—Ola- gab, Ind. Ter. Chief. Tbls IB the only remedy that is known to bo a certain preventive ol pneumonia. Among tne many thousands who have need it for colds and la grippe, we have never yet learned of a leingle case having resulted in pneumonia. Persona wbo nave weak lungs or have reason to fear an attack of pneumonia, should Keep the remedy at hand. Tbe 25 and 60 cent sizes for sale by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. Puln linn noHliow with Dr. Miles 1'aln Pllla. Go to M. Moritz'a for your winter headwear. Tbe lurgent stock and ateat styles. Signature of ^_^ ^i Kind You Have Always UougW No Humbug, Foley's Honey and Tar does not claim to perform mirnrlea. It does not cl Urn to cure all cases of consumption or aathma, but it does claim to give comfort and relief It advanced stages of these diseases and to usually cure early stages. It la certainly worth trying by those afflicted or threatened with these dread diseases. Held by 10. Marsh and S. H. Wjss. MUHOilllU- Hate of 1111„ o. eight (W. In block lire (13.) Alton City Proper, In the olty », county of Madison and Bute of 1111- i west forty-two and one balf (UVfc) F No. «lt («) In Mook No. twelve (II), ~ , In tue olty ot Alton, county sot llllnoU, y-»ur (84) In the town )t MadUon and Btete of rallnud rigbti ot way i with 'be *bore terou and msijer's report of sale, by deids will be eieouted by but it was contended tbe petition formerly presented had died with tbe repeal of tbe former ordinance and as no copies of the proposed ordinance bad been filed, tbe matter was laid over. An ordinance was read to establish grade at Fifteenth and Henry streets. Mrs. J. H. Topping asked permls Dion to connect ber (properly at Eleventh and Alton street* with tbe Twelfth street sewer. The committee reported adversely to it and the report was adopted. Tbe council got a streak of economy when (be "Lights" bill was read and refused to pay a charge of 26 cents (or meter rent on an |BOO bill. A special committee reported tbat the members had made five openings in tbe Pitfcb street paving, The con orete wa» found to be 6,8,2,8^ and J laches respectively, or an average Inche*. The concrete Taney and Veil on the Constitutionality of Expansion, Iu a speech delivered on Monday :'u tbe Senate, by Senator Vest, of Mla- SDurl, In opposition to territorial expansion, tbe Senator closed his address with these words: "For myself I would rather quit public lite and would be willing to risk life Itself rather thau give my consent to this fantastic urnl wicked attempt to revolutionize our government and substitute the prlolplen of our hereditary enemy for the teachings of Washington and his associates." Thirty-five years ago Senator Vest gave four years of bis life to a "fan- Uatlu aud wicked attempt to revo- lutionise tbe government,*' aud substitute the principles of free government with tbat of a government according to Alexander II. Stephens, whose "chief cornerstone was hnman slavery." There Is reason to bellove that Senator Vest, although 95 years older, is no nearer right on territorial expansion in 181W than he was In 1801 • 05 on the slavery question. The Sot a- tor quoted tbe Drod Soott decision of Chief Justice Tauey, of tbe Supreme Court, to prove tbat colonial possessions were unconstitutional, Taney's decision in tbe Dred Soott case became famous because be decided tbat a (lave owner oonld take bl« *l«ve* Relief Corps Work. The VV. R. 0. was Inspected Friday afternoon by MTH. Al E.ObnlJacombe, of Illllsboro, III. Hiie was much pleased wltb tlio work of tbe order aid especially tbe relief woik. The Hecretury and Treasurer'^ books show t at from Sept. ''07 to Hept. '08, there were 28 peraona helped, Two were soldiers, one a soldier's widow, tbe remaining 25 sons ttiiti rfaiiKliterH of sol- dlurn, mostly orphan children. Several children were found homes in gnori families and four little ones wei e p ace 1 in tbe soldier's orphan home, •t'lmre was expended for relief In caeb $IH.30; In other than money, sunn as flotlilnif, fuel and provi«ionn, 0117 75. Mrs. Challacombe wan surprised that more of the uiotticra of Alton did not un I to with tbe ordur and thereby en courage UJOHO wbo were doing all they could for the soldiers mid their descendants in Alton. The order numbers but nineteen and moat of Ihese reside in Upper Alton. Hut all honor Indue to Mrs. Demuih, who has worked so faithfully for tbe soldiers aud especially for tho children of the veterans. "Muny Hill rise and call her blessed." The shoM ng nf Thomas T. Bamey at bis ho-no .1" Brooks by a burglar Friday i»otru ig WM rendered of additional I'tter y. u> people in this city from i 1 '" I v;i I bit be !« nid to b« eng- <) 11 L,* married to Miss Mattle Shrrmiii, oi,e of the most popular teachern In tbe public school, although no nnnr nncement of the eng gemeot ha« bren made. Miss Sherman was notified of tbe casualty by telephone Friday morning and went at once to blfl bedside. The household effects of Attorney E. Breeze QlaM were dispoted of at public sale Saturday at bis residence in the east end. Mr. Qiao* will rent bis home to A. O., Tnxborn. Henry Vietb, a farmer of Carpenter, was injured Saturday night near tbe apper wabash depot. Be missed a train and In running after it fell into a rock laid drain four feet deep. His right knee was dislocated and his leg fractured. Thomas MoOune, agent of tbe Stanard Oil Co, received Btturday from headquarters at Decatnr, an order for tbe biggest turkey to be found in tbe market Christmas, and also for a pail of oystorf. The destruction of the electric light plant by flre was a great thing for the oil peop'e. During tbe month of November Mr. MoOnne disposed of 336 barrels of the Quid. A new A O. U. W. lodge has been Instituted here and christened Yantls lodge in honor of J. W. Yantla, of Sbelbyvilie, grand master workman, of the order. Mr. yantjs was here to assist in launching the new lodge. Major and Mts. Wm. R. Prickett are on an extended pleasure trip through the South. Miss Julia Early, a sister of Judge Early, will be married Thursday evening at 8 o'clock to Or. Charles Blnney, of Thnrber, Texas. The ceremony will be performed at the home of tbe bride-to-be. Pills Arc prepared from Nature's mild laxatives, and while sentk: are reliable and efficient. 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Six members of M. C. Parson's family of Croton, O., ore suffering with trichjt nosis. James Devlne of Washington. Ind., fhot at Leo Kltzpatrick. a recently mug- tered-oul member of company D, Hundred pml F.fty-ninth rtiglmfrnt. The bullet t vtrurk the metal plate on Hie belt worn by Fltzpatrlck and failed to injure him. David W. Hughes, a lumber dealer oj Chattanooga. Tern., has filed a petltlo. In bankruptcy, with liabilities at ?3:|o,- DfO and assets a{ »1,000. Mrs. William Go'.dsmlth of Kewanee. Ills., was burned to death, her dress taking fire from an overheated stove. Edward Mlnon was run over b,y % heavy wagon at Wanatah., Jni}., and fatally Injured. John Thelen of Rockford, Ills., was riding on the rear platform of a cqr when the brake chain cave way and the car plunged heavily forward, throw- Ing Thelen upon his head. He died two hours later. George Smith, a wealthy merchant ot Webster City, la., was terribly burned. while starting the fire with gasoline, mistaking It for kerosene. Frank Button of Peorla, Ills., an ex, convict, and James Nichols. who robbed the -Michigan Central station »t Martin, were each sentenced at Alle» Ban, Mich., tp fifteen years In Jackson penitentiary, Frank Kerr, aged 43, a farmer of South Downs Ills., was killed and his 7-year-old son probably fatally hurt In a grade crossing accident on the Big Four railroad,. The auditor rif Illinois tins issued a rail for a statement of the condition uf »tate banks to D?c. 12. Ernest L. Hogpen of Stlllwater, Minn., hen died a petition In bankruptcy. The liabilities ar« $17B,r:oo. with the assets about 1375. Clinr(p« Affalnit Senator Ilurke, Cleveland, Dec. H,—Charges In disbarment procef dings against State Senator Vernnn H. Burks hav» been filed with Judge Hale, presiding judge of the circuit court. Charges In .xpulslon proceedings against Common Pleaa Judge P. H. Dellenbaugh have been filed with Judge C. E. Pennewell of th» Investigation committee of the Cleveland Bar association. These aeparato »et» of charges Were filed by H. B, Chapman, secretary of the Bar asso. elation, Valuable I'mrl Necklace Ooue. New York. Dec. H.-J. Frankel Sons Jewelers, have reported t,j the police the disappearance from their store of a pearl necklace worth UO.OCO. They ar« willing io pay H.OCO for its return. Ttw membem of the firm do not know how the necklac£jfo^au^ uf the store, A Word to the Wise is Sufficient. Ely's Cream Balm has completely cured me of catarrh when everything else failed.—Alfred W. Stevens, Caldwell, Ohio. Ely's Cream Balm works like a charm; it has cured me of the most obstinate case of cold in the bead. I would not be without.—Fred'k Fries, 283 Hart St., Brooklyn, N. Y. A loo. trial size or tbe 50o size of £)y'a Cream Balm will be mailed. Copt by druggists. 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Askew, employed et the Big Poor Freight office, Alton, m., who wye: 'TAboat tea yetnt ago I bad a eerera opeU of Influnmattoa ot the kidnen and I nerer got entirely well. I wu troubled coutaaUy with nrintry dleorder fre- qo°nt dUchargee attended with i burning sen- nUon. 1 WM rapeclelly troubled *t night,h»T- Ing to ret np fire or clx tlmee erery night. I Krffered wl'h * lejne beok «11 tbe lime, *nd •omeUmei eo bed tlwt I oonld not %tt«nd to my work. lAfl eprlng t wu p»rti<rul»rly bad, and mj-health wu completely broken down; I wu pertloalkriy bed, and my health *a- complete- IT broken oown: I reed about Ilorrow'e Kld-ne- ofd« and tboognt I woald glre them * trial, u they were weU recommended. 1 took altogether two boiea and wu eorp.laed at the good they did me. They did not care the Tame back and urinary disorder, but they built me tip io | foil like * now man. I hate enjoyed good health ever alnoe, and feel oonfldent they hare cnred me entirely. 1 procured them tt B, H. Wyss' drag etore.'' Kld-ne-rtdt are Yellow Tablet* (not »lt'i)and core kidney aOmente, nerrone-eee, etc. Urer- lai are imalired pe'leta and cure oomtlMtlon. ffld-ne-dlda M ote; UrerUx » cte at driggli' ----- •-•.-•« • "- (jhenuii iU, orma)ledbjr John Marrow 4 Qo. Sprtnjdeld.Q. Many PeopIe,C«nnot Drink coffee at nitrbt. It spoils their sleep. Yon can drink GBAIN-O when yon please and Bleep like a top. For OHAIN-O ^oea not •tJranlatt,; it ngnriabe*, eheera and feeds. Yet it lookf and taste* like the beat coffee. For nervous persons, young people and children GRAIN O (s a perfect drink. Made frotn pare grains. Qet a package from yonr grocer today. fry It.ln place of coffee. 15c and 35c. Don't be pereoaaeft into haying liniments without reputation or merit— Ohamberlaln'i Pain Balm cogta no more, and its merits have been proven by • te»t of many years. Snob let- ten as the following, from L. Q. Bagley, Hueneme, Oaf., are conatantiy being received: "Tbe beat remedy for pain I have ever naed la Ohamber- laiii's Fain Balm, and I say so after having naed It in my family for several years." It cures rheumatism, lame back, sprains and swelling. Bold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. After hearing some friends continually praising OhamberUUn's Oollo, Obolen and Qlarrboea Remedy, Oar- Hi flack, of Anaheim, California, purchased a bottle of it for bis own use and is now w enthuiiaitic over its wonderful work as anyone ean be. The 95 and 60 cent lines for aale by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wysa. •JP OXV.3C.A.. ,Th« Kind You HiroJ of th« Condition el the Alton Sayings Bank. At Allan, SlMle ot ////noli, before the com- meacfateat ot batlatu on th« nth iltr ot DVK., 1898, a awh to OH Auditor «/ AfVAMeooiuit* ottha State of IIHnoli, punuaot to law. RESOURQRS. Loans and dlscqunts , , $353,868 16 Overdrafts secured and unsecured.... 345 67 Other bonds and atoolo, 81,300 :0 Qasbonnand 97,08847 Bue from other banks >78,05I 10 Obeoka and other caah Items .'... 2,19.1 3! Collections |n transit 70065 Current expensei, Including tazea trom July l»t, 1898 4,622 84 U. S. rerenae stamps aoount 801 to Total ri38,i!22 l'| UABIUTIES. Capital stock paldln , 4100,000 00 Surplus fund. ! 87,000 00 Undivided profits 10,331 31 Individual deposits subject to check.. 329,134 64 Demand certificates of deposit 99,871 30 Time certlflc»te» of deposit 12>,153 87 Due to other banks j.gjj gj 'otal 1738,32211 STATE OP ILLINOIS, (o a County of Madison, ( bs I, G. A. Joestlng, Caahler of Alton Savings Bank, of Alton, III,, do solemnly swear that the above statement Is the best of my knowledge and belief, G. A. JOESTING, Caahler. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1.1th day of Dec, 1898. JNO. F. McGlNNrS, Notary Public, R. R. EXCURSION RATES. Homeaeekers Excursions.—NOT. 1st and 15th 11 and Deo. 6th and 20th, rta the Burlington. NOTICE.—The oheap excursion advertised by ; , * «"•? 9- * A- » Chicago, Deo. 17, haa been Indefinitely postponed. DEDUCED Rate* to Southern and Western "^ resorts now In effect rla the C. ft A. B. R, and connections. CHEAP EXCURSIONS-To the Weat, Nortb- „ west, South and Southwest will be run via C. AA. R. n., and all connecting on Deo. 6th and 30th, Return lira 131 days. For rates and full particulars apply to 0. Q. Morris, Agent. CHRISTMAS 1898-NBW YEAR 1899-For the y ibove the C. 4 R. R, will sell exoumlon tickets, at low rates, from Alton to all stations within 200 miles on Deo. 24, 26, 28 and 31. 1896. and Jan. 1st and 3d, 1899. Return limit W 4 am, sum, a^uia.stand Jan. 1st, and 2nd, t) points within a radios of 200 miles at one and one-third fare tor the round trip. Return Imtt Jan. 4 '99.—J. B. Thomas, Agent. Hunters' Ratea toapeclfled points In Alabama, 1 • Arkanau, Kentucky. Michigan (lower peni Intula), Michigan (upper), MTulaalppl, Ml»- alourl, Mlnneeota, Tenneaeee, Vlrfflnta Weat Virginia and Wleconaln, Tla Bte Four. Vor Information and tickets call on O. H. Hamilton, Tioket Agent. The C. 4 A. R. R. Is arranging a series of * Winter Tours at low rates to Cuba? Porto Rloo and Jamaca via Tampa, Florida. Ail quarantine restriction against the Island ot Cuba have been raised aid tbe regular lines of O.ean transportation will lave their vessels In service at an early da'e. Xmas Dress Goods. For personal need.or holiday thought, this stock Is admirably ready. Time was when Dress Goods were pushed remotely back to give prominence to tflnkety stocks. *Now the acceptableness of a dress pattern Is generally manifest. Linens for Gifts. Of course! What more acceptable to any dainty house* keeper than a Linen Table SPt. We've gathered largely of exquisite damasks with napkins to match. Beautifully ahd moit moderately prices. Special Towel sale for the holidays 20 dozen fringed hemstitched Linen Damask Towels worth jj/. Special holiday price China for Gifts. There's an overflow stock of China made up of pretty decorative piecesjjthat make acceptable holiday remembrances. Dainty dishes bon bon tea sets, etc., ^ to £j. Kid Gloves and Handkerchiefs. What could be more appreciated than Kid Gloves or Handkerchiefs? We are sure you will find our assortment good. Ladles' Kid Gloves 8jf to $2 a pair. Misses Kid Gloues $i a pair. Beautiful Handkerchiefs $f to$i.<;o each. Holiday Furs. The showing is the most varied, we've ever gathered. Wondeiful indeeJ, the beautiful Collarettes lor $2 jo to $i?.oo. Children's sets to$j. Blankets. Are you seeking a gift for a house keeper? There is warmth attached to the remembrance of a gift. Blanket. Beautiful Wool Blankets $) to $12. Overcoat Time! Is here. The crisp, cold air is lively enough to make you feel its presence. We are just as well prepared to "OVERCOAT" you as we have always b eri to '"SuiT" you Our high-grade Kerseys, Beavers, Chinchillas, etc , for $7.50, $10 and $14. No More, No Less. Are values that double the money would hardly purchase elsewhere. We have good Coats that are gftod for you to buy. Low prices eloquent of econornv. The Outfitter. 633 East Second Street TIMES AR[ GETTING HARD. NOW IS THE TIME TO SAVE nONEY. GOING OUT OF SHOE BUSINESS. WANTED! Thursday leiflng«£n at^p? » ""runnlnj /la Kansas Citj. Salt Lake City and the Boenlo IJne. F«r rates, reserratlonr, and full p£ tleu- lars apply top. Q. NorrU. Agt., Alton. TO CITY OF MEXICO-P^rsonally Conducted 1 Excursion-Will be run by the U. ft A B R. and connections on Thursday, Deo. 16th Special train ot Pullman oars throu«hwlthout phsnce with side trips to Guadalajara, Ouana- juataand Monterey/ Bound trip rate only $16*. ''"" m wltb sma11 '? et ' Blze8 2 ^' 3 » 8 ^ °eJ° 6 to °» 11 «"»d see what FINE SHOES we are offering at $1.73 a pair. • These Shoes are made of the finest Dongola and Genet Kid that formerly sold for |8 60 a pair, but as tbe sizes are small we are closing them out at $i 75 a pair. This la a chance in a life time. First come, first served. Gome early to avoid tbe rash. In addition to tbis great Bargain we have 768 pairs of Ladies' High Grade Shoes that formerly Bold for * 2 60 to 8.76 a pair. We are closing them out at $a a pair. All kinds of Meu's Fine and Medium Grade Shoes, all styles and widths, going at 6oc on tbe dollar, at this great sale of irresistible bargains. Also a job lot of Men's and Boys' Fine Basaiao and VloJ Kid Slippers at a sacrifice. This Is worth investigating- All kinds of Ladles', Gent's. Misses and Children's Robber Boots, Over °hoes, B. A. Overs, Storm and Croquet Rubbers, greatly reduced in prices at PFIEFFER & BAILEY, STAR SHOE STORE Mr. C. M. Dixon, a well known merchant of Pleasant Ridge, Fulton Oo , Pa., has a little girl who is frequently threatened with croup, but when tbe first symptoms appear, bis wife gives her Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, whlob always affords prompt relief. The 26 and 60 cent sites for sale by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. It has been fully demonstrated tbat Ely's Cream Balm U a specific for Nasal catarrh and cold in the head. This distinction ban been uonJered only as tbe result of continued successful use A morbid condition of the membrane In (be natal passages can be cured by this, purifying and healing treatment, Bold by druggists or h will be mailed for CO cents by Ely Brothers, M Warren street. New York. It spreads over the membrane, is absorbed and relief is mmedlate. CHRISTMAS and Now Ye«re e»our»lon«. A .;; r f. te , ut . oae ""} one-third fare for the round trip, tlokeu on ule Dec. 24, 25. ja, ill, law. ynS J»n. l and 2, law, limited io return Jan t ,' < ?" l !"£ > *2'M w '' tt «! .««• IX)ul..peo!-li urlit aleeper oxouralonti'pef- (by a Burlington Routi Agent) dayVroaTKauiaa'city and St. "jo'neph to Angele> and Ban Pranolsoo, The route It r, o ,_ 3t)t jerouy » nquttbe year. Aak 'bomai, for partlcu- , nver, Boenlo Colorado, Bait Lake City wll per cent sn'sblne throughout the yew. ' 'J, B.T THE HOLIDAY SEASON Is at band at Marsh's Drug Store. Yon will find Cigars, Choice Perfumes, Hair and Cloth Brushe And many other beautiful and uiefol tiling*. PATHFINDER DEPARTMKNT. lilana, Mlttourt, tooiardreg'opys^lh'CarolinV.'lo^th^DUou! Tenneaane L^^^ m»._~.z<_ * 5...T™_*^*^ w **i yoming, rt^—»™ n ... H w *.,. MM «••»?. tout. 10, Jan. 8-lOj Feb. 721. Marob, 7-10 formation apply to 0. H. HtoUltoo, TkTM UM* or In* aodwtaUbMdlngi Oo« UB«, U OMtii thru a«|t, M Mob) ons « M k 19 oeou i MUlttoul ttaes same rats, oaak down «,TOOKHOM)ERfl' MEBTINONOTI •> Louis. Deo. 7. 18W Th» annual of itookholderi of Suntluel Mining i for the election of Director* andtbeVi otiuobotherbuelneu u m»y come b?><>rv », will be hold at their office '(holel,)7n Upper Alton. III., on Baturiiy, January 1, tm, from 1 until 8 o'clock p. W.--A. H PuUer, Bwy, 5AL& JHotf s WerverJne Pills remedy nervotM pro** (ration «nd all ncrvoui W/t generative ettfecr alling « , f _,_^, pbweo or , pum, w «a4 Inuaity. v bou« Pr«.'i, 1)1 mr " % , ' .. , >

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