Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 26, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1896
Page 5
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fR? Up~to-Date Styles - FOR Fall and Winter. DEWENTE R The HATTER And FURNISHER UP^TO=DATE TAILORING. POPULAR PRICES. That's fie—My Fall Woolens are ready for inspection. Can't I show you through. H. G. TUCKER, The Original Pearl Street Tailor. PERSONAL. N. Carr of .Franklin, Ind., is in the city, Wlliinm Grafils Is nt Chifapo on Vmsl- HOSS. ' ' „ . . • .,'""• Curl AViso will return tomorrow from •lie east. • : " S. U. Knox wns hero 1'runi Kokomo yesterday. C. Gilruun was here yesterday from English Luke. r : -, ; " M. AV. Earhart from l.iU'nyctte. Miss MadtfC Maxwell is .visiting .nt Goodland with Mends. ''•'•' . ":' John Lantz, 1'ornicrly of tills city wns lore I'roni'Teru Monday, hero yesterday ' Watch For Display in Front of Store! Mist Delay a Homent in Passing! mm\l\. Be Time Well Spent. ' '."* ".' • •..-'':'. ". * KRAU5 "Of Course' Miss Noltlft Crawford is-nt Lafayette/, FLORIDA GOPHERS. GREATER Thau Ever Beyond the shadow o a doubt, our new ar rivals in Stylish Shoes Stevenson & KlinsicL Will A BIG CROWD. Attend the Adamsboro Picnic Tomorrow. 403 Broadway. THE FIKSi nATlONAL BANK —or— LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. * CAPITAL $250,OOO. A. J. Murdoch, Pre«, W. W. Bo»», Ca»h. J. r. Brookmeyer, A»t. Cash. DffiECTOBS: JL 8. Bice, w. H. Brtnghnrst, A. 3. MnMocK, Dennis Util. B. 1. Yantis, J v. M. Harwoort, W. i., Wilson. Banking In al, Its)Departments promptly and carefully dona Safety to Cuntoi fought tor. Strong Reaerv* V t ind maintained. The Loganspor (INCOR: ors and Stockholders Humane society ORATED.) For the Proven-lion of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals E. S. Hlce— rit{. Gco, W. WuIteA-Sec. .T, J. IIlldebTandt—Trean. W. M, lllnliop—llmnnne Officer. . JS. 3. Klo*. J. C. Hauler, F. C. Cooltxmgh Geo W Walters, J. J. HIldebrtQdt, Peeked Juatlcc, Isaan Adnait. Mrs, W. D. Pratt MM. J. N. Kelt. Telepbons No, 30. Be port ones of cruelty to SeoreMrj, With Ilio iilojisiint weather the Adfimsboro meeting tomorrow promises to be the largest of the kind ever held in the county. Many citizens from Logiiusport will go in carriages or on iliu Eel River train, taking their fnniillcs with tbcni. ITon. W. D. Owen will speak In the morning and Hon. Hiram Brownlee, Hon. Frank Fosey nncl Hon. AV. S. Hiisgaril in the afternoon. Mr. Foscy will speak again In the rink at Logansport in the evening,. spending a week's vacation, Hon. .Tamos F. StiUcsninii-was here" ilonday from Peru for a visit. Miss Stella Breekonridgc was'at I.a- 'ayotto this week for ,'i visit. Lafayette Courier: Miss Essie Shco- ian is visiting-in Logansport. •Tolm Stevens of Danville. 111.,, is.vis-: iting relatives-on Krie avenue! Air. and Mrs. AV. Ferguson are here from Chicago visiting friends. ..-:• AV111 Min-dock is at Lake Max.iu- kuckee for a. few days' outing. Frank Titus is now connected .with tiie Columbian hotel at Kokomo, - :. Lafayette Call: Miss Mamie- Griffin wont to Logansport this moniing.. : Mrs, George Gooser has returned, after a vjsit of several weeks at Eoanu. The Rev. H. A. Percival came nonio yesterday after a long trip through ;t he- West. • • ' . Miss Mollie Clary lias returned 1 to work at ihe Trade.Palace after a vacation. Marvin Barnhart of Chicago, returned home yesterday'after a -short- visit hero. Mr. AVillU Wood of Crown Point, is 'Son I- on till;; at. Warsaw.. '' Tf alias!"Piaiiidcaicr: M .Alrs. S. H. Hendee of Logansport, is the guest of Mrs. .'I. Pannbntor, of this city....Miss : '\nna, Oribbi'ii.'-retnruod from Logans- ;jior.t. Saturday eveninfr. > ; jVnd£r^ii';;IIe>ald: E. A. and C. K. Por.km'i- 1 arc here visiting from Logansport, wlifirtvihcy. recently purchased a flnig sjjor.o.-./ The Hrst named will teach FREE SILVER MEETING. There was a meeting at Royal Center last uiglit to hoar arguments'on free silver from C. E. Carter, Charles Hom- Inirg a IK! George Kisller. Mr. HOJD- burg made the statement that, the attendance was very slim. Mr. Kistlcr gave the attendance nt about 200, and the people are-at liberty to choose between the stories. Mr. Ilomburg has ihvnys borne a reputation for honesty. The crowd, while In a Democratic and Populistic community, was largely made up of. Republicans who wanted .0 hour an able, argumentative presen- :ation of the sound money question, vhich the gentlemen who went out to each the "peasants" the Pharos tells ibout, were- unable to give. H'he TJc- niblic.ins went: away disappointed, 'hose who wanted to enjoy abuse of vcrythiug not Populistic, were satis- icd. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2C, 1800. Be sure and read the new ad, today of the Golden Rule. Kenesaw M. Landis is making sound money speeches in Illinois. The Military band will give a concert ot the park on Friday evening. Fred Murdoch is at Morris Fisher's during the absence of his brother Will. Thos. Bond returned from Bass lake where he; together with liis parents camped for 'several days. FornoiTs" orchestra, went to Maxln- kuckee yesterday and played for a ball last eight at the Arlington hotel. Disease attacks the weak and debilitated. Keep yourself healthy and strong by taking Hood*s SarBaparUla The excursion rate -to- Petoskey and Mackinac Island will be $0.50,' instead of'?9.00 as announced by the flyers. Tickets good for. t.en dayf|. Train leaves Vamlnlla.'.station nt. 4:2.3 p. in., Sept. 1. • . A rare chance to visit Petoskey anil 'Mackinac Island. Train leaves Vau(Jalia station at 4:23 p. in., Sept. 3. Fare for the round trip ?G.OO, instead of $0.00, as announced by the. flyers.. Tickets pood for ten days. - • Mr«. E. .T. Henderson .dfed-yesterday, morning at C o'clock-, at .the home ot. )ier daughter, Mrs..O«N. Tolnnd of : the Wentsidc. Mrs. Henderson was seyen- ty'-olght years of age and her old age wa» the cause of her death. Her re- rnnlnn will be shipped to Richmond this : ntttriioon for Interment. W. T. WILSON AT CHILI. W. T. AYllson spoke to a splendid rowd at Chili Monday night, over in lianii county. The mooting was held ri a pavilion, and Dr. David RIdenonr, ^resident of the McKlnley club at vhili, presided. A big crowd drove ver from Denver In buggies and wag- ns, and they brought a glee club and band with them. Altogether, the looting almost assumed the propor- ous of a rally. The people of Miami county, as well ns their neighbors in Cuss county, are aroused to the necessity of defeating the free silver heresy. visiting Mr. and Mrs. K. K. Stough of- the Eastern!. Mrs. Geo, AV. Walters and -dauRh'ter will leave today for Shelbyvillc for'a visit with relatives. Daniel; Smith and family of Kokomo visited ]fclarvin Siuitb and family for a short time yesterday, Forrest and Mrs. "West of Groensbur are'guests of the hitter's father, D.' C. 1 Shirk of Barron street. Miss Delia Hisey has returned to her homo at Rochester after ;i short visit with Miss Edith Skinner. A. P. Cole, was the guest of friends here yesterday, returning last night to his homo at Indianapolis.' '•• •'• ' Mr. AY. C. McAVhlnney, superintendent of the Marion Street railway cc'im- pany was in the city yesterday, Joseph McKinuey Is back from Chicago, .having boon appointed agent for the Aetna Life Insurance company. ' J. E. Mountain is hero from Ccinncrs- ville, called by tho sickness ' of his father, II. S. Mountain, the painter.' Gordon and Virginia Graves oC Rich;, niond are visiting the family of C.. AV. Graves and .'). A. McCullough for,a 'few. days. '...'.,' Miss Bertha. Miller, with whom Miss!. Blanche Collett was a guest n't. Peril', Is now visiting with Miss Coilett in the city. '. . Mr. and Mrs. George Stough.have returned to their home nt Wl.tclifle'jd, Mich., after a visit "with the fnini.lv. of, Ell Stough. . . ... p . •.. James Nelson, who has been attend- Somii Fact* About tho Burrowing tjind Tortoise. The gopher (Testudo Carolina) of the Florida p'n-,3 barrens is a burrowing •.:pass>e'd*'tn"f*6\iRh the oily Friday even- land-tortoise, aud not a rodent with iffg'otniie'ir 1 way "lioint" from a month's pockets on the outside of its checks like the western gopher. With i he exception of two 01- three hours early in the njorn- iug, when he eomes out to browse upon plants of any weed that is young: and tender enough, he spends the rest of his passive life at the bottom of his burrow; very likely counting the years of his greru age, and spendingeconomical- 1 ly the vital fcr«e which is to keep Imn 1 alive for smother century or so. It | would hardly be oxpcctcd that this sub,,..,,.,, , . ., , . ,, „ terriuieaJi and herbivorous hermit-could schoolMirMlichland township tins <"'-l- b e excited to show fighl, andyetsuch is 0, MltxMiell of the Progress; store ^ t .be case. Irnsireturned from Eflingltam, 111., and ( I was i-es-Jng one morning 1 upon a his'son, Kolilo. who has had charge of : fallen pine in the haunt of the gopher, ihe; business din-ins his father's jifo-: when my attention was attracted by a R^eejias"pone ; back to Eiliingham. chl11 thumping soinul, coming from T't'ru.CIironicle: Miss Blanche Col- let-tv. o.f LogMiispoi-t,' wlio has boon the ss Bcrtlifi Milk-i- for a. week, her home today. Miss Mil- 'k-r act'd'mp.'iiiicd her and will spend si'venil .d'nys in that, city visiting. 1 Miss'^tlauxh, Johnston of Crawfords- i'll'hii iiysiK-.iiding the day with Mr. and Mrs.; Byron Wilson. Miss Johnston is stenographer for the Supreme Tribe ot THE Is a Good-.Machine. some distance in the wire-grass avid tiny oak bushes, I thought that, something must hi? beating a tattoo upon the shell of a go;>hci\ as there is no ]>ebb!e site reports that the Su- •plfouie^Coirrt now 'lias more than 10,000 A Mariou',Chronicle: Miss,Hose Mich- "tfjilk returned-to horhpmo today in Lo- ganspoyt,!>after. airextemled visit with 'rei.'itlvoS' ill-.the . city... .Mrs, Mary Nevlllii^returned yesterday from Lo I 1 ga'nsport Whore "she attended 1 the fun r? Krai of-WiiTClose, ACCOMPLISHED Exhibited In the Intelligence Dnu Urote KlnRdom, A Newfoundland, named Oscar, belonging to myself, had often llstcneo ^I'ith much interest to stories of rescue ot'dTOWnirig persons by dogs, saj's Andrew ijarig 1 in. Longman's Magazine happeji/'to possess on engraving of Landsjder's "Member of the Humane Society."," Oscar would contemplate it for hoursjj ^find .study the pose In the mirror. : Olio day .two little children were '' St. Andrew's pier, and I was slietchlng the ruins atashortdis- 'iaiioE.'' Oscar running about on the pier, T to^pfcriccT'to look up nnd saw Oscar, 'ai ifii) ad ye'rtenyy.'but quite delibern te- : 'iy, ; "BaCk : "oiife of th« chJ'ldren (Johnny. • bv_ name) into the water, is^heTe^ very deep. The animal .A (fSf'e ' 1 i£rec.'lpud howls to attract ., i pttejjtJo5j?"He.'Iiad been taught togiyp ",V.ttu^e| '^ticers 1 . for 1 "Mr. Gladstone," ' A ''" TO CLEANSE THE SYSTEM Effectually yet gently, whws costive or bilious, or when the blood Ig Impure or sluggish, to permanently overcome habitual constipation, to awaKo the kidneys and liver to a healthy activity, without Irritating or weakening them, to dispel headaches, colds, or fevers, use Syrup of FJga. Julius Wagner yesterday filed bond to engage in the sale of clippings. The clippings from cigars are to be done up in packages and sold "for smoking tobacco. Mr. Wagner; Is the first local dealer to place clippings on the market. ing the summer term of the. Howe-military academy at Lima, Ind., '.\tj at home again. . . >; ...-,Dr. Mae Hunt has retflrued: froni. Sullivan, Ind,, where she w-.ns called 19 attend her mother, who has for somu time boon ill. " '•' ' ''' '• Prof. G. AV. RedUlck o'f the'KQ) western M. A., Highland Pnrk';;i-lf:;'anf wife are the guests of Mr, and' Mtv George Caun, :•'•.•> Terre Haute Tribune: Mr,?; 'Albei; ,. . 'jiimpeJ(l A 'inip'"tihe water, rescued tho 'cti'lfd', 'fincfoarrtod him, "quite safe, but •ery'ttjc't;" to'tncljocal photographer's, 'obviviirtii^ t.h'aX.the do«d might be com- 1 mbinosaited''b''y' ! ,.irt, , Kpbpdy saw the : f bcgjj)riing' J 9;f this' tragedy except my- >diw i ;:* /ir /f . :'.:" : ,. ^.. jOMcaT. : ' 1 ^yhin > '.b 1 rought home, deliber- atjCjj.i Tajil^efl'out;.' "Humamo Society"' •jvith.' hli-f Vkifort the floor, but, much as ''' 'intelligence,- 1 could The storm Saturday night proves to have been more xllsastrous than was first thought and the Value of the timber destroyed 'over the country will run into the thousands. Just over the line in Fulton county the damage'was great. For a stretch of two miles the limber was badly injured. On llij acres of timber laud; on a. farm belonging to the Williamson Wright estate over 300 trees were blown down, 19S of them the finest in 'the tract. Workman'! Terrible Death' Cleveland, 0., Aug. 25.—A special to the press from Ashtabilla, 0., says: Nicholas Jenkins, in the employ ot th« Brown Hoisting company, of Cleveland, end nt work on 'the. new Brown. ore hoists here, fell -from a ladder 40 feet to the dock below Monday .••morning and was instantly killed. Jenkins fell over backwards, striking on his head, which was crushed to B jelly. He was about 45 years of age and came-here two weeks ngo-from Mobile, Ala, Pfeilifncr and children went to Logans port today to visit her ' sister,' Mrs Peter Brockman. Mrs. X. AV. Cady and children, have returned from Winono. Park assembij at AVarsaw, after, spending severa- weeks at that resort, .- .... ,-. Grace and May Eborle and -Miss Maud Conn of Peru were among those who took Jn the Wallace circus pei-i formtiuco in this clf.y Monday. .' ' • John Guard has returned rronr'a toih through Colorado. He was ' 'accompanied on the trip by his brother, the Kcv. AV. J,. Guard of Mt. Auburn, ' Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Johnson are bete from Seymour, 'lad., for a v.lslt with Mr. Johnson's parents, Mr. and. Mrs. AV. D. Johnson of East High street. , James > 7 oxon, traveling for a St. Louis woodenware factory, has been here for several daj-s.'and leaves this 1 morning for Kewanna, on his waytrf Chicago,, .;'_-.. '' •; -Miss Daisy Fisher enterta.i'ried h'cr cousin; D. R. Gent-hart, while the AA'al-' lace'cii'cus was in the,city. Mj'. Gear-! hart is one of the managers of. the en-, terprise. • /..'.'/['•"." Miss Mary Close of Monroe, Mich. 1 , and Mrs. Ely and Mrs, Boduy of'Chi; cago have returned 'to their houies : rff- t<?r being here to attend'tfofe funeral of Will Close, ' . • ••-. '•'"•.•V"-:f f . Edward Taber'is .the guest .of ii'is' father and mother,'Mr; and MVs. PttuV •uioit', in J coifimdri. honesty, give him a. tei^SioAiif. "''This preyed on his mlmd;' ' preyed ff a'party to'tlie top of ^aid deliberately leaped jbe'lng^dashQd to pieces. ' eminent divine whose i but unsuccessfully, rcvfcw iu 1 an unfaSor- ' was to bring the book,,! ly^t'ntnijr feet, and return wit] ,tiii cnijving'&nife' in his mo-uth. •'•• .''"O r,-^ •'.•' ."Vi f '. f " -•....• • JNlAiTURAL -BEAR TRAP. On« .jPlice in the rellowitono Park Where ''"'"Naiurn Sndocfttei Wild Anlnutln. ' v *'!P:'ffl Jvnowlton tells in • .Becreoitlou 'atoilt'ii uBfural bear trap in the north .east«Wipprtion ; ,of ; tlie Yellowstone K a tldnal- park'j' on .a. small stream called .G.ftchA^rie^/.aTjout 'ten miles, abovo its junction with the 1 "Lamas river. Knowl- tpn ; and- d friend weire goingup through i';gulch Cnciio- 1 creek ha'd niade, when near the bead of it> about 50 f ect distar.t, they'^aw a huge grizzly bear curled up ua" i'f '^asleep.: Considering ib to bo im- pdlite'J ^o awnlcen. .it, and aothing • to o'ffer.'.'.liiit prospectors' picks, thry climb&dlup the side of OIG gulch, utonee, guietly.and expeditiouslj'. . . Outjpf f'eftch of the bear, tliey stopped and./ired rocks anti-anathemas atit, but dsjhe.b'car-con-tinuetl in the same posi- fjon''th^y- finally made-up tieir minds that'it vvas.ideiid. It was dead and had beeii-dcad.about-fiveljours. There was ijo.wipuijd aniits body, but a little bk-od. Vad^arippecl f r.ora tie,, nostrils.; Th<y ;heh'''liepame."<»niscious of ..a sense .of suflbcatjon'Wom 1 strong 'sulphur fumes - '^' springs thcrea- 3Q.utsiii XSe'-bear 'harl wandcired in. perhaps, by the. BkeTe- our other bears, an elk, squir- r£ls, .,r#cik-<hiKreB ! '-ai]d ; -butterflies and ther. ins ect4,' i niid hiul been asphyxiated • iv tl the ni ixio|UB gases. -.. . mad * a 8ort of i a, \vhicii^tl)q,gas. settled. This i very 'd.cep^ ivinan's head being, "tRe surface, of it, .since the the gns to flow down .e'cre'ck. in a softo'f a ir on the .wnter creek. or other hard substance in all thn.tsaudy region \vhic)i would have caused the ( sound. Approaching stealthily, 1 discovered twoeinms-y gopher coinbatanls, i engaged in a strange wrestling match near the entrance of n burrow. The hole was evidently the home of the largest turtle, as the entrance of their burrows are always barely of the dimensions necessary to ^dmit the proprietor, varying from six inches to a. foot in width. That the small gopher, which was about, one-fourth Uie size of his full-grov.-n antagonist, v.-as a trespasser, and that the latter w;is trying to drive him off, was seen, at n glance. The contest was verj' spirited, considering the build of the fighters. Facing each other, they would butt wi'.b the shovel-like projection upon the front of the plastron or lower shell, which Ordin.T.-ily aids them in burrowing-, using this in concert with their powerful blunt claws. In moments of great exertion thoy rose together like two locomoti ves colliding "head on" and the smaller gopher was generally tumbled over on his back. The big one would continue to butt .him while 1 he struggled with one forefoot to push himself towards some bush that would help him to turn over again. The neck of the gopher is too short to turn him over by means of his head when be is upset, and if left on a. smooth place where he cannot push his back tip against some brace he wjJJ remain inverted and die 5n a few hours. The other flipper of the fallen gladiator meantime trembled piteously in tie air, and the larger gopher bit at it viciously. It'Was not long before the smaller tortoise regained his equilibrium, aided often by the assaults of his opponent. Then, after sulking for a moment, he would cnter^iuto the fray again with a rush that would force his heavier opponent backwards through tie grass and bushes -for nearly a yard. The incessant thuds and tiie rustling of the herbage, made an unwonted commoticn n the uoiisHul quiet of such surround- ngs. This seemingly tireless contention continued in my presence f*r over half ah hour. The gophers, in their absorption, took no notice of me as I stood mo- ionless about ten'feet from them. The sun wns high and hot, and other gophers iiifl no doubt gone underground for the day. At last (.he large tortoise succeeded n rushing his enemy several yartfs iway from, the burrow. The latt™r hen turned and ron, the big fellow pur- ulng and showering blows mercilessly upon his rea-r. This ignominy was too much for the spirit of the invader, and he" made a fresh stand for several minutes. This occurred several times :n thi? course of his retreat, but at last he scuttled away at comical speed, with the enemy still pursuing. The latter was not contented until the intruder hod taken himself about 35 yards fro-m he burrow. Having seen him so far, '.lie victor turned about, and, with a. good round gait, made for his hole and went into it. I then turned my attention to the retreating 1 gopher, and discovered him again "by his rustling progress through the herbage. In his haste he tried to climb_over a log, which in calmer mood !ie would have certainly traveled around. He fell over on hisbackand lostteiimin- utes trying to turn overngnin. He lien went around the tree. Before he reached-his hole, some 30 yards furthf.r, lie'stoppcd e^cr and :.'non to cut off some uicculeht shcot, which slipped into his month easily, cut end first. His break- fnst that' 'morning must have been scanty, but he was anxious to reach home.—:'. Y. Post. A blgb standard'of exceliwuw. Man> 'laert of the "Munson" consider It THE BEST. you will (imJ ir a valuable ;i.s.«lsfctiit In )ourof- tlce. Address for partioalars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER C«> MASUFACTUKEIIS. 340-244 West Laltc St., Chicnpo, 111. ireatest Discovery or the 19tfe Century. Dr. NEW HKKEPr Medicated Air for the Cure of Catarrh, Aithuw and all Pulmonary Disease*, It bo* no equal tOK Sick and Nervous Hetd- Rcbe, 1,000.000 people die annually from the above named dlseasei. woj mifler nnij dlo, when Medicatfld Alr.fi «uMAnte«l to care roo. <edlc»t«il Alrnnd Druf; Co., Blcbmond, Ind., U. S. i. < i ti the beat remedy on earth for I*. ppe. It will give Immediate reltof •4 will effect a core where all other —•dies fall. ««ld by B. F. Keesllng. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGASSPOKT. JND. 3flPITflL - S2OO.OOO J, F. JohDBon, President, i B. W. Ullery. Vlc« President H. J. Heltbdnk, Oanler. DIBECTORB. ». T. Johnson. B. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. Bolder. Buy and •»'! Government txmde. Ixwa money »n personal security and colfeter- •JB. Issue Epeclal certificates of depo«lU bearfnr t per cent. Interest when left on* rear; I per cent, per annum when depec- Ited ill montbB. Bole* In Safety Deposit Vault! of tMt bank for the deposit of deed*, liwurano* policies, mortgage* and »ther raliuablM, ranted at from f5 to J15 r»r year. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers fcEmbalmers. 610 BROADWAY. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-- UNDERTAKE!? .* N*. 417 Market Street. Call* attended to promptly, di? «r night. • Central Union and Mutual telephone*. Office, No. 1C; Residence, No. 12L AGENTS WAN'i>Ea LADIES or Genta—Everywhere to Introduce oor fant selling Roods, needed by nil, "One agent ninde f9i.5<l in one nefk." You cnnolo the same jl.OOO yearly earned, and pernwneDt position. >or imrllcuUrs, address wtltistamp, Swiss Herfr Tea Co., L ADIES ot Gents, lo caiwahs with » cooil selling article. Money In It to hustlers. Call at toe Boston store between 9 and H a. m. and 3 w 5 p. m. aiore plo for the Money. A French journal tells a. story of a ody who with a maid went to purchase a still-life picture for her dining-room. She selected a canvas on which were >ainte<l <i buncji of flowers, a pie cut n two and n half-penny roll, and was paying 500 francs for it when the maid pprooched to whisper in her ear. "Madame," said the servant, "you arc maJdng a bad bargain. I «iw a picture cry much like this sold the other dny or 400 francs." « . "And was it as good as this?" "Yes, inixlnine. It was better: tfiere •a» a good deal more pie in it." Wealth In street ftwefplnipi. • If the country is to food the city,'the latter must in return give something to the soil. The sfreet-sweepings/of our cities are dumped iiitoadjoiuiiig.watere, to be washer! back, £11 up channel*, pollute the shores and generate disease. The vacant lot farmers around Xcw York have so demonstrated the fertilizing worth of street sweepings as to arouse economists to a sense of .the vast waait« invoked in carting away in barges what might be made actually valuable on the land at far less cost, ft is singular economy, indeed, to carrjr stree'tsweeptngs 15 miles seaward, when.' it would cost less to send them * feir miles inward by rail and thus turn back untold wealth to the Boil.—Boston Globe. St. Paul'* Dame. The dome of St. Paul's, London, hi ibout as jnany feet high a« there ace lays in the year. l\

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