Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 2, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1927
Page 6
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IRON MAN IN TWOBAHLES Aftei^ knoijking Out $ar- poia in First, He Re^ turnifoiT Draw With Kankas Kid Easter. uniof^ College Cag^ Stage, FORT SCOTT J. €. TO SEJCOND PLACE 1 KlilllTj IlKSri -TS. .loliiiiiy WsjuriMT wvn jBoners. In seventh round! t^hnfcal knuckoat. kaiisH! Kid; Kaster \ s. Yoiinp Slu -rntHt i, six rotind draw. Karl Knuiil sluided Bud An- dcrsiiu, jix ijounds. YounKJ .Slwruood Jinocliod i out Yotini;- i'ir>t rouiid. Koit Scott. Mar. 2. (Special)—i Fort Scott higli .slliool artvauceii j Irito sccoiiil i)lace lii Kaiiaas Juii- j ior College loufereuce' standiiigs ! here' last, night \ty defoating I'arr j .KOii .s junior roIlKge 41 to IH. I'ar- ! son.s goes down to tliirU place, in the standings. | , ARK Cllt NOW DEPENDING ON VICTORY HERE Wichita Finishes in Place in Kansas bcond bnference SrhtMiI WIn.s Final IJa.skftF'::!! Game of Seison From Souih- wcslurn l> Ni},'ht '.',7 to 2S—Washbiirjn Breaks Baker Winning; Streak and C. of E.iWins. Defeat By lola Squad May; S3 ^ BIGWELCOME • Send Visiting Sqfiad Home VVUhoHt i Conference ! Title! junior WJVhiia. M:irch "2.—Special—Wichita Miinicii)al Uiii-- ver.'^ity liiiislnnl the Kaii.<:is conference biisketball race in !a.**l nijrlit by defeating Soutfiwestern , from Wintield 'M to 28 in a lii^t jjaDie. Ad, Pittsburg played j , I one more jranie than Wichita ahd has the sajme number of de- • '-feats, Wichita's victory last night did nothing more than save the team from droi)i)ing back to thiijd place. , It was i Wichita's Hna! game. col-' \\'aslil)iirn \ion invr I'.ak.rr '".< lo HIGH TRIMS I CHANUTEFIVE rv!iu.,l!l ilo'a Rallies in Final Quar- i.oiitt,e ^^^^^ g^^^ ^.^j at Nearly All Times| - . —Second Team Loses, i Arkansas: City lege Ijasketeers, invade loia tonigi^t for a Kan- j j;;,;;;;; ,:;s in :i (li^t ]>iiU\<' ill Toi)cU :i. It :;;cheduled toivwis tin- tlii;il <|vf .-al for T llarpold in the Vrniti the opening gong! iin- til (Jeoj-go Cox waved . Floyd' -Bowers t his corner in;the: ;»seventlij njiund of the main go,' fight fmij atj the American; Legion boxiiig .show at nrorial iliittl I^st jnight, saw a fight yard which is ' i i from a victor equalletjl. lor j^ction, i (Kmporla with .Ijilinn.j WfiKntT.. Kort Siolt ntid-j chanipion.sliip illcwcigltt. ii.striliuleil . irieiitj- oj" ptinisliuii'iit to Kioyd Uowers; oE Kansa.s i 'Jy in tlic^niain iifter ,scv«'ii rounds, during, w Uowcr.-; Iiud or morel ti' iVoy appareutly ; wa» than an.vthiiig ' ; • jspent the first roHii^d Half Holiday Is Called While State Champs Are, Welt'onied Home From 7 Emporia. _... .. -n lirohi' inlii .sas Junior Colleg^! confei'encelninK .sin.;ik iiiat was haii fray, will'win thjj champioii- '"" f"^' "• ship of the confei-ence unless' a » 111- I •il la .st ; ley are defeiitetl in leir four remaiiiing two of confeV- efice games. SIcrlillK rolli'Kc j|vli-a!('d lliflicl ::i til i;i JaM iiiulH.. wliilo si. li-m'- ilicls will -\ In in a fa.-il ;;:iiii(' •wi:li OMjiwa Colli of Kiiijioi i ;i dcfi'iitid Krit'iids fiom Wirliila 10 L'.'l ai Kiiipoiia. KANSAS NEAR SIXTIJ VALLEY BASKET TITLE PRINCETON TAKES TO ROLLER SKATES I'rinnilo:!. .V. .1.. .Manli 2. liollcr .•ikaf'.s may taki- tin- placo of aujomobiic.^. Ijanncd liy tin- tnist<H!s. a.'; a i;ifiins of transportation |or I'lilni.'tiiii niiiU-rgiadu- aU'.s. . Several iipfn-r' classuii'ii wen- seen near tin-, iippvr clas-s cUili.> .•;nd on i;aiiiiius walks. - .-.kating hiitliely along today. PyVFIETEEN TOMORROWIS BIG REGISTER I Prospects Are Bright For I Winning Baseball Nine . At Baldwin School During Coming. Season. CIilinut<* junior high jha.sket-to.s.s- crs went down lo iil^eat Iicfoic lola punior high ln-re yesterday^ i;> j l(» It in One of Iho fa.s'test junior ' high ^school* games of tin; year, j loin started the scoringcarly ! AnnounfillLr; of lli.> game, hut Chanute rallied and ,-'^•"'"""^111^01 lola finished the (juarter with a j I'iltsburg. jJxan.. >la.Th 2. Sp.-. j..,,,,. ,|,.f,.,„i.,| . cial Till- CO lige hand and a large; . Me- i crowd of slndenls :at I'llt.l.nrg: ">• "uinl •Klule Teachers College were at the-, Iha.^ Paisons plays oij I station ye.Hienlay to widconie Ihe | Hia^ Korl !r>coM wouli seldom j ' *' ' "' T|tii>- was assured lajsi night when the Parsons •I. The fact gaiae team, which returned over the College of the state conference si-cur»'ly held. .\ demonstration! in tlu; business section of.the ci(y and an all-college were other events in IV declared in honor jiai'tv at nighl houl.lbnt i ],oiid -.Vikj Ciij and I'arson: I'arsoiis had won i gaiiits and .\rkaiisas one. This lac! creates ; in toni.uhl s fray a.-; inHsl win 'loniglil's lich kissed the uauids 'five the Kansas City wliided lies. morn The two feeling eaclil other out. ' er having a that it was looked good of the team. Tli, moK- have liroii;;llt iiilo a tie. if .s reniaiiiin;: City had lost IVic-lory in i Or One (Jive Team Another Missouri Valley Cage Flag. I dded iiiti.M-es: lola virtually (iaiili- to give 'other teams a fair lipiiortiinlty of Gorilla, baskeliiers are now ' copping-fhe .title, state IchaiMpions for the Jhird sue- Two of .Arkansas Ciiy's reiiiaiiiing• cessi\'e .year, but Thi.s is the first games are .with lolaj and tlie'.fa<! year the- honors have been undis-., that one', of ihe reiiiaining games pitted. Ill V.>2a Wa.sburnli, by add-' for .\rkaiisas City is iviih tin- weak A. SjHH -l l-'yii 1* hack llie Iteuister j|'.:aiii. 'Ihi>. Ilnie hi- ttrllo lo ell ihc i;<::i^l< r •^liorts edilcr llial arc a "big' jjotr." iiri >-onii'lhiiiu ( I NC. ViijHii}, liere's ^\hat he ha^ to l.)iar Sir: I wrote iug a belated game to its short with .nelt^-i ,«chedule. .shared the new.^^paper decision on the championship. In 1926 the Gorillas and Ichabods again tied irt the jconference, but at defeated their decided edge, but aft^r all \Vag(ier- Bo«fer.s „ , eaily i^-the secoid round, but Wagucr stiirtejd haudiig out punishmentj! to fioUers . Mlt city the'Gorillas that was toi luucli fot" uijy'inan'. I rit'als souiidly. Seeminglyi unable to ijndtrsiand i This seaspn I'ittsburg I has wtiii Wagner's miillioil of fighting. Bow-I twelve conference games and lust ers- stayed iii with the Fort Scott i one.~ .\1I 6tlier conference teams, slugger, giving .IpUnny plenty! of j with the exception of Wichita I'ni- versity. have lost at least two Indeiiendence qiiinlej. inakcs ,;l seem lu-obable tliat Arkansas C^^^• willwin the title unless lola wins tonight's gain". -Vrkansas City shoiild defeilt In- s <{'me inio'inialion d. parliiieiii in resard lo main lioiili lo bj' Il night. Iiisteudj of 1 received some raiislii l"ir I lie the n.-itiimal toiirnaniefit. in Kansas ; dependence at Indeiietidence tomorrow night, anil may defeat C(iffi'y- villc. However, a s'tiff sirViggle with- lola tiuiight. might cost .\lkan- s:is Ci'y a chamiiionsl)iii. • Now Kd.. if till- (iiiestion. \ it on lo somi sicad ,of slidii:)!: over it w^se cr.icks'.' opportunity to unleash powerful I body blows. - ' i In the fitlth. Wagner dropped IJowcrs twice, tlie gong saving him • on the .secoiKl knockdown. In I the ' sixth! WagnL'r repeated with a Jike ;.number | knockdowns. In Ithe } seventh, after coming up at jtlie coiint of iiiile. Uefcree <"ieorge Cox i waved B iw <'r .s to his corner iaiid I gave the fight [ to Wagner. H'pw- ij erg. ani; reiilly I trained dowti Uoo I innili. laikeil the strength to l^eep ' going tlu scheduled teii round|<. In the lieiiii -wlndup. Young Sherwood, of Icila. pulling his seisobd fight in all (roii man stunt, stepplcd sik -round For I hat Stockebrand Ira. .Mann, guards. K'iin- till.' evening's ; i)ropi|!lm, dr^jppef' ICa ker draw with of Chanute. a fast sas 'Kid H IT: in Young Sliej-wojid dropped Vo'iijng- Harpold of jFprt Scpjt in the tif-si of a schedtilijd |slx-rbund go. | Karl KnorK. the fighting luiavy from the South western Bell Xele- plioiie officf'. sliiided Bud Aiijler- ' Hon. the oiie-irlp plumber, iti, a : Hix-roiiiid pieliiiiin.iry. "Both iiieii I jntt all lli'-.v; hail :into il and lised j uii inosi Iff llieir .-^teHm ill the flrnt round. i i; • , i To opefi hiickl games. Wichita, the only conference' team that lias taken .i game from Pittsburg, has only twelve games on its .schedule. The Gorillas have not this year iiiatcheil tlieir's and Waslibiirirs ' record of last winter in defeating t vvery ' conference live - on their kchednli'. In fact, at no. date Iw- fore M<inday night wlis Pittsburg's j suprem'acy .assiued. Several ' ties were dangerously close, and at one <ir two crises the Gorillas were seriously tlire{itencd by:a slump But the*' wero' always able, with the e;xceptioii of the one game at Wichfui. 'to rise to the occasion. Three niembeis of the l!i27 championship team M off man. Shaw and .Meisenheiiiier liavi- now hi'lped for three, years to bring the slate title to Pittsburg .\ lojirth Andei'jion—played with ihej i;)26 winners. The other i egular.s rtliis year have ireeii Hreithi upl. GofoithI" Iwo-yiar and Scott, while Wi odfonl andi>*;-'i' H 'K T Benson have been the chief .M'COIII I | with string men lield ready for-cmeigen- cies. Iiop- aiid ilav idi:l« witlioiil I get nasiin;! Coiicli atid his l ^iiiiad is iiig for a i large iiaiiil of mollis lo-T ini....;|i(,ii; slid Jiiglil to spur the te;i,iii on liiward' noi :i.^i< iij: ^•'ctory. iiiii'iilion of k The iirohable starting lineup for • sliow. as yon lola follows: Cidff aijil Flunk, tor-i^liiin was aski-il wards: l!iir;;ei-. celileii: .Melton and ; with the idi,'a "^1 i.ingli!; by looking at the cartoons l,;iwi -eiii e. Ktuis.. jMar. 2. (Spe- ri :il) •'rill' liiiyi-rsity of Kansas is li ;irl; at ilie liiiad of II H- .Missouri : V.tJIi-y (i.iifireiij 1' li:iskr!bal! slailil- iiig-. at tile liisjiiiniiig of Ilii- final W'1 k of seaMiii. :i spot long I'a- • miliar to Kaiis:is tiams which iiave won .tlif V.illey title tile past fiv.- s'-asoiis. Till' .layliawkers m ed win only i oii<- of ihi' twii reiiiajiiiiig i oiifer- Id next 'I'liisilay ' tin e games tojiinch a sixth con-; the iiiformalioii. stciitive cii.uiiirionship. Kv'ii if iioiii games are! lost a tie for leadership is assurl-d. .Missouri Kansasiiii tlieiK. I", court ti and tlie Kansas .Aggies coitie' to l.awreiHi; for their final coiifer- eiiiv Kani" of the scasiiit Friday. I 'l.u'liir ill th"- yi-:ir Kaiis:i,s di-feal- I'll Mi.-soiiri III -2:'. and tli'l- Aggies liv iKe rlo.;e score of :!.")-:! 1. .\.Shindy of .layliawker baskel-j liall results fori till- past six years' i; lo .', lead! _ The score was tied at ten-all (at the half. Again the score wasUicd at 14 at the close of the thirjl tiuarter. but an lola rally , in the last rjuartcr brought a vic- Game Tonijfhti "'o I "" 'J i' i^kinner. Iol;i' guard, who .went "naay nill Ij,,,, of the game in the half. ] because of injuries, relurne'il and : iossi'd ;a free-throw which started the fireworks in tlie final qiiarter. i .In a preliminary, lh)> tola junior high socond.s -Were defeated by the ('haiiiite secondi; 7 lo <i. lola failed lo score in the; last half. The :box scoro: Battle Jack Sharkey and Mike McTijfue Starts at 8;30. of Tomorrow nitjlit at ,S:::ii o'< loi'k llie .Uegislir will sljirl aiiinTiiiicioK preliiiiinari^s leading up to Ihe .Sharkey-.McTigiii-heavyweight elini-" I'clcrsoii.' Lyndon, are illation battle. The iiig battle is as pllclii'rs. ' Baldwin. Kans.. .Mar. 2. (AP) — Prospects begin to appear liright for a good baseball team at Baker Cniversity; this spring under tht) direction .of Coach Kmil Listoii. For several weeks Listoii has been working out six pitchers and I wo catchers who arc biddihg .for placed.- Among tile pitchers aro two spit ball artists. Kobort 'Alt- TJt' derson of Twin Falls, Idaho, and KlmerDeniiiig of Kdgerton. . (lit ion. Herbert Uoniig. Inde'pciid- eii'-e; Orvil Bradford, Atchison Aliire Fulton, .MHverii, and Kllon . trying out Ci'iiim lit. oa loiildnt ^iiiswir by didn't )oii pass iiie lliat ((nr.ii. in- neels inight with soiiii' pb'nlv iif _ Clmniilo (1.1) .Moore, f. Haines, f. Wilson, c. _ J Winslow. g. Light, g. Totals - lola (l!l) Baker, f. .Werett. f. _ Sharp, f. Hair. e. . Thoniiison. Skinner, g. Uriggs, g. g. .. iCl Totals FC. I - 1 1 . 0 FC. -1 _-l _.0 1.0 . s FT. 0 : 0 II II FT. I • 0 1 II i> i 1 p is -'^ i scheduled to Stan al o'clo.k lola i Thi'-me. veteran Baker ' c ;itiiuT. IS working out the pitchers. ' • Baker lia.s a total of fifteen games this Iseason with the following schools: Southwestern, Saint Benedicts. St. .Marys aud Rockhurst. Kansas City. Mo. Five letti'r.-men' will be used as .•I iMieclii.'-; by Coach Liston around, which to bnild his team. :They Uaymond Lidika.v, Wellsvillc: Fiilton. Melvern: Truihan Bricgs. Scranton. Carl TKieme. ('.off, and .John Goetz. Kansas Cityl i Mo. ttfiie. ; ' ~ . ; , .Till' Ke ;:'lsli r is aittiiiliatin:; ;i^ laige galliciiim of!t fans from the dislriit: and is prejiariii.:; lo-r them. .Jack: Griff; II willdo Ihe aii- nonnciii',:;. There' will lie no ring- | side seals ri.-serv<M|. so fiinse de .sir- iii.g :i good position for ih" fi^^lit are advis(;il lo come ('.irl.v. Chiirlos C.i Peterson . the .veteran [billiard pi has officiated at ionsliip matches. if .V.'w iver r< I are Vork. : ,\bbie •feree, about' 27."i champ- Babe Ruth Gets $70,000 d Oil New Contract I relative to I iU''t liefoii iir columti KVi;itV having a • si-iioiis o,v .-r in that way. I • iiiiestion Willi Ihe locking til"- l.tgioii ii|timated. Tin- <|in >sin all seriousness si 'lllilii; a dispule lie' t\^o lio.>:ers li.iving Year (API Ma lie V'f iiase.liall. Ihe ; show;. Koss 'JAr- jtw^t sinall .sons, stepped three fast <>iie-niiiuite roiindsi In a nianni 111 from lanche of and lialv to call tl a Wraw. (Jeorgi dellghler deavors alllh al from ^vliich brought appi-ov- [tliif audience in an ava- iiickbis. dimes, qutirfers It would be cri^iiital 1| ' out an.vihing less .Mulberry tJian ri-ffek-e^. it he fans with hi r en- , li keepjt^je fighters giiing.i night in a battle tfrnej and wrought aiiprttt'- j championship' of thej fans' witli' a r'ma'k ' conference, to the effcc^ thai Young Sherwood \ \\. wbulil be the pride of lola jfl care- ' ': fully'.tniiiieii for Ihe next yeiar. \ More tliaii "."i<) fans turned out.) for the. carjil. and it is pribable that the Lej^ioiv bas a small profit to show for ithe evening's pe form- ance. The'fight card way one worth twice! the admission charge. New Vork. -Mar. : Kiilli. h:>me run kin toi'ay ciilil'- to all agrt^eiiieiil with the .Vew Vork Vaiiki'cs iindi which he will receive yiar (•oniract al an annual' salar} j of ?7<).(mO. i I fompromising on hi;, deniand for! coiiiracl ill .«l!io ,iiiMi a ; an hour'sj conference' Colonel .lai'ob Itiipperl. own-i er of Ihe club, and Business .Manager Ivl P.ariow, Uutli ctiliTged! sniiliiiK and iiiiiioiinciMl he was satisfied. . i : JOl LIN QU'lNlETl $2tn .(Mi(l tor the next tiiree .sea.soiis janil will make him. iiccordiiig to Fort Scott. Mar. 2. (S|)ecla!)— I Y :;iik "e' officials. Ihe jhiKhest p.iid Fort Scoll high school'|defeated I Player in ihe game: jlieports of a .loplin. .Moi. high .school ?!2 to 2J j $7 *i .(MiO a .'^ear salary |Tor Ty. CTiblV.- in a fast |game; here laM night, who recently joined .lopliii recei\,tly • was defk-^ted h.v w'-re desrribed as ex ' Th" contract, which niall.v signed toraoi to decid;' ' the ; Yalikfe. I'liiffi.dder aii the Bf^ Seven S.l.S.d'Mi vejirly over tlie FT. SCOTT TRIMS The I 'ad Unit, they ha»e met lipi'ore anil that the I MJII I ended ill Hagnei's iia \or has nmli. nitly escnped' }oii. yiui , being s |M )rf editor, .von are not siip- liosed .to hiiiiu anythinguthoul h .-ipprnhigs more tliaii 211 miles iiMiiy from your onn oi'ilce. The I 'ln ^t that I ilidn'l simi in.> • iiaiiie ((• the letter w ,\s e .\ciise enonuli for yon l <i keep, II out of Ihe liaiier nlienj.iiMi coiildii*! nnsner: the )|ues |iiin, but the clitiiiee to put oier some of jiMir iiiiiuj stiifi'i «iiiiie I 'IrsI n 'lth .voii. I iini 'not uriling this Mith the Idea of slaHiiig nn jirginiieMt M III I {on. I feel that I Moiilij I M > a poor secontl III II bran I nllli a .Sporting Kdltor., shows only seven conference g .iiiHs lost out iif !i2 played, (inly ou<- of 111! ^amc." lost was |)l:iyed a fiMi'-Kii liiiirt: Kansas 'has seor'cl 2.7^7 piiiiits ai::-insl 1.7 !tS •U\ Ii.r o|ipoUi ijis a iii;irgiii of iic-irly a ilioiisiim! points on liii- i V inrtiii.g side. • j es to pull any! iiinn.r stuff. If ~ the uriter li;is any questions . SANDWICH INN TO PLAY ATELSMORE! in the future. lo answer them. I have nc.-ivi'd wanti'd I 'lsrwtii le. for voiir idi-a of tin spoil (|ii''.slions. I A. the inforiiialion Tliaiikiiii; .\oii ' w;ty to ;inswrr am. FA.VACAI.V. the Pittsburg high school kiuintet. which (invades Fort SiotJ Friday the .Mhleti.s. iggorated. will be for- w. gives the iiureasH- cf three year ;coi!lracl which expireu last season. .Inst as thy writer |of liiis lo!- iiiiiii was fiiiisliing I lie riadiiii; of this letter, .lolinny Wagner i iiiie • ill llii- offici'. aiiiT v li.iiidi'd ii lo ;h:iii.. ••Someliody'.< iii!sl;iki<ii." le 'marked .lohniiy. "I haven't cvi-it >i-eii ;his guy. b'l alone f'«|il hiin. ;Thi' fan \<. I don't evinknow his Irei-ord. ,-.Maybe he'll hand me a •trimming." PARSONS BOXINCl SHQWTHUR^AY -. Parsons. .AJar. :i (Special —lien- \ ver Kid o: PiltsrniTg. banlatjiweight ; .•champion o ^j the middlewest. ami, j Tommy .Man^m of Kansas City will i ;inix for I 'ii ;ji-ouiids as the featnri^ , ^attraction of:!this Parsons .\merlcan ' j'l-egioii J 'iielit here Tliursday night.; j Archie l,'i\tters<in of Weir and Hat- ' ^tllng- rirowli of'Kansas City. light-i DdsVroys-Cotifidencd TS H a-nrlse move to cotrimercaal- /ize the fame of soTne' higlilV toiited recruit? ' For years it has been cu.^tomary for major league clubs to take ^d- ^as 'wldoTy aarertlse 'd and'Idrew a packed house.' \ Carroll pitched a mighty good ball game. I happened to be the umpire and know whereof I speak. As ainatter pt fact, he perforihed better than his coUealgues. Several of the veterans,]anxious to have the youngster get away to a good start, played, poorjly. ! weigh Is. ; frounds. hi the of Sc:imml i j Kansas ( Irade glovies Cox of liiiillili' matches, j. .Ci show al Hull handle ol)e a flllsht re jmatched to step eiuht ^reljimiuar.v. Ti.inyny Smirl 111 and Fernandez of ilvi; baiitaniweighls. will or .iix rounds, t! 'orgi- rry will referee- the xrrefcrtH'd .1 boxing j last )iight and will \ Springfield. Mo., to-, 30XINC r SAYS Ready to Star Now IpABROLL was remived lato frt ' .the game for a pinch hitter. Detroit »as beaten b^ a fairly close score. With good support The .\meri: U'oinjnlUe Itl'glsl.M- • tliiink ili|oKei jji ^sKlHllng . In niiikliig i the 1 ,1-gliijii fjgjlt u hnciesH. becaiii^c ' of Ihe faiii lljiirihl' e worn' so inaiiv ! I who - .LSHl i oKer that I prubaii'v i thaiik eai \ The bo 'exieiid iis| listed in .and those Waler It fight fans lier wliirh ^•i :il succi COl^IMITTEE •™ANK YOir ,ran ', Legion bo .\lnK ft.'iilteHled thai Ihe ' hr<iiiKh Us sport coliimii!< ' In vantage of. the publicity given some promising recruit by starling him on some day when, as an added attraction, be. is certain to swell the gate. , It is all well and good if'the youngster gets away to a good start. On the othen hand a dismal, failure In his debia may lend to: destroy much of liis confidence i i and, for a time, s( rlously handi- Carroll might have woo. cap hl8 chances to n ake the grade. > Perhap.^ a week plater he was Recently several major league j aw " «"«««^''ff™''•'^o'"''^ I club8 .hftve capitalized on the fame 1 St. Lou In at OotroltJ Itiwas a Sun- of some rookl^ stai-. .pitchers pur-i''ay "owd of perhaps S5,000 ;h.jt tlcularly. and'IneAch case therftl*'"" Re« Carrol make hi' has been a reaction' thati has serl-, Detroit, ously retarded the progrm of the; , I" Kafn*' whlcljl I mso um- rnokie. I pired, Carroll was wild'and was ' , « • * hit railiei- hard. I have noways r.-i -oii i ^uA. p»..i/%f*»/. thought that Carroll i|iirvlvod his Carroll Ov«r.,Expiolt«a j j^„„, T, „„^ nnilKRB comes hj»ik to the, neve the nccond rcverif at Detroit . majors thlsT««r « sirlkInK OX'! hurt MH pudiing Ifmoorarlly. ample of over-explollBtlon In' *" Owen Carroll. Last night nfler the figlil, while ill his dressing, rooiii, Flovil Uo^ierv reniarkod: !"Tli«f guy Waeiier '^i snre a loiigli hlrd. iMit i ibrllete I eoiild lnne'nhi|iped hiiiu if I had stayed atiay from iiiiu. During liie ila.<;t two of tlie • W.-igneV-Bowi-rs nialili lasi j night, , BoweiU althoiigJi (ilayed ; out, discovered that by . siayinc .away Wagni.-r couldn't' punislr liim about the body. It wa- noticeable That he was not getting ' the same amount of punishment ! during these two roiliids. If tliev ] had fought before. Bowers would have iised different tactii'.s. ] lint returning to the letter, tlip sports editor of the Keu- Istrr Is t>hid ul any time to iinsner queslions If he can. and to ad'mir he eaii't If they're loo deop for hint. Incidental' Ij, he's not looking for cimnc.- . the saason ^^ln. Somoto keep leil in piltUlg the Ititbt llie couipiltlee nu'inbcrs will jiiot get a ilfcillce to Il lin • piM'sonally. iiill: conimlttee wishes to | lhlii|iks to those who as '.lie wh jthrinij. the program i pushed the tiiKei I ilscj 'Uisheji'to ihaiik ih "l,! fori tiirniiig out in a man During the rest of Carroll just couldn't Fans will readily rlicall Carroll; thing nlWa.vs happen^ as the alar of Holyi (7rosH. the him In the lost <iolun n. By th*' pitcher Kho for a period pf four; Mnie the season was o' er. he hlm- yeors was the sensation of eastern ' self had his doubts about his rollege baseball. ! chai'ii es to m.^kji' good In SO games as a college pitcher^ llowever. a:.vear f>f brilUant he had suffered only^two defeats—! success as a pilnor leaKue pitcher prior lo reporting lo Ihe Detroit {has put Carroll back tfn his feet. mild liie affair a fiiian- : club at the close of the rah-rahi eeason. .\ biff favorite In Boston, he was started against the' Bed Sox.; a few days after reporting. The «ante was playedjou a Saturday^ > quickly restored the old oontidence, }Ia should be a conslstentlwlnner for George Moriarty It doesn't pay to prjess highly- :outed rookies Into BASKET Elsitiore A. C. VS. dfrvlce lo« Pigg's Sandwich Inn FRIDAY NIGHT, MARCH 4, at \ Ersmore. Kan.^s 1 ne nill he glud Kismore. .Mar, 2. (Special 1—-The ,Klsmore .Vthletic club basketball ; ti-itm. holdiiig a record of nine victories and no defeats, will endeavor to add a tenth win to its string Frida.v niglit when the Pigg's 'Sandwich Inn'team from lola in' vades Kismore. It will be tlie s-'coiid g'inie between the two j teams. Kismore barely edged Out in Ihe previous game. \ AFTER THiE SNOW will coiiiL- tlic warm days of Spriiijj. FARMERS !.s yoiir r.iiiii ecinipmeiit in i-c.'itlines.s? nil: DISC SH.Mil'KNI.NG. I'I ,0W WOUK CKNEKAI. FARM REPAIRING F.O. LAWYER'S SHOP 12 .Niirlh W.llliul I'honc 119 Economical Transportation That our shop is now dpen and we are equipped with a complete line ma- to take care of every operation oni 'Chevrolet cars. Our line of genuine Chevrolet parts is comi are and efficient service. Mr. Myr|on Burtnett,lofng experienced along the Hnes of Chevrolet is in charge of our shop. It is our desire to rendc efficient and courteous - \1 r you a service. Try us and be cc^nvinced. llSy/est Jackson Authorized Ghevrblet Dealers Phone 60

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