Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 30, 1949 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1949
Page 7
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it Bte tfedfit^t Jtt*. chaties Sana" the Safttey e^nttg Row fbf.tJroJe twicf &« not the watch ;Wght services.- A tttfich .win be terved by women of thi chtttch. All, women Me asked to orfftfc & p!e to the meeting. •• . f he fVleftflahip General Baptist Chtiwh tottt r h6ia ft watch ftt&ht service At th* thufen Satarday at 7:30 p. m" • ^ Tha"*R<sv« jgteief 'Hetfea, the Rev, L4*tet Williams, the'jReV, partis Bake*, and the pastor, the Rev. C, B, MfafrSjr," wJlf fcpeak d\lr* ing the evening, Special miitoc will be a feature of the services with % lunch to be provided late* >frHhefevenihg. Jtffi. Prultt OPMI* Of Bee EAST AMON; «-'K* Mtfgaret Ffuitt, 232 Church street, plans to open an office in the small building south of the fire department on North Pence, the first -of next week. Mrs. Prultt, who served as village treasurer for 15 years under C. A. vanPreter,- will be available as a tax consultant and notary public and will issue marriage licenses 'and 'auto licenses. Mrs. Prultt has 'had 'the ihteridr of the building completely redecorated. New equipment Has been Added.- This week the » exterior of the building' is i being painted.' "'. EAST • ALTONY — Mr:;, and, Mrs. Elmer Starkey, Rosewood Heights, will celebrate their tw6fltH wedding ;^nn>yersary Sunday/ ^ often hpuse from 2 to ?5 'pi m. ;'\ " R*c^lve Call frorti i Son ;fcASt ALTON* ••;-:: Mr.; and Mrs. E.-E. Stone, 100 Lakeside, received a telephonef call from their son, F. A, Erc'el Van Stohe r from Green Cove Springs, -£la., Mere he is . stationed, ' : "~' : * ' '•"••' •• •'. • ••" : :, *' •'• - - . . Stone told his parents he was expecting .a furlough in February, at which time he expects to be home. Stone has been in service a year. 1 East Alton Notes EAST ALTON, — Mr. and Mrs. John Goble and daughter, Kay, .South Pence, have returned from, a visit with Mrs. 'Coble's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Gammon, and with Coble's mother, Mrs. Melvln doble, at Louisville and with Mr. and Mrs. William Fritchley, Olney, Mrs. Fritchley is a sister to Mrs. Goble. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tolliver, Cardot street, returned Monday from a weekend visit' with Tolll- ve'r's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Tolliver «t^ Louisville. Mr. and" Mrs. 'Earl Ciagg a'nd family, 418-Lincoln avenue, return- ed.Monday evening from Siksetoh, Mo,, where they spent 'the holl- TRI-CITY FOOD STORES TIDE package IVORY SOAP 4 personal size bars IVORY SOAP 2 SJ 24c IVORY FLAKES large . package CAMAY SOAP regular bars SPIC&SPAN Cleaner . . ., Wtfflam ftordoli l-Ampert. * *r 'W^s'.to .Meet '^-'TM ' Wpstreamer i irf'the MfetHMisi churfch'wlll r^8 tt. f m, ( Tlre^ay,- at the fiotnS 61 Mrs. May > McAfee, she wilt be assiste'd w Mis* Pearl SarlWs. Mrs. McAfee will give the; lesson. ' •' • : ' ' , tihtirfch BRIGHTON. — (the Rev. Lyle D. Stone will ipeilk on "Rekindling the Fires" at the Sunday worship service in tie Presbyterian Church. The sacrament of the Lord's Supper wl 1 be observed. Sunday school wil .'. begin at 9i30. Youth Fellowship ^vlll be at 7:30 ONE ball of No. 30 cotton will matte both dollies and edging for a round linen doily! You'll be able to 'budget- many>of these! Such useful chochet! Dollies and edging,you can.use many ways! Pattern 617; crochet directions. , Laura Wheeler's improved pattern makes needlework so simple With its' charts; photos and ; concise directions. „'. ," Send 20 cents In colni for this pattern to Alton Telegraph, 66, Needlecraft Dept., P, O. Box 161, Old Chelsea Seation, New York .11, N., Y, Print plainly PAT- •TERN']S1UMBE$, your NAME, and ADDRESS. .Here's good. news! Send '15 cents more for your fascinating Laura Wheeler Needleccaft Book —today! 104 illustrations of your favorite needle-hobbles—the choicest designs and the most concise patterns Available. Beginner, easy designs and... ideas worthy of an expert's .attention. A Free needlework pattern printed in the book. days with M>s. Clagg's mother, Mrs. C. F. Mockeit. ' . " ' Mr. and Mrs. ..'Roshler Clinton and daughter, S.Ue, : knd Mr. and Mrs. Bob Clinton, Tomllnson avenue, returned Monday from a visit with Mrs. Clinton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Tdney and with Clinton's mother, Mrs. OHie dlln- ton, at.Ina,,IlU, and,with Clinton's brother-lri-laW and sister, .Mr^. and Mrs, Gale Goessman, Elc|orado.'Mr. and .Mrs,, Goessnian', are • former East Alton residents.. „ Mr., and Mrs. Ned Lewis, Milwaukee, are Spending this week visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dick Sneed, 110 Ferguson, .and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tolliver, Cardot .street, and other friends ;here.,, Mrs. Lewis. Is a sister to Mrs. Sneed and Mrs. Tolliver. Lewis, a salesman^ for Western Cartridge Co., and Mrs. Lewis are former, East Alton res- SALE SPECIAL PURCHASE, LADIES' $5.95, $6.95 DRESS Narrow and Wide Widths. Many. Styles. SALE Sliver v or Gold PARTY SLIPPERS Values to $10.00 ONE ^.00 PRIpi: '<£:...;:; Not all sizes in all styles. We' Close Saturday, New Year's Eye, at 5:30 V P. M. ESTER SHOE STORES Between OAK and SPRING Streets 804 EAST BROADWAY Tp Our Ffilfllfi, ^ Bath Old and Hiw NVs think of you, and J.,4 ^ ' vya thanl^ you 9 lot for Sj^s. '\ y?VC JMij P9jrwtt$f, It ^S^^k\ I'pur J»e|rty;,wisp that^ ™^* ^ :^^BFH ' LI 3'%* »ii ' i f*'l*.l ^S^^V^r "€£?• silw, -I l j ot-*f ; , .4, ! in«( 6o«J gliide ypy and your l9vsd to gr«ter success, PRIMROSE FREIGHT SERVICE *t^i<^ Zfegeitbejrt is the chargW, of rtes. ' committee . tn ent*. ere Belmont p. m. Monday, at 7 30 p. m..will be F , .... *.«w.«uu < f i «*v I WW JJ, 4 lli • TV All m week of prayer service. Congrega tional meeting wi 1 be Thursday, with a" pdtluck Supper at 6 pvm. The Rev. A. L. £;chleler will use' the sermon theme, "Our God One God" at the 10:30 a, m. worship, Sunday at the Evangelical and Reformed Church. .Special offering will be taken fori world service. will be at 9:30 a. mi Wednesday at 7:33.'p. m. will be week of .prayer service. Thursday the Women's Gui d will meet at 1:30 p. m. Dr. Frank O. Wilson will preach "A, Workable Religion" at the 10:40-Sunday worship at St. Paul's Methodist Church Sunday, school will be^at 9:30 p. m. Methodist Youth Fellowship will be at 6:30 p. m. Evening worship will be at 7;30, with Dr. .Wilson using the subject, "JF-TH.2N." Friday at 7:30 p. m. will be week of prayer service. The Rev. Fathsr Phillip Newman, pastor of St. Alphbnsus' Church, has announced Sunday masses for 8 and 10 a. m. idents. : .Earl Clagg anc son, Jack, and daughter, Edith, as Lincoln, went to Harrisburg Wednesday to spend a few days visiting Clagg's mother, Mrs., Mary E. Cla?g. ...... Howard Williams, Pence avenue, has .beep ,111'"for the past few days at the family home, but is some improved at this ,Lime. The Rev. and Krs. Robert Fritts, Third street, haVe returned from Marion, Ky., wl-ere they visited With, the Rev. Fritts' mother, who has been seriously ill. The Rev. Fritts reported his mother's .con dition to be-impioved. • .- •'-.- Mr.i and Mrs. tlllery Barker and daughter, Helen,' 328 Job street and Mrs. Lela street, * were ent Margaret Pruil street, at a telev Jenkins, Church ertained by - Mrs. t, 232 Church sion party Thurs< day evening at hur home. Light refreshments were served later :in the evening by t lie hostess. ' Mother! You'll want to make this In several colors I Shown as a jumper With its own dear little blouse, this scalloped pretty can double as" a precious pinafore! Pattern 4741 in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8. Size 6 jumper, 1% yards 35 Inch; -yA, contrast; blouse, 1U yds. This pattern, easy to use, simple to sew, is .tested fof fit. Has complete Illustrated Instructions. , Send 25 cents in coins for this pattern to ANNE ADAMS, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dept., 248 Went 17th St., New York 11, N. V. Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. Send 15 cents more for our Anne Adams Fashion Book. Pages of patterns for th'e whole family; smart styles for every occasion. Includes a free pattern printed right in -the book. Medora Masons Hold ,... • Degree Ceremonies MEDORA, • Dec. -30. -• (Special)— A special meeting of the Masonic Lodge was held Wednesday night for work in the first degree. J. F. Burrows .and Lee Rich, Brighton, were out-of-town Quests. Following the ceremonies, refreshments were served. ei»«tt were preset. Mr*. X. K. Chtsm and Mrs. Joseph , the. major lesson <on fcl -Need of tottth." Mb. Bay!d Mckee was in charge recteiitSon during! the social ' for famUy ntght Jan. B at the Kempfer hall. Church of God District Service - At East Alton : -EAST- ALTON, Dec, 30. — The Church of God on Pence avenue will hold a watch night service, Saturday evening, according to the pastor, the Rev. N. A. Jordan. All churches of the East Alton District of the Church of God will participate, including the Churches of God at Colllnsvllle, Granite City, Maplewood, East St. Louis on Lincoln avenue, East St. Louis at Sixth street, and the host church. The Bethel Pentecostal Church and the East Alton Pentecostal Church at Kingshlghway and St. Louis v avenue, will also join with the Churches of God In the service. Principal speaker of the evening will be the Rev. Walter Aldrich, a former pastor of, the local church, but now of East St. Louis. Additional speakers on the program include the Rev. O. N. Cecil, Collinsvllle; the Rev. C. N. Steele. Granite City; the Rev. J. N. Thompson, East St. Louis, and the Rev. Harold Carter, pastor of the Bethel Pentecostal Church, East Alton. Special singing will be featured during the evening and will be furnished by members of the churches participating^.. Time of the services has been set at 7:3Q«p. m. Return from South Carolina EAST ALTON. — The Rev. and Mrs. N. A. Jordan and daughters returned Thursday evening from South Carolina, where they spent the past two weeks visiting Mrs. Jordan's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Pearson at Easley, S. C., and the Rev. Jordan's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Jordan,' Helton, S. .C. The Rev, Jordan was granted a two-week vacation by the Church of God on Pence avenue, of which he is pastor. The Rev. James A. Drysda'e, Belleville, was supply minister during the Rev. Jordan's absence. The Rev. Jordan announced ser- Dee. 30. —_, „ 12 <ans during of C^Cember, the same KB for, Novfefttb^fei** ftccot'd" te^tdrt Isttied by Fire Chief „ , Bsft«. Thtrsday night, at t3ty H«ll. *hen~ firemen staged "*tf rtguiaf monthly meeting. _dhief Sohd estimated the low on atl lH fl*e* »l poftlbly $200. Greatest afiwiint of damage was done Hfftjo t-log chicken house at SSSOM street oft Dee. e *Ben sftt a fK% mp6ftd ' d te ttm ttf the mbnth'g calls Were tor btirnJftjr weeds; two for burn- lAf feltctttial wiriftg; two for «u- totnoUlles 6n fire and two for smoking furhaCei Fire in a mail 'box *t *«, cdrfter 6t Ferguson and wood Rlfer avenues accounted for orte ot the calls. - CM*f Bohd commented that the «epMtK|*rit wit fortunate there wets n» fires this year from wiring ef Christmas tree lights and other Christmas decorations. Sauerwein Rites At Bunker Hill We Wish To Announce The OPENING of the BEAUTY SHOP at 101 Central, Bethalto Phone 400 JANUARY 3, 1950 Mrs. Gladys Riggs Mrs. Eileen Norris Tiek Proprietor, Operator .X: i V Sofa and Chair in Genuine MOHAIR JACQUARD FRIEZE SO Choice of 8 exeitiitg colon. in soft, heavy-textured Jacquwd Mohair Frieze m new exclasive "Mtjgnolia" design, New eomj9rt->citrw(l armt and deep fringed base, BUY ON LIBERAL TERMS NO NEED TO WAIT IONGER...THESE . ARE TBME PAYMENT PRICES, NOTHING APDEP TO THESE PRICES FOR* EASY. BUDGET BUYING, RY Ri ffV „ m I.; I* \i\iS. TOBWSHBI18 FOB THE PAST II YEWS' ..._. «rvw »!t*r i rift aren BVNKER 'HILL, Dec. so. <spe- ctel)—Funeral services for Henry Sauerweln, 82, of the Bunker Hill vicinity, who died Monday at St. Francis Hospital in Lltchfleld. were held Thursday afternoon at Jacoby funeral home by the Rev. L. Kreckler of the Dorchester and Gtllesple Lutheran Churches. The Dorchester Lutheran choir sang two numbers. Milton Oldenettel, Paul, Fred and John Sauerwein, Dewey Wagonfeldt, and Walter Heuer served as pallbearers. Burial was In Bunker HID cemetery. Entertain 4-H Club BUNKER HILL—Mr. and Mrs. William Moulton entertained 25 members of the Live wire 4-H Club and a guest, Allen Bertels, Dorsey, Tuesday evening, at their home with a Christmas party. After games and a gift exchange by members, Moulton, leader of the club, presented each person a gift. Refreshments were served by Mr. and Mrs. Moulton. Walther League Party BUNKER HILL—The Christmas party for the Watther League of the Lutheran Church was held in boys of the Junl6t ttltt M the Methodist Chufch wet* efttttttfn- ed fhtnsaiay attfeuWm - it the home df their Sunday «eftd<rf teacher, Mrs, R, c. Noble, Aftergames And mutfe, the gfotip wtfei Wrved refreshments &M fftveft given each child. , • j Bflnksr ffitl Not** BUNKER HILL -Mr. ftnd Mrs, s - Start New With DINNER at the STRATFORD \ Served ttll 9 fc.M. Olnnir Will bi Served In THE RIVIERA ROOM On New Year's Day, Sunday, Jan. 1 Noon to 2:30 and 5 to 9 P.M. Hotel Stratford May 1950 be a year .. peace, prosperity, and ty , . , and in every ivl may 19SO be your very happiest year! We wish to thank you, otir patrons, fbr your patronage during the past year, and wish to continue .to be ot service to you during the coming year. PHOTO ART SHOP 11 g North Wood River Ave, WOOD RIVER Dial 4-6923 vices at the church on Sunday would be as usual with Sunday school beginning at 10 a. m. The pastor will preach at morning and evening services at the church, The Rev. Jordan will be.speaker at the Young People's service to<U»y at 7:30 p. m., at the church. TO THE PUBLIC THANK YOU! The Ladies of the G.A.R. No. 126 wish fo rhank the public for their wonderful cooperation in their sale of household items and for the many donations received. We are very grateful. We have made a donation .to the Mairyville Orphanage. • Also to the Salvation Army and to underprivileged children. MAUDE EUDY, President. \VveStnaY\Hevi EXACTLY AS PICTURED -* fl Genuine "NURRE" Plate Glass Mirrors! DUST PROOF Construction Throughout SEE THIS ; r ?, FURNITURE /V'* IN OUR WINDOW TODAY! " - rj > Choice of Autumn Walnut or Silver Gray Walnut; . . ^^^•^^^^^^/'^^m ' ' • >^' DOUBLE-DRESSER , % BED AND CHEST BED, VANITY AND CHEST ,/.',.!. w . Excitingly dlfferentl Miv Housewife, -here & THE bedroom you have • been 'woftina for] Beaytjful.Wplnut wo»id hand - L1 -- J - ll? * imgrt% new trend giving "ftTgnft*!^ pi«ce$. Top front* bonded jn ^ USE OUR FREE CUSTOWER WHII.E SHOPPING

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