Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on February 11, 1948 · Page 8
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 8

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1948
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE POSTVILLE HERALD. POSTV1LLE. IOWA WEDNESDAY, FERBRUARY U, | A big salute is due the Postville Pirates and their coaches, Francis Babcock. head master, and his as sistant. Milton Starcevich, tor the splendid record they have piled up in the current season. True, the team has another hurdle to overcome before winning the Upper Iowa conference title, but even so, they have gone quite a way beyond .the pre-season predictions. Win- fning the county championship a week ago Saturday, they kept up their pace by downing Clermont last Tuesday and Maynard on Friday night. Each of these teams hadslost but one game up to the time ihey met our Pirates and were rated by Associated Press experts as standout teams in northeastern Iowa. Nary a word was said about our Pirates: unsung and unheralded they went about their business "sawing wood" to heap on the burning campaign that has brought them to the top. Fans can help them prolong their victory string by continuing to give them the support they so richly deserve. They're a great bunch of lads, and every Postville fan should bo proud of them. * * * * * * The date of the Commercial Club's annual banquet for the farmers is drawing nigh, and advance information coming'to this desk indicates that the speakers' committee has done a good job in selecting the headline attraction for the event. Tom G. Dyer is an after dinner speaker of no mean ability, according to reports. After a recent talk at Des Moines, the Register in that city stated, "Mr. Dyer is well known through this area as an excellent after-dinner speaker with a dynamic style and has been nick­ named "Dynamite Dyer" by the trade papers." After his talk January 25 at Vinton. Richard K. Bauder, executive secretary of the Chamber of Commerce in that city, said in a letter to Mr. Dyer, "It has been a week ince you were here as guest speaker at our annual Chamber of Commerce meeting. And the business men and women are still talking about the fine speech you gave. Everyone claims that it was the best meeting we have ever had. You really kept them roaring with laughter, at the same time driving home a constructive message in a most clever way. You pounded home the point with humor and with force. I hope that sometime in the future you can again come to Vinton and take the boys for another tailspin." Another commentator remarks about Mr. Dyer's talk, ."he delivers a two-hour address in 30 minutes.' The Postville Commercial Club issues a cordial invitation to all farmers of this community to be their guests at their annual dinner on the evening of Thursday, Feb ruary 26, at 6:30 o'clock, so mark that date and let nothing keep you from attending. « * • * • We may scoff at the old groundhog day superstition, but the little fuzzy-haired burrower sure knew his stuff last week. He's hit the weather "on the nose" thus far. If you don't believe it, listen to this: 20 degrees below zero Sunday morning following a snowfall on Saturday; then Monday thermometers registered 10 or 12 below here—and the end is not yet in sight. Our weather has been on the .mild side at that, for over in neighboring Decorah they report 26 below on Sunday and 17 below Monday. In 1949 we hope it'll be cloudy on February 2. Pirates Alone at Top Of Conference Heap Notice to Iris Patrons On Forthcoming Films YOUR SPRING SUIT .. Fred H. Luhman, former Postville business man, who now lives in Bellflower. Calif., with his family, writes us as follows: "Dear Bill—Monday is always a red letter day with us. That's the day the Postville Herald comes to us with all the news from the old home town. And-all we have to do- is to slip this visitor three dollars, the price of a couple of pork chops, and he'll come to us weekly for a whole year. Here's my three. "Time goes pretty fast out here. The only time that seems long is between rains. Awfully dry here, and I don't mean just the inhabitants; they're always dry: but the weather. The only thing that saves our water supply is that people don't drink it: they just use it on Saturday nights and then the ring around the tub is lots lower than usual. "Whenever I see a number 3 Iowa car parked around here. I look for Herman Webb and I always find him not far away. August Meier's landlady is moving and as August had a touch of Virus X (Hollywood for a slight cold) he is staying at the Long Beach hospital until they get moved. He'll be O. K. to move into his new room when the new place is ready; probably in a day or two. "We are enjoying life and no small part of that enjoyment is in thinking of our good friends back in Postville. Best regards to them all. Sincerely yours. Fred Luhman." (Continued from page 1) Aj basketball team indicate that in a typical game the Pirates would attempt 47 field goals, be successful 13 times, make 10 free throws and miss 9, commit 14 personal fouls. In the meantime their opponents would score 8 field goals, make 8 free throws and miss ten. commit 16 personal fouls. The game would end Postville 36, Opponent 24. In the first sixteen games, thirteen boys have seen action, and four have appeared in every game. Dean Gunderson has attempted the mos't field goals, 179. and has been successful the most times, 51. Don Heins is the most accurate in shooting for field goals, having made good 27 times in 65 efforts for 42%. Dean Gunderson has drawn the most fouls, hence has shot the most free throws, 103, being successful 46 limes. Jim Malone has been the most accurate from the charity line, making 42 while missing 14 ; for TS'w. Bob Douglass and Jim Malone have each committed 47 personal fouls to top that department. Bernie Martins has gathered in 201 rebounds to far surpass his teammates in that chore. Bernie also has the best defensive average, 3, followed closely by Bob Douglass with 5. The statistics show a decided improvement in v the last five games, and this can probably be traced to a greatly improved fast break and constantly improving team work. Junior High Losses. The Postville Baby Pirates went down in defeat three times Saturday morning by losing three games to teams from Decorah. In the first game of the morning Postville's 7th grade team encountered .Decorah's 7th grade team and the lo cals were defeated by the score of 28 to 14. Jimmie Rima was the high point man for the baby Pirates as he collected 5 points during the game. Wedo and Jarmes were the outstanding players in the defensive department. In the second game of the morn ing. the 8th graders of both schools played each other and again the local boys came out on the short end of the score, 13 to 6. It was low scoring game as neither team could get the ball through the net. Ralph Gunderson was high point man in this game, collecting 3 points for the morning. The final game of the morning saw Postville's Freshmen team losing to a similar team from Decorah in a close hard-fought game. The final score was 19 to 18. The lead kept changing hands throughout the game and it could have been anyone's ball game until the final whistle sounded. Decorah finally won by virtue of a free throw. Jack Meyer took high point honors for the locals with 8 points to his credit. "Herb" Mofch played an outstanding defensive game. The three teams go to Decorah Feb. 21 for return games. When Darryl Zanuck finished his production, "The Captain From Castile," he told the press that it would be the last big' production from Twentieth Century Fox until production costs were at such n level as to enable them to show a profit on these big pictures. Perhaps some may have read that in the Gazette recently. Technicolor musical films also come into this category as the cost of Technicolor musicals is trcmen dous. At the present time there are but seven of such films listed for 1948. Three of those seven are already being shown and it could easily mean, that there will be very few made in 1948. The Iris has done very well with Technicolor musical at the box office. The point that we would like to put across is that if they are really going to cut down, it is then evident that all who like these big Technicolor films should see "The Goldwyn Follies" at the Iris Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Feb. ,12, 13, 14. This film was released in 1940 and we are unable to find in our records that it has ever played in Postville. Now in the cast are Charlie McCarthy, Edgar Bergen, Kenny Baker, The Ritz Brothers, Ella Logan, Zorina and the Goldwyn Girls. If you want to see a beautiful film, if you want to laugh and chuckle at Charlie McCarthy and the Ritz Brothers, you ought not to miss this one.—The Management. for Dis- Rabbit Season Closes In Iowa February 29th With Easter on March 28, there's little time left to ordeiv^bur spring suit. We have the famous J. L. Taylor & Co. line of beautiful new spring patterns and fabrics to select from . . . and that's assurance you 'll get tfte best. Please allow three weeks from the time you place your order for delivery date. On that basis you should come in as soon as possible for measurements. ABERNETHY CLOTHIERS Men's and Boys' Outfitters The current rabbit season closes February 29 after what conservation officials describe as a "good season but spotty." All of Iowa's 99 counties, except seven in the eastern part of the state, were described prior to the opening of the season September 1 as having from excellent to good populations. Actual hunting revealed preseason estimates correct except with local shortages in some of the inland areas. t Conservation officers report more rabbit hunters in the field than for many seasons and attribute the fact to the high prices of domestic meat. In some areas hunters have cropped rabbits rather closely, but, according to conservation officers' reports, many areas containing large populations of cotton-tails went through the hunting season virtually untouched. Rabbits are the number one game animal in Iowa as well as in the United States as a whole, more hunters seeking the illusive octton- tail each year than any other kind of game. Sale of Easter Seals To Start February 28 W. Earl Hall, prominent Mason City editor, has been named Iowa chairman of the 1948 Easter Seal campaign which gets underway February 28 and continues through Easter Sunday. March 23. This will be the 10th annual seal Vale held in Iowa. Slogan of this year's campaign is. "They Don't Want Charily, They Want A Chance." The Iowa sale of Easier Seals is sponsored by the Iowa Society Crippled Children and the abled in conjunction with the National Society for Crippled Children and Adults. Sale of these seals affords the main support of the Iowa Society for Crippled Children and (he Disabled which servos the physically handicapped of Iowa. j • Work done by the society in- [ eludes physical care, educational.! services, securing of appliances for the handicapped, rehabilitation work, counseling service, camping and recreational facilities for the disabled. Physical care involves medical care, hospitalization, convalescent home care, assistance with clinics and dental care. Summer camping programs are arranged and financed. Shut-in children are supplied with craft and recreational material and clubs organized for young adult handicapped persons. The society also correlates its work with other agencies such as the veterans and state rehabilitation programs in finding home employment for those able to work Hdmebound persons are supplied with correspondence lessons which enables them to train for particular jobs best suited to their abilities. Speakers, films, toys, books, and training devices arc provided for the Spastic Club of Iowa which is made up of parents of children afflicted with cerebral palsy. The cerebral palsy school in Des Moines which is operated by the Iowa Society is the only school of its kind in the state. Pupils receive train ing in physical therapy, speech cor rection, and special education. Last year over half a million letters were mailed to possible donors in Iowa. Returns were used to carry on the work of the Iowa Society for Crippled Children and the Disabled for the year. FIRE OF HER OWN. Grover Hahn, for the past ten years farm bureal agent of Clayton county, resigned last week to accept a like position in Polk county. Waukon voters refused to give the Interstate Power Co. a ten-year franchise yesterday, the issue losing by a mere 37 votes. Mrs. EUen Nessa of Story City rushed out into her yard when she heard the fire whistle, to see where the truck was going. She discovered that the roof of her own home was on fire, although it was not the source of the original alarm. A second truck was put into action and saved the house. FIRST SNOW. Margaret Hackett, of Wellington, New Zealand, was in Iowa last week in the interest of "Zealandia." Catholic newspaper. While at Westphalia, nesr Harlan, she saw her first snow. SINGING MOUSE. Members of the Olony Ruse family near Sidney heard a strange noise about the house recently; the noise appeared to be a cross between the sqft whistle of a bird or the chirp of a cricket. Finally, the singer was discovered; a mouse, which was lured into a box. Per- haDs it had eaten some birdseed. Many young men who previously have set their sights on the city are now seriously considering farming because it offers a life in the open and is recognized as one of the nation's important occupations. Thought Qems GAIN THROUGH LOSS. 1 A well-governed mind learns in time to find pleasure in nothing but the true and the just.—Amiel. * * * * * Our bravest and best lessons are not learned through success, but through misadventure.—A Branson Alcott. ***** The greatness of a loss, as the proverb suggests, is determinable, not so much by what we have lost. as by what we have left.—Bovce. ***** The loss of earthly hopes and pleasures brightens the ascending path of many a heart.—Mary Baker Eddy. ***** Prosperity is too apt to prevent us from examining our conduct; but adversity leads us to think properly of our state, and so is most beneficial to us.—Johnson. iiiiHiiiiiioiniiniiiiiiiiiiM Basketball! Postville High School Gymnasium • Friday, Febru'ry 13 j Tipoff at 7:30 o'clock p. m. • West Union vs. Postville | FIRST TEAM and JUNIOR HIGH j HERE'S THE GAME YOU'VE j BEEN WAITING FOR ! • Tuesday, Febr'y 17 j Tipoff at 7:30 o'clock p. m. 2 Monona vs. Postville j FIRST AND SECOND TEAMS • SUPPORT THE FIGHTING PIRATES! UllliiimiMi • SPECIAL SALE of FineFurs NEILLY'S Coat & Suit Shop Fit, Feb. 1| Mr. White of Marshall? & Swift Furs will be here all day with a won-, derful showing of NeV? Convenient Terms 1948 Style FurS. Now is the time to invest in that new coat- a purchase now will pay dividends of satisfaction for years to come. J Marshall £r Swift Furs Exclusive at Neilly's Coat and Suit Shop BE SAFE ... NOT SORRY! The new Iowa Financial Responsibility Law is really working right now and it behooves all to carry insurance to cover against .all possible accidents. Come in and see how reasonable it is to be protected against the penalties this new law provides, if you are not fully covered in all emergencies that may arise. Turner Insurance Agency "Complete Insurance Service" NEW FURNITURE IS ARRIVING We've been to market and brought back with us a great assortment of new furniture-, and more is arriving daily. We invite you to see these new displays—they're certain to hit a responsive note in your conception of what your home needs after the long years of "drouth" in new furniture items. New Living Room Suites in a wide variety of styles. You will admire the luxury of the solid comfort thev afford. ^4 K * ^ ^ Bedroom Suites are here too in a number of designs, recently created for comfort and appearance. The Dining Room hasn't been overlook by our buyer. We have a number of the creations that we are proud to show you. . Louis Schutte & Sons Largest Furniture Stock In Northeastern

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