Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 2, 1927 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1927
Page 5
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aJEEftCHAlNPISE Seeds, Plants, Flowers AliFALPA : SEEJD^Best Kansas grown: .home grown orange cane seed. Shannon's Hardware. KAXOT.A. SEED OATS-^At , my farm, oOc per -bu-shel. C. O. Bollinger, lola. Kans. KAXOTA SEED OATS—Tested.' 50c bit at farm. ^ mile east Carlyle., s.ti ' t;.' W. • Shadwick. LEGALS Legal - NAUees notice and govern .themselves ac-- lordinglv. J. F. WRIGHT. Administrator. (.•5)-2-9-16 • : •• t T I 1 I NOTICE OF .4PP0IXTMENT. . • ; Kxecator. State of Kansas. Allen County. i - fn t,he matter of the e9tat« of i '^^A ^«»TAlii5=to^^^ Of Allen^ I 2 Pcreheron stalliouH. old enough I >pTI(.'E OF APP0IXT3KNT i Notice }s hereby given.^ that on I ( for .service. Chas. Franlilin, ;Motan. Kahs. |ihe 2Slh day of February, A. D., , SEEDS-T-Home grown Red Top.aSc | IJ'^T. jhe undcrslKne,! was Jby the j lb.:; home grown. Engli«h blueiP™Me Court of .^.Ilen County.,. ^ gra.s.s, -ZOc lb. See UH 'for all klnd.s I fPP""«'^t !• "State or Allen . ilcceast (1. .Ml parties Ih- . '(Mj; i <'ri 'stii(l tn said e.stafe will take iioricc j mill goviTii tlu-iiuwives ac-.' of field seed's.' Allen County Im -^^r' ''•''''^''"•'•^ «/ 'he , county Wanted—T(» Bar wliile .\. .1. ' is u Fit ifmt His (ione Ilefore. Htripes Ciarrett Folsom Ibdthiil'g at Ociean Town. It i8 Ihouglit at firMt he. ^oke \i<-t!m. hut iiivpstisa- ha.s been »tal)hi-(1 to tion >:h6ws h di«atU! l)eneat|i the wat«>r.. FolJ!0nis ious h hiisine? IJ.iridlj! It is just be -staiidin] kn6\v u i\na- rfiiil • rrtd ne:, as tilt- aVi Iliac, aitrivps ,\i 'lie th»' 'Ip ^th weapon was a llicluifi. ail tlrii' It is run's piny, ions . k^iives. 'I iliis work d, 'ill :.ti.| iSi I'lfUOll in' and tllllllllH lM-i<rint;| •S.iir-r.' link-. -.V |{ig >;s ;i nt-^s. i .><•«• STOCK GO DOWN WITH READJUSTMENT 1 iljUl.NC .MACHI.NE—Want to buy j .onlini'ly. i Kooil adding niachiuf. Thi- R. U. • Thdn>ps6n Agency. v.: (). notER. ' Execuior. Of Pric(ss, Despite ^wimniiujr (•ionipau- d been Roger .NVyiUe. ;t s partner: Mr.s. lltU-n Carniclita Valddii. sfablij^hed than Kolsoui. jfore bis <leat!i, had. b ^:<>Il t to Ned IJarroii. coppf'r kin.y. Kolsoni. ccotiitrir- ••.\o. doijfi he >illiy. But I've seen Iter .lj»*for;t'. only 1 can't |tlac«* her. Scfii her: iiiid<-r home strkiige cii-- 1 _j, , T» J. j fii J cnnistaiii-vs (.r in .some qnc^-r sur-' 1^ iirtner Do^nwaro ircnd I ii!.indin:;;.V' I ' i ".Vol <|je-tionablf. I hope'?"' ; "OS i :ours<> iioi." Pejtoii • spok<> ; H -rlinisly. "I incaji when I '^aw licr It. \v ;is slie and yet it •wasn 't ..-lit'. Ui'v face haunts ine—" I '.It uoiiiil. Slii' is a raviiiR liiau-''^1 tv.: ymi know." I ! P f II It II I sterfljl sister of ill- <'.i -;((li ind takes coinniand. kt it is learned that iiulue ital knife, and it liad lic-n on ilic boanlw.-ilk. :also Ifarnwl tliat i one needeil correction of a weaken- ("roydoii-Se\trs. who was iiii pigg'^ in -the, ! :i lancif-r <>t .-Vna.KtasIa an anliit 'H case. Uaa I iedd • miifi 's iitphii . ill intrifiueil by tin- (.'u! .I'jlls. in Ftil^oin's ri li«'V('.s his iini b- !KH 1 blackiiitiiliiiK ><-v.'rul •ur- ••niiiiKcs to lii'ii. Kif .'Ks di .siovi'r >iiH|>i| Ints in KiiNmn's ii t!ii- iliili::l>^ ni <'r< anil iif<- <> piiz uii on With! Mte SI \i . a' jiiuitt I'.ji roil ijook it-ri-s! inj IV r .s|.ontli4l to I 'elton mi-r-'. ^ •N 't'il I '.arrod. 1 >-<I at Ji'*i H .1!- Kansas Clly CIo>ie. Kansas City, .Mar. 2. (AP) osf -Whi-at. .Vlav idd ilXi: Mav •w $l.:!2'i: .Inly %1.2r,i,. (•Worn. .May Tf.c; July TS'-l -i:: •!it. .sHii-. ioni. l).-.n :iii>l •ton-- .Viloll ;:i<|.-an>l ^TKIt XXX. lot ih<> .sliKlit'U ill- ii.-iKli;ii>r<. •'Co ;i \vay ;iu(i k't me alone, want to iliin'.c i |his lUing out." iiKht. I'rlioii. I .-iippose you > I ;i'i ;w ycriK" own' business." | m • Tiiv ;i:i .;gs wiilkf'-d away marvel-i ejitiv •in-A at t!i<- wny tiiia'ss were coiiii;. j hlilt .Miss Kolsoin's .t<-te-a-tete witli,'*' , . , iMa.l.iy Uarron.- Iian IVlton .stirred I '."<'l>n'«» IwHition Jul; oVcr some ni< nioiy or reminis-' c<-!\rj-. niistak'II or oiborwisn. of, ] Ma.Uly. ; 1 .M .-uli'lliK' litTstlf. iipsel and wor-' ^ i I!''I. taking a »-liort nspile -of say iiy wlii-ii I', itoii iiroveil entertain-1 ^ 'in'i;. (ml at In-art lor: sonn-, , ri-;:si:ii. • ' i • '.lUlil .ii. Ill- '.voiiili nd. 'could ill iiark IcHli III fro.viloii .St-ars'.' \\\^ ! i 'or (in- St -ais.-s and tlie Harroiui ;w<r" alrta .vs lu^.-llii -r. alld itade-. .V '.!iii'- n'a ^ loinl.-ir Ilii- « |ili-r than in ' i5 a 'K -iiiif, |i:.>ihi rl.v u.iy. < 'mili! i-iit- 1 1 1 •i>.- aiarui-'l lor him'.' \l Was .-h«- just ili -vt -r i-iiou^h to i 1 •;. !<• ba :ji 1 it I li-: I'roiii ih-- rcla- tivi-s oi thi ii .-ai! inaii. wliotn sb<- y : tiail 111'.; Ill w 111. t liy cliaucc'.' j L' I'm* ;-l;f mil .\li -s Kolsuiii were; ;i 'liiy lii liii'^ :t oil". Hi- I iirin-d i'f; li;i.; lo liMiI, li .i Jk :at • iliirni. and tliey u lii •-'iKiiiiiiitiiiii:. i;\i-r tluir iia liki- Lower Call New York-. SI er dowiiWanl ; liacjtlngi sows ilw.-IO/Ji 11; slaughter pigs $ll..'>Ofi 12.'-|il. y ! .Cattle 7,001); best beavv steers ;il2.'J!.1: part load $12.10: yearlings .;$11.5i|: bulk fed .steers Jit-Jrii?! ; stoVkers and feeders $7.50<?i I S.50: j litsivy , kosher cows up to ;$S: liost (Utt.r.s Sl.'.'i*/.'>: vialers readju.stment ol ' i , ^„ , ices took place in todays stock, ^.'""^'l' I'*""*- Kn.'Ies of, arket despite sporadic attempts i ^^'''''B-' «">-'^">' •'<"'> 16: heavy Rates ot\ Money. tnobilts. i I'hone r>6. 222 South St. i-'SKO. CAR 'B'AW;A1."*.S — 192C ChrvBlcr |"70" roadster: 1924 Ford coiiiie; .Sla-xwell swian: several For.d toiirngs. .Marr Auto Supply Co.. Buick Dealers. 1&27 PO.XTIAC COIPE-This car is; like new: and is fully .euuippe«lj j llohart-Sioele .Motor Co. ' REAL ESTATE FOR RENT! >0TJ( E OF .WPOLATMEN-f. - rrr- - • • - • •., E.xri'ntrix. - , and Flats 74 state of Kansas. Allen County, — -— • 38. : ' rooms; modern., ,j,p matter of the estate ot nook, first floor,; L li. Pearson, late of Allen Coun. close In. Phone IIIOW. - tv. Kansas. E>(:MSH WHITE LEGHORNS-- j -!• ^oTUE OF APPOINTMENT. High prtiducing hens mated with I-arms and Land for Kent ' • " ' b?st • 76: Notice is hereby given, that oa 307 e '4s ^l^" .\CRES—Improved, near lola. -the 12th day of February. A. D., s jt^linn-"! M. Cunninsham. . l!'-'7. the undersigned was by the ' — - • Probate Court of Allen ^County, Auto Arressories Tires Parts 1.8 cockerels from 3t.j.Iohn's "pMigreed matings up to Chicks, tlO hundred;]eggs fr!^VHYeTH Haslirs" Tha '^V ^ . Hooses for Rent 77 ,Kac .s ;i .H, ,iuly appointed and quali-. ers.:Write L. H. Hastings. Thayer. • ^ , . ^ executrix of the esW of M"^^^-— -._ J:: ' iCOTT.AGK—For rent, tour rooms.! L. B. Pearson, late of Allen Coun- i HE.\S—Youiis English; White Leg-: partly modern.. Phone 17W. ty. deceased. All p .Tities ihterest- horjis. in full laying^ See them ; ^^.^^ , , \ cd in said estate will take notics at i»24 S. "VVashiugton; COTT.VJK—4 room, with viJo; 6 room house. $10; — ,—: t _: , : •• j#jii. u lu.oii .px"'. o loom 1. WRECKi.XC—.Nash six: Jones six; } rflGHEST MARKET—Prices paid] house with bath. $15., Arbuckle. " i/i<!s:n .i>ilf ei.!;ht. Tires, used j for cream!) eggs and ; poultry. ! Rpal Estate: s ''»-n «7ti ^''•ei'n tliemstlVes arcording- parts. tiattpries. Co. Phone 782. lola Wri'i -kiii!; Kansas (ily iinh Kansas City, Maf. 2 lit-at. receipts 'Xl i;ars; .1 fi:.'MTn.:'.i-'.: .So. •u. Corn. iin<-linng<-d; .N'o. 2j 7 :!l-je; No. :; t ;7'-jfi7i tlow 74«(7.'.c:|.\o. 7M! (iilratro r.raiii. 1 Chicafin. Mur. 2. (APi —Chise: iWh<-:it. Mav II.IOJ^ to '-.: Jiilv to 'H: Sept. Il.rtns. i Corn,- .May 77-''ii to =l4c; July ;i >>2'M frt 'oc: Sent. SS-ic BUSINESS SERVICE I Our (truck and chicken coops are]———;—r i at'your service to pick iip poul-'^"^ •^''--One . ' try. Barker Produce Co. Phd. 608.1 ^'""'•s Bargai Itusiness Services OiTered 18 a<-re. some fruit, rgain Store. I-aHarpe. E.STELT,A .1. PEARSON. Executrix, i 21-23 1.T 1-2-3. • • 'lNCUBATQB ;r-3.50 -egg capacity.- In- "i^^'^^—LP^.''">' i'..|uire 22 <%.Cref {^rson. : I Call at 216 North First. y- modern. ! ANNOUNCEMENTS Strayed, Lost, Found 10 (AIM -|lU{EKCni.\(: HAKNE.S.S Lost ),e- Hiiihuiig-• iwet-n my farm and Lallarpe. No. 2 dark haid II.:!!/!! 1..1.SV.-: i \V. W. Mrliie. U.-ward. lola 11. 4. ). .-! $l.:i .1fi J.:i.S; So. 2 ha-d ^I.-'I.".'/-.- i : _ — l.:;!>: .\o. $l .::2 >,ift 1.; .No. 2; K ."<*i !LlSIl nri.lJ poc -J^,st; brin-/ :{;JI.2y<;'' db'. wearin .t; eoUar. naiiM- ••Jlggs." ^ . lAuyont- li.iviiii; iiiifo! niaiion plea-i- while 71 • lall X:i4 or "tlUV. FAKMEKS ATTE.VTION v.orl^ of all kinds. Disc siiariiemwl. Hlack,smithing.! wooil work and general repairing. :!f'l South St. C. C-. McCarty & Son. 3N—. Plowi.N'ONE BETTER—Start, your baby: "DtSI-^bi-v 10 isc burrows I chicks on Tbos. Southard Starting j ^"""'nK'"/'"'- Buttermilk (ioni modern. MoTinir, Tracking, Storage 25 CDIIR TRANSFER CO.-j -Packing. storage,, long distance ' bauling. Reasonable rates. Phone 140. Professional Serrlccs 28 SURCilRV —Medicine, X-ray. Dr. F. Lensiil. Phones: offlbe, 886; resldenci 1126W. and Growing Buttermilk Chick Puddin. for sale- at your grocery or R. C. McKinney Feed Store. 'First Publi.shed in The lola Dally. Register Febniarv 16, 19271. \OTI( E OF APhH\TME.>T - E\e<iil«»r. , IL .\I. i Stato of Kansas. .Allen Connty. ss.' Ill the "matter of the Estate ot -Mary iK. Kiirhit'e. lato of Allen . MISUSE—S roohi. good eoiidition. j ( o:,,)!,-. Kausj-s. • partly modern, .parage and garden. Phono 94C. QVALITY ^ECTRI^ HATCt^RY. \ fKJl'SE-a room. ,ia„ly. modern, (.as City. Kans. Cu9tom _hatching., -,,3 r„„„„«.o„,i. in ,4 ,ir.. C. W. 3c per egg, or .5c per chick. Baby chicks, hea\'y breed, $12 per.:Hiii: light breeds. ?lo.5i) per loi). Fryer. .".11 S. Cottonwood. Wanted—LiTestvck 50 WANTED TO BUY—All kinds cattle and hogs. J. C. Butcher. . ^, , , IBMPLOYMENT^ mixed 7«1,73<-: No. C7^^>::i j" <— Ki".>- i.Nas.- leave a, ! "-Ip Manted-Female Oats, unchanged; No. 2 white iCA. K^S^-'e.- oflue. Reward, i MERCHANDTSte .12 IHIcicB. (or Sale NOTICE. OF APPOINTMENT. Notiic i.s hereby given. That on the 11th day of February. A. D. 1927, the nndersigiied was by the Probate Court of. .-VIlcii County, ! K :-nsis. diilv appointed and quail; jvTHREE ROOM HOUSE-^Electric F..xecutor of the Estate ot lights, city water..loeated at .''.OS L. H"rhite. late -ot^ Allen Spilth Chestnut, see A S.-hlick.; ^[^'•'^••'^^.- -AH Par ies- in• . -=— •-'-:s=^ I terested 111 said estate will take REAL ESTATE FOR .^^ALEl "o'"*- J -nd u.-x-rji themselves ac~—: coriliunly.' Houses for Sale 841 • JOHN IL PERCY, (2) 16-2.1 t.i) 2. Executor. Pell in;.-she had iiienly : Tit.- Hi;-;.-, was a.-lute an.l i-b-ar I is pb-ajiriiit < O'l i,, .ij i,,,^ eliimw ami lelt u iljolneiitary reli.-f |n ili way he jiickeii up the re.-vn;ii~il)i! iiy of tSi - slti^atiiiii. . ' liiluiri 1- !iiiiy >i -ii'. Dan saw air l";iy>-iy v .is sjiperfii i:tl, .;in<l Wi .ri ilered Wlal Ujily fears liadslii r-.l he le aw.iv [ hi- w it!i 49c; .No. 44iii47V.c. !!.\Iilo maize $i.i :t<ri 1.23. ;'Kafir $1.07 (71 lilS. : Rye. 9S'^tfi99V::c. i Karlev. 71«i 7:!i-. .-•W(i.\i.\.N-iFi.r laundry work. iWRKST WATCH Wliile fi,U\- i Swiss, lust itfW.ird if returiK -il • tj»„Hejjister. .Vorth sire. 1. - i SiliitttJuils Wanted—.Uiile 37 l--or )l. hs. x jvi.l : iinafiiiatioii run liiia. I' ;iie '1' jioif ii.-xi at a lalde v -.ii .-re -^.o lii.-- liiicliess. aiii! Car- ii'.li '.i w.lli IJfji -i r .\.-.ville. ' (Nillii illii iioiiii-. truant." the lliicli-' 'Je liiln. •VollVe deserted UH. ! KunMus t1(j- Uvestoeli. ICansa-s City, i.Mar. 2. (I'liited State.., rjepar^tment »l Agriculture! Hogs 7.500; uneven, fairly active on light and medium weights; mostly 10 to 'l .'U- higher; weighty bittcht-rs slow; l>lock plg.-t steady AUCTIONS Anrlions lOA PCBLiC AUCTION-^Public'Auction every Saturday at ilrOO o'.Iock at Blshon'3 Sales PaVilion. eyes., apprelie^ision in ttie <iiii'-'e:-; "i-k-^ yi'.;i liable to eximlsion." . j to I60 pounds;| desirable 17o to 19t>i—^ • _ ' • ' t -alized, that whai- He ^ai i.esiile her and be-.<aii to ; pounds $n.S.',<ill'; light lights up • Ht'DSON-ESSEX—Sales and. Serv- was. .Mad.jline Bar- i ::i> her compliments. ! to $12.15; ^ODfe230 pounds $H.6o «?i ice. Bud Wliite Motor Ci.. 219 fng lips. reajj fi.-ar in tli- iiauiiiiil , i;iiil one iiiore'ahseiKe/from .school | $ll.7.'.i5i 12..'>0; trip $12 .iri on 1.50 j ^ AyrOMOTIVE Automobile Agencies .MARRlKli MAN jWitli small family V.ani.s: work oh'lanil «>ii shares or .by 'iioiitli. \\ (iie J. W.- Dame- wout!. lol i. Kuns.| i.r phone 977-'i ^ FJNAl^CIAL^ BusliieKs Opp<irtnnitIes !K BARO.AI.N'S^ — Trunks, traveling bagi;. suit leases, tenl^, tarpaulins.; and all camp gm.d.-^. Mehninger ' "i"^''- ^'-^ Furniture-Store. lltiCSE—6 room.s, fine <-oiidition. i strictly modern; pri(-ed right. 209 1 S. Fir ,st. Minesiiiger. Pho..6C2J. CHCNK WOOD— For sale. $2.50 in timber or $3.25 delivered. A. J. Swinford. Phone 518. PIBLICATION XOTICE. iV\vA\. publisheil ill tlie lola —^—— ' ! Dailv ,R*-Kister, February 2::. 1927.) room modern, with , ^t. M. Weatherman and .Mrs. Es- "1 two lots. Jack.son Realty Co.. ,..1 la Weatherman will taki;'iiotice Browns Dnig Store. X^WM. they have li.-en sueUin the .Mien Connty. W »«ither- Boslnestt and Office Eqalpmeat M HOUSE ble ga Rent her. of Five room mmlern. ao.i-; ''J';;'".''' '7"''',, „ , ble garage, good location. ^^^^^^^^J^^^]^ LEGALS REMI.NOTO.V TYPEWRITER -.Ami' — d«5<k, AI condition;' no office use. I _ IiMiiiire J. E. Puwell & Co. office.! and roil was woin'aii. Who . distress. | "I'woudir i" you'll li'.<i- to meet. '".\i t nii my auntj" lV!|toii sa:'d. Tliey .iiad ! ply. "Iiy been talkini; -o^ eecefttrii itie.^ in auyihiiii: - ;reae'ral.' "Shi Js the .niost' m-een- vau- liu^iiie .Hs. or only tri<-. person I know, and the stran^-• lijie' you est (iombinatitu of centleness and iie:- 'fero(iiv.yi'' . j . '-^!l•l tlii "Tilia"!; ^ounij.i deli^;htfu!." Made- a s line s|nil?<l;- "rather li:;e the lion tli^f '.in a and the lamb in one identity.' \vi >v;'lil i)e "ThaCs justj what slle is. Here^lier was .slie il'orae^ now-" Wljite South WashiuRlon. Phone ISO. "Why: tliat's '.ladeline. asi< Barrpii.! .>]liss "Ob. w« Ana.stasia (iowti. Now I )H •see:-' .And lib How as she .-ipoke iTife Risss had risen ,;U);u'i o ;t .\id he ill 10 fade {iwav. They bad tlie grace to redden a,;. Her br little, biii ed.!- ' laush "I., them ri.iiht to ta then • Sli<l Folsti Me iiiK. Mi4 k tio! he Lv II. that peii I "YH It •W. "M thliil;! shi ;<lie i-^ ' you r linrli t Hi em Hfte SI Gdod |ints his own kind again." _ smiled "gaily and Anastasi.-!'ki.ssed yi\i: wide! ;h«r head. I. "I wisji ntinjie ' I lan Peltou was ask-'-t!ie UiiciK dly • till, jieayns. Rig?s. wlio is! Tan I n ji ^id how did y (Mi hap-i licitoi^sly, IT'.''' I DinlieSS b) n xcil Wof^l » ru 11 -in yjoiirself; I di roll H(oo(^ HI baiiil. Mr. V befoni. InniiPHJ,-,! murder, are .V w*ll cime after ponltiA [Br A. JONES ! Ill S«. Ohio - PhoBie 1:10; ORE JINAN'S MARKJ<:T 1 1;/;^ We Fanrjj Green! Horse! pas What -M-ulehn,- Fair (!ist!i ,'.\liss. Folsoml" said iliided. "Yes. js'ae's iny auiit. Hello. .Vunt .';tasia. take mj)-; place. "This is .Mrs. Polsoni." 'renot entire strangers." now Caiim F(t«Isom said, .sitting shiver! lo you do. .Mr. Rigss?; Sh-- wa.- t you two'll niari-h off^—• nious blat ."til" .lica.eli y all laughed, for even l/on affect less graceful woman ealk-il a start, bui^with |.i mere sinuous quiver. i)eaiuif;il python might! siu-ii, iiiake. RiL-.::s 2 a need at her. a |iled the women d I'elton were just about .^oniv larpt Madeline Barron s F< a Woman about so long. 1 m^ ! hat and! gtj we only ilui- to hi - ; 'eekratod don't want rtationj at ill- n-so^ "What's go; lid. "It's (|itite all Isom. .\ man wants. donV h "You lookl Arcsmoblles for .Sale 11 poun ijrouK. s.-Jf-couir(dle(l "1 say. Uiggs." Ros.r .Neville' 11.SO;- 240 pouiids up - $11.15T/i iwas in ill ineiital sai.l. aliru;);Iy. "what's iJoiiig In tin-; U.Oo; packing .sbws llO .ir .iClO.CO. K.-l.^om flatter'.'" '. Cattle 4.000; calves 700; .fed h." was the guarded re-' st.-ers showing full advance; she f-Qf^j, TOl'RI.VC — 19''» hiodel the way do you know, stock .steady to il.5c higher; bulls j^arter, gooil tires, new Phoenix l (.arreit Fol.som s pri-; s ead.v; vealer.-^ and weighty j j.,, „,..( the ones I slaughter calves; strorig to aOc | j.J,' ,; J .ranlee,l. One-t i'r.i IPJt S.AJ-lt— <i''rw'n trade for lola pro ;verty:: Complete auto emiip- ment and service stutbm In es- Jabli.s,lied ; location. Will sacrifice if .sold at once. See .Murphy at Ellis .Motor Co. - Inttjtitmi'nts—,Stocks, Bonds 39 .10 SHARES STOCK—Federal Reserve Life liisuraiiee Co.. cheap. Address Stock" care Register. ^liannexftd. i-statA of T. .A. Weatlier- man, dpceasrd. to recover the,sum — I of .$.-.7100 and iutere.qt on J their 91 ! propii-ip^^.ry note made. to. "T. A. — I Weatherman, now ileceased; and NOTICE OF APPtHNTMF.NT i that attachment has been i .s .^ned Adinint«trator. ;and been levied on lot. 4, in block... j Legal \otlces State of Kansas; Allen County, 12 and lots 9 and 10 in block .1, city y ss. , of lola, to pay said debt. In tite matter of the estate of And that unless they auiiwer. said -! w,r..- more or l.;ss part- higher; veal top «12.o0; „,^„, • ;.stockers and feeuers firm; ''hoice p. . --o 'l' S Wisi,- !imc Carmelita Valdon heavy steers $12.25; good to choice .'nv"-" ilden iiiiick movement, mediuni w«*ights | $ll..-.0; bulk m.-- . " dium to ?:6od liftht weight steers jrtOOD I'SED CARS—Lat $S.25rtr9..<<5: bulk! heifers $7Ti .S..-;i... • Chevrolet loach; two 1925 ' Money to Loan-^.11ortgages 40 Chicago Livestock. Chicago. Mar. 2. (Cnited States ; Department of .A,gr"iculture 1— Hogs todav?; • e. 1920 Chevrolet coaclie-: one 192:? Clu-vrolet roadster. These car.-, are all. in best of eondl'loi 'L It. T. ISarhei tiarice. 211 We.-,t street. Pho. ."il.^. FARM LOANS—Quick Service and reasonable rates., A. D. Hawthorne. 213 S. 'Washington. iari-oir all upset. .Angel i—well, that is.^yi she hesitated, and 0-\KMNIl — DealersI'O.NTI.\C ' and city! property. I bed s.v'nipatlictieally. and i t'he Duchess saiVI, placidly: : —*2-5 Oakland landaii sedan. fiii<-' Terms and payment to iiy Val'loh throwing a' ''Let's say indiscreet." • ; shape: 24 Ford roadster; '22 Ford | n wer. Sjtewart & Fun FARM A.VD CITY LOANS—Base rate on fa,rms, 5%, city 6%. Long or short time. R. M. Cunningham. MONEY TO LOAN—Private and eastern irioney to loaii on farins Low rate, suit bor Funk. "But that 's just wlijit they were , lOupe ill l )!ai k. with an enor- I not." protested .Mrs. Valdon. "and i k hat. for wheij not <in | unless you take, that back. Ditch-' or' bo«.rriw-alk, .Mrs, Val- es,';. I shall cry." j d picture costumes. The "Where do yoi^ think those let- \ onlrasi was supplied by i ters are';" a.skcd .Riggs, determined i • jade biuklesion both | to press his adv;jntage. wii. i has^ rea.son to think he |Iliant' coloring, not all! brought them dovju here with him. • makeup lio^, was ai--i and Carmelita al y iicr quite' evident agi- thined to get the jtigBs' <|uestioii.' "Then woiildn' veil to lake it up boldly, found among his tlie matter. .Mrs. Val-- "That's just it asked, smiling at her. | were." as if some one had j Tlte Riggs laii " iyoiir mind at re gODiI; 'l.V Ford eoupe. I cheap; '21 For.i coupe, balloon | tires; '22 Hudson sedan, good!" shaiie: '23 ' Chevrolet (oupe: '21 I?fSTRUCTION_ Studebaker- 4-pass. coupe fine I Local l{n>tnicti»n (lasses -l.'t so seemeil deter- imatter over with. they have been things?' I'm afraid they! up against I In't do who lis she?" Edw.-iid Uarron. .If you niixed lip III thtj ease. wir.le tlie Apiiiirei .-Olvill (III , "Ho yoi; a; low. sit iioved back in alarm, [others laughed. i ily ('Hriiielita. too,' ie-|term for tie sh^' a bold stroke. |, .Mr. lUgKs," site said, iu 1 succeeded beyond Illy voice, 'tlo you know! Wlilioiit a wor<| Her husband stood next I .-m.. tiiin^; .,f the.private husfiiess of ercd up her sea ••i at'tlie' rope wli.-ii voiir I Carrell Fr, II filler. .\nd Misj BJir ! -\Vlr. ithe nt'her side of her In'is- i " t nrither-of i!ienr knew i enniiileiii 'i iolslikn Ml That Not had ever e.-ii h all came out at the 1 wli H. lucking he, I ..I oil'/" r till.-! lool ail "It Wl>l ihy uai-t ; 'Viffiil -"-llei fOlA HIDE, FUR & \ 001] always' la 'COMPANY • \ . • ;<i'->^" ii'w. Giet o'nr prices, on . j:'': "'"•'' •^'LTfeT AX1» EGGS, i .«':'d » ite \\\ w<!rds weij frt'J.- wen ; W'oiidered the folluwinir prices; BJUes ll|des ^, whether 'poss».a.siolil \o. 1 E «k ..L,— ^-isciiiiat he lu No. 2 Erirs -H-'--- ^—that is t. tlheckk- aid Birty Eprs- ... i ::c i„,i„a HensL -l—.-^ l.r:lo2«c ,f,at .Spring- 4-.-——l»c jto 1^' million han.| Tonne and Old tocks j .-.12c J. F. Gt-entian Prdducp Co. MoiiVoe Eim KMU. .-is. ;ti-yin« to liMik wisit- criminating, you help'."' said Rifigs.' so- he did not have s'nape. Some other very du-apJ , , ,, cars. Cash, terms or trade. Ho-' hart-Steele Motpr Co. K.VIUILL— Wi'h -tlie new < lass at Kva:!s Uusiness Collece or.'. Hay vlid rSED CAR BAROAl.VS— clio.']. Positio^is Isecuieil, over night CHEVROLET new. ghed. "Then set 1 t. dcdr lady. If : f-:T.»|926 Coaih, like looked like that!" Criedl they had been indiscreet, or in-i FORD, 1S26 Roadster, Ilk- mw. would E.SSEX. 1926 Coach, sood shape. .lOI.N I Theliuw cla.sls in telegraphy a I "The lola Business College. Rooii 7. Evau!* Buadihg._ TivE STOCK have heard Horseij, CatUe. Yehlcles 48 i riiillSK -Coming five year old: one \ «iileitire wayou; one spring wag- TYPKWRITERS FOR SALE.-Rent or trade. Adding machiiies. any make. Public stenographer, no-J tary and multigraph work done, i . , , ,, ... , Room 10-11. over Globe Clothiers, j Qathia Wright, late 'of Allen petition bv.April 6. 1927 .said peti- _, —— !CouMty. tion will be taken .^as true and : Fuel, Feed, FerUllzeni S£i NOFH E OF APPOIXTMEXT. ; judgment rendered in ,rem as • Notice is herebv given, that on therein; asked aniKihe attached GOOD PRAIRIE ILW—Baled. $S.-iO the 24th dav of February. A. D.. property .sold Jto p-jy .«anie and per ton at barn. John Coykjcn-s i.,:j7_ il,e undersigned was by the cost, dall. Elsmore. Kans. Pho. 120». , Probate Court of Allen County. ERNEST .M k-\PiR rriRV t^nnniTR Vnr- cnio i Kansas, duly appointed and quali- ^eh Rav Phone A i fied as Administrator'of the estate Beatty Ray. Phone 9.0-O.3. , Cynthia Wright. late of Allen .VICE PRAIRIE HAY—Baled. Lewis Powell, mile north and mile east of Iron Work-s. Honsr^old Goods county, deceased.. .All parties interested fn said estate will take ; (2)-23 f;3)-2-9. WEATHE^MA-N, Administrator. By C. S. Riuer. .Atty. Attest: Gladys F. .Marmopt. ' Clerk 'District Court. , »9: CLASSIFIED DISPLAY -i CO.VGOLEC.M RL'GS^Cheaper than j ever. Just received. a big ship i/ient. Bryson Furniture ."^tore, 1 .North Jefferson. of the matter beiore this. Either hem here or the ! Iii-nding so neat: tliat the authorities considered theni only the regulation ipaph notes—" Rli ;gH bad iise^ tlie annoying I rousing CaruicUta's ire,~ and Isom".'" iaway. do,he said, slowly, | we h.'ive tin eXih .inge <d all round." ed siraisht at . .Neville, sjnuily. 1.1 b.- no 1 onfideiice on I mean no'lietra.val 'of. Wliali-v.-r 1 know about I I 'i : lii.s biistness is. and i -• b.-eii, at the disposal o( j •itji;atiim' his .leaili. It is I iiivsiery ii); me, and I'd give any information I (To Re r<intlnued) What did larhieIHa write to Garrett Folsoral Itiin Pellon ••een ron before! |iaii, as well as t.> gel any 1 can." looked at him. His e fine. His manuer ,aud unassailable, yet 'lite if he spoke the truth.' vvaut to know," Carnie- low voice Went on. "is Ian tinil—can regain of some letters f.f vX , d. While not 01 tlie sort rmeil by the reporters jting.' they are not the 1 wish to have fall into 'er purpose his Intonilhns. she rose.jgalli- f and siTollcd And wIvre.luiH Ha'delfne Bar. FORD, 1924 Roadst.'r, KOOII sh.ipe. FORI), 1925 TOCRI.VG, FORD. 19|24 TOI.'RI.Vf;. FORD. 1923 TIDOIt SKI).\N FORD. 1925 COACH. Several Other Cheaper Car;:. Wi-^ Sell on Ea.iv Terms or Trade tor l.ivestcek, BOYER MOTOR CO. ;i2 S, JEFFERSON PIl'ONK 2:- on. A- I- Keown. Phone 972-21. .lERSEY lUM^ 13 montlis. feRis- ii-red. Fo information see or writri H. JJ Denton. Colony. Kans. lERSEY Ct^W—Younc. just fresh. E. F, Pi -tsr-'On. Rout.- 2. Phone 9I3F11. 4th and WedncMlay I 'oHltrr and Sapplles 49 IIAUY (11 ICRS-State A. credited. We are h.-Aing special prices on rhirk:. ami Iioultry stipplies the Pi Wateb for the ad and Thursday. Sturdy Chlik Ila.".ihery,-22.t West .street. STOR.AGE,BARGAINS—1 used genuine leather duofold. 2 used rock- ; '.^rs with genuine leather seats and bac:ks. .all ,frames of iioiirtered 1 oak wax finish; the three pieces. $27,50, Oij'e new 54-iii(-h exfen-' sion- dining table, iinartered oak • w.ix finishi will sell for $20. One used quartered oak wax finished ; buffet. $lsr One used duofold., black iniitation leather, in poc.d conditiou. $22.50. One used oak:; dres.«^eV wit4^good bevel ulate niir-,' ror. $16. Cine used qnartered oak - dre.s-i:n£; table with chair to match,: $17.50. One massive quartered If itak library • table. $13.50. One '] "10x12 ft. new extra lieavyi inlaid- linoleum remnant, $12..'.0. One 12x15 ft. new extra heavy lino-• leTim remnafit. $13.30. One IO1CI21 ft. ni^w printed linoleum ^remnant,' $S. .A. R. Sleeper Furniture Co. FSED FraNITURE—Stoves; (Team i separators, farm mai-hinery. Real j .buys, easy payments. .Curtis Rai^-j caiii .Store. Lallarpe. , . 2ND HAND HEATLNG? STOJVES-' Reznors and furniture, good as, ' new, cheap, Kejley Hotel. i Radio Eqafpnent A BARGAIN—Victrola. in fitie condition;,' with rerqrds, ^K, C. Electric & Plumbing Co. EXCEPTIOiSrAL USED CAR VALUES , A Used Car Is as Dependable as the Dealer Who Sells It! We have on.hand at present the best assortment of lised cars , we hare ever had that must be moved to juake room for our new stock cars that .ire now. coming in. Iftte VOIH^E SE1».4\. «.nme as new. 1 192(; UOUGE SPttRT KtlADSTKK. slightly nsed. IDioDOOfiETOrKlX;, ninter lop, a real value. 1925 IMIVGI? COUPE, a real senieeaiib- car. 1923 BUCK SHORT KOAO.STEK, looks nuii runs like ncn. 1926 OAKL.WO LAMIAU SEDAN, nil a Inircain price. . 1926 E.SSEX COACH, slightly used. 192.". FOKD R^IADSTER, a real buy. Two 1926 FORD COFPES, .same as new. Two I92i F4»lil» TOlKlNtJ.S. worth the money. New FOKO TRCCK, cab body and everything at li nice dls- count. ! Ten other good cheap Ford tourings^ and'roadsters that we i - - . V must move. i We trade or sell on easy terms. F)oilge,Brothers Cars—Graham'Brothers Trucks ELLIS MOTOR COMPANY 211 >. >Va>hJng»i.» (Open Evenings and Sundays) Phone SOI FRKrKl.KS ANDJTTS FRiftNDS BE 6tA0 7D eer ^isse FLCMJEfeScr t liMOW 'IT IS'70 BE S\CK JM BED \M17M. 7K' WHAT HE THINKS jTHEYRE FORI BY BLOSSER "What do you nieaii by alien?" asked Rl !l :;s. with liiSf liisartning smile. ".Nothing, e'xactly." |ind- Carmy jpoiited. "but any- liar.d.s other'than Phujne S76 '»>' consider aiieu in this : J situation. |! It's only that they were

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