Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 13, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1898
Page 4
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of Kvhli-iu c llm Ill-Rim Hi Sun I When a young man asks • father fof bit daughter'* hand in marriage, if the fatitt it a wise one, he thinks of one thing eqtiaV ly as important as the young man's morals, •ocial and btislneie standing; and intelligence. A young nun who auffera from 111' health hat no right to marry until hla health it restored. To do to is to commit a crtnM .against the hnman race. While all diseases may not be directly inherited, the constitutional tendency to acquire them it Inherited. If a man is a. consumptive, the ohancet ate that his children will have weak, undersized lungs, and a predlipoai- i acquire the same disease. '-f man who suffers from bron- Ittttgi, apltting of blood or any 'dittaiifof (Be jab-passage* which, if ne»- n |ect*{U1et4(,ii(ito consumption, may take Drrinerce'iOolden Medical Discovery with almost absolute assurance of recovery. It cure* 98 per cent of all casea when taken in time. It soothes and heals the delicate . and sensitive tissues of the air-passage* and Innga, checks the cough, facilitates expectoration, drives out all impurities and dls- , . t*ros from thy tainted blood new and healthy tissues. and bnlldi , Me. John O. Born, of 4o» Liberty A»e., JMtU- burgh, Pa., write*: "SomethirtyrtftrothMBo I se'<f to my wife,' I don't rmnt tdk«p •flyflUno; flrom yon, 2 must tell you I am In ih* MM atac« of eotuumptlon.' tn December i8o<!1 commenced taking Dr. Pierce's Oolden Medical DUcomy. I could, then only speak In whUpen. I have taWf fflMeen bottles?Snd can say with truth X ^^ ' rM&efitcd. i People are surprlted to ifc: 1 can nattoo, and niy voice has good In eight yean. My itomach „_ better condition, formerly I could •WUSout raftering very much Immediately mt now I can eat anything." tt.TuiwMiraimriwwfliifflU —m FOR BALE. ' TO.Dr.H.rdyprop^c^rnwHh.nd Alby -BuMggEjgt. »* Lot Its. and flth stir Lot The retldenoe of Goo. Klrsob on Belle street; •mttss^M***^ - room | heated by fnrnaoej The One lot ot David with 4-roora brtok TheJ. M. TonaorbontL 41 aoresi flno 10 room dwni Burnt, fine lots on Bluff • ddletown. {boot lt ofallldnd. t wlthbrtok pa- fc i- 5s woo* A fine 8-room brlok ttoam . Lot 120x130 feet t fine ^A'deitraTll'rS'ldenoe on P««peot ttreetjlto 7 room*. Heath with faroaoe.. *** * tMi •"• TflnTpro'^rty on th»nortf Ulfe ,af BMond • • - • • - • • • oar line In Upper Alton. • • -. • !ti°ln Highland Park, eaoi TO by about Dwelling on State ttreet. Prtoe n, not FItEAK ADVERTISING. SOME ODD CHARACTERS TO BE SEEN IN CHICAGO'S STREETS. Wilt l^nIUeM, I.nd'ler Frame Hl- «y»ll«i«, *"oo«1>nll I'lnj-f r«, Pake Country Men. doldler. Btid Kvi-n Convict* Wt*d AD Hrlntt nill1>o»rd«. Chlcmgo%eehi« to Ift the boron of the advortltlug fieafe. In the bnelnosi) section of tto b)4 Western metropolm mny be Beflh all ''ttltiAn of unique characters Who are etnploywl Bolcly for the ptir- pom affording on Iho attention of an orjflngpectlng public vorlons wares nnd merchandlifl. "The average business man does not believe tfaiii kind of advertlalng pays, Btld Ufa genordl opinion of the pnblio IB that It doein't, either, bat thereneom to be many merchants who hold to the Idea that tho pablio likes to he fooled, .fust why a man should be led to patronize the tailor who tends oat as a walking advertlnement a Scotchman clad in short ho«o and tartan IB a mystery. But it IB aa difficult to prove that this method does not bring custom as it Is to prove tbat it does. Two of the most striking figures who have recently appeared on the streets lu the down town section of Chicago are the mim on ten foot stilts and the roan on <be ladder frame bicycle. Tho ambition of both floems to bo to draw o crowd. The stilt man often does this by maneuvering with an exaggerated camera. When he has collected an audience, be displays a sign which reads, "Smoke B Cigar." The man on the high wheel is also an artist at his trade. Ilia ways and means of attracting attention nre varied. Another fellow whose present business in life is to spread the knowledge of a medicine of tbis order far and wide is the football player who wanders about town. Hatless, bareheaded save for the characteristic ehock of wild looking balr, in dirty, padded garments and adorned with nose guard, shin gaards and all the other devices employed by genuine football players to preserve themselves from utter disintegration, he makes his way up and down the principal streets. ' Heralded by a warwboop an Indian la blanket, leather leggings and feathery faeaddregs rides about. All armed fof war and battle is this aborigine, nnd the pony which he bestrides in also got op in warlike regalia. This Indian, Pwtitlp Complexion. It does not require an expert lo detect the sufferer from kldnoy trouble. The hollow cheeks, the sunken eyes, the dark, puffy circles under the eyes, the salluw p-rsnip-colored complexion Indicates it. A physician would auk If you had rheumatism, a dull pain or ache In the back or over the hips, stomach trouble, flesifo to wrinate often, or a burn- tig or scalding in passing It; If after passing there la an unsatisfied feeling as If it must be at once repeated, or » the urine has a brick dust deposit or strong odor. . When these symptoms are present no time should be lost In removing the cause. . . , Delay may load to gravel, catarrh or e bladder, Inflammation, causing stoppage, and sometimes requiring the drawing of the urine with Instruments, or may run Into Brlght's disease, the most dangerous stage or tidney trouble. , Dr. Kilmer's Swariip-Koot. the great discovery of the eminaut kidney and bladder specialist, la a positive rem- ed* for such diseases. Its reputation Is world-wide and It Is so easy to get at any drug store that no one need suffer any length of time for want of It. Howevef, if you prefor to first test its wonderful merits, mention the TELEGRAPH and write to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghampton, N. Y., fora sample bottle and book telling all about It, both sent absolutely free by mall. PARIS INTT111I, Thousands of Extra Police Are Called Out. Tne L. J. Clawson homestead tn "PP«' no 9 with 10 rooms, barn and garden, now occupied b Mr OeoTLeYls. Potteailon Rlren by July 1. REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE, in4 LOAN AGENT ROOM IJ.-P. 0. BUILDING. ipTtcket* ; TBXAK ADVBBTIS11KJ IS CHICAGO; originally advertising a special k{nd of Indian onteall, baa done advertising doty of many kinds during the last few months. j A military drama now running ID Chicago la being industriously advertised < by a company of mook aoldiers whoinaron up and down to the musio of bugle, drum and fife. ; There are a dozen or more malice be lieve, ruralists who depend upon their exaggerated costumes to attract attention. They wear the eame kind of clothes .the variety aotora affect 'when they dealifl to represent what they call a "Bonbon," and, of course, they bnur not the slightest resemblance to the moat illy dressed farmer you ever saw. Tliey would ,bo just an conspicuous in 'the backwoods as lit Chicago. Bpt this makes no difference. People look at them and gather In knots a boot them when they atop, and thin gives an op portunity to "spring the advertising gag." ' Of quite another type is the couple employed by a certain down town firm. They (ravel luxuriously nbont in an open victoria with a liveried footman and driver. Both are uttlrod In correct afternoon iifo»w. 80 perfect is tne turnout in every detail that heads are tinned, almost uuooneciontly, to look after it as it paisos by. And it is upon the certainty of this turning that the advertisers of the marriage bureau have qouutod.. e l( ; Juried jjyj the! 0 gQnpy I" rend* the notice, BC»roBly|«ore,ttan « foot squnro, at the ' vn-^m •**•*••* f £m**-*f~^i mw-J .— f - • j \ back of the loatinau'a »«lt.' One', day r«oeaMy ft' aeeniiug state's 'T ; ;p»laofl 'convict In striped black unci ,.,WbtW tU)it<ffni utrolled Iwisnrely down gt)M»:?;itwe^^ bfinriuK high above uls beia > .sfrewuer wbloh:tolll of the to""' >|e fpoHity to help people to rise world jWBSfliHod b/ the Blank tiowA^i 1 . A camol. a tandem rT . M«Jaii».Jind v a |f»ko giraffe are even'uaw dfiipoftf^ »beif)(iejves around the dowil town nol^TJorboods, upon ad vertltfiug oud* anil alma lutout. All those peculiar oreuturoa and orou tiooft are uulijuo lu tbat Ohicngo la said to bo the only city lu the World in wbltti they would be allowed the liberty of the public ttreeU. O. J. BOWDBN. The aure'.La urippe Cure. There If no me suffering from tblf draidful malady, If you; will (>nly a the right remedy. Yon are havji pain all tbrougU your body, y«nr Hv to ont of order, have no appetite.: Ufvpf AWblUon. h»Y« • b *<yi? ld > i completely W*d np. Wecta. Is to") only remedy .hat will n prompt and sure ralli if. They on your Liver, I ItomaoU. • ID the wl -' -ifke* ey. Tblifalttoai ,«,«» to time, vWMoi * of oonrampUon and orlni to w pallid ANTMIKEl Fl'S DEMONSTRATIONS. Mob Handed by Two Members of the Chumbcr of Ui-piitlo« Murelies to the Frlnon Where Colonel Plccninrt Ii Confined mid Shout "S|>lt Upon 1'lcquart"— Report That the Colonel I« To Be Pro- vlnloiiuUjr Helenieil. Paris, Dec. 13.—Several thousand extra police and Republican guards have been distributed about this city to cope with the antl-Plcquart demonstrations which are expected In view of the reports that the colonel IB to be provisionally released. It Is said that Dreyfus will arrive In Paris at an early date. His return was practically decided by the Brlason cabinet, and the Dupuy ministry adhered to this decision. It Is announced that the detachment of troops which will guard the prisoner will cons'st of 100 aoldiers. Paris. Dec. 13.—M. Mlllevoye and the Comte de Kamel, both members of the chamber of deputies, headed an anti- Dreyfus demonstration They marched lo the Cherche- Mid! prison, where Colonel Plcquart Is confined, but they were stopped by a cordon 1 Of police and wsre COLONEL PICCJUART. begged to retire. Thereupon M. Melle- voye made a speech, during which he said they did not desire a conflict with "these brave fellows," pointing to the police, adding that they had achieved their object, of being able to shout "Spit upon Piequart," who could hear them from 'the window of his prison. diners for the Army. The crowd then marched to the Hotel des Inviilldeg, the official residence of General Zurllmlen, the military governor of Paris, cheering for the army and chanting monotonously "Spit upon Plc quart," Meeting a lieutenant of Clr- cusslars on their way they gave him an enthusiastic ovation and, the lieutenant replied, "I thank you In the name of the- army." The speech brought forth renewed cheers from the demonstrators. The doom of General Zurllnden'i residence were closed but the crowc gathered outside cheering for the army lind M. Mlllevoye hiranged hla follow ers, denouncing the "Infamous monsters of the court of cassation," ending with culling for cheers for the "Valient Gen eral Zurllnden, who commands the army." nnd for "the trl-color Hying over Ihe Invalides." Mnyorol Altfii-rn Huapemleil, Paris, Dec. 13.—The pretect of Al glers has suspended the mayor of Ai glers for a month on account of i speech made by the mayor, who Is an anti-Semite, attacking the govnrno general. The minister of the Interlo has Increased the suspension to threi months. Tills is Intended as a warning to the Algerian anti-Semites, whose re cent violence and threats have been causing: a panic umong the Jews ti Algeria, which has demoralized bust ness. niver steamer isurned. New Orleans, Dec. 18.—The St. John Howard, ft large und flno stern-whee freight and passenger carrier, burnec up during Ihe night at Columbia, La She was In command of Captain J. W Carlson. No lives were lost. The boo had about 1,000 balse of cotton on board. She belonged to the Ouachlta line and ran between New Orleans and Ouuchlla river points. (IrMntudn Divorce* Columbus, O., Dec. 13.—Virginia Thurman Cole has been granted a dl vorce from T. Kelly Cole. The formei Is a grand-daughter of the late Senatoi Thurman and the latter Is an operatic singer, having been a member of the Bobtonluns at the time of the marriage seven years ago. Neglect of duty am failure to provide were the grounds for the dlvorco. A Narrow Escape Th*nk»nl wordflWJ-Jttwby Mr». Aaa B. Hart, of Qroton, 8. D. "W»a taken with a bad cold which settled on my lunge; covgb «et In and finally terminated In Consumption. Four doc- tore gave me up, saying I oou'd live but frboritlinAi I gave myself up to my savior, determined If I could no •t»y with my Mends on earth, to r juu- '*• —.»i*-." *_K««»^ ' Mw mi wotnftn," Trial drug itore ai»d»l. QuaranUied may «nri ll' ... quio_ Me voioe .... infallible aid oblds and all tbroat and lungs 26o. - Tl\n mUlnB of , f Mi.« rnnlclls -r i'f Mrs. .'"!'» I'll! JiKlfr'" 1 Carroll rnse will donlit- Pnn Frnncl?c f), PIT i-e In the- (il:i: BntklH fur HIP iniir-lf DtinnliiR rnmnii n f I Coclt's court nml UK prncceil rnpldly lo It" termination. Harry C. l'oimlti«ton. a limllier of Mrs. Inhti P. Munnlng. nnil Mrs. Joshua \vlio wi-re Hie only perSnnn klllml liy pntliiB the pnl.ionetl candy, (tnvp his Instlrnony. lie loM of the •crclpt of Ilio bus of polnnnod candy at he Dnvnr pnslollici- ami its ili-llvery to Mrs. John P. InmnliiR. tn whom It was nililrcspfd. wlille slic wn.q sltlltiK on the pnrcli nf tho PcmiliiBtim ri'alilcnco wllh \ jtrrniip of reldllvos nml frlendHi tho ipe.nhiK "f the l>i>x ami partnltlnjt of the swcclK by thnsi- In the gatherlnR and the suliseiiii'nl Illness and fatal :erinln:itlun In the rnsien of Mrs. Dnn- nlnn and Mrs. Donne. The next witnesses will he the Hnn. John H. Dun- nlnK, father "f the dead woman, nnd Mr. Joshua D. Deane, hunliaml of one if the decenH>'d. It IB thought that the testimony of these witnesses will occupy the whole of the day. I'rnmliioMl Itlvi-i- Man Di-ail. PlttpliurK, I'ee. l.'l.—Captain Simpson Homer, a prominent coal and river man, known from PlttBlmrg to New Or- eans, IB dead. Deceased was 82 years of afie and was a steamboat man for sixty years. F HI will* i- 1 AViir Ht 'f?hloi»K<». Chicago, Dec. 13.—A mass-mectlnff at Central Music hall was addressed by Mayor Harrison, rx-Oovernor Altgeld, John M. llarlan. Oeorpe E. Cole. Jen- tin I.loyO Jones, and Father Modnett n denunciation of Ihe proposed Hfty- year street car franchise, and all the speakers were cheered. Pastors In many city churches, regardless of denomination, denounced the franchise ordinance and declared the stockholders nnd the directors in the street railway companies who do not protest against It are as corrupt as the boodle aldermen. Blan nnd Wife Killed by n Train. Burgettstoun. Pa., Dec 13.—Carl McBride and his wife were Instantly killed by an express train at Haccoon station on the Panhandle road. They were driving in a sleigh from their home, near North Star, to this place and were crossing the track when the train dashed Into them, both being terribly mangled and almost Instantly killed. McBrldp nnd his wife had been married but a few wenUs. Many People Cannot Drink rioffee at night. It spoils their sleep. You nan drink GRAIN-O when you plfiase and sleep like a top. For 3RA1N-O does not stimulate; It nourished, cheers and feeds. Yet it ooks and tastes like the best coffee. ?or nervous pewon«, yonng people and children GRAIN-O IB a perfect drink. Made from pure grains. Get a package from your grocer today. Try HJn place of coffee. 15o and 25o. No'Humbug Foley'a Honey and Tar does not claim to pe^brm miracles. It does not claim to cure all oases of consumption or asthma, but it does claim to give comfort and relief it advanced stages of these diseases and to usually cure early stages. It is certainly worth trying by those afflicted or threatened with these dread diseases. Sold by E. jJarsh and S. H. Wyss. A Word to the Wise iff Sufficient. Ely's Oream Balm has completely cured me of catarrh when everything else failed.—Alfred W. Stevens, Oald- well, Ohio. Ely's Oream Balm works like a charm; it has cured me of the most obstinate case of cold in the head. I would not be without.—Fred'k Fries 283 Hart St., Brooklyn, N. Y. A lOo. trial size or the 60o size of Ely's Oream Balm will be mailed Kept by druggists. Ely Brothers, 50 Warren et.,N. Y. Lost. Many have lost confidence and hope as well as health, because they have been told their Kidney disease was incurable. Foley's Kidney Cure is a Guaranteed remedy for the discouraged and disconsolate. Sold by E Mareh and B. H. Wysa. The person who disturbed tha congregation last Sunday by coughing, Is requested to call and get a bottle o Foley'a Honey and Tar, which always gives relief. Sold by E. Marsh and 8 H. Wyss. _ for Kidney Troubles there Is nothing better than Foley' Kidney Cure, everyone who tries i will agree to this. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. Inflammation Rheumatism Cured In Days. Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon, Ind. aays: "My wife had inflnmmator rheumatism in every muscle and join! her suffering was terrible and her bod; and face were swollen almost beyonc recognition; had been in bed for six weeks and bod eight physicians, bu received no benefit until she tried th Mystic Cure for rheumatism. It gav immediate relief and she was able tc walk about in three days. I am sur it saved her 'ife." Bold by S. H Wyos, Druggist, Alton ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Danjel W. Collet, ilooeased. Tho undersigned hiving been appointed Administrator o? the estate of DANIEL W. COLtET; • j ate of the county o£ Madison and State of Illinois, deceased, hereby gives notice that he will appear before the County Court or. Madison the Court House, In EdwardBTlllB, at the January term, on the flrst Monday In anuary neit, at which time all persona oaT- ng claims against said estate are, notified and requested to attend for the purpose of havlne he same adjusted. All persons Indebted to said estate are requested to make Immediate pay- Kin t to the undersigned. Dated this 19th day Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently cared by the masterly power of South American Nervin Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longe because this great remedy can our them all. It is a cure for the whol world of stomach weakness and Indl gestion. The cure begins with th urnt dose. The relief it brings Is mar velous and surprising. It makes n failure; never disappoints. No mat ter how long you have suffered, you cure is certain under the use of tbi great health-giving force. Pleasan and always safe. Sold by 8. H. Wysu For Hoarseness. ind Bun]. Ingerson, of Hutton. mi nays: he had not spoken above whisper for months, and one bottle o Foley'» Honey and Tar restored hi voice. It is used very largely b^ speakers and singers. Sold by E Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. What do the Children Drink? Don't Rive them tea or ooffey. Hav you tried the nf w food drink oallec GRAIN-O? It la delicious and nour laliing and takes the slace of coffee The more Grain- O you give tb« child ren the more health you distribute through their systems. Oraln-O Is made of pure grains, mid when properly prepared tastes like the choice grades of coffee but touts alxnit oua- half as much. All grocers sell it. 16o and 26o ... „„..., for Pneumonia. Dr. J. 0. Bishop, of A«new, Mich., save: "1 have used Foley's Honey and Tar In three very severe oases of pneumonia the past month with KOpd results. Bold by E. Mursn and S. H. Wye.8. CASTOR IA For Infant* wjd Children, Tk» Kind You Have Always Bougbt ••pMra tne •Hfutve «i Eagle Condensed Milk. LITTLE BoorTlNFANf HEALTH" SENT FREE, Should be In Every House.. H.r. CONDENStD MILK CO. NEW: YORK. four BndlM Ar« Recovered unct Four More Hurled In the Holn». New York, Dec. 13,-Aftcr a fierce flre Hint occurred In n Hat building at 13< Prospect place, Brooklyn, four bodies \\fTi recovered, and the police tx- pcct to find more dead In the ruins. The known dead nre: Joseph Noblett, Mrs, Joseph Noblett, Mrs. Mary Stedhorn, mother of Mrs. Noblett; Thomas Wlnne. The missing are A. Frank, Mrs. A. Frank nnfl baby, and a brother of A. Frank. ' The bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Noblett and that of Mrs. Mnry Bteahorn wpre found by firemen on. the fourth .floor, of the house after the flames had been *x- tli.gulshed. Noblett'* body was hanging across the window sill, burned ial- most beyond recognition., the hpUse was occupied by five families arid a hoy's club had rooms In the basement. It Is supposed the ,hoys accidentally set the place on flre, as the flames were first discovered coming from the. base- ment. .;, - I L : FLOOD IK BROOKLYN, Valer Mulu Hursts »ml C«u«e« a I.OM of $1,000,000. ; Brooklyn, N. Y., Doo. 13.—A four-foot ater mnln at Central avenue and po- cnt street, East New York, broke bout 4 o'clock In the morning, and In n Incredibly ehort time, though Ihe lain was burled under twenty feet of round, hundreds of thousands of bar- els of water from the Rtdgewood rea- rvolr, a mile and a half distant, were aging down Central avenue. Residents long Central avenue and Intersecting treets were aroused by the noise ,-hlch was like the roaring of the surf t Coney Island. The streets were a wlrllns torrent, In which were tossed bout all sorts of objects, from trolley alls to household furniture. The open ots were great lakes. Those thus roused from sleep turned o light the gas. only to discover that t would not light. Mingled with the ushlng of the water were cries of .the mprlsoned householders, women and hllelren. No lives were lost, although here were several narrow escapes. The Bremen of No. 52 engine, a few hundred cet south of Covent street, did noble work in the rescue of the women and hlldren from the three buildings ftbut- Ing the caved In street. These houses, all frartie, with brick foundations, are undermined and uninhabitable. , The area of flood is, roughly, a square mile. Conservative judges place the damage not far short of $1,000,000. ;. ^ Michigan uiilvemlty Boaplcal, > Ann Arbor, M.lch., Dec. 13,— The avier- age number of patients treated at the University of Mlchlgah hospital during November was the highest on, record. The total number of patients registered wa* 186. Of these ninety were "In" and nlnety-flve were "out" patients. The highest number registered at any pne time was eighty-nine. On one occasion there were thirteen waiting for a vacancy so as to enter the rhospltal. IWu.t I»»M A,V«»« '« ?«r Ce,nt. i Ann Arbor 1 , jMloh., Doc. IS.— The pharmacy department of the University j of Michigan expects a large Increase; In membership In the next few years. .On Jan. 1 a rule goes Into effect requiring all candidates in the state examinations In pharmacy to pass above 76 per cent. The result of this will .be , that fewer persons will study pharmacy In drug stores and more will attend the university. _ __ _ Clever Dollar Counterfeit, ,' Memphis, Tenn., Dec. 18.— A smooth gang of counterfeiters is at work In the Mississippi valley. The counterfeit Is of the' standard silver dollar, bearing date of 1890. It Is believed that something, like 100,000 of them have gained circulation. .The counterfeit clowly resembles the genuine. ' _ ' Administrator. ASK YOUR DRUGGIST; tor a generous 10 Cent TRIAi SIZE, Ely's era Boira contains no cocaine, mercury nor any other Injurious drug. It is quickly absorb ed. Gives relief at ' omoe It opens and cleanses the '.natal passages. Allays pain and Inflammation. Heals and protects the membrane. Restores .he senses of taste and smell.' Fall size CO ots; Trial sl»e IDoj at druggist or by 5* l t T ,i HR dwlv - H Warren Street, N.T. Mothers, \vhea your children i^re attacked by, the dreadful pronp, von need not despair: Dr. John W. Bpt 1 ' 8 Cough,Syrup .will rolleve and core this olaeaae at once, .Yon can always depend on tl>te maryelbus reniedy} It never falls ,to our6. for whooping- cough and measle-coughiit is Che beet remedy in the tenth Children like it Will cure Croup 'without fail. Doses are small and pleasant to take. Doctors recommend it. Price ajcts. At all druggists. HARPEKSBAZAR mutt t>u ftfiilnmtxti a/ nrry drtts-maker. CUT PAPER PATTERNS* Ttau falltriu ttavi iff* frmimaaj " tht tut and tin timfltst" tn tht marlai. Tluy mt 2Sc. PER PATTERN W1IBT, SLKZn, orSKIRT-COirUTI. U01TK, 7(«. Wt will ttWoaitound you a a iftclal effir a TRIAL SUB. 25o. FOUR WEEKS -, ' to llu BAZAS *fo» naift oftlu motity. . ildrm HABrSH * BBOTUER8. PablLker., I. T. Cll, HENRY J. KLUNK, firs. Q. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE in M'Pllte Building.; Cor. and and Easton its. Phones 138 »nd ;?i. , . . • i P. SCitUSSLBfl,M.t> HOMBOPATHIST and silMEON OFFICl AMD RMffiiNCl, HOWL MADISON Telephone 100 f)rs. B. C. & H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFTICB HOURS: 7 to » ^.m; 11 to 1, e to I p.m. TBLBRHONBA7. DR. C. B. ROfiLAND, DENTIST, OMotBowft la.M.taUBK B4 t lo ».«. II W. THIRD EMIT I>*nc* S Dr. WUIliuns' ludlun Pile f I ointmeutvrlll uure Blind. "• Kilns- and ItoliloK •pnic*. liubsorbs the tumors, allay* the Itching at once, acts • 'tMiu) A poullloe, elves Instant re. • lief. Dr. WII.Wnas'lBilmnPIIeOlnt. • munt |*prwa.r»4 for FJjan and Itcb Ing o| Ihe prjya,t« parts. Every boi !>• . warranted. By druggUM, by mall,pn re oefpt ot mite. 60 oenta »o3 *1.00. WILLIAMS ^ frope.. OlevelaniTOhTo. flrai* IVlADri WIG A MAN DISCHARGED IN BANKRUPTCY In Short Tune. Yager & Yager, Attorneys 308 Belle Street. 5. R CONNOR Real Eitate, Inraruce od CollectlBt Afeat. Hot: Plat* BttUdl8g"an* Low lAatoolatlon ALTON, .Ui. THROUGH SERVICE BETWEEN— T- Ihe Kind You Have Always Bought, and wntoh has b«<m In use tot over 30 years, has; Ugme the flUrttaturo of T • , and has lcJfttoMe under his • ............. All Oot»nt*irfolts,;Imltntlonfli and pcrlmonts that trifle With and -- „-- . Infanta and Children— Experlefaee against What is .. ., $ ^ sott is a substitute for 6ast<)>- Olli Pwfefi^rio, Urrtps and Soothlngr Syrups. It Is Harmless and Pleasant. It contains nelthct; Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. Its age Is Its guarantee. It destroys Worms and allays Feverlshness. It cures Diarrlwea and Wind Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the Stomach and Bo^e%^l«Urvl»«Jai^ and jiatural sleep. The Children's Panoeeor-Tlhe, Motner'% Friend. GENUINE ALWAYS Bears the Signature of The Ind Yof lats Aliays Bought In Use For Over 30 Years, VHC OIHTAU* OOMPHHT, tmuMMr »Tm«T. ««W WTO C>TT. : BEST TRAINS PANQ Ijiundrw, .W:«rk imifully and Promptly Done.^ Alto bNt of Teu and Chlnete Noveltlet or hand, • (24 But Second st. . 3M State «1 Granitoid Paving Co. W . &JH. BBISER, 813 East Sixth Street. • Alton, III. Edmund H. Blair. Real E«Ute «nd Iniunnce Aient. ; MONEY Tp M)AN, Notary Public. ' ARMSTRONQ. ... . .. . .., Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster Meet to «*ei oo'mpetttlon. "Gooit de- Ure,r»|. «i*phoneW , . OfflM 107 Weit Second Streen Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAHER. Graduate Ontario YttenUry Collttt Offlo* orer The Model More, ^ " OCR .THOU) *MO PIABA BTS , 4LTOK ILI Heiliry Me Butcher and Packer lot <*•!« to Frtt» til SaH' Msels aa4 Ur4,.tif ' ' JWBAITJBCONO ALTON IU. ROBT. M. STAMPER. .REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, 1 .. money to Lout on Impiwvt Property HINTS OOLLBCT1D. KANSAS CITY rr ft MO Tt^»f. ..,•„ PRINCIPAL CITIES OP TEXSfc.' W*aMERJM)FFET$UEPE«S FREE RECLINING T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Map* Profile* and Bptlnute FurnUhed. joiv Belle Straet, Up ftblra. Chas A. Strittraatter 704 BA*T flBCOMO MOOMMO wke *{£2<g** t •"*•*»*• B » TAILOR MADE CLOTHES, MODERATE PRICES, NEW STWK°*OraOODS *B, , -'i M y t\ T -^\: THE OOMPANV M*iH 4*44*1 f AtTON TIME CARD ,, ^ ..-Chicago * Alton. On and after noon Aug. H, 1886, trains will lare Union Depot, Alton, M follows- For Ohlpago, North and Biat— *U:8» i at, *8:10 m, *8:47 * m, *10:06 p m, ' . • ld-*U:8S a m, *8:10 m, '8:47 For Kansas City and the west—* '47 am, t«:«0pm f *»:50pm. .......... V *DaUy. tExoept Sunday. , [See Joint 0. A A, and Big Four time table (or trains betweenAltOT ind St, Louis. 1 ' ' : ' ' • "•'> '' " i Between Alto* * St. LowU. PorjSt.tpuU, f Ar.8t. L. __ ,.-....0* A ! <|mll».....<...37 SOam I flD am.........., Ha Four, dally. ...,. i 7 w am liK.ain ....C lA.daJly.........j; 8 ooair IiOOam...... Big Four, eSStp ,.S>.J 800am jajim,. ri ,, v«J ~..v..s/ioooam 15»m "• " Sun. only.:... »Mam 1J*«" ..CAAi dally' ....l02J«m UUOpm. .......Blc Four,daily 140pm 8Mlrm.......Big; Four, Sat only........ 420pm 4 11 Dm •' " BT.HmT • . KUnm «08pm eaopm LT 8t L U 8 708am..... 7,«4«m .. 706pm .. 9.24pm Ar Alton . 810pm .. 910am .. (47am 1140am 2>0pm 1185pm 616pm 640pm 810pm 848pm 1005pm '......,.>, 848pm v,. •.,,.•/.,-•—-'our Uokett, Alton oud LonlaandSt IJoule Tloe ' .0 * A tad Big Four "'•"' .at 'thote ' stations. -'' " -'. I,* A Agent. ,Blg Four A Agent Burlington Route: Ltiave Alton ttOam Q ?»«n 800am 10 Warn ItW loo) Arrlre 8t. I/ 040am •Bon 7 64 am n SHam 1100 an) Daljrei.Bua ii 140pm 846pm 540pm oaopu. 8 To pi. AnrlTt Alton It 16am U 40 pm HP. ._,.., )t 5«P" rMlw owuMot »t tiwAon itreot tor Union <} Arrlr* jaA 4»p*rt from Ungdon _- - vr _s iti. t Sundays Uili W«ln depart* from Union dfDot, •t. L. K. * N, W. °*' RipWs, St. Paul and 'soopm. rerand polaU O. B. *. Q. (Ridge it. Station) •V U»nj»-W»rt« iM. b, «.*•*. r.ftro On and »a«(rH<nr. W, !«•• •«»««» *»U> »»

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