Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 2, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1927
Page 4
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plam Matter. IPrivaXo - Offrciai neb Bxchanxe Connecting 'aper City of tola. ^ >ap«ir-e<ty «f Baattttt. •a^er Mllen County. ! Member 0lP , National] E<^lta rial Aitoelatlon. Kan*aa pren ^«*oeiati6n. the Kaiitaa Dally League. Aiictit Biireau it Circulation. Pr^ CcUirrew of the Wortd... Inland IXaily P-es* Asaoclatfon^ One One [Tear , Morithii Threi Mori One.|aonlM M^MBeR iASSpCIATEO PftE^. . Tli4 Regrister carries the Associated • Press) repoh by special leased wire. . The Associi ted Prjss is exduslvelyjen- tlUedl to tie use- for repUbJlcatlon of lisiiatcli a credited to It or •sri a« lilted m this paper, and iUo tti e local news published herein. ricJi fs or epubllcaflon of spe- I eii her jjp are also reser%ed. clal dispntcl from: liini. In own Roin'g <;ovpr Preslilrnt .<^f Me . linn iwhi«(i ' in tlio Slat Iiavc| txl-on t<'iep|ion<r foniiijiilK'd of Ktioii in it iH 4m MmiekM/' FoTI«|#mKit&e jtassaitle of the Mc- Nftrjr-Haui^en blllrby Cod'sress the BIDorMo TImeii Hef that the blU deat Woutd clgn «xprei8i§] th«' be- sbbttM be glT^n a trial and the liope that.the Preal- it. Folloirin? the SUBbCRIPITION AA.r£€. By Carrier In loli, Oas City. lAHaipe and Bassett. . "WpekJ ;.15 Cenlla M6MU .70 Cents Tear :.• J7.80 BY MAIL ., , OuUide Allen County j ITear p|....i 15.00 Bit Monthi L...] J2 .6O Three Morfthsi ;in Ali^n County 14.00 .'.. .12.00 ths ..|. : v....|l.25 ^50c Bible Thought for Today. This oominranflinent have we That lie wlio loveth Ood love iliis brother ilso.—I Johi 4:21. .VT<Ht AD UrtXNERii. ov6r Imnent iloiib ("110111 rtni<^nt olitiiiped l)y iill. S an inf-xrusable lirench o„ ,hf Hcore that he in a Roman of which, when j qatjjoiio and- that hU" ndnilnatlon his atii-ntlOD. he nner.s ily :i.'!>liii)n inorf'Jilian j; mi.s. |t wail hrtwuh] 10 his aUi'ntlon. hejwoj,|,| ..j^jpct the rellRlouH I HBUC to h.-i|p IheJBrmfe to lie h«'.art-,,n',„ canipalitn." The answer • 'rniljPfM hlH art wu^ .,,.,„ f,.„,„ I|,[H office followH: Iirodcit of Rood fnan-.j .., am an elder In the Preshy!»• rayal of the best !„.rian ehnrch, but I think a Cath- UWtir, •liitr'ri'l;is ol| Ills ennnlry^. ('iilli I If wil not (Iiill. .. I .'<(ly r w.lll lb.Tli Hftrali (jiii|ili<>(I 10 iiMii hi- wLs in fi tliiil 111' liidino ifonfidenre in Ihe Stain ipfpijitincnl try.; ai)il .1 iliaj In. 1 lie contr(iversy now pending i lii'tw('<>n tlip ihf i cliuirnian bf niiitiie 1 on ; ForpiBh pariisa'n of .Mexk' rfiitiMii States. T\ conmiiinifdiion will be inevitably tjTj hiakf ProKiden lermineil to inainl hr» aln>atlji huH taken, feeling that ho has a camp oftlin'pneni ^, and will there- fofo make it mor^ <lifficuU for the two Kovernment.s nniler.'itandinp. It certaikily i.s for the l'nlte<l States of America (hat JHSt at (lelitatc iniernational questions are to be handled, th tl»' Iiead of the jCommiUeel on For ! man who Keems to consider it his 'duty. f(rst;to find his j;ovi'rn 10 o]ipose III vefoil BOIU veto tlie Tfiftea akain expressed lb beUef that 'the bill should hare be^nsr permitted to/ pass Jnto iaW. But now, bikyfniir cBrefnllV read the ptes'lilent'a veto. mesDage Ur. Cly- mar. th^ editor ot the ..Tfmes, has chanced his miad, atad with characteristic couragri and honesty frankly saysj so. After stating his.pre- vi9us attltutie on the hill Mr. Cly- m4f 'says: ' After] a careful stady of Presi- dpAt CctoHdge's *e£o, we are frank to cnnfesa that | we T»ere./dead wf One, i EMaqjtmeiSit of this bill' liitb td^ wonld have ;t6eant economic chaojt, would hiive upseti many years' of carefol legisratioi against linonopolies of food products, WSuId ittit ha benefited I ttte farmers generally and would; have *orked a hardshjj)' upott tbei nation at large. To anyi persons who feel that rtesi- detit • C6bltdge may not have been fn'splre^ with a feelitfg of inteinse sympathy with the farmers' problems, and't6 help {the members of ^hat .Industry generjany in all its far-flung phases. !we suggest that they do as we did-'-sit .down" and carefully go over his vo\o message. Wo doiibt if airy person of ititellt- genee or of real ^ patriotism can read that ami. In all candor, not sHJr tliat the Presideiri. Ws done wisely. the htjad of his and ico foij Isking the informa- lesfi was on file and could a. simple nator IJoruh has -.The cditxn- of the' Fellowship I^orum. a rabid anti-Catholic magazine pubHshed in Washington D. C, has asked the editor of the Register, and probably alli the other daily newspaper ^edfltorii of the country j a lot of queHtions which are ^all adroitly phras^ With d view i to buildipK opposltlofi to flovernor Al. Smith UH a candidate for President • • • * « • • • • * <• • • • <» • • !i * • KANSAS WEEKlTiCROF •» • • V* • • <• •:• • •!* • • • • Topeka, Kans., Mar. 2.i—Soil condition is generally very satisfactory except in the western part of .the state where it eontinnes to be dry. This condition is being intensified due to high \ winds in some sections. Winds have done some damage to wheat in the northwest where a good rain would dii much to Improve prospects. Some blowing has been reported In rtarvey and .McPherson counties, but- little damage to wheat has occurred as yet. In one section of jBarber county where army worms did much damage to wheat; last year it is reported that they: may now be scen>in wheat and alfalfa fields on warm daysj • With the'ground dryiiig enough to perririt plowing, preptiration for oats and oats .seeding have pro- 1 wire near the top and bottom gressed during the pa.<!t Sveek, with | before planting to prevent the fifty to si.xty per cent of; the acre-i ,i,,po «i-nr«inn. -,yvnv nn^ mntino- J. BOX IK THE The Sert Box in the IWindsw. The seed box on the window sill IS the old standby of Apusands of gardeners to get | their ^rly vegetables or flower $eeds going and it Is an efficient plaii in the. hands of those'act^ustomed to watching the progress) of their baby plants. Seed boxes are now moved to the dignity of "fiats" in most gardens for the modern home has larger windows than the old-time residences where the seed J JOX was a fixtufe and a bigger seed box or flat often can be used, particularly in the sun porches. A flat is merely a shallow bo.x from a foot to two feet square. In' the old days the standard seed box was a cigar box and they are still useful for starting 'small quantities of seeds. It is well to bind thefn with copi- LUMBER FOR Sioes, r FOR BOTTOM. HOLE 4^* AP^RT EACH Wtf. age being sown in parts of the south central area of the] state. There are no particularly new j develoiiwents in the .livestock situ- .siijes wari>iriK away and making it Uifficuftl to .water them.; Punch j holes in the! 'bottom of whatever '* form of seed box is used. Cover the hples witli broken flower pots. 'It PUNT SEEDS IM' V-ROWS I" APART. I .uc.c i>aii.i«.uioiiy ijc" lorm or seen DOX IS used, cover I develoiiwents in the .livestock situ- the hples witli broken flower pots, lation. Test of cattle for tubercu-j diina. or stone chips to prevent,- jlosfs is almost completed in Reno the earth leaking through but ad ->.i. j county. Karly hatching, ;of chicVis mitting drainage. Then fill with i, USEFUL TOOL TO COMPACT SOIL. 1i BO*W) 4X16 WITH 1- PiecE ^4X11 NAILED TO UNDER SIK. when . Senator him for'informa- ffect toiling, him ollc has as go^d a right to run for |s, of. .Mexico, is j prpHident as a| Protestant. I shall nndpr.sland per.;not siipport All SmlfhVbut It is be- c . pa„j,p he Is a Democra't; and a Wet while I am a Republican and a Dry, notihecauBe he is a Catholic trnd I a Protestant. ^Ty personal and very of his own conn-jprttphalic opInloW Is that In aftempt- alHo telling himjin.p to arouse opposition to. Governor Smith solely on the ground. jj^t his religion, the Forum is vio- la^infe the dtrfretlfutloft of the tTnlted States and the principles of Jesus Christ." wo governments he Senate Com- Relatlons Is a |o and not of the he effect of t^i8 Calles more dc-. t.nin the position powerf^ul friend in the lo come to an most unfortunate i]U» time, when so many pre .should be at powerful Senate leign Relations a out the attitude nent ha^ taken, and then t. c the b liilge liiiils; thi.s pi tlcnjlhiri. .•JThls s<l lion i teJf." isayS tl( for pur , not 11 tax for ffie .jipei II President Coo- rlicularly ohjcc- -called equaliza- e President, "is Kises of revenue ill tljc ;iec^'pte(i s<|nse: it is a tnX iai liericfit of particular iilije(|ilii Dciiiiiieni !il')n«< ol agaiiist proii><-iion. the , Jii'eciai -<)1 »our I has ))e( till pariy precisely this a made, by the , „ . . , . . , - iiml other I 'liain-' I"'''judlce to defend his own course ariff for revenue oiilv" priiiciii |an<l hiehet .Kroups."-'- Topeka In tayinKJ that tlie objection the President mlake.s to| fee is "pffjcisely made' by tlio Deni ; the pro(ect|ye tariff the Capital docs not e.\hibjt it.-- usual acc.uracy, e'ither of tlioinght^ • languagel The protective l;iriff do's not add to the price of a manufa Jfurei^'s product the Kuropean price plus the full ainoiir.t of tl e tariff plus the ocean transportation, as the McN'ary- llauR^n |)ill propoi ed lo do to six farm jproduqts, an<) the tax which the proKjcliy for Unfortunately the bill (jMcNary- I llaugen) had the hitter opposition of influential 'blg-dty ne\iirspapers and po\^erful Kaaterti interj^sts. Yet the prejudice they created' against the bill Is by no meanp unanimous jin the—Arthur Capper, i "The bill also^had the bitter opposition of the National Gi'ange, the Parniers' National Co-pperatlve organization and many other farm j organizations, and the ippositlon of the Secretary of Agriculture.' Why didn't .the Senator mi ntion j these opjjonent.s when he was tnlking about the "powerful fcustern Interests?" It was the veto ;of President (ioolidge; that prevented the bill from becoming a law. Will ! Senator Capper say over his signature that Uie President vetoed the hi|l hccairse of the opposition of the "powerful Eastern Interests?" If he will notj do that then i\e must rest linder Ihe Imputation tit making this allusion to the "powerful -is demanding much attention, all-; sifted .soil. Level it off with a I though low prices for eggs are ; brick or block of wood and it is j somewhat discouraging.; j readv for the seed planting. A good many public sales are u tht^re is a hot lied or .cold being held in .lacksoii, McPherson frame availaftle the seed boxes are and Chase counties. A TrlTmle f« ylT<. Spechf. Plqua, Kansas, I r February 2^. lill'T. , To the Register: \Ve -the undersigned subscribers ;of the liegistt'r are inclined to take :e.\cepti9n.-s to the write-up in the •Register of the :;.'>th regarding the ileath ofMrs. Specht an<l feel tljiat jit refleifts iinkiiidiie.s^ to;a marked, I degree to .say the ind regi-el.{ best set. into them. If no soil was put away last fall, cliop up some frozen clods, thaw them out, anil dry tliem out in | the oven. The baking will serve the double purpose of killing any insects and be -in the j off the ".swe;! not put it in too tliickly. The . thick planting makes Ihe ^plants' spindly and in the iong run i.« more, of a loss I ban a gain, as none of the plaiits can develop well without \vl!ole.';a!e thinnin.e. Cov<^^ the seed hox with a paii'iS. of glass . or a .<l<>Ih cut t <i fit :rf er it- has been Tnoi .-iened. by gf >nt e sprinkling or from the boitom by.setting it in a (li .'^li of lukewarm water„ Remove the jrlass daily and'wipe weed .seeds that may ,,e m me j off the ".sweat" and leave a crack *'"t,i • . .1 • , . ^ . ventilation as soon llant the seed in rows and do |a.s the plants start coming through. IS THKl WAV'S NEWS. Joijeph C. C^ew, who is lo go lo Cons andnoplq as the fiiHt .Vniha.M- sado the TitlCed States has had In Turkey Since Ihe World War. now! hold* the poHiilon of I'nder-Secre-f tary of State at Wa.shlnglon. .Mr. fire« Is one of a not too large number if 'his countrymen whA*may be lookul upon a.s n diiilomatisi by prof< sslon and training. For, after grad latlon at Hnrvnrd in 1902. and , period of !extensive travel m Rurope and in Asia,;he eptered the American consnlatent CjiJro,,KKypt. j Remorseful as aj clerk, and, after I wo service, wast 'trausrerred' United States (*rtba, In fllexlro City, gradl and then On to nerliu.j Since the war he has to Denmark and Minister td Switzerland. has a 111 yeaijs hav luni cverl Foreign nations' manufacture largi the mon passing from there to years ito the Petro- served as Minister regist 'e tha As anl author Mr.; CreW |ered his Inipre.ssions of , not| many men of his ! equaled in its ojipor-1 ee bi^hind the scenes of y to memorable: event.s. number of American comnimlities which if added to the swiiply available to I would savf him y. But a protective tariff bar.-, put bat addltioti to the suppl.v. The farn er along w th the rest of the jVmerican populnllon pays the ex- Cfna price. The! inexorable law of supily and deiiiand might-advantage the farmerithere, if it worked. —Wchlto.EagleJ 'Sounds plausible. And'yet—and yel--seems to us somehow, far as! :an rememlior, that in every perhid in American history when the protective tariff was abandoned IX RE: IIEXRY FfEM>. Washington CouiiXy Register:—, _ . tha^niiri.;;;; w;^ n .7;;^;;; lo 'Vi;;! - "f:'^"^ -"om Henry ~ i public in a manner more calculiit-, f'leld and his radio advertising. •><••>••!•* • <•,•!• •> • <• • "fried to alleviate the sorroiv of those; but after all is said, you have to . .„'^-.^t''"'^ ""^"f Ihe j.„j,n|r iiiat Heiirv is sure a good • 1)111 you EVER STOP.TO 'f', life oI\ this .mfortunale .""""tT ! j „,vc.riispr-he t"ell, Mhe neonle ^ TIII>K rather llian .add a sting or bitter-I" '"""^'he people • Ty Edsop R : Waito • •> • ness to the already overflowilig 1 """"t he has to sell and what the •:• : Shawnee, Oklal^oma ••'iiiip of sorrow which was theirs. • price is and he "tells 'em fre- • : ; 1 ' •Mr.'i, Spechfs mental troubles i ,,„pnt." Constant repetition is a • ^•••••••••>'>'fr'>v origiifated from injuries .sustained,! advertising principle. We I --, :in n fall into a cave in her youth, i, 1 ° That lobodv in lliisi world can; and she has been 'troubled for ; the multiplication table please exerbodv. '.years with derangement of the ; '.^ r«'l'eating it over and over uu- That ill this column 1 talk every I 1'"" of the time her condi-i ill -P^^'K ''ay n m our .sleep. (A. C. S.) Mrs. Ellen. BarnSim, awilrlOw who supi)orts her fivVchildreii by her pig farm near'^Beacon. .\. Y., unintentionally stabbed her son, Joseph IS, in the back with a butcher knife while: he .squabbled with his sister. Fears for ijis life felt for a trine, but later \yas expected. and eign wcr(» worn hnrf. Soenis to us also somehow, fur as we cin remember, lliat EasterniInterests" for no other than [In eifery era of "^heai)' things this the shameful ptirpos^ of endeavor* Ing through an appeal to sectional te of a tariff for schedules "for I of particular .'aiiital. the fqiuilizatioq that i which is Hiafic party to e tarifjf levies is a tax revenue. Tgoing l|e purpose of direct|y 10 l|io irea.sury, while th^ equalizaf on fee gois right past the tireasury j injo a revolving fund c real (Hi foi- lie piiypose of adding .... p., V,. <M«III«JA to the:profit!* of th^ group affected. FAIlMi i -IIave ijiey "'farms? .Mrs. of ih« E.SS TARMER.S. • start >d back . to the Ifjeorg* Randolph, head Einpln-iii. \'elfare Association, saysj shw knoirs five men. big, .strong; actlv> Intel igent young fellows,!, most of th^m with hardworking fan ilies.i Who waiit tp g <T back to the farm. "They all have had farm experieiKfe," and thej are auxiouR to rnn farips on Ihe tenant b.iflis, i Anil ihe .ir i-au'tflnd farms. Is it iiosskble that fplks haVe to ti^ farms?—Em- het «i. Real estate ndle started back poria Ciazett*. stjor^ i Same men wio |h greater! d^m -farm l.-rnd .-i r past. iind In supporting the bill. He had a right Iq support the hill, but he has no right to Impugn the motives of'those who opposed it. Thi.s Ih .Hs In the West in his own party win become Strikingly apparent when scores ofj Republican Congres.smen return home and find the hopelessness of heing simultaneously the ardent chainplons of a measure and the continuation in office, of the man who killed the measure and If renominated and re.«le(.ted will kill it again. The situation, on Its personal side, therefore promises a real contest within tKe Republican party. Wichita ICagle. ; Not' necessarily. Kansas Con- gressinen < ardently supporied the Bonus law and had no difficulty when their came home in. Just as ardentlyt <inppor(ibg the n^an who vetoed UJ All the same PpIy'Tin- cher Is really the only member Of th^ KansKs delegafloii Vho can make; speeches for (!oolldge two years from now withodt embar- ra'ssni'ent. reniors'e, .Mrs. Barnum was unable lent, saying were his recovery Overcome by to explain the accii that .she had meant trierely to prod her son reprovingly and momentarily forgot . that she had been great quantities of cheap:for-Uiu'iing cake, that she still held tlie goods cami' In. the iVriiiers' knife in her hand. Although a the ones to be first hurt: and !<•'""•«" world if subject, whole lot me on ev iwe all agreed on eyerv find every day th: t a' bt people ilon't agree vilh 'erything I say. At the same lime, I find that more pe iple That band was drowped.i was left with t "enr.Va prices or even a little bet- six small children 'pn adSO acre | ^Pru-hen freight is counted. The farm near here. She was taken 1 ™"^9'"cat Haddam told us last week awav four different!, times since ; had*hecked up on Field's that lime on account of the de-1•'^^'1 ^"''t and found it .mented coiidition of! her niind, and ^ agree with me than do not. fhut | s),,. ^v.,>; away her children riaddam •^•hen the freight is ad- f.ict is mok gratifying. I.srnved on the farm' and did the i""'^ <-U5tonicrs could take it That my mail is most interesting, j |*,pj;t thev could, until she would re- !'''8'" home Iwith them and , uoi Often 1 gell letters of apirt-eciation; ; ,„,.n at such a time as her mind '^'"f' «'"i''ght ship.- .tli.'},- make me feel good. And then \vo,iid permit , imtiit. The same situation is doubt- I get many letters from people of-j she and tile childieui remained!,',''?"^ "'/I'* j" "',<^st «r the other feriiig HUgkestions and .coniineiiliiig in a favorable or unfavorable way on things j have*said. Then, once in a while^ Treceive a li'tter froni .•-onie chap'who seems to think that Ihe whole iworld is wroilK —everybody ofl ijalance hut liiTliself, and in this wiile world I am the prize Nut in it. ; ^ ' That 1 aiii not a writer of fiction, n fact. I am not a writer at all. 1 just Dot down in short paragraphs coM facts us f see them; facts that 1 think Wjill help to build better oi^the "t^lVorand'i.^"lli^- wel^'-ui Henry ;sells such as tires, ihduslrious an.l worked! at what-! t:".!?''"''''.- ever they could managed t <i get better in fact th who had a Intsba manage thingf. ; AlKiut a year ago tliey, decided to leave the farm and Since that lime she has been with, her children most of the time.; A short lime ago the old trouble came back, and the children i very reluctant to have her taken away We know ;ui lola man who has been workiii.L- lor" On a-plan wlieri-liy 1K' can clie.n al liol'itaire/ witlioiii cateliijiK himself at if. « » "a . The novirnnienr lias assumed controlnl' i-;idio. Iiitf. fans will continue to tell- till' u.sual hnnkber of lies about their ^els.' , * * * I We slionld be thnnkfiil for evejy ! little thiii.s?. Pea(ht's Mrowniiig re- < fii.-ieil. Id lie interviewed on lier. re- f tiirn friMii Ileriiiiida. ; I'Tho i\suu\ Spring .loke is^ijust J ahoTii diif' -ili:if of a ni:in spading _ up his i>-M-k y:ird for the nei.ijhbors' cllickciiii 1.0 iilay in. »».*«. We Iiiile lo make insinuating re- • niark.s. but. we wouldn't be a bit J surprised to see Ros.s .\i-|inekle with jirun next week. ey people ordei- by mail when can do as well at home? The only reason that has lieen suggested is that the people know what Henry [has to sell and what -his price is, because he tells them and keeps oi) telling them. But ithe people dii not know what they jia»t- itvf Luncfu away . ,„ * ft e 1 ,. bu.siness and that will help to ! again, decided to try and! take care "-X'^""i ^'Jf ''""'^ make the I home city a better.! of l^er in their home.s. i But her ^ J'"'^^ merchant does not tell isier and bigger city. . j condTtipn heeoming they had A n?-.,. i.,U,."f i • , country has had j the farmer>i had hard iKXiy The cheapij Ihe llarmer had U were M- was against her. .Mrs. Barnum. was released on parole so that her farht work might not be interrupted. The intercollegiate rowing sea- sc.ii will be inaugurated on .\prll H times, hardejr times than any- Uvith the annual clash between fni-' brighter, busier In my lolumn'the worth while arranged for her to be taken away articles are the interviews 1 se-: the day following the ilay of her cure* and pass on to you. They . death. are all from successful men: cap- -Mr.s. Specht was ^ good woman, tains of in lu.stries and from news- a good niother and a real frieml paper men.; men who know what! to anyone in need, and instillert they are thlking about and know into the minds and lives of hevj how to say, it. cliiidren the teachings iind prin-l cipies of right living anil hone.'5t >i relics may jirove quite and the children are ;reflecting: III. Recently a penny [hese teachinss in their liyes, all Sporting an investiii tin token, \liliich had I lecn iiseil as heing honorable and respected citl- ah adnii^siijn ticket lor a prize; =!P''=< M niid all doing well; Carl is- iishi in K ;2. was .'.'old at amotion "'""ager of the Piqua Grain Co.. in London for nearly one hundred -'"e and Frank have goodj positions dollars. Tie fight was betieen; '-"ig Rell Lumber Co., .Mendoza arid Warr. and went to!'^""B*'*'"^^'- Wash.. Rose is married twenty-four! rounds before it was and lives in Kansas City, (Jertrnde r the things were I versity of California and ('.uiver- 1 won bv the iformer. • So it lasted 'he Western an the (iianipion- ^ ™''K''3Ph office at lola and the Ihings lije had to sell. buy the chVa peri si'X <^f Washington crews on: t"lie j rather loiig^i' thai Oakland e.stuury. ' isliip ficblsof today. Carms report a ji'iis sprjng 'fot Members of the Kaasas legislature refused (6 allow tbe preople :to vote on the proposltibh to how they wante<l the annual |10.000,0p]n road fund' handled, but,, tbey are perfectly Willliig to submit to t^e. people a. i-roposal- to rdise the pay of: leglslatbrs to imo a seiivlon. .It •!70Ul<t 6Interesting to know If they see any inconsistency In those two acts. "Say it ^3th a six-gun or a knife" lan f(|r several years; is the wayiihey word It in the Chl- AKfAr BREEZE SO SV^EET W SMELLV .'i Jv^^ OvfeORiMKi ^-MH OH. IWGrf S-S-MPH ' Oo -BerrtRN A SPF?li s ^ROB v -ri »0 ROS \-ri 10 AO SoBeODV 'LL BE GJEOOkj A swiv/0 PODGE. GO 1i4' Sii /1ELL £RS! r ,0 8: 4.VlU.> I HE.WOES ARE MADE-WOT BORKJ. has iweiveii several prpmotions ;and is now cashier for ihis ebm- , paiiy at Hutchinson, Annie, the youngest is in school. \ I We daeply appreciate the l)rave fight these children have i made to i lake care of their mother under „ ... ..^ the unusual trying conditions ; have that he conld use circulars, which.they have had to meet, and 'catalogues or any other means of want them to know that they have'. advertising. It is not that he uses A man inj Washington told us this week that he heard Henry Field giving hi.s price on hams the other night,'jand. thought,- "Well, that sonnds j like a pretty good price. " When ,he came up town Ihe next morning he stopped in the first store, he caiiie to and asked the price, on ham.s and found it Just as good, as Fieids's. Before you send an order to Henry Field or some'oiher mail order house, why not compare the goods and price with what you caii get from your home merchant? Why not keep Ihe money at home when .vou have nothing to gain by sending away? The mail order house usually have a low price on a few leaders and the is no' cheaper than you can get right at home. Bui Henry Field and other mail order concerns are selling !the goods and will doubtless eonfihue to sell them as long as they advertise inten.sively. Henry Field use.s the radio bnt If he didn't FOR INSURANCE City arid Farm Phone 131 or 820 Riy Investment Co. . iMrs. Philip S. Ray LET JONES DO IT! Jones Electric Works PHO^'E J92 oup sincere sympathy at thi.s time, ^ and that we are proud Of llieni. I and the manner in whidi they j liavo handleil the situation during ; the many years of their irial.s and ! troubles. : XEICHBORS A.VD FRIENDS. Thfe Konrth Chapter. ' To the Register: Correcting the misquofaiion. and.j erroil in the piece published .Monday, ibojit the lola youth breaking up fli ' h.ilf that offi'd Th any particular kind of advertising, hut the fact that he does advertise —that he keeps telling theipcople what he has to sell and what the price is." We believe the people of Washington county understand that they are helping themselves and their community when they spend their money at home and that they will do more of it if the home merchants will follow the example of Henry Field and tell the peo'ple what they have to sell and the The man w-ho goes out af- PHtONE WHEN YOUR L IGHTS GQ OUT OR YOUR PLUiMBINd !. GOES B.\D - V K r Electric and Tlifc ^ADiO STORE I nave ! ' j walk ; Fr. I want e dance at .Moran two and a yeJjrsago, permit me to say! price. the conversation between the j ter business gets more of It than rs and my.self was this: ithe fellow who sits back and waits • .Moran officer .said: "I'll (for it to come to him. It don't to-take you over to Moran." I make so much difference how you nswered: "I might jbave to i advertise, whether by new4papers, back!" 'jusi kidding"' icirculars, catalogues or radio— 'lerickson .saiil: '.Maybe you me'Uo tjake you overVt' j I'said: "Suits,me all', right, you Iv .oiilil probably bring trie iback when ihey got ihrough ivith me." The repot,'ter either . misunderstood whoever reported this or he j wani.s the public to think .lim: Is a "bad onibre." lUit .lim is hot-half .so bad as be looks! I never made any troubh" and I nin not in jail and this is tlii- fourth chapter of this interesting story. . Whoever reported me as running Ihe dancers off the floor | with a knife aIKO made a mistnkej I had a Kress i 10c fingernail file when the trouble started.,. i So much for that. I bejieve in giving the Devil his dues. 1 (Eggs) EARL MElj. just so you. get the information to the people what you have td Sell. China ?nd India contain Imately dnerhalf the total Hon of tlie.Cworld.- TON. jipprox- llioptla- AIJAmTlliEB? Hjjw sad! SaDbw c6m{d6xkxi. coated tongue, poor ai^ietite. bad inieatb. pimply skin nrf^^^^^^^What's wrong? and liv^i ^aJ^. Take 1 used constantly injpfek^df catomet by meti ^ women for 20 years —Dr. Edwards* Ofive TaWets. They afe harmless yet very eflJecthie. Acompotmd of vegetable ingjredients and dive oil* They at^easUy upon the bowels, free the system of faulty eliin- in^tio) and tone MP liver. BebeautifuL Havero^OKds,dear eyes and youthful energy that make a success of life. Take Dr. Edwards' OUve Tablets, hi^tly.! Know thdn by their dive color. iSc.dOcanieOc FOft IjhlJR CONVfeXIEXCE TtE DELIVER FREE lidLA-k^j -Aif

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