Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 13, 1898 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1898
Page 3
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THE "DOLdB" ARE SOURCE OF BV THE TBLBORAPH PRINTING COMPANY. TUESDAY BVK., DBO. 13. OFitCB: TELEGRAPH BUILDING, CORKER THIRD AKD Pu»\ Bn. Pretty Colors, Pretty Shapes. We carry them for MORRISSEY BROS Retailers of HIGH GRADE Footwear. HANDKERCHIEFS. % Having taken advantage of the closing out sale of J. M. Locke i Co.. (M (jo. III. We are prepared to give some special valuas in Ladies' Handkerchiefs, at 5, 8,10, 13, 15, 20, 26, 35 cents. Remember the early buyers will have the best selection. H. f . LEHNE, 113 W Third st. WWWflfttt^ A thing of beauty Is a joy forever. SO IT IS With our dainty Gold tace Pins we have In for our CHRISTMAS TRADE A solid (told brooch nicely enameled, with Opal Center, only «5. ^ A SUNBURSTE Like out »12, the same with diamond 925. Diamond Rings are something that never wear out—the mounting of course •will wear but tbe same utone in a new setting la always a new ring. always the best. THE DAILY TELEGRAPH II dellYeredbj oarrlen to all ptrti ot the olty ef Alton, North Alton tnd Upper Alton, for 10 cent* per we«k. Hallod to any uddreBa it the rate ct to cents par month, TUB TBLBORAPH has the largeitolronlatlon of any paper In Alton, and It the bent medium (oradxer.Her*. COBHIB THIRD AMD PUIA^TRMTI. TILI- MOOTI HO. M. Always the Cheapest and MM 119 West Third Street. Sawyer & Keiser, Madison Bid*., Phone 185. Alton Conservatory, Eighth Year. Third Term. Tec.; 1st. Mule, Art, Elocution, Delurte and Special StudlcB. , : Mlai Alice E. Marsh, Voloa and Piano, Seminary street, Upper AJton. R C Mil I C .Second and Alb/ . \*. iTUUUa, ,u., Alton. MI. Send tor Catalogue. : How Do We Do It? . Yon par one jinall prontToVtalfSarrt. 7 atylei to Mleot from. W machine* . only »17. Complete with all attaohmenU Srth'J'offlooTron't'and Henry at. HAPOOOD PLOW CO. It Pays to boy the Best J Price* «!•«. A Trial Order Cwvlicet. T. M. ANDERSON, GROCER. Phone •*»• - OJ> U " |OB Q. B. WILKINSON, M. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON, Olhco—Cor. and and Market its. Retidonce—3»7 Bait «•'«>«• OHlce TeJopnone aos. Residence 1903 hurtlett School ot MUSIC AND ART. UPPBR ALTON. ILL. W, 0. ARMSTRONG, Dlretlor Mr. Jameo Armstrong, of St. Louis, was lu Alton today. Men's nice leather pocket books at GOO.--L. Q. Brneggeman Tailoring Oo. The funeral of Mrs. John Huber will be at 0:30 o'clock tomorrow from St. Mary's church. I)r. a. ATMoMUlen, dentist, post- office building. J. A. Ltppoldhas sold to 0. Beiser part of block 39, being a house and lot on Ridge street, for 93,000. We keep open house until 8 p. m—• A. Neermann & Bon. Lindley & Dickinson are having their offloe handsomely refitted in an up-to-date style. Good Boy Wanted—To learn barber trade.—Maul & Hall, Piasa st. Shampooing and vapor baths new barber shop, A. J. Zaugg, 210 Piasa ut The resolutions for the curfew ordinance and the anti-cigarette ordinance will be introduced by Alderman Bowman tonight at the Council meet- Ing. Type writer ribbons and carbon paper at Seely's. The funeral of Thereae, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Miller, was held this morning at 9 o'oloou at St. Mary's church. Interment was at St. Joseph's cemetery. For a good shave, hot and cold bath go to Maul & Hall, Fiasa st. An automatic device for electrically shutting off the water snpply at the water tanks in case of fire when direct pressure Is required, baa been placed and Is in working order. Fancy articles and tempting viands at the Presbyterian sale and supper Dec. 14th. Gomel Dr. B. O.Lemen has received a letter from Dr. H. R. Lemen, from Macon, Qa , dated Deo. 8 Dr. Harry has been ordered from Macon, Ga., to Tampa, Fla., and will leave Tampa on Thursday for MantanzM, Cuba. Christmas cards and calendars at R. F. Seely's make nice holiday gifts. The funeral of Mrs.Thomas Toomey took 9 o'clock this morning from the Cathedral. Requiem high mass was celebrated and was attended by a large number of friends and relatives of the family. Interment was at Greenwood. Michigan Sweet .'Apple Cider at J. H. Bauman's. Mend broken dishes with "Climax" Glue Cement. Druggists and grocers. Dr.A.W.Kue. Demist, Bpalding bid. The high wind of laut night drifted all the snow from the Ice field behind the government dike and left the ice exposed to the cold. The wind saved the Hnse-Loomis Ice Oo. the expensive task of removing the snow. Turkish, Vapor and Plain Baths at Frank Bauer's barber shop, 306 Belle st Try Nelnlnger's Magnolia and new Improved Fig. Buy "LaBelle The best, 94.00. LADIES t MAKE YOUR OWN DRESSES. Up-to-date dress maltln* taught at our par- ors. Fashionable Ladles Tailoring done at easonable prices. All work guarantee'. BROWN WELL & CLEMM, 1026 Second st. ; HOTEL MAD/SO*, « I fMWfi/.X Pmprletor. S.oond tod Kutoo «(• Alton, 1>> for Rent A brick store building, a very desirable location for a batcher shop.— Apply to Wm. Souatag. Qua and look repairing done by Hubbel.—Jarrett building, e. 2nd st. Don't lose your bearings and go to Belle street when looking for Dorsey FuelOo. They have moved to 314 Piasa street. Every reader of this paper should see the sewing machine advertisement of Hapgood Plow Oo. In this Issue. It will Interest you. Hard Spring Wheat "Cream of the Earth," »4 00. AlvTON BOURSE MlUJNQ CO. Dr. A. O. Barr, dentist, US W. 8d at Stop that cough with Stanley's White Pine.—Paul's Pharmacy. Try Holt's Back Eye S)» Cigar. Smoke Holl's "Keystone" IDf cigar. Another oold wave struak town last night, after the warm air of yesterday had given reason for the expectation that the oold spell would soon end. From 4 p. m. Monday to 5 a. m. Tuesday there was a fall in temperature from 34 degrees to 8 degrees aoovezero. Dorsey Duel Oo. have left Belle atreet and are now located at 314 Piasa street, (live them a call. See our fine assortment of Rugs. Oome now while the assortment is still complete.—A Neermann & Son. Jeremiah Otey an aged colored citizen died Sunday night at bis home on Common street from the frailties of old nge. His exact age was not known' but be was about eighty. He had lived in the vicinity of Alton since he was freed from slavery. Ti e fu- naral will be Wednesday atleruoou frem bis late home. • Men's Gloved of all kinds at reason- Able prices, 266 up to 91.26.—L. G. Brneggeman Tailoring 00. Fresh Baltimore oysters, cranberries aurt celery just received at Stanton & YeakelX and'and Market. For factory pants aoe Nornrxn. Boys' 60?. W and 76^. Men's «1 and 81 26; rood'pants for boys and youths 81, $1 20, 81 2o. Men's corduroy, 82 25. Governor Tanner Adttt $200 for the State to the Privet Reward for ArreM of Mhrderer. The State of Illinois has offered a reward of $200 for any Information tnat will lead to tbe arrest and conviction of the murderer or mor-lerers of Qeo. 8. Harrison. The reward IB offered under a statute that permits the Governor to offer 9200 reward for the arreat of any murderer, and Is quite frequently offered. The total reward now will amount to 91,000, and it Is the Intention of tno family to make It that amount. Madison county has offered a reward of |200 and the family of Mr. Harrison had offered «300 additional, A private subscription was made by friends of tho murdered man and citizens of Alton and Upper AKon who desire to have the murderers discovered and compelled to pay tbe penalty of their deed. Mr, Harrison was murdered November 18, and today the mystery of the Identity of the murderers is as puzzling as it was at first. Hia family knows nothing at all that would lead to the discovery of the guilty ones. Although rumor was rife with accusations of guilt during tbe first excitement following the crime, all the gossip has fallen to the ground, and there is nothing but a dark mystery, which no one Is able to un- fathom. The large reward offered for the arreat of the guilty men will probably stimulate the hunt and may lead to developements. Pretty things to buy and good things to eat at Presbyterian sale, Deo. 14th. Scott is the busiest tailor in town. Alton Ministerial Association. The semi-monthly meeting of the Altou Ministerial Association was held Monday morning at the Cherry street oqapel, the President, Rev. M. Jameson, being tbe boat of the occasion. It was a pleasing innovation on the ordinary meetings of the body, in that the wives and families of members were invited. The paper of the morning was read by Rev. M. Jameson on the theme, "Some Curiosities of Burmese Thought." It was replete with information gathered by a careful student and observer during a residence of rieariy twenty years in Burmah. The essayist gave an exposition ot the cosmogony of the Burmese, with its unique ideas of the great changes in tbe world systems during the periods of destrnctior, Interval, renewal and stability; and also, of the religious conceptions of the Buddhist system. The paper elicited expressions ot most hearty appreciation from all present. After listening to the essay, the pastors, with their wives and members of •their families to the number of nineteen, sat down to a tempting repast which had been provided. After ample justice had been done to the good things of the table, toasts were called for Rev. M. W. Twing, and responded to, as follows: "The Alton Ministerial Association," Kev. <>Ir. Rice; "Our Host and Hostess," Rev. Mr. Fairbank; "Christian Fraternity," Rev. Mr. WHkersbn; "Our Pastors," Mrs. Powers; "Our Helpmeets," Rev. Mr. Sanborne. The meeting was well designed to foster a spirit of sympathy and comradeship among tbe pastors which is not only moat enjoyable to those personally concerned, but alao conducive to the advancement 'of the great work in which ail are alike interested. Lost. From 1108 George street, a young pug dog. Reward will be paid for recovery. T. H. KAUFFMAN. Xmas Presents. Did you see our elegant stock of Men's Neckwear. A neat box goes with every Tie and would make a beautiful Xmaa present. Oome early while the selection is good—L. G. Brueggeman Tailoring Co. .for Rent My 7-room house In Middletown, Steam heat.—U. 8. Nixon. Coal. Hard or soft coal at B. J. Lookyer s office at quarries. Telephone 1594 Hard and Soft Coal. Delivered to any part of the city. Telephone 213. WM. FBIEB. M ANY • UFFS Yes too Many. ) '', »a *Js We will distribute them before CHRISTMAS TIME for a small consideration, irt this manner. A Black Hare, worth any time $1.00 for 50c. An Extra Good,Hare, worth any time $1,50 for 75c, Qppossum Muff Extra Electric Seal, Wool " Monkey Fur Squirrel Fur (C It u it (C " 2,00 for $1,00. " 2.50 for 1.25. '• 2,50 for 1,25. " 4,00jfor 1.75. " $6 ( to$7, 3,00. " $6 to $7, 3,00. SEE THE WINDOW DISPLAY. PIERS0N & SftRR O. G CITY ENJOINS "SANNER. 1 Judge Harwell Issues Temporary Injunction on Alderman Wegener to Restrain Him from Quarrying on tas- ton Street. A temporary injunction was Issued by Judge Hartzell of the Circuit Court today, restraining Alexander Wegener from quarrying rook from Baa- ton street between Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets. The injunction was issued by the court on petition of Corporation Counsel Baker, who, in his bill of complaint Hied in the court today, alleges that the defendant, Mr. Wegener, is quarrying rock from the streets without necessary privilege from constituted authorities. Toe suit for injunction is brought by the city for the purpose of precipitating a suit in court to teat the validity of the lease given by the city to Mr. Wegener under the administration of Mayor Brenholt. In the trial of Mr. Wegener on the charge of unlawfully quarrying in the streets.'Mr. Wegener was acquitted by the jury on sworn testimony of former city official3 thao permission bad been given Mr. Wegener, although official record was not made and the lease was ^pat while in the custody of city officials. The present administration i» determined to put the claim of Mr. Wegener to a test in court and the injunction process seemed the only way to bring about the desired end. The date of hearing of the case will be set, and then Judge Hartzell will decide whether or not Mr. Wegener's claim ie a valid one and will aUo pass upon the question of making the injunction permanent. For Men Only. Surprise your wife with a truly nsa- ful present. A new Carpet for instance; we can sew and lay them on short notice.—A. Neermann & Son. The only place to buy GillespleOoal is 314 Piasa street.—Doraey Fuel Co. Hard Spring Wheat. "Cream of the Earth," 84.00. ALTON ROLLER MILLING Co. ••T.IMIJ EXAMINE OUR CLOTHES And you will aoo th»t the potternn wo ehow are Iho nswost and tho bent. If you are looking for a Madc-to Ordor Suit tliat baa etyle, lit and finish at a fair prk'o, come to u«. liiislncBa Suits $16 to $20, Cutaways $20 up. Overcoats $18 up. : Anyway oomo In and BOO fur goods and prices' L. Q. Brueggeman Tailoring Co. 221 Piasa st. The BOVS should be kept wa,rrn. Take time and come and see what a nice line of Boys Suits and Overcoats We can show you. We have them in ages } to r$ years, and all kind of prices. H. M. SeHWEPPE, Third Street Clothier. Smith's Pond Drained. Contractor 0. F. Degenhardt completed his contract for constructing the sewer for draining Smith's pond last night, and after turning tbe water into it today, turned the sewer over to the city, the City Engineer and the chairman of the Sewer committee being present to accept it officially. The sewer is constructed from the north line of Eighth street to the south line of tbe street, at a level with the lowest part of the pond. Several .plans for draining the water from tbe pond have been tried, but ,have been of varied and short live i success. No plan was feasible except to drain the water Into the hollow on Alton street between Seventh and Eight streets, where is a dry well that it is hoped Will succesBf ully accomplish the drainage of the water. The pond has been a menace to public health, and wag declared a nuisance long ago. The sewer to drain the water is of 12'nch pipe and coat the city 8228. Go to M. Moritz's for your collars, 15?, two for 25,*, for /our cuffs, 25? per pair. The best for the money. funeral of Mrs. Stewart- The funeral of Mru. Ida F. St&wart was held at 2 o'cljck this afternoon from tbe home of Mr. Julius Fritsoh on Second street. The house was filled with frlenda of the young womau, who ba;l loved her in lito und who mourned sincerely her untimely death, The Uoral emblems wore wont profuee and beautiful and in a fetble way expressed the sorrow of ihu givers. Services were conducted by Rev. J. H. J. Bice, of tho Congregational church, assisted by Rev. Wm. Uuokmanu of the Evangelical Church. Mr. Ohio. 0. Haagen aaug a solo, "Flee an a Bird." Interment was in the city cemetery^ Try tho Beat, "LaBelle," C4.00. Lindley & Dickinson, ueutlsta, Nls- bettbldg., opp. City Building. Extended the Time. The time in which the lowering of the aldttWttlku on Second street shall have been completed bus been extended to April lit by the Board of Publlii Improvements. Mr. Ilyau, the contractor, wag to have lluiabod tho work before this time, but tho Board of Public Improvements, consisting of tho Mayor, City Engineer mid Street Superintendent, has made the extension . Girl Wanted. Apply at 220 12th st. Have your gun smithing and look repairing done at the old river stitud of P B. Dorsett. A full Hue of repairs will be found there at all times. Good workguftranteed.---W. D. Fluent. DON'T MONKEY \ With your health, It'g not healthy. \ Oet jfood Medicines midget Cured. S When you buy drugs, medicines or Anything else you get the real thing »t PAUL BROS,, | Prescription Specialists. } }"THE CORNER DRUG STORE."S Henry and Second. J Presbyterian Sale. Wednesday at 2 p. m. Sapper 6 to 8 p. m., at the church. Reception by Mrs. franklin W. Olln. Mrs. F. W. Olin had a delightful reception this afternoon at her home on State street which was quite a society event. The hostess spared no pains in making the reception a highly enjoyable one, even in minor details and the guestn were well entertained. The invitations read from 3 to 6, and during the three hours the spacious parlors and dining rooms were well fllled with stylishly dressed ladies. The decorations in the dining room wore pink. The blinds were drawn and the darkened parlors were brightly lighted with gas lamps. Mrs. Olln, the hostess, was assisted in receiving the guests by Mrs. John Monlton, Mrs. Oeo. K. Allen and Mrs. Wm. Evarta. Misses Hattie and Florence Dolbee and Sadie Platt assisted in the parlors in entertaining the guests. Mrs. A. K. Root was in charge at the coffee table and Mrs. J. Wead served chocolate. Misses Lillian Root, Jessie Roper, Emma Watson and Mrs. Sadie Hopkins were in charge in the dicing room. Misses Sadie Evarts and Annette Schweppe served at the punch bowl. Mrs. Olln and her assistants proved themselves adepts In the art of entertaining, and made the guests have a delightful time. Trading Stamps. After Oct. 1 we will give trading stamps to cash customers.—Dorsej Fuel Oo. For Rent. 6-room dwelling, No. 024 E. Fourth street. Apply to Win. Sountag. Card of Thanks. Mr and Mrs. Josepb Miller hereby offer their sincere thanks to those friends who so kindly lent their assistance and sympathy during the illness and after the death of their little daughter. See J. E. Holl for Smoker Xmas gifts, G4S east 2nd st, Murderer of Senator Wall Captured. A telegram from Spokane, Wash., states that Otto Matthias, the murderer of H. W. Wall, the wealthy Staunton banker, has been arrested and positively identified at apokauo. A reward of $2,000 was offered by Senator Wall's sous for the arreat of the fugitive murderer. Ever since the tragedy Matthias has been sought for all over the country, and one man supposed to be him, but who afterward proved not to be, wan killed by a man who was trying to arrest him. Matthias was ignorant, could spenk scarcely a word of English, and how he managed to escape is a mvstory. $13.50 Is all we ask for a wai ranted 20 year Gold Filled Ladies Watch. A genuine snap. Only a few at this price. Our stock of Ladies' Chains is very low in price and high in quality. Solid Gold as low as $6.50. Gent's Chains and Scarf Pins at all prices. All suitable for Christmas presents. Don't forget our $1.98 Umbrella for Gent's and Ladies." . 4*-} E. H. aOULDINQ'S SONS, Alton's Old Reliable Jewelry House, Patronage hangs on a thread; that thread b your satisfaction. Treat you honestly and it's as strong as a cablet abuse your confidence and it may snap like a cobweb. We are striving to build cables; therefore we handle teas nttd coffees imported by^Chase & Sanborn. This name means a great deal in these days of cheap everything; it is a name that brings you a guarantee and satisfaction that no other line of tea and coffee will produce. THOS GOUDIE, Agent for CHASE & SANBORN'SJImportations. ; No. 26 West Second st. i - -j Telephone BOYS! You could not please your boy better than by buying him a nice RIFLE for Christmas. 22 Caliber Rifles at all prices from $2 to $12.50. Air Rifles from'75^ to $2. A. L. FLOSS, Third st. opp. Belle? P. S.—We are headquarters for Barney and Berry- Skates. The Modern Mother bus found that her little ones are improved more by the pleasant Syrup of Figu, when In need of tho laxative effects of u gentle remedy, than b.\ any other, Children enjoy it and it benefits them. Tlio truo remedy, Syrup of Fittfl, i<J manufactured b.y the California Fitf Syrup Oo. only. Increasing Uuslnes,s. Tho IllnioiB 01 IBB 0 >. will lie compelled by a pressing need for room to enlarge Its oilloo building by the addition of four rooms to the south side. Tho Inoruato lu the glass works bunl- UOBS is lalrly indicated by tho periodical enlargement of the olllue building to make more room. THE BEST QUALITY A PUIIt (IRAK CHIAM Of TARTAR POWDtH •DR; CREAM BAKING R Hlghw .icnora, World's Fair Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair /»•)» In floor for your Christmas! biking is n> cessary to. rrmk paltry, cakes, pies. etp. W have'the best grades,.of fiov an^verv hing in the. line Qf ^delicacies. Fine'Spice IfensFigs, Shelled Almonds iNuts, Olive Oils, Citron, Leml on and Orange PeeJs, Fres>| Eggs, Boiled Cider Swej Florida Oranges and cno| Table Apples. J. H. BAUMAN, No. 400 Belle street. Phone TOYS! plete Hue of TOYS up-to-date »»* ; ss Side Boards, Stick Horses and Chimes, PianoB, Trunks, Saw und Saw Buck, eta. All great variety of Penny Goods. H. A. BETZ,ft50B.3*i

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