The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 2, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1927
Page 3
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Mf. anrf.Mrf E. E. Bailes and : y hildrei of Warrensburg. Mo., who • 1 spei t <he week end at Howard, Kan iasj are spending a f0w "days with Mrs. Bayles's parerits. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Spencer jof 201 Soutih CotionwoQd jstreet betore go- 1 i ing pu ito their ihqrae. the farmers >ot' Prairie pell neighborlJood have : purchased ten miles of I wire with which to rebuild their telephone system. —Dr. Mohigbmery, .Chiropractor. (Ola Laundry Bldg.. Phone 138. / George Donald of Uarncd. Kansas, is! visitrng hi.>i mother, .Mrs. —rhickea Dinner ibmorrow.'Thuris- day.jat piristian Church, 35c. Din-j Quoeuj Donald, of LaHarpe. uer from 11 To 1. • i : ! ' ~1 ^ „ . _ • ' \ —O. L.i Cox, M. D.. 8p «cUUlt. y\i and Mrs. A'. T. Tlmm^ of i EJye, Ear. lNo«e fsi Throat. .Madison, Kansas were, business' | ;~r . , , visitors in lola yesterdlay. -Mrs.' Col.-Girady is makmg plans for Jean's the building of a new house on his visit in Faner4l ef Bitty Loo Janier>. service jor Betty ije held at the Bap- rrow afternoon at Free Mrithodist aflerpooh at 2 o Ileal ti 01* Mr^' .Mrs. Harriett THE lOLA DAILY REGTSTER. WEDNESDAY EVENING, MARCH 2., 1927 Hew. J. Burial n. Sowcr- will take Hlshldtid cemetery. Harriett (iray. Jray passed away SHANGHAf S ANSWER TQ CANTQN. / at 1 o'tjlack tllib morning at the! home oif her sou, C. C. (iray. SlJ .N'orth Jefferson Lvenue. The funeral service win be held at the •hurch tomorrow rlock. Burial will take place in Highland cemetery.: A. I... (Slim I S'eete i,s reported |11 today at his 1 home. Glu .N'orth Street. .Mr. a lid .Mr.s. liric .lenseii of II.'. South Cijltonwooil street have rtv j tu »-iiJ 'J liome from a four mijnthfi' JDes .\loirtes. Iowa. j)ldi I'a.shoined- revival iat Free Kni-: K. .MetHodihi church,'-- ! i Plumbing Co. • ctnc \V[ X. .Vortihcott of 11? .South (Hiiii .«Mfct. Who traditl Ills r«sl- lIl'IH a f.i inovl proiieriji .•ioiiH- tinif ago for nil northijasft of Carlyle, is ng to the farm. • ' \V. E. Boycr'returned yesterday j from KaiiWas Ciiy. when- lie had bi-eii on business. have bo' —Dr. Fred Woodbur.v, graduate Kriai-Rr imlfath. (not HiiecialiMt. Tn-aJK cornH. bun-j ,„„({(, ^ hoi an Bun Ir, Cortiif-r is supjTiiitoinl:-• . ..... i.l. .1 I /» ! pany. cnt <it aJKenttt in pany .Mr .s. loe Ithod Krcd FtliKiicr-. .Ii the! .Midland Com!- es and graiid'oi of lluniboMt. who n visiting their father and BOLLINGER OP Tlie annbii public today! started in service slaliin for washing an(I WILL N TIRfc SHO^ ncement was made that .March IS a new busine.«i| enterprise will be )!a in the forni of a ;tires. batteries. 6 BELL-ANS Hot water SureReHef ^ELL^NS FOrt INDIGESTIOrL .ill E»ery-day| -Story. ••j ^tMK'ilHT. • .Mr. aiitl Mri.Karl llallain, 'Mr! !«nd Mr-. It.iy I,. |)li|-kl«-. • (iird of TliuiiJix. loiiH, weakcncil arihes. elc, .No I 'Xlra , j„ ^ |\V.- •tti.-ili til lhatik our many . cliarK" for rocldi'in «i i allH. Phone i ,,, I irijij:lK ;nid r<l itlv»'« for «li.-lr kiml-Iniii). I 'l? Went .Mndlnon. , ' ' X to; iiH In I If ii('aiii of iiiir.'iiar .(. A..'l'l|iple li''<-ii f.iriii- li.ig' llif (larvi'y fnnii, lias iciiliil and i- iii()vliig /<i III.' dr. I!. (J Clirlsllan jraiiii llvo IHII.VH norlli of lola .111 lit." Slat"' .«ii"i'i ni.iit. f. John I'ruiil. vih.i 1.' with His .faiiiih- 1. Sfk . wi -r.' (M- i< S Uoby, who has bi -i-n lIvliiK ((II 11 fiiriii aldHii two nill.'H imrlli -on 111.! !>tHti' hrri -ct roa.l. Is moving I<) .(iaM (^liy NVll .Tc h.' will 'make liil^ IjioDie.. — M 'liH -y I'l loan .on real estafe easyKrm.i, ii.j < .miinissions. Tli.' lida Hlilldin:; * Uian .Nss.K'iation. ()rg,ii !ii'..'<l in l^t^T}. New location ••' coniiT of Siiuare. (i. E. I 'ecK. Secretary. i | .1.! .1.; Hixonof ."."l South Ken• tticky iitr<?et i.^ moving to the S. Robt farm un tlie uorlh State .-street i -pad. Iiiln i»<l;iy .fnrnul.' Imnif. .Mr. Pru^tt formerly lived In lola. •ni<'<»l||r.' .l'<-k| w.'iit I .I Clia'nutf y.-i.-nlaji' iilii-rn.joiii l.i vl.s'il fri.'li/l.s rciiiriiliig limiif jiast evening. • Wh .'U SliaiiKhal «as thr .-alrln .-.l by ailVimc jijg Caiitoii''.'-.^ tr.j the native quarters, of the if:lty. (hoe heavy barb!'! «iie .iiiangl .•.•srtioii. 'Ilii- 1^ ill].' of 111.' lust; pictures Ii.iin iriiina to r .acb tlie |riilti..l Slates slm IIH - Caiiloii iiKnan- to ••till' J'arU .if lb" K l-l" b.'CHIIH' il.lll.'. but will l.f building will .111 .1 tlifll go I i )|B' and fSolslit'vik iiiirisiiigs wen.- ili>sturbing ' .Mr. Tlioltu mi'iils vviTf llii.iiin ar.'.iin.l the (m.-lgii loii-j ilay or tw.) Na-li Sal .-^l iifl.r tli>.' ntli greasing automobiles. The okner will be .1. Merle Bollinger an|_the shop will be located in the rTholen building close to the lola 1 iundry, now occupied by tlie -Vash fSales agency. .Mr.' BoIIingi'r is in City this week aiiii wilt remain there 1 another w.«il|, taking a course of 25<t and 75c Pkg's.So|d Everywhere special instruction in the tire repair bufinesk Firestone (whose tires he will! handle) maintains a. •"model tir«! shop" in Kansas City , just for th.- purpros<>: of giving agents an opportunity to study • "mo.lei" rfpair work and the most advanced iiieChoii.t of handling this i'ine of buslnessr .Mr. Bollinger is • spending ills ijays in this shop and .his higllts ]iii a Iwittery shop. j Oil'.' of rlje particular advantages 1 which will aicriie to this sliop [ from its lix^uion in the Tholen : building will be flijat automobiles will not lia've i.j park at the curb Iblf to, drive int.) tlie I tlieyi want Ki.-rviie siraigbi on through ami out ill.11 ^lie alli|y. wlil aiiiiouRce in a what building his Ki-my will oil upy ,' -I ..ft liie .1 .1 your buil.liim reiiioilellni;. I'hone HiT'-M. . The Tippi'' .Motor (,'onipiiny has: Jii-t rec'iyed a big .sjiM-k ot auto, tir.'s upon which a r^pecial price' will be made. Prof. In 111.' lor lilcli l.'ii.lcd I lal ball Th. HAv. \V. _ '.Mtthodi —Dr. A; Twadell. Osteopath, .'.'ve'rv^'n' New Glob© Bldg. Phone 191. < • tended .Mill .T a The Purity Creamery Co.. on entertaiiling simaker". Kast .street has built a new addi- j r ' ' . tinn to their plant, . --The .Mo.lern Brotlierhiio.! of ' .\nierica will have their regular lodge meeting at^S o'clock Wednesday es-ening. .March--, at K. P. ' Hall. -A dance--yiill follow. Mrs. Frank Olhs left Sunday for iBlackwell. Oklahoma to join Mr. ! Olds and make their home. —Just like Angel Food Cake, V&n Hoozer'8 Bread. 2 for 15c T. A. very ill ported ing. Justii who als insurant is forty Eiii.'lio lAcDSta. Iii.-tru.tlir !liaiii ^ll ijipartliH'lit at fccti- nh.jol| In Clianule, atte boxing match at .M.nior- last night. Iteil Airs. • It-njaiiiln 4'"' d.iuglit.'r. I.uiil'',. who liav.; been veiling .Mr .Mr-< C C liray, r.'tuni.'.l t.> tln-ir lioiiif in Car- uiitt tins .ill.'ii;i""ii. Mr^•. Williirt liciiiil.-. sp.'iit 111'' I 'li end witii i.-lair.i-. lii Uitli- MORAN NEWS \ OF THE DAY with h.r liiM'- ami lal.'lif; .-ill' i- li'-r r.-l.|iii«.i- li' r'- .ui'l -l.u- w ill !>'• Ki.'aily rii:.-.'-'i| al 'i The vor.v l>'-t of sr'i.i'l w'>lns will ;;ii witll till-'- yoiiii;: jnupj.- to ilnii ii'-u htiiU'- in .S'"!aii. PRAIRIK SHIPS LOTS OF OIL Hervic.'s j .'.indui'ted by ;.he E. .Miller a( the Fi -ce ,t 1 hurih arii increasing St. Services begin at 7::'.'» ght. X welcome is <r.\- t!o everyone to hear. .Mr. Ill' is a very forcefol and |lenrietta English of "Id South Third street who has been iti>. :.Mr. i'li.I Mr-.. .1. C .Viiilfrs.iu and MK :IIIII Mr.-. Will .\iider-.iin .li.ive to Wichita Sat.irilay t'lr a l.w <lay> vlsii'. Paul H.'.irirli- ')( Tul-a, Ok!:t . i.-^ visiiiiii; li'iiiii- fidk< liir a I. '.v <lay> HVE . Il.atil of Talsa. Okla . visited ii\'-r ihv week .-ml wiih lu^ failijly. 711 ..Si)iit!i Sy.aliior.- .-l !<i?. for several days, was re- I^wren. t;.;. wli'i i- wnk- little better this morn-' i";: i" I""''' \ftv tliiT w.'.'k >• i.- i -iiiployel lUipany in. oiul with his wif'. .with tin- Sinclair <'>jl e of the Peace. "Wliitaker.'Ti'lsa. j |i) is in the- real estate" and I ~ e business, recalls [that it Friends .,r .Mrs. Ina Miiliael Mr- ars ap> ye.-teriiay sine.' (Iiii'fjn will In- M >rry .' ID l.-arii that he vent intu business ini lola. she is ill at IHT lnuru' in WilmiiiL'- .March 1. 1SS7. ^nd that the only ton. I'a'if. Siie r<«eiitly iin<i'.'r- , nierchandizing firms then , dolus went aii oix^ration f.jr appeii.licitis I buslnesi in lola who still ^ire, here - are rho4e of A. W. Beck and T. .M. -Mrs. Ktb.l .lom^s. wh'> uiid'T- Hrown of 3.4 .North Cot-^ jjj,^t,p^ I rncideiually the present w-nt an i.p.ralii.n at th^-May., Ii„s- .MoiitUIv {UnrrU IHnner Held In ,Melli<id|s| t hnrch K.M. .Mr. .Wiiilijiei to .Inniial (imierence. i.Vfs. (;. II. F.irili .Ml)i:.\.Nj Feb. '.\lllii)ii;;ii ..ur • i-alfmlair.s !t.ll us Cia; .-prin--' liiii" ':s a:•rivi^^ the sii.)wf.rll this ini.rn- iim ""1111: iiiiiii at'.' sh.i; wmtir is'i ng ;ar'-vv.-ll v.-ry r<-iari;iii'ly. .). 11 Ciraimr r.laaiii^ iiuili- -• r- ii)ii>!y ,]\ litib- i::ipr .:vi-- :iiiiH ;ii:ii lu> laliiiiy and in. i:;'.- iiv \'ry aii.vious al)i.>iit him anil liDi"' |i r i i:i ri'veniiiit-.-'joii. Th" l{.:-.j. .Mr. .Matlu.i. v .lio iia.- been paslnr .if tlif; .M. K. .hiinli lull till' j.ast tn.i years, will + + * •}•• + •!• + + + + + * + Ii.irt-, III thi' iiinnlli I 'll i;i -J7: T. <• RKAI-FSTATKTRAXSFEBS +iam uni. <• Issued Daily from Office of • + lola Abstract Co. <• ^ *, Kdwaril f, + + 4. + + ^ + *4.* + + * +>tair. N f J ; i '— •. ! winner of ;li>> "I anj glad to .rtcotnmcmJ Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and the Favorite Prescription." said Mrs. Martha Strayer of 1919 M,:SL. I'i.iliiwing shiptii.ntK for Lincoln, Nebn "1 have regained - z^. my health and strength several oil different times by taking one or In.!' ;M-ri.I"jij.;»'. Kan.. .Mar. '1. t\i' Th.' I'r:i:r''| I'iipi' Liiii''(•'Miipaiif i'- •i'll 1 sliipimnls of irinli :won till Marih 1. l!>'-'7. [Cardncr • Kliii-r II. C'lriell ami wit'.. I,uiy !'. IHl! y.'. :o (:!i-st..r K. liinl anil wife Kavc L. lot ::. bimk-l::. Brnoklyn i I'a'rk. an .-\i!'lUi..ii to bi!a. Sl.OO. ! fie ''oa.'^t mid lini; F 'briiary .-:.<;:j.i'r harr -.-ls. S aii.i I..O I both of these remedies. When I feel the need i of a general tonic I take the 'Golden Medical Dlseov- Cardnor. /if .Mniir- cry'; it I need a feminine medicine s the only rivi-tinii' j take the 'Favorite Prescription.' jiational aiiiai'-iir IS J j have taken bo'th atjthe same time, tit!.' in I'Mil. i :ii";. too, alternately." (Picture above.) to a::ii l'.il« Dr. Pierce's famoiJs family remedies are sold at all Idrug stores in ;lu' s(tii^at:i!:itil Pa.-:'- tablets-or liquid. 'Write Dr. Pierce, ll.-w»i-.;ht. may liav- presidentlnvallds'Hotel in Boffato, \-l' Wright am! w:l" 'KiU B.. ''>• I'.'iil'Ka|liian as an oi-pon-nt Y.. for free IJiedical advipe. . \'.' "i" H.'.r-i'-Ii' ;•):.- H an.! l:;. ;w!''.n he niakfs his easit-rn - ""'^^^^ . . ' 1' i: North of lot It'. bl'>ck in .Madison :s|iiiari' llanli'n. i.roh- —For prompt results lise the go to .Toi|eka Tuesilay wh.-re h '.vill att.'m; Oil.? :iif lolu's rVal estate dealers r'.'i>ortH thjat he has hajd twenty-five applicaltions'from men w,!io desire to rent'a faitm. I^oks Ijke 'farming -is nut a lad proposition after all. , i. I at 6i:'.iJ p. m. Thursday; .March .:. Yourself and lady cordially invited. • I, Mr.s'. i;dna Fudge of Independence. Ki nsas spent Sunday with E. L. her pannt-s, .Mr. and .Mrs. .1. M. I (j^aj,,,] \ Thom'us 421 East Lincoln street. ij„ ; i, . ~-. Mr. ThoiWas a.coniP'aiii'^d her home I rj ,. _C>ick.;i.l )iniiortWrrow .Th:irs-, _ . , j,,^ ^ days ! '/X?< ^dav atCiristiau.CrJr.h. .!•»•. iJiUr ' . .i.u.i.< ^.erftr.>m 11 t,o 1. .j ' | _ ! ^^rk " \ — . • -I Mr :in,l Mrs flifforil Barber re- vl,_ .J lola ;Eiigiis I. will operation for appf John's! h<ispitul abo and whosf lif.' wa lor sev. ral ijayii. i| iioiv. and it. is hop abi^- to leave | I 1 K ; h. lew^ days, Uinilerweiit an indi.itis at St. It a wfrek ago despaired of much better il she .will be spital within a .Mr. and Mrs. Clifford,Barber return.'.1 hum.' Saturday from a ten days visit in Kansas City. Louis KicM.-t of 417 Kast Lincoln str.'et has been .ml of .school for the |ia -t two w"k.i with inexsles. Stanley Hugheslgrocery the chijrge. AV \\. Webb retains tlie metit inarki't which he ' has operate<l for sonie time past. the annual confei.'iue cf Iris (liuhh. .Mr. .Mailiaei's work in the. lion h here has ii.-en especially |.-;itisfaclory in every and an iij-g-'iil r-' i- .>.'iit thi- coliferenie for III- re- iurn htre jfor the coming yeiir. .'doraii I' are ghul to kii:ivv that liayej l.amloii. wjio has been at St. .ioiiii s IiDsjiital. I.da. treatnieiii the past svv.ral .lays, is now iiniiniivln-.; mure rapidly and with 'Vei-yi hop'- "f i omnlete recovery iu'lorei louL'. •Mr-. W. ;.l. Baniheliwas tin- guest of. I;"r daughter. .Mrs. (on. Wea:h- >. d'a.': City. $.sii.»..»ii. i.-ildy in th'- la .M. .r. Keejon aiul '*il'e Elizabeth | .1.. TO Wait'-r C .lai ksou, lot 1.; block i. Suiuiy.siile A.l'lition to Mil- . .Ired. SIiii'i.'ic. - ; Tiios. M. Caiey and wife! Hen- i rietf.a. I ,ee Cady ami w ife. .Myrtle, ! , and .lohu Ct^s. .Atjee i'ud wife Mar- ' ijeirif; j „rj^. ,o j'innan'i . Oil Coiiipany. l.;;ii acres; nior.- or less, in .N.irth- east for. "if W. of SK. . :':\-Z''>- :; ain-e tpd-i' lying in N". oi SK. 'i. --I-.-i-ls. ter part of .Mar.ii. Classified Columns. ^^^^^ LOSS IS S17.000 IN K. C. EXPLOSION The Right formerly , (k the ill tiicky street. Kansas City. .Mar.h L'. (.\P'-^.\n explosion of unileterniiii'"l .irigin .!anial.'."l a drug store a:'..i; grocry iii a .ir.e-^tory biiii'ling aT Inde- Floy.l .MrCormailc'aml f.vo s.iii.^.' ,. .\veini'- ami .• College .lohu and : l.oreii. .iti Hayar.l sp. ii' street there eariy to.lay. .Mi-s Craiii Hodii.'rs is r"|i"rle'! ,.^>,j,. ;,ii,l i i;,t„i.l'v ol IJronson Siin- at h.r home. - Snuri. K "!i- anernioon: -; lotor C 'oi. has r.'iited! space ; lI .Tberl Heff.'ni ..f- i hi'a-.;o ^- a!:'tern.joii with' H. N. .MI -- „ ,^ e-fmaie.i a"; $i7..i"". ooin iK ^upied by the I.ila v'silii;;; hi>' hru 'li '-r., Pa'riiU ll'jt- , The 'Hih«i and Tire Co.. at '209 South fi-rn and.Mrs. M'ff-rn at 111 V^^l a an.l will engage in the .M.)nroe strref. repairing cars. J'-. VKAItS /11 .1V.- yi|i| an a /.if any j liiuki' • able ,to ; j.ig al. than Vi y.'a>' If .io, . *'rit. ThV Regi I!C. Her. • 4 * :« .Ma.xiij" ('reason Colborn stroetj has week with the ni.'a Altfntlon KnlKhi -s Templar. -Do not oV-erlook Yours.df an.l lady c Mrs. Morri.-I Abt-^ home from-a bus ' Wichita. Card Ol" Tliank*. -We wish ito thank oiiij many, .Nir. i^n.l .Mrs. Ii. .V of W.\ telegra ilaiight of I'a!- she wa ton lia 1 Th" B'v; .loiiaihiin C. Wilson. , pa-tor of tlie Trinity Meihndist I. 'liiirih. left ve.-ter-lay and the P.ev. i'."''*• •' pi^vf piloinobile but s^ll lig. liioie old'.' : (• I ColiNnilth. p.isior <if thi .Meih.i.lisi ihiinh. l"It tmliy fur Tiipeka where tji-y will att'ii.l the Kansas aniiiial' .nlirerem" of the Mitli.iilist . Iiiiri h'.'s ot I 'a-teni, Kan- li Mr A one of| Hubert tl). Fb-Mcr W'.'iil toith'' K re. Chaniit.' today i. visit her. nmiher. Mlt)sbaiid-not jUst any' old thinff .Mrs. W. .M. fb.ipinan. of 41ti Soiitll been ill for a ICS. : J 'that 1 . llOIl .'St ; Harrv Fl'ake. !.Ir.. son of Mr. audi must b Mrs. liarry Flake, is r.'porteil iir"f •and unahl.' to i att.iiid s'liool this I'"'," week. •• . Cunningham F^iist .Mii.lisi^n received a n tiiis mt'irni'tig from their r. .Mrs. Stiiuley .Siiigl.'ion. ail.Ha. <*allf, saying that . iiiui'h liew.-r: Mrs. Single- l)''ea iiiiit" :i;l.. .loliiison! and his nio'liep ara .lolihsiin of s;;ii .Vojth re street drove to Channte this nij'iriiiiig an .l sp.'ni th.- 'la/ witll .MIS . Joiinsoii 's daughtcri .Mr.-. Claude Spjifford. ri.iiii young la'ly .-.l.'rk in tile loht stoj-.'S has asked gister tci !i''lp her find a Numhfrl ; (Continued frotii Page 1) house. Ibis is iny uKith-r. -No b"y ever lia.l a liett< r." '.irmack '.viio has. been i|iiil'' ill but i-* iio-.i- p'I oi'j .'i:: rapidly. Frank li-es ntinii'! u f'-w ila>> ai;;i from, tin- H. .\ Imspital ia Top.-ka wji'.ie'li" went for exam in .iiion ail'! tr'-atiiii'iii. ami bi-^ fri'-mls Ixipe !i'f .^v:|l soon h-- en- I'-'Vili;; tietfl T he:tll;;: 'i'lii^ .-I'liiiu^ in th' ' hiiri-h !ia.-i-- til'iil will! li.;. ciitoyi'! tl;.- regular ('reatii)ii of :i -fh-'i^-l i oij.- cmi- iiiis-';oii. t4i r<-( oniiii'jm: i li.iiig'-.- in .'Xisting SI liool was pr.ipo-i-ii in a lull introiliii i-d ,)<y the hon-<- ei ;ur.Jiioii lommiitee. The lomiiii-- sion.voiild .onsl.-t• of s''\'-n m'.-m- liers. loiu o:' ivhoiii woiil'l II'- !';.•- islalors. The cOninii-sion would ' repiiit. to th'- l.-gl^laiul'• i:; l'.i .;'j. lU'iiiialy -•i.o.l tiim l!l'-llli)er'll .'il! lollop •'HIS .r'-p.i -•'11' I'ai h Mr am will he h' ;-.iriy -ii,} i |/-s^ ev ' ' Robert Smith, son of .Mr ami I.Mrs. Clan- Smith, is ill with the i flu and uuabl' to be at school this i week. • lilii! ( his fa ml Fk'.l Li'!i:i.Ma!or<i b'gan to work for nothing t'Mlay. the .".l-l .lay of th.' biennial session. But they will have to go home in order to get the $:;i» .'heiks for the last ten .lays during which the constitution ..permits payment of f:! a day. The legislators do not want to |iik.-> lik'.' a man. but a real ti>-gooiln-ss hus'ba-nil. 11.) good looking and have Iota :>.-y. a g lod home and !>$ |pd .if a loving dispositioii ry othei^ good quality. ' .lohnsoi bt Bloomington. -P'-"'' "'='">' '^^X^ in -Topeka witli- oisfwas a guest over night of '.""^ remuneration They are try- •ousin. Richard Ewing and ';;;n »r .letc their work by l=at- 1^. 1 1 ^ : urday, .March liiir.ih ' '!iiili> •• ami -.eial i-.i "\\:- .\l'eihiiili-l I bur. h ip, .V !>ii-iii.--s iii'-i'tiir.; ; 'iiliU'T ami ' \ a i • 's . oi:i:-Jel'-i|. tliar M'- vi .'ir to I ojif'-r'-m-'-. .Mr-. • li.crii.y" 'iir ::'i' -t- al a far.'-.v'.-ll •!i Mi'Mi'ay i -v.-ni;i:; .i' .M' .mil Mr^. l-irsi ii i:: •.t r.v s mn lor th'-ir n'' iiti y. .\rk . .aii'l iwi.-,)i.'s oi iii.uiy frieri'ls V. ;;| «o w (Ih tin-Ill. l»r. .audi .Mr> '>- -"^ <".i-for.l o\:'.•! t It. ill ,i feiv .iays to S.-daii. K ':ps. wh 11- tl:.v u-.ll ill.all- jier- ma:i.-n!l.v. \)r ami .Mrs. Ca.-foril la'.e h.-eij ilier.' f>;i' .'i short tiin.' but bom ai' |.-avi ii"V hoiii' •h. b--r Ended overnight Ti:<-i.''- a way f.i .-n.l .-ol.lsto ijiiiik I and '.-fficlent 'hat w.- p;.id il.>"").'*')" for i^•. That way is HII.I .'.S. It stop-^ ' colds in "f b'lur.-. .-.!;. iks f.-ver. .itK-ns tlie ln'.w.-l- rl.'ii K .ii's tlx-- erllre sysf.-ni. f .Million'- "inploy it bec;iiisi. it bri;n;s <ii> h- jironipt. .nipb'te r'-^'iit - C'» try it HOW- BILL'S CaKan -BromMcQamiM I Bm sure you (at HIIX 'S, in red box Mtb portrait. At all druyfiit*— 30c. j —meati.-s man. and Hero at t .^UCCCS.s. vantajfcs IV. Ini.sincs.s lattinK':,: any on U> y ihi.' ad- a Ki 'eal deal to the live. pr <jKi 't *-'^-4 to the young man ju.-st, li.s .Rational Bank we have a ^.si.stti( We 'Kordially invite yoii .J t (K .i. to (• ol'oiir c(jmi)lete facih 'liea and iM'oad e[cperien (;e. i FIRST I- .Mr. ami Airs. Edward .Mrs Kinney I Topeka entertliiiiment ; j-.j, y,,s;t.r,!ay morning, ac. oiupan-' th. ,-uiil bamiiiet iat. Temple promptly j,.,, (-.race Kinney, for tbeir ; feri-ince at 6::i(i p. mJ Tlhursday. March ; i,„nie in .lacksonville,. III. .Mr. and j She' wi iirdi^lly invited, j^^j, Kinney were .-ailed here by jof Or. I th.' serio'i?- illness and ib'ath of f". Carl has returned,,,,,, former's mother. .Mrs.. Caroline ; ness If-ip- l" Kinney. Miss Grace Kinney wili: Mrs. sp.'nd'a we.'k iir two with ' her ; went t.^ p. Garlinghouse went to this at'terno .in t.) atten .l si.ins of the annual . oii- .if the .Sletliodist churches. 1 be a guest in the home Carliiighouse's brother! L. nghouse, while there. Fon; fjarl Jayi—.Mr. Bi-ckiug. All the Boy Scoij to be guest.s tonight of JI: brother and wife. to spelt Ruby I r. L . 1. , Mr.-^. M. M. Clark was a in friends f/.r th.iir kimjness and floral , „f j,,,^ grandson am! wife, offerings at the death of qu,V little j jjj. j^^,, Harley Clark during land .Mt^. O. R. ^^.^.^.^^ (,,„1 <he assisted in the . !care of littli' Virginia Clark, who '''"J^'.'' 'has been .luite .sick with the • Mrs. Miss (), ts of Jqla are , nio.asles. K Ma- I Theitire to •i;cotty I of the gruder of thi| Elit see tlie pictur.'. Scouts" •»hi<.'li-- is being (h (|wn at that theatre tonigh . AH required .if the S.-ouif- for free .a^inissioi] , is to ;show the Sci \it '.batlge' for!, identification.' T .^Try ItTonce—yiu wUi liara no ; . other[ Van fioozej^s Bread. Th. .Mrs. annii ifuncenieht that ,; Ir. ;i Fairweaiher vill r.'ac ' tonionow.has" beet greete<l part of nienbers < f the Club with \\ spor, ailertus ^iOll that a i|ei-ept|0|n should! .lere.l tbeiii i - -• their turn, .\nnourijcenient fore, that suib rejeptbin ,; will b.i . tendei^ed at tb.' fli^b Mouse on Fri '^•.Zi>. Jiijil the socially 'If' 'speech from eitperienives i er thiatjthe <:ommi|ttee may • F. L. B. LEATELL. X.' D. Bpeclal attention given Diseases of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Therapy and Physiotherapy. Office lola State Bank Bldg. Phones—i47 and 705. .ami fai t<i niak .Mrs. h.ive tna.j' :.T.-atiy r. • tor ill ati.l hi- •.IfI es.-ary li'ive beei The senate passed and .sent to the house till' Whitman bill to require all lountry dances and road houses to be.licensed. Tlie senate passeil ."in to and -eiit to the house a bill to license and reeulat.' the practice of ppdi- ienniiigTon, a student at K. many warm fri' -.vho -r.t tb'-ir I'-aving. The bwilt "ip a nve pr.uti.e ri.'iels r.';:ref i!i.-ir tlie arraiigeni.nis' i-ould ii"t mad.'' for his pernia- if lo.atlion here. Mrs Casfonl - an a.'i pniplisheil mnsi. iaii an.l -he has! .'en esiie.lialiy geii'-rous lliia C"PI'<" K and children, tie and Clark and grand- r. Creorgia Ann of Hia- Vansiis are .visiting .Mrs. Ciijip'ick's brother. C. Anderson ta.xpayers a cent and he. a man 70 years old. haii no corns, he wiitild Vote for the bill and let the folks who had. pay the bill. ii:y.i'.Mrs. C^ippock expects houie here. :inil 1 home on the, ^ij^^ .leii'iieite C. Kalis. niu.-;ic su •onntry j ,,^r\i.sor h 'f tb. city scho.ils. left expres- 1 tiiis morniugv and Frederic k Ureen. ji;!'•;: Cloud and son. Howard an<: .Mr an .l .Mrs. P. S. Heath " , were liiie.-ls ar. the McClelland * -home ipi Hiimlioiiit Tuesday. *v Th' / ST .'-Wor .lrs.-es board of 'the •|A. . M/K . c!nin-)i met with Mrs. H. • Siu-pjfrd v,--|,.rday afternoon. Kbofi present Were: ii>e Rev. and C. A. Jack.son. .Mrs. G. W. .\ bill reini.bursittg (;»-.>rge (;ano ; of •Hutchinson ,'with .••.7."i ad-! vance.I by him jfor the reconstru. lion of cattle barns burned at the slate fair ground was passed, by tlie senate and sent to (iovertior Paulen. TWENTY MOSLEMS KILLED IN RIOT Mr Bell. '.Miss Mr* Til .Mrs Woodani. Mrs. Ed Smith. I.Ilia, Sinirb. .Mrs. (lordon and Haiidley. I Calrutta..Brii!.sb-India. .Mar. 2. (APi—Tw.fnty .Moslems were ki!!--' ed-fanil forty wounded to'ia.v when , police fired upon communal j-iot- .er.«'at Ponabalia. a village 2')0 mill's from Calcutta.- >,„,„„ ' . • , , -1 tii'iiithly sifiiiniacv of Febrii--. w f ,. . ^i!-" ^' ''>'•« high s .hool. ;,rv weather i-s-ue,| todav from the ''%l'btv.> in ..'rr re i''''' ^"^'7'^^ tor Tulsa. Oklahoma ! ,oia Bureau ..f the I'nitel ^V«^".,i Lr!'*'" 'h«-..>^"Uthwest Supervls- ,v,,.athVr .M.rvii.: reports that the IS made, there- iors .•onvenliob. Frederick wa .s; | i,ig|,..^, ,.„,„.,ra,ur'- during Feb- chos.'n to repr-.sent io|a high;' raary 1 was 7.'. .legrees. the lowest .l.y.evHning.^Mar.'i 4. There w„, i ^ffl o;.h:::;;a. "Vts*'ili^chetS i^iitfter^^l^ea ^^^Tdlre'" .beaHci^s, linner tobeserveda, is .omp 'H 'l '.t V^r, Pi-- wi.h" ;^:,,:.r ' .l ^^^^'^.r ^S ^v • --'evenng w -ill l)e,speni students from , nine s.iuthwestern , During '""""" '"^ r , nruary. btle .s> leatuie.l |,y a .states. The o .-<.-fiesti-a will give a ^,;,atioil wis onlv i\ of V„'!'„"~v, the - Pro - about his concert at th. meeting.of the t ;'i;h 7 ^ ""'' ""^^' tl the ol .l .'oiinlry. It i onferen. e wiiic:i meets .March ::. ' normal is greatly .lelsired that every man ;!. 4 and-f-. The members of the was 4 in (he Cliib .should] as the time rt shor: to attend arei requ ephone :244 ( L'. E. iRuss Slat^- Accredited riiick* .5/ Special for Friday a!nd ; Saturday The 4th and >5th only \ l»ur ret ular prlce^ N :?1.1JH> per liMI rbicl. .. Hut all i>r .ler» placed-: .•n the nil and •'•th nill IK-— Sl'i.fO per 100 chicks. ' 200 fhick.s S2.'}.00 .{00 Chiirks S:54.50 100 Chitks - .-..S4I.00 H EAD COLDS Melt in •poonj; inhale vapors; 5OO Chicks - Sao.'H) fPPjy ^MlyjipTJostrUa. ^ ^J^Q Chlcks ^^§63.00 of an inch snowfall. The precipitation for'the month inchejs. -The- prevailing VICKS • VAPORUB O—r 21 MUtmm Jan f/W Yamrt, . oply precipitition bcfUiring in uieasutjable quantities. I.OOO Chicks ...S98.00 , i: - • • . On ari order of 500 chicks you save $.5.00. and an order (>f 1,00(^ chicks saves you SIO. I>iscoun1s on Brooders, Mashj i * \ Hoppers. Etc. j STURDY CHICiK rtATGHERYj STETSON • HATS Style Built Cin Qujjility Voii w;int style in jiour hat. but unle .s.s styU'ihas a foundation of. (luafity, it cannot endure. The lastinj,' g'ood looks of a Stet.son i .s the real rea-. ^on for the popularity of: the.>e famou.< h a t — their .smart .^tyle i.s e.x- pected a.s u matter of to' V We are .showinj.' ; n a.s- ."'Ortinent of Stj.-t.-^on .''^tyle.s that will niakt; any man re.stie .-j .s until He ha.s one.' $7.50 """P Clothing Co. ness. $55-00™ $110.00 us a once over before you biiy har- IWe have 10 diffei-ent sets,; every stitch made in our own shop. If what we have ready will not dojwe will make theiTi up to suit. Ask wears. your neig hior how^ our harness Hai^dware & Inhplements Over 30 Years an lola

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