Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 13, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1898
Page 2
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\rt Disease 4 Years. BY TUB TBLBQRAPH PRINTING COflPANV TUESDAY EVE., DEO. 13. NOTICE TO A0VER t I8KR8. For the ' aar MS •** "hall charge th« r WM.!«n'. notlooi In our looalool- FIR LIN1. eugu laaarttM o« Three to nre Imerllon* ............... ' «•!!!• Bl»totwelT»mnertlon« ................ 6 cents. nuMfmrr.-W oenH per Inoh flrst tn»ertlon, Md» oeiaU petlnoh for e»oh iubsequent inner- "w'p«rInohSr« month, It.M per Inon e«oh month therettter. Ml «n positive I would not be ttvtae today but fat your wonlerful remedyjD'- Mtt£ Heart Core. I had l*«* «•cue four year* And doctor* failed to help me. Whenlbe- ff an taking this remedy 1 was unfit for anything but for six months I have felt perfectly „ DR. MILES' II Mr look for the first Insertion, in* M cent. n fnoh tor e*oh subsequent insertion. If yon want to rent houses or rooms, It you want to soil anything, If you want to flnd any article, Advertise in lost the Telegraph. Heart Cure la aold by ftll druggists on gua flrrt Sotlle beneflfe or money Broken heart and nerves sent free. Or. Mllca Medical Company, Elkhart, ina. V. S. MXON, Architect, and Superintendent PUM and Specifications for Work Accurately Furnished. OFFICE OVKR AWOtf SAVINGS BAM M. MAHONEY, NSUKANCB AND REAL ESTATE fOR SALE. Two-aton aerobU brlok dwelllug 10 't»om tram* dwelling on Fountain it. li-room brtflk dwaUlng on Belle at. a-room tram* dwelling on Btat* it. l-room trline dwelling wits a lota Vvw. On*-atory l-room tram* dwilling, 8* W 1 «mUOtt wait UD* of Main street, TUB Sultan of Turkey has assured American Minister Strauss that tbe oUlmsfor damages against tboBul- tan'0 government will be pa!d. The Sultan'a promises are easily made and jnst aa easily broken. PRESIDENT McKinloy started on a tour through the South at 2 p. m. today. Many Southern cities are calling tor • visit from the President. HU broad-minded statesmanship has made him popular in tbe South, as In the North. THE report of Auditor McOullagh, of this State, shows that on October Igt, 1898, there was a balance of *3,232,816.39 In the State treasury. When Governor Tanner was Inaugurated the treasury was empty and all bilu had to go over until July 1st, because of tbe thieving propensities of AHgeld's employes. Gov. TANNER is in Washington, and laat night entertained the Illinois Senators and a number of Representatives at a dinner given at one of the hotels. It Is hinted that the vieit means a political combination, although the Governor and bis party, consisting of several prominent Chicago business men, will not admit that the visit has anything to do with politics. that It practically insures Its defeat. The scenes in and about the city hall, when the Council was In session, beggars description. All the aldermen who favoiod the franchise were hissed and a band of men with flfe anrl Onim amlroposlnihtnd marohorl through the corridor* of the 11 rut story. Alderman Mclnerny, a franchise advocate, dubbed the mnrcnors, "Salvation Army man," which undoubtedly thry were on thp occa»io-,i, ns only tho tor- ror Inspire 1 by t ; ie outburst of popular Indignation prevented the passage of tho boodle Allnn law franchises by the_clty council.^ NORTFTALTON. Mrs. John Krtig is seriously ill nt her homo on Alby street. Miss NoloBoedle spent Sunday with frlands In St. Louis. Kd. Schaub Is Improving nicely from his accident of several days ago. The W. 0. T. U. will bold a Dom- orest medal contest nt tho chnpel Wednesday evening. Tickets 10?. Several speakers will contest. Miss Estella Ntusom loaves for Chicago, Saturday, to spend the winter with her sister. Miss Maggie Tlbbett, of St. Louis, Is visiting the Misses Davis. "Bat" IB gone. No more do we neur his gentle foot falls meandering along the pavement; never again shall we bear his rippling laughter rolling down the avenue; or his Mlnnehaha voice cooing in the twilight. He Is gone. He lingered by the wayside and the UPPER ALTON. One of Ihe Worst DlMMes Kni"< n tu Man Is Overcome fty Modern Sduite. Mrs. 8»r.i Klwoil i'i ontTtnining her slnt-»r, Urn. IV. Clarion, of H I').Vil. ilailay in r.iparto I dan- rcmimed Ills >•. I.. >ul* J'" 0 " sberifftook him'up. His star Illurali e i the breast of a successor. A frozen tear drop on the pavement, or n low, plaintive wail from some darkened cottage, or the howl of a belatad dog or the nob of a cat on come backyard fence, nil tell the same sad tale of woe, all are evidence of tbo burden laid upon us, and dry eyes are at a premium. He Is gone and as his vigilant watchfulness ceased, our fleep was haunted by awful dreams of burglars, bandits and banshees. The security we had piled around us was, in the twinkling of an eye, torn down and scattered, and we were left to the mercy of evil men nrd wild beasts. But the star of hope still nltromers and in its light we will continue to live, believing that at some distant day we shall have forcotten our sorrow and our tears shall be dried, and peace, sweet peace, shall again bo oure. I thia, Two-itory l-room Big mono) rime dwelling on Blnff •ardsYiue Creeling *_a»1fiaot near KdwardaYlU* Croulng. oieVwry fr-ioom brtcV dwelling, oor <& Brighter, 4-room frame dwelling, oor. Alb) taeloto'on Bute street, north of Bluff «t irelouoo Dry street. e-room frame dwelling, Urge ban PATHFINDER DEPARTMENT. Thiw IlttM or Uii under this heading; One tUMi U oentii ttree daj«, M oeutu one week MMttll additional Umeiiame rate, oaab down, STOCKHOLDERS' MEETING NOTICE.-St. ^ Louie, Deo. 7, 1898 The annual meeting ot stockholders of Sentinel Mining Company for tbe election of Dlrectora and the transaction of auoh other business as may come before U, will be held at their ofttoe (hotel,) In Upper Alton, 111,, on Saturday, January 7, 1W«, from "until 3 o'clock p. m.—A, H. Fuller, Secy. ^ ALL WOMEN J^nnwBWTHi of all UM pain •ndtickneufrom which woman suffer to cauMd by weakneia or d«r*nf emenl Jn th« orfiw of nunitruatlon. Nearly «hv«yi whoa • woman to not well thew orfanj ftr* affected. But whan they are strong and healthy a woman to very ieldom dak. U nature's provlilon for the regulation of tha menstrual function. II ourea all " female troubles. " It to equally effective {or the girl In her teem, the young wife with do* iriMtlo and maternal cares, and the woman approaching tha period known a* tha " Change of Life." They all need It. they an afl tMoetiUed by It cawi requlrlnr ipeeU IM. elvuif §ymptomi. lnio>y Oeijii* 1 "-"* " ittanooi* HMtouio Co.. 'ton* THOV 1. 000PM, Tupelo, HIM., Mffl Levl D*Tl«, Solicitor (or Oompl'ti. MASTER'S SALE. •UUot llltoola, County ot Madison, 88. L toe Circuit Court, October term, A. D., Wade, Mary 8, Wade, Samuel Wade _»jU_e 8. Wade, vi Henry C Priest, I W. Pennlngton, Jacob Magulre, Cbarlw and Thomas Dlmmook. in Cbanoary. aMnUKUVUt wawwr iu \SMM>«V i / u*> a»au wlliell it public v*ndue to Jibe highest ut bidder, toro»st> to band, on TUgSDAY, THE THIHP D£Y OP JANUAllY, I hour of tea o'clock a. m,, |at tbe nortb *- y ^ pity Hall bulplngla the otty ot log described real eitate. altu- _oountyof MadltonandBtataot UU> i'LaUottotHj... «l»bt (8)-. In.blopk ffwafti riW §Ub W. iu vnnti toper, In the city and Stat* of 1UT- id one half I No. twelve t Alton, county - ,.j In tbo town ladltoo and flute ot raid right* of way atova SENATOR MOUOAN, of Alabama, one of tbe greaterJAmerloane of the Senate, ia leading tbe battle in the Senate for the bolldlng of tbe Nicaragua canal. President MoKinley and Senator Morgan a»e doing more for ibe unification of tbe North and South than a regiment of Billy Bryaua, Vests and Arkansas Junes who know nothing but sectionalism and free silver at 16tol. MoKinley and Morgan are representatives of a broad minded, liberal sad patriotic class In America, who will make the nation a great power for good in the world. '' COL BILLY BBYAN la out of the array, his resignation as commander of the Third Nebraska regiment having been accepted by fctie War Department Monday. The gallant Colonel om enter the "open door 1 ' of polities and scatter "crown of thorns" and "cross of gold" sentences promiscuously. His beloved 40 cent dollar Is aadly in need of repairs, the people of the country having kicked it from pillar to post and tossed It into the refuse heap as a worn out toy. If tbe Colonel can revive his 18 to 1 theory it will be like the job the prophet on one occasion undertook when he prophesied over tbe vM'ey of the drj bones. Who knows but Billy may be equally successful? _ SENATOR HOAR'S life-time admirers deeply regret the attitude he has taken on tbe Philippine question. U is only a few months slnoe tbe venerable) Senator's words, in rebuke of the unpatriotic address of Professor Norton, cheered the entire|publlo. Norton's Spanish sympathies were pronounced, and his words advising young men not to enlist are well remembered. Norton wmrrlllzed Americans by saying that they were a nation of which he was ashamed. Senator Hoar denounced the unpatriotic Professor, and now we flnd him In the same company, with the backing of Senator Vest of Missouri, Silver Jones of Arkansas, and a few others of that ilk. What a pity the good Lord bad not taken Senator Hoar to himself just after bis letter to the Spanish sympathizer Norton. His letter would have been a theme to fire young Americans to do and dare for their country, and would have been looked upon as sacredly as tbe documents emanating from Washington and Lincoln. Some men live long enough to becloud a splendid career. Let us hope that tbe venerable Senator from Massachusetts may yet be able to see bis way to stand with tbe courageous men of the nation in an effort to send civilization and enlightenment to the dnrk places of the world. Diogenes No. 2. Ex-Governor Altgeld'a speech manifested a lack of faith In tbe President, Congress, the Governor and Legislature of Illinois, In the Olty Council of Chicago, In the Republican and Democratic parties. In fact he is tbe modern Diogenes going about with a tallow candle looking for au honest man. Altgeld'a experleuoo with tbe men whom be appointed to aid him ia runulng tbe government of Illinois fur four years no doubt has wrecked bis faith lu tbe honesty of humanity, A more dUaolute and continued lot of boodUrj and thieve* has never disgraced tbe administration of any official ID the entire Uulted States Old Diogenes No. 2 should enter a mounu- tery and never show himself iu public again. _ __ Tho beet way to avoid sickness is to keep yourself healthy by taking Hood's Sarsaparilla, tbe great blood purifier. A Disastrous Year for Navigation. The year that IB drawing to a cloee has proved one of the most disastrous in the entire history of navigation. Many a staunch vessel has gone down and many gallant sailors are mourned in homes all over the world. The ill- fated Burgogne of course heads the list. The loss of life resulting from her collision with tbe Oromprtyehire stands almost without parallel in maritime annals. And as If the fogs that caused her destruction did not add enough to the dangers of the sea, tbo storms of this year have been of extraordinary violence and duration. Only a few weeks ago tbe steamer Mohegan ran on the shore in the English Channel and the loes of a hundred lives was regorted. And now con 108 the terrlnle news that tbe American coastwise steamer Portland has foundered In the open sea off Cape Ood, carrying down with her one hundred and sixty souls. One must see the surf on Oape Cod or on Nantucket under a raging northeaster to understand and appreciate tbe seir-sacrinclng 1 f < of Uncle Sam's life savers. On the great lakes, also, the storms of the past year were unusual in force and frequency, and the life saving stations of the iriland seas have done yoeman service. Our illustration is taken from a strikingly lifelike drawing in Harper's Weekly by the well known artist, Reuterdahl, and depicts tbe gallant rescue of tbe men of the steamer Iron Cliff, that was wrecked oil the Government Breakwater outside the harbor of Chicago. Mr. Joseph gorously II. Mr. I/ynvin Hunker dully liunincs* tripi I. > ' lor-liy, itf <-r a '.-i"'"' A" -it i i' Mr. .1. \V. M'iu.I-Kv 1.1 ( >r»pariiiK to rnovo 111-' funiiiy from tlvii 1 Vlvrr^reon avenue roftiilddC'j l<> All. >n. MIssO iro. Srjuiies i-i home from a visit In Whltnniiil. Leonard, tho throo yonr oM son or Mr, and Mrs. Artnur Howard, Is very low with typhoid ffaver. Born, to Mr. and Mm Kmory DUoii, a daughter, .Sunday, I>o. 11. I'rof. and Mm. .1 P. Whyto will entertain the Shut-tic ft elocution classes Thurflday ovaning nt their homo on Leveret t. nvi'iiuo. Tho Woman's Club holds its regular fortnightly mooting tomorrow after- Dr. V. U. First, of Hock Island, is expected homo to spend Christmas with his parents, Kov. and Mrs. H. O. Mre. Delia Matthews has been vialb- Ing her patcir.8, Me. and Mrs. J.I'. Burton. Elaborate preparations are being made for tho Slgmn Phi drama which will bo given in College Chapel, Tuesday evening, DuoDUibor 20th. Prof. Whyto has been drilling the participants and tho affair will be novel and entortnluinj?. Tbo boat talent In tho society will take part and excellent music has also boon prepared. , Tho enow played havoc with skating anil tho ponds aro deserted. But coasting in good, and tho "Hmull fry" aro out In full force. Every kind of Bled fmm the fancy bub frail creation to tbe family wood box mounted on runners, in pros'od into service. A crowd of college bovn coasting on a "bob," In the W. M. A. pasture, crashed onto the pond and through tho ice. A good ducking was tho only bad result of tbe accident. How's This } We oiler one hundred dollars reward for any case of catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.—F. J. Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney tor the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O.; Waldiug, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale Druggists. Toledo, O. mil's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon tho blood and mucous surfaces of tho system. Price, 75j« per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testimonials free. ON THE MOVE. We keep constantly on the njpve to keep up-to-date In . price. Onr CHINA and TOY Stocks have been plucked from the o'eme- de-la-cretn« of the market, and notn- in« In Alton or Bt. LoulB can compare . with them in value for the money. our foreign goods and the factory In this We Import buy direct from the factory n s country and in mauy Instances retail our eoods at less than wholesale stored £sk for them. For the oonvemenco of our many friends we have opened our Toys on the ground floor 317 Belle street, and are now ready Up wait on you and urgently advise all to cone at once and make their selection. We on 'V ask a small deposit on all goods laid" aside until wanted. We have the clerks to wait on yon now and give your attention which later on we could cot wait on you with satisfaction to ourselves and yourself If we tried ever so hard. Nothing has ever been attempted In tbe TOY line on so grand and complete a scale ID Alton and we hope you will not wait until the cream of the stock is picked. Oome early, you have nothing to lose and every thing to gain. HOPPE'S When the common sj'mptoitm of xtdiiey tr.TO- blos aro npsleotod tho careless (.ulferor la in Rreal danger of oontraollng dlabftleapr BrlgM'a SSeeifo; two ot the moat terrible affliction!> that have been Imposed on mankind. Tho remeay for tho earliest mages, as well as the worst "Jaffn^MoVrow'^^^^ tablets'should be taken when the back aoho-i, or when Wdaohes, o"»»!«'»»/ h10 A'''-S n ;ii ron t pain In urinating "now that the kidneys, are out °'A raoent case of theonra of thl« awful disease by Morrow's Kld-ne-olds Is that of Mr. Austin B. Askew, employed at the Big Poor Freight office, Alton, 111., whosaysi „ About ten years ago 1 had * severe spell of Innammatton ol the kfdnnys and ineror got entirely well. 1 was troubled constantly with urinary disorder frequent discharges attended with a burning sensation. 1 was especially troubled at nlgW.hat- Ing to ret up five or six times every nlgnt. I some r t?mos'«o bad that 1 could not attend to my work. Last spring 1 was part oularly bad, and my health was completely broken downs r was particularly bad, and my herlth « a < completely broken oowni I read about Morrow's Kid Bo- oldt and thoiignl t would give them a trial, as they were well recommended. I took altogetn- ertwo boxes and was nurp.lsod at the good they did me. They did not only cure the lame back and urinary disorder, but they built me np so 1 felt like a nuw man. I have enjoyed good health ever since, and feel confident they have onred me entirely. 1 procured them at 8. H. Wyaa'drug store." Kld-ne-olds are Yellow Tablets (notpinrtand cure kidney ailments, nervouaress, etc. Liver- lax are small red pellets and cure constipation. Kld-ne-olds BO Ota- Llverlax M ote at druggists or mailed by John Morrow 4 Co., Chemists, BprlngQold, 0. _ Xmas Dress Goods. For personal need.or holiday th»Ujht, this stock Is admirably ready. Time was when Dress Goods werfc pushed R. R. EXCURSION RATES. Homeseekers Excursions.—Nov. 1st and 161 n and Deo. Oth and 20th, via the Burlington. •Nov. 1st and 16th MOTICE,—Tho cheap excursion advertised by 1^ tho C. ft A. to Chicago, Deo. 17, has been Indefinitely postponed. fHEAP EXCURSIONS—To the West, ^ west, I aouth and Southwest will bo run via C. & A 'R. R., and all connecting on Deo. 6th and 20th. Return lim 121 days, For ratea and full particulars apply to 0. G. Norrls, Agent. CHINA STORE, 110 West 3d at. TOY STORE, 317 Belle st. Mr. 0. M. Dixon, a well known merchant of Pleasant Kidge, Fulton Oo , Pa., has a little girl who is frequently threatened with croup, but when the first symptoms appear, his wife gives her Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, which always affords prompt relief. The 35 and 50 cent sizes for sale by B. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. rHRISTMAS 1898-NEW YEAR 1899-For the ** above the C. A R. R. will sell oxcurnlon tickets, at low rates, from Alton to all stations within 200 miles on Deo. 24, 25,20 a -d 31, 1888. and Jan. 1st and 2d, 1889. Return limit Jan. 4 Tbe effort to defeat or defer the 50 • year. extension of franchises to Chicago «ity railways, in the council of that Olty. on Monday night, waneuooess- |ul. Toe vote wai no large ia favor of def wrlog the paw >ge of the ordinance Aineriuiin rpdi^riillon of I.ubor. Kansas City. DL>C. 13.—The olKhteenth annual convt;ntlon of the Ainorlcan Feilenitlon of Lalior was called to order In Stroke's hall. About 100 delegates from nil parts of th's country and two from across the water, namely William Thome ami William Insklp of London, roprcs-'ntlre the British Trade Union congress, were present. The work mapped out for the opening day Included the committee reports, the sealing and rejection of contested delegates, of whom there are several; and the annual address of 1'rcsldent Samuel Ooniners. President Evans of the Kansas City Commercial club welcomed the delegates, President Gompers responding The Volunteers of America. In accordance with pout customs, will glvi> a Christmas dinner to tii.OOO of Chicago's poor people. Sum Hull, the nofirtr saloonUecper of Newport News. Va,. who shot and killed Private Alonxci Andrews. One HuiKlrcd nnil Sixtieth Indiana regiment, has been uc<|iiUted of Hie murder charge against him. The six-clay bicycle race fit New York was won by Miller of Chicago, who covered 2.007 miles, breaking the record. Waller was second and Plerco third. Go to M. Moritz'a for your winter headwear. Tho largest stock and atest styles, How to Prevent Pneumonia. At Uiia time of tbo year a cold is very easily contracted, and if left to run its course without the aid of some reliable cough medicine is liable to result in that dread disease, pneumonia. We know ot no better remedy to cure a cough or cold than Cham- berlaiu'H Cotifh llemedy. 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Tourist Sleepers to Ban Francisco and Los Angeles, Ca Ifornla, Portland, Oregon via Denver and Salt Lake City, every Wednesday. For rates, routes, etc., call or address J. B. Thomas, Agent. P r California Touris s—The Burlington Route has weekly tourist sleeper excursions, personally conducted (by a Burlington Route Agant) everv Wednesday f om St. Louis, and Thursday from Kansas City and St. Joseph to Los Angeles and San Francisco. The route Is via Denver, Scenic Colorado, Salt Lake City with 08 per cent su- shine throughout the year. Ask your Ticket Agent, J. B. Thomas, for partlou- It has been fully demonstrated that Ely's Cream Balm Is a specific for Nasal catarrh and cold in the head. This distinction has been uonieved only as the result of continued successful uae A morbid condition of the membrane in tbe nasal passages can be cured by this purifying and healing treatment. Sold by drug- cists or i' will be mailed for 60 cents by Ely Brolbers, 68 Warren street. New 'York. It spreads over thp membrane, is absorbed and relief is immediate. _ _ Tlw Ktod You HawAlmjs Bougni M omeseekers Excursion at very low rates n via Big Four, to specified Colorado rito our, s points in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Ter- Louisiana, Overcoat Time! Is here. The crisp, cold air is lively enough to make you feel its presence. We are just as well prepared to "OVERCOAT" you as we have always b en to ' SUIT" you Our high-grade Kerseys, Beavers, Chinchillas, etc , for $7.50, $10 and $14. No More, No Less. Are values that double^ the hardly purchase elsewhere. Coats that are good for you prices eloquent of economy. money would We have good to buy. Low . , orgi, rory, Iowa, Kansaa, Kentucky, , Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota,Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Tickets will be on sale Nov. 16th, De'o, 6-2ff, JanTs-iO; "Feb." 7-81, T March, 7-10. For fuU information apply to G. H. Hamilton, Ticket Agent. Homeseekers' Excursions. — Upon certain * 'dates of October, November and December, tho C. & A. will sell excursion tickets at greatly reduced rates to points In Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Northern Michigan,Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina. South Dakota, Tennessee, Toi- as, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin ».nd Wyoming. The reductions In rates are of auClolent importance to merit the attention of prospective travelers. For particulars call on O.O. Norrls, Ticket Agent The Outfitter. 632 East Second Street TIMES ARE GETTING HARD, NOW IS THE TIME TO dlu- aiul n also duo Hood's Sarsaparilla Cures Permanently Cures Scrofula, which la onu of tho worst ftf- fllctlona of the human ruco, mid (•.onion from Impure blood. Eczema. a most offensive and uncomfortable utfeollou of tbu ukln, Hluo duo to Impure blood. Salt Rheum, a torment to tho flesh, a flguremunt to tho body, drain on tho system to vitiated blood. Pimples, which HO dluuguro the skin, and make tbe luimnn face divine anything but a tiling of beauty, but which aro Nature's adv*r- tluenient of foul blood. Catarrh, whluh very often cornea from n oliroiilo atfuotlon of tho circulation, ia a conntant offonso to one's tielf «rid all hie frleiidd, Rheumatism, which all authorities now attribute to various acidities in tbe blood, which this great blood uurin«r of the age, Hood'a Bar- saparllta, corrects, Hood's Sarsaparilla ''•Piil§SSSi« ii S SAVE GOING OUT OF SHOE BUSINESS, : : WANTED! 600 Ladles with small feet, sizes 2>£, 8j 3« upto 5 to calUndsee what PINE SHOES we are offering at $1.75 » pair. These Shoes are made > of the finest Dongola and Genet Kid that formerly sold for |3 50 a pair, but as the sizes are small we are closing them out at $i 75 » ?»'*• J™ 18 1 *,f chance in a life time. First come, first served. Oome early to avoid the rnsn. In addition to ibis great Bargain we have 768 pairs of Ladies' H gn Grade Shoes that formerly sold For $2 60 to 8,76 a pair. We are closing < "Ali"kInds of *Men's' Fine and Medium Grade Sboea, all atyles and widths, going at 6oc on the dollar, at this great sale of l'» B toMWe*b«* Also a job lot of Men's and Bays' Fine Russian and Viet j at a sacrifice. This is worth Investigating. All kinds of Ladies', Gent's, Misses and Shoes, 8. A. Overs, Storm and Croquet Rubber*) this sale. PFIEFFER & STAR SHOE THE HOUDAtf SEASON .-,;:• la at bsnd at Marsh's Drug Store. will flpd ' ; /, Id Slippers * 3oots. Over prices at Cigars, ; Choice Perfumes, , and Cloth Brushe And many other bea«tlfol and useful tnlnga. . Henry Watson, Contractor and Builder. TUB WBB01C OP TUB WON CUVV IN OH1CAOO IUHHOR. F»o» HARPBB'B WKBKfcY Amu A DIUWINO UT H. RKVTRWARI* ftfwd.noo<t from Ifarptr'i W»kty, By Copyright, igggj, by JUfuer & BrotUsn McAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone, Curbing, Doorsills, Sills, etc., Alwajrf 00 hifcl. A»ff, OMlfT I* Jement, Lime, 5aad and Plaster Tnwiw Running In* • I Telephone No. 31, 698 Alby §t

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