Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 23, 1959 · Page 11
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 11

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1959
Page 11
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-Junior Editors Qui* on DEATH VALLEY 7 SWEETIE PIE By Madine Seltxer QUESTION. Where did Death Valley get its name? ANSWER: Death Valley is a small valley in the desert of cen tral California, near the border of Nevada. It is 125 miles long and 25 to 35 miles wide. The valley is surrounded by volcanic mountains, with Telescope Peak—the highest—reaching upward more than two miles above sea level. Yet the valley at one spot it 281 feet below sea level. There is very little vegetation and not much animal life because there is almost no water. The mountains shut out the cooling winds and in summer the temperature often reaches 125 degrees. More than 100 years ago 18 prospectors out of a group of 30 died of thirst while crossing the valley. The 12 men who survived gave the valley its name. FOR YOU TO DO: While Death Valley is a fearsome place, it has many riches beneath its surface. Find out what they are in a geography book or encyclopedia. (Moana Tseu of Oahu, Hawaii, wins the $10 for this question. Send your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. If similar questions are received, Mrs. Higgins will make the final choice.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner *f us. PM. on. "I quit Jimmyl Imagine going through life with a man whose birthday comes a week before yours!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith L V>> ^•f y$ 1/ v. r * q-23 'I'd love to take another cruise, but that would mean more shipboard friends on our Christmas card list!" T .M. Ptg. VA. PaL Oft. C t9S9 by MIA Imta, Wo. OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS 'If pop gives me any more of these educational toys, I wont' need to go to school!" TIZZY By Kate Osann 'Eddie wants to go to the moon, but his mother won't let himl" A Few Beasts Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Hound 4 Horses do it 8 For fear 12 Moslem official 13 Sacred image 14 Range 15 French sea 16 Stopping 18 More staid 20 Shelters 21 Guldo's note 22 Distant 24 Hireling 26 Disparage 27 Watched 30 American logician 32 Legislative body 34 Beetle 35 Revised 36 Means of transportation 37 Frees 39 Food containers 40 Mathematical function 41 Oriental coin 42 Donkeys 45 Go back 49 Moderate 51 Three (prefix) 52 Leave out 53 Country 54 Sesame 55 Cavities 56 Vehicle 57 Dine DOWN 1 Boulder and others 2 Curved molding 3 Boutonnieres 4 Lariat 5 Land measure27 6 Fenced in 28 place 29 7 Compass point 31 8 Tardier 33 D Ireland 38 10 Transmitted 40 11 Labels 41 17 Gazed fixcdly« 19 Vigilant 43 23 Welds 44 24 Fencing 4fi sword 47 25 Vend 48 26 Finch fin Shiny fabric Solar disk Espouses Color Saltpeter Run off tracks Clans Mount Upon Half (prefix) Hit French verb Song Tip Legal term 1 I ? 5 ( i 8 9 10 II 11 15 H 14 18 11 • zo Zl • J | 24 11 • • U IS Z9 JO 51 • s 1 % • • 59 • IF • 71 12 1) I r it 49 io )\ K 11 11 K ft *0 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Big Newt BY EDGAR MARTIN uses xo^ys, CAVSD w^.— A SPARGER'S GOT A LOT & N8RVE, BUT HE CAIN'T LICK THET ROBIU- TH' ROBIN'S TOO BIG FER 'IM/ sf * \f " i- T v t. t . n. rn c OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . with . . . MAJOR HOOPL1 WHAT CM A DOlN\ AfASOR, TAkliM' ttsl LAUNDKV TO PAY Off YOUR" 3: LL 2 w'.yA H 5H -H5H .' WH AT A DfiWLL -~.J S'JwSSSTiSM TO MAKE TO 'A MEM05R OF THE STORIED HOOPLE ' CLAM/NO, FOSTER, IA\ CREATING A , RSCORDl No <9TUDiO TO DO MV 'C^MPOSiTIOM/'TMr HSAfitT / INE 5ELBCTED FOuS OF OUR FINEST .VOICES FOR TME IMWOBTALTASK, k AMO ERNlEST WltL IACCOUPAMY U5 0M H\S BA=.S VIOL.,'-*- THS55 FABRICS \VNILU -MUFFLE ALL EXTRANEOUS £«?MMT 15 THE <3MLY ' A \AN . YiWO < GOBS Ksy j '.'('JOHNNY OMS i MOTS /, BUGS BUNNY Safety First PRISCILLA'S POP 7~7 Rough Beginning BY AL VERMEER r r WHY, I WAS EVEN BORN IN A HOSPITAL ALLEY OOP tm^'- /JU5TWHAT WHAt;-i MEW. YOU'RE \ Y^U THAT AMYW Oop Means Business Lt 1558 b NtA S.r,,c«. Inc. T.M. Ru. UX fit. Oil. BY V. T. HAMLIN OKAY, DOC. TURN CN OKAY... BUT BE TH' HEAr AN' W'E'LL ICA^SFUL OR GET CM W'TH TH' 7YOU LL WIMP UP OPERMIOM! C BACK THERE MORTY MEEKLE Wrong Guess iKt p, '.t> «.f^| l«4- TJJ. » M . Ujl. >«t WL J BY DICK CAVALLI WE'VE PAID OUR LA6T BIG BUTCHER'S BILL. I BOUGHT SOMETHING THAT WILL CHANGE ALL THAT. HE FINALLY ) GOT THE V• FREEZER \ I'VE ALWAYS )> WANTED.' )' •C? o I PUT IT IN THE GARAGE. VCY-l CA^ALU WHAT DO SOU FEED A COW, ANYWAY? A 2 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Too Late BY MERRILL BLOSSER SOMEBODY LOSE THEIR LIBRARY CARD. NUTTV? ^) yeAH/ rr &E- LON6S It) A POLL NAMEP KITTY DARLING/ -•3(6 OAK DRlVfcV THIS IS MT k-iwD o= GIRL---SHE' REAPS AAJ AVERAGE OF TEN BOOKS PER. WEEK / I WAS &ORN ABOUT FIFTY) .YEARS TOO LATE/ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Interruption BY WILSON SCRUGGS CAPTAIN EASY Memory Test BY LESLIE TURNIR >E5, PEFINIT6LS , „.WITH A fiOOD SUS.'ECT LIKE VOUl CONKB... ICAW tfUICKtV . 5HAKIPU \ SHOW VOU HOW WB DO IT, WITH HVPNC THIS. PAGE IK) THE- PM5NE 8C0<„. 5EE HOW MANY NANVc5,WiTH THEIR AP0RES5E5 ANP NUK\8EK5, VOU CAW IvNESNORIZE IN y ,,• --^—<CJ THKE& MINUTES! PENNY CAN RECALL 0NI> TWO LINES CORRECTLY NOW LET 'S SBB HOW *^MV YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS CAM RECALL AFTER STUDYING AIL THOSE \ AMOTHER PAflE THRBB NUMBERS...! \ MINL ITES, WHILE UWPER GOT THEM K—, •( HYPNOSIS 1 C0NPUSEP1 4 4 X. •

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