Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on September 21, 1961 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1961
Page 4
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Fayette School News Kindergarten — Third Grade — Seventh Grade — There are 37 children in kin- Alan Lovo is the newest addi- by Merlino Brause dei-garten this year. We have 18 tion to our room. He attended This week we were all very in the morning class and 19 in school at Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., surprised about how much bet- On afternoon class. last year. We are happy to have ter we all did in spelling. Last We have been learning all Alan in our room. week only several people got 100 about the policeman and his work We have begun studying letter and others RDt very low grades, and also al*mt the fireman. On writing in language. Greeting, Some of those people who got he- Tuesday, Sept. 12, we visited the body, signature, margin and in- low 50 pet one hundred this time, fire station in Oelwein. The fire dent are some of the new words That made us all very happy, chief srrwed us where the fire- which we have learned the mean in which Curt Dumormuth was Regular NROTC college training men selected for the program will of applications is Nov. 17, 1881. elected president, Rita Jcllings program, according to a recent enroll in one of the 52 colleges^of Applications are available from vice president, Louise Pickett sec- announcement by rotary, Steven Aanos treasurer, men! of the Navy. Janeen Diliey and Howard Hut)- examination is scheduled for Dec. unit is located, bell reporters, Patty Scheide) his- ft. MH51, and is open to all high The regular NROTC is main- torian, Carol Stallcup and Linda school seniors and graduates who ta(nod {o _ Qne purposc __ to lrain ... ., , and educate young men for ulti- f.ligible young men may earn commission in the regular Navy matc commissioning as career of- " *' - — ii— ...... ,,^,1 TV/fiftn*» the Depart- their choice where a Naval Re- the nearest U. S. Naval Recruit* The mental serve Officers Training Corps j ng Station or from George Capell, counselor in the Fayette and West Central school systems. Mr, Lotz librarians, and Eddie .Stearns can qualify, Dennis llendrix, Cindy Ncfzger and Rose Mary Owen our program committee. Marine Corps through the reg- ^ - . , „ - NROTC. Upon receipt of a Corps. For those selected. «•» - ficers in the Navy and Marine Special Events — Since our new football season is here, cheerleaders had to he selected. Those chosen wen Roberta Gae,<\ Mari'e Webb, Diane Ashby, Winnie Mae Zbornik, An- In science we have had several drea Nadeau and Shari Hint, w- men eat and sleep. He slid down ing of. experiments again. They were or. We are sorry all who tried the pole for us and blew she AS- " Many people brought insects performed by Marianne Nadeau, out couldn't become cheerleaders ion. It was so loud we atmvtft for us tj» six 1 during our unit. Linda Moore, and the other by -j )„. Annual staff also met and jumped out of our skins! There abviii ;r.kvu IT, science. Jane James Lee. Marianne and Linda j| j K m ade up of Ann Austin and were two big trucks there — on* Bower, bsv^hJ a mud dauber showed by putting different sizes Kathy Keig. editors; Dayna Dum- for the country and one for the wasp's f***: J<vr \u to see while of jars and glasses over burning ermulh and Andrea Nadeau. ad- tewn. They had to move their we studied abcut them. Several candles that the jars and glasses veilising managers; Larry Keig. big ladder truck out so there hatcht-d while they were in contained different amounts of hiisiness managt r; Carol Clark, \\> uld be room for us. We all our room. * oxygen. James showed how sue- si ,) PS manager; Larry Williams We hare begun to add two tion CU P S stuck. „ nc | Hitk Miller, !r>ys spoils; Judy place numbers in arithmetic. Most We decided in club Friday we Lnngeiman and Marge Webb, of us are doing very well in num- would leave the club as an or- girls sports; Karen Ash, typist: bers but \ye need much study so ganization. We also decided that Mary Manson and Sharon Tliy<-r ular Capell has been provided with specific infoimation concerning the NROTC program and will furnish informational bulletins to any interested student. tuition, fees, and books, plus an annual retainer pay of SflOO will be furnished by the Navy for a officers in the Navy or P ci ''°d of not more than four Corps. Our modern Navy ytars. The fifth year of a five- year course must be at the midshipman's own expense. In addition to the normal college curriculum, midshipmen in the regular NROTC will study a planned baccalaureate degree and completion of naval science training, NKOTC students are appointed as i a r«ci' Marin pres> nts the young officer with many interesting and challenge in;; duty assignments on, in rr over the sea. Possible billets in- "ude duty In submarines or nav enjoyed it — even though it was such a rainy day. We know how to sing quite a few songs already — "Mickey Fourth Grade _,, „„ , , .„ . , and for our class trip at the end ry Tann, Ruth McNulty and Pen There are 20 boys and 10 girls of the ar - a HeUj the in the fourth grade class. Pam Love is our newest member. class with candy day, Denise. \Julic Clark has been absent because she had her tonsils removed. We miss you, Julie, and hope j 'l .u will be back in school soon. Second Grade Last Friday, 20 of us had perfect papers in spelling. We hope we can have 22 perfect papers this week. We are studying in social studies about Pioneers on the March. Daniel Boone is the first main character in our lessons. Going to the Farm is our sci- —Mrs. Everett ence unit. Patty Alshouse Two students have celebrated brought a white rock hen to birthdays so far this year. They school for us to observe. The hen are Eric Linge and Sally Beck. coperated very well by laying an In social studies class we have egg for us while at school. We been learning about boats. We are going to bring samples of learned how little tug boats help farm plants to school next week the larger teats. Our bulletin to identify. board is decorated with many We took our Otis ability tests pictures of boats and their uses, this past week. Disk pictures are a "fun way" to learn our number facts. We Sixth Grade have been working with them _ Mrs. BullMfield this week, There __ e 3J pupils - n Qur siytn We are all working very hard grade rcom. We have 18 girls in reading. Last week we stud- an d 13 boys, ied the blends br, gr, tr, etc. This i n science we are studying week we are studying the bl, cl, plants. Each pupil has chosen a fl, etc. blends. This pases a prob- house plant to root and pot. We lem for some of us. We are also have several varieties of begonia, working on beginning and end- geranium, coleus, and ivy. We ing sounds. a j fl5 nave some narcissus bulbs. Art last Friday consisted of Six of these will be planted in scribble pictures and boat pic- soil, and six planted in gravel tures. and water. We hope they will —•— be in bloom by November. — Mrs. Knlghi We have completed, the first We have 22 pupils in our class, unit in social studies. We learn- In our health we are making ed the names of the seven con booklets. Each of us is to bring tinents and located them in the some pictures from a magazine to four hemispheres. There were put in these. We are trying to several A 's in our test, practice gpod health at home and Seventeen members of our class in school everyday. wrote a perfect spelling list this This morning we all. had our week, pictures taken. When we got . April Hayes celebrated her back, Darrell Jamieson showed birthday Aug. 30, and treated the us some pictures of Steven Foster class with candy bars, and his "Old Kentucky Home". We have our room decorated These were very interesting and with dry-pastel chalk posters we all enjoyed them. which.we made in art classes on We are all coloring leaves to Wednesday, put on our bulletin board Jor fall. Our room mothers for this year We hope that we won't have any are Mrs. Clayton Bonjour and more of this rainy weather. Mrs. Paul VosljeH. AVOID THE RUSH — COME IN TODAY WINTER CAPS AND MFITENS CANVAS WEAR 's and Boys' — Girl*' and Ladies' COATS AND JACKETS [CELINE OF NEW FALL DRESSES RER'S School I Skate." "The Farmer in the Dell" and "Ring Around a Rosy" are games we have been playing. i_.ove is our newest rnemoer. F10MK OrttA Mary Farncy celebrated her Interesting things brought to ^HS" 1 * 1 Varaae fifth birthday with us on Mon- school this week were: Baby day, Sept. 4. She brought a cup- snakes brought by Eddie Brad- cake for each of us and we sang ley, Keith Himmel and Scott happy birthday to her. Linge; large grasshoppers shown We will be "studying" about by Dianne Yearous; postcards our family next. tmm Kentucky displayed by Larry Jamieson; foreign handwrit- First Grade in S including India shown by „ _ . .. . David Boulton; part of a bees' r, A . oo ~^n V'IJ nest, which felt like paper, shown On August 28, 20 children en- b Q BECK tered in our first grade room We ' Mage f larii yespucious, Colum- had eight boys and 12 girls. Jim- b Hemispheres, continents and my Wolcott registered on Sept. th ]obe are some f th t jcs 4 which made a total of 21 stu- of d f scussion in studies ^ s ' We have just begun a review Our room mothers for this year of the multiplication facts, hav- are Mrs. Richard Clark and Mrs. j ng reviewed the addition and John Pattifon. subtraction. In reading we are reading in Complete sentences, beck titles the pre-primer, We Look and See. and writing stories consists of We enjoy working in our num- the study in language class. Ev- ber, reading, phonics and writing eryone did a fine job of writing workbeoks. stories. We made a book of them, We are working hard to learn complete with table of contents to write our first and last names for our ___________ correctly. We must remember to _ , , make all of our letters sit on the Fifth Grade — dark lines, make our tall letters Mrs. Downing be tall, and make our letters nice Everyone in the rcom is excit- and round. ec j today. We are having our Denise Pattison celebrated her pictures taken. How nice we all sixth birthday by treating her looked when we came to school! Happy birth- Navy Examination — by Howard Hubbel Applications are now available and Janeen Dilley for the Navy's annual competitive Last week we had club election examination for its nation-wide a I aviation, duty aboard ships in c0 " rse ln , naval f'™ sub J ects the technical fields of nucleonics, * nd s P end P art of three summers electronics or engineering, or duty on training cruises with various with the Staff Corps of the Navy. F1 £et The Marine Corps presents other The deadline date f"-' receipt varied facets of naval life. . Male citizens of the United State.-* who are sincerely interested in careers in the naval service and who have reached the 17th have not y by apply contemplating a college course which takes five years to complete must not have reached the 20th anniversary of birth by July 1, 1962. Persons attaining a qualifying score will be given the Navy's rigid midshipman physical examination next February. Young GUITE'S Ceptic Tank Service Oelwein, Iowa Phone 1504-J TAILOR MADE SUITS From CHICAGO Tailoring Company If you have always wanted a suit that really fiU, NOW is the time to order Today you can get a suit with extra pants, with a $5.00 DISCOUNT on the second pair. . Samples shown in your home on request. Call 152 or 274 For Appointment UNIVERSITY CLEANERS Fayette, Iowa Anno V 111! mmi wmmm wm wM t*. t ,-.j>> Comfort in the glamorous Compare the new '62 Lark with any other car. Discover how much more it gives you in everything that mows more for your dollar: NEW Fine-Una, Fine-Car Styling. NEW, true big car interior room. NEW comfort-high, contour-tilted seats. NEW lavish interiors In costly vinyl or nylon. NEW higher, wider doors. NEW convenience. Flat floors, no wells. NEW quiet "super-tnsulated" ride. NEW engine efficiency in a power range of 112 to 225 hp. (choice of 8 or V-8> NEW giant safety bonded brakes, 76V» longer life. NEW extra-targe, easy-loading trunk. NEW glamor colors in no-wax enamels and metaUlce. Griv* it today, Surprise car of the year! America's flew Actim Car Convertible and Hardtop Biickst Seats\ Front betw»» n «... ' W °° D P-AW «•»» • Optional SMop^nloi^ fW THE BcctrmoLY ^^^TlSS^SS^^^^!!^^ Dittmer Motor Co. & " ELKADER, IOVVA :.^^^|^^'^f.i^|^^^ C*L^^TTX^J3NCs "-»"»'"'"• uiuniiBiiiiiii.i^nwiji' * ,ni ' . I' ' "'" 1 „ n | , ,. ,3,, W;-? ^ -^|,f. H ^ & .-ill

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