Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 30, 1949 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1949
Page 3
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te ,tft Fa*m Bitfeatt effjses.ftet late* tfcitt Ja», & , Peitttons are being dfca^ted to t^* 1 * t«w*wttP* *>* the coaftty with 94 persofls engaged te W« iflSK* , , ' Workers are being ni-fced to get their petitions in the hands of thelf township chairmeft qttickty so they will be filed on or before the final date Petitions have .been returned here at the rate of about 10 per day. Those circulating the petitions i"ep6rt thai a lage percentage of land owners are signing. When all petitions have been returned, they will be checked against the list of landowners of the, county which has been compiled. There are about 1700 landowners. After" the checkup has been completed, the signatures will be sent to the sojl conservation district board for examination and the board then will set a date for a public hearing at the courthouse. Ralph Hay, executive secretary, will call the public meeting. -One petition will be read and the chair- 'man of the meeting will call for a discussion of the need for the cre- tion of a district In Jersey County. Opportunity will be granted for adherents and opponents of the project to speak. The comments will be utilized as testimony, by the state board In its decision to create a district in this locality.. Couple Arrive In Africa Safely . JERSEYVILLE — Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zimmerman, ChaUtaUqua, received'a letter Christmas Eye from their son' and daughter-in- lav,, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Zimmerman, telling of the safe arrival of the latter couple in Algiers, Dec. 4. ,-. •' •..'-• The latter couple, missionaries to to Africa, sailed from New York Nov. 16 on a freighter. To Return South JERSEYVILLE — Mrs. Carl F. Lewis, who has been visiting since September with her. sister In San Bernadlno, Tex., and In'Monterey, N. M., has been a holiday guest of Jerseyvllle friends. She WPS accompanied north- by her son and daughter-in-law, Dr. and Mrs. David Lewis, Lake Charles, La., who went on. to Cincinnati, Ohio, to visit the latter's parents. They will return to • Jerseyvllle. this' weekend and will be accompanied south by Mrs. Lewis, who will remain In Texas until April. Reunion of Tonsor Famify JERSEYVILLE — Mr. and Mrs., Stephen Tonsor returned Tuesday to- their "• home'. : in .Urbaiia,;.after spending thfi holidays here with the -former's .parent«ii*-Mri»and-Mrs. Stephen Tonsor, sr. Tonsor 'is teaching history at the University of Illinois this year and Mrs. Tonsor is a senior at;the university. During the holidays, all of Mr. and Mrs. Tonsor^'s children and their families • were their guests, the first time the family 5 had been together for some time. Other members, in addition to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Tonsor jr.', were Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Tonsor, Medora; Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jarvis,. Raymond; Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Tonsor, Gerald and-Catherine Tonsor and Pat Tonsor, Jerseyvllle.; Return Home JERSEYVILLE.— Farm Adviser and Mrs. Raymond Frakes and family have returned from,a-holiday visit with the latterls parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Waller In Carbondale and with Mr. Frakes' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Matthew In Vandalia.. Son Born to Former Residents JERSEYVILLE—Jerseyville relatives haye received announcement of the birth of a,son to Mn and Mrs. Russell M'.vFrost, St. Louis, formerly of Jerseyville. The baby, the third ch,ild of the couple, was born at Jewish' Hospital, St. Louis, Tuesday. He has been, named Michael Russell:and Is a grandson of Mr. and -Mrs. Olih Miller and Mrs, Ed Meyer, Jerseyville. Mrs. Frost was formerly Miss Dorothy MHler of this' city. Jerseyville Notes JERSEYVILLE.—Lt. and. Mrs. Virgil Prine left Wednesday by motor for Shreveport, La,, where Lt. Prlne has been stationed. He has spent the past three months here and afr Scott Field, following return from Guam. ',. Miss Frances., Dawson has returned"from Springfield where she Spent-several days at the home of her brotherrln-Iaw and sister, Mr. and -Mrs. Walter Printy* :. Asa M%gulre, who spent a week's vacation at ( hls home here with Mrs. Magutre, has returned to Joljet to resume his duties at V*'^;^-* 1 **-"™ s-> . P^it^'^iAi*.^' ; 7 "M f *'- - ^r : •- •- -.Jr. . - " • , ' i * * *- s. ** "' ' ' ALtttn-feVfefilNQ tfte ffcwHft 6p» seaBft than i yeat igfc «eee*ffifti t report eomplJed for the pUrl MM life WMMe* fidwS*€ Bavfs, Last season, hunters bagged ft total 0} 14,665 daeks and gee." in the'locality of the Marquette Park tefuge, but this\ye*f the take ol waterfowl fell to 12,'9B5. This condition existed in spite of the fact that ducks were more numerous In many of the districts then last season. The Batchtown area had 'less hunters In the field this year than last and a less number of ducks was killed, The hunters' totaleJ 2027 for that district, 6f that number 1029 were- checked and the ducks* in their game bag totaled 1498, for ah average of 1.45 ducks per hunter. The total number of ducks killed in the area during the season was 2983. Last season (he comparative figures for the same district were a.< follows! hunters in th,e field, 2986; hunters checked, 741; ducks in bags checked, 1960; average ducks per bag 2.6, and total ducks killed in the area, 7763. This year the Stump Lake dlst* rict Vvent over the figures of 1941. Hunters In the locality numbered 5973 and of that group 1488 we'fce Checked. Ducks in bags checked numbered 2121 for an average of 1.42 ducks per bag. The total number of waterfowl killed was 8549. - Stump Lake Figured Last season Stump Lake had 5699 hunters in the field. A total of 503 hunters -was checked and they had 577 ducks for an average of 1.1 bird per man. The total ducks killed in 1948 was 6268. At Diamond "Island this year, there were 350 hunters in the field. All were checked. They killed a total of 638 ducks for an average .bag of 1.82 per hunter. : Last year there were 79 hunters and the total bag for the area'was 542 ducks. '• At Gllead Club this year, 147 hunters checked in.- Their kill was checked an totaled 550 ducks, an average of 3.74 per -hunter. Last season there were 79 hunters at the same club and they bagged 525 ducks. A total of 198 hunters was in the field at the Reds Landing Club this year. The kill was light, however, a total of only 185 ducks being bagged, to- compose an average of .93 per sportsman. Last year at the "same club there were 62 hunters and a kill of 164 ducks.- According to Warden Davis, an unusual factor in the checkup of ducks killed in the Marquette Park refuge area, is the small number of wood ducks found in the checking-of= kills. "I found only about 15 wood ducks taken by hunters I checked," Davis stated. "Does that indicate the species is again approaching a danger point in number?" he was asked. "No," Davis replied. "I believe the situation may be only- local, and probably due to the later shooting season. The wood ducks may have worked farther south before the hunting season on the'Illinois state penitentiary. Mr. and Mrs. J. J, Norton and son, Jackie, and daughter, Mary Frances, returned Tuesday to their home in Bloomington, after spending the holidays, here with Mrs. Norton's brothers-in-law and sisters, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schafer and Mr.-and Mrs. Ernest Ferenbach and other relatives. Mrs. -Velma Pelllkan went to Urbana Monday to visit for a few days at the home of her brother- in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sha.w and family. Mr. and Mrs. James F. Murphy have returned from Odell, 111,, where they were holiday guests of Murphy's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and, Mrs. Lep Feehan. They were accompanied to Odell by their daughter, Miss Marie Murphy, of St. Louis, and another daughter, Miss Florence Murphy of South Bend, Ind., joined them there for the holidays. AFTER DEC. 28th The Alton Teamsters & Chauffeurs Local Union No. 525 will be moved to their new location 828 E. BROADWAY W. M. DOTY Business Representative. m chatgg urn mental fields, Will, te scatter. Hft talk will deal with soil building fiftti improvements as a tie-In with wdrk tft this country for creation of a soft district ^ After th* fneetlngy'fhe Jersey County Farm Bureau, Jersey County Home Bureau, and Jersey County Produce Asstoelatiofi will hold caucuses to nominate officers for the ensuing fiscal year. dftl> - Postmaster Byron L. Me- Dow reports that Christmas mall handled *t UK local post office e*- etedttf the amount handi«d.during the Same time m 1948. * A total of 19,954 more pieces of mail was handled this season than the previous holiday period. McDow also stated that business for the year win exceed that of 19*8. Me reported th« the number of Christmas greetings sent by two cent stamps this season exceeded irt number here the ones of 1948 when the old cent and a half rate was in effect. The mailing rush peak here was reached Dec. 20 when 23,432 pieces of mall wfere canceled. The heaviest day during the 1948 season was 17,177 pieces of mall. It takes four pounds of fresh grapes to make one . pdund of raisins. Snoubbatt Returns Jerseyville Newsboy Finds Terrier Missing for Month JERSEYVILLE, clal) — Snowball, Dec. 30. (Spe- a little white wire-haired fox terrier that has been missing since Dec. again. The dog, which belongs to Ruth Abigail Maxton, small daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. David B. Maxton of this city, disappeared 'from the pen where *it had been kept in the yard at the rear of the Presbyterian parsonage in this city. The terrier was a gift to the small girl and she and the dog had played together every day out of doors until Snowball was missing. The sudden disappearance also caused a change in Christmas greetings of the Rev. Maxton to members of his congregation. The original plan palled for a^plcture Of the little girl and the terrier on a Christmas card. Following Snowball's disappearance this project was abandoned. The return of Snowball was brought about by a carrier boy for the Telegraph* Donald Marshall. waterfowl opened in the district this season. Warden Cites Increase of Fowl Davis cited some interesting facts regarding the increase of ducks and geese in the Marquette refuge area since the locality was first proclaimed a wild life refuge by the federal government. "The first season," he stated, "there were about 15,000 ducks in the Swan Lake vicinity at the seasonal-peak. This year the number in the same locality approached 400,000. "The waterfowl return each season to their old 'haunts and bring along , their brood of new birds. You" ucah ; ' "readily, see;^how this augments, the, numbers, coming ,in-, to a refuge from year to year. The mechanical corn pickers of this locality of Illinois are the real friends of . the waterfowl. Thousands of acres of corn along the local flyway furnish lots of shelled corn and unharvested ears which the waterfowl eat." The peak flight last year was ;much earlier than this season Davis reported. Last season the peak flight arrived Nov. 17. This year the peak was not reached until Dec. 13. THe carrier resides next door to the Maxton,family and It had been a practice for Donald to keep Snowball when' the Maxtons were out of the city. The dag came to know Donald as well as his little owner, Ruth Abigail. Wednesday evening, when Donald was/delivering papers, he noticed a family moving Into a house on his route. Running about in the yard was a small white dog which looked familiar to him. When h6 called: "Here, Snowball," the little dog came scampering to him, and he recognized the animal as Snowball. The boy picked up the terrier and carried it to the Maxton home where Snowball and Ruth were reunited .with one joyful frolic. Oil Clerk Found Shot SALEM, Dec. 30,, UP) — Miss Helene Goodwin, 35, a Salem oil company clerk, was found shot dead In her home last night. A Marion County coroner's jury returned a suicide, verdict. StateFingerprintExpcrte ey Burglaries Women Meet At Chesterfield fiec. E. by Mrs. John Richey, was WeanfstfAy afternoon to .... of the Woman's dub. The occasion was the annual Christmas meeting. Mrs. Howard Snidle was chairman of the program, Presented was a reading, "Tne Gift of. Life," by Mrs. E. /B. Wright. Sacred recordings were played. Recreation included ft playlet read by several members on the Christmas theme. A gift exchange was enjoyed. Mrs. Frank Dams, president, ap* pointed Mrs. Harold Keele, Mrs. E. B. Wright, and Mrs. Phoebe Mathis to the finance committee for the coming year. Next meeting will be Jan. 24. Juveniles Entertained CHESTERFIELD.—Mrs. Mary Towse wste hostess to 10 Juvenile members of the Royal Neighbors of America Lodge, Tuesday afternoon. Guests were Doris, Mary, Allan, .Virginia, John, and Sue Powers, Dixie Dowland, Frances, Wllma, and William Gracey. Adult guests Included Mrs, Verda Malone, Mrs. Roena Powers, Mrs. Sadie Reader, Mrs. Leta Meyers, Miss Elizabeth Wade and Mrs. Towse. Refreshments and treats were distributed. Receives Injuries CHESTERFIELD.—Linda Keele, eldest daughter' of Mr, and Mrs. Robert Keele, broke her collarbone in a fall. • Maurice Mefford fell at the Carlinvllle >roller rink and' broke bones In his hand Monday night. Entertained at Jacksonville CHESTERFIELD.—Mr. and Mrs. Verhon Doughty were overnight guests Thursday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Morrison. Mr. and Mrs. Morrison observed their 25th wedding anniversary yesterday and the Doughtys were among the guests at a supper, served in their honor. Chesterfield Notes CHESTERFIELD.—Mr. and Mrs. GALA NEW YEAR'S EVE DANCE DANCING 9 P. M.-? FREE Noise Hats - Makers - FavoM M AC'S ERRY AKERS ALL STRING BAND AT THE Modern And Old Time Dancing V.F.W: MEMORIAL PARK LODGE COTTAGE HILLS Admission $1.00 Per Person TAX INC. PLENTY REFRESHMENTS WATCH FOR OUR JANUARY CLEARANCE SALE New Merchandise, Used, and Floor Samples Watch for the many outstanding values to appear in this paper next week. 29 E. FERGUSON WOOD RIVER DIAL 4-4364 112 E. BROADWAY KRAMER ELECTRIC CO. ALTON DIAL 3-9331 Fashion Floor JERSEYVILLE, Dec. 30. (Spe- dal) — Fingerprint experts from the Illinois Bureau of Criminal Identification arrived in Jersey- vllle about 11 a. tt. Thursday, to obtain prints from four safes tapped by burglars here Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. The largest job ^ndertafcsn and Carried out was tne vault in the County Clerk's office at the court- iouse. The burglars are believed to teve entered the courthouse through a window in the office of the county treasurer. From that office they went into the County Clerk's office where they first worked the night combination on outer door of the main vault, then cut away the locks Of the inner door of the vault and effected an entrance. County Clerk GrOver Pearce estimated that the oot obtained did not total more than, $40 as, he had banked the proceeds of the office just before local banks closed. The other three jobs were in the vicinity of the Gulf Mobile and Ohio Railroad. They broke Into the safe of the railroad company and stated Aft Rid us*a & k«y f e get fit** the Jersey County GMln <&, otftefc saiee there was no othef m? the* ijad gotten in so fat as fStmftf tit discovered. It wts Um *6fl«W« they Bad utilized a skeleton *ej> to enter the Russell Millet Miffing Co, offices. • Woodhnrn WOODBURN. - Mr. <fnd . Kenneth Strohbeck and daughter, Evelyn, and son, Orvllle, 61 Pine Lawn, Mo., spent Monday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Henry sel. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Marth were in Carlinvllle Wednesday. Monday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller were Mr. and Mrs. Carl Raymond sr., and sons, Blllle and Don, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Raymond jr., and son, Michael Duene of West Woodburn, and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lenze and son, Louts jr., of Carlinville. , estimated at around $30. Other a«sets were in checks, which were not^ disturbed. The Backers entered (he office of the Russell Miller Milling Co. They broke the combination from the door, but, up until late Thursday afternoon it was not known if ,they had gone Into the safe and rifled Its contents, as It was impossible to open the door until and expert could arrive and open the strong box. .The same condition prevailed at the safe of the Jersey Countv Grain Co. Arthur Chappell, manager, stated that more than S300 in cash was In the safe but whether or not the burplaes had been successful In breaking Into it would notbe determined until expert Harry visited Guess and Mrs. Wednesday at Joe Hall Norbury Sanltorium, Jacksonville, with Joe Hall, whose condition Is serious. Mr. and Mrs. Joo Haynes were St. Louis visitors Wednesday. SHOES EXCLUSIVELY AT MORRISSEY-KING 216 STATE ST. "Where Third ALTON, ILLINOIS Meets State" . BETTER OFFICE LIVING IN '50 Make your day's work easier with modern equipment! Our office furniture was created by the nation's leading manufacturers to fill your specific , needs. * It's fops in quality, lowest in price! We will be slad to send our representative to show you our full line. Just call 3-6654 or SEE DISPLAY AT OUR STORE! Filing Supplies Desk Accessories A complete selection of the very latest rime savers to help speed your office work. ALL THE LATEST MODELS! Portable Typewriters • ROYAL! Now on Display! 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