Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 2, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 2, 1927
Page 2
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ilafan) rrie"Smlth spent -n-itb Mrs. Sadie THE WAV OF IT. ri Ay. ii« 1). Ami 111 The if^ind Is awake, prt-tjy lejiveH. pretty leuvefi, • He*d jntt what ' he Hayn;: he de- cu»iveB,he (leceivoH; . lOver and over, To the lowly clover He hrts lisped the flame love (and tok-gotlen It,' too,^. Ho wlil »Jo«n b<- iiHpi^K «iid itledRi Ink ttf you. J . The lijjy jln abroad prdUy maUl, U\ H *O U wordi*: I'm iifriihl jiifruid: llif liiiH J <uld lheii» liffort' ritm -H Hiiuiy II Mcori!. dll'il r ^ir H dozen ere :ird pricked Ihroimli. very Mfime di-nlli li" will lie for yo'i- The wiay (if I he lioy IH tin- w.iy of th • wind,AH lig It lis tiie li-aveH is dainty " niild-kiHd: . pn«! lo dociiive. And one to believe-That iii the way of It. yejtr to yeur; But 1 know you will learn it too late, my dear. : —John Vince C/ieney, Jesse Valley Robb nelgb- XE: (Glen V. Feb. 27.—Mrs. C; Saturdav aftemoo Smith. Lonnie Robb and were in the Spring bcrhood Friday. Leo McCltmans spent Sunday '.afternoon with hii brother^ Lem .McClimana and family. SUna .Maud! MHiii at the Pleair- anr Ridxe Bet«:hbo|riio6d Kpent this week vlKltlng wllhj her ninter, MrH. (!lara.\niiersuu7ai|d family, 1). Morris, spent' WAR IN NICAKAGtJA FROM THE AIR Mr. and.Mrs. H. Sunday with hid rootbcr, .Mrw. ite- becea .MorrlH^ ^»f .MTH . L,onni<« Ho iroiisoii. tib : and UniHy MM For Picnic. .SuppeV The rollowing group met Monday niglit with Mrs. Arthur Shannon 213'N'orth'Walnut alreei.-for a picnic- stipp^r and informal (•veiling: MisK Margaret Rabert». . MIHB Marvellei C 'larK, . MIHH Florence Funk. MIHH Helen -Hubbard, MIHH Florence Qreciah, MIHH iHabei AKII- ford, MiHti .VfercedeM -.Neal, . MIHH Uorolhr«lbHon, MIHH Rachel (Inrdl .MrH. i<ouiH l>reck«nridge, Mra. Oiu Uunctin, MrH,"' iloriice i>. Fruiu-lM and little ^on, Horut!* li. ^runclM, Jr. i <•••<- • . IMU-r llameH l'onimlll <M> I Mt'H. K! II. HtodKhlll. who been up]>olnted by 8e«!retnry Hoover III! chulrtiwiii of iteitrr iloiiiis In America In ililH ^/Inlrlct, aiinoiiiiceH her aHMiHilng committee SIH fol- lowtri .MiH. J. H. Sower'by^ .Mr.«. T. E. Xordgrem. Mrs. J. T.. Held and .MrH A R. ^:nneld, • , , .j,^,,^^. The Hetter Homes in America j„f,prnoon wllhJMrs. adr.T An- orgunizatlon of which Secretary ;,|,.r„„„ (Jiirmfaii siwht Tuf.'mUiy afternoon with .Mrs. .MIniile ijtplnvaii. .OIlie Met l<with mid' family iiioveif iarni two nilleH the .North nine from . IIIH falhci ^.'H tiorib of Xenin lo .Mouiid vjcinlly .Moildiiy, Wulie.r Wright at l5ii'ii;i';M were In tlij'H vicinity .Moii-i dii.v liioriilnK. .Mingle d Hoi Jiriiwn of Deliijvnil Hpeiil Wed- ' Mrs. (ieoi',ge ^>r.- r-v .'^..-i. iH'Mday ."ifici rioon wjlth Howcrion. j Wlllljiiii .lewifii .Morri.-* opent y -'rl- d;iy nlKht with hf.s: Kniiidmother. VIr». Rebeccja .Morrli* of UrouHOn. Hoover is . pn-Hident. each-year, couiitv Cotiimiwloners spon.sors. ki iiation-.wide educatlotial. rj,.,„„ p,..,,,^ iLrll .w. an. £nierilnln I'. K. O., riiapier L - atrj ».i H. A. nrowii and Mrs. W. R. Heylmuu jwere hoKte>i«'('.s yesterday : ,aftern6dni to the ineiilbers.of Chap- .ter L, (p. K. O. Si.sterhood in (he home |)f Mr.s. Hrowii, 322 South AVashingtbn avenue ' , Officers for> the ensuing-i year were eiccK-d'as'fpllows: Mm. .lay W. BeH.ser, re-cjecled president; Mrs. Clyde Tltoiiip.sou, reU 'Ii-cied vice-jiresidenl; Mrs. II. AV.j Harry recqrdinif secretary; ".Mrs,, C B. eanipaiKn\for better homes. A committee of; volunteer • citizens is formed by i-chairinan appointed at I 'lational headquarters and i a pro- Rii)f<i' and iiubcri ly engineer, were .Moiidny afierncKiii M'Curli-y in this/ Mr. and .Mi=;. 'Walter Bie'I of ill. re-elected corre.sjionding • Mrs. .lohn C;! Scott Mrs. Chas. K. Swtl, re.- graiu is planned jvvith advfce and t F„r, ^, who'have, been Visiting assistani'c from that, source, co"ii-1 ,.^|.,, j ^.pj. sisting ofl lectures! and denionstra-j ^j,,-, t.ioiis which (^ilminate in a and friends in this vi- 1 and looking lifter thei uriied ti , , , , . ^V*^^"^ "^jwcst of X.nia, re better homes feattire<L in a loca |;.^„„„. \,,„„|^,. cshibitioiK A t enlonstra.ion w .ll | • ju^^j^ p,,,. , ,,.„L 1,,^^;, be given ^,>ere in coniiection will, . j,,.^ ^, he (ity Jederalion 01 Woinensi - , ^ ^1; , Clubs, he,time ol which w .ll be „!.„„i,. „^.,_,^^,„ antiotinf ^ed, laler.^ Iday alt ..r .i..on with Mrs. • • i : • . • . • I • ; Ross. Celebrates KtKhf ielJi Blrfliday Henry Sam , conn-; icinity i farm rh"ir V aftAh: • .Mi.n- .linirif AVorld JUay oir Prayer ii'or Missions .MHrrh Vl-i-LaMarje Vajllej |*«n,Te»in tolpiiiyM \\ \JlanboIdU . : LAH.|^P1 :„ Feb. 28.—Ajll are Earnestly invited to" |Jolti with Christltiil wnnen if oll'londs in a worhi day « prayer fdr ntisaions ou Krh tt.v,. iM^arch 4, 1«27 Pre'ubyt >rl8i churif^ ot 2:3i) ICilKai] I Bo vt-r raturnrti i work U i Ka wifiH tjlty ufte w«)ekn iMhll with His par«n anil .Mrs 'r iWotley IJowcr of't! IH city iinil -reliilkv.- 1 In Thayer, KijinH. :n»e llilHu-pe volley boll will go till I I mbo.ldt tonlghk. .M 1 H;4 |jij>ttj|' Stille, domefitic eiicc leai'nei^, able t« 1>^ at •on filleil he)- Ip'luce, at tu<- p. m. o hlH two H, Mr. team Kee p Eliminative ijSystem Active Good Health RequiTes Good Eliml' nation. Ol .Mr. and .^|rl3. T. i S. Rlchi»rdson " home after spending the soldiers' home hav«' reiiirned the winier«; at Ft. Dodge Mrs-. Willidm -Mr. and .Mrs Iday evening. I a i>leasant cdlier. Mr. and daughter. .M Oe .\ndy Innuiii at the home |u...a,r. «4Wlll«7nt|(. S(-|WOH 111 to <Iay uhd uii- Hchoo^. .Mrs. Cjilbert- kNE can't feel wai- when '! there is a retention of ptAz sonouawasteinfl.c-blood. Thi;* it called SI. toxic condition,'rndtT is«]M: to riake one tircttiduU and Unsuij. Other sythptoma are sometimes toxic backtjchea and hcadadbM. That the kid- neyi ore ncit funeticnins jjrop- erly U oftcii tconfy , orbi mlngpa^'jiucof sc<.-/ction.'i. Xdoiiy people have learhcU tiic Vfluc'of ^an'n >>y/a, ii stiio- ti^ui^ diuretic, wlun thekidney;i secrtl functtfinally inactive. EyctfywhCre,oni- I'mcls tr.thusi- artlcj Dcwn'i u:t.'«. Aakyuur 0- ,Zink and son, Ossar. (if .Veosho jFalls. visited with Oeorge Malcom Fri- Mrs.'jReeves was also DOAN'S PILLS 6Qc SUaulaM Oanti^ to th* Kidiuy KiMer-MUbvm Co.: M^b. Cbrm-BuSalew N.V. K. T. Oilihore and [•trude. of Moran. Mr. and .Mr.s. Codrge .Malconr and Sirs. H.nrtzog Siindkty. were pleasant callers ){ Mr. and .Mrs. F. X. chaplain, and Mi.'rS;, l^iazcl I K,.I|OW.S suiprised hiurby calling to S'todgh secrelajry; treasuiler,- elected Rowlus. guard. Uel»-KaH /| the KtateMc)nv«'nti(iii ai .Marysyille in Aprir V ill be .Mrs. Chas. K. Scott andMrk. G. H. Stodgliill: aliernale, MrB.iplydtf Tliompson. .Mrsi iC. V\ Bayles,! of Wai:reiisbiirg, . .Mo., ami Mrs. AVU Iter King. w «'i-e jguesis. Mrs. Lloyd .VUrowii assist'-d the hpsteases in .serving refri-sjiaienis. •-Member:; at the iiu -Ptiiii; ; wt-n-: .Mr. T. .Ml Slack, of 7(IS Kast .Madison avenue- celebrated his eiglil- ietli bitllidtiy-'yesterday and ini the evening .st^iral of his brother JJdd Mrs. jFioreiice K. V.iUViiw.. Mrs. K. ld,iMiHs.lIa-/el Bowliis. Mrs. tcheli tr. Rei H, Aro<: p. s. ^^ Mrs. J, MrH. E. Hortoji,! P. Ntifthrup, .Mrs. .1. Mr.s. R. 0. ChVistian. 1, Mrs; CJtiis. F. Scot I. I". \\.\ StodghiU. ' Mrs.' .Mrs. John Sf »i,i. i ^rs. Mrp, W fitttdleri .Mj-H (I. B. :kiodghiii. FaiiHtflii Chnpfer JDeljjthltiii Society Itlle liiieihbers Chtipli met' NV. .NflsOii. Mrr. H. W.. Marry at llestier, II' congratulate him. and .Mr.s. S|ac,k served a Uinch. .Mr. Sla«-i's son, J. V. Slack, who lives in Flirida, reiueinbered liis .Miss Maud \1ill.s miel Frid; > father •willi oranges as Womaii'-^ of gin. l-'loiala eriiooii with .Mrs. (;;raci':Sniilli.^ Isaa(- F^vaiis, who;rp<-ontly tuoved from his larm ••iiiil of Xeijia to LallariK-. spent ililejg.'eater jijiri 'jf with Ilara h.-iul Ovaiis •From the soar'u^ airi)laii<' m .Mason; An; \ tarlf of till' Imiiiiii-; city of l!iiii;!!iil< Ka. ;iii revolt; i'Wi'n- iiiil)ri'ssv.| I>> tin- .•.JMiil; ..i ilic • taki-ii from ai)ovr. .ihjsoJ!. n M '. ivoly liombiiiK •!!•• .'-^aiMs.i .. voi:li:iuiMsls| liloni spec- Mi-. ?nd South Dak'ota of last week la|t«'r's sister and familv. Col. CoJ>k .Mr.^.liattii- ,:wc<-k. ;CoI. C ilionia. and -Mrs. Lewmaner of arrived here the first for a iyisi,t with the .Mrs. i.Iohn WIdnian crican aviator in the Diaz conservative artny, the tion-torn Nicaragua, was pictured. Aerial photographers Ihainllo the a. yi-v., ilei-l .-iriiig it to be one of Jhe best .shots of actual ^varfare : ever ,':< rb Jnrdidn. tin- insif. lurtlier distin^juishedj himself on anotrcr occa .4ion I>y .•iT.-i-i- h is plane. • '[ ! • ; -4 ^ : .1 • ^ The exclusive Luden men- tho>l blend cools and soothes—brings quick relief io irritated air passages. 5c COUCH imon <iE Chanute called on litllett rho Ia.«t of the >ok' is ;io go lo Okla- Gnlletf toi his Indian leives Mirs. cnty Ifpr: in tliisj ioealiry. the week at his fariii visitind a c-rai«- a iiirtlidav • • <• Foreign Missionary jSwiiely T\u\ moii |.l ly nieetliig , of ihi; Woman's F( reign .Missioi)ary So- (fifiy of tli4 !l<'fr,st .Methodist lOpis- copal chiirc i| was h <Ud yeslei-day afternoon li tlie social rooin of the (-hiircli will the preHideiit. .Mrs. ft. I F. TliimipNoii, presidini;. A hymn :ppeiifd tin- devtitioitals .Mrs. j whic-li wcre'i li-d by .Mrs. I^ii-a Fife ! who t(.-*e(| "Well UOne" for hi -|--hjilb- iJi-it. .Mrs. ihi'Oi-ge Voss"' Tevii-wi-d 111.- liflh chapter of ••.Mo.^li-iii Wiim- . : I'll." .Mill- bpxi's werf- openi'il al |l<-i'. ,|„^i„„ • wlileh Mrs. !w. II, KcMter i-lo|!<-d r of th.' Iil^-lpliian Wl.'iy : ibe piograii| with prayer. i slerduy afttjriKmii wiilj .Mri; | .Tli" preii<lent anuouticed JIK' .laclt-EWorld wide |pray4'r meet Itig" lor-Fri­ day at !i o.Vbek at tlie l -'irsl .Melh- odisi Kpiscdji 'al churcir; 12:30 tij I In the Kaptiiii Temple, and at 2.:w o'clock in .Sr. Tlmuthy'K •Kpi.'|coj)al (;liiirch. I 'lt ^ns were disciisst u mother anil daughter bancf^ llis (laughter. Ah and Mr. O'llara. his Ciirii to Mil pi reporfs' that lucent:; a bushel loi! that tlif market is cents elsewhere. • Til"" Franklin ti met Saturday, Kimetle Weatlleri ljio-,-e(| from t!ie Wa Wi'Ht of Xenin to farm two milts iiorili ol .\ VoiKhiy. Mrs. J)or: .\e« inr in r the F Fast (i(?(irg(i .1. Ti-oiiibol^l. Kl nort aviinue. .Mrs.jCei). C. Maljfeariio. Jr^. chi^rge of ilw- K-sson, Keats iind .Mliior ItoinaiiiiCists." Texts caventd . w*fre: *.-iSli<|lley's Life," .Mrs. c. H..Crick: "To ti Skylark," Mrs. Ceiirgc' .l. .Tioi^ibnld; "The ()Ioud,"" .Mr.s. -J. H. SoW|crby: Sensitive AVaii in elley. ;Le held The Man Irish Bbrd." The next d lior : to ;h 21. hOHte .<Jses. .Mrs. W. A: Wood- ID. Kelley, .Mr .s. ,1. H. of l.,-ilijirp< spent Tfiiirsday willr lier itii^hi .Mrs. Aiiiiii .l.-iro, atid her ;« Mrs. Stella Friel. Hoy I.eoiiiinhll icjwed woodj .lofin Walke^r '-.loiidav^ afteriioiin. Mrs. Amyj l/erry ijs |«. lAIn;, j and siiiis at it hii Finis di t) atso 1( Mr. ceiveil se|venty llis '.con .inly lift wiislii|) NEWS FROM LONE i ELM AND VICINITY 1 r !'our si'rvtiil l>ickU'$ and cake.; ! Ti|e !i t|ivo-([ourso lunc|ieon was c.jiiisi.>jting of siindwiclujs. and :ite>. fiv.- 1 Mr. (.e^ir A«tei:d> board , \iiiiiial ( enicreiice. it^raiidiiia \\\. ( lield • elebi-alex inclitji—, Filth ltirtliiia\. am i.' an. I f^jiinily ler Hliell th.' 11 em.: !• .MojH.' l»w< jis, of .Minnj" I'ei ry wriliMg. .Mrs.' Laurel t.-r, Mr:;. Iloj Wallei Wrigl Mrs. i;vereii n :i!iin Ion iiiient Tlii'irdav 'i -r. .Uis. Ii.c .Smith. Mrs. r.i'ona ?'iitilii da.v afteriiooir v.-itli ilersoii. ,Mr. and .Mrs. R.':y Fort Scott Tuesday nigllt Kiiests of .Mr. iM<l«<l: alKl llroii.^on (.Mr;:. T, K. 1'. lil :iiiil I farm I ' '""'•' "''"' ijwilh iclt Suiiil;i.v liir ,1,1 c \:iii eil (ri|i l.> lie- siiillii. ~ T .'u .' i-.'Jii by tile wa\ ol l..i;i il . \|, • i jio 'slay uiili ii-ialiV 'v ;!,•.• ;. i • v, I days, '• .\!rs. I;, IV • ;-;,.]:iL -ii.- ;:i,ii ':,.y siliool .•|ii:-s. MTVi (I iliHiL-liiiii; cofl.-.- .town I.UMi :-;ai III il;:. ainl ni.llle .'ll(lll«;ll lo lillV e ,ii ,1 II,-. iil!i> r of Uie rlii-:; a mill-. .Nell |:,iel |(, i'"" a new Konl. ,Mr. ami .\li • iV'i- j aiiil Ml .v. Van. 11. peiil l!ii' ev'ii.iii; Sionr.. wit iiieinbran. Iiaiipiiies.-f , new Ijdini 'llie-to« ; •! }!iii-.-*dav Lfle .Mrs. ; illlle 1)111 ' I tier .M 'in iiffee, ice cream ai|d ikdies presented .Mrs. {liible for a little rfe- atid wished lier much many friend.s in lier ti s« e'.aii. Next , I Isle] for 1 lull < At ill ill.!.I liieir . ioiiary .St.iii-I >.Ir, ami .Mi .i; l.r, I lli.'ir illii;; ;,iiiiivi-rs (iry i!]ii:j"i' for at aiKl .\lr'» Sani I. ..Ill I.-. , .Ml-. lull ;t,lll|l |l Ictioii of the Aid ni.ft noon and sewed for Wljo has been ill for not abl.' to sew for Tlinrsilay both Kec- at I he chiircli and liic.j 111. .•ting iiA a .Mis- ii'li Mi 'v ;.n<l on .»i iif Willi i!; M:j eir; si.iv on sp.'iil .Mon- .\1rs. Will .Abbey went lo tiiid v.-ere oler- Aii- II' Inn lioiile ;-i;iliiril, •111"- llifieiiei r> ill- Week lii)iliie.i-l 1(1 I. liaveii't i'-arui-il -ji !e V, hii ale IlljiVi:,!'. l-'r;iiik .X.'Wioii (-ele- (wi-nty-seviiilli wed- Siimbiy with u tlieir family. .Mr. .Miii'iiliy and K'Isa aiii.l Mr-. .1, IJ, .\.w- •' v.-re till- guests, iiiiv .-:iii| CillilandfamilieK I ii' ?)irlli.l;ty .iintii-r g!v- :iilnia Rvfield Sunday at h<'r.s<.n. Folly Uyfleld ;ive iitili-s iiortli of Neo•Wi III.' old home place. ,s.". y.>ars old and Crandiiui tell of th. KaiiStis. She aii.l;li*'r husband and oldest son .Irove >. through from Illinois ill a coveri'il iaii'l .<«'tlli-d onMlie iil:i('' liial has b.-.n Ui-r lioine lor s.> long. Iinl.-eii sli<- has witnessed w.\\iy chang.'s. ishe received many iisl-rni pr.-si nts. Born to .Mr. an^ .Mrs. .liin Tinsley, n-fin.' baliy boy. and -Mrs. V ,-al- i |on and Broiisoii SI The Sensitive Plfnt," Mrs. _jG. C.imit. Mrs. Ira .... .^ei.ey. .>.r.s.,,. H.,, i Ualgariio. Jr.: "Keiits'sLife."? Miss I HUIT . Mrs. Ci A. .\ewmun. .Mis \\ '•''r.","f Mary kemsberg: "Ode On a Crec- A . Bradley and Mrs. Lvlc Warner" ^\",'""';i'''*>,- ian Urii:" on "l-^rst Ix)oking! Into|seiTed reiye.<ihments. ' ' '\"" ^^I'II'I'TH (ihapmin'.s Homer." Mrs; i'.':B. J.' \!« <. : ter, 15-rtha. of Jiear Adams From "h^idymion." . MI.S . E., u-,, up-v^ W-fk^h-r ,.n.i ' I.Saturday with the f.^rmer's mot H. Huiiter: "Leigh Hunt's Lif^ and; i "aLiXr K-^^^HP[ •"'"•'^' RepresLiatlve Poems." .Mrs. iLloyd "•"-"'^"''^'^ BJB«luet j i. Carter land "Thomas Moore.i the The men t|f the First Christian: Lee Dclavau and .Mrs. 0. T. Peterson. ti'urcJi nnde^ the auspices of the|.soId Wright meeting will be^^lwith 'J'U'w^y school, with Dr. Harold rBronson this wc-i-k. Mrs. G^o, C. Dalgarno. jr. (inWA .Meets Loviti, Superjintendent. acting as I H. 'D. Morri.s will^ manager, served a . banquet lasi sale Wediie.'^day^ Th^' -Xc-iiia Ladies'I was am e.\i I 'oik: pla. ;\li-. and '. MIS . i -' ^ • I lyi-nk w.-'r.- <; LJ 1.-( I ID I/!\vi-.n.'- .--'iiiiiiayt,! s»e liM 'jr s(in, Kialici--, WUD wa.- 1 s'i;'l'erinj; int>-n .-,i;!;' v,i!;i iiias 'in-: il'K :;laii (l infeciioii. lie ua> ln-ii.r to: • day. dai<gh <3| .Mr. and .Mrs. Lloy.l .Mi- erit : .Vlary Wolf and Allr.-d I). I 'l," .:::.: jier,'Kiviii tnotoreil to K;iii,>:is fliy .-nii day to Jie Willi Ilariy li.- l',.,- wl,-, i.s in l'.e:Iialiy I lios;i;;al ai tiiii- jDuff Xortliway piac.-. lie was jlii a v.-.y ,y-. a!-:.-ii> d ai^l Brown of' conilitioii and I'-.ia.-" . .\I.|i !ii;i.\ i ! via recei-.-e.i .a iin j"-.:i '.;e 'iroi'i hold :i'public the nurse t (>-.o:iii' at .m'• , ,i.- h. Bowling as an ainali iir sjiorl has long floiirisli.'il in ili.- Mid.lie West, uriii diiriiiv, Hi.: past lt:v; years, it bus be.-n making rapid progress in.tlie Ka-it. ^Thtis far no American Bowling Congress Toiir- nament, the ten pin i-lassi.-, has ,'.;i ioiie ol; ihi) pioneers of Kansas, j been held along lb.- .'Xtlanii.- HKI- h.iviiig W'.uX lier.- r.s^ years." Slie board, but Kasli-riiers ii.)w an-.ipti- iiiovi.l froiil liliiiois with her bus-imistic that the time is !not far (lis- liaiid lo llif fjirm where she-now'tant when the easi will !).• lioiiored. i-i,.-il I,. Ii. FMeUs The Fidelis Giuld meeting j was held lafit iiight in the guilil room of the First Pivsbvterian church. The president. Miss Daphne sweet Stodghill. was in charge of j the • taijiyji meeting Mrs. J. H. Henderson; night to the nothers and daughters of the church iit 6:;i0 o'clock in'the dining room fjf the church. There were'1S»S covers and the colors were pihk a^d white witli^ets peats and roses oii ' the I Aid ".-.ill s'^rve lunch. I Frank Reagan { Draper hauled feei: j Hays the 1 <;rovcr West lielpi! •hp.v do s.inie paperiii^ at! the Walter Buell homp Thursday afternooii Uii-.i:iKii Adams was toast-r"'<' -t-'-'i'laV- conductjed the devotional period and ^«a..,« «as ioaj.i- , .....p^.. ! Mis.<t Kite Shields reviewed the les- mi.siress and ithe ^asts •'What My! « ' o^K<'- (^^^ • son (in the subject of "China." j : K'.""^ l° ' .^^ h, (' cn I , m . OD of omcers for the ensu-: j„ i^^,.. „y ing year rjesulted as follows: Viola, ibalj^arno, president; Enoia iii'een. vice-pi'esident\ Esther Misii Kii same They a|ie: Mrs. H, .Miss!, ... . j Ijoruiii.v £3iiiiLii V !':'^Miattie Mooi-o! .Miss i .Mitchell. .My Miss Mrs. dean of Bloo miles west of Xeni: w-ill move- soon. untied several machiiiery this |week n farm fiVO to whifth he and The Schaffer, secretary [ite| Shields, treasurer, ijatrpnesses were it-ek-jcted. .Mrji. .1. H. Henderson G. .Mu4liis and .'^Irs. D. 1' Nortliriip. Mrs. J. was re-jelecled teacher of the guild class \vlth -Mrs. T. W. Walte as women of the; Kansas Stale Teach- the ers College of ;Hittsbiirg, was principal speaker. Her siilljeit was "A Girl"i and she tise.l the . ...... ...^ , •'•"'''''< oti ihi!. two wot-ds lo form H lleiider.son '"•'•^'"''"*t- Aj/ibitious, glad, Indus- j ^» Cher of the guild ! "•»'»"*• reliabllily and lov.iug. i '"'J'; i Mrs. Mitchell id a splendid speak- ^'"^ ' iKubstltute. The hostesses; ;illss '''•• knows student life, huniun .Nellie Walters and .Miss :iljlanche "'"""'-"""' Inward thoughts of Travis,'SCI veil refreslimetitH, gii'Js. add she won the admiration Pi-esv'nl ut tlie meettngJ Mi.-H i"'*''•'•>• mother's daughter prcH -i .loseplilneWelih. Miss Knpla (ire.m '•»"- '1 Mrs. Florence Syvciud. ,Mlss Klv«i ^" orchestia couKistlng of .Mr, Mc(!all, Miss Lorraiu.' Green, Miss MelvJn! Grli.ioii. Miftn Carrli- Buck Obliuary—I .nvelljn Osborii. lycwellyn Osborn | was born in Champaign CouiityJ Ohio, .\oveni- ber '2'. 1844. and d|od at Leiven- worth, Kansas, Febiftiary £,'>, 11);!7, aged .Sjl years. jooiitlis anil 2S ri.--- . th.- v.Iiai I 'l.iii.- F. Hillli R.'giiiient. 1 ry ,MlHs i':lla Vczle. .MijiH Jl.'len Green, = MisM Viola Dalgari .-Scbalfer, .Mi'^s .l.aii 1). i*. NrirtUriiip and Gritioii:. 1 Wilbur ShleldH, Mi-. ICdwin Mc- rliire, .Mr. Francis AndiM -son, .Mt-, .1, L. MafJIti and .Mrs. Wulij;r Wise .Miss; Kmher-Pluyd selcctbjns IlirouKh^'int tli«- l»algariio.,.Mrs !''^'''ning. Hii-lwird Wolf pl.-.y.d .i .Mi.'.s iieorifia f piano solo; anfl; .Mr.; Fr.'d Ste.-le j .'ianK a solo u(-coinpanii«l on| ili.- * * , !|,iiano by .Miss; Helen Colby. : roun (ry Iilrlhd !iiy Dinner ! ! | A number of trieuds and rola'.ive.i j Uoslesse^ at (fridge J.HDclieoiv of .Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Drake speiil .Mr.:, i-'raiik 'Nl .:Carlhv, .Mrs. Fred Sunday, in their country lumie twoJDentfm. lyiargar .'i Smith and tlie night. ianil Clarence i The Rev. K. L. ^Cfye;- pi.-a. bed for Frank • his iast. sermon Suinlay nioruiiii.-. first part <lf the week.' pie left Momlay morning for i'..'d Clifford .Ab-i i'cka wli.-re to.- « ciii.rei < :i< .; will' be held. .Mr. an.l .Mrs. T. F. p.^nhu;.! :in.l family, took Siiiutay .limur wii.i the Irwin family. ;-iii| Ileiir.,- \Veii,< ami l.iiiiily o! ''110:1: called ill til.' aftei iii;oii, ..i,. W.lis will start .Xlarcli I mi liis mail roiii.- ivi-hic;i \vi:l lal.. most of ro.illi " aii.l ii:in oi ill.' has lii'.-n workiiii;. "llis now i.s U miles. Th.> infant son .if .Mr. ai: : Mrs (!arl .Siio.I^rass H;I .- siriiiiiii v,ii)t infantile pal:aIvsi^ We'iiii'-ii.iv. 'i'li. .loi'or was anil aiixi-i.l ili.iii to lak.' 111.- .Iiild lo ii s)i.i ii:li- I oil such disi-;ts.'^ ;iii,| liny inol, him 111 Kansas City. • .Mr. and Alls. -f. |-; .'.;;ii;,i| m slaying at. Ill'- Harry li.l'n.- IIOHM lo help ilie hoys Willi ill.- w.ll), Wiliiejll.-ir fallHi il.l- Ir-.-ii in III. Jlospital, ' , Tile south si-.lioii 01' I 'in- Lii.ii.- , Aid nii'l at the I'iMiik .N',w|i,ii lii.';;,.- 'rillir,^day ainl. ;',.iV'l a liiri-ull i-o cial for .Mr." .1. W |.S(..i::, v. |.. h:i b.'.-li (111.••of Ijn-i:- rii:!:liil m.-iu Jiers for a. iniriili.-i- ..f y.-;ii.- anil i- Mow inoviiiK hi P. .v.-is. |-;ii;iile. ii y>''}vo iir.'.s..'iii ,iiiil III.' :,!i,-nio.(iii w;^s s[n-nl iil.-asiiiitly. .\t llie usual | held at j- .i . ' -= ye:;l<-r- Mr. 6sborn eniislid in Company of itJas -sixty .as 1 rick' part miles amra half .south bajnor of Mrs. DraJfe's birth'iay. iJiiiuer was served ial noon til <ivi -r fifty |,eiip|.-i The • guest ojf honor receivi'd inaiiy gifts and felicitations. ; ' TlIcs.; at tiie dinner were: .Mr. and Mrs. .laiu.-s Coke, .Mr. atid Mrs. Billy Coke aud children. Uilly, jr., Lelia and J»iiise. Mrs. .Iam4s Lair and Mi-s. Jane Byrd of BarilHsville, Okla.; Mc. and Mrs. Uicliard Byrdjj tendance, "and (-hildren. Virginia and' .la.-k. and Mr. and Mr.s. Zina Allen^ fSrld- ley, Kail.; .Mr. and'Alrs. .1. 1-:. ^iiiiili. Mr. George;, .Mrs. Josl-plt^ne "VValters. .Miss H'sier Walieijs. .Mr. JobnWallers. .Mr. Clrarles I Walters. and Mrs. Karl Farrel andjcliild- ren. -Mr. and .Mrs. W. F. Wilker.son 'and daughter, pona. Mr. anil .Mrs. . Frank, Mii;. Wayne Bli.s,-*. jliucy Bliss. .Mr.' and -Mrs. Frank Melton, Mrs. Mary Farrell. Mr. and Mrs. .I..W. Reilly; Mr. and .Mrs. F. R. Drake. .Miss Verna Drake. Mr.. aAd Mrs. Hershel Redfern and children. Mr. and Mrs, Elton Brown. and was honor: ill {January. Ii><;ii, ui cai)i.- to Kansas in iieJr i \<-o.slio Falls. 1 united in marriage .•riiie Ciitrlglit in; To this union, were, (Iren. Laura Slii(-l<:i) .'Delia Brown,' .lireiil :K. T. 0:-l)orii. of lola '' .Mr. O.-iborij- w.-iS; j I'ailhfiil meinlier <t'[ i ciitirch and ke|it tli • children of (;od. Th'i: funeral servi. ; the Sleeper Servie*' ! .lay afiernooii, coiid ' It.v, C. I. c.ildsmlth. Illinois Iplan- ly discliaigeii Dalton, Ga. 11.} LStlfi. settlinj Here lie wa: to .Miss f!atli^ .latiiiary. IST.I; l)orn three cliii: Hi-l<'iia. .Monl.; iiai, ,T<-x.. aiiti Kanii.-is. > a' loyal and lite •faith of tile .Mrs. Leo .V. Ciisll will be. hostesses j at u.l^arge jbridgc luncatfou Thurs... ._ Ilk decora- ; ! made in lli.' lola c".-!i|. 1 day aftfriioou, .Mar.:h 17 l '*Iif 4' theJKERENSKY WILL WRIl*: BOOKS Keljey Holei. St. tions will lie used. <. , ,„, „ ,1. ! an.l.r F. Kerenskv. - 1 h- P.vth,au SLSiers lodge met „„. revolutionary giv.^Hin.ent. lu.s .Hghl ,in KnigiiLs- of. Pylhia.s established in Rus-s^ia aft.-r hall and hiade plaijs for a .St, I'at-.overthrow of th.- C 'I'liere was a goo.l at- llie Olyinpi.; lo.lay T{ of studying American re Use Healijig, Liquid Zemo Zeino seWJini j fails tto step Itching Torture and |re ieve Skin Irritation, it, ner wa.s served to :njakesth<i skin soft, cltar arid healthy, j birthday lako was; 1 Itch, Pimjiies Blotches, Blacidiftads, eighty, five candles i inmostcjse^pu (iklygtlvewaytoZc-nni. 1 pretty decoration. ; Frequently, njin )r blemishes disappear ! ed for their var.- 1 ^vemight. lijltping jtisually stopa ' resides and has livdd since her marriage. She is the mother of five children all of 1 whom were with her Sunday. Kaeh family bringing well filled ' basket.s, a bijunteous dinner 4tt guests. A decorated with :inii made a very As they .separal. - , - „ rir " r-'"""^ '''"F^ ious homes they felt that tho (lay 1 proinptly. Zemo saj-afifihealingliquid, had l..!eii well spent , lisii-ning t*. I Ctitivetiietit tii u *'any time. Allonitfi early day.s in iL 'istS -6Ociaiiil$|.O0. " Ppoventivo Quinittei The Safe and Proven Remedy The First and Original Cold and Grip Tablet. Pr^ce 30c. Tlia box k«urs this ilgoatur* Since Jm • was Boom licit. I llV 111.' Burial cry. was p. (.-\P)_Alex- who. headed and the ar, arrived on ir ih.' iiurpose principles of TIIF. FAI|I{3J"EATBKRS Miss Si telegram jyejiterday announcing tin Misii Nellie Walters,' Miss tef.s. Mrs. Laura -^vejyn Ogle, Hough and Miss liberty. He also to write lor^ Ameri.-iin c()iisiiiii|.|iifln oji lh» plcwnl day Russiaii situation. elja Fairweather liad a a I of r.iand Nejw safe arr mother. M weatljer. in accftmpansed Frne .sl, ai[ er, and t Thursday The Fairw-eathers have been gone — 'last Novenjber, on a vi.sit to her father and -Mrs. Charlie Fair- Vork. They are by their son, id^y Fairweather's motli- ley cxped to rea('h loia since' their old] home Iva: Wal-i their friendsi iii ' aid Miss i elad indeed - to' glad indeed' uguiu. in Si-otland. and lola will be very have Lhem hom* Girls' Noses Never Shim when lln-y i^e this new wonderful ' French Process Face Powder calleil .MKLi.O-GU)—ijeeps thtit ugly shine away. | Wpmen. rave ovvr its superior puj-iiy and quality-. Stays on .so long—skirt looks like a peach—keepji |Coniiilexioiis .voufliful—prevents i Urge pores. Get -a box of MEU^l-GLO Face Powder today.—Couk's Urug Store. POWDER Same for over SSyears USE LE .4s THAN Of inCHIiR I KiCED BRANDS Why Pay Wat'lPrices? T^'.T. '"..'.-vrrr 'MrNT .•' S HpPPING helpi you obtaifi the best value and greatest satisfaction possible for your money. ]-'or iAstance in buying towels you don't eucss when you compare one with another. ' SoVith co^eies. By comparins their flavors you can easily choote the one coffee you like best. Fojger*s CoiTee ja the supreme of the world's cotfeiss. It ha« a rtianrelous, unmatched flavor. lu higjh qualify makes i^t ccon^micaL We ask you to compfte Folger's Coffee with th« brand you are no\^usiiik:by ihaking the Folger CoflFee Test. It is the Ip^cau easy way to shop for coffee. The Folger (ioffeVTest: Drink Folger's Coffee tomorrow morning; the next momiiig drink the coffee yoij hi Lve been using; the third morning drink Folger* s a.gain. You will decidedly favor OAC brand, or the other. The Best Coffee Wins. That's fair, isn't it? Qhe first thought in the morning FJOUIER'S FOLGER'S . Fmtgm^ t» «» fit it f Ikf RIG ^nrRDER MY.STERY TOMEDY MONTE BLUE in *THE MAN UPSTAIRS" c 'omeiiy. Mysler.v, Drama, thrills \A esop'.^ Fables—iTopies- of the Day [ Ben Alexander in MSootity of the Boy Sqouts" Boy k -ouls Admitted k^reiTwilh Scout Badjje j i| imission, Clhiidren 10e;;Ad!u!ts 30c Tliiirsday and Friday—2, 7 and 9 p. m. Dayid Bela.sipo present.s with ah all star cki^t ''THE RtlTURNiOE PETER GRIMM "• i |1; • ! ; i • I j A rnasterpie<je of screen eintertainment, of tears ;ancl laughter. j i Extra: Added Attractions—Matinees :10c and 20c; y ' iNights ioc,and 25c. ELLE Y .Miilliiee|.. pIcfureN Only lOc nnd HW; Mglifs. Plcfiires and Vuiiilfrfll4> Iflc nnti :Wc | TONIGHT AND'THliRSljiAY LbWis Stone and Doris Kenyon I I I I Klilriiippwl on [her way 1« Iier flaflep^ Itnrk i -Mediterijanran In the armM of juried Into Ihf* the man she hatejl lalhow all;otlienc—^eld ca|>tfre on a wUd Isle— Surrjniiiideii hi rndic peasants, Jialf.maiii \yhh tear. EXTRA ADDED VAUDEVILLE I I COMEDJl/DOIG CIRCUS— I See, the dog with a human lirain, • hy ihikcomijany of wire-walking acrobatic and J H cljjwi^ dogs.; I I That little ^ooden-headed boy w^onder—a .scream for Itlie kiddies from six to sixty; s|»'Comedy and >ovelly R^c.l "JIMMIE GREEN"- AIsi

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